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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 2, 2016 12:37am-4:00am MST

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d switch to crr ate. ya do en press here r ya? ugh.y sinuare kiing me ..t 'ti h n sa feem goa kein sis-ma , takeff ss fas ey'rnequid gs. and yowi me..., realizd stat stiet tiles muci s-ids.diolfa unleashenci ar ditcthmi.t'd this. ti o st n. senated e vald p.wi fridaor mub g acd'sret on t dcidh pmp hillali
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clalit eroog ais caat oal gati ado money.we had name recog we were takin oeost poul orgatn t utestes america. >>hedites f elra in iowaee divi and frurateith sh. e cono ived dersidenthe reco has eluos t dd worclnew rr thrts and abro he ias niolcutyoncern ted sugstiotsai rmid we'llurur re marli who eede ai. sis i his drsas vryh
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and ab mliks ksn omait y ice,our vo , kendfr d t berni sanders mpndible nt ofttentionere wa. hiing w victo hercodhow theestf e cotr ttere sders uld ak serio har wer aeporllrs to see bernie sanders ultsomein. it was aat mo in his hotel room j upstairs he wisife andis chil andav sor w er heasncne heas vyou onheou,veeen thi cr -y soc f haspired pendilals.we'veese cros where resses heaome
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chinld n noinll c e ring,he o las t'saucuse aft iowa,t' t br i all wn. c's litil alyst m wd wrsnd lers tiitruznd wldor hisd to t house. iowa ucusarr entage ofvangelicaloternythate. d heoesn sta t nherecan geth s coso toig ohetndo ame
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>> ourigso not ce fm th docra pty o pu y.vethears c o >> wa.wehank u'ecia wl back m man n ct iere h w tigs tad t srt pti ts awaynd rning tae, heoulde wew hpshire souara andk begun to thee o lger c it'sthrersonce ncum u him o week meri tt b i psehaam atholdut tdrangrdchinevfade but iresenions comejo meet go he
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r a a clvictortoni eidn't get th. likely shir he p s ws h carona. so t rac i nowhi could ha evebeen shoenedf s d wo tig olmgl is goo toar re. aprentar inn' srery b brgut b tumbery cl ergeig with tw meeges tn sahe aplyhreeysesna did >>: t dmine who wonere. cong usidentiacampgn cn bend scenes ti
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turn back te w t m nre out 21ilot the crtwi ton fro year.evoreead theusic ch b rig i abattle binr lesino'r ing about tup >> sohi osln favit lastrs hopi f aept cmpnship ore. 'sod amica" lmer >> we nt p in th rsftev atr seskang >> ye lik s oneab lastar'sbowlt they wen'tliey werou ybelie, oc nd mexec avado. grepick >>y' bachis yr
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an t aynveds aneak pee of mo aicipf bowl tential stic museu inica.iensat cultuhay nd etationsf things the whi dreshatd c sct n yearaikesapance i my age sangvocadostoo an m at t ot hi hay eaddo. mifre good t.
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bowl ang utiv >>s weiitngthu ser bowpond joo t fo seco ttt sa. u' ,sh 'rgo ny sbaio 'sncdericeof adn. >> i h?hatrett y dhicoci.tshem see a berise >> that commercl is pretty fun funny looking.
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ininocts ind atexns ce d, le from des. od,ah liliesinntsca pol and po boo for m rub in theubli ra. > aamn challen for thpo oe cte reveing one-oone intview th betralve othe pridti hopelsit itu febar 2 aou isworlow>>o s g mni o thenust ccu tsd. i' kdigibsonndreena n. tmpot s fl, huh?>> sote. heaserriefhi cciatyecndma wkeou. aseehat ikif divpr
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tersnean othecall. larylintas nsidhond d i ak wve sor b>> widend ste dd pndfishn sd p maasting a stng thaxpteisnlo trd pces o cstteig ns an hit ws dinthi earni andiid,dg. rteoomog. w avenie i io,t? yt a n precng thatedluz czwill win eepublin
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tonit is aictory f coageorvativetives i a allosss greaon. >>orteupseg gop frer donalp. ll beat ary ber wever t they thr ue. nd marco running st>> tonight w tak rst s b a ip rdngon. >> r o , theace hry tonnd be i c to ll amedbout r geheebat wit nato san abo t best y fwao fht f eric heeoplow have st aev pun e en >> reporr: tresidential pels gavealit uc sites befores w cast m a4000 is exct t show up ae ca >>his eaim
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fubli in h keythdi nt mg n mpe. nit, mtin o'mley a kekae did suspe t cagnwillolical ey shigver to n mpshe aeaever's f on wearrtmoin baougo, i wsurp erof said goihat i whelmingtut, ha don ld far be you tell about t tu last night? everybods been talking abt. they hadecdreakin foop itptrwe sg alller andhecovaotedp ingtrghtoed cr.wern pector t deat yo hillaon pue of theers whosaid they want to continue the
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eight . uite a b r dmo.k>> let d d the mean gng >> shuanwalshe i tre moinesstart th tbeus sey vity st altnaveul sto is? eporr: i qte ificrealusntil nty in tartyne emselvosibla dold tr in. t'swosi teiv. d rembeream send but bely baucorubihadharo ce a nghird ourse,is from cae who t all t abou ossible c lew she
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shire byer m fereit definitely why inecause all of the stories coverageut iowahe aot ofoters are ino beayin atttiono ll t hdi not win he. thatssentit'loss. 'sse--ith tharat, abthe ppt. bonalum talks t w pgleay on thig tss. hars,ell, e payttention . s fa democraid concernehe wg owing l nigh moving forwoe ts an ell,eat heas montw,f course tacee ha t cle a wneye ellci o es to be t it -- havemem jtrecently bere sands wrag badly to she was seen
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yeecause that's happened in 20ga aor clinton her i iow>> fting ites piticsin i have c's.eay eingh >> abs dutyital dictorhusho muchor joius. >>ald trum lut even in camign ford him, the former repubic presidendate needs becausee's oguell tie said he ssha people's hearst and minds aeven the fhe ream m rat >> ink f firstim goingo s wcaneliehe pos. uayy' o gd rsppend count iesimhipoaret. st cyrah th out r a ofndec voters decidedrump in
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pan says she will support the minee oemiothe fof theoxs an urdff th ovag oe n endre.wel bheckg it mcobispa ls hr. strrs rs, goo . mew thi morn frodiegoffilte iured whe cerhilerting on tree f on thrterndoter.there to lehe three . newstoaphe mikold suered comporaurff hi l butble1anheepter marorne has moreen inries >>eopl i platate ti rdy massisnow
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s to oppeeaor not let not okingorwardo th day theyave e mu acatheau wilams s thetond i iac fr dro gy. an ke. ns o ato iin ps , iz whiteos lo an dft ng a tol he en pf as go ns st aowa and thenayulminang cresoi moro throug sconn. tnlhe i dee sout ptilarl angi- east rk f seveeaer d rn. ndisreena? thau. if pfeto fore fro rode puhil ds tein pennsvania toda if the f gundhog s hisow s we'esimore weewint t, exp atur
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onellse>> y thie' toow. >> iet my forecastro h the farlmanacry year e've any po dhangs eirroiv atininhi g i beheso eath'rrainmn t dne in th ths. oktth. ai for. iisdure.h li tagle are p asy aake i tplg themorworonthal sion impmaremade >>w. ggh ye. >>ouow w tseag ying aun tpoinaras befeho b gam like the supl i ce
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p outrecao usople c to yoh dr nsad f d. pr comingp, t shissta us pploas o fm his es >>nef eandas of ia,io di vrises hisplace nish >> wtpousre sg abo is race tt cld with in thete al,ak sure to checkur behi thenes pks on m,abnn u' wchg wni okucexmyley h. ye..mi as tdry tcthingoing s what? orkshis h to cougguat? it worn his ugh to whstopdon'll me! spler alt!"wld ns no
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ineson ef.ryt'end um yr lumparagirmous laushbotsashes to 5 times d liuppify from ebreebeautifuvergir nd keusme disasr. saet only up wlass kate aet-dryweaconryis so a thale shinefo r ussh jet ev couo r y pet.mostveryg.ou kw, 1 n 10oucogehiby eentist.bu $a nt d-hebrk wte
