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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 29, 2016 12:37am-4:00am MST

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re watchor nnow. d news now"weather, brought toou by zu ettyli h ps but w he shean to os otaany t h anee t. tind geerea ,u at tlvur ym e hourghid ceul rful medicatcts fast ile its ed leaedicine s for hou. in t, ym lts timgeth t leading cou liquid.
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you'ro 85,this is an importa m asitscre the ck want to tal to you about ist the e on ydo ratlock linsurance that guarantcan never go up for any t be carefulolicies you se have u can get e lo ca ts pn wa with a re for pen a fixed in whnt affordabl fe ice at's sto g gens fo $ a m, ssn 35 a. yo rwielockn r fe. ilinse covag ner bean onas you p ur premis, d urccepe isuara nal queio u ottu beoual yfoion
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noate' e dalum ponthe>> s mitt rely mutes intnighep. of littl fks wer t button ofim >> b it'that d c withotin geth vin i in d lix tin can b n jusvo.sar o theeague of unedat amecanen cinsndno k oi eryoet lo us pl usthe poce o vot but mayotknowow toot onow e ucus ocs. >>eporr:atakep 6% o tot pulio ut hstimest tsbo ,0pontiacusgrs tum givt lt
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iped in e repli uces. eknow comdi hept'npsan he oyoa o teur ustowau presswo manye fste oop rseronave in theiilieto shohe the s. ot lomhi ey ud to e d kw
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esennd wrdr t. ter: wcampgns e tryin eakioran]set h memuffitowa pa tri caucayng eughat y ngo ghur touinheenal elecon ebar 1 a f d opata uteastfre ts. c esmowa>>s lksoar athis te o ye oso inn thare >>heroem ticke isotouimyecal poib et dtea at a c bl gam a ce lue?
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steeanng ida -th r foo 0 tiorheho yttenys rd agnsnser. mem, oker d rell y s th c, soalmeil o rswhat'seashow tw>>heaj ets prndusrsleg lfrvubanevenherdarnsvempwielrs, soho upewarenown ats to up ks of at ligfast spe marking to astronomes hees >> a tha invtirs saythis crack down is theip of theicthey willk thion and lawmbo r cwn on badctivtrirebe , abcwsew yo
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cketrk osthub? l 'minto g br s a thearayente brbibuckt j sbe fo a eecoer ouel beertnc newoc b awhi s busministrati mbon . a gheff gh nex fa heerthlti-syarnex a th d uh..nk f t henefr mucma the only cold d flu liid 's-strgt
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u puoffki o your dicans'r xtfi buw is a good me to get the ll i >> rorr:nd invga o a tyernt arb dico res's ap diresulement insurance p sured by uniteealthcare insurance mpancon. like ataard casupplent iuranla th celp pay meessavit-tdil cost you've ledkirmteps g thy reallyakes en l 'st it mll n and thiioguit's fulnformati omedind the r aarp medicsuppnt pns
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all plans liseet oose dtooral tceents,wori unalcarensuranmpany has ovhirt pece and the ctment ang with ing u oue. candioverow aaa mice ppcogo f youese arthly medic ppnturan p rsed by aarp, orgation servinthneof pe 50ver fotis. nineut of n planrvedsaound t plo ie remeerdicare doesn'tevng. the rest i ll now, t f [didarg inrm helu lingitnfce.. alws foasor'sy r ause lhe. soy
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putting a bult iyo rien oingo shoot methe bk ke tow you are? >> ipprs she left you once ai mos y sch ah lllo yoff. wow. d't know fils srrin ewa greg is notng oveel cri. viden ofitehilitest' nve lighd wiidea umeconznterti chacrsr bic logic. 'sitternd antho l o "t n yker" i enor ctsayis lile mielas.. ll uhingliter.
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animed fseeorrns to the big ngda shest fathe savretanpadit po mus recognmvill >> you l jus l>> y lutd.ree m but. >>, ye. ou'r like me about y,with a>>hiisoo e.whov ad pda story. >>o uhinkian-anas e sam onversion. >> probably. itis scoring gh. 80% on rotte toes niag callsight te a mlyge naveanheolwoodorr s it pano lowemodeu it >> verni >> i't d the>> t afev. e'soo hor forutoo o pandare w, an't thhe prefer wching
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sor this ho. >> rememb, follows ook wnnfans.
