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tv   Journal  PBS  March 23, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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♪ >> hello, and welcome to the "journal. i am brian thomas. >> i am ben fajzullin. >> the new german president promises to work for integration in europe as he is sworn into office. the world bank? the u.s. candidate might face competition. >> in germany, the nominations were announced for this year's film prize. ♪
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>> the former pastor and anti- communism activist jaochim gauck has been sworn in as germany's new president, saying he will work in the interest of all germans. before an assembly of both chambers of parliament. freedom and justice were central themes of his inaugural speech. >> jaochim gauck took his oath of office in the german parliament, the bundestag. in his first speech as german head of state, he said freedom, responsibility, and social justice would be the central planks of his term in office. he also called on his listeners to show courage in the face of the extremist opinions. >> we have not only dreamt of but we have experienced and shown that it is possible not to succumb to our fears but to
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oosehe path of courage. [applause] >> jaochim gauck expressed appreciation for his predecessor christian wulff. christian wulff made integration the focus of his presidency, and jaochim gauck said he would continue that theme. he said germany would stand up to right wing extremists trying to disrupt that process. >> we support our country, not because it is perfect, but because we have never had a country as good as this. we unequivocally say to t righwing extremist critics of democracy, your hate will motivate us. we will not leave our country in the lurch. [applause] >> jaochim gauck received cross- party support for his election and a long round of applause following his speech. then, the new president would to his official residence in bellevue palace in berlin for a
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reception. germany has a new president. perhaps expectations of a german head of state have never been so high as they are of jaochim gauck. >> those expectations are very high, indeed. let's bring in our political correspondent peter for more. what was your impression of the speech today? >> of course, we saw the former east german civil rights activist jaochim gauck talking about the peaceful revolution in east germany that brought down communism and brought freedom to so many people. he reiterated that freedom is the central theme of his life. talking about present-day germany, he made the interesting comment that he believes this is the best germany we have ever had. what he was also referring to is that it was his belief that this country has a very high level of democracy and an unusually high level of solidarity, according to jaochim gauck. that point solidarity is
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interesting, because in recent days and weeks, people have challenged him, suggesting he does not have as much sympathy for the have nots in german society, a society worthy haves and have nots for driftin furtr apart. but jaochim gauck said he is fully committed to equality and opportunity in social justice. but it was said that what he does not want is status soluons to people's problems, solutions that would be paternalistic, a word he used twice. an interesting choice of wording. >> thank you for that overview from our parliamentary studio. french authorities have rejected charges that intelligence failures of a young man to kill seven people. >> they insist there's no evidence the had ties to al qaeda, despite what authorities originly cimed they say he is a lone wolf. >> stacy security officials at new mohamed merah was a radical islamist but they did not suspect he was planning and tax.
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toulouse saw gathering today to commemorate the victims. >> a moment of silence for the victims. 5000 people gathered in toulouse to pay their respects. the killings sent a shock wave through the french society. many questions remain unanswered. why did police not succeed in capturing mohamed merah alive? why had he not been identified as a suspect earlier? mohamed merah was already known to french security officers. his name was even on a list of u.s. terror suspects. the prime minister of france rejected criticism of the authorities' handling of the case. free country like ours without a court order to put a person under extended surveillance to has not been convicted of a crime. >> in response to the french government sayit is workingn new anti-terrorism legislation. paris once the bill passed by parliament before the april 22
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presidential election. >> there has been no let up in the violence in syria. at least 15 people were killed, and president assad opposition crack down on friday. >> in damascus, anti-regime protests were held in mosques after prayers. tens of thousands of opposition supporters took to the street, like here in idlib province, the scene of much recent violence. demonstrators called for syria's leaders to be put o trial. the united states says new eu sanctions against the syrian president's family are a good step in tightening the noose and his regime. >> european union has targeted assange's wife, mother, and a sister in an attempt to cripple syria's political infrastructure -- targeted president assad's wife, mother, and a sister. >> they hope syria will yield to international pressure and stop the crackdown on the president's opponents. >> never underestimate the sanctions make a significant difference. they do two things.
