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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 23, 2016 12:37am-4:00am MST

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ar ovthey c annd in minatingay last in shg hi housanfanrnwe ta parkhe size o08 foll f ig nter was about etfa ipe of monkey. it ishe yea of monke in tnese zoac e fineelstedyhi ppltho.>>e' g rd yo if s yoirth loo tyethe tal it'st a veoeaed >>'mlad i bro storyamer it's very imgallhe et befo thi sun e actor. >> and have b th gettin ner to
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songl mom w nepeicture wse witht her pminn a ra spcanheigback >>8 ireat fhehe tialeaererce s beoloodg the ri. wh. hebudd l g daeld but thesliqu ge w. mux fa. amene ari-sympwe is is x 't. ...thi dropd soin .il pu othelw uc ft e only bndolan flqu g stng mus ste li. sery t'end is.
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bee shldweree fo gr danuf wasn't exaelcome was evacufttmeeth iide room itt wa notse. e wasedly try cooke maan >> iwhewwo policof esponde meme otrwis k as contact high. the hotelfter about ann, tes . oy,
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easethumbefgfo mteometing tomimi inc overht-yearriod. govemes the rwomen getng double mastectomies me than rearchlso thomies are bein o i.ntraye on ther frourned into end ialarmarts ewhere hmu the >>he her by stole and pstere and da inzis. or a pho cturitheoy the douir chi , aen
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but t vy se pto crti linmare f a mnannt. ieay hapne tme. thehotoorarcl trd jay2015 abobes sonbeiniryth yen coece s pto dndah ayre y. headng dit wom giveser 1h chi 14 d fathe. on w news daily . e story going viral bennett was gged er it wa a joke. i laughut . le bennd h family'smage to fri sto owon nnita suiv theay wen a the ors spread,t began toake anmoon tl onbe >> itaedetngornd more nicio oy cebo. when peoe are stain mak mmen aboutouron, call yly,fat, tho wehenthat srted to ht mlot.
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00op aoer phte oli ses e at. ho c pteyo pert say mark your pages as atererar y phes. >> in'erar and pyd, anyone the ptondteve hit. hasn't caht uchgy. e ne, >>ood to gotbeul yar
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w."tt2wu# sbt@qop2w4 _\tt2wat s4 bm@qtwt tt4wat" dztq0 tt4wu# @$4 tt4 " t& y#l 4wat s4 " hn i-" tq #dx tt4watu#4 148 ttlzt& )y man holly >> coo appar ome n forost thsie bonnerainer g jthey do reporte stars s on the red carpet. and ws thet beh pesigner ? step apush r trainer je jns the hollywoodner. >> reporraining some thtellyw >> i pi
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rain kelrond. >> rep png " c toon up >> w c s and o takverythin up a level. reach t m th stra >> reporthehree to ing up to the redcarp, herelebut ee wo te the women gowns a t are . i make sur i hit and the upper body. ting es a upperba >> jeannette says the row a is aebav it is shoo she re es. shoes whateve t h i'm just g. ter: anothse nuion. ring tugar conten s lik nore pro food gars. >> rter:ut bice nd hng the gy
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to enjoyleussol. sth,li lw it . y . e el it eodnare etntth t bi anen kw e'fegket, m mele ..wh enj eoy iev more.eny e th ultrel sp dyoth?wo g in ood' bge nf th ea tsor beto
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abc' brandi tt h mo. >>or the are lld's leangme ingorsc go >> it' suc axtraor ri. this yeominee mat damon, benr redm fff his w l year i amkyma >> d starr the islsonar winner takihome 199'ginal seenpl alonbest benk. y late yem goo smell theroses. >> reporter: this is nng the roleve jo >> no, you don't want mame on it. ant crston up forisirst oscar >> i'm del aboutit realbout it.
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voriteicinbr dma thent t'yewdi. >>eo smso beomat er singlearndy hasev reptehasicaponoteor wt'atingiertape,hen b didhe wf oall st b n ts going to endhis. iis ar >>ic h aeaon sds idihes. a t gde gl nd ife t hom histarsuay br , a ws, ywd. >>bc is e pce to o os eng cere stas sy a 00 ean,ci n "wsnd mni f ful wr-u incdilu fashio revwy a ctain peon o youef lder>> o your ht --w. >> you mea myhtshou
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a pview o youalysis >> thais someth
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wlps at th vid bm stuthchols r more i on t vit driv hi morrld news now," donump's nevad moum. brings ehusiaslavega todas cses ile hry clion sets her sights ouper tuesthentensig c r>y sh. e oe sanrnar gunm loc .
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evda> consu aler siew can b tioningol by lumb the chemical pes a major sk. >> andat ainn.idenca sisrs h vered setswins es.oh, ba what alyit's tsdayfebruad. ancer:ws thswonews." shingn thatn ut. od rninevyb s y. i'm is on. the notng in e wer re. >> y, extly.>> ree n. we'llet to tha lattalkout o.'llrted tont-nn on aro. nald p, hillary ton, ey're expecte towe t ne rounf s. nd trumpe pitch t ofupporters in ast nig bore had a cday. he bragged a victori lashed o at tid dirty tricks. fme president
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forifeng te h clintonan th cntryher. s kan wh th la. epor hillalint nald t areling towa next ek'scialup dayonstith solid ns bteget o toow g,,te. tmp whing dbl git ctor itheouth calinavictory. >>e'rencblratel tyouecse we' istoge. rteonts76% ofhefricancan h into e na prima w a 30-pnt. >> donald tr tak lead to tuesday's gop negative caucuses. th leaves rub pl is ery se y,
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mpai tha and untrue. cruz dismissed his icationsector o a en truo. bersaers now tarunoged wr s cls bckuppoers wi setar powerrom lloos dny glover >> don youee the bu>> reporr: asked if sti ha a cnce forupt, h was phic >>hehoe-tter ansr y-e-s. the latestolwlion an trueang ioheir xttes in sou col an neva w dediads.rea, kend nk you so mu kasics apologior nd feor comments suheol aer i hi women lheir ns ton fth.heaiwas sry t anyoho wasen and disarks were not
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myn kels los blicampaig for tomoow butnean wil neabl missing. rump w not t part he ent. t fox executives i nothing tois feud with kelly. they say tru scheduling issues buts tor cable debate ewnts a owappl a i. a findse than half o americans sayle shote supp demst a mo 40 a thre, 'srre omas. >> rorter:ams ose anded serprin eer the f to rce e hele i op a er'sho >>his aery emotiona issue fothe victinhi ca e pa is stl ry ppae. itcric tt th g isnfmati. thhegethe sws. >>eporte t familie igngn asalesn
