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tv   Newsline  PBS  August 20, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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it's wednesday, august 21. i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. health officials are suspicious about a trend they're seeing after the nuclear accident there two years ago. the normal rate of thyroid cancer in children is 1 in
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hundreds of thousands. but 18 children in fukushima prefecture have been diagnosed in a population of 2 million. a panel is examining the impact of radiation on residents. health professionals are giving checkups to all 360,000 children aged 18 or younger at the time of the accident at fukushima daiichi. radioactive substances released in the accident can accumulate in children's thyroid glands, possibly increasing their risk of developing cancer. health professionals had tested 210,000 children by the end of july. on top of the 18 minors they diagnosed, they suspect 25 others may have the illness. members of the panel say they can't determine if the accident has affected the rate of cancer among children. they decided to set up a team of experts to look into the situation. workers at the nuclear plant have their hands full as they try to stop the flow of radioactive water. the operators say they will do more to monitor and control
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leaks from storage tanks. officials with tokyo electric power company say at least 300 tons of highly radioactive water has leaked from one tank. it is the worst spill from a tank they have seen since the accident in march 2011. the tanks are surrounding by a 30 centimeter high concrete barrier. the attached pipes were left open to let rain water drain away. most of the contaminated water that leaked out is believed to have seeped into the ground. the water inside the tank was treated to reduce radioactive cesium. detected 100 millisieverts per hour of the leaked water. only half an hour of exposure to this level of radiation is allowed in the course of a year. tepco officials say there's no alternative to using the tanks. >> translator: the tanks are easy to build, and in reality, more of these tanks must be used.
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or else there will be no place to store the tainted water. >> workers have started to remove the remaining 700 tons of contaminated water from the tank to find the source of the leak. they are also examining soil and ground water to see if the tainted water has flowed into the sea. workers have endured a series of leaks and other problems as they try to clean up the plant. they are struggling to stop contaminated ground water from flowing into the ocean. time now for the latest in business news. the japanese prime minister's economic policies are dubbed ubonomics after his name. he has been calling for a makeover of fiscal and monetary policies with the goal of ending deflation. investors have mostly cheered his efforts, but others are cautious. we're joined from the business desk with more on that. >> yes,yes, catherine, the ger
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say his policies will have an effect in the short term but not sustainable. germany's central bank has warned the effects of abeno, ma'am i cans will only be temporary, unless more specific reforms are carried out. the analysis of japanese prime minister shinzo abe's economic policy was in the monthly bulletin for august. the report says japan's aggressive monetary easing and flexible fiscal spending are expected to boost the nation's gross domestic product by about 1 1/4% in 2013. but the german central bank says a consumption tax increase scheduled for next april will significantly dampen these positive effects. it warns that the deterioration of japan's fiscal condition is expected to squeeze the economy from 2015 onward. the analysis forecast that the impact of abenomics will be
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short-lived when combined with excessive price increases of more than 1 % annually. they urge further reforms to spur growth. germany has in the past experience hyper inflation. the country is sensitive about sharp price increases and is repeatedly critical of abe's economic policies. u.s. stock prices ended mixed on tuesday ahead of the keenly awaited fomc minutes from the july meeting. the dow jones industrial average ended modestly lower at 15,002 and the nasdaq was up almost .7 of a percent. now to see how shares here in tokyo are trading. let's head over to the tokyo stock exchange. ramin, fomc minutes, a key driver for the markets later today. but what else should we look out for here? >> definitely, as you say. overseas events are going to be a key driver for a lot of
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investors, but a couple domestic pointers to watch out for as well. let's have a look at the opening levels, shall we? august 21st. a bit of a mixed picture, the nikkei is higher and the topix lower in the first few minutes of trading. just a reminder, the nikkei did come in for heavy bottom selling tuesday as the yen got stronger later in the session. there is also uncertainty over the fed's monetary policy as well as vulnerability in emerging markets, especially emerging currency markets. so we'll keep track of that, as well. still, as i mention, domestically, a few factors or pointers to look out for here. steel production having grown 0.5% in july according to the japan steel federation as demand as grown for autos, home products, as well as construction. so i'm going to look out for shares in that sector, as well as related sectors, as well. also, sony on tuesday announced its playstation 4 will be on sale from mid november in the
