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tv   Newsline  PBS  June 28, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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frfrt. l ldede wor measures to debt-strapped refocusth. european leaders hav to stand the 're now ready new growth measures20 euros or $150
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billishift away from policies. the union on thursday inbelgium. leaders r deal to spend euros1% of the domeg private sents. they alsorecapital to try to revive the economy austerity policies. the growth agenda is our itment. >> the leaders plan banking unify lending region. ssue jointds as a debt crisis. looking at all see what for fromss team. what's they?
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>> the actually that somewhateme court u.s. obama's health dampen now, u.s. day of choppy trade. d down but off theirlows. dow jonesh of at02. we're goingramin mellegar tokyo stock all of this in ad economic dts opened at some of figures whi markets opened. coming at. that's a slightly fr in april. was down for theour we
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producti at minus 3.1%. a row declines look at the knee cake x are kickingrning. indexes trading the 755.. health caound like it only mark but big amount of biggest sec economy which i care. rers traded to track the pharmaceuticals in takada which have major the u.s. and sell drugs there. just the u.s. fda approved for crucial
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focus there. the autoumbers for here yesterday.y showed a of those production may. well.mesticlso might subsidies run out inalso you the s yen does domestic autos here into overseas ai? >> well, yen,horics trad watching develop summit fairing factor we've been following the strong t the euro almost three-week lows the eu summit wraps u today. markets for anythi in are high.
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aiat spain and italy finals of12 as there's s big focus for health as tie-uyou, ai. mirroring life mellegard from the stock exchange. ramin just mentioned core consumer may, the four y said the 0 the index excludes prices of freshd. the fall home applnces likrators tokyo stock markets ay morning. i'n how other asian mark
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the u.s. supreme court ha president barack health care reform tes had passess and isnstitutional. nhk world'ton.r: barack obama through an care as a pillar presidency, but some question the legallyividual ma americans health insurance or payfine. the the supreme the individual
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a country whose lives secu law and uphold it. >> reporter: americans buye on an basis.result one in ele in the u.s. is igned his healthago. it access medical co have crireformss personal freedom. they changes may lead to ruling means reform will place. it signature obama's expected tol the law congress, and they're certssue in theresidential this
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washington. u.s. insurance for a o covering their three americans is getting the den simply because they nhk world has that story.ter: it'snd already ther1,000 in this since, 8:30slept. i f >> reporter: they've com a care fair sponsored by low income aed people who to visit a can get here free of charge.asn't seen a years.wn mple treatments
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fair.unemployed for years sshe worked at wente's a single a daughter on no incove in with her parents. a crown$1,500. to dentist, so get the correctly so ito take the don't like to take medication. u.s. government programs those disabilities and families have health insurance from private and even programs don'ces is very for those without insurance. root
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canalosts00 and a about $1,000. last august anunemployed manfter an th spread to hisn't afford to get treated. st time this u.s. senate the dental t country. many 130 third of no number o are turning to dentists affordableent. one company arizona so-called dental tours mexico.this resident signe
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recently. justmexico dental clinics.ery year americans cr in sea equipmly. the cost third of what. >> saved$200. i'mhappy. >> came from u.s. we want -- they are in one in u.s.>> reporter: american dentist alarmed by the patients w seeking dental abroad. that have
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eatment in mexico, and k is not some of it bad.ike to be treat thoseeporter: unless new measuresture millions onue rel for their grin and b sho conscious nhk children access to den health care reforms introduced obama, but many companies constantly rare earth create products smartd hybrid cars are a couppply of these mineral limited. university of have solved theyal
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earths inrritory, po last more than 200 ye this brown powder is taken from the seabe minami th kilometers southeasty the mud contains high re earths.ll have a great glob industry. companies use them in hybrid uid crystal in limited places.rvey says e ment officials cut exports of the minerals by 40% in 2 the vessel collided exports of rare earths to japan have been sporadic ever since.
