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tv   Journal  PBS  June 13, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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>>k hello. welcome to "the journal" in berlin. >> wthank you for joining us. >> here are the headlines. the german prime minister visits the libyan rebels. silvio berlusconi accepts defeat in ballot÷ initiatives. and dirk nowitzki beats the miami heat to win the nba finals. >> germany has recognized libya's rebel government as
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the sole goverment of the people. they have bolstered support for the government. he said germany shares the same go as the rebels, which is a libya without gadaffi. >> hhe was there to tell the rebels tha tthey support the battle against gaddaffi. until now this was seen as one representative of the people of libya. now this is the sole representative and they are opening -- in bengazi. >> it is crucial t help the
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country for the people of libya. [gunfire] >> for the rebels, the goal is a long way off. in west libya, they have held misrada, but heavy shelling keeps them from gaining further ground. col. gadaffi appeared on libyan television, metting with the -- meeting with the president of the chess association, showing that it is far from checkmate. >> hillary clinton is telling african nations to stop supporting the libyan leader. she has said that african countries could face similar
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revolts unle ts enacted. and that there will not tolerate repressive governments in the age of the internet and social media. the city in syria's northwest was the scene of heavy fighting. and troops loyal to bashar al-asaad. and there are images of a mass grave, with government forces killed by rebels. tehy saihey said they were killd for not opening fire on civilians. thousands have fled to nearby turkey. and anti-governemnt protesters are congradulating the turkish
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prime minister, and renewed their calls for the overthrow of the regime. they will keep their borders open to syrians looking for safety. 1300 have benen killed. the -- prime minister has said their would be 30 ministers, connected to the hezbollah goverment. says it will represent all lebanese. they have been without a president after kariri was
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overthrown. we will look at the human right s situation later in this half hour. silvio bullous toberlusconi hasd a trial immunity for goverment officials. he had urged a boycott. turnout is believed to be 57%. >> anti-nuclear activists celebrated the results, cluding having italy being a nuclear-free country. >> the only possibility -- >> this puts an end to berlusconi's plan to restart the
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nuclear power plants that were shut down. with benjamin netanyahu, he accepted the "no" to nuclear power. >> with what they are taking to the referendum, we will have to say goodbye to nuclear power ans. >> this is a second blo after the poor showing of his party and allies in local elections. this covered the issues of nuclear power and asked if they wanted the government to privatize the water supply. the embattled prime minister would smile for the cameras, but his grip on power may be
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slping >> mor mtingon dealing with greece's debt. >> and just how to help greece out. concensus is building among eurozone member states is a soft restructuring of greece's debt. there could be effects in the eurozone with a default in the debt. it would involve bringing in private banks for new los. th finance ministers will meet to solidify plans. a final decision is set for the end of the month. >> this is a worst-case scenario for bond holders. a debt restructuring could also be costly. this pushes up the price of
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greek government debt. the cost of credit defau swaps has doubled since 2010, and one million euros of the debt costs 100,000 euros. the insurance costs for portuguese and irish bonding have also been affected. investors are trying to minimize the potential losses with a solution to the crisis. >>s concerns about this continued to weigh on shares during monday's session, they still posted modest gains. we have a summary from the frankfurt stock exchange. >> it is high time for a solution on greece. this is affecting confidence and
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traders do not like the conflicting statements for people with a lot of responsibility. and the gman federafinae minier a the ban that are not on the same line. they expect more concrete steps from the upcoming meeting of the european finance ministers. there is no clear direction in the share price, but people are criticizing the trading that is taking place, and they say that this is not worth the and that this was damaging to the share prices. >> in frankfurt, we will look at the clong numbers the dax finished at 7000 points, finishing up and across
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the atlantic on wall street, at the top of the hour is pretty much flat. this is trading at a value of one u.s. dollar. cnbc reports that facebook will be filing an initial public offering, and this may be worth 7 million euros, and goldman sachs is looking to manage this ipo. they had invested 270 million in this website that is used by five modillion people worldwide. saab is working on a deal that would give 235,000,000 euros
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and give a stake in steicher. this would mean all of sweden's auto industry is in chinese hands. samsung led has filed a copyright infringement case in response to a lawesuit against samsung. this is a subsidiary of the zemens corporation and will go public later this year. >> tahank yothank you for that. in new zealand, tremors affected the town of christchurch. they a eling from a.3
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earthquake that killed 181 people earlier. >> the largest of monday's tremors had a magnitude of 6.0. the city was furtherr damaged as they struggle to recover fro mthem the earthquake. this has not weakened the government's long-term commitment to protect the surrounding area. >> with memories of the earlier earthquake in their mind, some people panicked when the largest tremor had struck. >> we were getting ready for the x-ray and and everything -- i am feeling very jittery right now. >> others are having a hard time coping with the constant
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aftershocks. >> you wonder if this has sustained it -- >> the pressure from an earthquake can literally turn the ground to liquid, causing road services to give! way. >> a canadian gran prid prix din montreal. sebastian was on course but made an uncharacteristic mistake that llowed jensen to take the flag. >> it was a day for the safety cards. it was out time after time as poor visibility took many drivers out. vernando sput out, and nick also
