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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 20, 2016 12:37am-4:00am MST

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eras a wheelf waon seen hope2-ar ive. evenhoug it'een six daysedisappred. hureds of voeers have bee g t brud in ral tee. mil e t ctt. dethe sri fyisone atouoc me to w,tlastd u s wajorrmo h tmillns anscodpesneonri teates gti lyhewoy.atdthe,
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sot tit in alpghvel,un thevell is sol richard mann, hw tt his ing, s thol tnineighe eon l.neilliman no is tth nghbousy te ce rd wa u thi a tt'l y areeitis going b t diaosngas mee famil are y bufiiz di cf afntg ho ice. rs arinto lurforep.h l ordos? >> tha h tdo wi whi
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feiftrel >ew devs thealdlueneingme or ethchayg wilht trioxand he rest moh. toexoosorsntibbati emeru kd lit'll b bere csnte>> g otingio e'sven eayf r-olcc tatierieoom prors say im t d iia text ss andki
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d bc'sie yeorteaschus neseori redvi h dyfondy, t cosorrguingcaow text ss >>oeack, "w a y go stop iingquti es mk, mark, es stion. c khiof" roon moso j4 hsensiducnhis kmartking t. the timcursaye ho ws,toielli aset oth
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shim b ica us befo,age, it sc fn heav." conceie. jtonowme cld dhe c . orccding cuyad aempt icidhoizede dexsaekeford hi d toe h owit can't get. i already onseow theinluyslgh h ifactbrainwd he tthe pntheaccept hdea ona t ab n t densesays"micllmuca oeansreeng" a mad hwn cuswnfe."addi"ts ed cre." jabc news, w
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co f u i >> shblveeadll of the messesenhe o themmahaas a r irydier rdho me. it wadecse ho wld me ot?gstno ce
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y t mrst iat n "0w! %42&t (ieltt0w\ % w((ih-% 7h itatehan ilonmeri lth t autisctm er>>ndho n ae llf nosishangedurme forer. nisuj eponal in19 t fir p
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wre y dngngal c 1 oin fnddo odartl bam rmongirjo cistw, t1 l tla un callliehan ahe p th y tiki fo >>ov>>our. b'sprm. heon'te back. sn't lovck. >> rorter: aed witheir scripts,he d he tned theirirst drafts of aism historyin a compreh "irey:to ti
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yseun h d,y. pt c r that.ter:hat are t ry of alt aadts.>> aociety wha le w goohe they21 a oha he beuse pe here aeyinit en trsr he p autm notnoe hi >> dave go, o bo >>re mmmthedout, le y. ke ur 'see aig makiona d.han'says
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t snl has h cke evese s t booet reabeilng sepe tforersoop "ghin'm jchg inew ovnvths o mtbrtri nandouisar i 0, i fa a chihut ughat's team y e ninhildn . it'sy shihae us for a whil hanks tcajo for bringing thisour attenon. rely perl. reallyerful.ibility? yoy inyou can put off checking out your medicare optionsil you'resixty-five,
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everyoneov the fe in clothes d p ose das adg... eroldas. of ingentskeepda cesoong likeew for0 washes yr love fwi f das.oug)coruer wlsd asrma fu 12 ur
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ere war tain u fl stud >>i'ushe. wer aheyo weg i1robl aut utme bee ouut e deancocial ee , a songr genatcodthe esier>> yrs "hig ssi ctuhert ands out hr cht th theana deer er, reverne heart bst a seams - i cha w rorr:ue oo
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s dan beloch asenturn ioseuchwhir tersw uova. poit fter beles.>>orth mus eon -his leav. it ne s dny.t reot alls of e t o sh-p tal go cthing , eut.prodg.ieing i it b in >>ght mehaat d pa le. t ceacroom try a go,e wer
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igh soosi ec>> soosical" c ou ahe perctme. weer u>>ha oernduty donrstee part cbeeen l ofntli wo touerience t dend? tllom ika dl. >> is a packe de. e're alln t telly, loges. rbeg at wabroad atha t
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scsica" >> pu v parerna. this mni o "worl w"- bking trump.
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frt-ruer. r mor endormentf d trump cgt crucial tma an di >>ane docrani sea s, l oveil in prirytlround ofmpto worried out that b numr e. > bhone scam i irshiory. victimreiving one cas from scamms posing as ants threa relat t tas. what the government is doing to stopitand whatou need t know abo . d say chee is morngwe're celebrating amica's ri cfo edie ee. olloen ionef new tpotso la>> mozzokay ts juary 2yeover day.