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evyone lif that'shy tre'sel ym'sdvd relee ulahes sinccoughs r fuhoalgh.. allay. >> i'm aleag50 to this imporessage. lease, wrdo tumber your reen. ckant k ou a t the on youdoor. ae lock fo lifat guas yovego any for an but be ceful do not have one, u can get a time rck thr conialn ram. tnu l more. th pn s sied rlofoopn fiin affdafeur thplrapt fost $95 ale tha35en acnow
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ov hat'rit, gs. igbi n f m rubight. ce id. weuscte ulomn irds wa sh c ra,e biclyd um eat polad h at a ir s su. youteohae wasng a ruo'spch s this ishe mhe sa ha.fonthsor mon ty tol we o ts bec weeredism i e of ang w
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yo bved o dns nigible >> wmpaign r wan ,cessaril firbut momentr mar mum a e cling ands ehilaceis wil rtyitreen kend. >>in ou t o aimb h desu aatjo s ybod ltewamre d iowa sgeconotion ew hhirewa aently 1972, mst bothowa't w tlpr i wisc p a h went on whemition s yinning thatre'sop lt lgh >>t'otha'm sang opprgsrnal f a t ope til o ais. ar tee what happen
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des a soundes a toea g tow theredeia caides y ou pbayskirette lvheup wrobabec'invight with lifg g ma it'sn can tl lot a p by any tkeep i was smp wit c, wh herty.epr:opsy gse prenalan a-oascoasones fu >>eporr:toal op wikno . r spr coliveleirsp>> donrry,ou'v got te. thheir himas rpaul. probably our four or fth started c and >>eporten them
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c fnkfiin thnt ehe los a -yea dau t d di >>t aadye. rlhadnc. operions o.raion. wh led, yit mveryelife pal i epte pplm tth lered cru y do younkha he'o rizingfre notn try ixhe lem, li rter: t peo just seehris christit to say a name ca he' as he -contrhow wo you hhem your h a m esidal dful n calth has bn vid
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rtynsertiont. at ceff as bng aprilyraloo wld muchatheit d dee on- o sutaiv saon >>oheandas n ama,aipoes fon meerhewn cound shrnes ges se h ess.>>ence >>sieritity. ther brain andics. his oimism. hise. hre nay dawsew . i l th eaed sch idi mrspasesibfo r b knowns nd iai tarte e susavo gi r ce b? ga chink? it sdiffer.
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ouldp o mn'n octcal you' fo steong wa mce 'snsogo. eq teen it'sulofmatincare ahean of icarsumenttoasedan s seoo hodi, there restrins ithethrecompy ars rihe comtm wh yoou a aa msu g
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pln mber eypliememb, . i fioant erine atu wce.g ing) coughi d eryone's life. that's why there's delsydeced time release formul lence a fuho l t. aayinodinnew y toh l mefor aganinmacy ery uch,eny intensied. ttleouchal t. uch.
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andniesaers. e ltleas on ass. ? tridain70,ink611t t ucndisnorng thheid cto.appantlyaucus ruow for ano lipp t decide votn o a like de heawnns iavcltoth too tee gyiu>>nam iould havevern oot- tha true yrsago. noubt. ake a loo at politi been tryinto takfi lhecandidates kwario e. he his bu.sois goad w try to take sfies wherybody. s one hoouas tedcr. re is at h rendedo be proposi to
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le gotnnendosndheed tituzs sel the m it whed. h a h fd a d uz >>ast hameveandothe?t. ay.okay. t dohat youot to thellecti eoe our by on'twe ss. >>suneook pla at broadway, viewrom th br ly theyaveeating where thects arend one m act rtobythere y see him t. ou d know h hs his shinf sne a the o eudieeemras af sinse. th ho ado th ask anye ithe
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very cuteadhi.. i'ys imaned at it be l i pictured howand how much fun we'd ve togr.ways id...d be one tto.eefeh, ao an all i neimed. thermighcomeay en side arou. thhe wourgueme tantlyd how an wld toward wou feel like shutti ori woulave the an i'waysgiit diffently.anunce ifeinghear yowa igis poss.e ystion tlcahe.-300483)
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ong mild. we ally do alongter! uncer: thetown help you ys imagid. entse thr grndcommiect e m wi mmitseice. wointoth, sten sve reaprlems builw ills anappleiowdge a w neway sideheroom rvar opedoand ingsleng geurchl lv. sit: nase tod t >>thorng o"ww,caai sis f wa e huli mr na p.
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repuican andhe dma f thmos. sing ndartong y spch we race w too close to we'rn extetical ewhi hou iv bsuri >>hes to i ty tumr s thcothse we orn te ca >>h-oh te "thskin" fr a grp da to meble ta par. it an tanit ons blo" r ana ihe wit excluskiouthes feby 2n erfrom abc ns "world news w. saodng itu i'isso >> rn. weeg wh se a yeca. id nda ndsle ct biessurpse t
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urtsin nd a rubnish ac wig topcr vet endsillaryoneck dec in cetioo closto abs vi wgheginr cora fin. >>nd bsshere s iowa. ror m s t nothg ievable2016 on rublicaside, cruz trpebille dona p.owa nt noticatheblican nominee and tprent of the united stat wiot be a. but beny thop, amaneopl >>ter:n e decricde, o ostoen ahillarclinn cled viory-
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brg g si oef, k yoowa.rnrs iwasn inythilookke we ar a l e. >>ep t har caaiouorr ralarste,ll 99 coties.a rerdumbeofop carnut rtic180 ew fodold tmpthe frt-erosofhe herethquti h always , ule ges at e umlls ane tohuromp v nid i wato tl you ing, jus
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d i late ted. >> repor third-pla on thicmarco alatedct or m forths told u hadchance >>ortehe igets of teione firt inmany way ste it exactly re of of the nati no sooner have t reltbent a is onrdo w mpir me wh oers slht bruedbatt botiesowfu s. nam g,rybody>>ter:avidt in deines okso wite cruz victand p loss a istitir e cratet'soucogeigc'rai tt i le s in thi morning. di,heults stillcong sot a you heam thempaigns right >>orte y kw, ith viiall you listen to ruo. theyized ton fod rn. ey bh fiedell. cruznirubicoming thi on demtic deas reg toillaintoand be srs k ofeclaictoven gh ise islosell thiowa ci'm ri wt en
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crd wod ar slolyhe stado ugth was big vicry for h comout. had hugvoteturn it w ing to also h thaheas brthinig of ,he ac08en is yeah, andt arclanbeiede whedruz lng puic whoereou inkiere r winn ght? r: mar rubio nitely inners eryoalngboclose e th. y wlo the mb n wa yr oo ae use w s clo donamp at pot, aot eople tho might e men
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georselaght,e rca adedn.ohov kh heemeetings i hampshe tegh from today. appealing to votersthstate. th got jf i nell mni mvef e cu isf houran uilla c caai>>we, otr josty we'rfoowg therong tbthe vus. thd thiohas nous a glal e. zi hlinked tnd ces of brai mage in ba e cdc adur more cotries to itsraer becausirus. erican s, costa ca, cand t cib la, aselhu resear clretoea ei hfterrainndaufire
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ve sparked the fire. twf the lt t k becauees and that of ople w to cal high s e wal-ck lvedtracmoan pldiuilt ne, 2014 aseremorgan and k his frndriding in ine n. keroper faces graved maugerndhaes his torn p tasth l is 25 hours a spding ae time comedia cosbyexpectoday f etr thstatffot tosecy on00 charge exce for ement civuit.threntd.aythe wa nouch de. thstrict attory the meexpeed ttesty th
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suseromiisr ryinvephonnumber calto detee hey ha supthatni. sohenheocumid myf rs number. tol, , b a w er >>eardor g, 1. fohoyss d hendun. tt wa r. wasthe thoueporr: thinki . k pief hes ? t ha you do y both?rosptiwere al wd for noing up he crks ont wa ofllas he'sen o an ol we inrein ryut
1:35 am
rnd . ymore.>> i'm jeo i won't getne >> miaayas r hathels bope tmse er>> tro andthre ucedlefourgh c. >>arquarterb newton aqutions witied around his adsaid the is mngd ry peatedhrt he so n't d," over and . >> my ote was,hahe say? in tion, boss.'t tt a n' rbeatne fm rswn.>>ki oco l pler >>ouon'tikthnetu >> nesly d e-maiger >> i'lon i >>ngp a ial r fofa
1:36 am
e g 1d fan. >> als adeleslitiendingsage aj preial at ihe snny" s d. >> wurto t orheowushe rerohiinn' mpgnmoes todas focast owm in pla e mi
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now.dimakehepape eveth y 1 i seulbyansic sa. t r ly $nth, d-lpbrk wnas. avoid seic dasr th (sounds bli) muc introducing w k- touch gel cr me. for mae d in ery h, gtly nsiea lileouchs itak.
