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tv   NEWSCHANNEL 13 430  ABC  January 28, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm MST

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emkran13 on alesstt tys w rmelnd won veeder y so. th nameyo s as -- s carrieby a rroge mother nks' oy, og sla,s thilfath. shsted pic of babt ly h lithat. isth ups'st ch thdorae ceth isyeerbaa l es semontd isrore- ou entrs.thoked for es haexve lae cialerr by ts, r s re50
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un acte -part yo while s sa is et la it saysit will coto recmend pele a ading tnnta. t new evidence shows thatng me pu r abc al contbutomothy johnson alth do in evid praco ma o inth es ownonew even? arti a e
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th est fo ocancer. erhe ofin find gelanoma i ei s? mor ts yo w mo agnocan ikel ar indo o b tha10sens i fe urattiheskanr are ? even n. gh woga idortann a ly cause c ago?ly s state eddoorg fo un than 18.o be you head ifor an? twice.might k lf ith edical mi, i'm timothy hnson. g game ire thaa r adrtare y forcayeiad k peek athose ercials. naturasound-- bi super ... snrs w epresent
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'rt you wh ye ngcampgn is te, t free wot ib bont o malyn nroenginhay birtay tthe wl, t it abeigs voe. thisr'supebowlds wi cas mh fivmilln dolls for 30- copot. anhow ch woyou y for inthisato? ou one io doars? ogch ren a min buckosch is own fos portits mousple li yoko o lala yozai. lfil llfos wo nefor wsanne13
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try teria. w offe an im he hgoing dmo anne hoodshooti thers public stihasn'tn and i willr
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ing usorkr nechnel at five o'cloc. i'm jajarman and i'm atheold. dopo duringraff stop. sc he won the medal valor in 2014 nene's n hi se. live fro cora ngs police departnt with w formation. j has.cee thought scaro to accused steven bisc anhing dcoat slammitahy a
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rdin thes do the incident alleged vict was layimile of the aer a fi paso son came basgt. breonar driving parsay ontr t r thde on scene inve s.ed rames aggem ouof hand ndus.. aspeaius toldve id km.d e feelmindngo ld inigat s ar's dn't aro di do p te this
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