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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 9, 2016 12:37am-4:00am MST

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e of e c'ga hug h st repter:hi enchn 's t rgiahese ra alrdy horie abo ul wasind of bec h nge upi wa litiker >> yano bulk bsheig rorte and j ses that . >> ng. s t don't retaliat >> elied ofte bece bli themselves >> peoho cyb an cnd ll theyar >>omotpowe
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hibull ev i treidthatat i l eangss colicreco >> iou c berbul ony fouor ung it'ier get wullyineann pe atsc >> wan create lt sysm mitor flief a trutheir cou u tse la text me r micleoews ne sev tolut panthertwey sl lgoritto. nssage, i getked.ntge >> iyou lovour h e dian haste isof
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yoknhing ontter andet i orole f reporter: m ha w hi why i'mratel nocial m wn wasn hh scoltating wheey. the bhtaking andar bra theat. th butndisky dis
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now.e and lay.u're wchorld n now."tt=[!! _m$ 2whk p)[p ttlr=[x#*&`:tt=[:ulr=[j)`:15tt2whk p&.8 2w=[*.`:n]tt2w pl# s ofrsnh 1. peoe yw braton>> wn c t o unssteaut wos dilaysighte rid to ftlre abodru. r: i temot rn of theig remkae fi feopn wer chathem.tangndrech dplayhat wear yrarownh ukwaad
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ut0%rtals.e i tyof orne a sndarme suppntce pla, ey help cor some ofwhede n'pay. co of-pket dil sts. so't wt. llrequt your frecionuideand gaer infmaon nto hu chsen espeof l piocr tal ca ps. ng s fr,de ydst. aettarted ourrows l yot yon'eaethugure. ddly arer. llstutn a th ghriinantl ens ure t old alo ymoutand ygout.
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anmothov. po caile anlike t fpis, it's all in ontiny pill. moveree ultra. geyo mov (sounds ofirds whistling) tr r massage anintimacy gently s l y to mined upitolctleing oss germ-riddens. oroxoit wlcleaneth bleach is nmafoat. but lytoil bowr inates min ilfftlessl
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try tomatito bowlan. >>rpic a themissni anhere sioterv eso wn hopgsubo it e t thee of rsi. nyt, nhavi f wh e fb it's not wtherou w sell oy,ar tts
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li, s, il >>eporr: t tur aig blde>> hto agiis iv rteoerizonotg. otme rorr: t tob bo a pinunter hosng mishap w h noceroner a t mie nts aouhiha ppedutfterwh ota aise nc lemy te trene t comedi h sor eigga. >>oa en,s, i th w ltyearbe ayn e catinns o izotwr >> repteerllhe y,
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windecidotered to upseda dgeusitio we swsrom t tthe terrib b acctnd thnextoundsnow y.ghthru s pasngsnjed r lury r s rrnd comndapolog>> aeronmainnext aft wng t pebowlndelrangt sn, lle up aete? uefeua 9 >>nnnc: bc ths >>ni oy.mnin.yueaymog.prar dinlye
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hashovni lyetur os fheub dersdicltoumtille eem rnpo c' gns wnc newshir wy a early mngurmaoo mog.>> r gmornin is ate thining se o ndides wilitome oeollisites. othee,ay i sting baitto s i rin eff pdf. thre. gresus. r:hrll in new hhiast th lot ig dtr 2n sich, ehree he de wfoeste sa orhiy.>> rorte res thete j s' fkiheirsion i wobecau tranda rk nhtin tisorur
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usomroou he getou yot ep donump st eaby d digthepolleang mco rub ted runnmp d hcr bron omocratnie it' a mo lks. 's a vement. >>rs wteallsvotion i a of l b l ro theple mpshe willthe oppo t eno isen>> clihnf belie h bi chphongt o
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ont-runnn thetcomld be difnt bouter st ndis and se aurpris in vote. orter: kn, we hn incar of s in r ofstate.'s interti lk es. dngesthcan h d l wn a ara an y ioned,e side, sandes now ahea g intoy. .17-9. s ob re a str ht , wel oucloint.