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u.s. a lot of competition heating up in that sector for interactive games, consoles and home entertainment. so i'll watch out for shares of sony and related products, as well. ai. >> and ramin, the dollar has been underselling pressure against other major currencies. how is trading looking this morning? >> yeah, a lot of movement in currencies, especially the euro. but the dollar also has kept largely to the 97 yen levels against the yen. 97.48 to 52. probably going to stick to a tight range ahead of the fomc minutes, which will be released later today. that's because investors are really keen to find out when the fed is going to start its winding down process of its stimulus policies. the euro also rose to its highest level in six months against the dollar in overseas trading following declines in emerging market currencies. investors really shifting funds into the more stable single currency, as well as the yen and the dollar. however, the euro has outperformed. in terms of the euro/yen, that's
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currently trading around 130.78 to 81. let's not forget, apart from all the currency levels we have just been mentioning, there's still going to be some key data, existing home sales out of the u.s. and that's, of course, a key sector which fed officials look at, along with jobs figures, as well, of course. but really the fomc minutes from the july 30th to 31st meeting, that's going to be a real key market-moving area that market players and economists are going to be focusing on. back to you, ai. >> thanks for that update. ramin mellegard from the tokyo stock exchange. economic minutes from the southeast asia nations have agreed to work to liberalize investment before december. japan's economy and trade minister met with his counterparts from ten asean nations. they discussed the deregulation of foreign investment and transparency of the approval process.
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>> translator: the asean nations understand that many japanese firms want to increase their investments, and expand the business in the region. japan and asean member nations agreed there's a need to strengthen ties. >> but officials from japan and those from emerging economies have different views on liberalizing investment. japanese officials are seeking full-scale liberalization, but the asean leaders want some safeguards. two the sides will hold a summit in tokyo in december to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the japan/asean relationship. they say they help to reach an agreement on investment by that time. that's the latest in business. i'll leave you with a check on markets.
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responders of egypt's ousted president are facing some tough choices. the group's members are calling for further protests. security forces have detained the group's top leader, mohamed badie and took 32 members of the movement into custody after a gun battle south of cairo. >> translator: we won't change our stance. we'll keep opposing the policies of the authorities. >> members of the obama administration have criticized the detentions, which they say are politically motivated. >> that is not in line with the
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standard that we expect other governments to uphold in terms of respecting human rights. >> morsi supporters have been protesting since military leaders removed him from power early last month. security forces moved in a week ago to break up their sit-ins in cairo. more than 850 people have been killed in the violence that's followed. people fleeing conflict and poverty often continue to set out on a treacherous sea journey to try and reach australia. but their search for a better life often comes at a high price. more than 100 suspended asylum seekers were rescued after their boat sank on tuesday near christmas island in the indian ocean. the boat capsized about 220 kilometers north of christmas island. australian border protection officials say a navy vessel pulled 106 people to safety, 2 of them with minor injuries. afp reported five people are missing. the incident came as a
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one-daikon african-americans to discuss problems of asylum seekers and people-smuggling was held in jakarta. senior officials from australia and 13 other nations took part. they included representatives from countries such as afghanistan and sri lanka where many asylum seekers come from. indonesia is the main transit hub for boat people trying to reach australia. >> we suspect the involvement of individuals and others in the people-smuggling or human trafficking network. this is very much of concern to the indonesian government. >> it is not enough for each country to simply in their own nation be communicating their policies. it's also important up and down the pipeline of people-smuggling operations for the policies of different nations to be communicated and for them to be communicated loudly. >> more than 18,000 asylum-speakers have arrived in australia so far this year. the australian government has
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said anyone who arrives illegally by boat will be sent to papa new guinea for processing and resettlement if their refugee claims are accepted. asylum-seekers in thailand are facing some of the same challenges. more than 80 muslims have escaped from an immigration detention center. more than 80 rohingya detainees escaped on sunday. they used blades to cut through cell bars and ropes and clothes to escape from the southern province of songkhla. more than 1,700 asylum seekers who fled myanmar are being detained in thailand after arriving by boat. myanmar has experienced violence between muslim rohingya. and the buddhist majority. more than 1,700 fled into thailand and are being detained there. emerging economic powers still struggling with poverty. emboldened citizens still demanding democracy. the threat of violence. the push for peace. the shadow of conflict.
