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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 21, 2016 12:37am-4:00am MST

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erar's l thms wh sas keepi fom friends feete. et t wk itt.ths kanye's work an.i'm amin up wh s e. going toea stoetpe and youight here boe "w." aouerrld wsow atr,yoby neseer tnkou to tuu'i exlpofy y congeion. t byke.rg t!e lm it!oss.war ly minexet and ke t not, bu12 fhours. art e re.
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there'ng. and ermong with me tplaconupportfoyour jnts, cartage and nes. and unlike theig ostebi flex pis, it's alln one tiny p move free ultr get your move on. humaronavi hepatic virus.erarifre kis of yucky gms. bunot alldisi wes... sol wipe e approved to kl more
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doourpet el rough an' it foulth sal ni iredient,enyour carpe . 'ses, y cles and fresns. buitlsens. tt weesou.d to pess, y resot rt. g sorola c coserymb a he th 17ilo buin th tow o aean oe's
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orvisndow >> ts theit ie morng.whyouy to e aut . ike blong. icmira fcoci dnerut sernterd g thise puutlioiodoefus >> ear-tis gre.eareat ta hd leu lve>>t s .heovergh whe temperatuad dreowzero. >>bl. s facaslesse con w oe sdoti d io lligd uoie
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ra colan , si t p a hm peormewoousy ararstboex daocrs h bin w from show noing activy to norl tivity we knew weded a bigbig cle. >>sing spealnehatpu w ands ox h arted btin. >> engthis 's azr >>mi bokyinas scema aleplete recoverys leep from tr but iasn' a , a wan tocrs h w ara da. >>.heaking ary om, getacnt ap c wt ts one.
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>>swi>>o. se y k aw a thuy we we ishawn ith h tna w chagenc huda n w ys bette 'sdd el in the't s ws. r the newk rlu souat thaen insomni first i wonderf rc ab eeow eng a ihehomion ght.>> kw ug >> fsttouave ndtne p50stht and u aw k tighten
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d t y w you ler halff yeesat's how lo wanoat shiin forpl d k l t pla cheupfo sdi s ehowalle"m i betr tha yours." thehowun bec i ea weeottca.e pere ihefedis..mse.y thg a>>ightterourewn m oig rdo a th y citng onta bas byoacy tingr,r o jus stao lifurea .
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r r eendutndin.he w gutt gh we'oingomove tale t ytin you aiit t best y d h ds ac downd do a a an. no hip fwaas u w . notrrai qte gse you medo l stickr cst b onou tutn jtehi tin it's ry rate. s n aee tcoargemundouann
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hanouhis. al y? wt ishe mosworktthin >> forko tha dos .ats ery? op lov to e. si t t. >> whateople n't danceik self >> you can dance. erybody can dance. >>'m j blk. can't nc >> tre ygo,. yo can't telleyo can't on'teel a rey? >> come on back, , squeeze it togeer rock rht left and d iagain. wow,es ee yy b . so i t se s keer orat . okay
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tikst itlf ss t a p do ae o pu>> d iavtohu? do fnute >> w mwotat ano nu gjan.e d. oh mygo minpyo ynyha ig no ophzik o a stigsa. tan >> t mesck, bafort f. g tse dayquil gd liquels e cinest 's tamdier e mui-llths mastre m yodrsome mexast
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llhis rng et abo wha al sttr ef mosch s ckn arly 00s. wwnyr rmo''shat asieyn wgen >>t my nown for h pl so d mead we're 0ca dth anesynn sien a hrtbreangfl that she kept s for nrly year asiaosed with ms ea d.itshor opru w
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confn onefamous>> sou le wkeidnfe becseed hi i'tdre whit f le ve methg to 'sart 's n who pter disn takou r-oldonid wter feoeep here wenoolple agt s m andhy w tishe wanted to s i s could he peoeboutth>> msralyetngorse ying she can't wk ritiitho rti i cnotrun. no soolme itee,eso le eulecen cebtihe wng ttr
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t myr lce bavethed. >> jarriod w
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fe .c storndrenorriv >>eittrw .he tgd ndnj sar lis hi fr governor addreesan rooeger . dea wrderghda avalanche lkyoak ivesim ehinea bth w t nd lfo yea f rtim gi pe chesnody aralyee i on thurant. . erm abc, isrlnews nowhe gociza f
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out. m good>> g som popcorn f hi -hausi ck so satus. gho yeac th>> pil fa lopletfeneedomrtf some. fe on rlleeom abt now. nowsrmsak t hugehe eese. t t cld eener peh tw fpore illi igfintal cod brg c the gi t ahaere''sea h a bmp i nation'capil.
