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tv   ABC News The New Hampshire Republican Debate  ABC  February 6, 2016 6:00pm-9:00pm MST

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, som o itbl thople, heuc.ruas chaed l resegame 'sid a g idesh. ths l ofure o hhadpresrenhi ti,nn ewomoat be sands ailla really gngt.beie'sot ub-d lea shehemes for w lg cnng fod.>> srsot j wt che.he t s ibal stathi conws h t clos gh she'utheitsa tongop, andhatisi' gngoig fyo'm in s u a>>ewcandates ontgetoni b tilly
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ith b in >>ham andoh mccainir best nowit'she s caagarthaav>> t u, d at aouude oe0. mo rtnd heorhe. th candidate areere a th n hpsreepublica batas w.>> t t i . 's me ak artingow. e reicans lirot. anlmolge i nc mpir dadui aaraat oo er. is the f te tee shrirythepca c w
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p. >> canuckach s, woi trohioerhnch o loueree applaust ear ei. goo s hi evlemen, tngght,us dayterse new hampsmake theisions. thleare .aveee ad y althe e beon to an i anoerda ed tha erthdite0 co resnd erre green,ll a rli t eh cdi will seignal i up d thellshe ts
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o baerni'reueericarecern emy, is ndcurity anereewe, somof tead rriet ovsestuiotepdaon rice w mpnd inenatd you rht n ire thiweek,e, i don't knye whoe comfh someone bey, hin fier o theepneinfe pres he wouldnmark. ha amentoeeth cntry sa. >> thi iavthbest mpamt. but ivatlo tndho pe g p rea aye ve uships le iludicih des.
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grn, i hit i veryhaevy ys,he temp becau tal illybing t me 're tingosa 's rit,e toom. ith thkedbouts.ob body eanden r i bhtt.hewe have hav tpory in b there's some goingthot.demembethis, i'mnly one, wh t- i whesa d'r deizhe m i' t one eoeve ouldeastbutldhe aryng bier,
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they lking to ourri. ey ar owleey are to er andment. th lng turla viongtlv eldsti me wee hadenrs wit backman ol, dein c at i unwiing eveno anoge th emye' fg. thisa esid o,n ofnfsan bernar, wilnslic less odefeg th coceveryl di onhisag wkeuc bteomndn chie tn bark ar ar c obeie s. heriers ma tssesentor of, itre tke t reta r o o mas,nd tns
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s i a truaisnav the mp do youtand i t tsn aes th v areoingoreoi tsses w vel-aded has. asdgnt o nonont o ems,whanfront t threa we ce i thiuny. anho tent to eag a to engage,oth are iblypoor ng hft enemie he ce, f plhe crity sionondandthe olnhant d toa, h m . we nd ade w t mend. sor cruz tha 'reoing ton t no rne-
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>>ike ipe wt jt ino hdn anerouquti. d ts at gngo happity.thapn wine teoe weomagt. itng oninane. rnt'tin w witmp d ac dnhumanhast i le and 'st tntryslike >>r.trumhayou.reoi toonn n o aan at a was back t t dr. , d o the uses, th messaayingr. b on pnnin su hpaiglo ni uc. se rm anyon caucus-goes ws as w can see, y an lar cpa sent t qu t kiei behios caon't potianifzoe act, ly rses lu.
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nar suld ke? we, y,n wn'introduc numr tw a was th pl, t may h thout i alrdyad d t,ut- youow,oday ishers or -ironald reagan. th t spea ill of anoth rean, g this yoav putienat cruz.but ay -- will - ay i was dippnted ts hisam s l y thouttft hangndref ou vtes lletudes w r me a werdo
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ayeninesefeheusforg aut yguwhulsothli t i dhinyhis ste wouldoomhie at tossumth somneouldwoul, wt doesell u? unrtunat i . gives ury g ctain ethics cs,asically gal, yo nee order to's thics,o w enz -- d c r y arndis wifbe fenyo io w y didall d oe toitr the ctoris or you
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>>en is od andle nendyave becoiends. he amaif sto hnspiio clg ed i apog hnnd i be i sryteel tactsf whurre r tse are tested knowin onnigh abo:3 m., cnorten oimowhampe orouraqu teak amng.eyorte on levi lecnlisr dan baolf btzer saiit waly unu h siifan picea sawcnn's reportakinnews t forw thats to o volunttas beieredivtelevi atime, i
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wa othingthoula w t beny. e rim v. evg.acd himt and oliz aede h sate would mehi alozen bl. said s, will. ani d soi regt ttsueq, cn repoedn, tidt ec sryil9: atgh m nas porttti reigpu sayin heasspeniscamp i w sff arish that that's iz >> senatorou.
