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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 18, 2016 12:37am-4:00am MST

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clos cnthsausi tniad a rhere tcheus itymoti . a ntowmeo pimou>> hadea dth rien oueveckepen buoe kd ocngepr: it' hee youesnc so mu . stepheouee aaetyy rthwtitu shows jt haralg,gg flai to es o. es thiceo posdn ln, w iied 'sol e'ou selpldwa l a om s aveiment.>> bar it t e, y
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yoler opan ur ce. fusevo p urself oal a molwkiwih sithat y i o t g . i dsnchomlo o fl rne rlabne, s wagt tof. a t fpowd. g c are sanr danger. tditi ocastydog. in a ny coit
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ee cre lde ren tooftto. sor h s cer t swift d sear roo heake bblego >> rr:tms w tus ressaal e. o, d n. wchshye erinheirac>>hi t y.>>epels talng ed s, youem suet obas cn'oud bs dia. >> . >>r: tisual calle not gve ,edy wdt himeliverhe the, atck tairieras su illlgo is, bisanemidating.
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don't dge. doud odecyre t 0 t e use s tveday. >>orter: henatches fmherwi some don s em ey'rreming t0%e ganttot tehatopper i gls i. trusivew. alwayecit.theykt part j t't li. teom m il wh ion nes . le. ve goar. r:rl ewis. hasutest i te scildys. ye w o .
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a li tch ial t. k-y toh.ou, ugh] mi? ne co youanear . doeven thi abo ii toinex dr mylegmy ugh. yeuthat mike tt dry scon. w on hicoh to works on his cougat? stop! dot pu spoit! shdo it! exrelieshd drug f2 withwoinn ll t ef. t'enth shdon' carry carryfansnss, d ance s...beuse ous mfogresf vevee as ipctn suort four jnt cabo in tinpill moreultr
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ahat'ft is shi. ttet amily >>has greeke ters. dor t s st's diflt eug tai i andily in i t
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>> ctyd c potr h toakhestutit irhe's he ju chg. ohe shoexhtlo, andhrowell spirtests deean psu he. oroufo a inspg peop a t pwi t ksirstlast cp hi dic atesd i f wu anseqlyhrap a >>eidi p finldid tyos wnge y dely.tu genatings posi bz wh coentstrulexe to ale e o wloneso w tk tacth
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w soornt f dgha th alwaysther.joto step i >>oing the grin ranks o bamnd ha l pinttr c tha sn wehey'arenr r. dhe al, t llnd t -eeeay iact ms me r:eidm thotsailinre all c t ehe edbemuchitean wn'r jinse. epujchanbc ne >>s gxanto i ea nbeee . gmily
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tirtfricl e. atple n plag hy're its urfeh.>> aouncro abc,th n>> gdg,ev've to ay. kegibs 'm reeid eundhe ,youround theekent'e fer clo to s.reosibes.>> se mexaygo-b tothe pnalmian thwroerder. eadi backtheaticthis mni arapping u a fiveit tore cd o lceopleion,ionc a
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good moing.epr:heem on ther sid othraho he epa sasatre ith tat sulst e ndr t pe ro wds oce rt andnio pora lto hti t the hth of .eaoreiag eporngs theio o frompahous who hieryro t ud eietiaratedfenc we areyi bhe rnd ing to
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ated ithision yemiion. vatisd umimop called as f agaicaedor mpsiafhi vith juarreke aitxploatio a hotlneone w er t hfromte thetal m or h d bytrast . ncis a his own say tille cg and e wha calleheffinfntleen and nda? hamuch
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t mth mieg rng diomicelio wh cuhebe the f psint rsoit thean ffouncent thteous harn he preside i aion cybeury. he iapngoratl seridvom dnaey toir the comss wh foer ibicr. e cmissn wl dft mmdatisr me siss conrstt palupse tsor bthec 1 le iefintoel e fntort' ipespi artde bu ce hasuc gat secutyifio tntis terst or thte h h >> rltim
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ieasyear deatetack sanbernno e sne o tho ki's whaot beeable op rep u.s magis hrd lkorlubo otr oer terrorple i vow ndghisessaner oms.rsemld deeeredoms rtren mnt to prec tlees, tom erle dac a sllnt the ys, i got aif o i do eyin oowo it rorr:4 op we kin s bondheviim fiear a weng fm'sar a an r k edme n t t.thre
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issrina . tll ursage. >>t's goi tgi t go rigo evods ror t btl will coue plaut in urts movin te rc tl o apnd p.sem ditt aws anles.>> u bve a sntgsisaveth$5 m. shegrsnaesrestin. s figerept tir sari he 50ths i a c a for rat . the.oi itslidemng in strot psibl t bo att t at lst 28etuey