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ross theatn morrow, d the war wds eales between appls ceo anthe fbi rect. "wcan'look the survirs in the eye, or ourselves the mirrorif wdon'follow ts lead," fbi dirtor james comey wrote., t t break anyone's encryption oret apple's timoo in a e-mail to employeesreoning. he called on the fbi to "withdraw its demands," seek legislation in congress, and set pemiss sort through these diffices cook writing, ake is the dataecity of huns millns of abing pe, anindangs prect thhreans evne civ libes t'so t the vernntlduire apple o, iitucs isayth ia nda's
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th pne. eean y? ebi ts treaye seven wksfateading u tohe attac on thatphone, potentiall photos, e-mai and te communicationwith t otr killer, wife pire as, abcneshgton >> n tichigare police say they still idea why a m peopl in kalamazokend kil x of em. ators saybaots t ople livuring h ignment yestday, the uber drd he would prer 0 remain silent.ndreds of pe attended other prayer judge jill ergh many thought koo w insud from mas shootin >> we kw at any momt, anng pp. nyit er cmutyeaitth alng of vlee the alngesf ignorce challeng of pain. >> the family of45-yr- marrd fatr o twoas issd atamentaying t te o
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soetfoa ef the vti h anynoneiono dalto >> camle cosby spent autwo hostifyg uer oat about e allegions facing her husbanthe ditionooklace a hen spri achusetts. belie it'sirst ti'swere questions abe altions.heea cchesf 1po s at t uversy of tennesse are holng a jnt coerce tg. its belve thewod addressegatns inew deraawsuithi she ho h a hos vien f n. a20-yeadalau agnseyto uartback at nnese s cid in e lawsuit against thsc. speborus calle rid iidtasated
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nngever aub o crinal->>t's aase u ha perct mingnheescue o healorni 10r-d whi lyelntohi n-ot ou rht there whi snowinitheriln era riuneah anese te hped tbe hikgown therain ey hsted tfigirl bor hotrmou set in >> wenth weaer t. thers a strgtemwein rosshe uth. nginangeusonditi
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sssii,aba,o s oa.'rkigndsetween o eles dang'roo oppounitie tos. ame stem b wed hidsheast coast fromd. dow t tamp thankou. goews fhocote loveingcola rarly can proverain fuon. resecherfoun tho hoseta chocate,ot t do i a lst on week. di betr at men slls than those w o eig it ls thater ty'inhe ondsig barti reon fhe ost. yo kwhaitarrdog?takeocowr a ior ofklt willop w nt. s you sayg t w you' ageus. >>. >> g and tbad.>> tre i dad
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br >> now fmart eating ol dumbhingdobeer.we hja uple ofesses y haveampo eate aw that he combes thewo. attenon fanfter mp the br isalmn do it creatio o theinstthe gra y. hatwo? >> thago >> he sching mgh r eting. y had actual dts and glaz the brewi the r i to be sweet lik roo er.had. ld tyomen. shat e g fr. >>has the induy froth groc
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>> i youla.>>ght. >>ypeti. bng tck monto lexton nt tr youemr tk. y ow ng ,he mtopular ca bren tr it foritind dog.lsahntitn ers a two sets o rsinyundles of ahe. warnings a a nd popular type oong. who ise latest al >> cheut o bin the
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and nots feeling. thathy t's olitrks. it'se of hdien keepinrk clo l ke nor 3 ve fk clll nevade. e rk lov o-3 cebeomegsh th inar kllil. is easy abed yr ...hi ureartmeppil meged provels30 thdi i eao ab. ouress he fo?i'nna ke mex nus-tolate, e ab o esssolvet. the new li gels.and you'rewith me. you alize i haveolstatus?
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dive shaxgtdileenthreatrinllula. on first -in- joint and p suppleme
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e tabrr go l of a wild scene cght b thk' adit b sendingere houseraleigth na. one was in th homt time. e dri iur tul b us l t iwill bed. t'ssowe cl that gmtmpdeo. w. >> u. aygree biu i batte spmtsn ssgerpl. ose cchre e disn i ndi mo cri flohe l'anrds t u depamentf trsporon
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si 06 thrar js btroyed and f piilledygh atch ba > nd, snding anlarm over hazard posed by meg fou in thousands of carng the chemicals uin many laminate floors can cause cca jarvis with the risk >>orter:he says the cancer rk associatedh someluertorsing ar noe titer ththeiinates officls nowdi osde in inminate flooinmany100 mes,ou c 630es .iv hatee s rorryhothflrs ir calie tn reyes >>'merconcneabouth -t e sheho s red halfimhe ventomedose
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e'w rt of asonwsbut e fl sti in he homberrs a newsy belie cdc overotentialh s. thany halt of the tionable for whe h thbleme lig mah d says iady"signi strr ity suprocednd offestomers ir ality "d free y 1 hba concetis o alhyres cod he h ortionsetoors ielan eflrs,th'st oth daer cauma ear nos ths. who h proble lot of nceror a o .
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theonve seenneveterauggle jumake aappointmen to f hsetuide phonenu talbo bti. ns ve s s.thedrup o oneh fami.that a lot oftht'ehe>>'re ngrl now.ove theiesheir communs by cctinthe sroom coy se ing to, tsveeaoble d neillsand aptheiowle whoew inside thelassom aut, see leningpens nedoors brgs leningo . geyol vo si w.arndgov
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baby bab baby, baby no >> j >>amy intah ing iceesse iden twirs eh boet oftwin beab,s t esenedfo seconaynoweo
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m sro ourla ci stati has the sty. >>epter:deic tsistersel wnd rry bun co >> we tnk lhe. wesos e a t . epter:he bond key g bir t herir t oal otwins. >> wino tgh lab minde of h miserbe like to go thr o. >> rs tn laerst in int leton ne fastrd aye p sh kern pre thain. tonhi
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tc t pregncy te s . >> weenny tme ofny nd. rteou ima t rp a aidid the wh thuge hpedbekboutth s timeshwaeeehd >>epr:t s31ks kav rth k d ken weig jor 4nds eonth ter, kry go r4ks a thta >>'mwealrere. weal d. orreemiean keke mewoet o n teneratnseyla on kping theousi geer s's bldin aouse n e' bhbor orteotat a
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he n cue, t t a fina ho. thunkensre we thulddinge wi t nou wert fegnahoital aieonsooo 4ah at re bausehe ewoac y puthellgeth. >>ouanbuin tre dtid l miiv.