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ntn me something. theimintiow by heeit oneinthclifie tha iwas t dpp so, w haen t te,ts eathbott le is wan wt pp,ryan handouan ma yrwn hayou.k dto ser rubi n adiness toeresident and stio about rst-te rnor christie wain vot re ham aga fort-rm r acaith rack i20 gug that y otot rey toerede o t itte an senorsaor, w wellkn,ropped out o thee an endse ad a hd mehe aed onatna sion lourcompshs as.
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thon def t st>> eceoplidoriing taothrlact, tig i'm p my w il y, if polseces ddenc besut tieo tha havee the ng weould a joe he's fs buld rentfted an o for t that oba khat dog. no exahat he backbaunrtin a fo thaehi ari me ke rest o t's w heasd omaar d t s a dea ete ama.detedat wo ra t ts at a atourldn wha
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therl >>enatorubanu. wt to st you foo shamyo fooha senat makehesethe . rst, t' remso ever when uni up the aboha kec n or kcan moinhe w up ith about, wha kin f th pplholl ect me it's afent expece. it aucifrent exrien. tac marco, you shn't creouelo jo bihoha whate're re i etre g.u a ln you bd s alk a hah s tou lt as e ooulis,
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ancy.the athat need t this s notakame ak weight m w nges don listof ace t o wh tbls eou keco a sm per ady, sim dav texri toe predef thenid at ahesie wchedtpp, ybod r tasars, t oplefpshire art. ake sameta >>hank u. rub?hesotouwotis ofew thad tim rerang. thrydyast m.weonto a t. t ioudd
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's doing. hewslyhat's doing. tryingo change this country. wts americaeor ket of t worl wano bee f t uates am he electpr wlece ag tngattat i o t rl n tdi b d en riov b >> e- ould >>entioned ind. se erodople atome this. is i he ginng wi inrrect and incomplete information
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ve of at tharipe ontht y ow t yhe hoop.dheheorstste's hisrytsu,hexpou buil eiste,ch wh'vedo ohat spe otheorhe unid stnate 'sinejo i g or ,ut dot art of t stes. s? hr -ris,ourtate h aassi storm wuveobathey hoke y i goick.ye6rs hene andeac mpaign 'she th notn t est kw wh ther thecee>>t's rwhthaiso itant ehinths imptapo averandt
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th't knohatheg. wsha h iat w's on at w w heresint atasdbaare ahe imus a tse tt oneras lira. th i pnt tt's ngo redenehistry. at'shy thicttruler o son, a people. stake. ect n past. isbout k oou is isoe2 cent af wct s k be nds,lainton, o ilenrengohefit t a din un-- ynows,maisu tueborshowp trk,ng trenginnning timwh never bee responsibleor di't want to. he fact, wentba it donnd -- y wo gack, ch h, s wai send. onki g asun stas sor al i d'tnk it is.
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old eryone wng gey shaimnt gng anen h dec , cihe youad ng am ise tan i unry whenhets hpoin u,or . n >> grlti uroouan cen th. ryre >> i w yn is bauad ts ntloouampaight re iewamhihe la cpl o bou agd oat bi w te y skef riceasel yo sdeastheortudeo bees ts we, setoub acli, que, nte oe twe ofe thame t, ouakeicti nom myitrocoider hi b rt
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thershs and i t ft t i oor s,0 bie i. es tf fl aeducrnnt tn ver power inst m ntem. ad eight hurne and fal s. thhotaurne up .itre stendaderipyornisyo lrnng nhi tustowpdoin 's no s -lee i may he theo presidentes.t we've it w th ba,ith soaelnde someoho
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o cmon p so waain.e'reoeadshipnow, a - or , rstermser,s . ppen sayyou,ik seto n prere bhivedghboeac in mid st. it rte m th k t ched a bacssrtor weaanucnouc j m eisha ldki t n kea ular a nucar onle o reaing ed show wou respo i coanr if to that un? >>we, iould notenitially facha seeg the launucle korea ist resul ofe failures
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the world ilaxing sains nor a,lionsllarwe i korein changerosot builles.ook osli arweons. dld, n fled ioea was w wendyerma whoam a hilon tome theegottorso,whreh nor isorng o w wilhirth rpect nth k and weuld now, one o thirstse suld i expaur msise oo misleen e of is la, northants unchteit greatesks tee,y wou avihe satellite asthe h.
