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tv   Journal  PBS  February 18, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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>> hello, welcome to the journal on dw-tv. i am meggin leigh with the news. >> thank you for joining us. i am steve chaid. >> here's what we have for the show. unrest in the arab world continues as governments in iran, yemen, and libya tried to crack down on the protest movevents. thousands gather on cairo's tahrir square to mark mubarak's fall a week ago today. germany's defense minister denies he cheated to get his doctorate. it has been another day of spreading unrest and violence of
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people throughout the middle east. we will give you a country-by- country update now, startingn bahrai where security forces and begin opened fire on protesters in the capital manama. a senior hospital official says he admitted over 60 wounded, four in critical condition. the violence occurred as crowds gathered for the funerals of demonstrators who were killed on thursday. witnesses said the shootings were carried out by the military, which was taking up positions on pearl square. international pressure is mounting, and bahrain's royal family has promised a national dialogue with all parties. in yemen, security forces in protest government loyalists clashed with crowds demanding the resignation of the president. at least five protesters there were killed and dozens wounded in hot spots across the country. medics said four people died from bonn want the blood gunshot wound on the southern city of aden.
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there were other casualties around the country when a man dressed hand grenade into the crowd. in libya, clashes between security forces and demonstrators demanding the resignation of the leader there, muammar qaddafi. a video uploaded to you do probably shows protesters in a port city on thursday knocking down a statue of khaddafi's green book, which outlines the leader's political views. unrest throughout the country, despite the regime's tough line. unofficial reports put the death toll there at 24. all of these protests are taking place as hundreds of thousands of people crowded into cairo's tahrir square to celebrate the ouster of hosni mubarak exactly a week ago. egyptians also want to keep up the pressure on the new military rulers for a swift transition to democracy. the military has promised to reform the constitution and stage free elections to return the country to civilian rule within six months.
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>> it is a day of joyous celebration. hundreds of thousands flocked to tahrir square to join in. at noon, participants joined in friday prayers, led by an influential egyptian theologian. he told the assembled that the jobs revolution was ongoing and that the country must undergo a renewal. he also warned his countrymen not to become divided and spoke to the power of a unified egyptian people. >> not long ago here on tahrir square, are christian brothers protected their muslim brothers as they prayed. i would like to invite them to join the muslims in bowling down and giving thanks to god. >> the demonstrators also commemorated the 365 people killed during the protests. news spread of the military rulers new facebook page, a
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clear nod to the growing clout of egypt's young generation. >> coming up in "in depth," we will be joined by a middle east analyst to discuss the needs to happen now to move egypt towards democracy. turning now to germany, the country's defense minister, karl-theodor zu guttenberg, remains under pressure to resign after accusations that he plagiarized part of his doctoral thesis. he has apologized for what he called errors and said he never intended to plagiarize the work of others. it is not the first time germany's most popular politician has faced controversy, but these accusations could cost him his job. >> the german defense ministers long-awaited statement was surprisingly low-key. >> the dissertation i wrote is not a worker plagiarism. i emphatically deny the accusation. it was written in laborious detail over time of around seven
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years, alongside my duties as a member parliament and a young father. it undoubtably contains errors. no one is more unhappy about that than me. >> karl-theodor zu guttenberg read his statements to a group of hand-picked journalists. >> he makes his own decisions. it is not for me to interpret that furthered to comment on it from here. >> in the meantime, he has apologized to journalists for his handling of his statement. but more and more questions are being rais about his dissertation. researchers have now found some 80 problematic text passages. the opposition greens say that the explanation is not enough. >> we will not let him get away with remaining silent. we will be addressing this issue
