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tv   Nightline  ABC  February 16, 2016 11:37pm-12:07am MST

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ofsialrest ten 4retiastktt saymyin isn okas i thtt s. ea b on te . ep the-yeaol onays h mad the cic afr years oufri bws to t hd andan coons. ithi fe li'd aladhad reanso th pntenoue bn wlior y, a ofcouss. rorr: eeciot tye s!>>epte w hrele dic h w tth rlsstgeefe dersndg t efftshe ghmpact b n h >> toncu youve thee sou tothem e jheth t atanc t h bmun resiearaa thema t lo e,chro tenalop,brinke o ed hits teh
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has bnoundn lyers hlfer grd jeaannc liback cisornd s h wainmal aft secf coer brhepn"out ene"oonve'sme 'see. ttpl h brai froomde-u meea the t,ra ee atrageepr:ry s ess hfeed to seurhi ae me heedo kppre. stelbr. itseire ancsionani,it sredeo jt -tt.>>uspl r,leasedon' sth t od>> onre
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>> it' n reans not ke t -he gamd,uy g helng s meeetngin repr: lyes sined . e kff the ct iieowu elfthleteli th e hasheei e t run groundiv rt >> rte smer wresn't pr 15 v a le f eai tgn sion aendi ingnjed ev cin aasestling
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formneled ersemendn wwehaeen ll de ansmpntgsion m proceanthemplented a talentllnessgram thaow oncuio testing, ato itaed wwe,2000, t wholen ggikthatreasn' a sports. methinwron >> rorr: tha ce i satiingboutary roug theminadoctecyill m he entt wooicscop sl picretherain o n.thf n tbutan y ce,ownispots.oren malust
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aut ofl greatfour-t ser bowlhamp fm ea while , broke,on ikeer die da rttookif athe o t vioreserd um to d prmedr's aupsme, everybodasot wellode a rat >>ter: ter' b med condithn het and hb centold m colaguean aut hfiin thet sfint cobutoac toecexpore t blu for ta hehead. e letlslap vtoue yond backwa sideways ir skul causiar in
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l wnk smun cancer u soung ou'regoing o uphe lungca,t if geid itheeahousveryearou n ievou'r e. rorr: tor profesals a a ra s thetoll cisak orr: a e r thena c a ncin als. >>ort hd m em you kn gnit -- myogni abitie >>orter: nfl rsed epor thes lng toow s iaosed conn e uencreed% this ason, wit sta ersidel s prson. coe t to th
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thfl tol abc n t reafon increcussns ar uneawik at snifinten iheio at dio a thae'elg goin t lea trou r peop. nee eras unit di fappen ionf >>r: fore hes eiprivele e dfere b s wries wife, br w ith specici cntagt- e wastdingn unce t and she g ond susk g falthr. atle bitohen a on inring. sohead t teewoof sstrong you -- someti s'swi, nd w pct
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ng aeegvethg wt thrghit h time jteehat 'sim for m tgp t go harnes we. bu tha d iyosorni'mkawhwoin l ael>>nextlthyow wit a srockgncide rate.what re teac, an ang t asuisur fd e pl get 0financinfo60 nths on rduvrd exp.eand .. blwithfoon s. desp youab. deford is amering brand.
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avrao se eurt likmed yo tlot a ic...s rapi treev pnpr j her mahuraelngmo bee mie th.ra wadtsnd ho specific sof mation that cos to ra symp ower your ability f cludinuls, setesfectio a cluding ly haned, ave blnd ous problem rioulergeact, new worning t il before tat teedb. r u've whceaifu inctio a
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talk to ur docr d visithuraom. th i. ats omtersin country of themcarement cen hicrkre nd out w atca cr. caer treatme cents ameca. thssned toa. inheer o er me te.
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neattemaer thesarmeth0 seorortes a oerdrinlts roh rvic thfaof eiee. th is nior. vinav. u svi.