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igf eve rhr t cap anka. taetg vehies crygturkh taryrsl, rkh rnnteabensntthe a dpo sonal trumin slitial ll hedzslherun ishe. rcruo i trdla topg r inur tuay pft a pi u doen o cola ve nletr w t ja >>ouknowki h a cplee a we . verknlegaln. ery lina. lagentlemen, we co rubivery will a g dnica. tcnwn h sou carundot rod ofsideob t
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lauedut lcath a utrs >> d ing ckllary n ie sas42eh wornyettow. moreroabcia. i'm o of ththers with heras abltoket thh. tery cli stanh e lmondrathe o womadeath in jasparked >>need t reaof syscism.>> replinton a vo frompaign tr-- wt e got ing juba crim justicetem. eporte to thairwaves>> bsas. illali gu rte now
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we w hron headrs teak wi aier. wwa antedt isouve cse contt.>> repr: bni ndg nadthou t? 'tnoha taswh dog. cungr ep sth inlveshoandsf luntrs oter ucuscln rsel nd "vog," reveang this --m grt at advocatr ot opt m nooo relyti h nowbouthat re a e in coin neva they' handing of cards e s.thffes behey're if'sti hardnsave, an n
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enhoteti'rol .won wh bam pgn at er weorikel t ve se iho wohe a inis brn bl erasls st ias in heart di expesay more rs ceyo cfi rv. s t put rmne vo itaanis a ex ououhowlsting singlp.e cck iestse frs inarmeeoo .it c f lcodprtsronghe de parman.u s mesa a t
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teriat?>>zefountrated majusese ynt boeser tiy ma accountve never sold o bitnlinir business is lesxpure need he nadok uningcoup inyl wak un thiorau olevafyck og was sck i t. oor ert'snthe ho,ot harnrod sky cs. pul a e sas n tg to tfinkky sse
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ngit whrienke oymn. >>ahd, tta imlionaires inlori clng ofr jackpowo't you hi in?p. nd tov inisatorer hospomputer was'rwone now."ru
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thisold d u l thatmonts tifu le yavalthen stdion fsepredliev, yeoner nll s cat brthernsurdi reactov pro seyflam subth use ousytoms stller pil oy controlonsubsnce. e contro six. d siis greer than oncote rief colelet yoye.onas>1thin ous of birling) musi trnek-y toucgel d intima y gy ted. a lile
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hay aner, rlin' caedbyn onbo theeaseanpoof t btl othisrgain drdagrgo es yfend dtydot so ourmwi a conidit, softenyour cart withse
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t we. esy rtstssweat. can hpeanytim ae. re sat is diffthan di smellrse.get 4 timeainsre wi sect hind se fhatrio rte s oiny ul
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and tryvereght.e t 2n-int sleesuleme. cherse o trge dialknsyuch ica a cithcher w cal stne b ho day s. b ra,d ioo rpcesnhecloo >> mgatiga acted ak vi10tu inona atinre won'tvailab f whathe se0 wowi aiv b stgh ompusngespu
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ton thrs ttuts e st wosb alr it vio- rturn dat tdeygoot wast t b aigns dot u the.i' le g onit? they >> rter:tycayhat th aware ua d ng ta w bperty' nearly u tions trace. thisype of seeaisne hey'sing iscate tcs bmain mfranm tim >>epte t hosleavin thimeen i voe aytsns ar
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enar not b mpmi a ce ss rep als casbielsi tta invesng t marla dsi" tttmwsloan od t gauies w peoyiwhapt da.nd truar 5tht rilnays that' s wd t thit in ec 't seeha upappengteth inup ialf e in 18-yr- now f crges
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with irsewes lionai beheho rd thic j or take t the h crthflr
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agome amyof ortediconait so iad alionlaewo have wthe >> wlle t ut a anme a n t w i had mil ars. whe n. treinnefas hisower jat eveone i dkt t n. epr:ug t
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>>epor sndheavidsa tholdon winng pball cketm th i jaarrt ahi of th rd $1.5 ion jackpohevekeoio rk, rt mo st d arrlao wous >> t a ady ng >>r:e'she'theybeenrice anmoveto fridaro rk. eyn'walk drha phenearlyn ru filey ws bela and f b e taahav b rbe c
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line.el wa a wo oo ioo i'mg aomr10 >>'m ied bhee'nd h55.ah>>riedhe grrhen he was0 methg. >> do you kn this? >> i was dng somth. whawaimpr erdoou te you. tuyoreinok mheet
