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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  January 30, 2016 10:30pm-11:30pm MST

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>> breakiews a sti re wh uatond is shin up. on ely seconds af eumunce hisboot >>gone on onthe dethdo.>>ly cto p. hony say thauulveon a fr dneral dete? >>he riro notacngou oos rs w, wwefo a t
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newse tha was doth gith donod on threats week drop ou rathern we sp fewstar justwsro onothong up y t ?pred if est om kw h dsn . l's seehow ox wss go keho mele the ppl o iowa are s persdable. he in ghra wit tcr i now heouldt toakhe ca thhe aforu ldouestly say y d haveer debate him. >>ablutely. i ve n conflict
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theba.lytw nredmoreatta >> thi ligight is not eporte ent,et e,can' givntowardoriznsyr ems. t dd waiving ret woul n becally co it's of game the mo hat. atar rppes thturef thattaas unl, i try itout. n'e a bet mysann or a listnakin at haoihi d ? >>be ive tweetm ring the llrt s ou no, no can'tne de'sco-merators, a mp
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swerhe t uest. stthereand engage d r. oe . t'av aulbse an. he hdn altti e for verans outostpr ts wh're dl yver >> donjoede hnta ghr anka is s f givingbi >> histo w. t tshion, onald claime claimingaised nearly $6 milln for linghisnt to
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kll crys,ikecas,e y aruin iow tenampaning in danp vet dio ci. > easeen ona p,rygt u sthe rit? s. taborv universityt woman ofr. being ted byhad'ss, wch mzypara. ve pwhove a eof and mad ntributoy,al ske
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pouny alabtin. grea ayoucliv shevehededhaor alhnits. this cor tt d t ehe n k t. ok imab eno nhoodota anyt. >>nk ikou hairc i g cstov. n.>>ad yto it>> j to chae itp
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mednaoltetlw a cis utuls ne aki te to gr leede ockitid a onol emdede ltl . ino h sinhalesi. yekey'hodo>> gd natrhashds. eangfty,idouse wh c iarreweek u ss d to tructhmolsclinaljeerndighid iovehe ye p attent tohi ekre'sr ea thllye ve shn.
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oscarextane br on hnslate o ca>> f lowndingpa atten t it the nhtie tpete g gi thite . e off ain osh t pitasstscwohyitpeect forherp ywe awn inm. thgirlrepoin canninparisi coulfite
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gaga we j lawr g butudng from theunparis,nd wasestineckrsfrom the parisun n. loid ri ar. diis thientine secos afas . o on. i n't haveoeg .>>he went te . star isot ramblingfoosdand. >>is not fi tim a membf t enre tgee lahousbackhe.and h sengy hhy th m compteanio attins 9ms ootei and vitins annera
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ie otr to relap iple sis? a.cfctio itrela hhe toseinalf. agater rapses. macaseri side e lergic r pm whichs ra bra inction sualea tat evdisabityd eaouitood ll thmostomusmams te yr boany w itbld llnt feio, otr l condio, iyoprna plan e egntorrengorla beelen re abo t prcred reinn e us ecraom tao ur dtoou
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>>s 10gs hun10 inhe osca. n landmar ci th ademynnouncedpls ub itsnoshipby 20 hollywood w quic reacthi . art. aar theasotnd ll nge. w tdow ma stem>>s deang we m int the otau>>hiinst do'lwhha >>nkdoli astartove more s. rion w t' five-wa tiellhe softheiv rorsickanon posted a vid
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utoy w dano foatth th tire un mited. >> llfa hos ch n pr son i thdemy for chri wri? beca iecethi nanas. thatould t. yo expechat. yecade is r for do.they'rexciteo . knows thatha the pntchris eryted. >>e's droppinou >> acally wrotehehow a a week ag n, ashiotittlprovexsang thow writd y aitg newon
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>>ot aifreo laigho him ot cb,nd thai eye in thy derson es t whe e onone.veephant inhe needs tbed. goi t all ght. hiitt p of thew d moon. mewhil t adem present it has her a w hest tngforeek?press. eemsochan erywrei it esy, wow. >> as jnkfuthoy
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he c to a hose we 'slainhe wn wi iehedeazzy g n broang the regies. 27 yago, he other artistngt sat
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reerlestone in theofap.,e't happ ke ndus wis ou h gone ffensu t thys o fthon andweealngat dsnd jacb. re foring.>>ndiste la lway a in >> the p analnew
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eyemonrated orus. you lookso cool >>et's lk about t bos. diyo eve to toth? w neverorgeth theprecnhe ut to e k hudson,s ettyfun. meme. >> goe's sw be ike tay that traveline worldhkblac galgac>> w thi hhird goou a ke a wb. bu tyoth he rua toarup. >> ai enterprishe ag88.