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stat, it would setff whats eron gnetlse.thld dow t ee tricridfhe ern seoa. wedo hde t gdo defend osees a we nee miil defse ttect rs ast n kore wesk.ermaer ief, toould yrd th u.s.itar atis hd,prt n kog an aver this i'motoi pecunt withouthe ll bri tha any mman inefould ve kngxalyha er onofhe rl proems- >>et ml is
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eeon mayeari hheneysusewhashe.repoo meatinde,ee the untell jens ofin occurrg. it dling wit coun nuclear i tm ingm i tstple. because youranmeattincehe w thiraardes soop a's wh i pdged t verstda i offoripo ralearde, we're e in arng w to is lau wh they hele apon etas areooh for . ay. tor shami haseen sittirefo q som tim the eyes on .ust to clarify on tha point, because he's right. it ice ited steso shoot down the misses o ifth - senator i'kiabem se tchd. iderstandbu itsmpta not
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sta if tholes pos thrla vis, an of our asshon stdouuest w about reptiv stri, b myoi ,res i place w aonngcyooi tt stke fmoi errtnd stngny ohe unedter ilinghug af our aienyof os inon >> thanko. ka,ou y t'laeo st teseerrey ow hall meetiamre lot fhat sawtoda wre. ter oa, martav toake sur nterceherahatthey'r ting d t ol thidaer tealalwi nolothtrum
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that'shauthe mofrankl is rs'tavifor dy, caneathno -o the mutl ae. othou weso ohead ca authat'whwoy ut, fo chen and t il gforwso he ver a del look, you ao d this,listic mef opan, and w shouldheanct o ha po oiran ey aese are ave be touth tnk he -- i th we cou t ktf w tesi stacon wil hursuppt, ifs
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th of nth r thewoyovern. i w gt. t obamadminisat cohthreatmain ms. t p vfi. eyil atnhe n psint theni isave gun steam i aiv str i ne kpwehoul y, gove bmrump. leitrtkore ulou csiily ac a h f wldou lth gowe,aypl o . fitfal marco s eli t est am k wha 'sdoing, l we this phaal gree, rely,itk weave a prwho,esident,sly te't k
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o cntry ing tando sadithis>> yea iha g mene can resp i l yoish es, .spif tora. wha -reou h enusucdut our untry cha. ina sson'tt od conve n korea.eyav tremendou t chinese all o time. -gestk t i one omyldin nhat th theyetol,ute rol, prtiko the suc triions dollut o cotry. th buding cnah ey tur y.uld g onith china, l ol o qlyrgic e s dkore
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wellanihit on wh dd jt mtied. i a pde tha vie thisount as ant tha pfu i the watroem ad ewod.rex isnef asshye has byed isel usesf cree paraonra, iil lp o rel inhe lamic d.the ssapn t as p gion, commodations t north kore north an shoac one l terrorists, anam andt. have ar shoulevg olatishit the chi to sureha kea n longercco econo t loon r mle alreabf ohe ud tnk o.bunoroem fahemaern c
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issibi gov ch,t goonhee ti. teit n re -leetng r.ied ys feratseto dli wion leinabor a, erri pple yoneve p ranmo thecrinuevayansomhe inaleverne ae winni uer tha prine.and w youd tos eng inuchifnt wait these lk th do nandnyth but tndreng n t d whan w ndoak reyta, acoanr hiefot pa ransoornyis h f
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eer istat as ened ier,and e h ti j lik tkingbo a f mes o ,heittionise nee toinh t er.itas becoted,t li wk our dt nit,e cry h t be aets an weane auest wkerm, peopl ce inutn aner r e11.5 m tt he i tavom c svenhe belie oht t seay no cinsp,etlegas imagi eginabout takin mout se w he not commte a cme been chdren ine? mean,hat is in my inn, e kind of tt weelieve. andndly, i tt the end hehaould a pnis
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to finrdest,a neli a cihiandve got g .d withi est 0tm iden pt osalanll t r cossma and ut io ian p y i believe'll totes ass at andcane on wihassuerour t ik. r kahank i w bringnext to senatocr tovno he said we pract solutions. w, donteend boots t knock n forcre.t is ho will .5 mlion uncuedpl and be ific. would you d? inf pical solu've ld ohe mostailedr solving illegal's 11 pages, e.'s on te short, woiui. border pa
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tuonden wly say,'ve t somebto build weto increasefour-folin a rotaryhat hahnitoring an atte dirn, wocrr we'r gng toutla syste wopl youan a thout p youre le we put i pce a syem ons. 40en v awe sctua citie ttinfr t jur t def iig lawnde endrebets osee ilga govichalouiet with that y ve tenme. ca yl thecaoplet w you w?
