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tv   Newsline  PBS  August 15, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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welcome to "newsline." it's friday, august 16th. i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. e 1yi79ians are seeing things many have seen before. the leaders launched a crack down after more than a month of unrest. at least 578 people have been
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killed. more than 4,000 injured. they say their forces will continue to use real bullets on groups that threaten peace. supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi demand he be reinstated. security forces stormed two sit ins in cairo and removed them. protesters elsewhere responded by taking to the streets themselves. they too have run into security forces. the state-run news agency said demonstrators set fire to the building near the capital. protesters occupied a building and a police station. >> you have to impose order on the ground. public order is very, very important. >> morsi supporters in the brotherhood are not backing down. they are calling for demonstrations across the country after friday prayers. members of the un security council gathered for an
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emergency session to discuss the situation. they are discussing possible response. u.s. president barack obama condemned leaders and cancelling plans to hold joint military exercises next month. >> we want to sustain our relationship with egypt, our traditional cooperation cannot continue as usual when civilians are being killed in the streets and rights are being rolled back. as a result this morning we notified the egyptian government that we are cancelling our biannual joint military exercise which was scheduled for next month. >> obama said the state of emergency should be lifted immediately. it rks allows the military to lifted. may may take further steps if they continue. he didn't mention the aid to egypt. it provides 1$1.5 billion a yea.
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they urged peace after the crack down. pope francis is praying for the victims. >> translator: i wish to offer my prayers to all the victims and their families. the injured and all those who are suffering. >> pope francis urged the muslim brotherhood to resolve the conflict. president hollande said they have the right to hold peaceful protests. he called for an immediate end to the oppression. british officials condemned the leaders for the violence and the leaders of several countries have summoned ambassadors to launch protests. >> a car bomb exploded in a suburb of beirut. 14 were killed. 200 others wounded. the bomb went off in a stronghold of the shia group
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hezbollah. flame engulfed buildings and cars. a sunni islamist group claimed responsibility for the attack. hezbollah supports the government of syrian president and members have joined the fight against opposition forces in syria. most are members of the sunni sect. they responded in clashes with hezbollah. iran's new president is moving forward with plans to patch up relations with the west. members of parliament approved most of the nominees for his cabinet. the legislators debated the nominees for four days and approved 15 of the 18 choices. those who will stit on the cabinet are expected to work towards ending sanctions over iran's nuclear program. the legislators approved mohamed as a foreign minster and endorse
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the minster despite opposition from hard liners. conservatives and their approval of most of the choices was seen as a first test of his presidency. the prime minister said pakistan must prevent terrorists from crossing the disputed kashmir border. violence increased since early august. five soldiers and two civilians died in indian-administered kashmir. the government said they should take measures to stop the attacks. >> translator: in order to improve bilateral ties, pakistan must take steps for the sphere of interest to be used for the purpose of anti-indian activities. >> on wednesday pakistani prime minister called for self restraint to ease the tensions. he is trying to hold talks with
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singh next month, but the latest violence has thrown the summit in doubt. >> deserts in china are spreading. they take up about a fifth of the country. some farmers came up with a way to reclaim land and earn a sweet reward from it. >> the desert stretches from china into mongolia. it's the fourth largest desert in the world. the annual rainfall in this region is below 200 millimeters. the surface is covered with pure sand. in the middle of all of this, a patch of green lies among dunes.
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it's 1400 in size and the trees stop the stand from blowing in. the phone cultivates merlot grapes to grow well in sand. the company that owns the vineyard tries different cultivation methods. they even went to israel for irrigation technology. that grows among the vines. they release seedlings from sandstorms. the man who came out with the method is the ceo of the vineyard. his technique is the result of ten years of trial and error.
