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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 22, 2016 1:00am-4:00am MST

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idatreamni inva ahd omoow goaus er as themocrs, hry ctiry bnidesovo a maj at it'sou ic. abc'ceh la frpatrl. >> f vic ll whe yn,t's beful. reporr: t mpaignrally. agotoin grgia ye. >>orte dond tr bac on therail a flyg h teris big in caroli >> ynk y thi nomion >> >> r gng f a message sgestg and bio aregi to be ident. have millione tweenndk taaham i t thin. wediog. rorte rub w fhe con sthara respond. ts epls. eporr:ehen wen aft
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urrong yelf w art penot ter:zook aim trumsacstrategy. >> donald dot. >> reporter: the south caradeb quits.ben carson vowing sy . themos,illa tog g gro ig winn vada, ga hto sh d th u tas >> bere nder went strgh to s carin a com inong sd tolcbs'fahenati," 's nooki t sup da we'rehisace toandhi onupueay y'rgog to s so mor mning ctie >>eporter: sanders a toudhisuppo amo los i
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afn-aman votes mary brucbc news l gas. >> iner news,hebi dictays appwet t theanerrdohoing victimtounck shr' ho. egtees ssheederalsu agt i se precent,us extrng ima in tew caseh you nationalecuritency age chief saye sups ale on d su ve micha hns apple sho tt coo thiase would not mpmi ipheury gera aj delopnts in the awsu again bl sby. hisif camil m giv desiti in eater da ye had arguedhat kw nothingbout ations at e only intenf the public deposition was tombarrass andheuitlleges b c ally aaultedeval wom
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thenvesgaon of jymaieth. poce n heid suf encen mal'saeit ded here aar late nth. he hasn'teen iered yet byhe authotieshe aas tee cit e. on enew w b in vi wheil triaitng h against a otel is andrews is skiilon in t fromnciden thook p eht yeago. cuses h oan y g aok aoo ntoeae cpehoil tabout ys. b tdriveth500 myacn 's'v l by this mu jtous. t'icalha wt te atheto
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ickt upntal shwe? are youidding . neyn ibe 11 caresins a ve lookt t ys, t photnish >>in out marnru or jt thoncheyou iocr>>innaefarr f su , hen g a chon do tbvly t bigg win. inc >> so by thisas the closaytona histha'sir daytonaic t attemp. lso eed aeaai f am oer a goouyoe bbshotaynaas ba i19>>ntou ennehu are d
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weing les safternoo ts beenminceroetter whe hrychoolying,sh is to win the 500e says t for all because l >>hat's uehey. >> g b i ao. >>om "mi"he on ifemehrl f a10ye-oomtine the mtamous ces the d. hanie nd and do ton itet the vers tici epandhes ats o ki sort yions importt now asgreakerhead t sslop bee to follo us o and
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yoy k capuf ki odiptiont'r,buis a gooo gete rngkeepntof psts. e s up tyou. at whe aardisunt p dhhcrae collarle ianns ey cme edicesn't, vi y iocdil stu'ea tt teps alg e wa diceer th wt iteansogogll n as e] l or o r supple pla hoom beds all pl the letchtor
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hecansanmpha t enceheommitmen lo wh yokeu ou scover aaapplentd go f ye are ly marsuppnt i pnsy izes ofe oraonus, neut on plmbsurved rir to iereme doeovevythi
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m y.ncanader rnftaononthsot jt tno b ahileoue slhi dnn eop tpops it ris >>re any. d weadt l aident everywh here alaande>>eporte fe anixy lefr a c safupd thenc ntnterdi a rp a uinm go. heas n h the ug,5 ski inst thhat aid arra resortsreinpln
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are anicailus, l strg. 25ple f wthe , pi0 et 10skie lstnd.rerssi harss ge dn.he hyb dte tsan t tet. rwo nded tra caten mi injues. tiliouas soin steme lis tugh a gonsnd i mpcefety rdclton nd ns, ty' saygakur n' henywh you goff.thatan ctnd y n'thi. >> t a all this y're hthen go forr lesson ey tl y h tontyse lif ensebod b s qui a, it a hen you'rep tre an wut lessn
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never onhem. i t myasgh g on t'rtf hrf .itakes me ui t g oai loonghohoano prly. thawoul bet me th th me.n th har dacanre w s ieather htho fotes peilons yea dro th. ising, can he pinorrex repa. b t, the cmpote endf pital ecumtrpan berniers h ohing coon. n yo g w iis? >> n thehair lonext"wor neww.(d) m good at contllinwhatmy dter'pose buse evewh i sh ty'd ke, ke,sex ocki eme
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there's so much sex tv. and e mucthe da.. i just wh the was a tter y shid r fr it. 'csehe'soteaothabt th sff.
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(gir buyou n ue hothehe. (boy talto tm. (gir teheu wahe w he ll, amp tra about new york t anodible tby t o e prendid nd dontrumerni oth fm nk cityuthey talk t talkyou cayr's abc's >> we' winningr:f notrow y'vebanoticed ald trum be sanders ause o a hug vot rnou >>epor tru wasn a raisueens and wrs dl a ud. isug t dors, fupno rhe satorro veont nive o ooklyn hi nt lampoon b cednlayavid o "saturday night ve >>e' om. we needlution. >> aingt thh newk at tha theslly saytheyme >> rorter: they both hthe
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ature also musy msn >> w talk. >> rep i. >> i walng. >> repr: san a trump aralki aalking toote others an aholef tn clairn abewn our sa acc roccen uld possi d iwo neras.>> ies t geratio for it toet of afa au t'sny n etieinrk is ing ddkilant ianitel iernier d'teat a m as na um >> he's n mdleclass. atou be tt's it. good point. importa messager sidents age 50o 85. e dohis er n.righw,people aving is fe informatiot foguaranteed acceptance li iwi a rate lock throu e penn pr you aren xed inlearn abt affordle lifeuran
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can ver increase r anreason you notecei yourormaon, ca this mberow.yo accnce uarad,witho he que. by to n mo alex eb,re to tell you a popular life insur pur rate so it ver incr diget your finfoion ifot, se cl thumno th affblpl tough the loni pprogm hacorageptio fost95 m. yo risocin d n ner gop. anur aeptae is guaee th nth qions see much coveyoca
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call nowrmn ndof bir wstling) si trodg new y uch gecr .
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ertly inifd. leall it takes. k-y uc atussahe det ly j u thsplassess wiac thisanfi so all that's left is the shine. ts cohing disrupts everyoe. that's why the's delsym advancefosinc for a .. . >>d ie " " 0s big. tug 10snig >>huge
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and mrsobam incred yogoe a look at is jus 6- vnia mclorn. iseramithee e ao meet presentbama dingla hiymont stenth ga ug wou l ton wtehoe. you>> au, i a s a hape b presiden >> lootm. right th>> ack >> me, >> and i'm heo celeb y. thas e yeah,'m for. >> i d not there'so whius >>gre by t we shoointou
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ta offi oh,my>>ha how l's be. >>e allld b asspts s s ne erbeler >>rs>> tt'grco lkt hday. 'l o fferentso i' g t bl i cple mo. h aew ike. is veo of decrily beith th thiarigriteel.itif s othefonr. rente got hol s ofheum ith otnk ans ist has when you get druther >> knowhs ofaul shotenhe uerf. e h got t sh tly. all ri arhereinest inende o. >> y >>lfri riesinok ws.goole on e
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dn es t c o poor this adeyono wh caanhe thoundsomefr es . let'she. al aboutrech, lehis was wayoeu. laure i lov wityouy he >> ah propos tor. eurly how h hid rings. o much wrekeis thi al >> t thi w pa. >> let'sope. ake t the bbis s dowthe r y hin'oint doju no re bo-og ea]crk booiin] smb up th [ nging
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injotse re w! knngg crk jotson jp no mts n' ba ] in a ssagfr e amiccadeof ohoicurs. siorthoinfg. heointait re me ilgo. [me rrator] wh arinsolunte tosee thr untry, their untry pris to keare tm wh thecomeome. after earsn thli, jameneffered ralyng injy thhang only life,buhis wife's[james's w my rol aver 's a 2, 7 eek threaks. havingl cord i not le st hurtr back.