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y ilet bo c laundrcawrk urhe rni tm rer.ters set into muuuanargansbeme ps.ot, itlay.protyothrosttcfaand zz.witfaic it nsofrns psteesmthe ma of e . so yr fari ces e otwnfaontiern th ate das sameeter bulyendswi, g. tedds jet the poons th disd evens an sot' he s beul, e fishetry ting try, e fite oe identi caidates hand no o a
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d frotexan publana causandinaldmp aefand ers vr he mocridwi h cltoanrnanrsn loilostol. > so cfusi rerts tnt aign lt ni cs eao herto y share y. o. s z kr cs e mpaindileshipo r uss rng. reporr:d rng,eena ankeis ah. ndf nfinghhe hiy ablyam ste btod chel e gearksayghe's brg aigflief, ver sahe wctory.>> iilways w ach e amatve i e team out tou ann ver des. buinspns to
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nomik you l you! repteon campai belve ings s em a le bit usin obviou abcs has to prt a wi in moic cs.reenand is? youw way ey dit theemocti hor of no juscause you iowa don'tsaou losehe w stan th eltion>> bofare ni as aseg cogoes. abnder hiclit was chat th wasthe tment for them. day lo going into the cauc laigyoicartyanctually declare nn b li, tto d n yoblth?>> comupa veiffere
1:42 am
or." >> st epinclanck p >>heup nt. naktaiar hey" take oue rubbis s doo my n'ntsdojumpre
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oi-og [ crk vioio.or a ssagfr amerandeof ohoicge toiain' m i l go. !tw(! @-t !t(ielw(! ttw(% ^]tt!tw(kzc2\ (i% 6[tt0wh-!t% s"ttw((ih-;,tt0ww((i% h-'. kiy,o >>iglcba ti." inta wh oo actwa jus
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lent aon ahelor," as well. asalways w get theatdeuranyst,ack omck ice e . si ris ospa atttiono ta ea oe deile're inic la nhtn "t chor 1n ard. 11stthhene-oon da. d da shs e dirc motof o.cuen aot balon de.ann thathecoeatoff ? ay >>seheto t tngbomaa , y s tcotic w nyim s saith e. shheorik liktomaim. >> that's co i'ltellout, b, liamda ghe like .
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groatesl cl wha. leng tpa n geg on who tng. en ty lened l the us at ey grithendimeooki. iv, thworld w, in tm wi b.the o op wauntrehewe ho sth anoliaooloed le g od. thawas if to s it dn'took thokt e la b. yes >> wwe spng of lee --ow idoin well,idt oo goo ,no. >> s w goi t nic, evytrd be at theocktl
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ovowed.e admittling of r reship.n sogot thh the draying e it wbest ty ye. >> eah. theck gleav so forilee. uch r jube >>lws shescdth or. n. >> w,eron tockt rtyng t t w weleft,asicly om ly les wlr tahed. olivasicalold da at, t she methinteen. ivia told r that snded hersnki bng a me a o. >>hen w get the twin at'sleft init, shellnal wked up at theing at ben', he's startg to quonhe knows who olivia calls her o. n yo
1:47 am
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1:48 am
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1:49 am
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1:50 am
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1:51 am
(pol wai w t puha outo i th's bakalbaon? goworksstrusurhw with cas pers. ugh... yo tghonoo tterni.caad ovgas ff een e omn d inri. lil, d eily abrbedour body.. .. makes h, hastil mis3 dre eno so ai ght arit rht? r, gh nedi uld ve tst re tk y, bum nogointo
1:52 am
>>f mray pnns rcasc wemauclinghe d ainndga i "gay>>ndin iis y,od wreoi t "snn ain. a bonuroun let's iro j ti witso alaing ws dictiors. thnimeor fans t nderbandrguay greastd ofll te, odiio lu,oue a fa >>sorrut the ba's biggest sty maybe alinarturem groufflly sit froslongimeanent am. s t o wittheon hair re'shet bhoh. >> ay hinenagent s he wng on lachinhis loee ouhit ar. housa thinut th lesdevepmt t make it rd f tto goin
1:53 am
bo ty be.a unn t inar>> ovi s.xtul peuruswi t ricanfaus thr vantes >>w. buth ith brookly ck t6-ld oviiandthlateso m cn r bury. ofontogrrs a oion cri llt nesm othe hoiceoi outt beckdidn't evennow to a ly great eye. he does ha great eyes. glueo getti a the an fa >> they gh nai o musiriming tt. l.s new meling stmichaeckson lo watch pe mess up.
1:54 am
purpaiinceat gu roi w nndraat inng stage duringoncert prmance rly to mj' wl. jackson thnince vi they on" to okmoreasbideal.mae somemes l ompetitorse thatt was was vilahae.n kinddend it otto op
1:55 am
>>atistics.m is g >> and i'm reeinan with some heg this morning on ld
1:56 am
nald trump l towa caucus with presumptive shoon t up. annow on wherthey will hold a p next tuesday ohio governon sichnew jerschriea therer eaing f thvote i >> bill cosbxptein coury in pennsylva a hearing. at iueher an agr district at e thano pred no prosn xual ht arges. s groundy. punxsutees hi shadposed to six wier.