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>>nnncbcews is "world news n we' reayedut hethin gornineryomee n. oomo en gibs.ldmoer oseithse. it sllptab oms pba.>>pe oulut tee from youackpk t poseto er. ltlit coned about sho.e yo sseefrigete it yeou supseto ,ially arella. >> i've h bag>> see wtct i ha>>peg opa>> s. les this people ain tsghte ge chanr. in liti the head rublin racn d gngha endorsement farahalin le two b the ca >> m herent nit i ped rca ont-runner." anll cnail.'sana >> rorr: ahin
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ouoca tn?>> rteiv ito dd um ady totu ferie ls t jndiee]? n gahte'y. rhe two fmeritrsave lon adeaotsheds poernnr . >> atrlin texting pamedca td um nnd ithpo two men n bate of cen. list lnate tmmg tsu ces leth sulyy. rki tedsor ais alking
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emmeon l. tebc ne, c e herld alka. kn e tha s wt elitrifle. t osssion of weapon wcate > forhe democra idataling nswi t pers omewsh hasasglacly7ts atd in at wlaono gro wa, s isadmiio "treealelo t atrepa
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dier hedoverentlu f cmion leat intdrinblhed to mosnolved fix problem. m oflet youu yo u e te hasru e g his gnn.te ghered at the pi lsio dd step >>an s neworhe li oarhamiff toa hawaii. the cst grd c tse tiv ision e fiay effor to f th 12 marinhoapar weey onoard twopterhat cd nhttime training mission o oa. they ran i afrom 21 41 an ce ne at.
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released iare n speaking bls tt othersre st stafdiel th ty'inalee with mab ror lly,et augh aut "wain " reporrza tirstfrwn chgh aha n paing s lso f f eranir eatol tea eealheir
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tilwissce arniireay o ho so wr:aseld e tneaan nevan psoereamils >>am iirr: a mak this afteennc fei neektiai h fel g,peerninhim.ttet m ll marineswn y ,ke whsta al the peshate p, se vy a ju. mperi allarin o >>r .
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ia, a ew >>r tohe f, regnan wen ave b f tbenfecte with e zikarus. health officls say the expectantothersad recently visited countri wre the russlocad. rently edwarn about trus, whi cause seir dr it i sprou mito te a fou ertain can aatin arin ,f ob w youew health ca ice pn, y'reot one. thsands of cusrsar theoury don yet havheir o thehave bli erro maeohoorew plans for 2016 otherser forcedig u elirnsur mpndve eran bring s prt e ss yrt rs andpeve nuo bs
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it a amazi how some people jt d't git. psthe st, 123456 th- that' notpo. itsassw fho sitesha reque t acte, number3 is 3478. e fourth are t lrsnd yo lt hand. never thought of th qwerty. qwty. >>nd y might asell just st na haere. they d, udheasord i'lusmbatst.sossed ty shaint , lik an aeriskrnr whevse.>> ites tff tyofo exalyeedhe spa r it ouldo th zblah u ocearhi. in i"the makiit fron pa but fst a mom figs off three woulcksng them t her vehicas
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>> aate' gdehenshen. fozlla mison cese isibltial covmberinbook s. tchin neww.leek if yo , isan
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r l h do.en ttealed tve ykshet. her kid a in b at. e t menndwoman w arrest a sho timlindun i tir ss. is c haveed so mu wors but ma'snstinct kicki . th obvusly say never t do this. but ifyoide k hen'the gse meobly soinib. ithe. antire a grttsoac youran is icsshey. sideirs. w gplee deingheyayta thevenf meatelc'ates >>r: ed iou ur aorneo giv a cl >>romomntou o .
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wie aour dootepo handcuff and you pou bd e bars teunchinrnyoubeh artscamme t seaso ns. melissa gan say sheas conned ove more th $1000. i w j lt can i f th? ther no wayan sted. >> rter:ti tha $ls ngth y to lyio estive ahe jinmngule y. te ho yohecas>> n the - i seblsu n' p moniately g to .
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,es nvit ee glori cese i too tng >> wtherou it scy - l>>th ro dry t9y. isreli a mylt protein. >>ab , tay isat cheese lo and ce an inor ored li i dec ty akiny fremozzel. have a little b of help. who am iding? ot oflp. ourns kch epifhe i heeb inrnnal chees i here murray. 've itheusessie t s. t yyac tirgg allenge.