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>> translator: i am proud of developing the technology that lets me cultivate grapes in the desert. i want to expand the vin why order to make the area green and improve the lives of local farmers. >> his company said how to grow grapes. he used to grow corn and wheat, but he had trouble selling his harvest. now he has a buyer for his dpradpra grapes. the winery. >> translator: learning to grow grapes is to earn a stable income and live without worries. >> cultivating grapes is a challenge, but it has its rewards. the harsh environment is free of disease. that means farmers can grow vips organically and the big change in even itture from day to night
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sweetens the grapes and enhances the flavor. chinese wine drinkers have been drawn to these characteristics. the wine is the eighth best selling in the country. chinese people increased the wine consumption boy 30% in five years. an expert from france was invited to improve the product. the winery hopes to sell it overseas. >> i want wine afficionados all over the world to taste the quality of this wine. i want people to know it's possible to produce excellent wine in the desert. >> translator: the trees have been a way to stop desertification, but that doesn't bring money to local
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communities. cultivating cash crops such as grapevines can produce income as well as help fight desertification. >> the desert vineyard is an oasis and a promising business. nhk world, china. >> china's first aircraft carrier has left port. the crew set sail to take part in the military drill. commanders put them into service in september and the state run television reported it left the port in the eastern city. the crew will conduct take off and landing with j 15 multirole fighter jets. other members of the military are conducting drills that are expected to continue in the east china sea through sunday. japan nationalized the senkaku
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islands in the waters. china and taiwan claim the i lands and they repeatedly entered japanese waters around them. earlier japanese commanders launched the largest ever destroyer. chinese media reacted with criticism and say the ship can parade with helicopters and it being los like an aircraft carrier. people have spent the month reflecting on the past. this week they mark the 68th anniversary of their country's surrender in world war ii. last week they remembered the atomic bombings of hiroshima and nagasaki. a prominent film director went to the cities for the first time to attend the memorials. oliver stone's movies include platoon, born on the fourth of july and jfk. the recent documentary series earned him more acclaim. the untold history of the united states is a provocative account of history over the 20th stay i
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didn't shy away from the importance of memory and the need to look at the past with a critical eye. nhk world reports. >> oliver stone spent a lot of time on what happened. when he made his first visit to the city, it was with the commemoration of the atomic bomb. tens of thousands of people were killed in an instant. 140,000 by the end of the year. >> stone went to the dome, one of the only buildings that
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stands. >> how far above the dome did it drop. did it explode? >> he built his career in making films that show the horrors of war. he is taking a deeper look at past events with the documentary series, the untold history of the united states. he questions the belief held by many americans that the atomic bombings were necessary to end the war. stone met with some survivors to hear their stories. he said we have much to learn from. >> we must never forget the past. that is a link. the link to our civilization and our heart. that's why hiroshima is important to me and to the world. >> stone later went to nagasaki to attend a ceremony.
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he also visited the museum, the facility focuses on the japanese military action in china and the korean peninsula during world war ii. the director shared impressions of the event in tokyo. >> i went to the museum in nagasaki where it was small. it's not properly funded, but you do not have a museum that is about the japanese aggression. >> stone says he wonders why so little attention is payed to japan's actions during the war. compared with the atomic bombings. he said japanese should question the knowledge and understanding of the past, especially when it am cans to world war ii. >> i came to realize that i have
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been misinterpreting the facts as the truth. mr. stone's activities make me understand that i need to study more by myself. i feel this is just the beginning. >> translator: relations between japan and the united states and other countries are based on history. i believe it's extremely important for us to take a close look at it. >> without history, we have no conscious. history is the only way we have knowledge. if we know history, we can evolve to another level of understanding. >> stone traveled before returning to the u.s. the prefecture has the largest concentration of american military bases in japan. his quest to show the impact of history on the president continues.
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nhk world. >> economic powers still struggling with power and citizens demanding democracy. the threat of violence and push for peace. the shadow of conflict. get news and insight every weekday live from bangkok only on nhk world "newsline." >> thai kick boxing is the nation's national sport. the strongest standing national art in the world. they begin training from an early age. young children compete without protective pads or head gear. the government and media refrained from sit sizing because of the special place in culture. medical experts want to bring in changes. we have a report.
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. >> he is getting more and more popular in thailand. officially the number one fighters is more than 100, but that number is said to be 100 of them. >> translator: child boxing is so exciting. it's not like adult boxing where people fake it. kids keep on fighting until the end. >> this 8-year-old started two years ago. >> translator: i'm not afraid to punch. i will win the match today. >> they captivate the crowd. his fast victory on the second round. it's a technical knockout.
