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tv   Newsline  PBS  September 17, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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welcome to "newsline." the demonstrators have been protesting against the japanese purchase of the islands in the
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sea. messages are calling for rallies in 58 cities on tuesday. they will mark the anniversary of the incident in 1931 that led to japan's invasion of manchuria. around 200 people gathered monday in front of the japanese embassy in beijing. it was the 17th day of protests there. rallies took place in dozens of chinese cities over the weekend. police posted a statement online saying that destroying property is not patriotic. they called on protesters to observe law and order. police detained suspects accused of attacking a japanese affiliated super market and destroying japanese vehicles. a spokesperson called on protesters to exercise restraint. he stopped short of telling them to end their demonstrations. the japanese embassy is warning
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japanese nationals to be cautious. all japanese schools plan to close on tuesday. japan's foreign minister and the u.s. defense secretary have been discussing how to defuse the tension between japan and china. gemba and leon panetta met on monday. he said they pn to solve the problems calmly based on a broad perspective. >> translator: we agree that japan and the u.s. will work together to prevent relations from worsening. >> panetta met later in the day with japan's defense minister. panetta told reporters that tokyo and washington agreed the disputed islands are covered by the u.s.-japan treaty. he said the u.s. will not take sides and urged both countries
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to act with restraint. >> the united states as a matter of policy does not take position with regards to competing sovereignty claims. it's important that diplomatic means on both sides be used to try to constructively resolve these issues. >> japanese business people in china have looked out of their pla plants. they don't like what they see. what's t view from the facto factori factories. >> some are seeing protesters and they are pulling down their shutters as protesters turn nasty in china japanese are closing down their factories and stores. honda motor will stop operations at five plants. they say it will be hard to ship products amid possible violence. another carmaker plans to shut
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down its factory for four days from tuesday. electronics firms panasonic is halting work. retailers are taking similar precautious. the super market chain will keep a store closed for the time being. executives decided to keep their three department stores closed for some time. ito and 7-eleven are playing it safe. they are shutting some of their outlets on tuesday. japanese business leaders have cancelled a tour to china. they planned to send the largest ever delegation to china, about 170 people were to arrive
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saturday for a week-long tour. the delegates hoped to visit beijing as part of an annual exchange program. government officials told them it's difficult to ensure their safety. the members include executives from toyota motor and other leading japanese companies. business leaders have made their annual visit to boost economic ties even when relations have soured over political issues. the organizers say they will monitor events in china and decide whether to proceed with the visit to beijing and shanghai. now, let's check on the markets the the dow jones ended slightly following the feds announcement of further monetary easing. we go to ramin at the tokyo
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stock exchange. protesters intensified over the long weekend. how is that affecting the markets? >> dpood morni >> good morning. the nekki and the topix trading marginally lower. 9,138 and topix down 756. marginally lower for the topix. tensions taking the precedents here and major focus and tensions between japan and china are rising and they've already spilled over into real problems which we have already addressed earlier. we already heard about panasonic's problems. there's a lot of other japanese exporters going through the same
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issues and takie ining heed of and halting operations. we'll see how it affects the share prices of those related companies. also on the other side of it we'll have some indications as to the currency market as well. kwef seen t we've seen the euro strengthen a bit. that's folwing t central market move last week to boost economic measures. let's have a look at the currencies as well. that will be a factor part from the geopolitical reasons there. dollar/yen relatively unchanged. the real focus, 103.06 to 10. now in addition to the currency
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measures, we'll havehe bank of japan kicking off its two-day policy meeting. all of those combined should make for an interesting day-to-day although we might keep to tight range. >> ramin we've seen apple shares topping $700 in after hours trading. is that helping? >> we'll keep track of that apple related shares. the components go into the apple earphones and toshiba which provides memory chips. it's major suppliers for apple and its line of products as well. just those three among quite a few. geopolitical tensions may take center stage. we'll keep track of those shares as well. for now, back to you. >> thanks.
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u.s. trade officials have lost a complaint against china at the world trade oerperation. trade representatives officials allege the chinese government gave $1 billion in subsidies between 2009 and 2011 to domestic exporters. they say this violates wto rules and contributed to a fall in u.s. auto sales. in a speech in ohio president obama accused the chinese of threatening u.s. jobs. >> today, my administration's launching a new action against chin this onegainst illegal subsidies that encourage companies to ship auto parts manufacturing jobs overseas. these are subsidies that directly harm working men and women on the assembly lines in ohio and michigan and across the midwest.
