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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  February 9, 2016 10:35pm-11:37pm MST

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he was being c by cristthsrur. dmen guorve thkingha waslauger ]thiss the -- t 10th the iversa th hampsimar th doi ths ar n hamhire since ande 5 y old, if you ima. lahter rn sanders aonal trp re t wrs nigh d thi p are you i mhookes becaeishris iat d berrs old,right? [ hter , ay you- iasn' r. mp llntpe twhole day quily goog t rd lif encforld nowy wasuitew in w shir tcandes,di t aad n.he'sebg snbas. here sich thring e owballs,he throng tho a thes th d inin thiselecon. ht ] pd o tig gun.
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campinor thiwe. eyid a bun o i ichyny t see jeb sitt inte nt tomo okede areeach coce lahter aneb grgs ping intoo. gege bh narted an tt rauring ir and whead y ull ote je ca help re't p fd fami ourlarng je owd are bo xtoerik h stwhisre hnackgo. tiencentoue fi w e tort hdeskhere m littl w i wes n bon ndmaei autittl a
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r icaur jebush apau jmy ni.uknniande maythe in tsrace, but fr ene staine's weargomof suorrs in hpshi ou auy passeut in f ofim a rally irdy. a raln de womenow for cot.>>veheissu maybe wishe on. st eshaagn. ne iueut tre -
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me ofis la ] t' tc te timetnhisimin ve re he [ ug ] ke soby sa os [ pl ] ane, wt it yngor p but h he might w beca ll lasht on twran annt 'sngg titfis inumorrdmefied iwasal md. the ced ito h."en he c it "swi "wes anno cng i n. ny cha n ois a aiddythmef me 'seayaz laer laighete th tha t n bu an figure out t sn 3reeezs,ch
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sdi ver numtitle perderiod p. soug s the iti aret.o.p. anhae outt atnd for a wwe'lln. an out.n i m ll drl ha nyt.o.p. ands tmyor obvislpo [ ee andppe th ze. aoet abon hou bi ] ho i aerbl ne fo a album. valee'says onsundayat mherifoss out tgoay. vae'says e li ala suddenlbecomenomicallsiveand w oy witit it w bee if oaste th crged egg. la ]bubuheay.
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spend an of7 o ers,choce, jewrynd othe leine' uf ts i ida. anmagine m in st.probuite mor [ laug thising. somebody did atudy about t iv of marri ople. they cont pit le heexnveraf im iceeit bit righ iught ioue funo aske coueseranngarndnolwo blew, y k - w the . , my now, and i-y csi h aredo? jha aen beeri me n heimende hav - how oft did he sam? ansanborn? >> jimyeah. eaid tim aek. jimmyeek is 16 a monthhich hink at, t?[ hter ]
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he'sdi wha iam. jim:ll n,eshton hme. aeadyd. ayle bngn ir cole isas nideagoing to a tm. ed to stoand ans a estiwher ae.hi'sou? er>> a hus j: i y, wt your ? ro jim:he are y fm o, kent: wow. are you ova? >>s. : hee rbed . yes.g have youeen together? ask? e'veee rr5aredegh schooeethrts. so dated five years before that oh,worsppla yuyeally ck e bo, s?ugsk y a anst ald. wan uotehe awe
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an n'eveayo aernt i y, ay? all t.s h tes ronth arau se all ju go ah andt inkt tch - . ah. reut sokas w- th ts kar isiting. ro areoup ka arerawing ou dwhat's ge?uger alri 'rngotartithrob. sou nub sayfivet.s [ plause ] all thank yo,n sas a l f
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nioee you . les bn c g thiplas n bn liin eyon ow idt -oh, dot hheonese. soeral'tok.reful. name? esa.>> jmyhia.>> anyo>>nd ishis yr husb i bter viht >>immy d andesa. did ysonally arhiodaywa n acdent de j: aacntw. autyound upntv laer ]won hou bmaied? >> s yes.>>my:en an,yo to immy: wre you fr ciinna jim:ncinti,ohio.he treguesok.i' tqu 'roing pa posi wherean't s other'swe o eitr thawa. dons d.i'ju l t wan
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me mve du vex? ok uger is w hsrihis. rightha' c her mb.erthda -- [ lahter ] hi,. y'tou nr.righ tha, shoouer yo num is? fi whasgil dwi oe ?ht ] ad zoigal. jimmyoh,real? fivealghand d,ou num is?>> 12? er ]eers and a ay. >> j badws. dasatinnu.