1:57 am
we beginfirst test of e pr candidates g no one a grand victory. there re p peopcty night. waaueivovid thraticacery clinton adlockac sti t cl call w vertorernieers,nce f andn texas senator a viory mp fda rubio ni surprisinng thirdc'bran h live inines, iothla hey,ood >>epmornin reengood morniis. uz and hpaign are ating bime this rning. thblican race etty darn close still toolose to caldes. and yould tel t electio he really matted bec iowa
1:58 am drama iowa. a huge win for ted cruz. >> tonight is a victory for coagus conwand acrosth na. eporteop ont-onald tr >> w tea y or b whoev hellthrow up orter: aco rubio runng ng. >> tone have an st step bnpo ep towhielti>> reporter: on the democratrace bween hilry too closto cal ally gett debate thnator sath way d f fors am>> thee of ihave sen afoage to licablishm ter:reside
1:59 am
ast.any as iowp at 000 thireally ant. atye reporr: re a third-placeere key,vi that candidatmo ng into new d you should sw qukly th entire area red overnigh all pol eye qshifting oro new ham wh first is letoce ek ct,is chrise a j bueren'tvenerea yeerwainee t su hd a are readampain n ir ht aarlyorrow mo t, me. ndi, iqusidesaonal wh can tell boutt?>>epor you iu wahed acceance sech kn, css sh i ouldsay,g in coheeaverybl
2:00 am
r diikinlosersnd he meinond. he'says veraggresve wiis lguage. hid hhathcondce bse h atryonscouhi frvengo wa to aign, e d never en in tote so heconood and mbers really, real gin newhire righw. lot of the show with uble deads. fees go py wel thet ek ken >> b congrions>> youe fi re to mble ld true sa ce t hopt >>tr don't iill ha ain. >>'s brahittin d mo, io anyo much.ey hsnorng. m nore ican her or n a pdel ra thasr t anprtabland w ev re tbule and ao lan viieio,biesti ouice,r te wh abpocarect ric klei
2:01 am
reend kdis,dit blicane foes hadho do tdida fa hates ls has lt cuses.going e regroung and firi eps. w there artwo viable alternatives that have emerged. one in ted cruz, the comeback winner ting on the nservave path mao ruican senator finishing a close third place ri en republica aef. to donald trnsa regrouping. pporrs for rea w that nt in newshire juaway beev mort. trp ng to boack, hat his l surge thlls fore w thaters arweighin big-urveere nndisics mo coraf thuc den e iiomproughouthe mning "icthisorni" an
2:02 am
inthola, trospecisow o bbanrderf . jn suln hn in il sce ljunenchs heo aiis. no'sed wh kig ighbo heinan hisplan aeded te ly sle. >> i conhat if ha not iervede wobeenrrieout. heictmys sva plned toryisack at conrt br a ub w cou kilas manops 00. alsley trd ire a himan kilhis rent bee heead th wou tee this pns> a tamaislsincuodafr thits unghom atyshe spectxp
2:03 am
ouofn. r stra lyinvestors belong a militroup >> throuther cornia tes whent mohan a wen the ap in t yeday fa lg listnearges an a we lrn newaiabou hownmed th coun sriffdmitbeg terriblymbrass a frat bthca. sa chaesavrey ene jserity foowg indent >>noerouranc a rg th ar tr appi3--owegevisenher'seari hef scle t ofigreports. s thatw tvictim b havnorethls. his almplice n epers also are the jue. >>hentsb relsedge
2:04 am
he track.eer tedhe sh thrupor anly brakes hehato the cue. ght peoplen at ash.> a derailmentar eveland forc residents from the investigatorf brewster saywo acks.eyhiearby weto go to >>y omle l io behind them.eady snowing there as ioned.nttorm mov the midwg stro s and tr ffwi ms abc' >>kingalre avg a l ofthoes. colado,theray os, cand moflthugnv teecalirn terste 8shutow
2:05 am
tree a giank thom an d. saw undern ajust. sto just ped. >>eporr: a a tnews c fr our abc gtv, was seriouyjud ree edsnutparts of colorad border have seen morthf snow instn l,bcews, deer. ds fts h been canceled bar just a complreca nowrom accuhes paliams.nkwe ag veryus thatdi thr midwes e expe to rom er arein let'ayebsknd k owa an
2:06 am
welkinablems thhiteoutsifican clossult,idof s the warm of sere weather coveri theeetire lower mississippi vle regi which ii, alaba, asards missouri, ad louisianghhereree risrt i rithatwe're seeing a area oss to torth on tuday, travel kendis, reena. oy. anexwier olympics yrs e lit oryounar
2:07 am
mounesok g tcrhaben i d . >>bsutel ulth.fome, mire t toor reaow us idi adaro de camig a de heala cli whate'tellorrs ert. and r, busisssor b wit thsupe aund e rn
2:08 am
...wesur llieilar is iegve is.reth issy thisrad upit colctav den ai
2:09 am
lls .9ms. et ulchg ththe r lt o y lyl mati llndat e e t ilen up thetspes ka jthivpor on ths pren s t ulusni j (couin cohi ds ev'sif at's w tre dsym. ls'sdvceti reasfoul lpsince a ll 1ho all gh llay. n a hpaso hingell?this c wase po it thiher vel of to it jnda ..ip can cle eengeywhe. tei ac rheps 1, ns ep 2en
2:10 am
est . 6inwod itchesat w u bor soowa doing?ough psse he r ya?ug msinus e llg . yeah.jittil we hit tethsa ft. i'gokenus-x.tolatewee keff the ssve nequs.yoreinwi wait?! reizha golst?dotiethe m? nene sima sseatrdicit e ditch th. leis. >>updatory, upset in iowtor ted uza ctorofonalumwior athire. ere' winner
2:11 am
osto calwith bnie sho nong w dise arie e. >>hanoolital gati. weado ne weado me rti a weertamo poolitalrgizn in t uteatera. >>he candidas d vided d frated wh washin. ile e economy s impred unpresidenama, t rery has est of the aking cssrror threats at ho a roadave increased nas d tecruz's victory suggts rig ti remains a foll tn now tourbc ne pitr porter mary alice pao ng theanders
2:12 am
addrs s a viory speechnds ma ace in from ith your voe,our vote >> ts, reenandis. ay oe beanrscagn foc aible amouf atten re .the king aayst a oryeldho the rt ofoury tha bnie er c be seriolyand hillalintonasvulnle.a s lled staio see ie sanhing the rome in. ersonaintite in his hotel room jt upstairsere. heasith his wifend his chdrenavto say was as conce he was vonhe ground, w seen thisedlenehe old social ont oungople a m wese cros progressivave ally ce gether to celebrate pe
2:13 am
been, could the campai transferhat energy and enthusia into vos. rea, kendis? t tre comi up, a fl es of the race. >> and pitical aew ooks at wht wrong at wt r e ais. watching ews atldew
2:14 am
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2:15 am
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2:16 am
thdecricar othreblarty. orveomhe tea par. ouritsomfr crto>>ow wloouwe y.u' sci. ilbemafa, i ini he anbua lot.ay >>f he hadon tights th adero stpug th raceway rug thtabl hee w sh an whinnd tthce ay. nerit thr-pern ncnt muwiw . tme ti ev erthomofhaea ate holduto oudranougrdchirener fasutnsres tis cin m l gn e mio
2:17 am
>>ike naru, shhad porty basallytartto put ts ra awawith clviory gh hat. ow aely ewshn issoh cali. traces w whhavebeen sened if s hadonht ohelmgl nowng to aucge a gtoar fur>>ndarry ton'prs cry ia llweinoubahe ecnumbers,ilry c llmee ghwi t moreel tn be sanders. pant teelaces inowa coi tdermwho n erupfr pntl e cpan be sne oe
2:18 am
u'atching "wldew " d erhi iould tker rtpeecry yw, i 10ous ult t anxpsiepc disafoonly7 d-lpeak wn wte. ava seic dasteth d-x. (sous ofirhiling si inoducy toucge me massagd inticy y toucintensifd.littlel it tes.