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elseiversity of tokyo ists carried out a seabed les ed the high n of rare earths. they estimate the area of mud excluse 6.8 but the minerals sea. no one has ever mineogy is s suggest using oil well drilling equipment. they would low ship to the ocean floor. then they would blast air forcing mud d sand up to the surface.15,000 tons of mud every something that we will be very important for of japan to cooperate.
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technology. firm making a ange at the top is tokyo ectric power compa. tepco'lic trust followin damers are just spin. job as chair a day ranslator: tepco is a huge led to pay ' needs and social i will make sure tepco listens carefully to outside criticism of its corpora needs.
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r in shimokob.d as chairman of the und that helped disaster added it will be very hard for tepco to rtart kashiwazaki-kari prefecture without the new tepco ap fukushima prefecture yuhei sato asked shimokobe safe decommissioning governor also wanto compensate the peopler's nuclear accident.shimokobe and newlyesident naom in fukushima.
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residents in the prefecture he meltdowns and explost. sato said anxious whenever p in temporary housing. extensive damage to fecture. sato handed a written tepco executives and he ed the decommissioning of ecture, nd the payment of comp hiroif it takes a long tim people in are focused disaster businesses, entire you their successes on "the road 1:00 p.m. japan time military p begun
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w combat ready south's they're dound a group of think the reserves and they them.e vietnamese believe th nhk wo actions china is trying tohin .nslator: vietnamcted angrily wednesday plan of the south the soughtre and develop oil and fields in the controversy focuses on an squarector
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is closethan other contested vi say they sector for possible developm theforeign actions of i companyady made. vietnam our common om actions complicate and aggra disputes and immediately stop activities that upon china's rgas sea areas. >> reporte vietnase parliamen ado claiming disputed gr islands,tlys and paracels. thre island maritime authorities chinese port on thearea.tressing their claims
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plans to develop the south sea look set to add regiona tension between sorea and few members of rulingited the takesh c territorial disputejapan. ty chairman and s officials tratrol boat tolets in the sea japan. the the sout encouragned aid the tour of was part of a ser inspections for e visits to
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western coast of thea and to the north and soua. the j launched a prot korea over the visit. takashi rai at the japan embassy in seouluth korean foreign expressed urged itreconsider itsiran's deputy for saysomplicate his country'sprogram.entatives from the u.s. other worlders want to b in scientists to uraniumputy foreign minister iser ambassador japan. permanent. security c germany. hemust
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recognize iran peaceful use ofgy. >> it'smisunderstanding ift iran is under all. yes, cost sanctions have they you know give up ut that r program has become matter of national pride been able independently build iran will never givef itsred to make it transpar any are enjoying beautiful though the capital is in rainyn. sayaka with the wo it's the rainy s
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but wee warm condit weather will the weekend. northern half of korean are experiencing hotather. south korea been with the most -- drought conditions inbut finally rain is coming new low-pressure sys form, and that willy rain well as gusty windand temperatures down significantly soimprove the si we an see a lin thundershowers formichina. down towarsouth, very erly monsoonal producing lotsn heast southwest coast hern, central thailand. more thanlimeters of rain has falbangladesh a
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landslides andurred killin un kely continue into hamper the rescus. then we can showing up. tropical storm r situated over the south stormy conditions willthern and southern tomorrow morni72 with strengthened little bit since it w the hong kong morning local tions are expeed start t from this about as much millimeters of span of 24 and then it will toward the direction guangchi actuall good news because
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this are floodtions dunee to a let's take a look at ima coming outguan rains half of the week and caused in eastern krrksdes blocking roads on so highways. and passable. infort millimete the span of 24 that could raise the levels and trigger well asall right, temperature wise, same should be cooling down saturday. head have a line ofthundershowersstates. a arting to produce precipitation.tions
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of and the pacific northwest. talking aboutcross portions of t looksons will. in 33chicago.ork which is abn average.
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> and that's all for "ne thanks for joining us.
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