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tv   Newsline  PBS  September 3, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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ainsthe odds rebels in syria say they're gaining control in the fight for a strong hold.
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syrian governments and opposition forces have fought street by street in their battle for aleppo. president al-assad sent reinforcements to the commercial hub to try toe tip the fight in his favor. but a commander of the rebel frfr syrian army says his troops now control 60% of the city. >> translator: the government aircraft have dropped fuel air explosives csing widespread burning. they've made large bombs made in iran. >> government forces are reported to have killed 35 citizens in airstrikes on monday alone. the rebel commander says islamist militant from libya and other countries have joined other groups of opposition fighters. but he denied any relationship between his troops and militants from abroad. iranian leaders have openedp the can country's main nuclear facility for the first time.
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the president of mon dolea visited the site in the central town. iran state television showed the president inspecting center fuses used to enrich uranium. he was shown around by iran's atomorrow iblg energy agency chief. the mongolian president said he understand the uranium is for peaceful purposes. the facility is the country's largest enrichment plant. they are keen to work closely with plon goalian leaders one of the as you kun try's abundance ever uranium. israeli leaders says the army could use the enriched uranium for nuclear bombs. they have threatened to attack the site. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton urged caution on iran's nuclear development. >> we believe and we share this common position that iran has a right to the use of peaceful nuclear energy. but iran must abide by its international obligations and
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-- >> she said iranian leaders cannot be permitted to get a nuclear weapon. >> clinton has urged southeast asian leaders to work together towards calm in the south china sea. she want them to resolve territorial disputes with china without intimidation or the use of force. clinton is on a tour of southeast asia and china ahead of the asia-pacific economic corporation forum this week in russia. she met with indonesian foreign minister in jakarta. clinton says it's in the u.s. nation interest to keep peace in t south china sea. >> we encourage asean and china to make meaningful progress towards finalizing a comprehensive code of conduct in order to establish rules of the road and clear procedures for peacefully addressing disagreements. >> asean members met in july,
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but disagreements over cambodia, vietnam and philippines unsettled the talks. members couldn't agree on a joint statement. pan/ina relations are strained over territorial claims to the senkaku island in the east china sea. but a troop of chinese dancer is setting aside fraction to mark the diplomatic ties. they visited northeastern japan to perform a popular chinese dance. the troop is from the sister city. members danced in front of about 1,000 spectators. the blallet depicts a love stor in caves, a world heritage sooi site on the silk road. officials have cancelled events to mark the anniversary in japan and china. city officials say they were concerned diplomatic rouse might
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force them to cancel this one too. >> translator: i hope the event helps to improve japan slash china relations and make a world without any discord. >> the performance marks 30 years since the city was twinned with lamjo. finding places to dispose of radio active waste at fukushima daiichi has been a struggle. japanese government officials proposed a site north of tokyo. the proposal is the first of its kind they made it a prefecture government. the environment ministries outlined the plan to governor. the central government is responsible for disposing of more than 42,000 tons of radio active ash and mud in prefectures. the level of cesium exceeds the standard of 8,000 becquerels per
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kilogram. the prefecture is temporarily storing about 9,000 tons of radio active waste at sewage treatment plants and other facilities. environment ministry officials say a 4 hector national forest is large enough and far enough from residential areas. the government want to store radio active waste in drums at the site in an underground concrete facility. it also want to dig wellso check whetheradio acte marialare seeping into ground water. the government says the level of radio activity in the air would not exceed 100th of 1 millisievert, the maximum amount not considered damage tlg human health. >> translator: we need to courtusly explain to residents why the place was chosen. we'll do our best to get them to understand the facility will be safe. >> the proposal has raised
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tension among people in yaita city. >> translator: someone has to take the waste. >> translator: i'm worried. i have a small child. >> yaita mayor tadao endo said the proposal came out of the blue without any concentration. consultation. >> translar: i declid the proposals iton'te acpted by local residents. >> the government plans to win local consent by holding briefings for local residents and start construction around summer next year. it hopes to take the waste to its final disposal site by 2014. the government also plans to ask other prefectures this month about accepting radioactive waste. japanese electronics giant
