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tv   The Hollywood News Report  ABC  February 22, 2016 12:30am-1:00am MST

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mean, tt ishat ou he>>i'm ga sine.may ow meas lieutenandan from the mie orreump,or athe ba playe th. dan band. i' had theor tot many soldiend vet 's sad face of our warris, some oour nation's are wasting theivethrougsuicide. suicide is not the answer. itinal. obs you your chcesr a be lif and brgs paiand tbre to youloveones. u dot have t go ialon v.a.arbo you v.a.s rehingut to vers who are thinking about sue. rea back now. don'wa. call-800-273-tk d pres"1." our counlors wnot she inforon witanyone. thousaof veterans haad the e to call.
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d, pcan cnect a learn thinthaty ma t knownefthmoe. ifou he t emoal tresakthfo o le, ishe aove that itootreme? is there too much lov thiss lo story, you t epway by theeay and it bls aw theotion of this being a disorder extmes middle othe can b destr and it is a dilemma. how to hold so muchandso much horror in thee
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