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"nightline"chor byrpitts tonluenoniccoun tow h te suide r feimes tnaer thiss a ory erneto.>>orr:kied tr, fo sic va place ithe d. ortere one iyng tld rrowetth.epor her srmiio a h olop potenha paloo ecasther side>> ao-caed s fidp.ecau oeheerumr w jt ssiv rorr:usour the li e bde aide luer. dth tondrock c iix ldutev ly leisis.>>orter: nownaon te tn instigionhyma
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-yr->>orr:ht at,tuntma coouplacgam s cald hetown preure ent. ittra>>uness ensdius r for cang and areir at th ors athe other pcig ntown, wordf h nned it way sad f me becaus d ever tha ind o is eve ible f >> rr: whaoes, du th you prsndeoplsudd rzet a tion w seoy k ke tt op. wellh e wat ofuite, w sha whneson ds ho cred is an opti cot merisly. which eall eng. i even ffho o eoxp else
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his dend "ud asd."theissmas rliheir own struges whie and si. tgh strgl wdesiediceditohnd i reryoak the hings okay mask that our com has andk about the deepe're going through. ror where does sure come frm clas does it c hers hi if knewns r t le orr: m d, eogis auma ivsi, s vid po too stu wtoueusg elagumr en su. re mmuni thav h sesss aenomicall a en'tnced a e uster. r s c that
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ightg atend nsueofig the tnsha alti. ticly o a oerge grsoeten theluen and th biololnfluen i s t morble to b influence b somebody else's >> a whathey can'tsee at shatre are wayute, ing tay chuivo grar. >> it'sit tsu>>eporow graate o aigl sayhesure dur freshman toieveasoo ch. itas jtinne ilmosf th a. classe iou orr: tsle was t ohi s d t r lg te i b feg lik ias . i how s i need abreak. epter: h one impuiveomtf despat >>ha was ting toch tsepioromyreithaout
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rshe mhang leloadul aba'er ghepneedasreoossage t who have conos p wan to-- l worth ling. iveeoplaroundat kind kpreg it really l a t gn ool whoed tos hwn st eed cen thsroo the is aothaas co meivabathechlirme i cria>>eporr: h bies sll ass siz les howo. en feeli likehey y e cldak >>ha senng inhch is thuny? thehire chlegboutoingoh hoel a
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thountec see ti dssboreed-oerorn hoo ak egr tea osivchniqusthe tng'm ofte' not doi twothin. we a hcort a suurst>> reporter:ncide c are defin a tt itsesry sicaractecommave ri,ve see th have ivealtni ha sus rortens o sof ansve ce. butmaou prsind cgguabtllt a cci stsowar pveghese at
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coug one's o them ahey, areou do youantaf reachi out i think go a long way. >> reporteor byr forrtantreport. andcesboutdeprevention iner rec tervth klbout"a mockon u o webt m. an somngydient. 'lle e sof ds.e byut andth dusesinho atmstog onht pe wheloterrike iren ob? u hury
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weminste sh.aneyom for thing o tstn.ny pat, tcoit bytinere mp heves pduct yo uld. s f. >> wow. ahetakes f rce-yveord toit dry. rorte the arenty s o . s nusok ithin ake dgaze >>oo so ne and sweet and>> s likes mcd that's herorite. the o noal p aickenggets. r:ndre ao newcn th tbr picard. t ofkin us >>eporter: and the spanishd. terr orter:henre aieri ien t th breasin mes. ound cic geanhepherumor -- >>be
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fainnd d stow >>tn s d ton16 g r.ernord inr,c.! rorut sel yllhe cosre prty adab t m my. repter:orghtl sslmernerk e asatuy h agree.e jesse, thank you for tt foratching igtonight. i "gmahe
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dw le on th thentimenl 24/7 onghtlin facook thks ain f watg d go nto ess "e. o md! >>baage tr swt ter nge. >>are toe ry ttake hanlto. should have stormed stage, kanyetylor momentyon't seen, t
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we gogeal the the o ss ouhig nighfinay sayi helloo adel aight lon ur su jo dowfashe dodots. wabea ddinesht s ondrt rowi us er >>nouary 2 thht>>keofe. iresk st or h coner ri bing at hmadeer mous>>heme forasnighesgrd that whatgonay weonnd n ca grhe d reamerreet andckster emotna wowerfu tribnd even y
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re are goie onthe way who will tsuccs. or take it lintr fa >> tlor blastekanyjust uray ateeappint, roverslly i ou e a me fan >> say wyou to wreyou'oingu'llk arnd anu'llw it ynd e peop w le yo


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