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[male or] dayo-living quiresous ce. spord vete nd the for thr hethcareanbene. ttinthem b overwhelmingcess parad ransf ic haen fht foer 6year akreeran get all fi they de we kw tlwh t,exat nds i orr toraim th'rmmted t tmy sbanasinvitheye itteto o famy. e naator] lp ulpca's rans pva orthis morni news now," po. doidingh f
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atlshi deir fight votes intoirection. egal drama.llose fightsde tell rneyat s abourious on bimy ex t>>ew talho look lasrior engeft elos aegab. athevedito me re erneasaf and ihekiy, leatg 30ea sce "frielr'daoff." who throwina g rty that could la f ds? it my,ebarnd nnou: ombc n w." hiy. odday.ndib>> a'm n with takick v lap s doub din arolina. addressing ousupporte in atlantlast nighre n ai butir, trum
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st thealrow. nrom ab karl. wheen azingcty yey, ince.teald trow n top. all lertop peokilet wo rr:on s hiftngso,lyur oikeo hamerla he will be e be t.eporter: and h pregnantaugh >>since th beginninofcampai elievae. rortemp's s calina vry was sweep. oring stats legaheca op wi ancal rs. >> y own'tno tha
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>>teitb caing quithbe trumpltertivepi two-arin senors nst hemalyedcruz secace south caroan while both w beatenadlyru, rubiser hope. nemb here, ns tionally havee're not onald trump.orr: donal continz is o be presiuse heasa. d georg prse sething hgeed rubio who waboinel you're really not sure at rcbio eligible to run for president? lly t sure? now. i've nooked at it. honeve nooked at .soaid hewe ret we s dlogun it'sery stin repr: r lau it of
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in the n . phereho aead.naar a so ly bayhe mocrahats in roer aong e shing behiillary ton inade nders a li helom actor nny gl w intredim aa ca ent. y sc forportfrom mins, bidat gug ereally inchatino vo >> as i t, we he latino sterdawhea for us. thas junasis shnk you on clear w afan voterorwillal in utcaer mpaignlyec s tostates an ausedkilling simazo satlligneonr
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aus n'kn the old ubr d rimina and c to tfares e hose ps s htened, d 911.were kd ving ugh meanng throu the wn alongally once he of the car ran hot re his passengersother peopunded. y injurethe vict a fro to 74. >>ighfileearietsr watey in eccom. se famiesos d osn an h sing canue coanie tha mantu and sear5 us in ss. akarectebiy pa in 05.buartilath5 it
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rulelast nht s. mustestout osucns. r rneyded f a nt abc'linsavepts othe gabaleep cos52 ar hasee hopinvo swerg auestns abo hesbal prbut e atrnor s osby'leged ctims nui again comeedayulde use she se siness manager but s her public ulea rcan tha ambra >> nnto a deposibl f have tteaboursonalelth deteotbo
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ve ce fod clng lyaultedugge rape, claimss tentlyugh ite cosby is standing bs >> r onl makinblmeefener hud,inhe ie man u tht . mr cbytiashe right tolavile aweruensut atnvs th huanliisc , yo>>one veioiserwaokinhacaus ckedeg trncaealiavean0assee brdhee s ug erneotff selwi n . paenrsaiitas rrle a trd safy.i t y br, wag do the hiy, blew and fr . >> tev ed buof loinleftin gge undee
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en cthivwi getluggof re s goo muok athfinawrgef . crib. solulyino ae mtsli geth have le tte dad nie st were g edngceremourdair burs flame ld eon tthbo legs ivee. ercod firs tpoce rthe chuh so ere timr eir g. raons eyadt icr. in frohere o not oerthe weddg. ridithe same toget tveir fferris. >>s .
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acerhe wkendas kd of dre. th oooac a umata.>>t whju crystaynaid r dos. e quartank, somet dirswelledding party were down the with them. >> turunded by fi won cause thhrneat pof fi>> f youike ? >>ovwee e deer ve oio cl" d tori. iouldav "deth" t? >>'tave ddthe. h ery i >>y way,hey enged 01tlaftesiti the um actpref of that. tve fantaic>> prettgokay,g up, goca n. inthrswif
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seon bmepoolhetlreirfo y 'sh rori ts ar antee ear-d stock collapsed a work at his supearket.the ng heroes e aftes recaap ionalgariay. >>urou wld k at >>f co.ou kno th. >>ur. s a ichrp swsw,kim.ifisprblonthi edic tkee. cai hased ad aous foearsullyit rem t of flkeinu
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yowa is icta so et!ndulrsvelake f lif (cghin ughi disrupt yo'sife. hyheelsy 'scelee rmula s lence coughs fofuhour nigh allely. f s t jbo .retr t your. w yverenit. e rsly1jot sleeppme. >> i'mx trebek ou're ag t85, this is an impnt so please, wn on the loant toal tobout isth yor it'satfor your linnc thuanteeyoe cavegoat any te, for anreon. be cefmanyies u edoote,yon
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ll tnumb torn me. thlan sign with a ratfixeincome o wantorlife insur th simple get. coge ons fost $95 a month,lessha35 cts day t w anyo re ckedn r fe. wcrea. uroverenevebe cce asong as you pay ur pmis, anurccepnce guantd, wi no qio you nn be rn d beal. orouinrmioki d gi. both arere tho obgaon. don't , llnumbow
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ity. you'ot inexid n. , rien iswinby inlikeours fo theose ur i'gollay! urs. i gotor mb.onucasi-r blett stts faskes 4,12uls. dith >> dea in fa cyis weerm
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ongerm ith soutemisph rorthous are helttethhomeweretr.0 intestd at wndgiatlaker re sht. f oonthe ul the pro thshwavebrg itacin r sisideot sp omnc chck veoo ilerea dpl amicys e art tilin igs teaturin exeme haw es
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llarrs. gec'ra rr: theers oumaciti across thunare ngo fie seglenest hole epic >>it ai sc tmai a teolcote ur ipa fezawffin ur, escial ideadw rt fun lae mill drerverepohole da, ve pin00 fam twiutf ckyer:mialnmt ir brigeasto.ce to a y we m caed i ong b >> eg oufeelhed,heho unth.>> repng veda a eill tsometime ome ck.>>ep you c't fill th fastugh. >> canot. >> reporr: if yo hit a potholou mayle to be
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rtsay,t werecal or state that jurisdti and dgloriara, ab, washin. good from . d no iey reime yo w . oh th sd o a'ey. ecseoo ith iv s thmawhtas ay lohelpyo rctn mealofhat'prwa ou e ceitroere f urey ay me.y wer, yho erng theecond
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munipati.waueoverhe weeicome mpe gst ke rolle coa on bay g r ivr
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onea'c mingf agevies >> in just unde fournths, of b 30 years sinceri san and camer took the senior skip day beca a sa gene.uehler? ler? ehle buler? he'si >>h. wellnothcityf ico wherthmoe took pces the-ivsa leure ekd m fri a riy aitou the ndtyncdiinndilmhe un oomca ersoar ynd f sl atay wwe dngheasma
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you,robabl on h secon startewifey >> tre y go. w ma tim havu thov >>uess oe. wbewhetr yod seent atll s d tornt you a pr i>>is assic. anrican clsic. is adirtncing"you haot s >>re yalt.someneod. p,ecday wom's cenda ofrshedi day n s dd pylri whus hpe t d f o tay t a a of asee rht esdopyidid >>wolo fsterinss by e ifs voriigm ac. thidwo ahi cpeeeaca nengow th catheenh il
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sparbellhedice 'voty t beaul. thidusrgeous 's hto stand nto tayl s. e logouske a trbag,ht? ut tlooknn kof citer ood ongratio to e co itt acd bein mannex conesin oeror aod winleofoy t m r-oldom no a40-yeaold wife hl groma h titn cial miannoue t bih tirew dghte quophie rnn dember 18th. >> it was a partularure r e upleinheir of hison jk 2 rods olevio fertiziowihr dierent me>>rosa tir daht's bir came wheny teteonlastound o
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eee waitg spe tig aunt use, weloulu n ch >> inouneal fe fa on orilrecognizthrdhoe avlaonir ese ic 0 actu aig. tor t wle hse icnccomp6 esniedros >> edwardi rd eim ma bis one othe st rtans everui angeecred ic andl
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it idi ens ct thry , kno buft a rpett y an c p trrertmahe ariffeof yeral ec e apove meumber tm.
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col lysol .and with m. h triupport jointanun theigbi f 'sill. freultra. geyo me on (soundofng c intrucw h cr . fomaage and ticy. ertoh,eny tensifd. lile touch iit tak k-touch. [coughcough] kejane coh you can hear . don't ev thi about it. i mucex dm r my legmug yeah.but whaabout mi? he hashat drratchy g go. what? worhis coo. ugh! what? works ocough at? st don'lle!spert!