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anman, there up right w. >> preinr ya i'gonnke m s-max. o late're t totake o ese divet. th're liqu gel you' cg wi me.u izha gstus nenumax li g ves ax s di.enis.) esourp erfe dty don'av,soe .r wiio ftpet itol ounoan et omes leanse solvrt.s mothere'ng m ultra itactipo your j cartan d b bi fs,
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yoovots y as h. itasr se lk aw soe y trag. s naltu so c gnttha qu s in mele bo. eoys ,nj it mand hee k agel prlebuder ied law t ll torionsthi evhi st everyg! u kn1 in0 ho c t hit a stic st d llup t3,t 7 moh, r-xis sencaprendown, ing yooiicaster.
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ofalin o ll h what iold we w theeag ly y wn dobriconer give uweek, and weanyour borever want me freshns? add nedowny fresh protec >>inx" is methrey tt
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but it'oment that has everybobelievwh bond coming.shi >> se goesd.d the glimp w otographer chim, has his point hp tet t s if levat th t areatshot loo le he caeally . s. thereou h it. >> yan d ito. u dosomesing commalbreak.yove g masr powe, >>n,oottie ang td e a in?at iwh eat >> arinlbreed dogsf . ta tser fe g,ow notabdor ed m 25ar a row. being iten
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you act hopfor lon ter bed adertountg. anedountinhe 180 that icuy so. gr. >> you're rinuon labrador, ermanelpshephe go henan >> w gsca liderfin this ies 's arater who likes tntryskii witer er r tadskoroghamelaspernjis ei norl >>er cuoh. he' shi ts g ak y sat iba
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ildi. th ands j kion i goi tolimb o th its 10 s at so kinnes e. herirn >> don knout hps scring a b v sy>>e, wal14ee dhi he goo ein ihodar lkhiis did he make ito ettom? >>fely. finish high school ju aer/1 analong with me high ho buddies, i gned up r e army. i vprd toave rvedy coy and i' witmy unit y it wa't fory inju. my hicle s brided ambus i s thwn hard und and fracturespinalord inplac which left me paralyzet . when i woke up in the states
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pva helpedhing to msure i goty med rehats. a knewt to d and o couoncerate ogeing wenoug go sosay, ks,wen'haveon wit po.inams ra r ovyes. razevera oic
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this morning on "world news pol as donald trump soars nevada, tre a w battwe cruz anrco ruthpat cod han day'caucus. >> mhimurds. the akiinatleassix peoplekamao fas judge. at h t coitisonon gef >> a n hal hour, dozens of lle uden uer
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>>he hse ptyo wdy d soestiop wcoemwhicand ighbaryi > la thes to fnts'homethe s along waand h younende br our exclusn "the " on this tuesday, bruary annouer: this is "wmit someing on trning,y. d t lit officehileg th th." >>t s th s? t s litt tchg.i a tt vkl. >>has e rt tt t yosoet
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so was hns itouc>>. tghts >>lle nas. e n ke i itit up. >>owbo sin-dep anisbo tate r e e searje it pngut iev withup tueayt weaw. lla r bo naldrumpre ae crd in lasgihem get aot y he tz mp ggto be f tuus p enting e coes th huge lead, exct t schithird viin ro abs tollass e the campgnil repr:ump ing s cdentut t prims, he'ing t s white you'rg ay please, eat. we can't stand it anymore. weon't want to keep winning. we can't sta iand i'm going s care'rgoing to k we're akamerica t again. >>he billi ju carint big. igy educated,
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uc bu wonever.tall p s peopl pe, ny pn.>> rtehe rubli rtcingactshat rump n ser tsday m bele sevel pay leaderw yirod setor mao ruo ashe take m ou >> a tht, this h co ahreeersoce we wl win. >>ter: r n splitting th-true th t cz, aensi een tho senatoling >>t'ay, cruz campaihat's deceptivand ue. >> repor furious carect ck tsprealrepohat his video, riodi t a g cr staff, thar t manswe in it. sa tt' >> iac i youidth to ev quesou'll everis i eporter:yler >> who's going to beir
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atedlythingseyhaveologr an haccoun iskedor resin.hamalen is mp tt ilndt th camign wi vy ghstofntty riohiutt a t.>> d't ce hochouay thth're nny h inteinthaynd we naom t %, opay cat stane gointo l several promi rlica endorsg senar marcrubiincludbob doe ishmenearlying rnd notdy to ve upustye as ser ted cr thefirst ti acknoged tt thetackis chaer could ises a nald t.m llws, ga >>eray ie we
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ton okinr a wiin sou carina satu, afrliad oferni s1- ith refo des,lionosdhr fuairsn calorand foer pntilto setu xas. ried cfor s took swip dold tmpigraon cy ie time in meae, be sas on thothede of e cotry ying srtin ssachusetts,uper tsday e. t7,00peopleaitein nesee m athe iverty osshuseinheas docra be r thblacvote as led tt s uanhece doemt. stt nng o dafeat > u.ndsia ed cea-fia t begin tu flowi isisomtheekehat ft mthan deamohan a qli
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ofil w.thaseresot r or gupth w hses aea plinpeatnserans e oongidheppbiecit do. ere wi braiey in suorofheeccoin stes in me thanit dt fbi headqrt e encryption on iphe loin one othn berndi ser on 3 agrh e. s rng, citofkalao, michinfro grieffter t shng rampar the ekend.a secondigil lnight ople who it b but sode abc'x rez in lamazo reported ubwi ernderstges beinst you a t jusippring in uro from jail,
1:34 am
silent.nvestigato in cou stted he pls lives. >> no one tands why ened. reporteton aly goin a shoing spe in twees shtlinuber pageroto rday aerno, tt mlesays dtopihiupt meafr ltonak ggh.enal. s an pts wnin bo. >>ho f we have one confirmed ghno aho later, won otevalim ith paint ts siiacoleshe rv.thpa0:n is deersh p, ther d his ear-son .16es late gunms fireutside this crr el restaling four men returnin py.ord gets oisthe loose,ssengerscall for an ubgoo a bar.