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outside the ring, his mother looks on anxiously. >> translator: i'm afraid i will see his opponent hurt him. i feel uneasy every time. i can hear my heartbeat during the match. that's how excited i am. >> this is in a deprived area. almost every day. there six which were under 16. they start training as young as three and before they are 10. >> translator: most child boxers come from poor back grounds. if they have a match, they can earn money for their family. >> he lives near the gym with his uncle's family. his father died when he was 5. he was placed in his uncle's
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care, separated from his mother. the uncle's family struggles to make ends meet. the easiest way to earn his keep. >> our family is poor. that's the main reason i asked him to take up boxing and earn money by himself. i invested him by sending him to school and training him as a boxer. he will repay me with more when he grows up. >> translator: i'm training hard if i can be a famous boxer. i can give money to my mother. >> the fighting with the pads with severe injuries. some medical experts have begun the project to show how dangerous it is.
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>> this research is to search for scientific evidence. they would like to repeat the trauma to the brain for a long time has any effect on the development of the brain. >> the medical community is looking at a total of 1 helped helped child boxers. later it was that of children. we asked the government and military associations to change the rules regarding child boxers based on their findings. >> the booming economy has seen the country experience many chances. the traditional martial arts is largely unchanged. they are growing with better
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protection of children's rights. we will have to find a way to get tradition and the children. nhk world. >> people across japan are doing what they can to say cool in the middle of a heat wave. those who run a dam are offering relief. the dam is located high in the japan alps. when the two gates are open, again tons of water gushes out every second. temperatures are around 25 degrees celsius, relatively cool compared to elsewhere these days. i'm for a check on the weather. it seems people across east asia are waking up to muggy conditions. we can see what to and et cetera in world weather.
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i personally like summer, but the sweltering hot weather maker is still strong enough to cover most of south korea and providing relentless hot conditions. we have heat warnings and posted for a wide area. up to 35 degrees for the high and kyoto at 37 and in this place, the events will be taking place tonight. they were at 36. 38 degrees. very hot conditions. the heat will likely remain into the weekend. look at this. in the mid 30 saids in many places. not like last week and hotter than ever temperatures will continue into the weekend. take care of your health. across the north, revy rain is continuing in surrounding areas and raising the potential for flooding further. a couple of days ago, the worst flods in decades occurred and towards the south.
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that is providing another wet condition. we are expecting an additional 100 millimeters of rain to you will fa. a tropical disturbance is moving across the area providing lots of heavy rain. this is most likely posing a threat to the southeastern u.s. for the next couple of days. the system will intensify over the gulf of mexico and probably hit the gulf states. probably more than 100 millimeters. not good news because they have been dealing with days of revy rain with the flooding risk that remains high and likely increase day by day as the system approaches. dry weather for the northeast and lots of severe weather possible across the u.s. the southern plains will remain on the stormy side as we go into your friday.
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dry weather across the west and fires have been reported in the northwest including idaho and utah and montana. more fires could occur due to ongoing humidity and also gusty winds. temperatures are going to be on the hot side once again in los angeles. 31 degrees. across the east, cool air is dominating the northeast. 26 for you in new york city as well as chicago and towards the south, 32 in miami with dry weather on friday. in europe then a series of lows are moving into the northern areas of europe providing lots of heavy rain across the british isles and scandinavian peninsula. they will be peppered with thundershowers and other than that dry weather thanks to a big high pressure system. temperatures will be warmer than what we saw on thursday. london will be cooling down into 20 degrees on friday. still hot across the iberian
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peninsula and e andentially madrid at 38 or 36 on friday. here's the extended forecast. #
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>> we share with you one more story before we go. a record number of organizations
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are taking part in the hong kong food show. expanding exports is one of prime minister abe's strategies with growing the economy. the 2013 food expo opened on thursday. the event is asia's largest food show that draws about 400,000 drz visitors a year. 230 exhibitors are there at the booth for ja and agricultural cooperative. they sampled peaches in central japan. they also got a taste of melons from the northern island of hokaido. they are the largest importers in the region. more than 20% of the food exports end up there. . >> translator: i really value japanese foods. they are high quality and beauty makes them very attractive. >> japan's farm ministry is urging hong kong to lift the
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imports on foods from five japanese prefectures. that concludes this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thank you very much for joining us.
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captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> while we want to sustain our relationship with egypt, our traditional cooperation cannot continue as usual when civilians are being killed in the streets. >> woodruff: president obama delivered that rebuke to egypt's government today, in the wake of a bloody crackdown on protesters, that left more than 600 hundred dead and thousands wounded. good evening, i'm judy woodruff. >> brown: and i'm jeffrey brown. on the "newshour" tonight: as egyptians regroup after a wave of bloodshed and chaos, pockets of violence still persist


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