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one, the target individuals, entities in ways that prevent them from carrying on business as usual. >> international pressure is growing. in part because russia has signaled that it does not always intend to hold a protective hand over this regime. all-in-all, it means that the erosion will are reducing in president assad's or she will gather speed. -- we're already seeing in the regime. the sanctions have been put on members of president assad's family and ministers of his governme. these people now cannot travel to the eu, and in the assets they have there will be frozen. but despite the travel ban, a ssad's wife will be able to travel to the u.k. because she was born in london and still holds a british passport. so she cannot be refused entry. the european foreign ministers also decided to extend the eu's
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military mission against the pirates off the coast of somalia until december 2014. and the mission has been expanded to include helicopter attacks o pirate targets on land as well as at sea. >> so business now, reports that carmaker opel is planning to close two more factories in europe. the plans are said to be in danger in two cities. opel has been losing billions for years and closed a plant two years ago. trade unions say bad decisions by the car maker's u.s.-owner general motors are to blame. >> staying with business, global stocks looking very mixed this friday. here is analysis from our markets reporter, who also has more on the big car makers. >> bmw last round and volkswagen and dialer chrysler gained.
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they're in a completely different situation than opel is. in the start work here, they're among the top favorites because of record profits last year and because of continuing good business in markets like the usa and china. for thetock market as ahole, this last day of the week, the dax managed to save itself a little gain at the end geared for the week, a loss of about 2% because of new worries, economic worries over your land, germany, and economic power house china. >> the disappointing data from china was weak facture activity. the announcements for european shares recall their steepest weekly loss this year. but the german dax managed to stay optimistic. the ro stoxx 5 ended the day slightly down. the dow jones is currently trading in positive territory, up by about 0.3%. the euro up $1.3261.
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african countries have launched an unprecedented challenge for one of the most powerful jobs on the globe ahead of the world bank. >> they have thrown their support behind nigeria's finance minister, but the united states is now made a caribbean-american physician who has worked for decades on international health issues -- korean-american physician. >> both are seen as good candidates. this is a job traditionally decided by washington. >> she says her experience as an economic expert and a diplomat makes her well-qualified for the position of world bank president. >> i consider the world bank a very important institution for the world, particularly for developing countries deserving of the best leadership. i look forward to contest a very strong candidates, and am i coident? absolutely. >> world bank board members have endorsed the bank's former
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managing director, but president barack obama has other plans. washington is sending jim yong kim as its candidate into the race. he is an hiv specialist and doctor. >> i believe that nobody is more qualified to carry out that mission than dr. jim kim. it is time for development professional to lead the world's largest development agency. >> since it was founded in 1944, the job of world bk present has traditionally gone to an american. observers say kim's nomination is an attempt to appease developing countries who have complained about their underrepresentation at the bank. >> kim was born in south korea and has plenty of experience in developing countries. he has the qualifications to lead the world bank. with this nomination, president obama makes it clear that he is supporting a reform the organization. at the end of this reform, emerging economies may have a stronger influence on the world bank.
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>> he in gmany for years now the northern town has been eyed by the government as a prodigious site for the permanent storage of nuclear waste. but in a major turnaround, the environment minister has suggested considering other sites before a final decision is taken. activists say the former salt mine there is already used as an interim storage facility but is not safe for the long-term deposit of radioactive waste. the proposal has been welcomed by the opposition greens and social democrats. >> thnominations for ts year's german film prize have been announced. one of the most promising works to receive the award deals with a painful, dark chapter in recenterman history. >> "barbara" tells the story of an independent-thinking women who cannot fit into the rigidity of life in a communist workers' paradise. it was made known she would prefer to leave east germany, and operatives made her like a
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nightmare. >> the movie "barbara" swept this year's nominations. it is in the running for eight awards, including best director and best screenplay. the film tells the story of the doctor who applies for permission to leave communist east germany. instead, she is punished, sent to work in a small hospital. >> this is the doctor who will be working with the spirit >> the film was a masterful study of life under the purpose of the surveillance of the secret police. >>! especially at night. >> close on "barbara's" tails was the feow "stopped on track." 8 us seven nominations. it is about a man dying of a brain tumor. it shows how he and his family face the illness together. the prize money for this year's winners adds up to almost 3 million euros. it is a welcome boost for the german film industry.