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>> obama is emphasizing support for the u.s. auto industry ahead of the presidential election in november. wto rules say following the u.s. action consultations must begin between the two countries. if they fail to find a resolution, a wto panel whi judge on the case. officials from the chinese government have filed a claim at the wto. they are alleging the u.s. imposing unfair trade tariffs on imports from china. the trade organization says china claims a wide range of products are affected including kitchen appliances, steel, tires and chemical products. it's seen as a retaliatory measure against the u.s. time to take a quick look at our global enomic calendar for this week. financial markets are watching to see if it will ease its grip on correct. japan's bankrupt i recall will
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be listed. jal will be returning to the market two years and seven months after trading and its shares were halts. u.s. housing starts for august are due out on wednesday. new housing construction in july fell short of market expectations totalg 746,000 units. the trade balance posted its first deficit in two months in july. finally, also on thursday we'll find the latest on china ease industrial activity when the hsbc pmi comes out. it sank to its lowest level in 41 months due to slowing. that's all for me for now. i'll leave you with the market figures.
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japanese minister has presented the country's new engy poly to the atomic agency. the goal to reach zero reliance. >> translator: japan will increase its use of green energy. >> he hinted at flexibility over the schedule saying the road to zero reliance may not be a straight one. in a separate meeting japanese officials told the iea about a new regulatory body. it will be independent from t
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industryinisy wch overseas the current regulator. the new body will be launched on wednesday. foreign and defense officials from japan and the u.s. are discussing flight restrictions for the osprey military plane. there's concern about the u.s. aircraft being deployed. it's been involved in accidents overseas. sources say the officials are debating how much to limit midnight and early morning flights. they are reportedly close to an agreement. the pilots will use simulators to train for night flights as much as possible. they are expected to agree that it will only fly in close formation over u.s. training sites. the sources say both governments hope to finalize the issue by the end of this week. personnel from japan's
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maritime self-defense force are preparing to join a military drill in the persian gulf. they will practice mine sweeping. the drills began sunday. commanders hope to secure transport routes. the city is the base for the u.s. navy's fifth fleet. u.s. and british sailors visited the japanese ships to plan the drill. they checked a canon designed to detonate mines. >> translator: the persnulf is important for japan. we believe it will enhance mutual trust with other participating countries. >> iranian commanders have repeatedly said they will block the strait of hormuz.
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a russian foreign ministry official has expressed concern about a plan to deploy a second early warning radar system in japan. defense chiefs agreed to expand another radar. the system has been deployed in northern japan. it's capable of detecting ballistic missiles. they want to counter possible missile threats from north korea. a foreign ministry official urging the u.s. to ensure that the installation will not harm the interest of other snanation. russian leaders have criticized the u.s. for expanding miskisil in europe. the civil war in syria is starting to affect people in the golan heights. syrian residents were united in their support for the government
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of assad but divisions have begun to emerge. >> reporter: arabs are determined to keep their identity as syrians under israeli occupation. they refuse to adopt israeli nationality. many hope that the government will w back control of golan heights from israel. he's a firm supporter of assad. he blames other countries for the fighting in syria. >> translator: what's happening in syria is the result of the united states written in gulf nations. syria is a united nation before they planned the split.