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foet tos pillastsurit yos. s wr mbucin has bye taettsepwoin not 12ull urs.remisery.t'd th. >> i'm alex . you'r5085,thiss an int mge.e, write down t number onscreen thck wt talktoou aboutt on y ratlock foe insura atraee rat negoatnyim for y as be ceful. ma picieu e t u ge a ate lo e conienogra thinumber to mor plan was designed with a rate ck for ofixed ino ada
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st9. a mth len day atlleck.r cr yo cagcan ceed ouay pumnc uawitho heuest e tunbeheal. for your foatn t gi.thre th
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introducg w y toh l me. d tima toentlifie a le tch is l it t. k-uch. nex" tringorgre, oron, that nobyws whatt is o ert' cingfr keli s
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to rtme.thefire she e a myster s got t wondeul noorighan ime?wodve wlo a to n u u ale. ause'r rt >>el ofnesay ogt the re y cpeonheburgheki ok that nsid
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s ta dia wasok f g. n thn. ndles t dn itio laneet ltl brkfn ee t fee huryshat h went ar cod ph onotbogi bo thaave ev>>rm sysm s de tte's toake a trip t bshgi h as af lce i'mng torhi pant i on thir th i. so fhe giro back i myirrid ab. hat the girls inso ply awro me. loo. t. fuen it f71ar to t'ven for75 em ou ge b 0all lbuus
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w itney weorn he meuc . peeyou ung. n. >> i di ed higol ju after d alonwith someh schodies i si up the my. i am very prou to he ed my y be with today if'tory jury. whvehicle was id imbwa h the gro anturemysp cor fplwhft me pady right sidewhen wok in e stes, i was relad ee amanokba, m st agl thwamefrom ralyzed a lp mane eryt me sumedical b ts.
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so i could concentttinllnoto ghomeso ks p weouldwithouyourrvicterans 6yes.
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sit pvorg.orning oews w," cnc pol shongazor this the republican and ac drecrich and na. ees thpeinalrs ixico ong thteboer.idvemeriticais s r, i ares e g e wint twaa wi scen thtaact th coyote interfering with
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kant's baste tarum at gpublerhe ans he vs ayh.nn ns,now.>> mniayson.inany.ah hadhi as nye,. t t a l ihohtd lkboald atore rengrse. cruz er d the latest 'sti sxactly 'sng tppdi . neva is mionury fothe mocrs ansouth ca on or the republic a new natol ou, isamanappantly incd ead of byoint maki istde
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njingey enement. itrsk cthndat t asbl i liov nik hay is hg heror uldivwico ladd n,wema ll ba grda aca >>eporou rolina popularovras ejoye approvatgsf % a rubio pling bo>> ith ee dr te cz dontthd trdonaulrage yfyoan t f lsuitnging thisimgt isation,the lawsuit.r: been
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thhese r othe ail ump ysruz lr. cruz said he's not pro-li said iot?pro-lifecat e r bhe aes se h p numb inthrimast troldsr st trung tet nur ruo, card heal i er thatrp eems t c trs whs nobe e estabnt s bamig nato bisorngh cruzthe afte thco rio reena,endis?nkou. >> m thite h withdentisincuhe tst isit the ie in ceinaln olge lo befe e st
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repuicsiiaful bicallcisio tocasts inwe >>two mofter the inuba, ca rnnt rnsreas er b nhe hesilnotlions ofesesty dn't hsso before th opening. ep he sit ipa of the minion cy of akssnd ast meri enies. ape is in curi wh ho useby of e rn tst the comperomnyin wld create oro the condence i i evy ho presenti hop don trp is sidth the >> i it's rafuat e notelngn that. ink curiirstnd i
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issut hees a wil co a "go rpor nich s doesn't th'sunrele est.op hdi b e tin r ng m exac the. bord apped his vi apg tontriopentheir tsthousandof.c'rawae. epte hstd he nks thende,d weilener, is trorder.rosshe rer, feet awn thun icannclung undoedrayiis, erine s d t sertyinggehe u.s.spiry, t wbohe rowdh dearndasugelic cag pthis w dtr
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rsi dothin usthe er oe opender th we havwiexico.te bo acpope o pob him, h u he bu e sd teom asler t s.cilyakhe olence of the drug tra here in this d by thous of m. uathmeowag, y the po franci ts politics.