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>> iasoi udoer cocious. boot upndcious. se thawas quite rom tican. ming up in mex," a ok insidebeyonce'sin the wl$10nigh pamaning land agheshe pl reti>>igmare aa. a uisehipling i -fooseas th iurs an compin. >> watch o bin . u's doesr t lvit. r foa apeiongen
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his stead,aili bbeaew jer tahwe ay wh esyi itkeke hri. >> at thiweshng aund ro lete>> repr: filies rdcravesn thll pfurnntlyass red. ded 4,50 a 1,600 crew metain their rms for hours.bay. aupis, stl ones capta.eally ,0e's veat ri, taking us di.te as early as wedn 30-foot waves and near huicanrce winds.t, ralarib apssengers and te ck to new duther ffor nextew >> cruis ising atns a
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e sa,bcws por l. a oe werki tol their sinki onter.magineei at a fee iwaslwith trtce wds in pa aqu. >> ird largest n th and it'brand i has l lostil>>d newsoto super wl.vinals wout. thais toonews b iwe probow u th mingn n
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how you get yrnning enjoyinin win but do nex if he hangscletes e "wld ns e t ruish scr dowthoor y doju nmo oi
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i toldhecert prs stars but e' anie fewhatreceles. >>ven css o"surghlive in termomgi ngav ha me>>t cic pcry itherning.hoorpl? >> gup, ier riyhous>> wefbenghebe ck bms h le etics tinernimamefhe iftipugnuerteeh f hi bybe
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gdonstt mmicio erhing there s evytod ied a . n ars hisextveis ououldlayneason p a ofr r. andwing evincr w awath f prtrgonggo. "gh ihris connel los ange >> coming women silence during texai
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shdoar yfansio,s, andre c grusouerwereres nuf your heartes omega-3s. buthere'fferce between omega-3s in oil e in mared kll oil. unlike fish oil, megad easily rbed by your body.. ..hi your hea -happy ppr stl, mared is pron incre egve ithdiffens easy tabso. te r thash
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tt loo a the voice gersnd t srs of the s anound t wom had n n60 of th cos. >>ten ith that hair >> eve steven tyler. kedt 25 of the5% that had no me o 56 didn' have singrowo re0 o thir out of . >> wo >>, weidee sawillms awambh ddiz wiut mi amy pomxt>>guperbo, nc
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fore imaon tfe viivsedg hi. i'm .ra aield tm. s fro"jane to say..untsnd en yon theo, the'noin th snack toost, embe rtou lov fr, ped t e f. ot i or fays et hhy,vis www.sstep.g is on "wews imar the -mind very ees a'l le
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ousa qstnsorlymp hut am this r,eroppingthe suarket.techgy desto spe upout d answuestabe ou ae stf to dandat in ski group dates r st is h clive ountitsdayuary. >>nnounc: ombcew "wor nno" ooin ibu tthis rninm ndso >>ee nwena coonthe prende >>
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e early ruravtrum kan thede sanrs is ading in 2 in tiuld an cty fothe vermonsenar.its oi, ur ve. 're into g startith abc'cele yeah ga who i ri t docra. heymyd.>>orr:ininheig he ele to hotr th ee iswe meor fewonths,otousenext o ca yw, iav arefi eporr esent ki ts aitackog , rs mn,n aking n't t the >>eporter:on accusin ders' of o commeline tohiary back to licks atre pranof no ntn
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thosyou thk e saers campgn is pling aftengau, an an. >>o, it ha tamrus erod and tres a ihi sbestigfoard anant oualofhi >>epte bilclto n thon hla sron thiv foerreryedeine br phe ar>> aretherial place ino don'he eeporaneeng conft. jn akth potil relu thk u l ve mh. rtes erni sandnal sp re vin. univtyrowdecte in e thsandis iexacy thgrouhe s toho tim t
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b llod tt ertte or>> mn,s s be gng onllyeatiover st fay reakif atbatesatu n whejeg r um enndmp b so tinback spng witsultf sinhen. an thenoday on twitter, b it sor nleas h id tmps l, liar a w hh vee . y with abcews all y d l eninur pitic teovs the primy. lo f ora from new hampto oor new >> and contentio as the pan s , ayd bra els ev morchs.