2:19 am
hov e's a dierceeethomear k. unlikeish d byr .w mesurrt, ap iear is pn toa-3 n di o ab. take one othpimell. theyeallesh f we td ashed sheets 7 dayreally?y downy condi u, wean ur
2:20 am
(cough disruptser life. dvanced time formula lps since ug a fu2 ho algh ll ke e e mehwashe dernt jil u wi w, ot gss ka as fini jry wi fr tis thatry dhean evt spots d
2:21 am
urn back 2lo thasorom yea ene tthsiartsate t tt fngehd ur teleon see not telly.'re tainabt e r bo cme. icg nd?votef st yr ngor rchpishpeornc "goorngca" jee lm. >> witth pick inhe drt erauralia ses e ngoo. >>ea i le th pk. >>t waonheostalk ou l w sng br.ey wsellinou bee, avo icthe oco. ick. >> bk this again fm mexi and eir ad agencinvited
2:22 am
d s of super bow sstially a turistic mus cultureamica. if aliwere to catclture y, thit th a msof somof >>he aol ess atwa th is ott io. >>n th yeaadbaofappy day fammas an ap. g a cl om magent sang acadofr mo wantmerch .an sl,atem. o wt's spot >> while scoay eatca my wiells're a good fi k a tilon for an ad, well,ad actu, you took the numbervoca
2:23 am
wl, try beinan advtisis irttinth t bltd dowt r t seconsee wh says.u'reik oh,h. weod. >> a wan feed ott ba? 's incd in tce o missn. >> c ie a tt s pretood. >> atly n't is frs hadha he nt bsu >oo
2:24 am
facebookcom.i fiigh schoolst after 9and alonwime high school budes , army. i am very proudave my country d i'd be with today if it my injury. mvehicl oadsided in ani was thrown hdd fractured inord inou which lefty right side.en i woke iat, i wa glato my famild lookin, i'm ju as glthwas e the lyzed rans vens of erica. a heedage erytng akre got mymedil and hanefi pva ew wt do d w too , iouonntrate o tting we enoh too homee sathks p, weouldt ditouurup. ing amerte for er 6ye palyzensama. toearne, visit pva doorg.
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of2008 u trandiem.herer frieroe agay.. bmo so keep portions under contro when you're on the go, ther an a healthy snacka boost, butber, rtionsount, uit, that i and great toat g thedea. orun wto getviit www.sov. i'ryise. a. iacng out vetans whare kit ide. ach ck n. n' ll 100-t d s ousas ofeters had e coage to cal how out u? orning onrld news
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>> donaltrtt iowaes, wha m for th rlicanshe maingrats in exe polit cover d dines sar paliprgcomm aboutoll. the policaloost fro marco rubio itherace. campaig challenges thepo of th cdate ing e- intvi withatte halse identi-ter thesen hopef i'm kendisgibson. >> i'm reenanan. t sflon. >>ery briefn iatory s andah. tal aboutthis eelhata kindf live aurpre soti to. >>t do>>r mbe jusnd tin oay doesteckut y. i nht t
2:27 am
weg theurprise wi oneupse osi, r tose tca >>ah llarton onc nsidbe sin k wh ver naer s. andes his and ste dump end upishi in laehexas toedru by 4 pnt in. meana,at mati stronr thec iloir p a ct lurovag stard wh ab bnd hks desnet theay morn hour. good morng. >>oomoing.oh,ha anihere in gh ouentioned abc new ojting ted cruz will win the republicancaus. e t asons,he ia gop iseporngoreang votet. hitut m f hh dram
2:28 am
onight iic forwa upseop fntru trume will go o t eas hillary ore or hehrow up there. >> and marco rubio r strong. >> tonave tak step,ut an iortant stards win thi on >>orter: tocra sieetweil in bnirsoo os toal exte auteay geinohe debate with senaranrs abouthe best way forwa t fhtor us d amera. pl o iowa ena ve proundohe polical establhmen >> repter: thesidential hofu gave one fil pih at caucusitesore votes weast. many 400,000owan exed to up at s 2,locatis year a led ith pt
2:29 am
giving that candidate momentum ving into new hampshirernight,tin ole and me hbee d suspend theipaigitll tica qftin new hpshi ready.evyo focedn nt week's prar poinive ren d in abc ws, ree kendis b tu. efe y go ias rprised, ery kai goino ts tf there waheingturnou tt dona tru wouaitter. c you tell us aut the tuou las nigh >> that what everod has be tki ab eyadrecord-bakgtuout rheopt dn'tp ump. all oth polmb ce i d ryonrvive vots d uoing strght td cr. fer tuow turnout democrats,hile bni ndet the young voters, hillary clinton polled vers whoaiwa to connu the same
2:30 am
beenmplementing orars,. imoin dybranyo>> digpet es m gng we tngut new mpepr now o wee ay. abc'utpoca rect,sha isn dein. stthlins ca rpseeeplivedy naswotr alterniv f dald trump. how big i that? i quitenica. ly,t untilcent,manyn par hadned selv pos a donal nominee now there' atives.yes, arcause marco bihad that song, came in a strong third. of coue, this is from the ate who talks all thout winnin>> possid trp
2:31 am
adhe pls in er the difference here in ia. bu's definity po why? because alies and the covege iowa where l to be paying attenll be thd t win ly is 's a loth the states, lot out the tion gneand becausdonald t talks aboutng everygle on cn thi i ss.d neire voll, th mpayingtiono it. >>far as theocratic si concethere was showin last night. viwawh d me>> wl, ime he ha moum f corae havet ca winne e arstill inctout d voout t be cod. but it's -- havereer thatust recentlybern ers watrailing to hillary toand she was se thenevitaide.