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came acropper. as did lewis hamilton. even sebastian fell victim to the rainfall, and made this mistake on the final lap. this was his first victory of the season. it all made for very thrilling show, and he congratulated the winner but he still could not hide his disappointment. >> i was probably too conservative when i was in the lead, and i was trying to hold the gap from the cars behind. >> now is up to second place in the standings. > the dallas mavericks are the winter of their first nba championship. dirk nowitzki and his teammates won game six to clench the
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finals against the heat. he was voted the most v aluable player. >> he talked about the mavericks becoming nba champions. >> i can't find the words to say. they can never take this away from us. we lllways be the 2011 champions. >> in the first half, he only had three points. but jason terry got 19 points going into the half. he came on strong in the fourth to finish with 21 points. >> part of our strength has been that when one of us wasn't playing so well, one of us would help out and give the others confidence. >> fans were jubilant as nowitzk
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iwai was named most valuable player. jason terry had nothing but praise for him. >> it means a lot to dirk and myself. they talk about what dirk can't do. i worry about what he does. >> after that victory, it was time for the big man to celebrate. >> had anyone said the mavericks would be champions, he would be laughed at. too soft, too old. but the mavericks and dirk nowitzki showed what they were made of. germany's best basketball player had one for the history books. >> it's too bad we couldn't see this.
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stay tuned.
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>> this week we look at han rights and begin in the arab world. many of the countries fighting for political freedom score low when it comes to basic human rights. they are attempting to create a functioning system that will provide jobs and justice and greater democracy. in other parts of the arab world the demands are similar. they are all fighting for their share of political power and econom opportuni butften experice repression and violent crackdowns. we have more on the struggle in several of these countries. >> this algerian man -- the
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entire arabs -- arab world has been on the streets calling for more freedom. and according to the u.s. human rights organization, countries acro north africa and the middle east have poor records of human rights. only three of the 16 arab countries -- in every other nation the basic rights are absent. the good rating is because of mohammad the sixth. he puts political and economic reform. the minorities have been given more rights. freedoms in tunisia have increased significantly since the overthrow of bin-ali.
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the death penalty has been abolished. huyman rights groups cnan work freely. in egypt the situation is more difficult. emergency rule remains place. amnesty international says violence is still used against protesters. egyptian woman played a part in this springs protests. but they were not consulted on constitutional reforms. in syria and lyibya, thousands have been killed. in bahrain the regime has taken back control. shia majority protests have
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been put down, violently. >> the former tunisian regime regularly rounded up democracy activists. most disappeared in jails. the most articulate activists were subject to torture and executn. since tunisia and that harry g. have their jasmine revolution, there has been an improvement in human rights. but the same people who profited from the police state remained in their jobs. this keeps in asia from moving forward in their quest for more democracy. >> this has a collection of books on dictatorship,
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democracy, and human rights. these were unabvailable before the revolution. the book she is looking at is "the fall of the dictator." bin-ali with a hitler m ustache. she has been persecuted and nairlrrowly survived two murder attempts. this bookshop ois a vocal point for her and other activists. >> this was once only possible in secret. people would hide them under their clothes. >> five months afte rthr the revolution, protesters gather daily in central tunis to talk
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about their anger with the slow pace of change. the police and securityforc or the same as before the revolution. and there are hit -- serious human rights infringements. her visitor suffered severe and repeated torture. now, following their example, he has taken up the cause of the political detainees who are still facing torture. >> the police still use torture. the economic situation is difficult. people have to remain in their jobs. they are forced to commit acts of torture. if they don't go along with it, they lose their jobs. >> repression is focused at
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those who pose a danger to the government. >> more nad more affected people are coming here. ma were t victims of terrible torture. you could see signs of mistreatment limited -- written on their faces. >> some things changed for the better. it is possible to inform the public about this. it may be years before human rights takes root in tunisia. >> michelle, how has the scussion ofhumaights begun since the arab spring began? >> muslim fundamentalists say
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human rights is a western invention and they have dif ferent rules. i think this thinking is a thinking of the past. most people have experienced being tortured in jail, being thrown in jail foro ason this is a question of human dignity and human rights, freedom and democracy and these values are on the international scale. people in the region have understood this very well, but not so much their government. most of the citizenry, they have chosen a different path, and a different way of talking to each other. >>omen seem to have been left out of the new power structure for the most part.
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is this likely to change? >> it will take another revolution for this to change. these societies -- is the family who decides what will be done, and women, as an enrichment of society, this is part of the workforce and that is a new idea. this idea needs to spread, with more well-educated women than men, and of course, the arab countries simply cannot afford to waste these human resources on the religious -- >> we thank you very much for joining us. that wraps up indepth. you cna go to dwtv /humanrights2011. thank you for joining us.
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