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asinpe ghth ramerica sant ai iult to the >>teresttoeehe > e dayf cag foreheewampsreri okla dg a thteal in cicand -9 moreinjure ttisas trom yoohanunca telt arf > anecon emn ai trigrearsestwh conti tr to o t msotain fell awell orm movin t t kes headed f ngld aionhe >>in t fec te acrs dea. molls t rtas tinesd,y
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ld sp ls the sooo.t there'rearmth in thewest. >>uc.a. he 'an phx,ll. 11mili0s ibothmiamanattl ew orlea fat esda >> se s yio cathe hi se thsep eyon hurcane in thetl it's hding backi t ponew jebucand llowinghi t y spwain aut storm. 40oowaan 76-milanouwis th st rnurflng fce4500
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tguore wet a op up in tviaski cfo$1.8nes er m otecti pwothmoviruateside akrtn mm in b cdc move >> dr wi coh a sh padana n ray. the am bacmeit hyte ere airrt to eeth at theitice faci, ere theyby nd linth oute the tea ll aor nver's civic ce park.ut ctaint seatahunngk auting ow ms e asonhe n lninghe gnked semoctays wi rusngwns. hes lyold. ion his moame smea da i' i w
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orke,herowns el wghy d.e stse wkneina hd anne what i d t jon, of t amouhumathe planet tmal liy diffic >> mjacks t tomend s'spening's fro inclu wh all. abey wre.>> r'sin po dr ja fst e esre fineleted rt stm, latckghteten 17000 g ng tha rids ctatioo reo op know. eaone >>eporter: w aihis in s hitlelo,"
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sang f silsung wip shrs day.wi lhaen t me is jon h daugf poss the mostous po shepressuhan ids. >> iclear had tnao hhe cent tstleit adioringi'expect tliterally sit l y. veo sincr fan ri himeeuc boardch utah, recingrom aattee in3. methher dmotkathe jason ussed with "6minu ausia ring dt kn i
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was submby a studenth ty solars ograor. dr ski so ny ny time on analyst, jack sheehan himself. brought the bouquet this he "tachelor" got we didn'waentrce tng.ut that. i'mitngdesk do ioly>> seriooubt fime hep isst re ny if, s nethenheine nto ba
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s g e.ben's rlyou t o. is show. cha aall n h so. e lea e ise. thtwo--o de,his hoofhe evin elly omy' ho preor wea t's huan it y.u t whol f p wh iwal e, ol bicly lt hind >>o. >> yea so balhe wld huleen frolivia waas upset, olia s about asetwardsm as tupt. hase e u r. tncrwan
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th that just t .anpeg heree prly cld sem>>hankllw chlogy cod t nip d thaisla eier.he a tinh. eporteention the surmarket is about to get hte meover. es wng on ways tma trido ls en onvenient. eck out ractivt shvethat rogzeheu n emnd t e sh b o ticet the o stit gng t a t ies onwi t alleen l te y trin. >>ehthsces miog rae ork. he ch7at logic uses iple to an grer allangles making chec foolpr>> doesn m whaion iut
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cakes ode dn.weea vol ci ve ata im, itl enfy it heseyocadohidfded. oe'ttent or rsent2.rsioonvelt ny . a art ig ially dor rkdeif bacing this b wghinten't itheor wchighi st>>stem cedeieris. t.ut you putow inead. >> i putoneah. becau sn'tconveyor. i re ts -- thet goant ut
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pu in val exne tintrinh, a n ovcereprob tworee ast otiur he py he s. lw ougr partnt he o in>>llas tndnemaes>> tt's n spam. dopdates on >> it's wh's for bfa >> it's your fore.nfm. w fre. >> is yourorouupteon facebookwnnfanco is at's forrefast. >> it'yo favite. fied hh sc st aer 9d alg with some higschool b , i up foarmy. am very d servcountr and t y it 't finju wh mhiclwabroaedanus wawn hd tund d acremyalorinr places
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whe n e st i ware glato seemy fily anokinck, m ju agladthwasoe om palyd teve oamicpvhelped magevytng me sure got allyl d hab netspvkn w d too , iou ctentt eugtoo ho . soe sa thva,
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d veteransa. toearn mort t or> mni.ndib a n. ae oftop owthg news
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at midni s ning rima cead.y mayo miaeoog al t estialpaig it" ynch h for ndidde thse sckedgian anicfond inck tw w thnd sn enge. noroisacin estis ouitsi t ilveth t sto w cas. anbowl er bncl alutedbyhes ting a wntown pd rall teamivedyesty om trewi vlime or his brua aouom abcthis i"wor n >> w good g to yo
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1:58 am
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1:59 am
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2:00 am
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2:01 am
unded ters tng m omk tm.>>erna'tnkd wl. heind ofeaon rh auomg he ackwlgi tebatwaes mt bsangha h k reangintregyor reics,si "etelan sformri somhing ot founded to rushth's a lore reblicanshoesi tollas, nasa, new haire new hampshe.>>oor reivvege om hpsren r lfas und.h ws fomete cora. > 'rgog tr fow t za rus. pridt amasones for ar $biiotoate e di now span sevount t willhe virtop epter: estionabouel
2:02 am
ggtbs henthsawanstle atteth demmafo e athles. it'ry dficuo gi viceophoe delastumr of committee ing hletes to listen to thedc, while cis in r are to do the s.r'iedicafitell scer team, haveon tve ymgo mal ting alnessprautis rerdthzius fo33ead s. sinr ed tthe' quon don car kviruand uf o'rin finisne irus promp
2:03 am
york. >>e of ty at sityn co g totempted toother s. ng bal was arr r an it a wego. feldeccus hfiner rooatsisilollinased s rningim i ursday. ity chapter now suspended. strond dry conditiosingildfir reatm kanso cel xas. s up to 50esn hour elederirrounmay. th i msmy ns acntonutt wn the ne g atoodd blnd icyns c taccide oi-cue dart o
2:04 am
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2:05 am
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2:06 am
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2:07 am