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rehdr 1ic e li t'd ea ome t tha ercetwn om in fiil d thineg kri.l, ily ab bybo es ur
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theao so. aeroou a hero could , ond he wa asopinttriqusias nick.heesomin ape fot storerk in cars ough to everal ust whed tndne of them wne the last h pect. here's aohdonvan. >>as rea rd iit
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carolina wocking h i bula's noteath i hng manere heng thelp>>or thihigh sool enmes o wastud toe anmt wn e stanshedver. tart aisteng c>>he his hils t rter: ns ppen be ery op eyd in tcuon t chef thanon tloor now lked lifess. e wan the pu ve no pulse. ns>> he wa nhetw the meey gall. cpr iog. caiac arre. >>orr: iludihis n, o dn'teaze at fit, thheiftheyertr se s his s.inhe rh,dn g go lk e dee enas idi ce y rli iis filmb.
1:55 am
everneho had aart in imthe at d jan the thusha band mpedto n, n wa azi sry>>ldn'ine. e diofesi t knreouind the th.uld y emot >> firstf all, i more need rn how perfwhtaat td.t his parastafin. don'tissur updates onface new momher biggallenge providinhe daughters ight nutri that rerd o fowith vitamin d. th to you and your baby's health.lessernown nutrient is dha. it an 3 fatty ac
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t andeveen ies tdha nimpot dick iant tritn. m helprote a thpregan he pvent latetm birth. yocageit by eangish, bua r d sier waiso inudfos les foifd a ta srce dha cludinrtbran gs, , pr vins, yogurt.y ts dha through
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n re ae \r goodmo inain. a i kdigibs.
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"wldewno" anr af. shtingpr that le s opeainhin. ineemilyanm atckd pseer s ty don't yeow e ti. etghahd.>>opfrciur cc liads narry t execio t. 0 ssgendriver fe whes g from chi eaburst into anunder way into t cau oe fi. oboloin. the 0.dennamli ie nr11 edggut martr juniy junche as hlin's first a victy afteten mp o sts on tmofe from abc this is "w" oog, everyone. into starthi houre shoongge kalammichigan
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re injur. >> oeen islingto the suspr driver iexpect in urisorning for arranment on mde nowm abc's alex perez az. >> repor ititors kalamazoo,ichin, oe nt. aeadly rpage lves side thsusp jas dalto now hinds. e chs in 5:42 m. saturday evening. a woman several in the ing lo this dentom she surv t frsater in tar alerarot, ther and hi-year-old n sh and lled. wiin ments, t gu opens fi outsidearackl staura, kngour i thr r, iludingr acharyul wing a -yeaold gi. ispatcits. t ve a sho seen racker bl. >> reporust afte
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sut's vee and taim intotody whoutncidt. thctimolice appareecat ran thiisworsnightme. how ou gand ll t miesf esvicts at ey wen'tgetefor y reaser ttheye ere toe a targorar-oton cord, ed as aner. hinesbelie >> it's ths, my hter that goll eporter: a ining whe algunmanakin bethootin melloclaie s dalt's passeng jus70 teforehe fst shoong.heays cle91d r cae lt w dvi raca s vewainothe febmontbere t ti.
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dis, drivi tgh , seding alondhe nally once ham t a st, i mp of e caanraaw orr: uin emsayie'reorri and t enth elesviolen. 've hed to pe p with theirnvestion in anyhat wean. ators recored a gu from dals vehicle. hes expectedt monday afternoon. >>rez, kalam michan. high prilg gets r way ut urtroom. jtoher s w los ved o in k shoo som tt nufactnd s the ar-15 riflehat wasd mare repsrs areenal prectefr lliy a sein05.buth stllhath mars otharnet wa t susleiln use. ihaenn awfuweekend inicgan. noa milyf x eris adf ononid e erf own
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e wegh e ad we pas d r creyogestnly 2 ars ol e vis well fouead in theeds. isis has claed relity fwodly mbgsria.mod bowentffn damascusnd the attacre sec of staohn kerrced a nte ceaseire a that cin in the coupys. acknowledge d d all pas gh notically co l's move nowo politics. dates ecaaiin nevada today teonald trump's sw victory carolin ump madeck stop innta to celvowing to win geora d other sout es. trd plaishers marubiante b iticiz trumptrateg >>urundirs smart le as not enou>> ddevotel of htind all is
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ruis elie to run. an winwostat tru says h is not being t lyy the re nationalom as demts prere t p.burnde is stil in the runnying best to stop's ry bon the mpaignil>> we juston nevada! >> r hillary c is inher nend ing ahea hello, hia great night or what. ter: celebrating with a laight rally in texas. h because victory is nigh.h montum heside, r campaignfident, th see a clear path tno.inton held off bernie sae to take ne
2:04 am
thing ou reporter:, enjoying strongd fini >>ive ago, w were5 ts behin the poll repr: but candites arverealon tkey lano vot >> as i dersta it, wactually wonhe lo vo yeday,ch ia bi breaoughor us. y kno thas ju not what anas s. >> rter:nton win ge srt f afn-amans whe voilberitiin the xtigontest in soro as shdiscwit. froa stc oint whs thricaicoter thoucampaign itargg? >> anyss>> ourse >> rorteande cou thoved vesh s sou carolina. >> we ne youhelp to hp le thicouny in a politicavolution >> rorte joid byor nny ovt hibiggt evhe ste sfar.
2:05 am
eylyxpsas win so states ser tsd. ry bce, c ws, s gas. bl y'wifeam ste depotionn his seassat cudeer a e fuseto postpe it her laers tried to argue she ew nhi abo theex algas thhenl tef e puositn watoar h aaras he>>wian to inta posionblicornd ha to stab reliop th h nesfyut tionshwi tosion acsettis tawit agnsr sbfileby vewoy seallyssed them ca o. sby so fes crinal se alt nnlvan. sbni anyngin > no arighngtory fromiaa woman fod a roomma tgh cignow a hpingr 23olnilees liv
2:06 am
fowee g utlyr ad he h tole w attaedyon and i seg e vante ayncen ne mr shaesinmeig oimov. >> c s tt e'mo ait's coor she star tmo h hd e lln thtubes. mch fted murd crg jones' tldni t rscknd anmil hto cck fo takg ep like jos di o ar > to icorog a coiocrthwar petsbg,ewrkstanawi em kwns oa thste rb vebo ueaando streamrom plti fto.
2:07 am
ansciee d kethat blevnveninto dney testicular ncs llthd diases a r th pem >> ghis, sdy tsg a p of c isst ftaying andanyms c m r evelrelated . hoe cua day t risof 22%.four cups eved th a 65% reducti ns d fm cirrs. >>elligencee, a brout erwe're particular it's ahicagotold the ctr ved. had a b havend it to e gicout hert in
2:08 am
twereel tir gl t cookovheee outsrianspen ptlsi, yo muhi. sd e rlutdo coe initut t thru >>emoyt shai wreato partner up and heou e al to tells on ththey made ite ke bacutow. >> i bet you'r>>he spokespern for the girl scoutsf i min cannot enter aacmpanied that e otcookie th young ladi >>, mothe fu cs a ndslannte wn.h lers at ap meet to
2:09 am
forming a ju closetble o after today's it inal cherry pie da you go brme in tonight? >> youon'tant . n ro c s. the a t ofnds bualngip pred e nbe tm. e ov rm cro pi st we. y o u soat. [cough mike? janeh you can hr don't even think
2:10 am
he has ty scratchy ing going on guesat? it wks on coug h! guess wh? worksn hicough too. at? op!don't pu me! spoileale est ke it! uc b 1ur wi mone reli toaste doevhing wike pow! aed this other o .kia likelean.leang teeth are glowing. theyreo whe. 6x wning i ll like the 2 cleans stwhiten evme ihisgeth f.. tntisoffies cleiniten
2:11 am
eagabut a dien th3s in an inedkemegad asrb m, me ppr eg proven ncen 30 ds. th isyso.)do yve fe r dty d soit ul a s ionidien sour eve it's resve
2:12 am
e mehesameetge t l , eskaddni jryive weactiryhed t anlm, so all that's left is t shine betsfi > ll, th but cut town of rothe restd. thghway e's in to ofs g isg loer thape because hee dersnd ees seerat on e me. thros e intcibut eye pass tme yr usof sw. soningo tch. nd efor osyst wereecorng i'm > lice onew rk's long landlan rese thr ch f a msingfter
2:13 am
the r n re rescu afr e ple ashein ng iunurnigh thanhaa st lot at tols. poli heard cries from thwe nearby. eir ight fm allnow e etnd the ovccng f osarnarno s y, sarcherit is psible to hacint ple'lp anin thplate.ilim. orte stalate b t apple or thvement dend theecnt hack in e ipne othe n bearshoor. cyrsity onjo eeering too imselfr free ireweek>> i guanteeou ge me the ph il yhea.