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weekend. mornine "epublidida lance night,epn ite hoeefmaeiinppea be the io .andond ng h om shionee cag al ah nd fbielsingeo ogof tndf
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l o o gncludi t l eveono >> a lerel m help you. teg thoal stanhat tecpanies iseill chang ywh een voisoo and,ie. llet ng i and oer in onhis iday, juary 29 >romnews,s "wors no">> hey, gdrn hfr, eroi tour'de dou thk?>>uadndhereas bat nd n e candidateomg. > that >> senf e p eht caidesd s e na dator mo's ghta iowa causent-r w er altrp, a fewiles
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ai mon foroued tensndelngimounter ram e deba. ratt w ahe main stens wa go m toow, bran. goodmoing,ee akeis ere cle dfe inggt nit' te fks more dorug a c into not uprday andt,ll his nameamep sevel mes. >> letddssan non eoot.>>lishe notio. i kd misonump. >> iav not insted nald rsally and i don intend to>> rorte fnt-rneronal ump bcottg theoxews bate >> h anyon sntrp?ersum >> rorr: a iad hng s olyeter a thamme. e rdve5ilon ion y. na tmpavmilln. okay rulelytillupset
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iot t o oes se>>eporter:crs to, tr cti i waedruove front and cen e d ste. e tnge stup, andbe yoreergwte' gotnhe dold um poronut --g. >. rorteruzoam deta ap-onmnes i im wasamsty. t bow he s it sn't th not t >> tthroug thi ca, youee wo oro any t tes. p bull ae l ghi! his wasea deb nigh nigh duelintser palyittl toouc t resi f orthpaed ts und e uphe t
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i k weintumtainearmpgnhim. gss it was a pty they ul'tmiss. ttruid tew stinethier r:ccdi n tleedery th conrsat wonal p leap t lass te andccor to t tasked this $on t coririti m towews ailes sai no.we can't exc for you tohow up de not goingon and c tayyckgyll d grea is>>ilnffedmi sha tontrumhean 'll tsoonse tebe h'oyt ys beforehe i ccuse>>ows playut for ch of the candid? seputical dec
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undear. >>th cdate angeess bate. >> thinkcod.he tge abgnpolicyodements o migratf cour, in is. , dtrs boot thi datpact s ign?he snsth think wrey t kn mont. if h,can maybet s arite dond tr iing s tg toez fiw, ocoha isn merkt iucssfu m ght, itay lk ld move. ifnoill why heep >>ng t see h on s for the decr s hopingt, as rrect. >> yes. assonald p,hey nee th rso
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io right around trner, ne is r the k in n mp dod tutor hamhires atica st i thk thaterhe new hashe pri wreoingoe ainnong otheel 's vifreoreth reoi t sor esblisenalhe onha leadse. asel asnangimhohn th campan cle iin abluly >> t pmarynbo t kio hhgear y vy . c depu polical dector uha lsh. >> alls tire o d bhe na glet'sove yo virus. thhe
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cin ak shoulcl annati heah erge herethu. ateast31 casesn 11 ste aate lt nit,heir ces boonteorg ck t u.s map sho t partsf e cut erab ec def taki m themie filly. sayleuldmarnea2we caoay intdstoorit con eme oor fhers aorirecil ices to e t hourshi fahe droitsni sl districtrable thunion's immediate
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ain ttrt ecea. pgued rch sits gocle a givs a casidoo bause cted mau boilereapleereaderotheeatheyer t at ital andd. dol inter th awa r b w felte ea. feel. dit g w f from rn jy t connandom lonistiede lt mi oict wausyiger ucng wchnd rrie as yan e, ators re oheit and media withec>>ssidtn u y o h day.
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haen or o b f us iea ssend, ierestiot teie rdit. >>tust slpiickeup, the n pm ddlyndfhiid isng light otuesda deaf the mil spokman. hat happeno this w be robber ortharola who owedp jushe bk naped e ok his wa meerksd o faceokt wnnfansom itte@awnyou' winorldews w."y. g. gmucugeioghthby keou.rg t tac!onas 12 urs. dit!
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g atesifothho aseonlyl at l crodrefourrst owre atho y ho itmmedly rngpoul mede thats fawhe its extendedse medicine lasts fat, lsee tesonge thng luiall or aig rym #1 docough lid.
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>>some bad lucorsld beank rben nor carol whho uptsankmanaapdbe lking ou the fntdoor. thanag j wouldn't r . even w t masan banged on the with mi-autaticth assaintives rs andice are l >> bang-bang . >> ye. ell, aeaer has bee ar for pat or those tee an cifora . r tt gl a secan thl a is sctedf vi
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sle vay t peeseivn th itva iaepou g say n farravaw. bl alor s iitnerph>>ewt for vf hof thkeannt cl t man not to okff karhae r: he co oavilarmepoli uld een amintoco ose armccrs l sideeeg os oube,ting fedegovern
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e moment raoy fed by polces y t ptr ledthe arf hifecccrnton otruck, ty heas aup, or a ats hs ot. no t staofegda a, envi-aedhe tovhi palyma rs end>>nentloed ti anweone dso. ror investitout re aredug full vestigat io ectly w haen mewhileut a thecompou, now h repts of perha fsivt tef isg hge srl abc ng cinn oextal
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butay it'ut ofood s. riyofocpon a doundouar eporte a of have virtu persol sits ourrtph. pl rigo has go, micros h ce a.pori c cated alsss ple t cagoesmusi pruc,ramming,ninterment anspor aea gdt pructityhisik a e- golesucet a cmu relad ik m ostasrettioe ss a a isy, rll good aic pim all cin ey p gdey p cu cntten n tas.
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conduct o oxpt ttin thr viral atant upst oerit o of's qst a r ho wyi in th supwl super bl0l pye ar>> stay t tan o pyith bo>> s tsas a searchern o oy, gole veroos teth na ps. wur aner mi aneot coen ooeel us 'snsng a t bts destio fdi out ir mges go fndsmar >>iobeni,ew . av >> ght. tail
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break dolpina septr.rid-x. ra used by sepirwn ayueat,ft iting do s presto urou bas. >> >>r the yreaveyombo ny leyh
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neam tnk i beeeike aot wom feel atway. i srt $10 me osed stimsz tlectio d t an ixpenve b ason andeoplnff is 'sarbir. iill treisis sis.>>or b.nd hopul de ea n exnera>> w w t agg? job innganan otte atom getaifo tingucigr pe t agi po o th olitanign , al
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thae newsolka ge tnks. ro yr w a u t reethe skiur gsi strlws polk t'lat ghree awakanyore not weang pas o abouew g ery avso fun be evy ch a g dwsol il tchllri t nou i t h tor n ts e >>nsomacly hathwod ne pol whathos inoo oursal t cs he'slle wn eyelitalst 3: telemeyits ts e ne hema uwo tgreyd ifthat's r broke so n a
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spreadin spreaow send>>nd newalf develmenta iback in the u.s. a judge is mning in , texaunishment 'soking at rguablbe mpeophta stf narumps thf emou ory be this o aheaon t "ny."it'sy,ry 2on "sk." nnou: frbc new thwet et rightit r orngla t'pu debaven idatesng thei bef wa ca nusuause runnerd trum ke ctee just here at l. n trump wiles his ownerdoffe debatex news, d megykelly bes mode afteed hthe t debate. >> s f so th.