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on y chat's here [ ] atuite a scre vid, y cgr alonherer >> jim i all yo cmsor here aup jmy d? >> bket stf. cheendus]>>im: thk u. ther yougo anksoraying.engo take brene com we have special. al jakyr popd u dald trun mptnit. iureiaritke,isou wiee b in
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taps sti a'lbe rack.e demeg thth ephig caalad annopricicy ti tofithis tt opleav500 whhe. in i ve thetory,n'at lls? so.. lsme whap wn lobsgerikeaniritev yod u unthsetil d lobster' cklat r shese ar ke tstthraand chse,
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s me. he eg elie sdrea t u uso ca cu cutll rft! hanges.i vehaes en st agie ade r know w, you neinclude,inmusic will incur dchs.
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ee a appus] jelmeack tth sh. iade and fm thin buthievs on thewa [ cheers and applaeye natio were namps f thriryti eyadiowa pry nmpe, thy'll on i g t hereeopl neit i d f t candat. tug t n mpir't nsari g tin khoew ire ou? what h
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fr "jersre." er ] but tdida a the.thren gr andsur p jakbyrd wh asieonaltrsupp hu gocaeingim smb a r .p! trp!p! donget. teoac >> aeeu! we weoveyou, dd [ rs a ause im you cyov ch aeaut thg.yedaak brad eltsoe ts rtroamp rmarincsterewshe.>> terso w thingsone. gd peop goodositioheaccoun ton>>os'soiet ame rkai gngoetedac mattow m isslt.
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nd my>> i l yr oed ] >> i't sl. but ne.ut bor reacoitd mke sai 's n hampire,ha muto. t's lik l o it t oanizonebof ->> s don'r ww wdog.ybyee- >> s a vltlu yo wt >>h. a is s disoized. rds.dowa to s thane.areoing tohrow som t train tracks guy?
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s h tshe, gnt ytomo ,an,e ba nit. ave vebae' edio blo or com. ihaha ught ]otoiha pen th gm i a nde cfndie ere. la ] al.inos w gng t b rso sg - .elus. on't tse it. going tola htda plas! walls a isra
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th bf! um for nald r!dt ldruve >>hooio foe >>o!om peo -- staid rrible owsaid?t i o- >> []. s [ep >> er ] w!ouoi h and you'rve like amaniac doom rvo a t thsppre?
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i'ng toreck w.lahternkmuch, nempshthank [ chee app por m w ilsonall foepersally re i'm buac tl ie ow t's o i the- s t on, ltuortrum and app jim: unfortunateending. buthank you, je everybody.ll fre ught rsla iry wemugh nothg vik is htl
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re boun thesom cbined. uinetoswch fen op car me. itghneant smbertwk folf ct.thoney wcapu yllm nolewantbe mcan e your t un isnth.fiore ht.c what's the most awd car company of the year? nkg om top to bottom. ry csteem thtoawar
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made "clioofci...j s, d arerinyooutehiand erice itp. trryma eryr beliewe .histy ed sgo.eers ause : there. hes a n lemoe shir
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suppssalic vde her ch a aus] th way sex,wh a inenand,-ta"notng thfr t s ag ae ow nhte'e gd sh. a cen re zeay wave music fm mana. thensn't mr i you'r repuanrat prt o, ifst ese w , he me s it he's t th bill watch id hbo and see himiv the i la and 1h. plill mar.e ] tha youhe
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>>ec ye o a i'tortoght. be you my fk owthe st cst chee appe >>immy tha u.yonlk sho oth e. ye they tackho thstst j: yll ght? why,ha didhe >>my: gurfing or someg.righ >> tol yth? owin on >>oud ll me ot h in e faay surfd. ]haote? ha ueitoaw iseai br d an jeff ss.weulsmedi vredus. itas >>kslaer
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[ la and yknow ses wavece pla acas tooeep t.laer ]ppy gothautf >>im w. heew sissldtear. whet i none giv aep >>im ah , d'tnohateopl we so uabt. thinusybs rsin oryth um>>mynk is , -- [ j ono he'ngidentnd heayep bl]. ught ] az t cry. immyo uehat oo yosle it? thai me, i alys d tmpnd e aeet t seriakillu we n diff [ ]erta dee w ing hay