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rseevresintam c sn aor m sabtesro toe thl trea at a tllver ac it'sut iss ou vehht we bo m. i an, it's jus of cfact if w u tlbi s opre nowint t veheto legs are'snoth pern iut carths y.l ai-oved f.hasniar
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subn fued iwae put drivirg theeds aenlu fataty. l get aiv upda oe me in our nal ho. tcaozsccidenwest talngbo istern north carina nea povert is bla e. veicled lass orentu y. srm is t i thateallyhohe at obm. fmcuatr's st pock. >>, mndmogs very aubshe dd ati so ar con m. low pss a t te . he nern fl, t l forfint sw amous. i'm lkingr aoot of ow,
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o indround baltimoand ndmakr t ght. .caar accordi t pumbers heds bge l t i lnesh . s tmasportstigl f ttesanne >> vet dma hi whol lmo a gic isi mri her or f blanun t ameca t>> ging o n gil fact it' , hse bl epor n e
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ru ciglin w mnits esbu nra wwere hin sarwobe >> a wha >> iooorse w s >> an'esdnther brop26r-dk'es iskor alled ul hrliend gsst' thein>> trahrtene itar we rev cinsd yiet wondethesent ty're ro buty son lemany t ffer
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itci. y'rrefiu' f>>um gtefuthgh h hgehehekal a hi ma ion'tnkheto aea getnt ri don't o pting on earahuz esemetw ralnsle thi. ,ng alpertom ed cyn. the he llok lls hil cling
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agaishe e um parip ng uo theoak re ioe't al of a ayig.debute iss is, wi the .o ioo thde rnd byg s,xpany a ence eer n'seaneas rigmeer snndin uposg9 aftore aoiy. 50 ow t tars.ors d acowttecesd weverhs.presidmand
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reai h at was lk a hind eriote,wasce anfl>>hatast eid lf tty kisealth could a als rega goveorisff initily tried tovoit e cfl or l ldn flint ilen trn d the re f 's ssal isoto besi wasth sdff c iner >lehe ao m ddeoiolte i c ye d yea d h
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istroi t cour t eershey tin to drawtion tohe poorthchools in sy hdsedse>> gtaew sbo aware tchngti thpes d g aotho he alaonll.usves bost drun, e.isti in ngowl, sken, iv eporonons ac thste r avches. twople he enild th webrgi tecentotal sen.evy er, anvege ople in avahe inifa,est
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ar w casteelaahs iea he scarsine rtlls th ngoesns ssesreav dy ggernrind elyer >>nd bon ansinows fuch the country, it mayd to rememrut lastr was e rmt yr o co. 20 hee theor isct thiwin wme tst arthldhis the f hereav b record y in aw. sho ws anow >>thof ys. see. o g in
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lck to swed.>> srr hren p shiss l these tn oc h works w s materl s,tlndelonandak lg ng ts nt hodeir leathonameppye a beb gsh ball indai's f in ae cou fd. astu ias sckea ye er ak ng lik,0ay dng
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thkre gosyou. seehy think thi ske tn thcackla v date rdeag atat se aingthso bhesc p igrnnyoe "d now. hun ronaviru pati s.e nds ofucky. bunolsinfecting.. llbe lyl wis ov tol more typeof anrox. t pi w try th!
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th (ugh es eve? dot oid it, e it ouformth special ndning it, ens ur eve u. 's sonowitand freshe. but it ao ens. relve.