1:35 am
y sa ye no are?>> h ost sno. >>orter: just r miht, thito od stent yie e ied arro arhein veat twre htaze ud14ead rl clgingo li. po s sasnoced braidead at the hoitalut thenqueed hemo's hd anrespdeoctos estion by givi thus thsuspt's fassuing a atensay e ocanri cdolenc anays t vmsabwslama mian pe sly red a tous crst onsinsty th lled to thwas sideswed by a actotr the that truck he wasn pi when he d out of h to the b tharange one. thiss a wild one. police say the
1:36 am
om bridgtateuniversimasssetts. thmageas se. out 70,0 wor. nehborupt. >>hey co but th d'tanreecfothnehborodfothe otpelen igorho. oue colle. u know, yore ynglike n't do stuuflike twhe you're yo to in the rest of your life. >> good advi. the house was later condemned due to a numr includg overcrowng,ack osmokoructuissufieos u t th. >>te ader the enr thguys >>o onk e asaut t kellr goa li sere he
1:37 am
march a isn'tme for another we e say babecas faecentl him art carage -- i lov cos u coulhe'sap it. kelloatinound thrilla it chasi acolle. >> bennymuisperfeche whing becauseideo wst shared kelly twiother, trk. very cute.ach t. >> benny hill. comie skin baor'snt hree wst ireexive sigh >> a d, ran h jt nengpe t miael ck r sicamiston the vetan eosing ho difficulits toet ct antnt atha.e he'sg wi to afday's howirm the deep south. and it'sday. >> didn't know that.
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yep. es eve fe and? t it reit rmwial nditiongredi s t wi. ens. re carphawelcom d toet mes tre pet . to re ha-actppor fo j cae nes tr e ni 2-in-1 joinand sleep supp >> i'mx trek. ifou're 50o 85, thiss an imptantessa. plee, write do t numr on your scre. e ck i want tk you about ist e e yr door
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foyo le insuranceth guarants urat n ner uat a te,r anreon. bubeef nyolics yosee ot have one, but getlifetihroughen call thinu earn more. plas desi with aate for op ofixeinco whntfforbl nsce at'sime get ve oio for st9. aon, le than 35 centsay. act nowd ur re ll bedn folifeitill crea yoovere nebe canlled asas yay yourmi and accep ntee with questions yocanne tu
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bo free, wi no oblion. dot waitcalls number a ldish roblem ll u a lf rgen ue g ade um e pac ea tou odr th
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th moleenr and twirds o wer usedstio. reses puvira car seehat e drivers re dng r bore cis. lysi ade inead the skf cr ren 1/ti eml ress eve e ng risk tenf health direcm around thesk fda wning abt thd tranilers.e sca k bo thewhich usl s
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ey i grongnd daerob ari dd of anverde. >>e d ra afalarete ng a frere ac. months for an ug east veran'sbcidghholdle you arehad press one. pur social sety num epstraerhe dni an aerho sd ocumentiimseng t g atmth>> hwe - >> is ce cs d me try s in >>eporte a lotf vetse d sir prms, the viwental hibossngren se mouln, is also a van. ielie vetans serve the be heah care ith worl han down.that wult te ttg r veonhein
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are ve. the a. insis, "thehnalisat w dthe wacorrected." e v.a. has had problems re, inudice t c to vo andn di returme the cls. set's thed ou>> ror and cerly dawrigc , on berfsuay g at er than steati crsi. he ce ni ranightayf th eesor>> a wharihanna has coshhaenelck't st.
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nny,in we. 'll start furththinningthe ra abc's "thelo cehaheis t ing?appeteben'visithhometoof h vo four dies. o ta about our niorachelor yst, j han. brought te as sort pefering.s. h "the bachel
1:46 am
beach. lagueachlifoia. ro tt" otht'srl ut e a duthe ole sheee n to. >> s uall ty g t- itally onreall atthat pnt ultelypas' h as faerdsp llbeouno at hepydui' at tin ye thkinggongr . loongretty d. >> ohat'te. mg righalon uphe c, pond, on, wiurirl urenthe arus thinfoed oth. tite ty t lauren b. filhoe. they'rcainr lobu r puoshe tn alri
1:47 am
ers,ou knowh, i want to tl thuy iove u. i want to tellhis i lo yo e'workg rsupor it. hpe a ialwaa ce si >> off to huds, io. e instri healand of amera. cailhome kayla is saycae a e's tellinr dad, i knois is .shinr mom, in loith >> oh,ow. youet tde it's reay gog. eah. s g tgo w urt. unl dn>> w he dn'tove you to ther. ofals.things got littlcoin dale those ro they diome omen js
1:48 am
bes ke'm ltl tae. eyit llifenasncomfo siing er on eouit jo who what haens whheyinly gotojo's ouse bse the brothersere. gave ben a little bitgh ride. they're saenno invhiol thing as you are >> wow. n knowt, i're ta litt confu e thg. e wae wed scenwhere the moth wasggin chgne to wit ese peopben winaving da unsettd. anyway, ro ts tose.caa ts the rose. >> ta toucngart. ojo ge thee. u ow wt eansit w aoongd r annt iwa abheis amanda's on e y t the or
1:49 am
an'ttop llwothate los em . jack got tmoou outt to rihanna q >>out. up,ihannamuc char ore.>> tger/soer w justnedn satu has ocstr ir moe hial tiwith h 14th ork"
1:50 am
doe l colal looks ihurerc t he moift?dayquil quid geland go. t thesels are new. mucine max.he samffen these mpto o arese. thx ngand tsus o d't.tnkas u drpesomeing. oh'l on sh.. neucasonly bnd c ths x-rength d muc art the re tcry leis i ding i couldher partalmost you know, n ses could by xpensivesaster.r only $h, x helps k doaste.
1:51 am
do in jt e k, en keele an trl. clit i tonjleanryso c .) do yr carp erelou aty don'avoiit,resoit fo sal coniredi ens pet thve. esolve it t lssoftens.tlcomou and to clean p mses, pet . 's alws as ey r me ast isorr auseooat aw y it es s l is
1:52 am
mes m bo.. enheoynj mani en. heifrewi k trel. e'mod theera urrts.unli ll itn tinyil moe a. m skinn so >>weecial bonurony." sg with a q whosck is th a l re'sint. helreaell-n his art >>, ce od >> he's hintit's adam le. set,t's am
1:53 am
at's a g merid wh wis cdlgkullnd wein a frown. >> t 36eaold moo 5 frtmot t tto ive butt's tual the firstime shing with his mohan millfos nsta now e shg it w our 00n, zilliona "g" view ews no >>'re welcomm. yocome.> an up, teturn the l vas sta that al of uwatch anywher >> tive-tirammy d winng celi dion wi retur to heresid at the ciseumatsa palace.tot wl be herirst show sin t death of he husbanrene last month. >> she will kick o the sw with a special tbu trene. d tha pt oth swil liv reamed. so fan all over the world can logon ceioh swtartt 30 m.asterntandard ti. nato filly, moment the
1:54 am
>> kimardan hafinall ed ato of r 3-moold sot. we've beeai f this. is. how cute is ? is he saying yee ithne?st mongot justease. thoto we was of ny hand grippthe fier of oldesist nor the rst yesrday iss what posd, mking thbirthd of r la fat >>ppartly erdawoul haeen bertardashn's 72irthit was 12 ars agthe fo j. son ay died esal canr he age o59. haring h photo, kim posted hpythdadad. and miss you so much. s hard when you've arent and u have you think he what a set to her. beaut.