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arnd t. c'vid htha y. >>ore getthe sues t'adess elepnt nin toonigh r:thisasde - is noabdold tmp doldnc >> kofisna t. w atle ddbeo . lws a ling reonip. >> rorr: b he ill veucthntf sama. yon iss stup, t anugly be'rtelesurgn.noatveteld trumportn ou tay - orruene, ing event ve tenmoin ox beetrem d the st numof hactual >>or andr onox, e laopate nus p . t hitime
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co i>>hrulnohath ouquha brand, pl aacrcplea atehr je patck t.orr: p'nooinwstblec doe'tthst ipos ly butveon itsahethmo regisr re-ls s ll.>>t'onofheore faais wahe dovese inlikehionsis t a >> st' rly cl yei'dawrhtn yo. f.etbi me tsig w. bttt toinsnen th elymoho mor rr:ood rng,eena kend. >>has thretihe? era clr nnroig, you? ror y knowha looflkg a
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had ran paul who g ld rs froe owd ushe the mtports prably thinoothldmp w wasre s pblbinnecau notnly ir iisedhimee upo t, he hisg stofhe de, waso othe p ndes tg gh. brai, strghghcl fo, t' onthrongl.budo y get s tt'vet h>> repr:haes. wl likesw ckutrequkly, t? en ime hing,mpportsay did ighing r s posais was ge miske.we donnow tily omt po obvus whe es hon m neenvin of peop sup to s sn'tnorm elon.
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ific t e from ifornia to thn oinringlu in you p in evg raine. ife dsn't g tpl to out andn o forhi heotoioin reandis na. rheew. k fod to rep >>efully helse nip behihere as > turnw to oer linernin four maintia t rug 'l oup's on b everyoome. while o icup f ate police. they say he was kied ahioaap. >> torld health organizaon meets monday to decide whether to declare a global health
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ss preadi plivel lin th quit tote born illness itads.dr i is . eshome iherapistfier ch keeaway t m speninctep repl eve two e'fraid r r nko microcephaly.nds ren azilavn with t tidshat indiere aidamaup tn caarerzi 's sprn 23 areas the a thheal oanation exto 4 mileralin the lev
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as aetanstatartments e required reportes to e ther vet.ment ilian gornoros e apeinr teerappefandorplhave eledka ad s, whenou rnyat,ourndetted usf a mos it couhe sea t inio le need rleas wtharar, rihat'e on o wae ksin--su olys mip.>>nnect ssnestaffe by lyistb at 15 vesick aat pduce a
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th oth onri a k.> u wenet c i ac a jue rtoda chim h he spedbars. ftball meo bin. arone neophos w ying abt sps, m'chg or ns no" aouer"world ns w" wer, brohto yoby soyobylysol.s t theld ft dinfecng wn. bee sol s sp reesgecl
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ldtr tou io w. haicotolpoueep .' ea e runghk keir at al lhureth bifulasorasl ou.lwayfome it is h. itfor auoo he. e ul itnhs myodltuanet i d iinglifeelikwe..oy,t ev mani iffereultragel.pred my ttleirla falous fohebi. iowed the lawn, put e yokn cldsasterll of up$13,00r onlya h, ridisoven to wr. rid-nd useby s
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th louroviefr urdiow pructs furde tweholiitcerks byimmiately rsing poweedicine thfast ile its exedrelease medinlasts fohou ct, las teeanheding cou liquid. foall daym1 mm12r thlsym oereopl woue drear m par havy t? eir dren doing tng
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veo u lieve at clip dirknterinpar.he rock grouairpla.ntr di lastfaile and ptic s tharist songit dured th almosery caion handnd whitu c " itd omeby ove. ea hit tha wreer. ntwas rs.o abt pa t toele r c eeie w gten r whe la ms ar too ny. >>hetor o iredhe vioncuion"ays j. son eringmeegivain e e.drt telle"
1:37 am
s mal lbut woe the questi012, s actuaedhatad abisorsk newn kidnag cnsda. >>iced a netoan inundsing f tour yrs, tag aboulaurpeie she a stent he diand erightf yingthw ra tooplac t rencofan aeste gundho h numous sereted nviction auits y chyidenointha w deloin e sef ed flnzanch tt' bauft wks on eunnd tnn cdy i meco, hac ith u inredgsoki opumehi mtm. ranouchcoede ryache aegeda coun the minae'th rd, ndleck t
1:38 am
d ld betweu.sharrivi. ielfor s,ebt em ose ims at nd a e.r:16r-pluito lltas drdrwr ngenin h lal e suer a,popafrom wrg.thjuga iesahe a h th sroti, si torr min aeathdgdedeke ean cch loedp s hd. hlrdypeorti in denonlit xi the ever dikiing the ureo ma ut a ns, f
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1:40 am
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pr for "n" aasn n lettact abthe ed bge ete rci sis sm wnoswe ish on si dis nothcamymber>>ndheos b ying" a a asham t ade." aryeoe n' thinabt av otainabt e tuan s ghwatoppac drs e -- d't iishe ghwatoixt.ian t'ss g osnonane ye taye'reoingecau ofhis ck fsh. iwille annterti nit wi chr roc bsolelxtkim sing is t anoeramy le>> habeent mai chacte t0 es e. hardbelie'62
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riiagr'sus rtr d s rmerover. sh als hns coidly oer 2 yes. >> sthataid, the's bn some rss bwetan cw fm irinlmen t tsearbe onck withh dorne a coraketappen e sequ.0 ss is for fruarof . >>art the issueit hollywooeyayrereot gheseren u geto aerin pntan th's great. >>hey e engh miriovs.yohave srk." n'th ackov?oueve rl nlely iset to tet t sll sn,"hsef ts on nkndwo c t ki omah h but tfnnncing itfliprinal esl rern i17 fean five therwille a mar ge.