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>> more people are going to the movies, and the number of german film is being screened is rising, too. we can expect to see big german productions in movie theaters. things are looking up. >> one big production also with seven nominations this " anonymous." the premise is that shakespeare poe's writings were actually the work of the earl of oxford. the caught -- the costume drama was filmed in england, largely filmed in potsdam outside berlin. >> the competition looks fierce and another area where the competition is fierce, formula one. some sports news. louis hamilton showing that mclaren is the team to beat in this weekend's grand prix. hamilton told the check on friday, winning both practice sessions. his teammates struggled with an oil leak. but he was in top form for the second one, coming in third.
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the champion clocked the second fastest time. and the mercedes driver schumacher came in second and in fourth in the practice rounds. >> stay with us. when we come back, we will be looking at the pope's visit to latin america here on dw. >> do not go away. ♪ >> welcome back. pope benedict 16 has called for an end to drug violence in mexico. the pontiff is on route to the country for the first stop of his latin american tour. >> after taking off from rahm earlier today, the pope was expected to arrive in a conservative state late friday evening. a highlight of his tour, an open-air mass suspected to draw more than half a million of the faithful. >> even so, after several years as the bishop of rome, he still has big shoes to fill one the comes to mexico. >> seven years after his death,
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pope john paul ii remains the object of much adulation among the people of mexico. the vatican has organized this memorial procession featuring a glass top coffin carrying a waxwork figure the late pope and an ample of his blood. the relics of been traveling through the whole of mexico, drawing huge crowds along the way. their love of john paul remains firm and, even as his successor benedictus now about to visit the country. >> we feel close to him because u.s. so often here. >> i had the great joy of seeing him twice. we will always remember him. >> john paul visited mexico five times. more often than any other latin american country. and on each of his visits, he won the hearts of the faithful. by the time he made his final trip here in 2002, he was
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already very weak. nonetheless, the people came. the huge square in mexico city could barely provide space for the people who came to hear the pope celebrate mass. >> he was just so much more charismatic than all the other popes. pope benedict is different, but we also welcome him with an open heart. >> at the moment, i do not feel the same for pope benedict. i still feel much more for john paul. >> to this day, john paul has lost none of his popularity among the mexicans, and they consider it an honor that the procession of his relatives should have come first to mexico, right ahead of the visit of pope benedict. their enthusiasm is still focused on john paul and they remained reticent toward pope benedict. in that sense, it is difficult legacy that the polish pope has lived for his german successor.
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>> with us here to talk about the efforts of that successor in mexico is our religious affairs correspondent. john, welcome. first, just how important is latiny america for this pontiff's? >> tremendously important to the catholic church. 70% of the population of latin america is known to be catholic. the population -- the catholic publication of mexico is the largest in the world, of any 5country in the world with the exception of; brazil. but did church there is nevertheless confronted with very serious challenges, difficult challenges that are related to social problems. there is a huge economic divide in mexico. you hav mico ty,or example, a megacity which is the eighth largest city in the world. the gdp of some $400 billion u.s. annually. on the other hand, you have high and employment and grinding poverty. that feeds to all kinds of
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problems, for example, the drug problem. >> will that be addressed by the pope? >> he will have to address appeared he has already on the plane going to mexico. it will be one of the focus is on the trip. in essence, the mexican government appears to have lo control oits own border aa with the united states. u.s. secretary state hillary clinton said recently that the drug war is morphing, as s put it, into an insurgency. that poses a threat to the national security of the u.s., as well as the future of the mexican state. >> the global not just be in mexico. is also travelling on to cuba, still a communist country. what will he be hoping to achieve their? >> this is interesting. in the last year, the catholic church has emerged as the main negotiatoretwe political dissidents in cuba and the castro regime. the dissidents expecting to hear their grievances. that will be diplomatically difficult for him. it could compromise the church's
