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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 27, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MST

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y thyor hag wh repte t at on ilng pla lk s pld sylycu 3pe. usinmae ns, ui thilcers rd fha so tlaunt othedicarilaer pg localfige.ayhe ct ei triolooded erye,n we ginllkillinhit cu knoch oncree a. e wl d. mzeh was recently fired from h ere heeror weeks.
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with sport,an(venicliop chtix reducetomosome peoe angeshinking orooil apresseodl ou in tepint swhe nghaave tse nt aurctte yor y l blemhi of urn'ta iu' lergr rio it. yes stha aall r somcan e-at or if you ha bloodprms, dop rssymptoms dical he rhtyife msofcreahi cnt.usutenrivingop
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rke. ayi shondrg assatriin l p ch>> was ershik rein yoknowme rminitive f t spithile ionsn itipendfoodorri," g z,bcwsew r.ali oi w. oks foroming mornin thatid so all o wai'thats lefor whk t >>er ts me,t'- cirevio. evme bstor tewas pppo
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m fat h t hpitalterca wh eborid yeabrpwe ery my. >> g h ki. es a ine tt h ha aewidacallyriven t tt pl tt t ito m om i lefty td wrying geheo everyids et bno it' nexset? isxc my ashamei sorry.i haplh. faminds, m dreedtisha n idpogize a sed
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de mpogy a m t dot chteid not st.i'gr asnyin lhaen ? uid s er >> i wa sesut it pba o o w ysyif ias cgh at lowndnglike hve plet te anyone tt veondhat's a r 's not . >> aartf youf senghis and get lent a s wait loonol >> knowwh0. erek btt ouve uld theom i jto nkf , woul l
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end.>> s.>> sf cs ingio'ie s sul ne ado.wh d y t >>adadni m auge ege anan ondmine lomy r b i m mi is afyfe gitetnd ily . i a bng rrsrs f was ieiveessld kil thatraped
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up t dim tgponsity i i asking fgineow do yomatd hi tt t bityhae . an f id. toueverapn nhi aeam ti iuld a s the pe theic to c mory asage a a lso toefhaou dn bl bec t this at t ahauf figs>> not ik an f jniouch. om t ltn th ngsha newas t uan dhas lexthat
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who are feed i mp likshntineyth clae can c reveibleras. inzi tea ttlheito oreadi at dr. iewasn ttyro wtiuttravting every da unat any patie thomsereghem . >>ter:ering acon ind nteedbyoncariea it'bsyotor sk t tut taby in wa >>or mngmeca lieyavisne,yo.>> j i dprichdr. p aan ri sohre w
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night ancoinon rtaint surrounding this weekend'stk shifts north or sth wl make a hu dif how much or how li snow we end up wh. tracking thatosely is we witus co baonitti da voe s siwo unmeerlelland dygasuppor
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7:53 am
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this ro e,onco laraust mmth ma."orouso wate w'loi hor t a ho each ring ngth"gviewsontci wed th tt atwithwi a ve rs e're gav g taot gngn. >>h,h. haon y eg atdlbout utbowaghlondowhejoyeote,heti goheseetomup. iaitoee hino imangeadles "merfaly'sar leg bth au cpanies a wll tyoshe
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>> w to ve oave nodrmaveland.madlines by alfr of hetimoren a dend wabthea h c'il ororama ders s on i adent. d initti i jthink loing th i mbe w le ressn een.thit as oha b tmo aurle k l cle. 1wegoyes.>>n e ugndck inshannew cogow adooea ra tr fire tag, wh'mngutn.'mup rorr: ngrefromgan whov tfive has ocbi ssan t tt nts f tiatinpr crgs. gisn'ttg thfougvern'tat re y
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>> rtee' trngo t fornte rema ss $300,000 dat hedm cpanies i14as too t bl of e m. loo e ror b fy thd weed vecctoxpsive>> ieafortunr: av aew nkimvi for t> w'shaelwi "g tha, ge. hangma men"oprah reg u veurnde ehar's b > erds ate yoe. tt you igyo stu plusdaye natio.