1:55 am
wa herhamsught, big s ta yrigh doudate bookt anm. >>oming up, more ns abc. >>ominup, mo nfrom ab [ piano ] i never thoughld h mebu. i'll never think of driving the sy ai i pictured myself at a dance, not in a car accid if i had fortten seatbelthat nht, there's no way i woulhaveurvived. seatlt cckin car brakescreein
1:56 am
due to my seve hd jury, i have no memory of y thindesth l up t c accidt. vethout at sh asmalcliccoulsave a le? atbelt clickin i'm an masy, and a atbeltaved my life. theo wassubmitte a stueograre ior on visigwhere did my goat go? we, itt to a family who really just like the heifer c used to have, the water buffa-- which s really t for my anyway. but se liv? wht...trrs? beuse ngimal likvingomeo a sml busine l wool, the lk, the gs... turnnto inme... for dicine, scho, clhi, beerome, asuaielilihood. itn uc..feil f cro.d of course, ima re liveock.
1:57 am
nexthiou kno tfami youav gto ispaing t gif the anil's fsing ath filwhdothe sa tng. son d ounl,prettyoo y'vheed ftn ti cty t ovty alwith urft the intnatial. th is recipforlastchan. > go m enni >> kgionhe a somofhe t headnewe'rfolling this mog worlwsow." thcrowutsidele ores todayon't be thfoo po foe isefg to tyption on an iphone by one of t san bernardin shoo citing privacy issues
1:58 am
cease-fire isya starting rd but thrian gerbels stillth de t doe nov tergroue . wo pple riy ind a tr crh ea o ns cit instigatsay tthe b hadulle teide of i-670 a flat tehen it s sideswipactrler. >> sdys cintare bdiraioe e s is mor fact bmoisess near thr tim as ly to diractou.osare so of oup ories ons tuest is febr. >> announcer: frthisld" gwe'reng t gedhisou with the/i anffs e adline for aleo mply thheourt o lms llinup oth mpfooresmon s
1:59 am
c'zi >> rter: aewa iptle ttinrity ainst fbs agency'sha apple help the on the iphonong together shod farook i san bern who alo with his wife killed eople.wean't loothe orin the orlves in th don flow this lead writeomey i a n blo st aresselea d attney reprting mef thviims' famies says thewi fe lega iein suprtf i.hi aemiol e r viims ts ca. e pains still ry pale. s crit that eyet inforon thaey get these ers. >> rter: ales so taking trwaves to de its stan >> there's no mit ou ruire a to dif i this wa >>eporter: attorney tesen,
2:00 am
department official e wi died in one ofhe planes ed in 91 atckis hng ple gha urordeto unckk'phe. we n'suci rtand t teists vry. >> rr: in a new mail to applployees, c tim c is caloress to inveatthting, "at stheata security of hunedillions of law abiding peopting a dangerouprent that reatens evyone's civ bertie ba kani, as, sh >>rc has aew pol thatayf americans ly fbd believe thatou shoul e tok into pho.saapple shld n dered to uthe phon 's interesng, they rv both blicd deats and they bh agon th >>hiiseally o of those ingshat brout toerthtrxact >> therygree pos it
2:01 am
they're all agns goovonow to soies los lov onnhedy hk schl ma seth're now aita judge'deon theilauiagait nmer s aueyeery a coectit oo guy otteomli bferalaw. s of the victims i diertl >> he di't choosanothe weonheidt choose anoer style ofun he choose e ar-15 anthe fato be held e for that. >>yers a tha saule us in th acre madr mitary anou hbe rk tvian >>thfalyf maacseofoi on shngamge thisnd ikalamao, michigan says its devasted and saed. lastight taloo commun held iondcandlight l ins many days thmayor admitting their worl has beme serecause of thshoongs. t thsuspt ist saying why heillesix people. d o he
2:02 am
ras da 45ear-olan w noreous inalrecosow charg with surders >> aou jason b dalton? >> y. >> reportehe ubedrer turnccused kappear a judia video s therything wh toll trtim >> i wou pfejut t rein s >> the srcrrant execut at hihouse. there on edencd ther epor' milido fro ent a. 've ho ad to reporter: ubeconfming ltonassed a ckound eck. atetim off picdon't know t. >>ho fired beveneonfiicm righno repte dntas accud sotteopl onury ing x inri twodaltonepdly piing engersn betweethe ootidaon family released a stng they e deeply
2:03 am
everyoffecte s next de has be ndisnd? ethaou. thacheof 1tennese spor teamsre hng aoint ws conferethis mning. beliethey'lbe addressingllegations i federaawsuit which say the school createdosti envient women. a 20ear-sexu asslt acti agast peynho playeduaerba at tenneseortecid in that nulawst. manning's accurs cled seal csis nternd the dentas cedsexuasev tjectf crinanvti i tha nd hen asti t forrchoo ainer whma thellation. first for the wi obi e'be dos uerat abou suass leoncierbait was t fewrs
2:04 am
>> reporter:s worried about privacy is curtain blin g ngfiel hel e the deposion was king pl wed p tg depoti. banewss wee t do >>epte it okenours ju to t 1/2 hoof stonfrill coy' . >> i g sensehe really didn't w be there.>>ng deposed in the >> w ie uth. >> it the seladies tt present orit mr. cby? mr. coy you kned a corcim. says i'm truth tr. med to coy more t 0 years, c i privilege vetimes. hy it took slothe dge hatoce to sort all o >> at end oda jury going to rme who ha morecredibil iit the sen men we rsent or bi
2:05 am
fecoin springfld reed tir lt emerncy peal calle ll deped a rch th. lipf, n bto >>ow tthernalifornia ereighted an intense ble south of los angeles. the warehousgulfed in am no injuri reported nesss several plosionside buildi at anndusreit se lgeou e usofheirisknown. >>d ecth ectricarea ge cre inelneauli isni cau ito llap. thfl sprea fth be ofhenetharths . nsti wkersle soon the fe okouan the rd belas clodo therwerehankfully, no ri. let've oo the for thwhite hoe. dold t dra tremendous owdsrepublicin nevad hair sayod. p revved upporte