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get news and insight on south and southeast asia, every weekday, live from bong bang k bangkok. >> the members of a united nations panel are interviewing defectors from north korea. they began their work on tuesday in the south korean capital, seoul. japan and other countries asked the u.n. human rights council to set up the panel. a north korean defector told the panel he had escaped from a political prison. the man said his parents and brother were also in the prison. his mother and brother were executed in front of him and his father. his brother was shot dead and his mother was hanged. the witness said he was always starving. he survived by catching and eating rats. the man said he wants the world to know about the repeated slaughter of people in north korea. the members will travel to japan next tuesday to interview the relatives of japanese abducted by north korean agents. the panel will submit a preliminary report of its
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findings at a session of the u.n. human rights council in september. israel has issued a formal apology to japan after a week of tensions. a senior aide to prime minister benjamin netanyahu expressed regret over comments made about the atomic bombings of hiroshima and nagasaki. israeli diplomatic sources say national security adviser yakov amadrov conveyed his regret to japan's ambassador to israel on august 14. he reportedly said danielle seaman's remarks were unacceptable to the israeli government. seaman is with the public diplomacy and diaspera affairs committee. he wrote the comments on his facebook page. and posted them days after the 68th anniversary of the bombing of hiroshima on august 6th. diplomats with the japanese embassy in israel launched a protest. they said the post was extremely insensitive. the comments have been deleted, and seaman has been suspended from his duties.
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soccer fans are getting ready for the biggest sporting event on the planet. the fifa world cup in brazil might still be ten months away, but tickets have just gone on sale, and hard-core supporters are wasting no time booking seats. but some people in brazil have concerns about hosting the tournament. nhk world's chie yamagishi reports. >> fifa has begun taking applications on its website. this is one of many hard-core soccer fans who immediately started to apply. >> translator: ha! i'm going to get a ticket. >> reporter: he's famous for his unique outfit, and he's very much missed by the japanese team. he is applying to watch five japan games. tickets for international fans
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range from 90 to $990. he can get them cheaper. >> translator: i hope japan will qualify for the quarterfinals. it's free to dream as a supporter, right? i want to dream big. >> reporter: a travel agency in tokyo that specializes in brazil says it's received many queries about the world cup. staff said the website explains how to get tickets in the games and how to get there. >> translator: we have a great opportunity here. we hope this world cup will help many people develop a connection with brazil and they will continue to go there to see other things. >> reporter: but some brazilian residents are upset. they feel the government i focusing on soccer at the expense of more important concerns. they took to the streets to protest.
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some brazilians in japan agree with them. he grew up there and moved to japan 23 years ago. he's friends with the brazilian superstar who won three world cups with brazil. but he says he won't go to the world cup. >> translator: brazil has many problems. if the government has the money to spend on the world cup, it should spend more on medical services and education. >> reporter: despite the concerns, preparations for the event are entering the final stages. in ten months' time, up to 3 million spectators will crowd into stadiums to watch the world's top teams battle it out. nhk world, tokyo.
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hopes are high for japan's new rocket, the epsilon. it's the first domestically developed rocket in 12 years. the space agency is aiming for business in the world satellite launching industry. the japan aerospace agency moved the rocket to its launch site in japan. the launch is slated for next week. a satellite carrying a planet-observing telescope has already been mounted to the rocket's tip. japan's current mainstay rocket is the h2a. the epsilon uses the same first stage engine booster developed for the h2a but it's half the size. and the launch is 1/3 the cost at about $39 million. the automated inspection process is also less expensive. the agency hopes the new small rocket will compete among satellite-launching businesses. white, round, soft to the touch. these objects look like
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miniature ufos. the people at a japanese company developed them. they were forced to think outside the box to keep their firm alive. nhk world reports from kyoto. >> reporter: shopping the old streets of kyoto. but the window display is not so traditional. it looks more like a contemporary art installation. actually, these are the boxes the shop sells its cakes in. thee distinctive egg-shaped packages made out of paper are now starting to be found throughout japan. this paper company in kyoto is where they were first developed. over the past six years, the company has launched a wide range of these soft paper containers. some round, some oval, some even shaped like animals.