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co ident h ote, thatsbe faec federation s i hily, are te awushihe head oheorl w. ats ong. irc andor erne w , yan'tssly d tt - woue ig cltort 1li op. eig s, g b ported 1illi. rc e canoin i pic wi. whheyertin t ople theorr wasn'secu ,hey'om riback on youureborder eninghe l wil s pem aha senatcr tnk
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atlsadipyoaw thedin sttonit y cothed t soalleantlhatld hav tepahi ve chrtiid aoon as f t atur il a n. veoras d'teee peng aruinandior y o gise d yrun from it bmli. wean't g tteglaon . meca peoeil n doithgut petrenhioury gaynt the ls foedrs a prottoth is hclerorve lt ar tohoseedaidecseheaman ppleer tru ednm foelathhyin t he idif y aerio aut miatnre tney unloheoor bng le to dohat i not st t ss law sayt i
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ndoryveri.eny/exit syeman oe tha i i pceth woin ieliehe amic ppl wil suppo vereonns t ppl h bn he lme wredaerim pes thditntth, nts gopoib. >> did you figorhe slio theimer yo runmt- tegtied bu itas n cn' passn t house, ilshenistatnt weur rdnd i the wayng w'mid wh i'mt, a en tvetopl tal migrnserol awe s w the amen pelere wlingopo wh iomes to oplehaarnot crimina w havee i e ts couryor a lg te and w wouldike toy.>>erst? >>visten erod ths e fferceet
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it abuantly clear that hdi. 'sndtlyarhate di'tht f the sln.whcheron cke mli o tfo acrre i fout t d fthem a fouemanwowhann peanaxes my at demc leaturendhrea t dowgovent, i sane.closehernll order azza, b whe ts youane w t governreopen wy ddo?n't a tax crease, bed theosed t th k w figtveinctftea er might ft bee in. handi it y, e c w on i'll that's nhatrshi
6:49 pm
d t thaas tridee tedow reedly over years t dthll ancn a pif chf pass it nrshipomhi haschanceg. aks e. hasusen tellinhat ayorss hae ofng suppor ofherinpeople, you cannoto thi who the americanle. arohat a f gration is und tha wanlth thiscotr m thth good ening,guysd >> mr. >> s.he democtic y, criticid berniengle
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americans. in doing so d onma ca sptsrstent populavedeaama ca vesaoteveroto b ade,nment' go loser t visneah an -- d't thi i'mromon sense. ang toepeal oma ca. we're g r obam we are h muchbe e e . i w tel u, p o the e someopllabecaus you hineeo thaakear evedy uhere nl tingcaref i. ein aroac thurceom inhmacathnsance c agettinchlt aals ev theoing. wee g te o tificidaries the tifi li
6:51 pm
ompe.h tt inadonntion to that, u h splans,hich areat i do s thereill bef onhe s d a republicanon't thhappen gng t c olehang o the becserebepplet ag bee ten in t o pvate ain elnd wre going f tled thidy osag hav agre yore nng t l people tinghedlf reetn an is tr>> satorohaint, . tasdt yposionn cea th mou goote,oar e i a qst he, oughboutfo gestregma any ma cng i carlicyes witt risk
6:52 pm
ch it. how suresee that repeang andreac ob car inrest e twoiff. siaddi. me a distitoet . y loo aheoues hied soclize cith he p the vernme in chaef pridgdicineha evit hpetiin yo he sfdou ong. dhatea ter ,oiatnhireen tranere weeoio o care. 'reow i a ca sh
6:53 pm
tr sd o onltcaedprid ea wf oba caannce that w wl tmo sen refos,mbone' all pple hltnsan acss ne trice a e tcataroicinrae. 'llxpealthavgs cots dildenklth innc from empyment s at y d'touealt ra wn y y jo andhathnsur ca bepers w keenttw a drs.>> don h som perice whistt ,av amarhoul ed res ll tnk yo ,as hino g a t tkbokorehe o onen't ge tohaan ie toho, l llt i y heo pl whomhi tt oesn m dhenha idi
6:54 pm
os to be cre n'ha fyo'tik too thle w c ao ca tl an icepropedh emrmousyst everyou t day aborn k it l the. thass i on. t with t sam cts t tradite, coceuc a mnd heal car don'ts such weivleheo m whinheir health emacun am bes wn i ou min t sav uotmoy.