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here uselra i da e mro retmu. wh a hese areasta fa seniul. 'rng tyk sun mordeat up stit, rol ialtu dus es we kno ve lk at thecu che upaklo ada taliie.don't take of you kn what's missing in>>lt >> st.solys sghthe aan ant tgur u tture son a really her i d have tohe up. le food. wakin mozup?>> wou toue dw. >>ydba s batch he
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le tbowl.wrere u mohe ea wesavoobreak the u ais tobaer?bsutely.ha wrdesm th somebody has de? >>liougo mak the wrd seen oi to seon that see a t.ishat , l o nch. toss tres sting at degr it's >> okaha w t the c bo df ufinger's preth way g handrell
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teer we'reo in wat itigthee inch o oe cetch. u caeny gui with hand.e ng a rion. soon asheibboett ll b iwl haes rbo w gng tolu we'oing akay si wightha. ou thundfofinger pu turdgh yzzcungs ur oeran a s r otod in urout. t nder the g toelid up tsalja >>gh. this.
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i lik . vreg.w,arenredyth nsen thea we's a o t peomcorn and-ung atpr didn kw th y go i je whatdco ugorhesegmac with marcus isidan foohd. i ate oflahe sshr reeea old. ok he h t nse ofpc hinkust l -- ye, yd.>> doi onple mas m
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isesa meets c see lp t childr >>coming unblg.f tas th rtfaannody os as rs dond p foe pridcy r lo cme ead.>>and w isald 's hti j fllina ct c fin w ng rign > d ywstut fei c roalnsenti mar dathato a baro mea om s er iki
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th"wor ns w. >> mi' kbs. a inam nornnttac a unnoany ope b k andor su are exptes licend a tophae gunf wit cks yveveexo nmnghos otontiemsnt pres gnd l visity h beenriar etso bud seingarchoo . >>w,uld o the ivut0mile fro aw w ttkthe14 tn0e 're in ttir thi s
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s hntrgliticthisr.velsis arsze r io f 's b ainsor severaleet lightnoom iofllyown u ttn spngo critanng ncg supp missi- michig nationrd s o vint vioon po orteow int was. but r someamage en done. peoneedinci d norteawyerepresngfr flhigan nhr csuitdage n p eslefo ulno
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te ste erveatn teci flint anitteur akhuro thelint vee th cex r ticd.gedlinbl pinfoiser >> rmawho denctuesdaappoaniaeae ete inr enurentce the piyste sy thr till sa t elh s, yo, na rsemorni sayored se liwn h
1:29 am
owa, t ke acruz.asss, may slammani a bl eli ap ump?he to xt mpeak-eed pilar in cef at ame nd.he wldia d nd o ammnie gaeibo we'ryings eeri ting each anllh ing h adved erliid b toulasort itut ctioe ust
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thghg , ur uht co eshmt. wareg, sheas asked if sh--t depanthe lid iannergcad rod sshwoe m.>> tnkha ithatut gbe sal whathink? tm mcclngo u eete a 70s. ikidoes . tay ly ns" of w yo on ver r this morngegded thenement. ith stupte tru ieathup o >>l t.occ ra ie
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ngclintopo erd ia so a clverblias. reporter: ling oun hiton sse'sitye ul ttes.heatmanors s chi macrd ie nders. inthonse nge caatdo lk abshdi1/ ntt w ci dto intaaseeth der oweroglloutory hi mega cea enorts diac
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s itor .bui a ver okcante te,s r rorndheon gnalng plsan un stik lls thhoraubeae.thrynt w te.nene due iusy eyorth li parsor wus ov.estigating cr th are ung can rm miswe cainit the storov t a ge pchfrigidemre enty gtings. cdyo
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> iterbua peino s oisumr,nd tm sos mber.asthbammecidli 'sfrtione thae rethmaout is'sermiweers mabe h aer o thsuwl. 'te it ooas. and rs f
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ea've been very la pyers say hovd d he s >> scatonow. i kind een thhay g.just b itobl u shen ugsome pyers dcingn e ys witit. so wndrom prs onov yea ie up achyowa.ex, folks..>> terugh. ounkwoayxeis>>ce s >>e. e is d,t'ci ar up, grota th ackf th
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en shenjs it,wenj more. and i enjoit. feelhewiul w'mtanding or in winslara uch ig t t' ad n a ac lowingown toa ok a ell,ome ofoue latele wreahie y,miop hi along r6. ta aoo lastighte of wins azourned e favo rbering f gd e orates2 ed as lait >>t's a ve tte
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epor spi w to omoubosindgesomelavo in .>>or angdi m, f acy, ba theaady's eswe ma bes. hawellee dnois tue mector ade owerity la che wusbleyavisabc , yo>>thhatu " mni ameca" latethisorhear dirr pologizingtw guwhicus cosing jused 70. here's a hint. s en a pnum bld nce thjohnson administraon. >> s one of avores.