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choc disri, te oth"g" s'esomg n ma" is uat'up w on wke . i o t kekf ma mniu" ibrouw ntm tamis, mtaen a m cistskeood a (war othatce doo luy ot mmmmm mm mmmmmmmm adveur99,
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n, r oo upnddwh dsowhe to go, d clean d alndnoertoe,warm ansandchndp dines n bk!goail wi airgsu. a yopoweby pte? has 8ra tohelpive ener ntl.
8:04 am
lowe pnto aood ster si ais an'rusth guyinit w de thauce ly a's toman 90 s... its ed, . aev3. inryhow dot? i h bod..mbl whit ea o 0-ys o carml apai i a ain.en yonly n wi bth
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8:06 am
moret phx.ed haesidennamed ane keom aboutall hes ans. and ido s,t's start in d i id "d yoyou'll tdo tt wal at sai"o's d you , mend y!"i idou ntop,era h 'lju ish"e id "soluteargog h this" anerthnes buyo wweinhece. an she es "siree, i'l vequit walki. ever" "g nonspingmiakllioorh wi tfent like bre juth w tcwompan revea whpie et ndnd the wadi whiatg ea wheks ab ming
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c's h .>> mreakfast i read.>> r hr doieh anousshi n hete tng>> imy b. i harery. >>r: ndenyops ngtitr we tryg foyearto s im me t cai ty aevda to watnd e cingnttemfill loshe kp she ss ineengo milliobrea losenm t eareadinda t g
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>> nt ys tooswehthile eg bread b war not to ge carrd awayf rbra 're eati payttenonrtn zentinue to los sad the beg withwh who forghsse k no hme irno w fe thaway,now lliootpel . >>r: f morng americe au newsles. >>otle talis wnews sl nt.o u in 26 ds ti badve day how did ophen dieacrack?an, >>le iis a vetrt.
8:09 am
n 750 ersust.d to byoe math. , whadethther tmehi s >> o sur vie trmation d n lil, lu n soav alyz when g . t. ed basicay ereie t ie ilelhaal rns aie k dramlythe th tha iaboura a about foyoit that ltise rrprobly
8:10 am
ki ondt yt c w >>nd d. al aads eate eq ht, ifino r d brd,t d gredyo doecomey urwoulno ban enatoundreetas inning ee ohu st st mfehe gar d.soer cca o b a e th mtw@dhtnss"face p coul't risicel. in u becse'tave ead.
8:11 am
nern rg lel acon to fi a15liuit bera ine elfio omr'h rois her the l ornibo gmoinelstram ads, lany br m lio ny o , cetao cialediao eslia ntanutfiorlaeye,ut sia ars rice
8:12 am
ai cn ominr ucis ormeouor t i w nsamfi gamaagre shultily didfindit w of ne she wo ai >> ne'eangis sup sn et ortoitnt t"esed so t eaonusface pe,throernd t be medpaweitpie t ecal prerigre. >> not dit te s ad thprioe t thcoy thuiernd $ m orme and
8:13 am
th operndof. wetactedpaes lved in e wsuiand thnts s th inst hesuitt thll uln evd.thed tompanihey say top thmu neveurysg willhia jur willhe b tt t's at i>> $dors shetso e a at r , lute all, thanu.>> babshes ol of pers 've becc shckit sg on yd i t beis o
8:14 am
hiding gtheaer mornim , horn td cll elics, gamots, ever youther nog intoard away moght have rked for l chact wolet." fun cou f tusw tra otore ot reporter:er tobel. yorr:ayl, ow m ahod bus ght er clo's sth orter: firstreow te likehmung thd cehe toge.get ite moy and
8:15 am
ma slisoateatius? >> rwi gnd ell. pol e old ols,20eb. mi,70ortesre aroupers >> ystav on thi >>r: dou oouech tala p is40ords. eportes boom>>on >>r: frole ah.$648plndelneits, a $3 . >> ror a gra 1100 s r eland lynot d.noon wthf wa
8:16 am
meo a se,t cardablis ouenthstel lith rnoin mmoneor rgn ccs, p.ustnt me, at aelwheverou'red ion iss -- ighmese peophemi bi of ars uncneree eg yovnegepa. gohetalk t e st ow tr it janry a w new
8:17 am
feanicgrearmat'l mmenow.ouide ob. >>alen's fprin at br watorate ey'vbeenriedour mes. di. youim ec i fouft uriveres d hater ys s man. theyrine lirn, noinacifa he d me threoi tin ticca o t eniadvi o d rt owi oors e t oa bavheins ch wh stmi nuy th i'ab a da hhsill wngnto e 50s fomost, ngfeticelywa! ghwis e edh molyun. noaiorw i thfostoroday thmoinaneniv b ctwer.eda ind ou ten wk ek foolr r s nicoueon mond. cder r y ngchan f snowthis l of aiy suouinis eks or e acif nth souilmakehu difrein w tt snd upitwebeckg po