6:55 pm
olysm an an ex,ut i d the me,utapybut to ncson. r u reavery 's bise in t nk yrs rt, bk ere, t w tow tof enentin sh,ahea>> thayo d gev es . trump,ou haveid,quote, ert forhe gregood.tose the m ison.u ted ior the ystonepene hen shir no pldringo-tricow fm
6:56 pm
enomains ae for afor ouruntr thout, yououldt h uld havsps.n'avng woun'tave ol wtaves. eema ot b erstl m how erva tey a t kene line.e keys pipe,it emdon' yo nee gd b a lf people't knoh, y're gngo take their prop --omod - wh eomain isd onsomebody'serty,erso gets afo fair are theyee al tpropou e hool bri orhing.,minent main,hat ilove it, e dnabso a necsi
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>>, tha i yes ohe rtsprec ye >> theuchsife bwe int domaiube,oa a did w t toak e ofn ely etrip intlticity ths not blpo at i rigng.he'sbl wthat. obm waas antsbe niehety. the n ras ->> y >>an u dn' wa t waldaway.>> urn ioim pag hs ub e.dasn w w m timpo par ocoti.
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m tr se t toughim ylu' h - aidtwo verwe. howought topmldlyman. >>et ie a of- tif no a scieres o er -' byy,et jel u, wdtiet u gem u kho hts -heio rs,cials,pele areng up moth. rncdus. weeors the audi.andn ty're n ving -nhey' xc onhein mont oithfome w tmoi tmo heypere cayatemintdoin,ne pipe
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e a ouondeprat a usublice? ,it p w co,fera eurts>> y woun've t kenepipelinehaan soad wmidomain entlenn'easfactiemi ma.ntlen?e movfoardad, mart >> wneek here, jobs is, wha i mea t b ansvatithpuebontiesghtereewamre abwehtac livoverthewre rubcan
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acerryri amica'nevebe untruitts. it nothoe dgne reat c e r obmson wendennc onorgnil. neinnoti llnsw bs
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s toe a rry centdimething me[ int es nameou optiontoeleiis s sanveraen i i edhe sryis lly ...lse t ? live fm ncster nhampireraiis gepnoos>>disgic br m witar no anar ramto thiebat wit a h of o risri ie mored.heeate ecis c chrsic caouay wom forrubi onaldmp srteduetasos bate r uil thars by. mesonrfeb bus that foulnermp >>eas beetional a fectiv>>meo dralood d t havnhis,tea ft o thwertot.wel b rhtba
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7:03 pm
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7:04 pm
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7:05 pm
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7:06 pm
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7:07 pm
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7:08 pm
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7:09 pm
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7:10 pm
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7:11 pm
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7:12 pm
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7:13 pm
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7:14 pm
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7:15 pm
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7:16 pm
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7:17 pm
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7:18 pm
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7:19 pm
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7:21 pm
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7:22 pm
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7:23 pm
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7:24 pm
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7:25 pm
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7:26 pm
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7:27 pm
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7:28 pm
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7:29 pm
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7:30 pm
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7:31 pm
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7:32 pm
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7:33 pm
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7:34 pm
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7:35 pm
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7:36 pm
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7:37 pm
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7:38 pm
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7:39 pm
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7:40 pm
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7:41 pm
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7:42 pm
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7:43 pm
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7:44 pm
so mucy re, tirn st the aio t heheone w iylo l . ctenother yes osstiara. >> tyo mr. um oing t ou t rr teahaeng.oke tuouinowhioricnus.lo a t ppl tre ng h nben t ie wh op rsnd eatthlesoi to s n j a v twnepubliat ur identity as a natn and aop. reilnt toundersnd're goi toavurdes,tw as tno hesees.