2:14 am
crea soalled thephs operang sysm pu hundrs o million ipners. s annvols ysical king arthiphone d ly th phone emi a rk oer ungocl the wa a tar ouer o wth wan icos ou thiss it wks the e 10 hrs in thorho could easily do at i'muging mylf ut theovt s id iteeds app'selto g in t sd roho. >>o rdthe fbiscoerg hiof mcaf i condeis abilit to crk thoneha he tolde very coloully, ai live tv. a lgrim, abc news, new york. >> that'ssers say hacking ins at least tecally so out. maybe it will not ito t court e is ading that it
2:15 am
up,ad bay. >>igscstngra fwh thedid r .inld"nd i'll show you pain the painf addictn becos slaver ery hasing the drug every sgle da the addict, atk
2:16 am
ere is alaha cagiveheerson ck the dom heves,
2:17 am
that place is naonon re io wron > l esfrwavotome laswehetwoftsbe wer a st e cohass etethis >>ir mffathee the a man daho. our y statn s e were an w. epr:frienddevi enh analladsen with fi teaatesndirch aoman smed for help near tirotooudtsck jumpein on >>heirst thi tt pped d was ts isoman s bngttkend it kincadeho i g to
2:18 am
ene g tnd whato abou was ha m afrgoing b hiathy wicking hi. hisead tik was of . collometng g. so i'm sit t.wetrt r ne std feinfopue, noin >>lodeheiroa, englh make hlissy rothe r dcp im aill medi crewme afr our interv called and sfirst me. y to thethat e world to me.i do them peonn kir names lovrly. athyind woalivwitheir he lls ths. ys disag >> iright o. think tw
2:19 am
yo>> indhilet homerom th ste urnt,s t idomet a wleot mo ita tt calld with ty th feernc ren huic haiy ooah gooofuys. >>ood themniceob othem clrly rygeil appy ink thef oadchaeapr >>teay s k. thamaneartssti remmen e g trned.eyo lesable ebpl>>utube here don't you worry. riat here, too. >> mouth to a debit
2:20 am
r il medvereasom3 ve ree ce seriously? ere donk it's taco tuesy.u're not coming. mucinex to heet r righthen i'll swing by in like 4 hours.forget theacos one pill lurs.i'm go day wait your ls. wag sombro. ly minexasi-rta tt ts ft, in not, t e . s (u do ever fegh aty?doavoid it. foulpe
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so yitles an. rpwe y to cets, lve rt. (cou cougispts everyoneif thhy there d delsymanced timelease foul helps silence ughs for a ll 12 hos. algh.. or aay ll ae isassaetge. buonlyildsp with wetspotla.
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so that's left is the shine. ry oundofirdsstng) mu oducing w y touccr me. for age anmacy. every to gified.
2:23 am
the f wint the perfect t'r cooped uo do soni aroune. s you and you mighfindt u haore e youuallal ybe ugh e rebc sarhaes >>orr:havene. a om at ts purposis forccumulatg . for me it's thaund rocletonw what t w i c m frien aigne trary an tse hrkisag.raescom glau're re. >>ow aou >> tri eporter: is myprobm area
2:24 am
can n he butt's mess aess.t's tnk you f - tmata. >>raes'sir t f resigning a acnk outse e x. hi wwehereis i u thi f a laund omo a coand ceer >>orteip tnd atio goi f some pintestnd our stand for me p three,hour >>e hign enitfe>>epr:t coulwo i thsp tea tt b oheavy lig,e checkethfi tif st tip f a f enoit mfa the cln-. rorr: t troronegin thnal aioace thatoubles as a and i'ready to put it to od use >> ses comente
2:25 am
>>haisrt gng tay klep foe t th tnko?>>hadik ates. wh i >>utati'enidr s. cses ev bigr. tcl rht tre, lythes dedyour mo blahks.>> you is themy chootr for the veleth hae etra >> you go to tart. >> i le target. ere'nothg wrong th tar-jay. >> tt's at she says. 2 paa...s^, ma? ven aca, p fav. i don'know homy mom knew. t i guess moms alwa kw. i wasn't being very nice to ofhe girls at school
2:26 am
i knew i wn' supposed to be mean. i ess didn tnk itas aigea t inneente momelpe undan she said, i you need ttreat others way you wt e eated." i out out that l. i still . li'sospoanlessons are beeaed ithe home e wae ersteof o famy. shaped me aacr, as musician,as a humaneing
2:27 am
core ccee send lding ncilt yocaevtth disse. screeng finds preccerously sthey can be removed befo ty turn io canceri'een en if yhink tre increase like iasurreno stt screening. anou're 50 o et scr d donythin hav motr here plea do all yontaound for urse anfor ur fily. reeng salis. m o no" demanding answin an. >>ice say ber dr wentshoo rampakillinx pele and.
2:28 am
e stto f d ump d llary cln. voasthercral wk inolbegi. fetyst oe op te and s and what y to oof hm's way during your next wintac and dream come te at the daytona 500. denny hato a moment hiting fo since chil it's fruary 22nd ouer: from abc new is is "world n >>od, thisonday.ibson. >>inan. ouy is the sg e inoo, mian. ix pe ar thi ing twunde drdl w ntue t te fesn betwn e pantanm oong>>ason dal wil be
2:29 am
righnow inveigats e okg f ati. th re, he'abs izabethur. azi >>epte cmutyn urni offinprays t onlyor thetimsbut also the leged an in jail ery reed tha have soone intody. shotsed. ave onirmed t now. reporte spree s stfter0 saturd evhe fir akinge a lking er cs shoteral. courou later a a car deship. fathnd son were lled re. e thd nus later tse cracker rresurt wherfo pe reillein theirar incng 60old marynye,etir teach. we o reasbeli he wasthne rson inv of thescident >> reporter: thesuspect, jason dalso custody hoursfter the final shooting. matt mullen says he was one of aturday
2:30 am
called 911>> we were kriving rougho ans,ring througlawndi g. finay on he to stop, i jued a rany. epter: ate er ys, oureasnd prars a thheamiliesf tictims's crimeotus heart-eaki bafg fo po andaltos. he quiet g k to himse. copsver behis hobe. reporter: ube 45-yeassed their ckground che.crim themains under stigation. nd reena>>ur thanks zabeth a horriblory out mi. > tre's ano tdy tll yut of an rentident.
2:31 am
of ecte ca monpog.e ife sa geneisved ave ed the fum the basemen power outage fridanight. thtiou i ty a r. jusg to henhe ndaw all of thies diffe rood, y , no m how n matteranynves cond s aouen, anntily wiped out, is teof d g ims fon g in a2 to 9 y ol ry csefor w me saann burban homait hemelled gas athis mel a wbo tll enexodednd st hifl. he not hurt r we the pele ifivether nrbhos that reed, l. thorieel i fle wi natal gfter someone ste the s stove omhe kitcn. we siamoha 0 op hft t
2:32 am
isis h cim respoibit for blin cie scndoms. s je he l ston hamore. ter:run succn than pita multiplooned through aheight ofur. isisitghtewith icid vesnd c bo, we resnsib t d,geng aorodfmausom of shia ism' hol rines. s bere ie of homs blacock lopeto t pot wherpaircas shattelive here, to neiborhoo donated byinors wiin lam. thawitesnd the shia. d by sracalsithithst, o,sis okret. t violee geewofib-feween l foesoverent fighrs, bunot .