2:06 am
was by a pro said, i'dunch the he face. edut acruz m sick red spn pos midi vbo m bi lly toisdiac to sth carolina todaafte gettina finciaboost caliia. cln annded tee nd-rai where dpaid thousa dlars to hespanhehusband waso t job. residentclto campgning r his n llas ae assed ie sands in racr deles. >> azo wo yohis us? cost oee sg is go. e minimuto qualify n $ that's a $ dble what iwa yeo. is is as a to oton p's $'s whey' doing aylks? that 9ill get you fr ip.yon'haveo ha aim
2:07 am
reamg whh coanies are real int wart min is 0. et$2 ta it >>ow abo some buck ne? plentyf starbuckssumere any or thecomiha heoffechais rerd prram. sotainin ailthe loltprogram llward its arbad on the amount moy ent asppedo your numbf transactns sooue t toccule 125 stars et a fe it wch mes spding620. starcks clms the cngwi le thier sndg stomeranyou rn mor ars. 's le e rlesroam>>t . u end reo oless h-i d alertssts. donhink oble. so the year tke ch lew nar ar
2:08 am
luminating way last night in shanghai. tanf er were lit in a parthe size oball fields. one of tgest lanternwas about eet tallthe sh ofonkey. ishathe nkey? no. th's not the monkey. >> it the yeaof mke inhe cneseodia e le of the lebrns wamewhatuted bin whirend you, if its your birthday, look uphe e noa od thing. you haerar. >>th story it'st.lady g>>ominup, e terethdaclg e gh f bector. nd whoillav the thepewee t neto the stars >> iesng. so the ahose paper used
2:09 am
she ght . eg in eat fas whe e natnal wer s sahere w blooding is whew.y y,etetyql idelan.t the qu gs w.mucix fa'shee er the armultm.weo e th is ingangh. . uhhit!yodrpemein ..'ll t ckn e f. w ucin ft mathed cd u an mucus. ef. ry. let'end ca do everything ike pow! added this other leve jt kinda like...wiped everythi6x cleanin th angthe.
2:10 am
aclyeali t s east 2whs.every ti i u this , elt ke .lng tdeofce. cr 6x cleing to crt hd over at i was using before.
2:11 am
one eneeuroianfr oduclyclic icit itooyle fshveus lysoalh,li shlderdot star ps. ey carry yr fa' ssns hos,ndres anmae, cncateaess...
2:12 am
>>itasn'exactla e to embsy stene.a. evacteaftea rt meons g th ins a .itouot. e dly trying cook marijuana. >>er >> whew. thfirstwespond wer overcome fus is, contthe hotel open h and man, weremployees ests h , ohbo i thi inbg i sive. ihi thathry is abt.
2:13 am
atasr w oinfor stmi tewogeg stectomies ireas6%r anht-yr peod.thernm als saythat e ra of wogettdoub ecto moraned archalsonde of osmieseine o out thiis ierting nterneprplayedn moroicurne nmaresg a eeuceyre pubcl>> sphoto uncihe rth aby olend plasonlia faand sc sto here linzi eporter: cap y thy irst is , a ment will ish ver. th vermeto crti ling ghe r mother karina bennett.
2:14 am
ry eno >>he orly pwicle onilfo nu20, a he the same photoesurfacing wewith reang detroit woman 4t frth on w news dawell viwhen bennt was gged on cebo by a fmer corker.>>bees tht iwa i ugou. rtehele tng hefa'sma t fabcad or awoman meana sullivan the d wore onndhe story spad it ano ta an otnaton nnt.>> sta get me an wheople startingmake comments thed me a i started down. i was se comments from 30,000 people. orng to experts al phosd on pubs
2:15 am
can you your?our s as e or wark yo ph>> iasr rknd wastcoghted,nyone ca grab the photond then do whatever wit.'t caught up withechnolog >>inzie s,goo owt toremu y sh >>ming uetting carp ready >>s wetdowo thosca, ma of uld'ggt celebrities arpuing sehalast mile et inhapeyou' watchg "w n him a rids th2008 u ck a field team. reounds rom e andrag ay.h:he aun sondon en y'ron the there' thealthy snack give you a butemember, poio counto. i l fasodfruths. it'thpeecsize d grt toat on t f
2:16 am
2:17 am
tt2watu# s4 bt@qop< atu# s4 @q_\x ttu# s @qt at s" tqt ttat s" en 4 tt4wu#" t& y#l ttu# s4 hnt& tt4wat s4 " iztqx tt4w4 " jn 148 ttu# st& >. >>etti thi w arf hollywd's hottesit carpeloapn't me natur emabs udreau wenon-one aol ai swing ust how t do i >> reportars sizzling on the recarpet. anat'she secret be their peectly toned p back ah. >> rorter:lywoin jenettnkknow >> put t as do>>ollywo train reporter: training me of e hott in ood. rain p iaeyes.n roland.
2:18 am
>> weverng d cdio. o slptinghen we of takevythingl. >> rch for arms ma them strait. >>ter: in e six weg to the red carpet, her celeb clients ing out y day for of tofimnsen so i ryakure ti hitose mshe uppod >>ate, reach reporte likthis exercistarging armand per back. >>erna. annee saysheow fly is aeleb favore anit rks. oes nkth sur. e eshavei tell h. i'just kdi. rorte atherect, nutrion. >> ling the r cont so is like ned nos. >> rorter: but her bt advice beyond hitting the g ce.
2:19 am
eporr: abbboudre, ab , logeles. >>ust ou n't woout cheeseca just g p h did i kneas comi yw isom didn>>islaic. >>t'. tlo gd l rms? es. iovmyoo that li t w ago. >>alrit. u pheotst cet isr'osrsisr's cars. slsora ic tns thout the ed for fle. cert showour skev ay regent. olayageless. and y gerist cro-sculptineywirl.
2:20 am
ou everfeel and d? don't solve . foth s ng softarpe ry u. resve,buit alsften ca welc pes resoe . i dievhi ihe eg.ouno 1 10ous ulgeby een sc .bufor on $a nt rix lps eado waste.
2:21 am
ely)ai wt,ai y cat t iliha.. hao nse f. ' on edked-its never goworkdish trurishwaswith cascanu it ...through toughest ade. a eg e maredrill unlioil, reily absoou.ak , py ppieilegar i veay so y yocadoryingint k, en t anes trclk tooy eh.