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ry's b iraq. soe got cky.oogl thhe>>lehoital co it's paiho disaed iomtenetw o tlyodprenteaygt wasth mosfficiege its st running agathe hama r d ininause online cifcu to o los angeles poce firsreest charwith repeatey raping four wen on ty.o o wo atien -- partn tdns.e ou lay toacredony arge heonvied cos is w sug th woe t bu athe laws, her rns and nd
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uit nshim mohan dego seldehim om precion. jgereest sml.wsab cost endoemenal wnike pacquiaos rorff thhi durinn h ylee th al ni cled atbh dmmedteedtion flow ni's lead.> r nyilofamica omisofarmeatr arrived withficial of base ing. lookth ey>> lksinri. byhendf pch an30 mar leagues llavport in alg awe ininstart ths or so and ague's openingay is sund
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>> a newenicion rpus is toe beeved paenge cou bin for mor of a pinch thaer befor re aompaam f undat s art. tit d sly d buould ao ly cut do fhe ssbend y.ushathflng e don no.giveac bef leom we de ckit. g t yi c e reht i middle ore.unund yesterday on runwa mie'rp welcitayed htefplane eventu madfein grd the
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>>onn.weirenin a >>o ma howctivgy is,ou c as it.a tt u now p o urleatch. yheamofg.s n an tifintelnc w c t eamp ste bse sucmp. soshld wkln deviceike a h.hought it i ng to utg- nge e. was th bef hi >>was be ataing kiad gngot le onlineut notoromnghe d ta ,ab t ultiothing ieathugat
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l accewho dieoo h dide geh erfocama it dri wday.our ritep.>> that'your favite. >> let's it open. there iid no, njill aat e e sameisasher.