1:44 am
seonarre wcr a ser mon t's ti hito movith new en owdu havotyetnced re ottatu en yoviece pu, htilljugo
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so i mowed lt ngmostrying! 1 hous ac billo for $7 id ealpis rid-x. thd by sepsiin tta leadingiqonl es did yo attsorlve hotr thoough li works by iediately relpoweuledicine at aits tended rele ours. in t, ym lastsee timonger anheng cough liqui
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is h bdilsym. cr mowo cobut ecng wly becalysopesp aped to kmoreesgermoxclthatan a he thild seas. lyso. [ccougjanet?cough ou cr me.
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yeah...b what abouke? hehat drtchy thing on.guess whit wn his cougo. ugh! s what? orks ocough !don't ler al she dot mat! minexm t y 2 urs pi st. h thmis 's fy. f , we'v g t inon thithrendstie frommobloin vd rpsen e ai heows wely "id wi." idt cto au
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flactusoo piur o ityselec i wantremeowmpty . >>u'eaveled idewat, , fitis? und s. en tlopr zik s eohicas th le potionunitistherse f con. >> te ok athere p. atitisou cntrye st excfomeven isalupioto onwe d'trmanre isan'tapanoris't acaun thco saeaweouthatasvings deit pendon w >>'mann acma s aot peche se narme pbenghe de. g avsoinel
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into me theebe wiouok soe dith, 't ow uat the ier, yokn what yod say? yore fed tmy md,wi win inowif ver t i hi >>ouamigin ptr y rnn os anweeea t pin th cigur y. hey trs um aightgi tterclinging,rodu of oguns, bcaki asemmane. i hbody'sergi bse we a e here>> tdireutela wmi rse taus on p bowda ontohilyigto ureoe inin t
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>> youyoatal. y, pi tasthe otot ghno eye th >>omonlk jt come ho.tomehome.
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ininnsnis fotw dedes. m. m ibnd iinhee heg mog rl now > repuicansil nd d tt methe seaskicks mday caus. se ts the.nn donyce evlle onh ceusea> four miaat theldfefuge say
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1:53 am
p's evenc' ttakeventnd from des m hey, b >> reporr: good morning. therwas earla differ ing ngdebate with wemang point iowg upill his nas ned sel time ph noin t rootonit. >>eplishdown lik otheinowa. iisdoldru. inoinlt dalrsal a intd to ror p ti ts ba. hase enru e's tr >>epter: andnsteadolng his n lly r te athe acsaim e oon e da trump$1 mil?ep upset eris feuwith the derator megy >> i n go d t ba out oect fo
1:54 am
>> acros totrs clo oredruz mov d ke ryone on thi stupd ly'r n.noth wotn e ou w cz at esty fl im. >> iasorgaza. wut hayst wa. ned the agast y.isterohout issampanoue wi tsaoranhio gevos. p e shgton bull and les get in de. >>epte t dli event reootock ak or tlunrcde, t tru a ncble.e democrat canof a fnzy, at polls show hillaind bernie sanrs in a statistical deadsolion iseashing the big andg
1:55 am
abc's c wte hrresthanis >> two f o. ninghein wa >> nau hiar auoheety. at t sepndvers s.inn ioway sesarti xtk. we ve tagreatre goin de ewamps t gnod ag wtiorhe naec ror wrn s t at>>'vwant me detefr k >> ce ofs ag e intole ere intewonder whaedow nt more o you thin>> ror he'at er. hicampaign
1:56 am
>>ng weus rto talough y.>>ndddate leed aor nwi 'snerall gdeah. od hum, o. >>owea a y t, u alysan knk w en otiwandwiouca enhiary inwihran bi conkiik caidathielf r en othste.inheintritl medo te ou me iescily chalg r ie ushelyvo my hoveev en ta us befor or hlary con, got atn g ma eig ago athatisou hat thhaen joanar des ines. >> u.s. officialsay vity at a north korean sse testing facili cou
1:57 am
testthe theci slite liaunc sti onte.rtkoa edt dr 22. in hta spdi seeow that sationhan fted e iriapresenwain pariyeery gng of0 reenng nemeial s. amonemorr anrom rbnd hio oerrom ak peuot bua nccael bsethenchresintuso yiel t ian dand mohe. w er francois holl aston " porter jasonzaian was bac the of ceatg h ft a i thesearf ste ye, john w emoal tnkin everyoneho helped secure hisdofrom tehran buefia ais tors
1:58 am
s inson,irinogats told the "whin std ext. th ne ewf myghth tniatrn woua fi f mlease. ezan aed tthiran' rtale dn'ddth ntldrrlpedin faid ur oerrins. very otl dayeday. >> aew sta ieupe's refugee cr. sweden says may reject the asyls p to igrants portm,ett' o all ref wst asye. hasonheos weing nathisemenreflec icte cogee ises
1:59 am
huncesle proctgrenmaafh fod vent wvelm thes of dsiheou stfindingsed seto fm ties. teke iflt, ane ve to dnkfromoldtesisves btoheapat ju fi s aor ceisreitatfi diwadeary stn'ti t thesents we ldotdrink eiwaand hi theoihe uni thhoolict what i deabletiand ndinmee fuing x inils,
2:00 am
ollis rcg f scho on any givenssesredt texachoobeofspox ay .st pweade ckro t lk daabc'ryns ror mo. rtee 1 en sfft tex she soo en t hospitabeg keoumpms ofbomodesong >>ymom nauseand hchnde weomitg. anco, trd ok aiateical ter: senons. oainca eve r holike heverappene epor tire ief thf mo s toc s inoiat me ol.ak rtend0:hirn wone d io. all ents eted b ay, but s are
2:01 am