8:18 am
a d e rdf e t wineg toitnc.backin 'spows" gitlotba r thtotoerl m wtoururety an y chon s t ridson and th hngorverye pahe empl nt enhe insrene a bo caussbe t th sdie' aoo >>ea os y >>otheir t d i e ntn heme tsu.t'
8:19 am
i wth y?'marola ra aig haput reu at. i co my nd nweek a>>ifougoe oryour, .prrrjutesetvi m, m cr.hetion, i gack om aken les to my fcrnddiscs a ttletop n 2.the ojecconfmelaear he in op ns." w knoto oiarnintohe dgescs tl beitn, t tm al ts stalenwi michng htncroecy.tiha.n 2.unds
8:20 am
>>he ye yo is sid y>> yest ha to anjerrsure oybisniin vedrofng f ta 'tveout it'sgaaw. hiwelyl" thers rif n' outeorom getis okamysep. tu rypang oi p, anr amy'e or y n ke un gal.
8:21 am
es, lolleg, hodiu clas thi becavlephanrkinr inshine the fer get lar >>nk l en >> y oms liable thatnt. >> these are r 's aopper get ba u in a m(i! elw((i! ed tt0w!t% )8x-0w!t% kz(ix-7b it's7 da
8:22 am
noce lit s are expe moes ornow is irecast f whic and evening 'te cted by weat tea ing trd toin tghd r air suny nighinues onay. this r y n anotch snow aot ntndth weekorm.f e ack shiforth outh, wma a dfee in much olittle snow wup wit we'l trackinat
8:23 am
gi y adan that rollcint oi2 d north the acdent is co as oknow that onuck rollover hapst ahis rnins o rt lathe rtxit nevada e awarhat if re headi ork mog.
8:24 am
say it's y.
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kl" jheni fun w , heli lk t t he's in 'selievable.i'm likeus realg. yeah vce>> all, you t's also excg, theat natioocol y.s ho eaedco>>-- asteters ting ou viewakes rht w one kes e cakeing n ste-f.whilats ved.>>sn it?haca, unreat t peoplso cuitne pri m s,lass, llad areink c'a nithe st trend heyyod rnin e a buff
8:26 am
many say whatheyet out ell,t'ics.sp, sf poniacroyoo mo.ntass a $ ye, 08 22.buisreor g bre toetuff? >>p erad ter:eaemheldhe wutng en25a moat fari sdio, tetd. nethbre stepthwod witl spng i ifpu w iveutol et n myeporlehehe ci her tyis ied n't uc thi rll>> canwer
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8:28 am
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8:29 am
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8:30 am
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8:31 am
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8:32 am
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8:33 am
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8:34 am
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8:35 am
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8:37 am
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8:38 am
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8:39 am
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8:40 am
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8:42 am
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8:43 am
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8:44 am
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8:45 am
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8:46 am
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8:47 am
da a year weove u,roo. thas th >>ah>> f s res, evne.have a great day. >>. >>od day. it's:5am wednday ar27 ab a toy: hilbearo fo fe cermerghun ai for wh morning d evin bpacted by weher.tended: a warmind expected ntinue t end k week beforer air iny nighcoinon moay. ol aiy ring iotheance ow. ere is a l of uncenty suoundthisweend'storm. i the nor souitmake ge drenchomu o wd uph. 'll rath
8:48 am
we not ina clos at th ovon nneda... th is att ok l ouha ho.. trll ... enedun7 mor. r wavolv, e nosu ofhenjs ofowt 'l ep you d as w ar. 's loke eanow thdent i ckthroug colospris... its blockingtwo north bound lanes and the northbound exit of that if di toork is moing. broncos al e
8:49 am
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