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so allt's ft thehine eres, js t nthe kou. asr. .that nlt likhaolor oks hu..tic vi thera lot ntuceralldinges. ap tllr pesappermron'ck just any wipe. cd se sol yo h oga-3 ere's ffen eee omega-3s ish
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eased ybo. mrt,, -h har l, megar is pto lels i d thdifferens ea to sorb doou think you're with it's taco day.reotom to to et my stn. ohrighthenby iours! one pits 12 urs. all d your los lyucinex ar tablarts fkerkg.no12 fl t th
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neovaykmael. d no o that fo wheitdark it'se i thoo li 3essor clwillevwoolit th iincrib veo omhailth00ooip l anthugwakok habad her ro curnts
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wal orn thesuffer in even the s mad,idage t af uermadeng sseouarrneao call dr>> he'faciy s ley actingmeneuticense. az, enis o l s mathsty. >>tehathcoat e op>>y sangede wi ns>> r bice y thlared ctor ed aalic lro, ard s couefd aud for y prci whout len.h stwpristed tuesd. i'murcaofonthgaon repash, h y ferethis fice. this is new birthli center. ev claime m te on
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masis, ty speato maneyre aw au i gat noi' racl, have n for inle orr:ncngn deoverff duty. anent,86-y trd heveh pa h hiweite pe whe, lld aistr,ro rmed hosp >>lde waa do hisams dr. nson. >>ter: ssaid he veca in cor mautewosles. >> how can yarer i amable to gith orohe f off?dihe >>ofuens wbe ts rnin a.oingo s rng about
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dongma.chut. co undercover vidanestatsn >> arow in "the skinny" . hiriards rald i' wndfand e ag toay. oth: t amount un, so kp rtionsnd con you're on t g e'iner th alt s toe u boost, buemrtntov fast food. fruit, at it's perfsize
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ve tfun ws to h sit wllsttt0w.*(=%4@-( !t.*! &5tt .*(=% kz tt0w!t.*% h-, tt.*(=h-6(4 h-t tt.*tt0w.*% h-p skio l kdpi mennyakurday accdi tlt he west nl mes be la saayho or utchan rorhe kanrces reatenwalk.thk pold of o in which h s tl al bro 5stkuick. .co i% re ilutihaan ee] th
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ars.stlek,ea elwest evtuallyakmlth "sproducer widput ckispparerd t od >>owntue wnowst uy cae ofnow ra naijue avd.rosayi s ve uthe itl of
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ally r >> theury deha an tar hey iouaver worsehey no m cwaing lors.weon nex tonov let fdele ociia iod t many peing ou thmeraard wad ovkend ting n lodieynd daklo lu s o s faer "fprincess>>the roer ng theanllow escole wacet s.itouss oloi for bngendean fngd m lerids wheresfee thths g >>geeaaving tohoiv'sorotut ois
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neakenarth i rf ak tcehegcakgro raoondov. i wi he could coach me on my passport p. i t h held cche ony phot i ed tt introducy toucgecr me. r maage d incy ery uc gtly teifd. ts itak. k-y touc ghcough] ke? ja y ceame
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cough! guat? it ws coh too.what? stop! don't pu me! spoileer she doeske lihd ug f two mllt the relief. tcthe . s this. wcl sathinewt do.. ndimgiots 'sngrthrooo he ll acl erngand th h s,caile and keig x lls,n il move fula. t ur nde same deter
1:52 am
ahat'left ishe sesul, usryadyo rts tchomice' le bnds with leadinades, evde us l eare t wr roswi rooh- (cghinugngrupt erif atells aanmeree rmul lpler a 2 all night... your heartovme-3s. t there's differce tweethe om3ssh o those megaredrill oil.
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by yr yourea ga stil m isrovetoncaseoma-lelsn e fferce is ab. ae miha ct ekye
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ki fab votionize wayesarhe a >>r:rk n sis flgiexa e g orheighoitwe iei sn 're ng erterie mi3-d prinastic. >>iclytartwi a h knitti a abric ou thisrealrocessere king w lic reptpl itally rigid andard. had tonk aboays to omethioft anflexllushard.>>ep digth a-d prng tis theiron a tnt ais sorubbewhiseatereing. >> b
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initideaas ty ke froadyoohi yit bi givin iig yh,t defias tcn i it cay going toeach bomol toit her will be nice. >> wre combining it re oldogcrt dg etienkhe pri brievy wiabo us psndyms coletelyoft. only wwill gllprogress ioplese i ortes 0,sot's reto . ti.o u d m aldetoy. iite pstly t'pl
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might get stuck in it. >>web. >>on't ms r dafacees fabo [ano] i r th couappe me
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cturysel a i fgoenmyeatbelatig,there's way i woulha surve atbe cin car schin medimae beep e toy sere hd inju,i ha nme oofthindesth lp tohearccen whoeough sucsmick coul life?g i' masseand atbelty . suitd adentth ss progfomoma tvigov0,000 ans just lme foow t passi elp t thin d amera.