2:33 am
je eccleabc nelondon. and also ovse, se anguage from pope s awo the pelty. hordson the subjurged caol poleaders arry executhis yethe pope the mmen he end ao thhe nontndheuiy. e ald lyio pt but so t ive i prisondis. o governorn kh official sd governnt money fm an nthoods ste. publicansident caate sihe yesty afteak in tth carorima stat andederaw ady ohibit taxpar fus to fortnsthisti tge$1.3 milln flannaroo
2:34 am
and scrng otheblic candes arepaignin oorp esreorhe dratshilly lebrinr or whilbede iovg ba jor reat. yvoe,ouvo. c'maryruce witthe te fromhe cpan tr >>epor lly n you s be >> reporte -- the campaign >> are w win georgia >> ronald trck trail anding high afr hiwin in s calina. thi yave nominand no, want a>> rorr:etng message sd o ruth iligie toe president. >> hlion people tween twr and facebo d instra an ret tngs d we
2:35 am
ts is gamhela >>epter:he floda gornor ttfterhe g t-runnern reigpo. >>urrodi yelf with smt pele is noengh. >>orr: tedrutookim atru'sttacstte. daldevotes l of h moy tottacki m >>eptehe sou cin ccagn, b ling i but john kar bo vowing to stay in. >> thayou, thanyou >>eporteor t des, llary intonopino gaind a h win i ne, geer victo speh and fletoas>>shis nig or wh? rteerninderen stht ttholinafr comin roond he ts' "fahe nat" he loo tper tuday. >> we're in thto win ani think upsd, r example, youg toee some maj, major orie rter:ande alstout
2:36 am
mmandi l bceabwslave >>n ihes, tbi rectors apple oweo e san berrdin shootin victims tolock t's iphone on a lsse, jam mey theeralsuit ape ist g edenust exac iti ith one narrow case wi y aor national sury ency chief sa hsupportspp ohi ise.hoveicelaynay plsthoat cpeting mpro isecuty in geral. r developmthe wsuit againsbillcosbil must gi deposition ithcaater today. lawyerarguhat cosnew thing out e sealletionand that t only intt ofhe public desion w to barrs sser thsullesl sb seal alt severomdeo. plaay ty ul wra up theirinveatiof quaback
2:37 am
source espn ve surveillaee cident ihinziel'lfrid s h ded h into aar le la mon. hn'beennterew yet theuthotihere h t beha with d frtsor will b nhv whe a civ trial pitterst a motl is gnder way. seekiillioninhee from acident at took e eiars ag shaccusethe hol of lowi a m to ok am nextorsndn smsdnd eos ernghe
2:38 am
wnesrd athe yta 500. ihe that dehe dnce. aysok it up tohe fal p. all ? >>re y kid m >> denamlin in t number 11s his move. anns a drarae live -- e guys, e phnish. boy. >>dgarru jr. justhes a y mene incdibl pcly er sure kni t chamsh. and sos bvioushe est my >> at wdi >>so by thhis fini in daytory and haml a 500 viy in ten tempts ao dea 23eaitor oer andalaroundoo oe was daytain wac i 93 >>gentme s yr enne h >> a damdoe uethcot rthiis m eetingatthisuny afrnn at ts d en easiheasn elen
2:39 am
rote letwhenwaelemen schooying, my the daytona 500 and ss e as f a s is because racing that's see,s comerue. >>do. ot tli it >> cg uthx, cen-femehrilor 106-arld mngne mosam c thewod. ternders ld true in ching t votere aresnd accidentski resorts. thty pions simpoant as spring breakers
2:40 am
twitter @awnn. re watching "world news now." oducinw k-uch ge me.for sse and incy.every touch,y tensified. le touch is al y toucsemoel verectorfoois, age ge mov d w gh rs 21
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2:44 am
the canada serviceasrned of cs er tre >>'s jow n dr re ng dn thelope o e ast s at te. t d ad tses re liccid tha rared fls wi m skiers evee. cyton sanllteorix rrif m,oloy d fm ai lit t s , a poland id ting c i d the tracmomentvonteer resersding ag to g was herarugy 0 i fts t unitest. althghde nd rs thea t tay >>hink ying omng like glove,t's be just lett op.
2:45 am
ound pic up u. >> rteut simhe eha flure like we v 25eoe felln the li deil, pi 30 feet. 10skie left stranded. scrsng harsses to ge them dow wn it hit therod,thatn've tyt ejd ou ortewo neea meditention nor juer fouseasons rert say in a stt, l l un troug usnsnd i mpanitsaty stdas. clsael a ns, nv ty' sinma se you ve a lsethenet o their l beusehat cug. u n't inabt ndou cat .seres u' taug wn go forour i sss. ey tl hotoand gema of lis. ev as sody wnowb e a bit's alhting when you'r d you're ied, c bln soin?>>lwayrr
2:46 am
en tge t thi. , wld tt'pa of e ri o it igh >>t s ae. quinoug >> l at tho can'roperl that woule.t make fun of th. at's me. >> the shack.have youi. om,he whiwis he weravn bito bpecr opool. s enbiio ar fingamm es thornghow n t help payinfoyoex reir trshe c opsi es oth pital ectrum, t na a iean dha one thing common.
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next onworlnews n." ll thairail nyoues,re rylehare two tresidecand ye nald t aersandth f nork it' whealhek at caneallheart. 'sbc ronla. wreoingo winng agn. roru' n fm neyoverobl noceatond p d anrsre. ausea huer rnout -->> reptemp wasan n queens ars it prouly. his is a he downstairs, lling upther one repor senator verm a nativrooklyn.hisent lampoon to lisfen byed rrvi on "surday night li.">>e're dood! we need a revoluti. >> aricansreing th thuge w aent at e leeay sawhat theyea >> rter: botanders atrump hav t classic n 's ae
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miken "snl." welcomeeeali'm host,inda.>>eporr: a in lm. heyi'lkg he. epteanrsnd tmp arwalkinand talking voters and ole loofhear stin rn a n . o mattr cont says to anlogi the y ceouldsi dut o getis. it kes o generatns f ito geou a fil 'so its in ys aw. wasdlg ce i canitary bersas. n't hearh in mp. >> he's not that could be wh >> tt's it. go pnt>> impnt mesresides ag to 85. write do ts number.ghno peoplereecving this free inrmatn t for aredccepnc iuran wi ratlockhroue conienn progm.if y a on fixed in, learabout fordable whfe insuran
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ca n r urreinrmatioki (sous of b whistng) muc trucnek-ucl me fomae and timacy
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ttle touch is al t k-h. andthe d. ilwilasses sh fweth t otanfi soll thas ft the snefor r us-d.ouing) cohiispts eryo's le. 's the advd ase a helence co 1urs. nit... . > "t"rn a turn106 veer. uge. >>ht? hug>> a womanhe
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yot toake okhe ist a ho 6-ar vginia mclorn is w h dre tvit e e d eeprenamringla stmont you' goto lien tis l.>> iho i wld ner lto in e whhous you he. a i tu, a happ >>ou ahe. shappy. >>arhapp he >>larent. >> looat him ere.>> ack wife. tme, ye i'm celachistorextly rit. h,t's what i'm hershe's 106. e' there was a pee that r geter t house. ch is tay weuldoi ouwhe wabo, ecft
2:54 am
o m t's w nggo.>> iwe cou b ghy as i>>s nerger beful e.>> anddance s. >> ts grt. lookall da et a v of a dient so i'm g tozi a c th wee at ill llikeown e. isidf uneyn' nlye e t fmaeethe inzi w akn ye's onf th ba appantly he got hold of some of theotthis is what h yoge y kw at, ittethe upper he shou have gottenop shel >>t. apparere tl m tteder. h. knso gir yfen wli. t en
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buckhim hght? to check opoor ref. l a fa you knjo ryahethe grouw from ere magethis. 's hear. >> abore s, at i feelis th ly tsurpse. laurclai jesi w u almy. y>>hepose her not su ectly h hid thee >> but so mh o wrest fake
2:56 am
thy sat fstraon, okg foa y maka fference. kathy: wanto help people, wanto ke a diffenc i wa tgethin don thenhe s somet. coul a her e hato ash a few weeks later, sheaspted into amerps m an acorpmber. servi gea looshar.. ayhe wt raing. the mepeop o arederason pele who wte me an pelehooid eric l espeopleers o. i'f sve. eyvee mmuny. pntouse theyade frnds. ey prefodister. they speop. they cleaned beach eypewili. together they rved. y a difference. togethre heroes. ricorps, u can betoo.
