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tv   Newsline  PBS  August 5, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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hello and welcome back to "newsline." i'm raja pradhan with the news from tokyo. about 50,000 people have gathereda the a park in hiroshima reflecting on the events for which their city is known, marking the 68th anniversary of the atomic bombing.
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>> a u.s. war plane dropped the bomb at 8:15 in the morning. people here gather every year to remember. >> translator: an ark tommic bomb steals lives of innocent people and permanently alters the live of those who survive. the stalks their bodies to the end of their days. an inhumane evil, an absolute evil. >> they asked japanese officials to strengthen ties and lead the way to abolish the weapons. representatives from dozens of countries attended the ceremony. this contained the names of 8,500 people who died over the past year who known to have died because of the bombing.
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280,000 people are honored in the vault. the japanese have a duty as the citizens of the only country to have come under attacks by atomic bombs. >> translator: we have a responsibility to make nuclear weapons unnecessary, step by step. >> the citizens will spended day commemorating the anniversary. they have a number of events including a candlelight vigil. they commemorate the anniversaries in different ways. 2 understand had hundred people came to an opening of a photography exhibition in the capital of australia. >> the australian red cross organized the event. the exhibition with memories with a quest for peace. it features images of the aftermath of the 1945 attacks.
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a survivor spoke to attendees. >> it has been 68 years since the bombings and there still many conflicts. countries are racing to build arsenals. >> she was 13 years old when the military dropped the bomb on her hometown. she lives in australia. >> i think it is really good to be reminded of the atrocity of the atomic wars and how much the ordinary person suffers. we need more peace in our world. >> it's scary and teaching me something as well. that everyone can have peace. >> he said it's important for survivors to keep it'lling their stories. if they don't, she is sure people will use puck leer weapons again. >> hiroshima, nagasaki, the atomic bombings killed thousands
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in an instant and left survivors suffering in the ruins. "newsline" is looking back on what happened and what's happened since. don't miss our special coverage, war to peace through thursday, august 15th. >> residents of okinawa in southernia pan are feeling familiar concerns about the long time neighbor, the u.s. military. they are worried after a helicopter crashed. some crew members sustained injuries. the aircraft went down on monday afternoon within the perimeter of camp hanson. the bases in the nowhere part of the main island. officials confirmed the helicopter crashed in an exercise and at least four crew members were on board. municipal authorities tried to enter the base it inspect the
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crash site and mill pear personnel refused to let them in. it involved an air force h 860. the helicopter is used in rescue operations. >> translator: this accident is an extremely regrettable matter. we asked authorities to disclose information quickly and to investigate the cause of the crash and to take measures to prevent a reoccurrence. . >> john spoke about the accident with the japanese foreign minster. he promised his country that they will investigate the crash and provide information on what happened. people there have questions and concerns. it would be a disaster. that's why we keep asking the military to put safety first. >> i feel upset because the u.s.
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military don't take our opinions into account. >> many are also upset because they feel they shoulder the burden of the presence in japan and host more than 70% of american military facilities and have seen accidents before. they have been involved in 44 crashes since 1972 when the u.s. returned their prefecture to japanese control. one accident happened near the air station. in 2004 the c, h 53 helicopter came crashing down and burst into flame. in 1999, the same helicopter flunjed into the sea off the northern coast. four people died. residents of okinawa have spent the past couple of years protesting the deployment of the aircraft with a spot onny safety
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record. the osprey has been involved in a series of crashes outside japan. the forces deployed 12 last year to replace aiming helicopters and spent two more last weekend and planning to add another ten. protesters have been gathering to express their anger. the mayor of a town that hosts a major air force base said the latest crash will only strengthen local opposition. >> translator: after witnessing another accident, the people will not accept any further deployment of osprey character. >> leaders say they will postpone sending the next ten ospreys, but intend to carry out the deployment in the near future. >> "the washington post," one of