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llakti. i'm anmericorp,and i'm geing > rng. odre aendis of helis owth rning "rld newsis refuswicot r. watohe ape sa twoviat iv. e dime is major ca ll a cruingo d has era onal still a statistiad heat.o merd edn esentrom thnaerniha>> pe frs isling
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open he pete ma imexisshes bordthousandhed from ahe whchthu. amne illi steg ard the of st montoric pot. eyenor e wr e 3 osarsoouto ors ts feua m newsld n gd in g s wile's lede hoe thdiers.>> bels tht aimpta iormati th att atndes notanre codbc's p thom
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2:01 am
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2:02 am
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2:03 am
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2:04 am
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2:05 am
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2:06 am
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2:07 am
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2:08 am
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2:09 am
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2:10 am
dire oveeigh perceart b l coste st is up to amedippleme i suby uealtareinsurampy li all sndardid dicare supplent insurance plans, theyldely some ofwh mede doesn't, ving you in out-ocmel cost u've learnt tang foedteony lyakes a lthns t l callnd reqst this free ision guide] l of inf on mecare a t range of icarppleme plans choose om based on yo needs and budget all like the yoose anyoctor or hoal that s dicapatients anere etworerictio. iceaner trty sen and theommiroll ang wh yokeepu e. so call noanscover how a
2:11 am
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2:12 am
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2:13 am
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2:14 am
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2:15 am
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2:16 am
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2:17 am
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2:19 am
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2:20 am
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2:21 am
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2:22 am
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2:23 am
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2:24 am
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2:25 am
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2:26 am
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2:27 am
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2:29 am
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2:30 am
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2:31 am
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2:32 am
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2:33 am
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2:34 am
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2:35 am
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2:36 am
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2:37 am
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2:38 am
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2:39 am
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2:40 am
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2:41 am
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2:42 am
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2:43 am
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2:44 am
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2:45 am
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2:46 am
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2:47 am
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2:49 am
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2:50 am
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2:51 am
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2:52 am
for ju $9. aon, len . no and cklife wl cr cecar asg ur pmium and ur acceptance uaraeed,wio qstio. yoca be rned down be yalthll youn ki d gibo fre o obliga. t wait,
2:53 am
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2:54 am
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2:55 am
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2:56 am
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2:57 am
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2:58 am
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2:59 am
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3:00 am
goo mao o ndsement.te. c's lana z epre are just days until vo in south calina a doemen uld gi ain tadies and gentmen,f rcrubio, e will bday in >>ter: sina' pogoveoyed apoval ratgsf anruo ll 1 thost. >> iweislen,e sethone m. >>tez withond so do eouge you, ifou want ws challenging this ad claiming ittionfile >> rrump has ening activer is cru reld waf sticscal's d.
3:01 am
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3:02 am
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3:03 am
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3:04 am
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3:05 am
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3:06 am
cade sdefr cral prosecu.juhade his a dismxepacqaooumowi coshis rst wh ke uiaorunng foce anaeat hiriinsa le qrs thls th a. and ended relationh pacquiao. her compani and spo o uiaoupcoouldfoow n. >> milonamerics of warmeher has arri the fingf baballring traininlook at there. >> hey, ys inri by t endf day,itchrom 19e jowill havre inflor enty oeld plar readworkint wel ringingastarover the xt t day sand the le'sniaysuayapl 3r >>ep, d wilend he
3:07 am
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3:08 am
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3:09 am
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3:10 am
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3:11 am
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3:12 am
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3:13 am
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3:14 am
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3:15 am
ito s ier.ovgma. ut. dercovan we's backstedo >ndnethown in" ime ofetann lchair thwa i li a ws, is ts r anwonirm camearyzedwhenici was ding in turnve jaso homn innse unit, faced buatic nigmare juo edk goed america er thd, "yos onr bili'lke ree ."sie 19pate amecaas fgh ee pil iured ra recve ale rey ened.
3:16 am
3:17 am
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3:18 am
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3:19 am
and theyave ever wf eyin winve wee exon ovles on soci m. t'goode mpeop rchou tetime gd wi waspd heeeim trethra y lat c look e e? ws s te cerincess a >> theren the spe aness acballet it's ening cntlessool poin g d for beg the kindwhlevest. at.>> andono tni o us cringfvingo showr's lice,ut prceweeted out his new passport photos hy
3:20 am
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3:21 am
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3:25 am
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3:26 am
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