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en i was stion iiraqe cle was dingn wa oadsed ian aush anfracturemy snal cord fouaces parazing m mght . woke up intes and s lad to see my romparalyzed vete of am pved me ma evhing to st al med d benets. anksva couldn'haone itwit uruppo.rvg amics vera ov 6ye to lea me, vipvdoor thornin "w libattrng owo noal do
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a new d l billosbyifghtol rneywhatowout riousex gati s teimonpe t nd newhilfur, okediketer he e >> theghteningcene for pars aftwo expons megabushe drito make sureevne was safe. "the ating yearsce risueer's " towin bigar t uld la fays. it'sdaebru nnerom new iw.>>, yb mng ois my.i'ndson.nd reeinan inh ldru a quiry lap ing his double-din salanta lastnight,cting the ll n n acrohe soun supetuesy, birtr anrils aea t
2:59 am
stirloro nroc'joankarl w s amazi oryeerda edle.>>epor dd n unmiakab op.alpe, sht le t pele, innyple won. rorter: hs onh a aftng ih caroliefly turned ovthe mikis menia. >> he president.eporte aegnant daughanka. >> ttum sinc beginnhis campai been unbe. >>orte's sou liry was a p. oring l the deven came out o evca know i didn'goin toyt . d ony lowasoorttg uf eporr:ing qtscoltna twofrhmenors agait
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o o owlydged tecruzorecd ple h lina and e both were beat rumpbiesson fo pe.e neo over0%ic nahle basalai t tingoronal umte dalump nttoayru inigleo psint beuse w born can onth wee g esm onomeg eetedgestedru who n the u ineligib alot sure that marco rubio is eligiblefou' rt re? >> i don't know. ihostly, i've never l it. med he's not, we eeted it. rtedlo d it verintestg. >>epghf. i'gope zo me his teretatif nsti wrega ibity. rormpl achano emorement.
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stol show ump with a b lead. nathanbc news. >> so ibly a b dhere. eante, d arey's pr sth cer stronce hillary cnt in neda, bernandersot ttle hel from act dny gler who introdudim at ampai e. hey ramb foruppo frominories,otcaat e iner wll t lte>> ai dendt,acal wonheatvo stday, which i a b eakthrou f u y k tstot atur analys ows. tha smuch conle w w riamicanotwhe orwille cricaln socarona, berpaig yxpec sderswin sometes onup tsday > a man accused of killing people michin, saturday will beness red cho viatm ee
3:02 am
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a m osby weamille in secon you'lt caa judge ruight must testifthose very allegations. ateys had asked for ne. nsey dav rn ttle. r: cosof 52 s habe hopin avo swerany qutionout husb cg mal pr but thattorneyorevenf sbalged ctwh lea deont agains thmb mrcoyou helev atn ca s sve husmanager yes. but mrssb say h invot aer plic testimren mediat serves no purpo oha tharass aarra >>wifets t sitir puornd ve toupewier an finily n tes a
3:04 am
vee arai selyaued, ugge or rad them a, lle is andihis c, mr onlon statement sband, sayi you thoughyos. c still hight claim mital prige and not er quens a prate cosatiwith hud. lieyavisnewsneyo. >>onigio y okg us a egab oit y cmilis.a ivnd0 eronoa wbu evyone off selth ines d it a s andfled afety. agochy breathi st y,n anom ererev exith y,he ng wle bd. l e bae r buwalost
3:05 am
withet slue f be toto beoo . t final kage hat. ible. s abson inferno e.ple ig triifend hita tale darrd an g di atur the c fs. ldndp t othemumd t t ths in t vic th wreved ghrs ahe pert ttohuh th we tthr in s heeye readmat thh thr. i k. only thinhere out. ri but wy u'ot spo tee r onhe d oe ddyo c't brin e tother kvehe diert tu >>t'20. i t anr tk plov t wndin
3:06 am
>> thas erjuinnd ysl yndsaithr do whethaq's 6million tank. rss well as their weddg party were down hem.>> d, of thee sundeded , ich i the m roug t onnetety of has et funny >> youe at>> le he undeer veioofgo t c aninetared >> w he ayedunder e " righ >> te. doe't he a ddg tht es it me y evertimeea the y t en5 shortly afteti the uari y er ts version t. this ion istast reod. prod>> congp g cghp i
3:07 am
dhe upsthe thgh > ts seonpe cro of pooles thetly irs fodrivers. wh's sa rough de thi ye ter, 60-year- clerkolla asupeket. thng lisof hers rug to sidter day's focastap. it is nation marritaay. >> ourouould know at. >>f cour. ancwod wsow atr bug tyou hd anshlds. sndd atwsal t le isunic thi o e be flae. because i havesed head ars.ulitemf epg uoteveveraru ma?alwa
3:08 am
(cing) cougng drupts yo l th's w the's d ls's aand ti reasforma helpsilee ughs fofullur all ght...ay oove fre-atr cail inne tinpiretr geov.annow vee first d only 2-i t and eep lement >>'m aleeb if you'rage t85, is is iorntesge pe, writdownhe nr youreenthlock ito tk you aboute one on your door. rlo lifinsurance that graees your rat canever go uny time, anason.t be careful manys see do n hn get
3:09 am
to lrne. th plawas designedth aatlo fopele on a xed inco whwantore lifeurance that'simple get covege opt just $ mon han ents dacnow ur rate b cked in fe. itl never ea yo cov ne cancelled long you p yo premis, d ur atanc is graeed, wi nheth questnsyou caote rn dn cae our heal. ll fouinfoion t anft. bore free, n
3:10 am
se yit tac reomin i mexhelpet rofmucugeio ohrit thenl inbynli 4ou. forgetosonpillas 1ur i'm od a d. wa ur i wain wa re on mucinasi-r tt e th s th. 2pe ijter one wee thee
3:11 am
uthe hemisphere on rd. thourgen sh aftir hdestre t10tetimergups a peman ist, stroinds fmpreake rior eathis s sight. oshe thwiwavebracist re aerh tl. we er abt. ah. eilngs i tpetu sreatgxtme ee/tw cyes,ting drs s d i
3:12 am
nd tcross thcouny li to th s hit a b omae i licoastemp in pablame. reezffecca, n ol w rt fa st farmin eredot , o erayg 00 de. te etyes.>>epte cs congn r igenreenriene ma. in wasngton, d.,e a y de wh e mag o llt ooinge. einhitruck, y cafeelheoad,heothos undernea. >>esyoca ror cwsorking sedays w >>e llhesometi e back>> rteouan'till eh. >> c not>> rter: iu do a thole, y mable to
3:13 am
exy,ind out a local orta reach outction ment erythglia rivws, on. ps fro.d no iey wou reimu. hoa.ow. oh t sd lon res . bseoowh ie iv'sea e n s ect. palyav y sl doel ive t wt cos al >> t t le a spe . ncth ce f uraie.ineaou s rvinhesend parellt rygh m thenicili. wan qbevehe ekd,hias se
3:14 am
ngh.he cbachor oklfe >>nded t a is esp tnklor this
3:15 am
"the snny"s next0w@-4=tt0wi"hzel@- tt!t! 88d i")8h-xf8 tt!ti"% kzh-e)d 0w!thzn-h 0w!thzh-p tt0w!thzs">utti"% tt!thz7h4 kiy s imfo"t inneth
3:16 am
of ica'most iconi comingf-age movies. in underour montof urse will 0 year since feis snd camer ok the sior sk day tha became sir cl fo geon. >>uehlerbur? le he'si. o llnothci ochag erthmoe oklace is set toosfe ft, e-day asarykenma it far s w ty clg scrni a the fi a t r osome stemrsaryo cenrsndak ofchth. >> wwereoi theasth rrisouavbeen8
3:17 am
thro his dlife ou owrobably on his second starte imes have you seen this movie? >> iuess o and we were betting whether or not you had seen it at all.d earn that you are a pro at it.isss. an american cl iu have not seen -- y go.rit.higood. >>nehe m every walenr, of c the way. was atur ing, pnsniitack, wtpenso the b cod nd o ylsw wcts he maf ho ou cht ere. t.s noo brd es >>the in dresses by one of ift's vote desrs r. ide worehi cappe
3:18 am
wid ralg lgt il. oteis. ileinrted alushgown a sngishedi>> i've goay tha utiful.bride goeous.'sard toto sft.oks gorgeous a trash ba stuing. that'sind of cl it hfre le itmaack d inlannnses in f a couple welcoming a b bundle of joy.>> the youngman, -year-toarnold, and his 40-yr-old wife ashaveen ial mednce the of t myrn dau in sope,orn on demr th s rtaruris e up scehe h s jacfoow 22 rodsf edn vio rtatn ee ffenmen. ron their ughtth ce whhe atmpteonstnd oivf the fin froembr.