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olly rr" [ se ] t h t sh>>l, t offhe airor b too ply coect. >> jmygo>> t ty y. jt? notgujuld leanyeah ye, t dd mp trdls f bras yetisanha t saofme wehot s erhe h s jn noarhe wet,we tt'me what hen h wteg y, you' o you pe.fiorin'ren owo ugl f
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ay [ ] woes mo fa insufa?[ ht ]eers alae ] >> th aov nste ev t tsoi t dest himusakes stro.ukn >>my: yorsed bni fpr y f gut lo ila a lo but ahie.wee h a l mtime isti tn lenone er pn eab fo. th'se d w,s babl t sou no ast jewho t k opleeen toduc belen'twyd anutt winvedy bgh
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li r'dehesaying b m te eopde w y paye moreoo wt. ll hre.ft theis sff hev tnk he deserve on at get the beneee a th g to the old, fi. i'olauencens.aid, fo bni lre hryll itikehen replifouonet yr rs oiat chhtcae iyouon g
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>>il self.laer>>mybu y had vfonethishe youd-o hink hestngem? tslway trs o say thheyd. hyaid b.causemart aevil osreedummie o. ow, he d kno alking ust ss the words. but tsdi. 'sar reae th i aeyn s k he bee. he as ts-'s m vo efe/1 anlaic ter el swooury si ] ca ano tre nt was ake eognigh [ laht ]
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mb aouple of weekseork . heedor t ent toncd he'like o iov weep ] kke chord le - i again.aher iser hi is "r tim he's in marh an13 l ightk.[ rs a appe eeean'loe thatitnae aminth ia stthge o ir y at misson e sck
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runc cai want to chdrenci aver e rl ic)xp) (m) poolorng nch) (explo (crunch) is friy, u ld. u eathro ne.
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ndpp >>immywebabi r. cheendpp merl rilave aag ho upas l pyis?>>oveg. ow,lathere'soi moud, t am[ ught ] 1>>myw. w, a i opene for diroan tasyeimmytrs comedian. one you kw wand to see dia
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e cnd .it's tnlyth wcany ohrasweek yw ee uon'tla chsts ioue a psona aparceacpelere snd the m magas ul gele ] rion tono rimas isec tpeoplel fllty abo longheoune im , by e pyay inoou hrthday apauouad bth rty. ou o o keuiet yes, hd.ho tou jim tha when you don't w me peopl oy this tuff. >>f all,an't hanyme. whsa .ug t even and ise a a ma ashow, e it' ae
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imeenos seye's dry shhe'sr,>>my:s craz >>ee what i ? ever. ug ] imaloweyo and coly giser mlills. reats iweimmoy. laht ] i dn'n tt us tt b t reas jim y t k aly,gh the t at t hous if a petionigned b 1000y haved t. a the. beauts wn hours, had 100,000atd j do st my. ure th tre oplethe who nevohaow bir, h adian pkerever gotmarrughter
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my:ou consi -- i e's cgek fund-ras.tell hou'rfuse wreuhohe sway 'l s [ chrs appla] >> thas whathe psident ,jimm sh .la immys he here t likeanta au ., we. we'll see w >> jimmy: v goo you. [ applau ] you know wha i tliones butn i was colle su dpnd t oplegehaoue g stapomicsndf u wanto eech th 1as th mir hotel - >> l ves!wh dt aas im r,yb
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vika. [ eendlaus tid wking for peats we wt ifth anca y 's rhti'live 7msprn essel ient ev at a off? doin. rnese harkin poof teanut. tart wsingcoti twk bo oo fa lury to ce
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comdo ynkffs i s l y?be iv8we d is t evgointh te f ofrs binss fueon homoke sepo anding.ey'rl ch 'shtch thfastesinpickan it tonth nootfivedredrs hiad aiter new yr evy
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> we'backill mus fromothiut ve extst h h auc weite .a.grdon s svpf eer .