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d s can erhie smalena fase otrflea theireean 19. s li sta rimlf wi ayss ho sp tak rs >> t >>anou tt s isar n'di sllth rday cars from th'8 >> bayd dnetflix inmah ofhiar. 'sagredes. peer yearscos
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feelhe dferenc k-yul >>as wve been pog l morng, dump has be gin r boine itho endomeal in>> is t h htaiaihe's'sri>> m h aatcapaciblter d go cly , toth s hi this >>ry cnt anaruent d ime their fu ghnkepte inkp the hps >> a incre
1:50 am
rive ashels t"e>>nk ev thshgrn.orr: twothg nor n pl t witso oal. vad ."cuum gati.e inn obal initiative. bothrerean expec fo electn. boarriedo sh bunessme boave fainaw who we tpris. lo before e mp ink eeteth quoterom cha'book -- "life is nbouthahapps youuthat u do wwhat happs toou #rd a "e" inka y an
1:51 am
d chrted pldar aerhe eig, nei n why uaftethon.ea ty'e a by he nt t orinhs.>>t th kn the th teponipk t thd aklittat btil pe tct-- the t ey egna airu cnt ai>>threase rs? >> at aso.s. i18rs t opdeswnan i
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ibsree lis wefollowing inoner nde d nsti voriarah pin off r ofalfoesident.thfolaa n p beochetecruzn fu.icisve he p flater nydege moree --after 'sater wcoamat witle. ass ofor 12 mas e coaii. es aftn tense -d effort fin thmaris who disappred la aft a hicoptrai de. r e tng to aeal when
1:54 am
jay .nc abcs,or >>, evyones ha a l gamenger in bl prera'shrpphind donal pe r cemeasgh slre oba ing m in ief.ume's dds goe abs inwa w ltong it, gersa rarins ea to megrt ai ee tehakithblicacreow ca. a readyo stumr trum adfor in whwiar tkis's t cian.i get uj?
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taavsitt i11s nder ounor t ow a-p >>t r:eceny pwhsh ahi ae pe.erese lkcaedevytngbo dalum ca, ava gderuin in e epte eme al in satz otrsack "nva thmbgh r uz wnivoou bervati. whu y i veanru hteif me rep nmpco ptlly
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e r senatelin one of hst suppor. y piyoini ben tayitert r rn sah r imp to snddied>>ra dil alaibi osah lin.>>ay ab ganher su aem wa rlirnteanstarg ntse, , io> ig gchangeone id bempck thenin n a wpping 27nts ov.ggt ler tstat thlslongwa.
1:57 am
and to isng findinghat me ilsean anteceomadovy ac lse fied athe were o >>, themcolloo hrentg n poss ie presexceedsuexecute sre miiodocunts fr dorti e gal s brought tasndheatesth rgos. a peedr toraamerle ast tsp cay.asst" j zaiat akpu hgr is s ime rtends
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get idn' new nedori mst y k kehest w one,hi inmas e lud heupheecat f n 's tndees lyetn. onanhoreass bienrt a e t has sa wih fovion awhsat lloliran tleisap rt nnieaagn edmiss>>meg that rs ak a tthtno uity lpeen kis nd s chretnth'vhe
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unsitys loouesroe a in 24 left moran 100 pele dead. , estiwhoo rc ibuo tondthsce of reckw o tw s ngt ni cs t aau banthhafo to e th isis hcknothofrijiohn.
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2:01 am
rter: tenll-memo detee y fa dreras at thwh tbuvid ke, abne waington> welle iff says archs haho findi-y even though it's beesix days since he disappeared hundreds of volunteers have been braving the bral cold inur tennese. me 8milest of mehis. but itas t cold lastightprdid ke e aler mayeaon > me mov, en shat' hieek.ns oampe ow or re alo wh frig mperes and gtiforecas tu wbelikelyic n l s uonwa>>booz usu
2:02 am
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2:03 am
he ght y gh does your caet ergh air ite it ouformula wipealitent, urart very u rve so youno cleans and hens t itlso softens. resolve. a carpet that welcomes you. an can p ms, y reso.ousl y t'rgoto wo ning. i lp r y syonio, t 'lg 4 h tospi2 hood ait urosa so m h alayeblet thastar f d eprking. t full urs.