3:19 am
dervhetily,feen it tnd nig a fou hnt e, ll yuc, w' yo cnc>>t's t unted rl li ns o"a sty" wilreizthusnow lae onir ese ice g? acly a>> thahewh mmateo 1ueste banrooms. e era semanst isf the impor estateer bui s ge it'sreotistoric d a ur ldm >> it's betiful lookin house. iaufu ar ott. o? dor carpet efeel rghty? it,lv.r rm s
3:20 am
ans solv ettomou toleetes y lvexvihe>>c viruerfeof wes. appr the sahear peof n't stnyipy that othd l the'. vi
3:21 am
caile unhe o-bix s, iton p e mov (sounds birstli) c introdnew k-y uch gel for massage d incy. every uc gently inteifd. le touchit tak k-y touch. [cough, cough] mike? janet? cough if you can hear me dot even thi about it. i tookucinex dfor my ley cough. yeah...but wt about ke heashat y rahyg on. esat it worksn s ugh o. ugh!eswh? worksn his ugh too.
3:22 am
e don't make i mt anhothice .ef s rt lovga-3 s a fferen beeen th ish oil os med ilrb
3:23 am
hero d saves i'm noing totand h d wait opg riigsierckba witthers clls d s,ut o gry srecler in north cinas lunoav srowhen hed t nd one of them the laste would here'sbcdo >> i was really,ea an.eporter:itty kno ly day. e 60d collap a
3:24 am
he's not bha a young man ying t rhi studjame whos study e e waheore d rushver.heedis iheckis rrati d his lse. we dn't hanythg. reporr: two ns ed togrocy shoppitoo. jumpeto tcue shing onhestman loorwh >> he s the rple. and he didn'hao e. >> nrespiratio>> hwas >>ortehenhe cw e rtmeth got e . oodionnvaes r in ps. caiaarst rr:nc ts n, o didn rli aheth were se s. inheus hdidn't get a odathe fe deth enas >>t's a ffert peen onceoueazet aamily mber. >>epter: wl, youw ho es cae u'veet miaekitty is bacout of
3:25 am
viim e theob, d osthusppen by mpn toelp. onn,s, ingt.>> ildimag >>t anziry out e. andicaofessi, i doknhereou wou find thstreth.i wo vemotiol. irstf all, think me opleto lrn ho or wch intc at ty ald. buis w t pamedic staff. cribledotiss ourupten ce a ancom.>>nn:ss or ns w,"mi inmncsor dad. doo o dodoo o doo do green, gree green it's 's your dream radon tesngkeephealy and clean
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is healt forouto breathe. makeyou test y for esence of it's eas earn morall... pres youly's th andl-be youre te. now,t's ng hey aneen. en, n, it's youre,'s youdrm
3:27 am
> or n. nd kengibs here se of top nesreolng o is my mng on news." n drivers acc o otee
3:28 am
weenngly atpied ussay tyet know motive. full dett ahead. francisling a worldwiden thede y.lsopoo nry out ex thi ar>sengs anr esped s when mega bu trav fmgo minnea bst intes. an invon is y the cf the fire maboard ll the beloings. >>s pinis in th dtona 50 dennylin i t nbe 11 caintrx jr t chesitas hn'rsytviory r atts ose e so or sties tmoay, ua 22. >>nnouerfrombc ns, ths orldews w.> mningeverne. 'rgointorts hourite tige aloochan. huds opeople attded pray sceast nit e falies of thsix le
3:29 am
re iured one, a , clingg to . th sut, er driver is exed court ts morning foarraignmt onurr charge more now froabs ex pez inalamazoo repte itito kazo mhigan, othe huntor answersfter ddl raagleaves s dd. e jon dn,ow bend bs. ho re we have on cfied victi ghno >> reporter:he chaoseginng 52 p.m. saturevin a won otever tes in e painlot ts resintia complex she rv. bufoou lat iis erip p lota faer d r-sootki. in mi the gunm opens fiutsi cer b staura krn thca iludingorme ter, maryluny woundi a 1yearl. >>patch all s. susphicle shootin lan at c bar
3:30 am
miight, po spot spect's cle anke him custohoutncident. the ims,e sa appaly selected do >> tis yr wot niar ho yo te the li of the victs at theyer'tartefoanth tn eyere toe taet >>eporter:ye-old dton hanorinarerdan woeds ur . s ordisbie iscy. ld h b us. thatldbey dathot k repr: autties inigatg ethe leged was tg fares in betweotgs. elloaiwas lton's pasngust 70 minutes before the shting ays he cal for his cause en warning others ntbefo t shting. >> we wevi ugh medians, driving
3:31 am
stop i jumt of t caand ra. repr: uintate ying, wererified and arke at thi senleviolce we he reach oo e li t hp whheir vestigatn waye veats corea n dtos hie. iexpectn urmoay afrnn. alexpere kalamaz, chigan. >>a hi-profi heari g der y a cneic courtrm. jue xptoec etr meamies st lod onsandy ok oo cueomt nucte anse ther- e that ud inhe massre ms a gal prd frombiya lase in20 b suit thahe makf th ar-15 k it was n e for civilian >> and it has b a we an a
3:32 am
posherifinhe town fentonustwest deoit,s thlike cau senorni in e bant the falyad lt wer id gh amg e deerpaand eifo chire e yogesty 2 arold. the ims werellndead the bed isis cla onsi fordl mb in syhan 100 peopwhen s nt off in damascus and hothof state john kerry announced a at cease-fire aeeat could bn theex couple ofe acowledg it's nined andar mht autocallco>> leno lics. threpuic candatear campgng inevada toy tena trump's sweing victorin southarin rstrump de qcktop in lanta celebte, vo t n gegianotr utrn at. se and thd- finier mco rub and bizedru'sstragy>> surunngouelwi t oplene i ou. ddetel h me ellf hi
3:33 am
etherubiis egito n. and nning twsttrump is not being tre ly by the rebl national comtt. as dts prepare forheuth carolina primarysaturday, hillar lein the polls.but bers il very ch in nning ng best t herentu s bs camp t e wonev rte hil cnt is shg hene w and log ead. helusto ishis a nigh whaorteting wit la rally in ead up high becau >> reph the momentum back on heher camp confidenty e a clea paththe nomition. ton heff bersaer la risake da by fiveinery . or cg ou rorr: srs, ying a
3:34 am
youw,ive eks e re 25 poin the polls. >> reporter: bdites argued ovewh w the ketiot >> as rsta ie acly w latinte yestday,ch ia bi breakthrou fors. younow,t'juotat o anasiow >>epr:lint didin ge spo fro afcaers, whoseote willerical nextig cot in carolinas shdiscussed with.e.t. >> fa strategic standpnt, who'africaican thour campaitaetin >> as possible. >> of co. >> reporter: sanders courted the th stops inina. your he leady in politic volu. orter:ned actor er as bieseven ttateo no thentonpa i ppy th a re.but theyacknledg notveryatlooks vike one.thly et sands to
3:35 am
bruce, c newsvegas. illy's wifamille give dositiohis assault cas today after a dge fud toose .helaers ieto aue she kn notngbout texalgatid y inntpuiceposio wato earrass h a h he>>o fe wantso inta position or pu fumnd have to teifabt r rsonalelatiohiwi h huan finitelyot tti abo h tiips witheren. >>ay's depion in tts is for t against her husband by l men who say he xual them dede cosbes crimi for ault in pennsylv coy denies wrongdo > no a frining sto fr miami. yowho foun
3:36 am
ek beforg brut en andfor ad. he has tdole hs atck b a iseen ding lentins y cint nes' mr yshae owinsoigf imovent. i c st she'movi a li aif s comfta shst to moveer hand she ll ckethtube >>itell f atmpd murd crg. ne fily ysheas ouer awainat ot suln gr a cnahifoak like nes did. o scy. another towns coin contamn criswar inurg, new itaminate with a chemic. ate isng a
3:37 am
downreamropltictor>>e' tmoerpuer d sat puics arevy ep ofurestigaon. >>haenind to eyndtir ers well ayroidise and her seris healblems.> okay. is, newtu suggests havin cup of coffee isn'tustor stayingalanymore.ays coffeee developing coholiveda we, onreis by 22%. fours e daysred with 65% ruconsk anan 00 acansye d ciris y kno h ielgeia ffee, brd t st itas vy odofe. e rtul o coff. ahigorand, m ld inhe rm.very h a b lht > wave t han i to rl sco h at inoron
3:38 am
ty were slingheirl sct coies overhe wkendtse ria ensa ortlsaur muhi conddog, iutha it's notinst thees. >> an emoyeee op sai it was gat tpartne and lp theoung'sorts thelasn the gus theye it theene ac rs rbo. >>et ye ri thas abso t hepokespn for rlscouts oeg in sot waington said t ey, quote, recmetny nter unacmpanhat she shod t se ckiesre. ut treses. l arundi >> comg up mothenatu's ry ct cam a a laidts on re . > higooster ship meeinto what tp man in
3:39 am
clos io tind ue spac degn aice you cause to get ure ord. tetodas st map. dre. it is so nional chry pie da >> are youoing to bring me in tonight >> yon'tant th. nnounc:d news" weatheroht tu byol pes. my mher the erstof oamil e ed m asacr, a musicn, aum being. so when she wadiagnosed with conr, itike our mily t ncer. and she diedhen only 56, ts issonal. now, hullyartbak your ke-up ll. corectal cancer is the cond leadingca killer. but yocan prev thisse. reening finds precrous polyps they can bebefore they turnnto ncer.
