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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  February 23, 2016 12:07am-12:37am MST

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13,00 fans fshing back to the'80s bl a ulcultur. ri forng gekig this good mu >> tyeed toaway m >>r oy cwd a avdo '80s ck>>0se ho wage herules nd eor hgemths th ck myed ore nideoids's in16.
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tonighe.tbir t sto eve h "s." dr rmore, se w yea ns today. >> and she was i gma morngn sh drped e v be gves o ersis tdre. wsh w coldowyou mor t this steamraadhildn. i'alysmaned whatt ulbeike. pictedappye'd ...and much w imagined... i'd the one he turto. fee witnd to er l theiquestis. ver ined.there come a whennt maround.
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anw weou waacother. never imaged tt wute ouor that i all the answd alwamagined itdiffy. anunceif b pent alysgid fes imssle.. thbo tnaon tle n lp. ll 1004800 #10048 ytim dayr nit. anownt ine along my ch we actually do get along better! announcer: ttown al hotli. helu' en i w ousiyes d,i mb tgmething om s. what i twasnorth.. the le learnedwas woeverytng
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urn rt gh wodbo phis b ain bed the i el d tak place. e have sed the proofaking theon. iredo. rr:oo sev hou st to getrs of testy from his we. gotenheanthere. ngeped lawsuit. the s lad t we reent or is i msb . co yno f colaimared t ce 35 yes,amed sal pge sev's why i took so long. thehad tbe cled t ill out. >> ahe endetne whoas mor
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>>ly' tmil a ries of motioo pve h omesfygutsuay cou iri ct lasme e will begainth ph a >> firefs in sn cali b alaze s of los gele th w w engun flames buto iurs s expl inside uildin in a iial cauasirunown. >ndhe ou ectca fe o hug anne, aalia thrn csio. the fmean tori ooirbrokut. thankfully noes.
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e whitehouse.donald trump drawiremend crs rub ieva ha t say toy. ump revdp suprts las ahensntru bteaid,ike tchhe man in helsasdt cz hour earlie cru fired chief heoste mieobo hi iding back to south carolina today after getting aalst california.innn enhr-raisehereon ndf dlaer spea aer hba w als heb. foerredeilclinn mpaiin f h we i da a she sss ersthe dele >>zan, tree shping as to qualify is now $4th $14e what it was years ago.
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vithathy tre oa wl g youe sppg. yot tha mim pl you get tideondio rehini retomaims $50. s5. >>ar is hboutom srbuc ws? of crs ary overhe comiha to th ffeechaiewdsram. tartin ail, ltrogrwats arsas on amoun of neypentpose your number ofacon so'voat25 ars g a fetemhichanding2.50 starlaims tnging ll lead t higheiny omers and you more stars. it's li >> it . get sort of le >> uh-huh. ie overnights atstarbucks. >> i don't think you'llaveobm at all.


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