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metimes weltrage hae body's tural scan t into it bit quke i know e's intot,into it anfeel thefence k-y ulel. ugmikene h if h. t evhiut itookucm myley ye.. wha?as ty g on ess es? ohi whstn'al dot i only minexm lieves bhandrhs f 12 urs with m in onll art e relief. die misery let'enis. earnckes startving
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mris ro i norkeem tinthngin coeaswour b ofes they. m goo tyacesal thiele a mesome aeanal flav.xpthwner edn stoo >>se ohgo w g abhi b andhedughts dicu.thatot man a lkak at hengel
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sen cle grter ctuocs, anegl t atuabc'u chang nosse, plicat scarin ev. i ren studywi tee entrsedhan adtsa r rsed haargcaomnck t su e rtd by m 50 cge inc eay t taugze ccscernorhechmear tut laed w fors conomn w e. c atwoeng msaounhiir styco h heos tcoyaitersan
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makehanges. c yay quti cmutyse s oevgh 'st. twave y edrohose aercausatimpoanorhet foheumbe ofas eriactiven makine s.a.cores opti shry c oo canf e amunsf hoese s. d wbo the tes fae. hadme ge kws wtha me> jujanew .
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tareaking me . >>r s in o osc . hs c the ntveysdec pasf myesngedst re's linsey davis. tengso t w voce pan m imp t ts usll ofs of cy jonl-whit
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hod se. inutnixitec is ento. oscinluta nysaher th t nsciude.atit ltugca93% me plays thge lkicture. oes fth tha t ack tthrshe reakinwet rr: o y sayingy'rekimatito e oip chainhe cofe adll te re20votersprde a s fe linsav news, this a et yrecse on "ornimeca," splitillk a
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anmy by'natulmotureso i cnttheoft a qur.and whennoe'feelgt,esfeikwe're.. nj ifeel dncwi-yel approachg dire eligilit u y you n off checkingut you medicare o uil youe sixtfive but w is good time to get the ball rolli. keep in nd,medicare oy cors about eigh percent of part b medicacosts.e rest iup to you. at whep dicapplemensancela sured bynidhealthcare insunccompy come like all staardizemedica supplement iurance plans, they could help pay some of what medicare doesn't, sang youn out-of-pocket medicacost you've learned thakinginformed steps ong the way reallyakes adifference later that's what itns to go long .
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toelp you keep rolling w confidence. go long or aesd veryrhohi ws illne>>ah>>llic y'rentis tisit y.oupleho du w
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lo eiurvi pautnody.thre u e er ttoer fouyete th fste cation found llee e o tce les ands ina h.on h tfloeelilatick fow toi s s d wtif abo >> ts goo eay n ltlestscu. l right. go>> you nlilo? >> no, love i fanstic afterseven decades.
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thalk andy brate. they are yoga panhat acaly is pt thi compa that's sellim rhtow o presay they're b wearable experiments andhen youorope rm whe your forms rrect, it wil make the calmingohm. wtfyouo it on what do they say? >>hen it's likeoo >> lle a cnt > iowucou then.>>ol>> i y h roc fo >>t's wean bas smpitn.anbrlyis t e redoin theyg eyayves fuondoow. th ts a trend? ion >>eny do
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rto haer m wsn thishowwhat. >>le de restthe do t of no, rry. ere oairer l. taoo a tool sh t getut o. ha t lookthisd. itriho wi he s a b his h face >> ouch >>t ttycool.
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roads absol an chow n tet. m cary ues. 1(g s ne ts h.caicnd rieelas iesto hopfoou. >>nd ts haour, crkingown overar yeah, absolutely.e dgers potoyschave t into flanornnto asti st w ve tit lt ng eir nextericas datr ep phethe e sty aheskjanust abc n ts is "worlds now." grng. m nzes ina i kdigi oue'eekiiginrm
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but bel trace criis ouor e tiitth hee about liond wieden you saidaston, c. dungng houth6 bugic a sied p nt g lroads ru'tca. hi prs mali gtiad k tenore anur one.moanva addedo the . but the accints and problems vethshington area app sd late last nht. tho r linesall places where the are backups and accidents. >> all those dots indicative of accidents in the d.c. .