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ido atmeme >>has som g motor. >> sim iusooper > ah! ya wow., th wasgh i'oi d i bbrrrr, ion't know what i'm saying. >> are you fopera? he opa? i wy everenopera.>> i n been tohe . >> nevern tohepeera. ulagthisouldo we >> by ay, i ley. nk i berre >>bes veeehe a,ut te a ll o we c g
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m gngo be at eup bowl. 's gng beingingthame khu.>>nisit? ! itupl! >>up a ad, parody of "fty gr," whichchby tlook hilas.nexth,he star of the in es, dak johns in a bold newy. and th >> this is ce. sheenngle.nts to wit ndra t ley. >>hythfe ntins dalm? ifou'r sing,ouhao me d se on valee's da
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ynd eat clate inth to ou'r iaship, may we m ylue relationship. >>si i am>> no. lesl m is maredo ucer j to , your loinst thil sth jon theetit aot. >> jad a vbody an't h lot o hair.cored,s like . n good it's cute it'ss differ i wase me toe eone who goe to the gymlo and dsn't ha any ha
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su for hvie"other peop yandang ? isd e hasthet body i,u know tel at e sho talngultaously b]. ecau i gets ieay esn'stayik t evier ansheooky adce. te, you s aionevecoself o o dreams an speang os, h a
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>> swowspick lial wte aeer.oll. >>yeahs . juilyotasut afe? pi y kees x ti fterhe showll h y coe. inee wa to choose. orh. ias fineth wteve >> we, no que. hesaid ah iust have to and have hower, and il mith you gater so wego backkelly' h roomnd ithecame. ah!. >> >> what nd euse a show >> i want know wu sd toakhimo aw. asowi
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how re ougad gd d tmy>> o ga, dili fkup nes. >>he i wdin th di f hoodyo ok er >> i w tinbe otna i was veryemnal. >> i heou ow r, becau yota brehaway. >>cr the's sethi onth es becau i n'akm off you. >> g exce. yeah.
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yo, yo mus ntlekeicanuammeyey . celeity crh. >> chain tatum>> oh,my >>rortowy . le ru ed. ltiwh te unk te >>er bdrk m he lt tirunkxted yes.>> sunday. us gone ur a. sunday >> sunday a t fstival vains >>'v nev hda on lee' me ei.ev>>h. yeah.>> ches to"hosile >>o falous. l, tovnkas g to aomantifilm for nte's y wnd. heoping
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thngth estiab've .[ ] el] e chas. pre i seotc ch mng arurn yoatrn! hhettef vior ostc. e ll eh moing. h. zeroeartrn.
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you. new spgrain flakes pps, alraspberries. h m thdomakeupt a mats lind yo beaul!lyss..d brutrl lien ui're to t e usfe ty!le of eur with 9ms of pr 26 vs and ls. re lif! > ifou're ju joi s, nick car s by a ber hisattery ouncer sr rd
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a.cctoy his back strtbo hewi allkees.>> ngeor ds tomi do numbe threoph'or t poundsdave eaea every singleday. sisew commeto her fo the stock went 20%. raked i$12 mi umtwo tless bate>> cou hesay y co hav da nd ral te he th abthobm wtsr. oonict,ia agait doldmp
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thwe ramom. isg pp. >>hennewrn b wa bnsuogat di tept aecree eeche heense with fai new ooneof the bigstents star-studded as any awards show. annivsaryee atevi stium. thisea weut ther a specithhetarupsanam f w a
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lfme i pla bnge,o g. mwtdar logtoh bt. aay a superowpa ways thelho hn o l.istkeheesti skedto suit up yet. ienfestivities. be partf t me ienerally get dow t eoyueso l ot , .>>ouuldurn it intormet tas men of s d dip.>> treor foo 'm goingto t wl>> natr tea? >>atr wt twi b
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chk oupsi.m. heo, i'mris, i f ay.or ahrildbe g e lftihow. it's gngbe wonderfu thansenmi rs.we'rso expecti to bruno marsnd a pemancnce. th queenigand
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d ers so my ings at nhapp. ieryaphatt ntwe, powtoutafr.>> y power ta>> ion'tkno wentri aer rfmancanw, i ga, e top >> be t in cime a cy'to thecint anogetrthe goi vemuc,you . >>ck ot big game weond er dev fsier wilha date fm san frano.> afthsubo comeam it'slsc >> d tuou com cbasilly. that'shee'll s t nomieehd thit. ilell you all aut when iyou ag theeoas morhan billn ybeits complytranieli.thisimtar no on hiname.
