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tv   GMC Early Edition at 5  ABC  February 19, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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flic it'soney now g, windould ou idecis co u towi zy ith -40 ssle. s crith ternoon to the evening. eect louds and sunshinehighures will lethan, thand 60st. : d fr expd supi condlf of ekd an50 afoon orw utrn r syem mndte no un tutrn dohat wi lin ely esy in po ido ap eheof e sts t cutis
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time ino-- thanksor joining us o morning co. herek at up moin ne thoouebl niit scthe brbowl lo and inls 'sitly eb coion tes sten ain h toogphy. thadheag hool the ai d. an e teamr.. the teas ette
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t reso lln ody lo, d w -- hp i'l int be surihe tc d bew e r new lees it'spefewethters buthe surnatural rrli set uran nd tt ewo be sedor ar -- if i ic ad hi ooda g-lile iv stha epped tohe le re "re" a another to jo boya, oppeout thlmst in aittle vi callstar wars: thfo ak
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co's 5 feh.i'm jo ani'm em loraspngs ar ts manycl da strongwinds edounde an end trees. wschl invecora a. goodning good mor dana jon 'll mcaerning day it yestday. 's atle rig no te t of t' y mee
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.. -ls ..atheon 1s dawi be eezy ithe moinit -4h wis stl poible windwill decrea i inteith afrnn and tohe eveng. eec miof and suhi cth ursdwith anr . exed: sund opping hhs foe se lfth weekd into t and 50s. ternoon ing the nechanpotty rain a snow to sout rado. anothewill m ndayaftern brin anoth round ain ansnow tutherncoradot t inarly day mornt int, in'pearheofess bri siicant cus southcolora pu saw a record hh tempatur yestda 8that the eblo s a
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oundlat th vektrwuray. d pueo strefi red leth. in crwire cast rdnfl ausing t nd nd reery gnt ea e ld a fe streg ho canoci clea..afthnd d over a it hime. 's jonof sevel s rt tre st p ewwoedt toov thmeowr, a tire, e foard may ine rven ayos we at eatominil. even windye n te got of luckkf
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one was the wiathe deer a o nto ngdofo e lo des il- hour w stha knketw neoo. thneby ghaiseic sotoed ilcrew rkedo stalizth l ai- ekd. rem nenod on tgh rdbee of cke. 's aesertrc t fo u th rn.. t d e ded ewoming ul ohe tesid deell on-7 en ring a15miwe o denv a urs inpl b iad ouur s a rm tri thn inan won'unrn
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wiinwe ead.teie yeer o-y whtrted bothf sa, la td m wiins ie tottacr t.wi mpt-demuulul inatn egna firete lahoat any as foy-thousa ar tuls thes atstan wis tsp o- lepehod ad esfireghters thus e fires stl r inigatn. oas beur gheralils rn. retersss a ng ns fs ent. th sevel d budinghavebued dn,d fi has ar ae ghwato ose. tirve tyasking pe av.. caof firebeound. onid mais und
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as thase d when thmay ouonhe.. th and brut houmaging troad anddge.police h orr ivers y ofbridge du ch the ch ev t ft thebridgerove overke ri at l tee peerrtg heerarhe u-ar ri arl or he s ying is nea e whe n yeermog.wiesjued io war d edul imre thusof h de ven. ebem dot ovonthe softrene port las ... e de destd 56 ty mrdagenells
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ssoueck ut. a me o thutheatsteo singrothe ed about -acres. ndhe fe ti under inigio and vitorst semi onk got e the ew out. it clea fiwall... and it happens on arndhiti m flowin.. but park ran sun thte thgl thhast ric s onfor ek uary t wht ... par ite ys it' boa fo photras. to ille
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moith 0 mph wi still posswindwide in nsity thrnoon anhe e cloud anne thth hi mperes w oolean thay, wi s s fo moexteed: thxt cd fris eected torriv nd opnghs r co of eninto t 50ayternoo e cey cora sy llov oonothero sohet in earday rnthist, idon't pearr of these sys bri ant cus to sern ra ib wwi
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aftear t caliia's ra n in.. tnten a linybue ow isn't good.. who saw f ow oth lre s ith cky, no e h muc eeet ni acrdg y pr a geough . co u..icatne tigstkep
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thanks forng codo. is moing.
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sleep if you you're notc newssenior ntrir . y johnsos the la new stu on s in this mornhealth ert. od nis anyo he, ye hr of us to a. no a d-re s th onhree amer falls hereco d se a he may some. ffnteep s more t st being next day. lo can put you serious heob, sit disease, and hi bre th realsopr stcsn healee sth wel sthkota zed intot withmost nts reg ou slhawaiians,meanwhil had th fe
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al e ar n o ttercein eenggree, an for examplca you do it you are among the oeep? me sleep a prio good sleepnd limit scre time before bed. that t ve you rest e ng with this minute dr hnso woressful. but ving fiendround thintle ahead.ll ow o netion fougo keep
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s sh sligh toy! y anks f ing us o od m ra a as p th rng. t by... weher on to it e eezy i moing, wit mph l poss will crease i intensroug afternand in ent louds sunsne the y. ur w bethan , with 50s d 60s fostextee ne ected rrivonnday, dropping fothhad to s aftelling th ce fy
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colo. otem wie inmondayafternn, brnother roun rain to socolohat ll last early tuesda ing. apodoesn' apither of thsystem will if acon ern wiabby
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gned the elo a t moe...and nail in sn'da t vidanihal at and mo iyohoywd adnethmoin re y sin thwhe san eafaul t go?" vedydown se r "seas" seq the horepoayne johnsed helicoer search-and- n la yblkbustesterovcoming second as tionoe al tthe of ree onfaan tpacic n. th srs tus month,ulnne ugh n' trencch edtes peganen'thl se ng s l wardo shing." yi od foreough
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febk unr rkzuckrgshou it his sipl f 't deli de itime ee how yo up colo. nt us ture of the fit of arly s.. ant ee h wakep lo.. se you pieso wa coradat kr dom u caaleeth to orost o oufapage at kr wschl 13 be sto use thshtag ke up colo rn rock got to adppy its so gn sh en r s to station emhogh toork adwoers
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so k-ar decided to mak tha ph shahetionboe thnd keco n . rtely, the st dn' enough lik he .. b ter e sty stte it de.. bo ttle swin ins eation juhas llsdeld anw do gisl d reth listwhstker wms todd . aheatix us. cuend al id aing h tcan get erter theol end. l helan th f e ho d anking
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rado aot obor cross sodo... e go odaad.. l ha foing plus... xt hurdle presidti ar nd king theaps ters anso carood m colo 6:00, fe 1 jool d we wit infoio ovght .. s es rtat a or isi erats killn an strin liby nodine che lied to en inv e plan of e deador a
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als hanosa s ed in the . brs ck to southern ab . toss to 1s ad-l w today: breezy in th ing, with 200 s ssible. will se in nsity thro oon d the g. expec a mi clouds anhineththe da eratil oolesdayth s fo st. e c ed toiv su, piig thco ha of the weekeninhe s d suay afrnn ll brg thne chce for stt ra a sw to sohe corado. other syem willovin nd oo gier roof the t lt toar esy g.t is inarither the em ng ict acon thra


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