the fi chief sth cnoxiat sch tst sfub w kstd inck o, abneda > , nk hord the osurhi oreslidstard hw01 nteighttoumpelyin a hof ra ow td to undermin anes of the heav roadway. jut video of 's ince.ea imaf aps s yo w lgfl dsedeisem hen preedtengritneu iss infuwa wh'sp tude? he c fm hi, oc wn leshe ss w an cint clminge inn d ju tryio t ouof -get the.t st wha witat nglsof
2:02 am
distra aball pyersssing freehr >>the eainto eeciahezo ste he oeurfraion hahe e ig 's kof fspeciat, yat w be michelps part as the sunevngo m d i me hme of da, heas i orokth hedo >>his likthipal versn. oh,worde litbit spr tlookgoappant >> jus l aha flef ie >> t an in eat sh trag for o ga me reall >>anas an
2:03 am
he retires aer thely whe>>pp's cndber. doe't the m ane sot heyobs.>> ilpur. >> g. comupnsumleovericxing wh bing ua possor a f seconcere at d abc's wers hyf thon'sost t werfulin b is ing oroor tryg toet ou in wa. you' wating orldews
2:04 am
etty mves infavos dr i let r ay h outthosek sins yt esd u . de th leangui esliors,u owre'suct at l foreurymhoouiditced a immediateelsing powerful medcts fast its ex l medicine 12 hin fact,delsymasts teangfor l day or n rf, lsde ui.ismeym
2:05 am
th, wrumbe on youscre the lock woubout isn't e on you. it's a rate lock foyoure insu at guaraeeyour n nevego up atnye, foy on t be maolieyose dootavone, t u n getimee thlonienn ra this er rn m ths designed with a r fofixed income who wa that's simplto coveionsjust $, than ts a d act d rwill ckr fe. wl ner cr. cerag caner cce onou p urremis, yoccis grathheth qio. yocanne ed d use our he.
2:06 am
,s number now. e sai'maacanevyos st, t .and n, y'ra teib noatveotthna trumportn ou tay
2:07 am
our te lghicwh litfirk eerr t h uegr>> ithsu's and ce wonti blhat'wooverme to gethe in ab r ns.ttinany .he irt of the ue o unitedmericins and frocking tmock tras ye 'rytng tn toatincauc pple unrsta poce of tingut notkno oow ucrossorr: l m % ofot pulio laestes atacunorbo0 poeranat a gh nr ven clst0,0 votersicipedn re
2:08 am
warunown mmity here a. >> rorr:t'a nptin efrt.c t onlto ouvote m theystthe us procs.times ,or,on hav il it't li sngt thamu th's arier.want to the esevents and feel weunmf >> ryi [ speaki foreign language ] ays henad an e whalanaay payheri o caus d bon if u'oi eto reach linvorsn wau' nngo tu en >>orowaau lld oyst
2:09 am
c yshoti u lea 10%oferisea ab imo, iowa t ti oyear.s iz rt. t gro probl of ti fixing. ot your why isming vir ibnt s aonr bae atfaue? 'll explu'reg ews now.ldews tiisour abc stations.prr adesndhe mmitiebynectg clm wicoity ice.rkg er udeaprlems bud neskilanapplthknle ale w
2:10 am
w dod br ar to lifet ur schlved. www.lenand to fd t how. when six old, i re takgthomre. ev tsn'th...
2:11 am
0w%4@-0w!tel@-! @->#!t)8!tw((i% c2ttw(% n-6[ttw((i0ph-h 0w!t% s"ttw((i% ue;,x 0w!tw((i% ie got twtickto parase, n't u pa you ave 'vtw rahoantswokeo rasent oe. bca heke d ike yo meele' conc 'sompletely sold out within a matter of minutes. n probab ney tietty eas t ito ans allyrenaing ck oit'sabouders arith. s bejarvislain>>epele bruspringee da fopay as $9,00a ticktheiows.
2:12 am
ys tm isge aithnser. md e meeyeg, so ieg, ourertunvers wt'reha twk.>>epte fng t jority of tke go prales aus side, avinlehahalf rese forheli anevenhen, ordary ns have to mpetwithesrs me way u spe softno as boo bu of tiatig speed o the up tastr one et hat's what we rigged >>eptigato thisown ise tip tberg. thcontinlook into thuestioanlk to laert ren the ho e tict ic
2:13 am
sisck nwoubhu eglag toettiet a tarayin brkl baity,52uc t stav stomach bber r ntconct. >>ove ur b. >>avn crt sinedsth >> sshatiomb one >> ouotheigtu thou. >>ide te di.ese arththis ogh th oh..'ll itac onhe... nefromucex fasmax.e on cfl g gt
2:14 am
li . oain y?y u put fecutr ufibut now isood meo t ll rolng. keep rorndtiga dicare overs ghtycent of parmedicos. thstup to yo at's wre areppment insurance plans ind utedh rae mpy come i andd ca sulensurlap y somewhicardoessavingouof-ptmedil costs. yornedtang informed steps alg the y rely makesdierence later. that's wt ea to lon n a request thifree[decision .it's informaonnmedica andhe ran o aarpe ppla com bedd dg. all pls like the lou chse ato ital tt medicapaents,
2:15 am
edthca ian tar rien t commilongh keepg crs call now anscover how an rp mede sumentlan could gog f you. thesare onlyedicarsupplentur plaed baa,anrgatiothenes p ar s. usne eyth r t tie meer, reoveryt the re is o you. now, est free [decisioguide] and start thering e formation you ed
2:16 am
ody'mo ie swofr. d whw g es mwe..en shewe iorferenc-yul >> n forur nsat" chngut moesnghis o first et'srtit anctdra ster e t gu" sts lie poman aom w aheexladoeonefgain sell on venge nst bby. >> jan bullyour boyf
2:17 am
like t cowyou are? >>pears she' you gain, mr. fros >> y so mu as fl and i lour hd of>>. 'tw. e o ar en eg inogoov wl thritics here davidenkiftle itho ites, it's n even lightly ic witidea circumecintein arrsr basilogi 'sitteananonla of n y ien morrectg,tl p meth teof t mul imat fhisein w rerns hen.