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elis sti ingeven r hourinhitod. d.elaythte ircis sti ms aces.inrste v dl ss s surhi attus h ruouin d atne ayoidrlheirre y un. t was veral stars dr th, turnin i, thataused hu a s and then firefhters bulances, they cout to thtso cleem. so just into gnt.thees o fksho n s forx, sou a baren ch >> andea >> ts is something nody
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re expted ther. they wet prepared. peop py di't waand y wod edbeoir hat long. yy repran, eryby'be talki outhe big tt' ed to beorekd it le ng sreat t kif te. , eebsolute me. viouife han td ftk rly. kit woming.
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rs everl n of shoursvenderendga'sill over.>> tom doesnod wetaes tha ht late't bll thenely fofex in t 4 w l os veyi'te livenceartintoane wi coro h rerter ishech yunth are the wi've seeryrms tasd neasngop ey soff ro ogo h ost dy yi a r whouadvanc toghnepele who folkthink thhy d.i ayhiweekfully, iot en go bad as ton has. >>t me it e s shonrecr, tillghysre to thank y fri pria >>nd tly s that tkiut mino tt arelatedaand lo res .
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hours, wllrt to e systff southete csty gaze, bacis air , we a concern hvyfr virginia l e iasns cenew glch foo f thpoe anal d.wneratwiignint nte y rd .l ow ainsudaerous su contheastseaboa a tyindsbeach ssle , >> you ainodath posite poll fguremp
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rgt> hul ainsa li attas a -mut a inndd atern a wherlkt nd ps adjug toli lung to heacstcaing tt in i ctalyotfaeel es sd of thuns soietuitnoor n ofmeven he
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>> youor cma onigng r fat em t donatekeuris g han c i mter topealw owgni his
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keto do b>ut sanays exencetho si cno erisorheney haof exstcln ng tlizen prent ri wi ttirs eccplpu yfr aewsint ci in lys e asd rn pntt pster ted t cornde osinla wav bigprn ude n selbaa f > e as r safse bs
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californiausthis ocoumroct comio n r al her tl tter and proof ofety t d. hecain quesafetyf alhover boarven the t lyvestn. >>, enobetmopc mionrsda maa.heredehi coion e tuedorty k m'sig gr. mah ad grti mia is a set th privatsidweliends hoolhin,.cand excted
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shing go. ilciot. cute e prt. imp. hymmrd sr utsif denon ntesaywe y aclivy tenn plpp tchlpllirth dyos " announcorno
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tralia. sppla atedth a nhe wwell ci s butsff hemal inn ourn.etm ay teis r cel beg h t scf aar> enand arsngay that h irighleg as oth he s wanstlinshein r ane uldn'tn doickehi thuga wiow to fe >> goomataa heofanhe resed.
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vi dal lif he wn ank u. yyo cteryraside, nn xx png re alifhero>>fire.leu tseambu et hk overndt's inamjust hdoetng >>te fdownhiay t t er tllwe ll hutitivseconds t tck gup>> sy sobeus hbu gh rr:dr, erhameon do tt thou so jus-- is tejoons al blive. mixxarund of u hoes,usth>> kayorth, ne lole >>hu abohe w whenac jn imcot wu tentn nt.
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mbano rf t ey deceon r the tiasio aspporati ofplole tsfreed lad ehad y migrtentd ou mic tediws sfa>>ou tinddlth n 8 erinain yr.
1:45 am
edce20itr compey seccoafeofe e oho theed gde 8 tame s at mense t re bngto abohe hede thutceerof tye iwhatoulkg abst a opeop w in ae, ye ne, ta >> cieesf ke tft bom wes t o oer comeen man litook to esoudehesatis. ands
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i renclds, that' o ys "yak pyg pre. iho out ofhi as into f-relaua scher i' ieratheg silar. wth it weriarize or mir thonwel kyl jennes lee th nipresrtr bracel. ss s h ng bec's beend init f .at? the r-old eveale snapchat at one or ny love bralets hasn uconr wrrcing r -- >>h en >>- to hto a carti sre
1:47 am
t pried bceregn to oned sllcr o y, knou areo ncerd. shharee fr ll srathe ldrsng th's wleot le and a wholloon>>ou preumd p. >> we te y abo i u'co>>in fwnf . s the t o h kin op firstd his solo wings.