2:04 am
t's en. r ven'he f. t nfecbee wid ared rees ogeanox. clat c mu ck ts condflu .seveve free ul s iple-actioor joint ilage and bos in one tiny pill. ve free ultra. get your move on. and now try move free night. firsand on-in-1slsu.ev les howy fe idarkloto keeos dafrg... e'ite s. it's freofngredi,
2:05 am
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2:06 am
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2:07 am
re's abcter: hell ie se sinia r aldlco bora osecutorar, w 18uragedims. >>s g it stop ignorg thqu qution mark,ueiorkquti mk, qstion ma. "youan't keeshg off r:mooini in 01afr ckelinside truck s kmarpainlo at theim on theho with for47atne tng r gting othtruck cae he feare orking he was ed to h tck ithe andt ys before, innother text message, cart wting, "don't be ared. u're fally to be happy in aven."
2:08 am
some eeone ty cl e. tecc tt e en ed had emeag s re pressere tta hisow "i t be cisi."deng for tinvoerha dr h ft brnw hetoheoi n acceing s eathonptio rep abne def e'ionsere o me is "ro h on"his tge
2:09 am
>> it'suchbly. reaall tex ssageshaweenm.saatnoerve terehoseme. assoadhe kept goit >>hat ulmotivate seone dat? ttrkable we, t fst e
2:10 am
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2:11 am
autisitse all.w.w e in>>or fwathatofyes refoiglirrndt ond ke bd epmourlis erism onk , an in1 withoinghawas th ti ed appioys ivou of a ma tism looking for l si erhe 'sem>>on't lme bk. she doesn't love you back. >> reporr: a with eir scripts, t duo havturn their firsafts oautism histy into a cprehensive ok n a ffert key: the sto "r
2:12 am
mod,nt rorter:t in hists.not ults>>s cie re nerfeutore orle whe avell oppornitoav tsen ty th goesheinf ecaueo ed che 'rlivingith rer the yol pallyonreno athin he he cmmt th w ou h bo u .oke upr this b-- >> what er kidrealwa saians ener
2:13 am
has back.lle evd book topele reaito iltothe lefor hed.op>>or " i'm jchg noree jdoth's oe li urlis and sehi think.$60 muc lyd rohl by the, s 8 ilnd 1itineling at will be withs r while. >> thatond johr brins a really powerl. rely powerful. mak you can put off ecking out yr medireions youext
2:14 am
keep in mind, dica only rs aboeightyercent oft b medical cost the st iup to you. that's where aarp medica supp insurance plans insured by unitedhealthcareinsurance compancome in. kell standardized dica suppment insurance pns they could help pay some of what medicare doesn't, saving you in out-of-pocket medicacosts. yoveeaedt taking informedte ong the y ly makes adifferenceater. that whaitnso go lon . call nownd request this free ecion guide]. full of information on mecare the rge of aarp micarsupplent plans to choosfrom basedyour edand budget. all plans ke these let youchse any doctor or hospital thaacces medire patients, and there ar netwo strictions. unitedalthcarensurce mpany has over thirty years
2:15 am
keeping you cours so call now and diover how an aa medicare supplement plan cod go long f you. these e the only medicar supplementnsuran pla dorsed by aarp, oanation serving the needs of people 50 and ovefor geratis. plusnine out of ten an membs surveyed say th wou recomme tir plan to iend. remembermedire doesn't cover everything. the rest is up tyou. call now, request your free [decisn guid and stgaing the formation you ne to help you keep rolling with confidence.
2:16 am
clo.d torkfradg. e'ole darks. it's fe of h ingdi, keepda cloesoong new f 3 so your loor dark otheever woole ough ug le. thesy e rms ncs.t.
2:17 am
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2:18 am
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2:19 am
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2:20 am
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2:21 am
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2:22 am
, mornibldthursese well accta sprlys. s justouou eeyourac supp i' . sbe u osrefrer it you os eratpeallyresharla ecau ith bag since y.>> ssopas. sac yes. let's a ts.lot of people sayihi aamge oucs treicac io donal g doarahalsso we t esceni ie blstki oer bdal.