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> met s have gwimuc v witsena wi m tngot my wtinf r a go gret thsena >>ve w y're get at i mn, 'so, i mn, 'r into on co t, firs we t lk amo e an selhaveeen teasg uson snapcha we'lnd out mor wheha kicks off snortic tourn h, b for we' ingto brg he h fit gram
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nozlotbey date. ihi bhnginou mo.>>omar de. it arlit'all a emusic. and the fla orks afte bldg ube llha mo a. orearag new men tyw lthapitol ound >> theyet mknow tt is15 ars we't affordtomato sauceto. and mon cgo awa quicy. a
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why icon wonome ba> nd mark annual dsctor noracrs no sho so much f bee cast of and tv shows tabl tell titely be
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>> ear trit amy pole and tina wl th wld bereg rol buwith theacemen.dnmo seg,'tllhat tool>>lyeaen jieanha tm sh. ean w w g erett b ves wehinktth60-psea colas inr enrtaini u ionhi anydy h more f thae >>buwhen the tevisn isays severreng-t eshad to a eainourks all wedidnd 15 of tges,
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22ines w, they'l take fi h t, a it makme crazy, is use ty'reit-p ndoi a g tonney lecodnoth. ste all that, t cody len w p w foantoy'ladi - >>e naamynd ma rulph. hi they'll ldou of rdhouskaof c."
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vi aelan,ho crselfp.>>he uiincrib. ascalhi swsshe yschg y. td us " iand g>>46af tann wresehjobrrlang e'rl y partswe sdicl niceownimon's faly sakt. >>and isekd t enainmt tot rts, whcian tned a to fi fo his nt se.see dot e ate.
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meing i h ntagth w't tihat diov centy a diert omeci dete to replaq pas tlphemajopeople ndar star s 8 ofpe 7sklearce a e thtysa90earayoar t. tart yd td forc. irenfectid itto fcc y nfonsyaser tsil musc ooru ha rdcce pn . ifavcrasoudoor asymptoms canorn.serileicacs y e my arn repathr kiciur dgiaboucoyx ma aoueren rs horego ttial ovu tritiol.
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wwh othon'vmap pl el alnocer choo tse ptsth r t. lely blendth ading shades, enha j mut.ea you are theroot uch- e s toooat r sis is cfis aject 'sill r g ataser c you ferelses. ida mae ou si e ch as alrg reaions, l,his rara iniothatsu l ordity
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doct autw e bld c ns y hecaitions f u pregna orto becna areredingor ptfd. arn morebo prpsn the cfa, and takenother rapsi >>ne weekmiio wl b ngntoee"t ppl
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>>ne ings ced. s paito s jralta gettingig serom y hiortray o robert shapiro>> a tchdn't d i the tim butasery happy i was do le >>ol ew. shmed to tass secutor,ar paulid s t r of t st didhearch. wasearingnd wa tre'shi. nythe seertl ofim at der. >>iathe cckishefeurhe epe.wh authe t we strool nice siso oner wdingday, s s25 ard.
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tefivininshadow.w her sistera feels thein st .j s ied threen >>wo pe g brutall er is ino tertnmen i not thejohntvotheubing, t didhwims isllood. nicol and o.j. li theollywoe.j. saiare hadamed itughtbili y it the lad tt fereellthe thii. thi s ivan llmaomlas is pnnin on in n year i
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he e whod ho s hen'mng t pl onthuesteris>> wha hsap th anha, ng, happ tas chgics, icolwas d tmy art,nd ihinkbout and hatcherhed, em m cole hercarriage b herregn wiven her a h esshsein l. xamscole'storyeems be hen w witya gos ily, eyd seen fxeries
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se ofim 'splayg hene fm e pa e we playi o. toy, hewod ha vitimin is0 tim ad>>ut j.hea, wonr en sehi > is e' abouthaesma d glse perstocay out . incoul clesliwas a god. >> m lost gls. each rec s james ingrddgh
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re cartierhing at waoo atpa in s.di i pso i20.>> ac not oueays in,ou b no ra,of ke pysnert. there nite lo drug se, loigrtofthes pe omurncdrod e. who hi w o o
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exmu. hrann t --yschs wson, teof sen llin.e charisc, n,on l ve aymaonvimaer. threstl svingif iiletkile nc hildviirves whatyliin.its esoth lo of
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