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kmo tf th cck. alhohise ermo.. anthe's thov.asacup foyortile d s. d li t b tebi flex lls, it's all in one tiny pl. ve free ultra. get your move on. gh.)
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es yr rpet e rgh airty don't avd it,e it formulth specialngreen fts arpe resve know itanfrns. it also softens. lv et thawelc mes trrepert oug)ngpt lth's w tsylsanceulhs ni allay. ayas eme it is f h. 's easy r cau lat her. .. e usk-tr nhans bs turaisreet isw ia t whshs fein ha mes me feelik bo...
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ani enjo elifwi el .anapyte.refft anwe4 methains.tht gt siblsoaneageer loves ty el in kp .. e'woolrks. it free ofarsh i epinrk cloes loo li newor0 sh r veclade. ite rks. i ltty
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yog g wren me. "py g--glommichl jacks brngumller" 82>> thesao wrock a n doy bykeakes a ook atho d abc thll,"seationcsklsl s d cuic dye son'p're enaine dipi l i shspoton mha's 2ista
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l y taconamil ign k threan ha d irlo wgs sstar do a man. >>t i i do i lablhi i wabels musi musroin s ted. dymi30 mone edo manyohgeto love. tharsme hethconillatt, fre>>ng ael'ed ow d moa "o won ico i und beof "donen." mustilim
1:53 am
>> a kneorwsow" dancoor. medle mjackn nc crazy. n g ty ot. >>'ser mni u get it iwaffs. ho ithre?
1:54 am
'lju mngakgh. > goodorng rci gonzaln foreenni iengion.he aom top wee ll rlws.">>foe alumge otr t thels in hwisaer
1:55 am
>>vi wruleodto forur wholesis t spot entere he oer fen cainr aionf nealesov unl tprofet t deer nr ofhe boaughre. and the has rst ma asstach n h h spl b so nfl 3 e so ors hiursdja nn th i"wews no 're hi withhentia atrehe s reio kffaus an w mpshe prar >>ti heron
1:56 am
erowo vote t. s ba k cagn. ontrp ban trsoftis enemt fr s pllorwahahise onn ani wod ideratss. te t eroi >> drv. ctehesehe's not aitd re ja tial pas enextr . kind raliis ul tanpuiccandate nning for present righnow among republics. >>epor on the democrat sidea stng new poll shows bern sanders wit neay
1:57 am
hampshire democrats ew sandersvocln,%. th wa >> iheenwe bot es rorte thelinton gngree s ea ds tt csos w cod on tos p rratsaersh age omes froa neigorst >>l whn witio edhe. li u w t lwe d petibaziansh.
1:58 am
trfic cao standsevd or the p rc mmabao thwhe hoe drint sesuories the gngore er m policreozof acdents d at lea one fality. asbe om tuscity streets acst va udg eaaiupnoth at car sl into a front. ne luckilhere were injurie rort he. expes say ke thiis more daerous bionar >>rive i ilget an oe isn the >>ettafr hes ic in,ooin >>is,ere ing dopin sever weather tthe soer wrnoa
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alndissithreatere gngbe damagi winds tnado. and ofrnt friday andurwille owowthatvorohomiddleanc at io poioe taf fe. e-diop mic to or t crisfliny doctorrt ls of leflt drtop deo e vernol theearesponbilior testeocal goffls s it treer sy as heck opisorngotri
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>>s, sgiil es. toteltheicor ri amers s $gaonthpua siifbl terndlr 100,0 js eaand risingve invests alcernhaslwnseconod ig cctg. >> marcaha bbuitananai ortethis marknc halln ha pritisat,ssofea tosorewn%. ia ct
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me acc e hatho iser bhian d r w.rks ceckrillspccjaws t nowous frruve rthkas ttiefeuse comm eneorhef avy 00 hell showerweinhous in forhehixthayet, sulbe he'stl pling gss so. pocet nupov sused dr's censdrhirv ia ah budi auorits ayrsy iverotsomew maurvi. no o i builds rt
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lehing tew ahetrrene cef pofagef sor l yoluhu.e. e.out n thearts n ,000 y dn bahere t.cahaofd a e tato aomel man wh re imatelrm jacket tne aco.n byulo e esfiir st uto y ofy. cl. >>, u kn stw
2:03 am
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2:04 am
bo year ng bate wi m. she w kpingndann set the t ow. oka and g ready it out ths not kas rk plm tm u revotionary shawn t. we're going to learn theecrets to stayi and getng in shape an some moves wi you rht he. weou w.ld ro muciyoby slerhigo wu.'s tacy.yootinokinexlpid onoh, the 1i' a yo i s gor .onin h blaye blhastar d keeps woin no n 6, but 12 fulhos. stt the li.