2:22 am
'sots er f h.. y for me lk he... sousy ag ans s na so i in id wh i ks feinke t melike e th we e ievd y . thee with k-y agel. >> dyo fhe citent we aust tin fr ds awayve hlyod bge ghof t >>hiearon eengthr is coetn ceh ly
2:23 am
>> rortehey e llywleading me compr oscar >> it's such aexrdarde>> this arest minees iluderyancrst, matt moicelsben yne esh his n lar. am a m amoning mar o an o winneng ho best screen alongsend ben fleck. >>8 years late yeah, this grt. i'going ll toses >> repter:his faser send natioplnghe le osteve jobs. no,ou d'tant name on . te a um'sryan cranonsp r s rsosr er>>'melirio autt. r hpy aut. >>eput ts's
2:24 am
brrama rev." t's very rew leo s nominated every sily has never won. tehat's pr inomatedor"what's ngbertgrap lood amon" andol wall street,". s won countless wardinthe en tor'guand th lden. fihe te hirst di h ns, ho bcacon rs elioverartsdaat 7:00rn, ic. n to "wo now" neng for fuluding exusive faain person on your lef >>-- wow ou mean ht sho
2:25 am
aewason alis? >>has re sethingig e. thaisetng >>lyaith >>hai isoth in
2:26 am
>> thais lk. e in a
2:27 am
agef the rinow. buis yr rino cabrak scrchin momptant an yr torr? whenou'ron t rd, drive. iseo submted sdentthth sarogra mooron onn sisedg > is"world news no trump'sevada ntum. >> he brinsiasm to las gaday's cauc while inton setsn supey.intensifying all reates. sow gring diutov the s
2:28 am
nsrt seousewan wngus adminitiorg soy lu lto ch tposemajo th r nd seedole a ain. enticaers wh delivereo ts of in thlv., baby, what it's t, feuary3r erfrom abc n thiss >>n the wate utah. is tukendson. th, s no t were. lking the f urse. we'll startehe runners on al. rump, hillary clinn, they're expected to swp th next roundf votes. ands of suppor in
2:29 am
d asheout tedz y ic >> fmeprenll cln cagnra for s daasng vorsilla cntonanring cototh. abs ziananwi the late. >>eporter:illa cntnd doldrump arearreng waexweek crual ser esy cot s win >> you bter geout rrowyouot rrow, vote, vo >> trumpble digit victorhe south cana vic. we'rencdibly eful you beuse wein t theror c w he aan-an . anad theouth nary wne a -pnt lea r donp its secd win keadnto
2:30 am
scra pla ever daymethout ofz aign tdecept . mondaydismisse mmicationstor over amistrubio. nds now the cl uno n over some of clinton's black suppoers throm hollywood'dagl >>ou feel ? epor askedhe sti has ancen t, he s atic thehohreeetr aner -e>>he lespollsh clion antrheing xtontes s col anva wdole dit les. rea,en >>oumu. hn kh islogi for cong u firr commen out supprs.
2:31 am
heaid he w to ne who offendedereweot in tffve. mekell hting reicamn fom tomoow bneandi w beotbly in ld tmp will taket in t eve t x execut it it h thing withd wi key. thrumpedul issus expe t cable nwo ne >> n development shnd fbi. a suey fds americansay apple should unlock tha pportetrate rehatores to wi re hs abs er thomas. >> ror t fieof the fallot wed in brdinarepg toer l fig te e elfbopen a ller >>s very emotl sue fothe ctim t se
2:32 am
it icrit tthey inftionat ty get e ans. >>or fams hing rallin suof are p acss tion rrow e wa wordsscalat een apple's ced the rect e calook t surrs i the,in mior wn't follows lead fbiirecr jamecome wre. heede dot wa t k ne'sncryptioor setst k lse othla." pls o tim okinn e-ilo plrect t reong.heald on t f t "withdw s ma" selegislioinones and set up sci cmiion to sort thugthe diict su. co wti"astakis t da suritofof minslaabidg le, d ttindangous edthathrea everyoivil lti.">> the'smito what rnment cpp to do, iit succeedth ws x.>> reporr: but thent to get inside hone.
2:33 am
of data leadinttacksn that phone e- text communications wi the otkihos,ews, shington. >>owo mich pole y ll havwhy a ighteoin lamao th weekendng six inigatorjasoon admito pe's t duis ament stdar drd rer t0 remai sile. hundreds of people attenheayer judge jill overnihoughtazoo was insulafrom mastings. we knowt any nt, anythian hn.anngan hpe in a cni. ery mmity alwi the chalesf olcend alng oncanth ng opa. >>heamily of5-ar-old maied father of o haised statt nghity o
2:34 am
nef thadnyknowio amilosby snt abowo s testng underh abt the gationcing hhusb the deon took pl l in sprin, achuttit belie's the 'sred ons aboual s or at the ursit nnsee holdg a t coenhig. s lievedul drgaonew l wsuiwhicsathe as creat ati ronmt r woead aauagpeytnibaessee ted theawsu against the scho pnepcc c a sexuault crisi
2:35 am
sexuaas abuse.nning wane crnvesgation in the nd d foool that made thatation. s a ou hperf iref a rtrl d te ddenell to tteothoou righi ing y thcoeah anscamappeto bkin the s trailfter spending day trning. they hoisted tried gl fore h incdi ef. >>rne he t.ers stro stem eeng rosshe sth >>ngg ers coitiofrex to e gu cst a uld re mons t ea. is ul wliam cuhe >>more keis. glstisoiseoupr touth sorouiasssii,lamain gea ju sf nt 're g t ndn to
2:36 am
we're lo ities sstemwedneswihi e t fr dwntamp tha ymuch odocrs tiho rular can pre brn ti is accog to study.researchers found thosho g once a week. dier at mentthose wheighess erey t on m by spblr bo whai in ta coaowani rtofpre wl tn i tpretd --you'g th
2:37 am
d the d. ino dad. is no bwait tet tal k. owt wefeelg eanghocoledotle ? me douts.d bewe he jacklef bues ntucave am addp cr a batmbines two aentiaftethe thered 's a cioofhe ain grbrery. did you liket n's the? d or >>hat wagood. e e throme>> tac d a glrihe b prand lt io eet t be th that'that b it not thad. yououldane >thingugrerste.s tt pi.