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2:08 am
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2:09 am
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2:10 am
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2:11 am
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2:12 am
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2:13 am
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2:14 am
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2:16 am
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2:17 am
at yougeworrd t >> repter:nd the nturtrill mihe eire wn. >>isbefuki of res inheld iobf in incr,huh?only bob ofib thawashto u i, ite b ouer a inatg e athey this he w, 'sheeaof . ifer20 , theyyoe,cohi - 8yo paeden8, moth iupo yof 65arou cner,ink an
2:18 am
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2:19 am
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2:20 am
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2:21 am
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2:22 am
gativeurlivee ts miwise wld sercot me supowwifa imo t. man, rn de r. >>'mfa s'siny.s g >>tued yes
2:23 am
>> that'ws for this ha hour.whermy g llt to ay wholy need juster cow isedater buffalo s reallyfor py.why seivestowhnoactors bee gin al ike s a all sine--l w e , e eg.. ico fomeci, , othitt home, liit en odfertor. t 'clsakathat ne tngouno t faou ge yot is "ssg on t gt" t amas fsin tono fy o do thsamehing. son anso ountipr soo'vlpedlireouerty.
2:24 am
ing change.over0,000 amicjust like me ow the passion helthonefor ica. toe oucounsa tehethie wi take ti i'an aris mber ani'm g thgs de. > thorng o"w nnow,e t 26. shamp ve ady ceiballotisningumsand
2:25 am
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2:26 am
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2:27 am
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2:28 am
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2:29 am
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2:30 am
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2:31 am
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2:32 am
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2:33 am
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2:34 am
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2:35 am
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2:36 am
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2:37 am
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2:40 am
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2:41 am
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2:42 am
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2:43 am
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2:44 am
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2:45 am
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2:47 am
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2:49 am
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2:50 am
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2:51 am
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2:52 am
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2:53 am
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2:54 am
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2:55 am
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2:56 am
kiff coms ne fe hiary s. tciolng a ats areiter t profe of-- tsest - r teasd t e ge du ink e saermp y? ter loaully er >>ie wghto ve s eryb ifhend t d strghwa a tranarenabals. >>orr: bto noton hlaryurro e e. fo sreta of ate lee alhtlayinghe gend car>>nd jremea speciaplacin helr woo heothe teanders t.oin us political revotion ank you all very muc >> reporter:nie sanders final campgnhe. univerty crowdxpted to isas. iexacoup he shoo sh orlevec wsduw ascihampis hepluall and ndy' whmingndende.
2:57 am
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2:59 am
ths a ali a wne hnt >> a mlez ve i .lee ow>> sy thbcl y anl evinur pol te certharlo f o wup from w hairngn or ns w.s e espan s , weayto ves m erorcil ooercoirtie'g r t hif n inpethghthhean i erysurnt aignan iult he . >>teing see iheru the lastay ompaign fore new hhireriry placeing a poweul orm thtered and. necticut, a us and crashed on i more than 30were inreus was traveling fr yk city to mohegan su her system in the upper plains triggered blizzard warnings in itutonditis forced even tractr o
3:00 am
ross the ed for n to the east ayecast, crwide area.fas on the 7 ches eected,in the uer midwest. in the 's an li 60sn bothseattle.ew orleans ftuday. lks tryi tthe er something th ship they wdamagericane for s in atlan hng bacng tits ho port inew rsey. yarieak r r lowi tto ite wainbout a. e sh bay b 40-ft an ilannds at suryingge ieir nsors. l riean ded no coin ccofor e coued ad at >>prt amisopg p tt ain t ruaski cgrs r 1.llto usen ccesnd
3:01 am
mon u.s decidher to tpartthe olymcs in harahecder hig alertte >> dver brs toy a pare dotoally thterredacmeit thtrhyfa we rtee andt eiprti falielwhe arved b. toy thoundwillinthe r t them o wie noreatevent inver'civicent par seell b certa mawn lyn i e guown aseastha pl nine ons he nfl he lni game ed ngiv
3:02 am
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3:03 am
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3:04 am
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3:05 am
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3:07 am
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3:08 am
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3:09 am
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3:10 am
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3:11 am
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3:12 am
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3:13 am
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3:46 am
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