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role as negotiator appeared in the last 12 months, the church has succeeded in securing the release of 200 political dissidents. the next few days, whether he will meet political activists in cuba or not. >> a very big agenda for this pontiff. john will be covering the visit. thank you. >> stillo come, repo about clothes made out of milk and an exhibition exploring the love- hate relationship between art and the press. >> first, a look at other stories making news from around the world. united nations security council has condemned the military coup in mali. the council is demanding trips to return to their barracks and that democracy be restored. a group of soldiers stormed the presidential palace and the capital on thursday, sank a suspended the constitution. >> thousands of people in the united states have attended rallynlorida for a black teenager shot dead by a neighborhood watch board in
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february. the mother of 17-year-old trayvon martin called for the rest of the killer, george zimmerman purity has not been detained due to a controversial florida law that allows the use of deadly force under certain circumstances. >> the european space agency market has taken off for the international space station. it was launched in a french rihanna. it is gearing nearly 7 tons of equipment, instruments, and fresh clothing for the six astronauts on board the station. >> recovery workers have found five more bodies on the costa concordia cruise ship off the coast of italy. a total of 30 bodies have now been discovered. to the people are still missing, presumed to be dead. now this. eating organic has been a trend for some time now, but what about wearing organic products? environmentally-friendly fabrics and clothes are gaining in popularity. >> usually made of organically- grown cotton europe aid german
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biologis turned desner kes her clots ou of milk. >> smooth, soft, and silky, that is our customers describe her clothes. the german designer has created a new fabric for the brand, woven from milk. the qualified pilot just developed a new organic fabric together with the institute for fiber technology. a special procedure turns the milk into fibers are woven into cloth. it is healthy for the wrer and the environment. it exists of a protein found in milk that is used as a binding agent in foods. the protein is heated and pressed into fibers. the company only uses milk that is not fit for consumption and would otherwise be thrown away. >> it is special because we only used natural raw materials,
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meaningo chemicals. the whole procedure only takes one hour. it is very eco-friendly and we do not need much water, two leadersf th mos we hope it will be especially good for people with allergies because we do not use pesticides. >> she got two innovation awards since she founded the label in 2011. this year she wants to begin mass production. her dresses will cost between 150 euros and 200 euros and the men's collection is already in the planning. >> a new exhibition in berlin explores the relationship between artists and the press. >> this looks at the symbiosis between the two fields which each of them claiming to be the guardians of the tru wle at the same time never quite been able to define exactly what truth is. >> more than 50 leading international artists. >> gilbert and george walking through their exhibit of news bibber billboards. they spent years taking their
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from outside news agents in london. the headlines tell learned stories. >> brutal gang rape of girl 16. >> man charged with rape. >> they are part of an exhibition with works by 55 other artists, all dealing with th links between media, art, and truth. >> the artist and directors are the only ones to point the way. the media only is there to get pointed. we see these articles and tv programs about the arab spring. what arab spring? 80% of the women in egypt are still being circumcised. they never said that on the television. >> the works ask questions about truth, how we perceive it and how it is defined. a series of featured reports hangs alongside a collection of censored newspaper articles. which one grubs' the viewer's attention? the news reports or the colorful
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artwork? articles are only part of what is being investigated in this exhibition this artist uses photographs of current events as the basis for his work. the iranian artist tackles the subject of censorship with his installation at newsstands. he has cut sections of these newsper carpet's,enyi the vier ahance to read the story. this one uses steel bars from earthquake-damaged schools were a thousand pupils were buried to make a statement on a failed reporting about the incident in china. >> i think it is absolutely important to give a voice to people or support a voice where people are attempting to block it from expressing itself. so i think that somebody -- why it is very important to have work lik this anthe show >> works from many artists are
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included in this exhibition. cryptic messages and whimsical portrayals, the works here pressure visitors to examine how they consume media. >> to recap our main story. the former pastor of -- and anti-communist activist jaochim gauck has been sworn in as germany's new president, he will work in the interest of all germans. >> for more, go to our website at >>ee you again. ♪ captioned by the national captioning institute ♪ ♪
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