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tv   Newsline  PBS  December 5, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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lar putin. some of the blame for his ntary elections. welc tokyo. how unhappy they are w
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many of them turned ag and his ruling united russ sunday's lower house election. committee made an announcement counted. vote. it's the largest opposition force. leading just russia with democratic party secured 11.7%he dominant political pou for all your support. hat we secured a majoriot ailable yet. when the votgne. >> fig but this election result wore on that,
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here's nhk ia is ted to secure about eats in the state du than 70 seat the party may still have a ible to no longer be able to its own. putin announcet before theparliamentary election campaign his decision to swap the pos dmitry medvedev rule by the two men.russia watchers say putin needs a new strategy to boos
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presidential electio is seeking world assistan to discuss afghan's needs, for international support to our progress irreversible, we for at least another decade. international conference that bonn on monday. there wetries and international ry of state hillary clin restore security in afghanista in 2014. there were r about 100 countries ternational organizations, cluding u.s. secretary of ludes ways to restore seign troops leave4. long-term prospects for internationa pakis to the an afghan-basedni
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soldiers were myanmar is openi at the border closed nearly a year ae two countries gatheredrk the occasion. ll help boost the southeast ate jobs for the people owas
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once a center for reclose the checkpoint in jit reinforce the river ba of goods in areas includinranslator: i am glad that we can reassume active business the thai people. >> translator: it's good f both countries.oint for so long.ided to reopen the thailand sus time to check on some of theters around asia. we beg thais celebrated the 84th monday. opposition blocsneral elections in croatia and y insured croatia's firs and slovenia's first in thre administration committes counted, opposition co had taken 78 seat. have won 28 seats
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while the governmentwon only 10 down from onflict inia and slovania enjoyed sharp economic growth but the ke of the european debt crisis e debts. they face a difffiscal health. myanmar is opening r revival.e change affects some oorld, many of them resid environmentally friendly how they live. nhk e in uganda.
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continent have more than their of e evening in darkness. light. this f buoke can fill the room. there is alwoning. n the house. now, some women are trying to lighting their neighbors have a name fo them, solar engineers.this village has no
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electricity t the solar energy is changing people on houses. this panel catches energ the day.for up to five hours at rose othieno finishe she knew nothing about y. learned something how to to build a c an engwith the power supplies w
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>> i like helping pe and volunteering. >> reporter: the veir parents they used to face. light of a solar lantern. e money they used to spend on py with the solar power. what she learned to other wome shall sesh if the whole country lar energy such that we e always
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>> reporillage even of nd ecofriendly technologi>> reporter: more than 200 comes part in the event. they that can be used i others. solar cells come in various suit different needs. battery-packed lenses that
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motors. then, therly light and can be bent. have been accumulating a lot o domestic market. we can offer a total pre our strength lies. >> repor japan could soon see an increase in domestic demand, a effect to purchase power from sby households. the governthe new law is expected to boost industrial sector but companies store power they produce. showcasing solar bat
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and factories. solar batteries ers are trying to increa italian prime minister, w working to package to the country's parliament a billion some of his cabinet minin emergency policy meeti alian peop to shlder burden but we made effor share the sa
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country's economthe euro zone.the government wants to introd the rest would be sp these includand young peopled making loans available to smaller firms.ften talk about gross do gross national happiness, on the radar for severat has come up with its oe cabinet offers unveiled the nday. it would evaluate benchmarks. th mental health and comm each of the benchmarks would child poverty rates, suici ties and fears about radiati collecting
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experimental data next year.nation of bhutan oss national happiness. the oecd is working on quality of life. a hong kong television president has died. ies, asian television, lars or $3,800 u.s. doll they admitted also the release of an to properly confirm its information and took the report compounding
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mpact. in october, jan maafter sened pread.ext we have sports.s adder, one promoted to ozeki 9 1/2 years after his professi looking up. >> t they include delegates from for the next three days, they international community can work they oappy to host it.
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of cyberattacks hackers accessed the com cybercriminals have also or to operate a nuclear unching a five-year project to track attacks.ense strategies. reports and e-mails strengthen its cyber securitatives from eaction during the fallout. deas which saves
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>> reporter: rep presentation during the falloucyber difference i them time an continue to confront online orld, tokyo. >> some ou to about now fallout from march 11 tsunam tour gui have stent of them demanding $2 the utility says
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it will pay are not satisfied and say the to normal, even after june.tion claims every day. ito office where it is pr work there. eed up the process because the day is likely to grow. g up guidelines. satellitformation can be shared this saycommunicatns be installed point so informati >> "newsline" is the place
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post march 11. we have two segments offerinerspectives on the nuclear waon the impact. and the roecover and rebuild. don't miss n"newsline." >> next we have a report on a a made its debut at carn the orchestra's peilateral er the vietnam war ende nhk world reports.r: the vietnam y struggled for independence, founded the orchtra is conducted by a
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japa the 18 m a 36-year-old cellise performance a success. she jo >> translaess vietnamese feelings
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and erican audience. >> reporthe orchestra, when it nam war. dest his home was alsy's treasures, were smasit wasn't until the mid 1980s, abou the vietnamembers at that time.ud that the he past quarter century
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the venue venue for musicians alonhe national anthem of b rongly abou the orchestra performed ntries to get beyond theience of war.
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>> as an american,f witnessing and seeing mericans and vietnamese wereey understood our feng as a bridge between theporter: 36 years after the vietnam war ended, the the hearts of the american nhk world, hanoi. with weather.right. it it's going chilly and wetuch ofthern japanhead
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into tomorrow have a system the moment. will be we have snow little bit. a few scattereeijing will alsoshowers. taking of eastern do chinathere, a potent that willtuesday,well. philippines showers no strong and active ther it will be chilly with as we americowards the
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pres things nice andl very windy here. some problems. the winds com our sno settle in of going to down over hours. the remain otential for all that and do tak you are goingon the roa all that you see going to of course. problems with anywhere kentucky c o be the shade of you see heaviestthere. and turn over it eastern
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11 denver.angerous cold so do need to prepared for er ahead the fron let's go to a very as of availawell. the uk. well ireland.g with snowfall right in western but it's it is ware getting just
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two in five ine're just the double figures inre is your ext >> back with
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half an watching.
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