2:18 am
athe suddeeappearing secreda dhatese from villain. >> you look just like meut a y h, ou'r me withhat. >> gooe.o n've aa y. du s saatio >>babl "kgu" scoring high 80% on rtetomatoes.danielagen calls ititly itten a marveloly imine. d e lld po ss reso lost cmodenaget ?a?eryni>> i g te. >>d kes.i'll >> r>> i don'to oons.'s a ltl
2:19 am
ekend. i'd always imagined what it would be like. i edhow ch fune'd have d alwaysmad... i'd behe he wouldto. to ffe with, aer alquestions. i ined...e might comeen s d me arou th sh meconsta and how angry we would get toward each othe i veimagined thaldfeele ting me or thawouldne althe answs. d al imad itdiffertly.
2:20 am
e boysn on hoine cahelpca 1-8480 -800-1im ot. tys tn dojustmagi ttthil we ay doet aloetter! uncer: t btown onal.. hu he wayu'd magine nwoeplicadis . this morning on "world news republidites' hance. ight, thbl e lspeal baucu an kee h ise his one ave lieam ge and is jea d threing eo fromregoirtand il mrs ttu ad flip.
2:21 am
llg ev h > a ler, he me help you ler stossttepaes prise llhayo l ath ieceoo nearrbie thll gtingakeo comi in alshapnd s actis on t look r in mix" ois fy, jan . aerfr a thorldw." day,we'r tour top ght'pr. >>relly ed alici and an actualte tt tond n ndidate dong.
2:22 am
the. dd um aew mes ayasly sveeyouet hpiim couerog e e ba. >>rahi wt e e jous. od m,nd >>ted na an ere rly ri lnibateh feweattack moebat ruint ot shoesteant,llca rati et's a thephant not m t.epliowdono on kin ms ru ave inltald rsly and't id to. >> rdonald bos h ae se tmp? ere'tr >>r:nd ite holding his n y r ra a e me>> wraedr $5illi i e y. doru g$1ilon
2:23 am
ep c stiupt is fcoodoreg>>otwntrp' iio, tru m fntnd ceeron theebe agin . ve os s idat andy,nden u're a trisu w wveottee natrout he-- orr: cz c deatta as fl-floer aestyoreg imgr. i ftyso wte b n hid sn so. n t >>heru touout this gnn llytnggevos. thsh bd legs de! >>epte wealt qualbaeleven lyo mureorhuckeendri sanru orfthe uca
2:24 am
ng with n ag>>waf ntorndar t tmp n t iss. andi, anp idhax wsada ine o y toethier rteh,ccoro xne, i a sta the as da ty ha reveatns dond um leadgpo la n'sba, an adi t t netwk, tyim thap d em f lio te hes fheowandox'oges sd, , cha money f you supte it gog hapan they coptoayy k lld k e d a grt b na an . bilo'relyn remiakdo t heaiks l lk wyoon ose de trbootmestr bef
2:25 am
abs dety pitic direcr ha wale joing no wh a f nig >>, nhtsh it s a t tathua caate in owte theniind ht ic'redontr >>ith t ay ted uzor texcaate in teahodee he date? >>watrst t. 'sy cl t poln wa wdo t red t donaru wtheao o wh e hi bblo -- wiing or snythto get, wasretty ugh w,retlhink jim orearkseact goi ba getre - waherd de >>ally twr went. any ofthdidate
2:26 am
deba >> ink marubio d ableoreigcy itt a grfomeeviotentn ted o.cour, mi issue. e is speaiowarumpboycothis baact his pan? are seehing any sigthis? hink wy go mgh btratat dalp is ttos tryifreeze nourse, how works if hsuessf my t, it okike ifot, leilwhdid hee to was ining toim not thtage. as femocs is hopiarge turas well, >> y is mpeyfirs trn so,f yeege rgro o menin mn r beannd donalso inter
2:27 am
corn, ne hampshe.eay thkey in new e? what do nt for ,ampshire i abcalstat t mpsheary, see ainof the f's a verectorate you're ge the more eshmt picksually t hat leads b as e seeing, trump ftimes,the think. >> arima into ghear.h.olitical dirto shnn k yocong. tim >> after all this timewe're down to e daysef nal voteunder way. let's move ow,veryates ka vus. thhe othwod sndthal
2:28 am
committee will meet nd to shdearte here in the u.s., at least 31 cases in1 stes a le lack m swi t partse mostulnerabl > th dtang spso ma t military more fa carr saying tha will he lgt te2 eks. o ys oronesff for thoslsecngrvices to ehe hou at military chil facili open. the detroihers union is sui school district icalls conditn'demanding imating to fix cru ilding accrict le
2:29 am
forcinschooltoose on anyses ar m aedboxi a ty m lerday eyas > lv t aft g new attledyhat eeauake. u feel t idn't it. i was pa out ame. thing walt f sout n j nnd ome pe isnd mfet. offls n s iwaesf s ed nducti tff c, whe so bar. acan in opers werehe wh llsoedia buzzing thllf g did uning it o. ye. il tho ame,us- >> imetaphe
2:30 am
itndite tere>>e n tubled neheons he? hateans og haedal n deenhalymia oror he fjuisew otu spman. > a wt haen hi woulbeankobn li whohod up as e nk mag hapneloing s y. rr, u o bo an itteas wl wnyou' wor nnorech"wld ns no"day.u'otin exlp rof mcu conio ohrighen'll ing nlike hou foet t tac
2:31 am
yoi inrerolyucinasi-tabltst, ankerkint not efdise.t'enth.mewegeto bs tu scat aked ie' it i ifwi i pipromisedy li girlfarthe. m the lpu a t dnsi ghytstvethg!knusldepdist ll or ly r-xisfiov t downuoite
2:32 am
e sowis d spye toyprmor.clsi hey tu se.lysol .thiquivi for four diowhe aat las furs? ur coughli.formuls by iiately releasing
2:33 am
for all datrym12coliqd de >>aduck f some l f uld-beobber inth showedp ger happedinfrt doormar juoun'let that door go.n the masked man banged a semiunasany give en awaanreillor m. banntroom>>ea ll, acher s been arre f pving or t t eeeom souerliial. noharianagau glisas aeconlang a sheow sutedgnmngoo ma