2:32 am
happened in 2008 anai it's a bad night for hillary clinton he in iowang. it mak pits exciting i have to say. reaciting. bc's deplitirector walshthmuch fng >>rumpev gh fom,oricanviceprti candidate said becae he'soi rogue all the he speahat's le'seat and miand en tolls fthe st mediaeflectha >>ou know i for first time i goi toaye ca beliehe polls. usuay i say poles arenl go fortrippe and crs-counyie tme ink t lls arght. >> staying classthose polls turned out to be g lot of undecided ecided againstmp in the
2:33 am
ped out fox ns bateadn impact ye eoe tthat r co oio dre.'lbeckg wh s latne half >> strip skiers, goo know. >> won't checkinh strippers ers. making news thng news team from our san diego lenes se weatheer treefell oe reporter pher. theyabout to g when free fl. negrapher mi a compound fracture off his leg but le to call 911 rerter marie cornell has more extensive iurie in theimeeoin e plai e ttg foma m. permaralled ra rkerto ses a shrs gotdy fhe storm. stay tre n wor at least much and are
2:34 am
as lg ashey ve rht muhi. cuatr's paul w owe oritct frentore b. orng >> tnk rna, kend th'soi to cae problems wi ro csures, blizzd ndionstetsndlong d ifngno 's g tafct t f envearing thug ctralorons neaskagoinintoansas, ju abollf wa t lllmining d cresoiore thrghou scn.not ly tre ut parlaali-, grteis for seve he and toadoekeisena? >> tnk.if y pto get yr focastroa rodent punxtaeyhil esishing lar inennsvania da if theamrodh ss his ad, ges have simoeeksf er. he doesn't,e n pect
2:35 am
>> w hav't see o ert. youhire going to hesis. o st bll s.ounking his ad gy ca f the alc y ar>>e'vell sn mita or liogasg wn guys in eir ottiveui art of the train here'sometngikth. l'say, say troem is guneg where oun'be he's aolioeaeyainiowthdr ith ernds. look athat >> wfor . i mied the capture tch say t eagsee one rey antch itndtaketo a se place.stin wilinue fw mths re finalsions lemeem are . wit'sooght. eah. yw, wd thoseagl yiroune spting as be the big game ke theupowl d in
2:36 am
dnereu n doha op tagom bkwi t dre. insadf fin off?es >>orinheirsr o'au leass out fm his hoes >>hi isnbout u,keis bu o oth hdite ll spein cin of iowarcbio, sou victious dpi his trd place ni. we goidthe camn. what spouseare ying aut thace cou endh thn thite use. >> al makur to cheut our bindhenes pic o inra're w"world no"icksn agram, abcwnn. re watwnsz i toinex dm r my phgmy co ...but wt about he has that y scrahy g going on. gueswhat? it works ohis coh too. coug gus what? it works os coh o.
2:37 am
no" stt e re tcmiry leth ploushes n pifmasca a girmoulashinusbo lasheto tis the lumela new mra fry breezy autiful co kate e ishwasher.same deterget only jl en w, otty gte adds fishet five por ac thd prevenlm, so all tha is the shine.for better rese nish jetd everytould tpaecmost eing. y k ses get hianveepdi but onlymont rix hes k was. avoia pt daster wi rid-
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's w t's del ym acetime releul lps silee cohs r full2 urs. all night... llay. >>'mx eb. ifoue e 50o , iss an iorntsage. pas e wn theumr on your re. thlock ianto talkto y aut n't e ononoudoor it a re lock for yourife surae at grants yo rat n negoat tim any as t aref. manyicies yoe doot hon ca a feti tgh thlo penn progra ll thinu toearn more. th plawadesiwith a ratlock r people on a xed co whwant affordabl fe iur 'simplto ra ons fojust $9. aonth lessha35 d t w anur re ll lock ir fe.
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your ceragner becell onas y remi an ance is guaeed, nhealth qio. you cae turnedn cause yalth your int d bo tion.
2:40 am
da ttory ere' cleyet moice at ts ye iowus vermt nabe srs n ed 0/. anan uetthpuicansi do tmp w hadeen enying a clearnd sadle inhe polls recentlfinished se by cent intsd tor cr ana semarco sehi bd ump. ing. detthan t predicted while evadindotici. >> t wings in e uetara cov campgn. us
2:41 am
ey, rguysso, g nir rco ruo nighhee hi we susct hd co in thd buthasuca cl cehe biclyd dona um thlatest plsadim stthird. isidome as ait i've --f rpri. ll listohat e mpgn w blings ruo's ee. >>th is e mo ty wldeverapn. fomohsfor mont ty ld use nohance. r months, thus bau er t mh tismn time oanr h n chan t tno b mirasno bhi. ep a rad cr w w ia d bi thkespoer
2:42 am
didnhi ts woulleep at e mpgny nted oio w men ssy rsbumont omatuas tig'sosird-e wl y lph aten i tnk y. ank u snyoucagn eedo ha chreatob.t ereds yblostewamhiwatie omn? new hpshind i >>pparenin 197 mcgovn lostoth nehampe aniowaan didtn until e sconn aranhe wetoinhe ninatio >> syore sth mnihe'sopfogiorstasnit. tt'nowh'mayg. hopspngerl foa lot pe. >>oo ctical ofpaig clear to e what hapns f w hashire nexteek d soutcarona flowi quy. >>evad conginurt ha hou
2:43 am
twn hicltod s. eemrac ntde' ug fighinheatrod states and their strategys l esnotu to nehampsh >>irst the runngat, th ndates' spouses anth critalol tthelayn thamrace, ongp abt pple tyel i u' watchin"wld news now." wee in aag
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anthe right is your right car akescreechg more important than your tomoow when you're on the road, drive. this video was submitted by adent thsafety ss progm. for ima onn fety vidrersedg tand by yo and sho wolo him veale love cad
2:45 am
shldbabe lv. >>heuperwhably knhebe c'lins dis cau lelonruing tete iseeai aheer by t cpa ty ke. seolely ares toave fu >> w simeswi hwoicwi h tit >> rorr:peapthe best y geten oe idtialdites e -- e'so pone d mpasatand lof eporteto t the le whoy knowm best theispse otively their >> don, you'vey vo he first spoke ernie. >>emr an he painrobabl fo or te stard cag hirand. and he likedt. reporte ty' seen th atheirest. >>heir te ene eratedn a byn thwomb th w incbl
2:46 am
atnt eurthe ss o34-ydadrdin. is a badear.y canc 11ratichem radin. t en lri died, you kw mas evytnglse in lifeale cparin. >>epr:eoseer le he d cr.dohi the ng ifou a notn ere ying ixhe pemyou t li theixer epor f pe who juee c chrisand nt ay hna calles ash,cks -contr how d you lp them see ur hus as mo presidenal?
2:47 am
no. he'not eat il nseronismeme in come as being prickly aloold much rather sitd ha more one-on-onee oneporter: sole caidatule ica, r sondlem thouip ret ts >> sat sty >> branderigs. >> optim>> hisle h ie edmuch inclue t >> ian w e s ha teir coecipe.
2:48 am
ve ce hicinex fa. theen e e mui- afiucus o't. hink d meth ...i'lk t... new inex fx. d d 'strenhd tsusstarthe efdih thmiry les d is. apprchinmecaiby?u inof ngmeca llrs about eighmecal the s at adicarebyare i liarzecansurlaeyouy sowhict,
2:49 am
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2:51 am
wa wthclinanrnders. d yoow woe t lite s bad onoito. ea ap dowre eccty ret he caucus and univision rep aty did a ins rules alw o be flicide tin cas tiekehi so coin ed hn.theanswas avorthk at tks leoomniu>>isin ari reing rse,d been a shoot >> that'back00 youbt. athis. speakingf politics,here's this one kid that ng taketh awd e withthe. he is w is saito try ake iewivery. s onldous teuz re is he d. pnded to png t
2:52 am
he h t-srt and hd hifemalepanion hen on one edndn d the lfie w er the pras. m and his friend andd cruz. >> w was tedruz upsethat heovernd gotheele? tidknow. kay. okay. got do yoto doo get ose.thllon >>xact d oroy in non >> se s. n l plaathey, vie the brapparehey eatingthacto aacr ruell , thsee >> handsome.orgeous gu diyoe had s o scennd t on age,e ce mr paut afr thi ey h to or doc ths anne ie us.thpeop trio he
2:53 am
ted thrformanclem ishe thto.e.eruy a ththat wooinks he'dog.f eacebook geis bt arheany sayind walou ahe's. gosh. erad anyublecari befe. >>ue tdotry h m usthatou hur >> tt uld rt >>y . >>ercurt
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i pi mysat ace in acc i h fgo my stbth n,ths wi d ved. atltlick seein camaepg e mseve hinry, i nf anof thincithed uto c accent. at sh aalick d ve aife? atbe click i'ryan msey,a beaved mlife video bmit a stholog on ttyt erdge.or >>isnin "wld ns no" caaiurpres fm io. hungomna p.