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tres forer role in " gease say h to ia vier. ee] i know i screw upournamelion times mylf alkander, ri >> yeah was t i didn'say it thatefore. atohn travolta introduce category,him.o oo fo -- one of the man goo things i people and over again maybe little les oat. to giv thon and t- hat is ted veou namelicia vika >> j forthat.[ is ts a big i >> ah. >>t isis. rbery - camethe age when would allo of set
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th l leityds up and ajamas ate poprn tched the a taut a tses. immy: sr fust have very verited when gotna ahiy were tuly o the goldeglobes the t timn l d vi me. heyame wit me t. i mingveehe ni w >>t s bec it wa- wee is, and it was 9: the mornin cou hanean w normalmy ts rit. las hat an but why trk [ laht'd jok
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same every day. i do seroptis nike i donas butourk yt chan sorn sh yehe w yo col fhree ntndheou ep having le aig wnthe ap pt'thir tuctll -oo at u. jeanan at-shyouoo s jmy ye, thaisun thg bau wneoeom he ow fm "me of s" orowon o meg'm aay so ehe i humaneing clhes. . >>immy aityout'sin ofhe posite. ye. >>im wil youringou lyo th o with u? i >>my: you oh have theic host . jus them ckete ->> j: w tmbar u bng t fam ? >> ie so. jim: yeso yo o wit assh ofre d'mi.plsee ki. d s e waikh, mgo tt' te. >>im:wo at nn
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ob m age thi ou it. at leiturbuahur da itbayakerthat w h ash - oe ash o kat myo u know t womewho nomited y cate hen actll finlyotnemara bause 'v beenngt m es tsani' okedp h a nctreonmewe bwangrosshe . an w w d tse ha thescluncon. we p ntacth for >>my: e l he sdy eating. i firstop eryuall noly ahe g globe waithereit pla t mndrylsebuood nercameist ird? jt' clehe
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>> ahi wa liks isveyearthis it misshis actu -- immyyeaht'sy thin you eat r. [ laer ] >> . theou drk. and tt gs - >> j:nwede d ybody englh? >> ye yone saks voo englis ed rn inchoorombo 9,. it w notil i here wh yctytart speit youkn. >>myndou rlizet eiffentayop lvent k. y mncent >>my ye lauger>>ye,e davhem-e ve tmnwen too. jmy you hehe in ed? ah >>im:'thafuy?ellnoedf sdicc cco[ ] >> de,yoyode jmy so k b toeeore rw oh he do
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w,oremoeg at's a s to hesam . ht ]re youbout t os if sul f ght. i hava gce ofou gambl oself? oucan.u're workiasidoarnew lae crap immyyeah e crs? ught ] ho d youdo u we mg atie wh th studatn, wer u, lasvega >>. m ap touctua --oue tli h uelors kwveon tlsveone at hs the swet dude >> j: but hs no hehtre ye jmy ks nayomneonrmshi fo me. [ apau ] ] wtillav oeeko go >>my nron w l atheweshfs d. andum o, we leaed weethi kngmematt ivirnat ug ] ngratus. l seet t aca awardsthosrs, wh a on
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eaern,pafi and of coursic was gr "the danish gico out on dv baych 1 we'll k withot but thieveeers a
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esend byng>> announcer: they mmel live series is presented by samng.>>myr d mon. we out o "nnext. st with their self-titled with the song [ cheeuse ng sts whanr wo rusherth u l mg was ugthiv
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angie thotrstrip switch,riswch wt dwh tr'ou wh dwe th gdodohen e ow'sut e ts do ddoowdo own en t liggodo ddoown dohee lits g ootheyut o the htthut o tlitsy thligh wwh t per's out hadoe do wn thts gwn ate power' wt w whelits
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owdoowdownowwnwhate hethwes ha w do whes t hadoe hes downn wnow do dn wnowwn wnwh tigs go down[ rs a ala > th"n toniign n hpsersje s. >>hi v liss clas hst wi
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hats t mnor ndo in n utrona >> rlitytare gie oningp ndba.>> c wn coual linifefur "e ew rseyutck wit vy
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