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is tinkering with new ways to rebuild their presence. yuko has more on that. good morni good morning. so we have heard a lot of back and forth in the electronics industry. what is happening now. >> very good morning to you, catherine. >> we have seen electronic makers post huge losses, like sharp and panasonic. ri rivals are becoming more. t toshiba signed a deal. toshiba produces batteries and there are solutions for power grids. they hope to sell product to utilities worldwide and boost their global standing in the energy business. the next general power delivery system uses storage batteries and remote control to manage
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electricity supply. smart grid management is expected to make it more viable. power generated is subject to weather, but smart gds can stortheir ouut more fectivel checking in on the markets now. european market ended higher though trey was lighter than usual due to a holiday in the united states. more we go to the tokyo stock exchange. good morning. >> good morning, yuko. with the holiday in the u.s. making more light trade and the lack of direction, taking china's big manufacturing data, you could see more stimulus measures in the world's second largest economy. let's see how tngs are moving inokyo this tuesday moin as c you see, both the nikkei and topix are down. the nikkei ended near one-month
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low yesterday, a strong yen wait on exports especially if electronics makers. in the european markets, mining companies led gains on hopes that stimulus measures could be taken in china which is the world's largest consumer of metals. we will see if it spills over into metal and mining companies later kd today. they could just miss 7.5% growth this year which would be the first miss since outgoing premier took office in 2003. yuko? >> investors are keenly watching out for european banking on wednesday. how are measures in the eurozone? >> not surprisingly, we did see weak date why out yesterday in the region. august manufacturing pmi showed manufacturing in the region had fasr than expected pace. that is boosting hopes that european central bank could take measures such as cutting interest rates and also
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announcing a new bond-buying program it ease the cost of borrowing in countries such as spain and italy. let's see how that is moving currency markets right now. the dollar yen is the eo didn't weaken too.the euro didn. now yuko in terms of economic data, we have date data due out later today. so lots to watch out for there. yuko? >> thank you. eu ldeeaders called
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extraordinary summitor novemb. they areooking to resolve a trillion euro question. that the question they have for the budget. the budget will cover the seven-year period from 2014. leaders so far fail to agree on how to spend the money. their stance is varied on how to prior advertise infrastructure project. that kind of spending is meant to boost economic growth and the debt problems. they are also divided on how tois tribute agricultural subsidies. france another sticking point. continuing oppose with financial ansactionsant eu. those who want the levees say they will strengthen the region he physical health. a two-bay summit is a bit to break the impart. starting on november 22nd in brussells. other summit will plan through november and december. they will leave no room for other discussions. that's all for me from now. will leave with you a recap of the markets.
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brazilians are enjoying the road to the economic stability and the things they are buying to get them there. car dealers sold more than 3 million new vehicles last year. european and u.s. auto makers were already investing in brazil two decades ago when the nation wasn't politically stable.
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now japanese producers are trying it find their place in the market. nhk world reports from san paolo. >> it's a weekday morning of this u.s. car dealer on the outskirts of san paolo. but the shop is full of customers. >> alessandro bought a new car last month. for the first time. it cost her $19,000, close to what she and her husband earn in a year. she is paying for it in installments. >> it is so comfortable to drive. and it is affordable for me. the seats are very nice. and the design really suites my taste. >> some economic stability prompted residents to buying new cars.
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compact account for 60%. most of them from the europe and the u.s. one leading u.s. car maker has unveiled a dozen new compact models, over the past year. cheaper than any vehicle in the lineups. of its rivals. but price isn't the only factor >> translator: we are making new cars in brazil for brazilians. we design them to suit brazilians' taste. that's why customers here are buying our cars. >> japanese auto makers focused on selling midsized cars to high income. they only captured about 10% of the market. so the people of toyota opened a plant in early august in the
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state of san paolo. the plant produces a model design for emerging economies. the price is $25,000. >> translator: brazil has a population of 200 million. it also has competent serious workers and of course, rich underground resources. i see infinite possibilities there. >> a service suggested brazilians like quietness in the car, so they are marketing the measures they have taken to make their vehicle sound proof. still, they are making a lot of noise outside.