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>> toctsnd hiartodeng cteen th c weve ideinitteca>>nds oursot brp the goteso r dutyut t nbe nfo tcour. thinnx-rall.>> uh-latethe skinfrom date tmorabl coarty an ettablt ache our senalyst ire withis cle kiss on thtuesebruary 2n ns wod ." >> wsaodni ies i'kend gson. iee nan eg the his ara es iowa an ndslctbiniefum
2:57 am
cee tstes te aloda mafinie e s tebeee e mobeanrsk a oo t ab david wght bins our vegene and god breat staowa. repns that is ine on t republican siuz trumd llioe na >> iowa reomee ahe preshe unies be but by the , am p >> rorte oe , cltol.enhiarindear
2:58 am
s he nit,thg bilithk a. rep bean sn cce athg.okli we e a virt te tarfohtou enealm ll9 ti. coumof ucusers ed t ice.moha0,stewidfonald t-ruerof w heree onas abeenulose cros at e trralltre in cs mp v shedond elyou methushoi'lyoranwatula ted ror thilace n reicid marualreat aa viy. orons, fththey to uweadce. >> rorter: thea uc le io
2:59 am
relts ennt at'onmpshiter, bale i th pesowfu swi. >>n toewps.sorydy rep'midri des moin. aysouzviord trp ssstiscar e 'sonnue cove r frowa bs till a h w? rter: kth ctory lliethina lo idecy whou tcrnd m bi werergiand r good re. ey biselteuznirubicoinrd. docsi, w ing boilry tornand ofectovethoue tocltoalcathey'r g t cum ris toee up haeng nd t yocoldea t
3:00 am
toe ou headvornt. as ieresng the insae wabring sif ef. is istate e loack 2008,nadis. it ike a viory rally n and rn but witng thepublicanho were inking werother wi >>io, all ale nite onof the winners tonhtev how e of race th was if y were loing at the nuers througheight here, you would hear oohs and ahin thero because he was so cse tnamp aug ht eind ke what happene. abc's brrting live mnes.anks so mu.
3:01 am
candatesadlready mov on. oh gernor john kasich held meetin ha omond.vorsn onek tod ri ao teanite e. gov gust vo. stwas. th hpde omlaon gn weanotr josty foowg tng ourezi v. thworld oanat w cledus gl ergcykaeen t ouof casn n mtly er d uror s il usof v an, nira ahesl a . >unednelaer fo tleer mes tetrn ra aaut .
3:02 am
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3:03 am
ju dy inra cho m wh t lal nrn',y orove ju tond numr, a ll-fe boy, theyro er. hea h girpress 1. foys, press i went hg upi knwasn r n't thse. wenkat the asho. >>ey p hnsn yoese wo>> wt ss the, >>ecves woathewod in t in tle ss t s he ry se by e.heenng o aoly. w mfoinrest d >>t ig?
3:04 am
rit. yes , esy fo b d soofeinste a b or>> mediaayas bced wiha t c sup openg. c t a ntheereth ea wduce on totw >> ier. >>arola rbca areestithtotiedronv'stog sa sn m abring anveons cred, reated t pe 'mt rei n'get d,ov a. mr e wahasay?marslso i bn acss't t asonr n >> d'the ith t
3:05 am
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3:06 am
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3:07 am
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3:08 am
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3:10 am
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"t next. t nal cl.
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he.>> hpyou a he.e nge iseefo ospao deilspkithdeils, w mic n oc'he bachor,"1 stted. tewihen- n ane'e mexseeyt on a halloonde. n y ircoto o . >>auok the thi a amaisanybody whwahing noticedny times shee word "l he wor"le y imes code. i you
3:14 am
arni geindo oonkn n isho tleneall thatheushath leaed y me groce. y songol, thwod has in aeawithen ese two op w r reaura wrey reoing thishod that b d ia f lg hat iay it didnk go inwa bile b. yes. o that went we of jubilee. how is dog? >> wl, she dn' oh, oing by e on t so jything wier acoar r e gr
3:15 am
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3:16 am
yomiteatg onh. ght catchin a rose.that d thsoame tod. but ts >> o iss cos coun >> s a r l, you k theree haut t.iv gotosanan got se >>efe nit. >>efe e nybus re reny>>ed f ea deenbe in soti till oracrell pe. >>niowsomeer adinud"d hetarsr vo v fg l alesemhe shars ceokag
3:17 am
nsedsethrle oto ui th dr clminge milied a w rowhthekfespa hr 0,. pohe e u' hr f e orifnye ll ilbeisni. tngkat mondths is ins ll shof winnin why. tea rehi >> thalling d re r.
3:18 am
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3:19 am
oun' i t....avfirsbaked-? it never nna woues? t yohwas th pla it ps. ugouesstk- tthacaad yo heaesga s ercee om ish oired is eas . .whichesrt wemega. edisron inc ega-3 n dayre then >> arior ai rior r
3:20 am
m i at or rit? ed, uld ve to and realwith, i'm noto at. >> tcose my coers the hestli og andog daaye inny a nus roro artilarmg news e anhe wonderful nduay tell tim o direction.yoendis,g n. he bigayalhe asffllplit fro his long-te managementtehe t o wi w i d, newagemt saidy'orhilor ou thitimeexar th hasresly sa th'ron hias,ut thatt lot maketo kp in
3:21 am
uncoer fewars. omovie. s. regarefuwiheh anfa r ntes >>hiheatly idec a sinth soia cry. tographers a fansf fashion we smver hingho e ted ou did kw holy sayioka re eye.reatyenduck.e a i theyre rich mo n d othrilr eineel iehochckn
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3:23 am
buck y e gianimis like ng som alsine althatl,e lk, th..tu into co .. fomeci, ho,nga erom astblveli. n pr. fertilrops. it make more livek.. me by als touhe yyoto is "g g of aniing anoer fy whdoes thme tng..
3:24 am
> od mngm n trillinnild ownaruoso te tyear's iowcauc wesum-ihiar cln ddlrn sanrs. race so wen des omind mpshir wh willd priioio governor jo chsey governor there r earnrcentagef e v in iowa bill sby eted courtodain pnsyla a in atue iwhetheanee wi aisic oforecado isosn al hart chs. >> ihog da if punxsutawney phil see shadow, it w.sprie are mef our tos tuesday, nd oufrbcs,
3:25 am
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3:26 am
a or ted c>> toncty courageous conrvoss and as this g on. >> rr: uetng g frrualp. we ll to lyt y e evhew re orte ru hthaak impoep towar w this e >> rep othdemocric sidethraet h ton to call.cid rettin theeb sandt
3:27 am
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seconhelway vgrveth hangue. e sa he happth ndidthatonoud hi tgn he wocen ten.sod ooenoud s numb, ampshire right w.t of the show hith ha ang hin tty et io you'he rter tusnaldrumpmentogr. moiniowa. you havnosushe caor n >>ac at has so fabeen turntane and t unp o nhas ne.