3:40 am
if think tt yore atn incread risk, like im,asyo docr when to stt screeng. and ifou're 50 oolder, please g seened. i'd do anyin to have myothehe. pleaseo l u catotaar r urlf
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3:42 am
>>, andsli cut f thidwnf k ty fm ref th >> lls llias atutow tyrethe rld. thate ghway blo. ther p in to. officisay eninthro ing ern ex becae of huguldendtreeu seere o the veme the s arbanto city t 'rpahis ybeushe snoth isoni twah. a en r were recngt,'m sur polin new york's l is platoume r ch for a missifter is plarash.three r n we r
3:43 am
lo island sound late saturday the small e had a st piloat the cons. ce heardes from e ter angrbeka t wered upy. lightcopt ll, we tur t ff between apple and a ts o of the san bernardinoers. okso, sechersay it poss to th p wit e'he d ofmeca foremostxptsn beecity sppinupo e a evagrim repor a prol to bthe eme e i tnmt's nd thet hathiphoe san no shter. rsecity pieehn afee oin d hself fr ithe wes. i arane, yme
3:44 am
to createo-ca backor into tone's operang system putundred of mils phoners at rplan invves physally tapart thione anly phomina risk ers. ng socianeering the hardhe sof we would perform our magic with the and it comes is are10,0 hken th worl whoould easy ha i'ggtiysf. >> reporr:utheovernment aiit nds pls hp go sd rook phe. ordfbi i nsiderin his fer, b es onfide is aby to c tthone at he tolme vy coully if hefail he wl ea shn liv.evlgbcews,ew y llrowdn, hu iue. sechs y ckg tohe ipnes lea thnal poib. we'll s howhiall ays t.maybit wilnoketo tpremurit s
3:45 am
h, boy.> cin mthe ade in away. high sco are beinsed for whr one re. yochin"worews nnnc: "world ne now" [gup laughing] yoguys havdone souch with ts ace the lt two ars yes, wreally l. e kids really like tneighborho too. here, let me help wthese. thank [announcer] admitting to fancial diffultiess never sy. everying ok, je? yeah, sure. everng okaoe? wellankly, n his house. we can't ad the moga anymore. i thinwe're in real trouble. ny people e in ble with their mores thtional fndion forcreditnseling can helpou wk through your rtgage proem
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d we knowhe needdo yes, we'reorkiith them. nnou] the oner cal thbetterour ons. call t nfcc at 1866 687 62. or visit mortgage help now dot org. thiss a ee service
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ng the way and the bitrnessnd staye up witu nigh h i kwn to ve a li hichestlg am from uh s pvoor urwehe two mem werto a testher onof them coulected is. >> moves offhe mat helpede life of from ida hailey hrom ou laatiostory. thereson what we c >> rorte bndde english and allan mads with nd their coach when a wommed for neir hotel studenuickped acon. >>irhing tt pp into m md washis womanas
3:48 am
scarho ioing up agnst whakif enoing to comnd i wld about iwh i came toas worse. orter:t mos eso, wavin a cal geafte dergoiacsurg s wi kat wasanng by hisi. >> h heawatiedanheasutf .u ulte sethi w on so sitti went fea pulse. noin or a th, elish a mse picked isifs broth aid ard r. eyep hve untmeewmer inieat ca apoo thboysorthrsme. >>ouldsay toat they mn don't know them persal i ennow al s, b tm dely >>epte khysonvi herusldt beli thouthr he cas hers. bo dise. t's e rithto d you ouldthtwicout
3:49 am
acon iyoed t alehe dnri home troy omhe ur t atetele tdinlee port ctnel t witkathy, fothe fe experienc herehurre,y hiin gd4 >> gd grouofuy >>oor em niceem. cly a ve largeamily ve hap>> i theme o broadchas bern c>> that ly haseen a ke and rys an itant one. americ heassoction comm eveone et ai they dha lesns ail onhe webted dhe'slwub >> whe iome lems ->> gotback.
3:50 am
3:51 am
there' fa hi. m awjohnn othe 2008.s. gymnaicteam. i' here with our fends fr "veggie tales" to s... abelaye t up and pl anour a day. bes gymnasti w do stain t shaphawn ovce d ou don'te be an ympian be a yer jdongs alrove to likjump rope, rideike,even play freeze ta
3:52 am
3:53 am
r fun ways toet al it wllov > ad i e pet wheu're coopp ino ome ga arothe e.>> as cleaand you mighfindhayou me e yctllalize. ybvenotoreomofce here'sbca in rtee alhane t homes only purpos for accumg for me it's this laundry roomoa ct th i d kn wha dwith so calmyend si aoinrefro s he cawo h.>>ranccoi'soyore re re ix. h trie. >> rorteo th is probarea
3:54 am
dot'. it is le take youess -- t >> tin >>eporr:frcesir por redesig spe, thk outsidthbo >> tnkhat c dhe this fm lauryoom to aommand cte >> rorte t tfi inspat >> we' goio loor someg pst to ndneeds and for some .>>orr:e, syo me.i geime rgnfyapartmentte aly ow >> per>> repuld work if heavy e chd th tist. >> tddraw it'sfavoritet. ean- >> rter:he anmaon b. the finalsult,ctiol e d cce, and i put tuse. raesommaenr.>>ohar hais i'ing t e nd
3:55 am
th you think so?k at messy.>>utat en tsh ct's big ianha clo r th - myam cl nly t ones devoted yo blas. >>,e jimm choos havenother ll f telves. >>hey a wholether w >>hat abe targrands? ou go to target.>> itarget. erwith tay. >>s what she >>has wh she ss. ve l sportall lif and i ned ry ear just how importantt is know d respt your oonen one theoughest i ever fed wathonner w mi. a few years ag i t sa iec. anwas lu beat it. the fact is, more than 90,000 americans get mrnfs every year. annot everyone i as lucky ai was.
3:56 am
ke gyms,ocr om homes, and en school t e'a plbo foevtion, and just a few pct steps li washi your nds ancovering ur cs can help. you nee an thoroy. here's wheou want to use something like bleach . at mrsa ce, but i'll tyou is, i'd hao ce it again. ths one opne we a need kw reect.
3:57 am
>>maki ns amecahis
3:58 am
s treatment commanding priry win the latest. michigan uber driver fac leurder charges. th mbraesig ct hoe drivtillcted fadown dearoad >>rn b what ford0seso evacuateorhis e edn es.the traveporter oa. ed to change the story. annc dny. th6-yeld cebratinblachistmoh athe wte hse a sta a dance pay wi thest fami> goy mornto you. we begin ne round ovoteay une gop esn neva of ursee hav dal trumdilry cli
3:59 am
thrils figo ep gas. is keetteteusat n tpa ai keeth,oornepr: gd mog,s. ony awrothe da caucusrrow onek away om supay.rynt e leading the polls i neonte butiriv aorngo inome ou iseeit t ear presenalonstwih. w nad is thdecratturn in thep southwhthrepublics ouwen nedaoromros ca wreoi tkeepning 'rgog me eric great ain. tmoin donarump is stl ri highr nnli. scoregas winning angelical voters wby a lot. sof record- >>or the gop p down contejeb bu e o cubaericanshman
4:00 am
bome ump ative. don has ive high f opp >> repad winner hlary con is fa south carolhe's readd onuper da, lias. wher she rr the ween>> someayavbt uuterbtache epr:waalsonoth g y fobernan i eenvle, uth calina heot somceleity he f danngl. sas orki ture k . whh le tonwkrd lewm ceptio ahis edany aferanrchtde cln hhe mon hat th sisocaro. or truwho's g ne26 p he sa till n b tre fa by e ican natittee, but an of the y ld abc that ll suppotrump if g


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