2:05 am
the'moving.. d ng free u he-tionpo oints, ilage and ne and heteo-bilell it's all ione l. move free ultra. get your me on. human covirus. hepati- >>c rua t of difre kiky germsl nfting wip.
2:06 am
types of rm thanloro don't pi!th cd and u seon thin a world ts tryingo turn intsoe ne hr was lpeeon you. nice'n eral-lookinco.. .that even in sunlight,doesn't look like ir color.. it just looks likeou in[cghin ough yo rnto d r h ef.lsas r formu psr a 1 atr
2:07 am
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2:08 am
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2:09 am
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2:10 am
2:11 am
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2:12 am
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2:13 am
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2:14 am
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2:15 am
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2:16 am
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2:17 am
th's maxtren and fights muc ditch the miseryt'd today you can do everything in just onic eveneep yo toilet clean and fresh. intrucinlysoclk gel. click it in to enjoylean fshness with every flush. lysol.
2:18 am
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2:19 am
youreart loves ome-3s. but e'differce between e oma-3s in sh oil and those in megared krill o. like fish oil, megared is easily absorb r body... ...whi your heart, well, gaappy happier stil mared is pron toncrease omega-3 lelsn 30ays. gad.
2:20 am
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2:21 am
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2:23 am
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2:25 am
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2:26 am
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2:27 am
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2:28 am
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2:29 am
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2:30 am
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2:31 am
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2:32 am
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2:33 am
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2:34 am
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2:35 am
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2:36 am
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2:37 am
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2:38 am
anloro dost tr o this cold and as ly (ugh esverel and dir don'avd it e . rmwicial itiongre yo cth.'s resve, ounow and freshens. but it ao soens. resolve. rpet tha weomes you.and ps,try e pet pe.
2:39 am
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2:40 am
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2:41 am
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2:42 am
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2:44 am
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2:45 am
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2:46 am
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2:47 am
whhes itt eve. ani joy . el theth-ytrag. prchmedicareeligilmak yocaput of ng out yrcare oousifi but now aootime tget e olli. keep in mind dicarenly aboghtyerce of part b medical costs. the rest is upo you. that'sherearp medicare pplent insurance plans insured by uniteealthcare inrance company come in. like all standardized medicaresupplement insurance plans, they cou help pay some of wh medicare doesn't, savingou in out-of-pocket mecal sts. yove learn thatakiinformed sps along the warelyak a difference later. that's what it means to go long call now and reqst this free [decision guide].
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to help you keep rolng with confidence. go lg . >> fnye w yohoov lotoryr s l ve y ay h mrye da
2:50 am
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2:51 am
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2:52 am
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2:53 am
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2:55 am
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2:56 am
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2:58 am
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2:59 am
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3:00 am
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3:03 am
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3:05 am
atherohtyou aiorneuati ugho unartoy sdll t. inve sland .ers a g? urinyaug mnus yeaht. goke teta vet. eynes.aninwithwa, haol i s get tilmucix sinus-max liquid gels.
3:06 am
unlsh maxenh medicine. start th. er les eldarkes anp da fg... woole rkit fofarsh ing keep ces like f 30 sh ylootll ner f woolite rk chse tve fre fe ula s trctn or your caild bone in tin. move fretra. t your move . and now try move free nigh the ly 2-iinanpple
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3:16 am
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3:49 am
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3:50 am
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