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america's most influential newspapers will be sold to the founder of amazon. it reported the deal on monday describing it as a stunning turn of around. they will pay $250 million in cash for the flag ship paper and affiliated pubtations. the chief executive of the "washington post" company said the revenue declined seven years in a row des tight cost cuts and stressed they reach a decision as a way to succeed rather than survive. the next round of talks on the transpacific partnership is approaching. the cuts will be one of the key issues. japanese officials admachinish what others do before clarifying on rice and farm products. the japanese officials are holding an intensive prepare
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tori session before the talks that started on august 22nd. they are expected to commit a list with national plans for agricultural and industrial goods. tokyo officials are dividing products into those for tariff removal and staged cuts overtime. discussion on a third that includes rice, wheat, and other food products will be shelved for the time being. japan's liberal democratic party is putting a big hitter in charge of coordinating with the government on the ptt talks. secretary general of the main ruling party. his job will be to lobby the government to ensure tariffs are kept onnive foo products. this is a key plank of ldp policy. the appointment is also designed to prevent party lawmakers from lobbying individually. some lawmakers don't want japan in the trade talks. their worries are compounded by
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a lack of information. it is bound by a pact signed with other participating nations and released no details of the talks. leaders of the fisheries industry held a rally in tokyo. they demand excluding the issues of subsidies. about 80 representatives of fisheries cooperatives adopted a resolution at a meeting on monday. fishermen received subsidies for ships and port facilities. some countries in the talks are demanding an end. they are worried about exploitation of fishing resources. >> if the subsidies were abolished, the japanese fishing industry would be destroyed. we have to demand that the government protect our industry as an exception. >> the resolution said the fishery's industry needs the subsidies to maintain
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international competitiveness. >> a turkish court convicted a chief and other military officials to in prison. they are plotting to overthrow the government. the retired head of armed forces was among the roughly 20 people who will be jailed if are life. other high ranking officers and at least three national assembly lawmakers got the same penalty. all pleaded not guilty. 270 people were change and most were convicted, though full details have not been disclosed. turkey's leaders have overthrown several past governments to protect the country's secularism. the islamist-leaning government tried to keep them under control. the prosecutors argued they represented forces that the prime minister is fighting to
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eradicate. thousands of protesters gathered at the court complex. security forces fired tear guess to disbers the cloud. >> egypt and diplomats are trying to figure out a way to end the social unrest that gripped the country. they are locked in a standoff with supporters of mohammad morsi pushed from power last month. the secretary of state and other envoys met his power base. he is held in a prison in cairo. police arrested him and he is facing charges of violence. they are believed to have reached a compromise with the sbrimt government to avert any further flood shed. they told the mediators they should negotiate with morsi as
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the legitimate president. they pledged to evict the supporters. the brotherhood said they will keep demonstrating until morsi is reinstated. residents giving along the borter between pakistan and afghanistan are assessing the damage from flooding. more than 100 people have died. rain over the weekend flooded rivers in northwestern pakistan. a the least 45 people died there. many of the victims were buried under collapsed houses. they washed away thousands of homes. at least 58 people died and 30 others are missing in the eastern part of the country. people in the pakistan afghanistan border region dealt with blood after blood. 2000 thousand people died and more than 20 million homes were destroyed on the pakistan side
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alone. they are warning residents to stay on guard. heavy rain is expected to continue. they will meet to discuss long running territorial disputes and try to agree on conduct for the south china sea. the foreign minster said he is in no rush to sign anything. he's on a visit to vietnam and holding talks with the welleders about rights to a group of islands. certain countries have unrealistic hopes of reaching a deal. no party should be allowed to impose inside on others and said parties should try to create the right conditions for an agreement. analysts say this was a vailed swipe at leaders in the philippines. a un tribunal began examining a complaint against china and questions the legality of claims to islands in the south china city.
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japan's leaders have been offering support to the philippin philippines. abe announced that he would donate ten coast guard patrol boats to improve maritime security. china is involved in a territorial dispute with japan involving islands in the east china sea. it's one of the reasons relations have declined. they have taken on a profity tone. researchers wanted to know how citizens feel. a survey refeels nap geez aveal and chinese have negative feelings territories each other. the state run newspaper china daily have been conducting a poll annually and asked person 2500 japanese and chinese what they think about their neighbor. they carried out the survey between may and july.