2:23 am
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2:24 am
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2:25 am
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2:26 am
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2:27 am
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2:28 am
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2:29 am
sendotypo. it is ord." >> a f those sites that reire chte, numb 23458. rers lt nd. i never thghofhis. er eah. you aus r pealon a er wte th're ngon't, upa o.t bers pas say t , aisgnr ever ee.>>keo then it. e i've t t spa b th iidnoas e rth h. he b t> nglater "the kingrtfrozants.
2:30 am
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2:31 am
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2:32 am
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2:33 am
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2:34 am
andouut behnd rheovunching new warniigr tax seasegs.lia degan wasconn or moha00 >> i was just like what can i do to fix this? the's i arrested. ror vtims losing morthan $ million. thnu of ca tr i neenrt p igve . e lling em i lled the wro rowhe i>> i idy if you im rres rr
2:35 am
thing callif yve onet rsmace, newswashington.>> is az g ourl inn makev .'v l oese actu'v he m c. . il hink offial and ce s reok, iou d to b looko.>>nd p ur gr agnst the rs. da pinkett s a are boychis awarr th
2:36 am
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2:38 am
he to he ucebrate is n, theduti mstro 's.what we o? >>hetaat chpu'rna la h u stlltuin t dusfrzzar a urthheckt up a a t, off iece >> it est tastlike anything. indbo.yo know wh mis? al ab iswar stig o o tap hs can go. t ngheur tra ot watt o word >> ieee in fd. weaking mozz>>f we mmo iou nev wt te your ctaernd
2:39 am
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2:40 am
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2:41 am
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2:42 am
ing you protected every week, every mont every year you ady ma?alyso! ali flaeeor heddy,et g uil li gd quax. arsymp o arthnes streng a gh mus ne nkas u opd mein ..l t back t s from minx.the ly cd and flliidel that maxgt
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today you can do erything even kp your toilet clean anfrh. introducinsoicgel. clk it in to enjoy clean freshness with every flush. lysol. start thing. yeah, cli e. wsym.deanrelease ulhes silee co r 2 oray 's notasmeas ior.. easfor c lk he aw.. we k-tragel ans by's tu so cet i in it quicr. d en i kw e's feelin li tt, akes me feel like e both. eoys it, enjev m
2:44 am
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2:45 am
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2:46 am
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2:47 am
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2:48 am
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2:49 am
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2:50 am
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2:51 am
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2:52 am
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2:53 am
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2:54 am
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2:55 am
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2:56 am
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2:57 am
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2:58 am
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2:59 am
hen presserfoya nu.jwa 'sanna min sima teweabout new id gs. vest?ll g? new cine x liid gs. dives to unlsh maxtrength meci art the relief.sery . e'...ane'vith movitplacti rtilage and s. unli t b osteo-bi fx pills, it'sll in e tinyill. ve free tra.
3:00 am
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3:01 am
es youcarpr rirtyd resolv ouwi spe coningdi s pewi everyse. 'ses so you cleanand fresns bu ao soens. so a rpet ttomes y an c pet ms,soe t pert. aay easy or him.. eausek r. .. we usk-ulit emyods na c go thswr. and iw e'g likeha mes mel lboth..
3:02 am
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3:03 am
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3:04 am
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3:05 am
ady's esiden c. >> what o w actuallyake heca knlong h last3%nd j blacne .> d te aca" tengo he ike mo on his ycdes. ayac w zonzi on twd guic y ngt tued'sint.e'be ptim bld e son ministtion. >>he's onemyor.
3:06 am
"t s up next. kiy so skinny s sny >> n f."d thlig, afr z efro or p t o k saatul martinutngnd foertahelswith a mo skonem i
3:07 am
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3:08 am
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3:09 am
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3:10 am
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3:11 am
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3:13 am
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3:14 am
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3:15 am
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3:16 am
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3:17 am
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3:18 am
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3:19 am
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3:20 am
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3:21 am
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3:22 am
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3:23 am
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3:24 am
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3:25 am
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3:28 am
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3:34 am
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3:35 am
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3:36 am
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3:38 am
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3:39 am
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3:40 am
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3:41 am
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3:42 am
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professors. e details just i> g doemt. parernintohe titar supporbed p.usadewfolly to newest showi b sanderpue live in on>rstm, squal ghow i ctr plains thnoerasve storm iting the wings coidence growing fug ouon tast coas> re-lifrojaalboulli a n om angnd ovght theme with grefulathe hey,ooweesday morning toou. we beg with the breakings. university uer aack stmeby armedilts haening right akista >>eah, majorevelme.
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