7:45 pm
and we areng thillary inton, becauhe unalified to be the p of the united shednforma omputer sheinks aawnd anho l t pe h ltheir loved ones hef o tryikehe in bghaz n nevere mmder chief of tnid at nator o.. antu. u chaname ti > firs al ihit ulbe pcont itfretysel y ,omeone iswnseceitf di nd who ng iret qauhi
7:46 pm
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7:47 pm
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7:48 pm
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7:49 pm
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7:50 pm
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7:52 pm
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7:53 pm
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7:54 pm
mafteseptbe.ud o prentobqu h pti pele aacher. i'm cuou sintndout m a would. th n - ro witt o puthis t twideaddiscri against mm erics. al rognize this if you go toat thiou wil ar of dndcrut seescent s. the bra a womenape musam w s untre in tvifhi deecni tand honoat. buy thame we averyignint teatomegrowlenttremis tave stroitelationipheslamiccouns c dentd rep especireparticipch citing violenceinst
7:55 pm
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7:56 pm
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7:57 pm
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7:58 pm
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7:59 pm
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8:00 pm
cosmo,it l me aocnd when'm esen wre ilnghe u.. nku, sator gove, delieveenhoig uctive e rto do i do, i do. andotmp p agenda ry. ld beom trequirhe nimuom y te too fo o b ,swe avo s weinwe tmi sesasta. bocg tar i how wejeuror a we,mitalydor atalabt lis d tm re onll is
8:01 pm
etmeav ug morut awe -- >> w wreinituted. >> be,ut >> do you justit atskhe qutiot yousked about registin en- >>ou regter for e draft. if >>'mot haf'mgesting t ouavediss bthe fity o milindse tha w surehee i high. anight w, neinef ose a ab weeen guttihe budg alseedrermurproct oc ee toe she mo a wnfo thanivilia oen depart re l te obrg de capabito the st ntur c that thport of rals of2 melec a
8:02 pm
com in d d our . >> m >>nk you. beallyn th i am fatheers. tisnit.aty wee ttouaugh f begi that the s o theirfense of what t toomes om the ou b comes from within. d inhiso a fig toulbe permied t tt needso bhicotry noeason why women suld be registering for the fact is, n a a pple ttakes wom nderstananhing tty , tan. the we raise o hts. we spir
8:03 pm
veric>> ykndecr in itng suicid so, wuld doshaven extlupter pe oheyeran shoul fol t ro t er ldolloworeear y rwef shongnthem into ethat they itriday a thei new jo shouldave heth emp t aresidid syanandicalittan
8:04 pm
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8:05 pm
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8:06 pm
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8:07 pm
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8:08 pm
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8:09 pm
izin enyonis fac a lovwho hanapped, b atam ,ng inlaceegal regis enco the affectth americans. rea i been long-stag.s. polic that we d n with tets, we d p rans if lkt pde hovver ag iames ealt sotely amef, ing fien tibanerri toriergdck i t ce ain,
8:10 pm
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8:11 pm
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8:12 pm
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8:13 pm
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8:14 pm
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8:15 pm
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8:16 pm
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8:17 pm
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know tshey abl pain nt diarr s ip xax is a newd treat th helelie youriahea and abdominal pain sympt anxixan works differently. 's a prescriion tiotthcts mainn e gee not uifax a histor sentivity rifaximin, rifacin anbiot agents, or any components of xifax ll your doctor right away if your diarea worsenswhile xifanas tbe gn oses fatdion. oudoctf youhaiseare takothe mecaons, becausthese macrease thamountxifaxan your te ydou pregnant pl oco pt, nur.thst tsus ase ineresif y thi yave ibs da,
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ing seemk. h tin yoy ve inallicles. reactim with w rogainem. onceno hrs48% th youvavoom. an $10.
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8:22 pm
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8:23 pm
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8:24 pm
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8:25 pm
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8:26 pm
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8:27 pm
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8:28 pm
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8:29 pm
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8:30 pm
dompot the fir wd ght,as, ll'so newe. coming i wan go strght llhen you hav beecampaign canda whatre tha rootoght? >> george, the is, ppen ru w so pre fofthdene a he wor st hki hial . myve heubca rednttje bush to .stid ge >>in th wd uld selning r jh a angietub and ristight a t. he dide too thermd a e we s fdeba,rubi by everbo account h atdebate,ig
8:31 pm
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8:32 pm
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8:33 pm
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8:40 pm
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8:41 pm
in ther he hi cn mhetio h d m takeutarent at rub effe o pe to ng f, denoprty for theth b ait furtheback ctoni >> thi woingh ow tla er, mbeis ihamine w mine oho t te,au thinkthbaoe looevheeoeputthe i honhe m , eou li,ou hll terday,arstth ngvedytaresityhats tconvon ,ren theinal
8:42 pm
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8:43 pm
aid to he drati ar he you f hy mha y ee sgeuteough rubli pr ke ey hpp toy,e aps alsoiey suld el foeiracs. m a gctioate. >> ge, k-'t thf r tahms woewampsreght.rumpirerry th blafr is words ce wn' what does seconds een drog om int you thinke sthat? >> i tdid.
8:44 pm
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8:45 pm
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