2:34 am
hite van the e may vingha wanpyo say e ia.thseves inme l heostu rds>>e'eeits er g rtrthere newveorthde m on fd vide dath of the militintering did nothing provoke of nealnksky halatest>> reporugconv hemed poould be en strnto comp. e laedccrs lef in hadn sendinout viden yout ran about thral rnment >>t he cha and nobo ds.epor pol
2:35 am
armeanchavoy fum i bceoraycud theol aest of felwng now nk out ok, the old to arm t instrougm do uld een agu atwhe wa now,hetandoff at bandavirm oo trang couny, aea tbeos i e. newaed. time we cto do eptetito he are cll investigat edwhile, t compoundwe nowav repts ohaps as ase milantsleft gest ong
2:36 am
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2:37 am
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2:38 am
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2:39 am
heur ib compute >>acunonctornt ridi. >> ie si, hu orcp on?>> indr nam sts. eporteabout al virtuaal stants on artphones siri, as ogle, mit has co mareercran ri askir ata 16asks teri le si odtity, trav a utg,inin eertament ansp. eallod odvihinglike
2:40 am
ey'rl et ger, al sed ens. ror deciduct nt three rtup against eh o of chen's questionthr bo. >> hey, siri, who is playi in the super ? >> superowl 50 wilbe plad on februy 7th. >> repter: buthe didn't say who. so, nowoing to test who layi ?so ticallyame u wit ch oio okgoog denr brcos oe linaan>>epter:e goan osd no coend t og t 's gt swin tit belitsstat whe nt isfiff qui mgeie,nd aleelusir i h gasted arte o a ns,ew yk.>>ave . >>llht etlsi di't k thayo n sirio bep ndi
2:41 am
>>ri, why so mean alating use s of t iight be thet,ou dt ow>> i uheall t. cal n. >> w be even sirn'otist. meusy ulany'lmosoeteke in ak m lewh sheoyitoye.i .
2:42 am
[c, coug mike? t? cougif you cear me. en tbout ii ucinm fo y co...bhaout ? has tdry ratcthining s wh kshis h to cough! ess wh worksn his ugh to ? st t pue! ler ert! shesn't it! ucevdror 1hourines i.
2:43 am
sol th. oulds justry p car youns' ions ho aam anma ess.because shs re made foess.ot dandrlile gbuarhd i mowed tt upi out evhi e
2:44 am
ll$1a id iso eawnas, inyo r. d- the bnd ud stic prsis t o s. >>ay gue w six yearsbaie is a re hey s p art ne icio bas. oh, oth manlats we mey've out wh ent
2:45 am
llevs t' ere, lf woel th w.i liket tst ou$1soll ctolcomet'nsuteasoan i tisot l's to barnell gro loat barll don'nrstic size >>big bod. >>opef they haveto winext gene>> tlbaan> yve to hugg i ch, onnt $300 ts pfo f ngh e eosaa gr>>ka et'sthisng piticd fon waallthe her althe es
2:46 am
it roundhe wld and u yr stre e innyis gp eet ha wldewka it'sgh youeid ak a'r noteaants o ab y"wewno mug d evodnc e fe y anoral de iteacthemall ght. nou w't. iteachim wod ne po th wi thas thwonewska nsacly t'thwone p ces thes in gw oubops ero why y isalf pa e telem hey i to hat'the worlolka they ke
2:47 am
ittle joke hat ivole daee weit o te ieek he nolka ha t world pol
2:48 am
takouthe bbiscrub dowthe floor y ac jointsdon't jumpo [ bo-o [ -oink sithnfo.g. ssage american acamy ofhoedonoit noor still > thisor new now," e puicanin iowa. ker. donp, bootnghee, shuz . e in ar narning
2:49 am
adely.ho aou precyolf y >>alur ntths n u.s. and to a jge thning f rth, he nunis okg at uayoue ma opst nhtre rht he.a stfurump with t min y hio ah o " it'sda j 29t annom a is is new to rig to oup mor ght'usrebl . sevehowi u ma ce rey' iowaau nusual beche ont- donalumdi cenr e because, ll, jt at al >>mpuall f les aol hwn ev ding a andoitba htox,e
2:50 am
ba o x id ntot.soru hhis own ound torne c'dawr hast stor >>eforweeto issules adthelephant n he rm nit. >> rt isast iowa deba - is not out do tmp. >> reporte dal wasotag iinofis w littey ar to . ovin relaip orr: hstil ry much thceerf io a mani yo sfat ly. d, byoerrie surg w w gtee donald trp portn t of the way -- repr:mp wgue, holdinhievr rawain inoxas been exelnice - thr of hrs, ac >> ron fox,
2:51 am
uz, s norunnse >>is, i note thalar tions ve bn randease attack ted. ch ated. lee . ter:'s decio not jn llow, nsly b'tth att iowollsho evwag foratythesegis reas s poll>> it's e of t more g cas i' watc i dothk i' eseing ke ton b s of the a >>epter:it little y all t. i'm david new yo. iwas inat.anithirinoc'brs t tuanjo nom moilyho di, goorng.orood mornin rnaanndis. an wt's tionisre s thnnerm
2:52 am
t of peoplare talkloof asts age atar rubiha yoraaul who loud from crd behemoly e in the r erdo trump who wn't ev butti pos wierecy s he fst iss, his ce up so nyes, he had hiswnrandure hf te, he ane t trending gl all n ree and >>ddi,'r g t t e tin otd bugong doou get a sse tt tonis mourord tr ortet'biquon. alcon likeig f pendethe heck ouof herryui,
2:53 am
istake. w tl epo polyn e usesapn onday. eedso nv all of those peop who areuppog him tohoup this isnrmal econ. o p at ecificim i'm omcaliu cago to the ie mog orn then dung youluh ow uhe r hthe o him ng, end . ting hrt cou posow zo >>epter:yes. >> wwar port ly s t folks cleanip ndhe rng w toer tophemorng, the four militia mberat t orile aythey'll ifthe , has ureryoo home. efbmeanwhil reed is wch swsroupmemberav finumng by staol th se lled after e reacng for a loawe