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in the coming weeks in parliament. and if necessary, we will schedule a parliamentary debate. >> the ongoing public debate about his dissertation has the potential of becoming a serious crisis for angela merkel's start cabinet minister. >> our correspondent has been following the story, and he told us how this scandal differs from the other controversies faced by karl-theodor zu guttenberg. >> this controversy is far more serious for the defense minister than anything else he has faced before, because it impacts his integrity, and that has the potential to undermine his credibility as a defense minister. in the past, and the defense minister has f fed difficulties with situations with his handling of things that happened in the field before the deaths of military personnel in the field, for example. but in this case, we're talking about plagiarism allegations for
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which the minister himself is directly responsible. in the past, karl-theodor zu guttenberg has always been able to blame someone else. he has been able to reprimand someone else. in this case, there will be no onelse to reprimandf the allegations are sutantiated. the university will ultimately decide whether the defense minister acted honorably when he wrote his dissertation thesis. however, at this point, the minister's reputation and his career hang in the balance. >> that was terry martin from earlier. two german soldiers have been killed and seven seriously injured in a shooting incident in afghanistan. these are photographs of the attack, which occurred in baghlan province in the northf the country. a spokesman for the nato security force says a lone gunman was wearing an afghan army uniform and fired on german troops as they were carrying out maintenance on a military
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vehicle. ok, let's turn our attention to paris, were a big meeting is underway. >> i do not want to sound too cynical, but straightening out the problems of the global economy over a lavish dinner at the palace. leaders are meeting in paris, focusing on global economic imbalances in the problem of rising foo prices. as host and current holder of the g-20 leadership, french president nicolas sarkozy is expected to warn finance ministers and central bankers over dinner in paris who are attending the summit that they cannot afford to fail in their search for agreement on measures to resolve global imbalances. >> french president nicolas sarkozy will be guiding an ambitious agenda for the paris the g-20 finance ministers' meeting. over the next two days, the finance ministers of the world's developed and emerging economies will try to tackle financial market speculation and reform the international monetary system.
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in his opening address, sarkozy said that national interests first would finish the g-20 as an institution. >> either we all move forward together or no one does. and if we cannot reach agreement, then we will stagnate. >> food prices are another major issue. the food index rose dramatically last year as the cost of bread, oil, and other basics shot up, causing serious problems for poor countries. wheat alone has doubled in price inside one year. president sarkozy has called for four -- for firm action, but living on the issue could be tapppp as the g-20 is divided on how to approach the problem. >> data from friday in germany showed that producer prices rose on an average of about 6% in january, compared to the same month last year. soaring energy costs were the main driver behind the increase to the cost of fuel oil rose by
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more than 30%, and natural gas was up by 45%. producer prices are tracked closely because they are a leading indicator of inflation trends. on to the markets and european shares which were weaker on friday, but the dax managed to finish with gains. conrad paul sent us this wrap up the day's trading action from frankfurt. >> the german stock market did not manage to decide on a direction all day. what made investors and secure was between other reasons, the unrest in countries of the mediterranean and the middle eastnd a credit defaults swaps for government bonds from bahrain and saudi arabia were on the rise again. also the prices for silver and gold continued to increase. on the stock markets, car shares declined, because in china, the government again took measures against an overheating of the economy and against inflation. which means that german car makers must prepare for less in
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new orders from china. >> that was from a frankfurt, where we can stay for a closer look at the market numbers. ngmany's blue-chip dax finished 0.3% higher going into the weekend, 7426. the euro stoxx 50 index of leading eurozone blue chips added a couple points, finishing at 3058. on wall street, the dow jones average up by 0.4%, 12,369. currency markets, the year of trading at a value of $1.3686. the reuters news agency said it has received confirmation from two auto industry insiders that german cmake volkswagen and a russian group has agreed on a joint venture to produce 300,000 cars per year in russia. while both firms have yet to confirm the deal, volkswagen did an ounce late last year that was in advanced talks with the russians. the joint venture will