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>> translator: our aim was to develop packaging that was rounded and felt soft and smooth and warm to the touch. >> reporter: the company used to specialize in producing paper tubes used for rolling up silk and other fabrics. but the kyoto textile industry was shrinking, and fewer orders were coming in. the company's future looked bleak. new strategies were called for. in 1997, suzuki set up a special planning and development team. he consulted with experts in various fields, such as architecture and design. the aim was to come up with a product that was totally new. >> translator: if we were to work only with experts in our open field, they would just tell us it's impossible before we even start trying. we wanted to take on the challenge of developing a completely new product.
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>> reporter: standard paper containers are made out of flat sheets of card. what suzuki's group is aiming to do was to produce a round paper container, a shape that had never been made before. using a metal mold, the paper would just wrinkle up and tear. the aim was simple. to mold paper into a rounded form. but getting there was much more was a long process of trial and error, fine-tuning the curves and adjusting the temperature and humidity while pressing the paper. it took a year to develop a metal mold that could produce a rounded, three dimensional shape. this was the first successful
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container suzuki's company produced. the distinctive soft egg-shaped panels caught imagination. sales have been doubling every year. >> translator: paper is the only material that expresses this softness, this warmth. that's the kind of packaging i want to offer the world. >> reporter: thanks to suzuki's vision and persistence, his new paper packaging can be found in shop displays in japan. nhk world, kyoto. time now for a check on the weather. a storm is churning near islands in southern japan. we see how that is affecting people there and elsewhere in world weather. >> the latest conditions are some stormy weather across much of the surrounding countries, including okinawa and islands of
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japan. but it's also bringing hefty amounts of rainfall to the philippines. let me first show you the conditions there. two nights of heavy monsoon rain enhanced severe tropical storm examy, which have caused floods in the northern philippines. several people have been reportedly killed. and over 600,000 have been affected by the floods. more than half of the area was submerged by floodwaters tuesday. government offices, schools and banks were closed and many flights were cancelled. i'm afraid to say man i willa is expecting more rain so the conditions could get worse. for the severe tropical storm, we have been tracking, it will be moving toward the northern tip and possibly making landfall over southern china. it has picked up its pace to 20 kilometers per hour and its gusts are up to 162 kilometers per hour, which is enough to pick up the waves around the coastal areas as much as 7 meters high. and not only that, the impact of this will bring staggering amounts of total rainfall
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accumulation, and it is also enhancing the southwestern monsoonal flow so dumping this area, especially western lieuxan with heavy rain. metro man i willa already has 800 millimeters of total rainfall accumulation reported. since saturday. and on top of that, we may even see about 200 millimeters of additional rainfall, which is certainly enough to cause more severe flooding. severe flooding is also going to be at very high risk across taiwan, and also southeastern china with amounts of about in excess of 250 millimeters from this storm system. so flooding is also going to be very high risk across much of these surrounding countries. now across northeastern china and into russia, the river has been flooding, but we have a small but very active low pressure system that will be bringing unstable conditions that could raise the risk of further flooding situations there.
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we see a lot of 30s again in eastern continental asia and reaching up to 37 degrees today on our wednesday. now over to north america. the wet weather continues to impact southeast. stretching from mississippi and into the carolinas today. and the flood level is at minor or moderate level, which is going to be upping the risk of any kind of flooding across this area with additional rainfall. but it looks like it's going to be continuing the next couple days. we still have the monsoonal showers here, but no precipitation to talk about across the area where we have the red flag warnings still in place in much of the west. take a look at these temperatures soaring into the 30s. the heat from the gulf of mexico surging up here. toronto looking at 32 degrees. well above the average range. here across europe, the system is in the weakening trend, but it is going to still impact much of the central regions as it treks towards the east. gusts, hail and thunderstorms
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are capable to be unleashed. but the high pressure system covers much of western and central portions here. geneva, you're actually going to see that temperature up to about 30 degrees on your friday. this is going to be on the rising trend. now for your extended forecast.
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and that concludes this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. do join us again.
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>> egypt ramped up the crack town on the muslim brotherhood arresting its spiritual leader today. tonight, saudi arabia steps in to blank u. bankroll egypt's government as the u.s. and others poonder cutting military assistance? >> we explore the changing landscape of age and influence. >> then a big bet on serious tv


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