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90% said they have negative feelings towards china, up 6 percentage points from last year. 93% of chinese said they have negative feelings towards japan, an increase of 28 percentage points. the survey provides a snapshot, but events of the past weigh heavily. >> the new poll suggests animosity between the people worsened over the past year. >> translator: i don't have a positive image of china. >> chinese people push pooch about the views on historical issues. >> i especially hate japan. >> we don't need good relations with japan. >> japanese and chinese were asked why they have bad impressions of each other. the tug of war in the east china
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sea had the top reason. more than 53% of japanese cited the dispute compared with nearly 78% of chinese. wartime history is the second highest reason for this ill will. nearly half said they don't like being criticizing over the past. 24% of chinese feel japan's apology for the invasion of their country is not good enough. some consider armed conflict in the future a possibility. nearly 24% believe hostilities could break out compared to fea% o 53%. the results show relations entered a critical phase. he notes more than 70% of respondents on both sides
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consider the japan-china relationship important. >> it's now a crucial time for both governments to start talks to result the deadlock and start taking action as well. >> the researchers say the studies suggest animosity is at the gross levels since 2005. they say they want to seek ways to overcome them with dialogue. they are scheduled to hold a joint forum in beijing this coming october. nhk world, tokyo. . beijing opera is a
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performing art whooz routes go back hundreds of years. the masks preserve the make up. >> masks have been made to record the colorful make up worn by chinese opera actors. some 5,000 varieties are said to exist. 49-year-oldling is a mask maker not far from the chinese capital. his participating techniques earned hims designation of master. his family has been making masks if are six generations. since the early days of beijing opera. this 150-year-old tradition barely survived one of the darkest episodes of contemporary
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chinese history. the cultural revolution set in motion by the chairman in 1966 banned beijing opera and mask making as feud liftic occupations. >> when i was a child, we had masks everywhere at home. all masks were destroyed during the cultural revolution. >> against his father's advice, he quit a stable position as a civil servant. he was determined not to let the tradition wither. he took over the family business at the age of 22. his masks were admired at ornaments too and orders poured in from abroad. they encouraged him to innovate.
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until that time, masks were made of clay and participators had to wait three years until the moisture disappeared, a process that severely limited production. they used resin and plaster and it takes ten days at the shortest. new materials became available. making it possible, for example, to get the mask in class. he unleashes his creativity. >> i researched different colors to come up with new production techniques. if i adapt my work to our times, i think i will be in a period of time position to convey the appeal to a wider audience. >> he is committed to training the next generation of mask
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painters. he has been teaching his son and another 20 apprentices under his wing. the works have grown overtime to produce 500,000 masks per year. about half are exported to the united states, japan, and other countries. the long-term project is to paint a scroll that records the 4,000 varies of masks he produced so far. it's one way to ensure the survival of his trade. >> translator: it's our duty to hand over the tradition to future generations. if we fail to preserve this culture, the tradition of mask making will be lost forever. >> he and his disciples managed
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to revive interest in the craft in china and abroad. they hope it will be enough to protect the tradition for many years. . >> people in western and central japan have been dealing with intense downpours for the past day. we have the weather in the world weather report. good morning. >> good morning. you are right. we have rains that have been battering western and central japan. we are talking about sudden bursts of showers and talking about 60 millimeters in an hour with intense showers in and around the prefecture. pictures coming up. the people here on wading in water in the low-lying areas. the situation is not alleviated
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yet. unfortunately we are going to be seeing more rain coming across the prefecture where the pictures came out. about 150 millimeters of rainfall in the region, 120 in that region and is metropolitan region as well. in northern japan, 100 in il meters of rain. dissipating in western areas, these are like low to produce frequent lightning damaging gusts and tornados that cannot be ruled ouchlt some of is you are enjoying your summer vacation, but try to stay away from the rivers and cliffs as well. another area where we will be finding stormy conditions is around the country. it will be intensifying into a tropical storm status and taking a very close eye on the situation. also another factor to this eastern continent with a heat
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dome. it's very strong and lingering across the similar areas. 40 degrees here in inland china and korea and 35 degrees and japan at 36 degrees. this will be continuing. this ongoing heat will exhaust you so try to be cautious of preet stroke and drink a lot of water and see them if you are in these vicinities. let's head over to the americas as we have a severe storm maker in the heart of the united states. in kansas already and they report numerous reports have been reported. out towards saskachewan, it will be continuing towards the east. dry and comfortable across the eastern areas, but too dry across the pacific north west. the level will be down to about 5%. very sultry and heat advisers
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and houston at 38 degrees. let's go over to europe where the main topic is the heat dome. a jet stream is ending towards the north. the warm air and heating of the temperatures. thunderstorms across the west. these are the two features across this continent. severe thunderstorms are still going to be capable from this cold front. the temperatures as i mentioned will be soaring into the 30s and the average range with madrid and paris, you are likely to see comfortable and mild temperatures. i will leave you now for the extended forecast.
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. that's all for now on this edition of "newsline." i'm raja pradhan in tokyo. we will be back at the top of the hour. thanks for joining us on in, hk world.
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captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> ifill: major league baseball hit yankees all-star alex rodriguez with a 211-game suspension for doping. good evening. i'm gwen ifill. >> suarez: i'm ray suarez. on the newshour tonight, 12 other players caught a 50-game ban. we get the latest on the biggest single-day bust for performing- enhancing drug use in baseball history. >> ifill: then, a score of diplomatic posts across the mideast and africa remain shuttered today in the wake of an al-qaeda threat. we assess the warning and what it means for americans traveling


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