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reportedly make a range of volkswagen brands, including the jetta and other models. industry analysts predict rapid growth in the russian markets and expected to overtake germany as the largest producer of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in europe by the year 2018. hthe government of ivory coast said it has seized a number of foreign banks after the shutdown operations are in the country. reuters news agency says that local branches of soc gen and bnp will be reopened as nationalized banks. it is the latest move in the standoff with the international community. the incumbent leader refuses to step down, although the u.n.- backed election commission says it lost last november's presidential paul. the ivory coast is now facing financial collapse. four banks shut down operations in compliance with international
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sanctions designed to force the leader of power. that is your business update. back to meggin leigh. >> thank you. the german islam conference is an important annual forum between the german state and muslims living here in the country. the next meeting is due this spring, but already topics of discussion are gathering pace. around 40 used, incding high school and university students, are giving their input. the current uprising across the arab world along with the integration debate here in germany are likely to shake the proceedings. >> and young people play a key role in promoting integration in germany. this is a political science student from berlin. he believes popular uprisings in the arab world could alter how germans view the region. >> democracy is one of the best export to germany and europe have to offer. buit has to be pud to the political culture, a culture where arab muslims view
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themselves as citizens, not as subjects, as they were for years >> and we have the director of the young islamic conference. the german-iranian is convince the upheavals will permanently alter germany's image of muslims. >> now when we look atthe arab world, we suddenly connected with the struggle for liberty, with a revolution, with enlightened users of technology with interneneactivists. and with peaceful masses standing up for freedom and their rights. >> and many participants in the conference believe this could be crucial for the acceptance of muslims in germany. >> to the movies now. today's high lead at the berlin film festival was a european premiere of the action thriller "un noem." liam niessen plays an american scientist cannot remember his real identity after a car accident in berlin. he tries to keep together his memory, but appears imposters
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have taken his place to the film is pulling out of comtition. the festival wraps up on saturday. that film was shot entirely here in berlin with some amazing car chases. i asked our berlin film correspondent to tell us more about the film. >> it stars liam nieesen, but the real star is the city of berlin. it is great to see the city in such a huge hollywood action movie. instead of paris, new yorker are london. i saw the movie this morning at the press screening with other journalists, and they loved it. they love seeing their city portrayed this way in being on such a big screen, such a big movie. they loved it every single time one of their landmarks such trash train is moving. they just cheered uproariously. it is a bit of a silly film and a little derivative, but it is great fun. at the get is a great way to end the festival. >> all of the competition films have been shown. how would you rate them?
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>> well, i do not think it was really a great year. i only saw a couple of films that i thought were worth watching, toe honest. one film stands o, the iranian film. i think it is definitely the front runner for the golden bear. it is a personal story about a family breakup set against the backdrop of political repression in iran. both being an excellent film and given the situation in the middle east at the moment, i think the jury will definitely choose this film. if it does not win the golden bear, i will be very much surprised. the other prizes, silver bears and so forth, it is a crapshoot really. i have no idea. >> it is a crapshoot for the silver >> yes, i cannot really say. one silver bear i really hope goes to vanessa redgrave. she gave an astounding performance in the shakespeare adaptation. that is my hope, but one never knows. >> we will be watching out on
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saturday night. as always, thank you for that update from the red carpet. stay tuned for "in depth" coming
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dw-tv, quality first. >> an estimated two million people swept into central cairo on friday as part of a nationwide victory march to celebrate the ousting of president hosni mubarak one week ago. and the end of his 30-year rule in egypt. the rally was also aimed at reminding the country's new military rulers of the power on the street. the army has promised to move to a civilian government as soon as possible, but it faces major challenges in the weeks and months ahead. >> the protesters in cairo put their lives on the line for a free and democratic egypt. that toppled president, but what does the future hold for the country now?