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>> reporter: a massive rally was held to express with the assad government. he repeated his call for strong support for the government. >> translator: so many people are gathered here today. all you have are rallying behind assad. >> reporter: a silent protest was held. they are holding up blank signs. the message is stop the bloodshed. as the civil war intensifies more people are saying publicly that they can no longer support assad. they drew the arabic word freedom arranging candles. he used to support assad but he
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thinks the government is disgraci his homeland with blood. >> translator: we must topple the assad regime as crimes by the regime have come to light, the anti-assad movement is becoming unstoppable in the golan heights as well. >> reporter: expressing opposition can create fiction. assad supporters begin harassing him. stones were thrown at his house. he was hit by a car and has serious lower back injuries. the driver was an assad supporter. he insists it was an accident. >> translator: we must do whatever we can to avoid killing each other. the israeli occupation alone is
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more than enough suffering to endu endure. >> reporter: the syrian conflict is gradually spilling over to the golan heights. businesses in thailand are gradually recovering following last year's floods. the country's agriculture sector is still strugglinto return to predisaster levels of destruction. farmers are trying to bring back the fruit that was the pride of thailand. >> reporter: there's a unique appearance with hundreds of thorns covering its husk. it's one of the largest fruits
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in the world and famous for its strong odor which leads people divided. now despite what some might describe as an offensive smell, it has a pretty creamy and sweet texture. that's why it's so popular among millions of consumers and that's why it's known as the king of fruits in southeast asia. thailand is one of the biggest producers. vendors are common and the prices they charge vary greatly depending on the type. the most expensive varieties come from a province. a single fruit can catch up to $1,600 u.s. floods devastated the region in 2011. about 98% of orchards were
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enindaeni inendated. farmers were left without their cash crop. during the floods he could only standby and watch as his field went below the water line. the orchard has been in his family for six generations but it only took a short time for flood waters to kill all the trees. >> translator: it's sad because the durian were the pride of our family. i've gotten everything from durian but today we don't have that pride anymore. it's discouraging. >> reporter: thai authorities have stepped in to help farmers through the crisis. on this day hundreds of durian farmers gathered at event to
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revive their crops. they showed them how to put nutrients in the soil so they will grow faster. >> translator: durian is the staple crop. it's original and the pride. that's why providing more knowledge such as how to properly grow them and soil amendment is important. >> reporter: as most of the farmers lost all their trees through the disaster, the highlight was receiving free durian saplings. authorities rescued them from orchards last year and preserved them at a conservation center the he's been able to use more than 150 free saplings to start growing trees again. it's not enough he says because it will take five years before they yield fruit. the future is uncertain.
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>> translator: we must start from zero. i don't know when it will happen but i hope the orchard be bear fruit again. >> reporter: although the battle to recover from the floods continues, farmers have not given up hope that one day the king of fruits will rein again. people in south korea were fected by a deadly storm over the weekend. rachel, what's the latest? >> we now have a much weaker system as the tropical storm getting ready to make a third landfall. i want to show you what's happening across parts of south y korea. after battering the southern
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japanese islands headed north to south korea pummeling the southern hal of the peninsula on monday. over 500 millimeters of rain were recorded. the storm also caused dozens of flight cancellations and extensive blackouts affecting more than 52,000 homes and shops. what we're seeing now is a much weaker system. it's still a large system. it's expected to make landfall here this morning and then to become a much weaker system. we'll see a remnant low by the end of the day. it then heads off into the province of north eastern china. a part from the rainfall that you're certainly likely to see around this system, it's also causing problems with heavy rain in japan although there wasn't a direct hit in main land japan.
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we've been seeing a lot of moisture through central location. even this morning there's 18 millimeters in the space of one hour. there's definitely enough rain to bring the considerations for flash flooding. some portions of central japan are likely to see another 200 to 250 millimeters of rain. wednesday should be a lot drier. much of china seeing strong high pressure keeping things clear and settled. south western locations will be seeing some significant showers. the southwest monsoon is active now. the upper 20s across much of the region. the exception is going to be the northern half of japan where temperatures are way above average.
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let's take a look now into the americas. out towards the west, the western two-thirds of the continent looking fine. we have two systems that will merge and bring a lot of heavy rain across eastern canada and the u.s. today. a flash flooding could be an issue for you in parts of quebec. severe weather and strongest storms will be epting acro georgia and alabama during your monday to tuesday overnight and theheading in towards the mid-atlantic. frost could be an issue for you in ontario and the upper midwest as well. out towards the pacific, 27 degrees in seattle. you're likely to see this continue well in towards the end of the workweek. as we head into europe, across the north, not much of a change here. we have a tree of low pressure systems coming in. we'll see storms moving through the central continent from
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germany down in and towards north eastern portions of spain. it's also going to be fairly showery and gusty for parts of western turkey. temperatures are looking just about on target for this time of year. it's staying hot in parts of liber liberia. here is your extended forecast.
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that's all for this edition of "newsline." thanks for joining us.
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