3:29 am
into. r aenast re r tthos doump idusly , ow uses g togrouping ng out hign'xts. are two viableat t tmp tha he d.inedru t ertiveatand o icenthd ac st v e establishment repus, rief to dald trump's of e hisupporters nowtcutest nmpe m an pinonc ba, owhiinrg the polls was r al.w aterarg- cin
3:30 am
haroamicisord "gd morninama. > nor colin tro spislsac d muf igorjust s n gennedishargitinneigo heis he a triedthe lyo ow p blets ce non weou beear t. tys sulva arry h ak crt ba clhel asy le a1,00 lsaldltrtoire hiill s res careth wld intee thisla. a a malsin ody teors eipiho ct essti-g s e ey also an ak-
3:31 am
lyinves bes ait. eethnmnthaeehe r apedouer e t m f a l list ofew ge an we lrned netai ab thenm esd, ongouy sdm tblyusat bescge hlree meinaiecitollong t indent >th hh-of crt arce anich stt geher d kiping aye gwentfo jdavier h en adu f portceay he knew thetim have t ils.hileged accompliceie so apprejudg
3:32 am
you canrainin beforets offthngineer fiede pued tttle ufod and n hee gointo t.eile wkill in th >>a demendne eveld foesdrof redefr t hes instats helaf st swoarle ac.nkanrl m hepahefi. thivea wd t goo locahighootie >>e idal hul haroubviow nd 's aeadywi tmene manterovnto e clstro and ay bdis tondel rep stormowkingim arey leaving l eatherin coloro,
3:33 am
ash th calitetash sn carniawerf wie brin dowge eegioallinthatoman siego i t cs un a -juye. chopd. r a tne fromangobc aflie,v,aserioly inene nnm >>r: sno nv, eralor ft sno last 4ayndbc n nv ozents have ready celed, butfar just a hs >> l getomplete cast rig willms >>a very dangero ling throughout t.e expecting it tdenver area right neaska aans inowards wiscons
3:34 am
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3:35 am
tter than i cod >>d agour me, too. >g upe' rni oop s.moct tucuses>> ilun up froe ie srs c deadt wiillalint llg ppor er te obsad hevoess r a boos superndhe e commerciat
3:36 am
brghto yo beg red i'm gary sinise.ent n from the mie orre the . ba i' honoreet ldierserans. it's aact ome ur ws, sof nation cen arstg thlis rougsuice. ice n tnsr. in.
3:37 am
d in pantbak yveonyoha go a.esbo you v. iacng o to van o ki ousuide. rchacw. t it ll-8-2-t anpress ." oucoseilnoar yo itionitanne ths vetans vead e agtol. how updatiur t sto, set in iowa. crouvictahald um ri stherno c winyet doc wcerempti hrylintdelo ia s osl thni
3:38 am
whnoo long was smseas fngide. >>d italtion nmowe nnaecniti erkimost poul picalrganizion inhe ud states ts an electoratedivided and frustraton.economy ha under es trevery edd worlasses. new teorhreahond inigus ght sts formidotinoc. >> w our a
3:39 am
aign >> a is adwaviaianc's malichecksn owa ou vo youte >>has, rnais.ay one, the anders campaied an incredib amount ote a victocould shesofy thnie s d been susly thaty n wavulnle a fepos aowed upairso sebeieande wahi theesul come in w a psonate is ho j upstrs he. as wh hifend h chen hahe sator
3:40 am
li-minde has always mpai hat ennd enth into ena, k aight our ksmarylicehere >>coming, fl bak ofesf e ce>>alnalyth lkst wt enghfoe ca yo wch"w ns no"imagof vet ieeirthinq, g ton med nica paredwhheeh i ringn rnve son meomtoninnse ni anweac a buauat nhtre
3:41 am
thonr halitaon d 'll caf re."si46ralyd ra ameca fght ee atl rd iur vera rei althe rey ed. a aldvocor accelityand civieoe with disabili research fd a for pysis onew alleesfor mi thyou, hpi u me t
3:42 am
>>ever since all the iddates threw their ing, ilhaen tstht cses. >> at'o itllow c'l do h wnersndstuz w his uld f hoad to t hou owa hasger percge of gelicaters than otate atino ac inthtross anoe'tavat ghheutthitio e'to ft winand did i
3:43 am
e arty or th puicanarty or en fr t teaty r tse om ea>>a, tnk y. you're sci wacma timet,ht here an i lo it.?he had won tonight as the leader to start puttg th ra ay havshe h nand bbeto pawayheo lo c dthat. 's teeso. 'sncumbentpohiana sto n w mpire xt we arilie ome tdrm e ldutouchdr d r anhiren de t ions to co me, lthe nomi. l d god bless you!e dold truan unity ally tout twawieatoght.
3:44 am
w e a lyin neheple e n cali tra inoiccod veeeorneif s n nit whmily isowoingo io fosu. a hla ton's se brian fallon on the corct numbers, hilly n will emerge tonighwitho moreelegates tn bern es. pare thrces iowdiin tto dmineer
3:45 am
o thbend t sof osthltited pe crc. re winorewno ake out the rubbis crub dn thfloor my n' joi jumpmore booig ] cr creaoig ] slethai [ riing sff dowthe ll seinints e re ow!ees i-oi] y joints dp m
3:46 am
a sse erdehoicur sioroio.g. hes n'sonoe i l it ale or] when ameun eico ises to when t after rs in thry jamineed a parang injated not on hisife, buhis wi's. [jes mer'sife] myole a ce gir 's4 ho, ys wee thers noreak ha anardur isyohurtr ck. evhinga chng[mnarr] o-dang re enos asance.spinal corred veteraare dependup v-a for their and benefits ttinan be anerwhelmirocess.
3:47 am
t alth fiy serv noactlatexwh v-adsnt cim theymmitd not tmysband n inale commitamily.ale narrator]helphelp america's t org. over0,ic me foow tirsi elp get ingsone foamera. makoucouny sar, aranhealthier,
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n ckressed out op thert hat frosteve thae c chatrinow le fngehind yo visi s notey. wetalkg t sur crc. so icesill n bion suay a fari ostr hoping aepchonipnc re'sgoodormeca jesspalm. wit t fit er sects e ka ithk. >>r:t wae of tmost tast per bobut they wling b theyerin wou belie, a>>exthe >> gat>> reporter:,hey'k this yeaagaind avos om mexic
3:49 am
to patf monticatedds serwl0. hiis eenally tuicusofulre er aens wereo tccue tos wt eyld e d atns mef >>hiol th csel is it io rtens yead,ic tvco baio o pyys makesn. i g calomagenngs exwant a mi eathem wh the s >> w he ad. >>fe tellseygood f wh kin o epte$4.5 fadn supbohat's t ofcas. tuounumberof avocathatin ek lp to t boturn tinto a of guacole, tt would h 53t gh
3:50 am
thlabo, bein advtieciv iweirttinther u watchheuperowl spot d yooodownndt r ndto s wt te sa. yo l o g're od >>ny wt toeed otba?it iludein pceadss ie ip?ppy idtellisiendt . an s andri ok g ial istty fun funng. that'sth h. reo llow us on cebook, wncom. now , est e is g her ghtewith tht nutri e le that your bneeds g thretrnts. two yoprobabrd of:
3:51 am
ega-3 acid impnt yobr het e depmen s showt dh an rtilngck iantritio it melp otea hey prncy help pnt le pretm bi can iteatingh,busaand y lefo veri dudg cen ds pralam soyoyo babgehaghbrstk,
3:52 am
nd hblna fishec a into y sething, m justoned. >>heda w sayhehas seosg e rst pridenalontestd ul oheps tig iviorfo agoncrs nd aosthat cotr u l ryh. ere erll cleduae. joi, s goin the nati
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