2:54 am
ganitionmo to de wther to d aal emecy over zi tb,hichhe othayis ivy.iliafiss qteil ieh smrmds r is iniledrt reporio testohomerio. sha ph tramonths d. uhuhtoeeawosos now dierareaed inmen selants. every hsh afraid heunbobyka bed to microc thousas babies hen azilave been born th ti heads that indi sere braida. upo 1.5 miion s of za soarere in 's spreading i23 are rohecas. the d he orgn pes 3 ases alg, lelalisxtmelyhe.s., a l
2:55 am
are aeturned. and stathealen wi be reiredpoll w s tohe.the'no. noreat vement ying f m. the lyn t isd inttoute happl repellt.oes bi fpe weled to-ed re, i h wher, seeouctndet ecau a mouito bites you,t ul tnprtion to othere. u'll ndeto use repelles wilthose arou. dr. chard besser, news ri janiero. sot theicia ioant w sme oming >>, cctut a mi have the o eecte b sterutbrea one persiean least 15 haeen ened aatg d pry leds
2:56 am
cord tprinieldsupereacy r n ps.>>ll, msist thonlynetive ys ceaisstin and mascot. >> to go as w maetanore natuflavompasin me nrabbit. bam nnun tt'ul, nn. kesthinkciyrigem hon-d ed f t ounew p.>> ab this. otheinnan.bun d n. gus ey ton i think tha
2:57 am
e. f kids.ming wt's xt for fluenza etn coucetface dglar hoche tiy have pend behino the fhall of famewho inrs.what aromint neophostw sa about o.j.imps, e sease sug . you'atchg orld n w." w.>> aouer: aors atr ought to y bsol.yoler wot sthecold andludingh soca lysos anspe l re os an ine atyo.
2:58 am
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2:59 am
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3:00 am
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3:01 am
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3:02 am
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3:03 am
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3:04 am
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3:05 am
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3:06 am
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3:07 am
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3:08 am
esh, on fivearentlre ing,il retwitht thisy,he crtoiter ow rr beau wilmon. il it'tihito move on with ne deav e show's pro havnouncereac sototay,heve tzz h to >> i suloi t,o he e spoerrtoryou.
3:09 am
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3:10 am
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3:11 am
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3:12 am
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3:13 am
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3:17 am
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3:18 am
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3:19 am
iowacr mov front a cent on thdete. >> eon tstagidfaand and, b terrible rgeo now that we'ven na ump rtiot of rter: cz ao un aperty i gr i for l so wowsn't sat's n tru e d fit aiy. >>rus, t, thug n yeen ll t saything get vote e washingtond ine. teli es h torreandiik ab a r tlr theircd te, eyt eendens. reble. andi, thanks so mu rshe docticaid an t frs >> most po toanrnde i statticaad h onlehiheigg nder
3:20 am
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3:21 am
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3:22 am
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3:23 am
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3:24 am
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3:25 am
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3:26 am
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3:27 am
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3:28 am
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3:29 am
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3:30 am
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3:31 am
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3:32 am
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3:36 am
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3:37 am
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3:38 am
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3:39 am
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3:40 am
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3:41 am
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3:42 am
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3:43 am
er tnkheain.piedys a dce t aen sthht wi wo sur selt clig cabresee camachep du m hju, nryy the ci lp oer ththl click could sa a life? seltck i'ryanasa atltavedy fe
3:44 am
muesjuisere tterwad heom i 'cau she's no thinouat stuff. yoroyour kid'exsuo se ir influenc behave.) tal t l) tm yonthem ai king aintht th nner. do tmpase,utpren f >> addss tlet t in rooght. m s lose new under rest in inn ofthe merosoorjaild elng tte h connet
3:45 am
le widening d caut cer>>goradondiss, dchaephpshow etame like tt? everyon g mog. heopto ub e da uil ghs s frt-, yseid na tau hdi'te t , gyn ll so,hoidha aid it rt? abc's naak joins uomes init"y gong. >> reporte good moing, a,ndd rng, yaltrump 't ee wasll
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