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in a market they say is full of opportunity. nhk world, san paolo. the leader of an uprising by chinese leaders in war time japan died. leading workers in the incident, he was 97 years old. >>es with a leading figure who confronted the issue of war time compensation. this is a major loss for us. >> about 1,000 chinese workers in akita prefecture in 1945 decided they had enough of their cruel working positions. jun led them to riot. chinese citizens were brought to japan against their will. they were forced, with many others, to work odd a
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construction site to work for the predecessor of what is now kajima. in 1995, gunjun, survivors and bereefed families filed a lawsuit against kajima asking for compensation. parties agreed in 2,000 to a koord immediatated settlement. the company had to pay $6.4 million to set up a relief fund for relatives and survivors. the first japanese writer to win a nobel prize in literature worn the award in 1968. the swedish academy recognized he was first recognized for the prize seven years before that. he is known for his master pieces, including the dancer girl of izu and snow country. the swedish academy say their archives show store stockholm
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university nominated him in 1961. the academy says its members felt he had a psychological narrative. they cit his "thousand cranes" as an example. h some has been translated to english and other languages by the 1950s. but he did not make the short list for the nobel. >> translator: it is a surprise to know that some people appreciated his work greatly at a time when japanese literature wasn't too popular. the report shows how the world got know his work. >> the swedish category shows nhk's request. fads in japan and hong kong are celebrating the birthday of the stubby robot cat sent from the future. thousands of fans of doraemon lined up in a museum south of
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tokyo. they waited to take a picture with a statue of character. in the series, doraemon is born on september 3, 2112. >> i took a day off from work, but i wish i could also be here 100 years from now. >> the mayor of kawasaki issued a special residents card bearing the name of doraemon. local fans and tourists from mainland china also celebrated the birthday in hong kong, a giant cake was made for the occasion using one of doraemon's favorite dishes, bean pan aches. this one is set with diamonds worth about $100 million. >> translator: this erent has nothing do with diplomatic tension of between japan and china. we should treat them separately. >> popular with asia and south
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florida. they got their first look at the tv version 30 years ago. people in the korean peninsula dealt with heavy rain recently and it looks like there is more on the way. rachel frg furgason joins us with the latest in her worldwide forecast. >> yes, that's it. we have more heavy rain he head together korean peninsula. there is a band of rain from south eastern russia through in towards central eastern china. one of the low pressure systems is heading in towards the korean peninsula and bringing with it torrential rain and thunderstorm so there is potential for further flooding, landslides and mud slides here on the korean peninsula had a rough time reisn't wli several bouts of torrential rain over the last couple of weeks. we will see more heavy rain runs again for southern part of china. and in fact southern china, parts of southern indochina
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peninsula as well as philippines and northeastern india in towards bangladesh. these are all places dealing with heavy rain and thunderstorms today and can you see low pressure systems here, helping to really ep hans that southwest monsoon moisture. so as bringing the heavier rain with it and will again be that possibility for flash flooding as well as landslides and mud slides to occur. as for much of china into mongolia, strong high pressure is keeping things clear. but is go tock quite an unsettled diacross japan. we have another low sitting here and there will be plenty of thunder storms to be found at maybe even a few showers in the afternoon in tokyo. 32 degrees expected for the high and generally temperatures across eastern asia are looking cooler as summer starts to edge away. all right, tropical storm leslie is heading towards bermuda where it is expected to arrive over the weekend as a hurricane,
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generating sea swells, which in turn could generate rip current as well as in the virgin island, puerto rico and the lee ward islands. storm john has developed west of mexico. at the moment bringing thunderstorms across northern and western mexico, baja beence in peninsula as well. a low frontal system over the southeast. this is -- it was hurricane isaac when it made land fall last week in the gulf coast. it is now a very potent low wh reports bf 17 millimeters of rain in 24-hour period of report in ohio and there are tornado warnings in parts of mississippi and alabama. at the moment. still strong winds with this system, heavy rain to come, and so slow. so that's not likely to change in the next 24 to 48 hours.
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so sm strong storms also moving down through the great lakes region and in towards kansas. mind that is going to be windy and dry. red-flag warnings for new wiley homing, montana as well as north dakota but the heat is down south. 40 deges in oklahoma city and riseries posted from kansas in towards louisiana. very big storm system. this is ex carl can which is tropical storm came across the atlantic, and in iceland and along the front we are finding winds up to 100 kilometers an hour have been reported in the scottish highlands. very strong winds and cold rain coming across scandinavia. meanwhile, stubborn system continuing to rotate here over italy bringing the potential for hail as well as damaging winds. andt is heating up across the south as well and lisbon 35 degrees and madrid 31 and the balkan peninsula as well. here is your extended forecast.
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our top story once again. the deputy commander of the free syrian army says his forces now control 60% of the city of aleppo. >> translator: the government aircraft have dropped fuel a exosives that causwideread rnin they are using large bombs made in iran. >> the government forces are reported to have killed 35 citizens in airstrikes on monday alone. the rebel commander says islamist militants from lib why and other countries joined other groups of opposition fighters. but he denied any relationship between his troops and militants from abroad. iranian leaders have opened up the country main nuclear
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facility for the first time. the president of mongolia visited the site in the central town. iran state television showed their president inspecting center fuses used to enrich uranium. he was shown around by iran's atomic energy agency chief. the president said he understand that uranium is for peaceful purposes. the facility is the largest uranium enrichment plant. politicians are keen to work closely with mongolian leaders because of country's abundance of urium. the army can use enriched uranium for nuclear bombs and threatened to attack the site. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton urged caution on iran's nuclear development. >> we share the common position that iran has a right to the use of peaceful nuclear energy. but iran must abide by its international obligations.
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>> she said iranian leaders cannot be permitted to get a nuclear weapon. >> and that'sll for this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. do stay with us. we'll be back with more of your update at the top of the hour.
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