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♪ >> the ruling military council has set up a committee to draw up a new constitution. for most of the last 44 years, egypt has been governed by emergency law. it has often been used to curtail the civilian and political rights of the population. give a succession of army- backed president's unlimited control. a new constitution should lead to more separation of powers, more transpancy, and more political accountability. >> free, fair, and credible elections were among the demands of the protesters on tahrir square. elections were held in mubarak's egypt, too, but the winners were
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always known beforehand. mubarak and his state party, the ndp. now there's a real chance of an open democratic process. but the new egypt will define and politicians and parties quickly. elections can be held as soon as in six months. that is not long for the protest movement to organize itself into a political force. that could benefit those who are already organized, like the muslim brotherhood, which was banned under the mubarak regime. rapid elections could also benefit the successor party to the ndp. ♪ >> the country will also have to decide how to deal with the old regime. demonstrators have hung effigies of the president, that mubarak's actual whereabouts remain
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unknown. there are rumors that he is seriously ill. the president is gone, but his power apparatus remains. many of those now organizing be transferred to democracy are the same man who backed mubarak for years. well they transfer their allegiance to the forces of democracy and maintain their positions of influence on egyptian society? >> for more, we're joined nine about -- now by our middle east analyst. egyptians have been celebrating the success of their revolution. what does the future hold for the hundreds of thousands of people who are gathered on tahrir square? >> that is an open question, because the politics in egypt have to be redefined. they have to be reinvented. there are strucres for the time being that died at the country into a better future. but the egyptians are very much overwhelmed by this democratic experience, and they're willing to shake their future. new parties will have to come into being. it will take a lot of time until this work is really successfully
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done. in the past, parties in egypt are nothing more than simply more or less gathering behind one single person, who is then considered to be the pasha, and this is not a democratically elted person doesn't visibly gave benefit and money to is followers. the hopes of political thinking and political institutions has to change. it can be done, but it has a long way to go. >> to say there is a long way to go, but the military has set out quite an ambitious timetable. they want to have a new constitution in place very soon. how realistic is that? >> it is realistic, but of course, many mistakes will be made along the way. it is not possible to really reinvent egyptian politics within half a year's time. it will take more than that, but i am optimistic thathe egyptians will be able to shoulder this experience. because when you look at the pictures, two million people celebrating on cairo's tahrir square, and that means the
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egyptians are really hungry for democracy. >> thank you. please stay with us. we will come back to you in a few minutes' time. perhaps it is a sign of how much trust the egyptians place in the military that the protesters have largely accepted the army's assumption of power. during the uprising, the military played a key rolol refusing to use force to end the demonstrations. at the same time, of course, the military also played a key role in supporting the mubarak regime over the last 30 years. so the country's generals, officers, and rank-and-file soldiers face a delicate balancing act. >> as egypt's democracy movement celebrated its victory march, it was an army band that supplied the music. it is an image that aptly illustrates the relationship between the egyptian people and the military. the public largely trusts the army, which sided with protesters during the uprising. the military has deep social
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roots. it is the country's biggest employer and is largely made up of conscripts, meaning most egyptian families have contributed to its ranks. >> i was in the army, too. these soldiers are my brothers, my family. they are a part of us. >> the army has always done a great job. we're proud of them. >> the generals were members of the elite, which benefited from the bark's rule. but many in the middle and lower ranks opposed the regime. many egyptians believed that is what the military did not crack down on the mass protests. >> the army has played an important role. it has done good work. i do not think it will take power. all its statements say it will transfer power to a civilian government and to the egyptian people. >> so far, the army's actions have been reassuring.
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we hope we will quickly hand over power to civilian government. >> so far, it appears the hopes may be fulfilled. >> let's go back now to middle east analyst with us. the uprpring was sparked by basic issueses such as unemployment and rising food prices. are these problems that can be resolved? >> well, the military cannot really address these problems. egypt is a very poor country. half of the 80 million egyptians live beyond the poverty line, less than two dollars a day. almost half of th population consists of illiterates. there is quite some work to do, especially in the context of institution-building and in the context of education. it will take years, and this is a challenge for the europeans and americans as well. the need to invest, because we have very strong interests in this experiment to wind successfully.
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if not, egypt is a state that might fall apart or in the buying chaos. is cannot be in our interest. there's a lot of work to do for all sides, but it can be done. >> in ccretterms, what can germany or the european union duty of the democratic process move forward in egypt? >> they could help to draw up a new constitution, to give good education to lawyers, to judges, to policemen, to military men. remember that the traditional attitude in egypt is simply be contradict me, i just slap you on the face. this attitude has to change. i think that the old system has understood very well that it needs to reinvent itself. but it will take a lot ofime, and it is our duty, in my view, that we help egyptians to prepare for this change. it is really institution- building and education-building and financing good schools, universities, so people are willing to learn. >> once again, thank you for
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joining us. that has been our look at the challenges facing egypt. thanks for joining us. captioned by the national captioning institute ♪ ♪
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