2:38 am
casting. h th bck? so you up,po ne brethe try.yooritki odo ahd,destano ins theyisanbunds ofoy ande th? >> thearnings out a cau chemiund in popula of oo. ouintest alm?
2:39 am
enesicksovesclhes t d ng tfa w treite ing inth 3es oulo fkothes llwork ea less. buerence betwn thom3sn oil the in mared krill o fh isiloubo .whi mak your hrt, , aphar stil megaredisron toncase ve i30 mere di t. oughssurin hfor m insimax. o lawe'rt toke offes th're neliid gels. an comin you izi hastatus cinex nus-id
2:40 am
enth. n caagd iny pill. ve fula.yoove anre d 2n- jot anslp ppleme.e in65s urn tiyohaicdoter -bout 80%your re arhethk ourpic rancan, retelthcar incomplitadizere iuran
2:41 am
2:42 am
reyocisi ther t informati hyochoolar. estypes ofnsyonyocorpiatme pie e'offromdepeinonouds d t.on ththinkabtorrgoon> a ne caughhi truck's dash the ucy a a ndg ofe ad sing raleig nthcana no o wt the thrudrer iurieshlde ay e us n sckthe. but l beonmned >>he'seawealat set y ago ban tty shonthose re.the deon is ndin mostntriesollow e nel'andardanu.s. oanorta ppor the mov
2:43 am
haeedean kles at wereketter d laveson arer aeah rd posedthing d anf ames. >> the cdc iinam a js lat epor theayncisatedh so luer liqin thme theiinimheic now pctmachlaminafl a as 10 ould 6o esr r 10peop. >> i'm livg in space that hathe pont>>eperry tstalleoors i caro home tha
2:44 am
maehe'w rtasacti wsui but the oo in hemelumbdarsel ne tbee cds pti hea sks.any salonlowhetthe pre last h and sas already cantly strhe qualitasrance procedes and frir quality te or those fr qualit 10% hco back conceonof formaldehy than wh mmended hh on ngroit h . .de ihe sealt flo thaparte dang
2:45 am
lot oa lot of. > coming u why thee system is comingfilis have st to make an appointmenoneluck inside e hell. >> talk ing th ontwo nes anfives of twi ruofh ly at's l of th. >>hainheerre >>'rngwonew." er00amic stikme ll t pon toelp geingson r amic to me oucounsar, ter d hethie will te acti
2:46 am
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2:47 am
fondayn weo uh.i nsonroousa le tyti h tto int tn s llllerrybue t com k t sa. weououvo qui a t thsa >> repr: the five y ke bir trst set of f set o watchinr tgh lab reed mow mle it ca m have gh th eporesan shecor fi ins inhe irth, a giamed
2:48 am
>> tharnoon i haideaat is pr. >>epte spitu pmpting thlynstit, cl ithayoitr y r emonioma wthpregncte s r,oo wwen'g fetrenf nd >>orteougisurponers k side bde the way th we happen the sa time.s >>eporat 31 we av nnhingt mo ps eaone nth ter, kerryoes lar at4 wes anshowup theosl. >> i lwee ady re'llkll r precash a
2:49 am
plan ping tgeth >>uild toso w be nehbs. eporteoth ticipa a rel quahe blquruplthve a sg siwehe t nu, t a filly me er t a should bediome wiin text co of we ing hoi moen, ie th eysmart be li nach ot son pugeth ouanbuin by-sitr. ty' dnetosir eybo ters iest f
2:50 am
eigf them. whre thences? ae biou pree ere r ya m go mucex nus-late're out ta ese fthey'rquid re comin..ale i have mucinex sinus-x li uea max ne s enis ghrpel rirty? avreitformthcial itiongdienfturpeve rve nod . ao t d an pes repet ngwith mltra. ite-acpour jrtild ne
2:51 am
lln e p mo get ur ast is f h.. aw. we . an b motu can gntinoft a t ifeelin thae feelik. whheoy,oye. it. he diffence pink gpar biayowaw puup dio ght er st you knowus could aepc dister, 3, r a idciy eain avseptaste
2:52 am
ta o ossand ta b. smeea whweolyoashee tss ag ?way wny cer s a we l change forever wantfr adw y ok> f ths sopped friday i. soer game. d.
2:53 am
but it'ss mont ctu atas evebo bieng wha tt mig be co hi cg. > al? >>oes upeb d e wh phphers hi has nds do atnt he s hand tryiget threund. it sif he'tating right e. what a shot. itoohe can ry jump. y so tre >> you can d, u this memes du eral veotasr we, o. lo at thies extrlo wt f co a y iat i lo tt.o thl club ir t dogs . ta ahili.rentmericaoritg, loo clove ldotrr. nkedt purebrfo25 ow
2:54 am
iendn eve s ha ay he t st for loern y otr d sincd ta cntin antheytartountin 180s tho cute. dably so. i'd saen retriev >> you numbernelabrador numb two germalphed,ldenulag e's e alo hereinth iaspethe t, whlike g cssntry ng wh hiner e.sir tod sp og td mir. enjoy. ththr normevy ercu. oh. >>eryoeat in dubai
2:55 am
ngston, ing limb it te i10ie a am kingsn lk on cr heeang hne 'tnow he kps deribi bngy
2:56 am
2:57 am
>> he m it to the top, > orni on "wld n " poticafight donal umars inevadhere new bale betweed crud marc the impave on today's caucuses icmuers.guf > ornin "w news w," politicafit dond trump ars na,re bale bwe tedru anmaruo. e pa icoven y's uces. >>icgamuer gunman aus okillg
2:58 am
whate sa andow t counitis conng gef. anu hho f egudts rest t pd stiv trorty s emne picane sayi. anlaaclor' adurin fr tant mewn e surises alg thway d whyowomaenup heart brok. ouclusanaln "the skny" esday,uary 23rd. annou news, s "wld o havesometh on ty moin ody. at iup little in my offig e ofba t thatad? >> iwalilechg.i goa ttem. >>hawathpa tt t yosops? >>t waenhe woman wt ofin the loune medyenays
2:59 am
e . winlyi st hopt ugh g a ltl ed >>owbo se -d ysis aboutheate r thwhe house? per esdajust weeaway>>t wi be tearerkefor mebo at end. do t addreed a crowd las v last urgingnd vot toas t sts toounce rom a uousay. tris entg the ntest withugadpected schithird ctor a'llam is mpaignil. >>ald feelinso confout primar he'sng aut h e. >> ying say please, t. wean't stat an we can't standt.anm going to say i don't re we're to keep g. ag repr: theli juinouarbut >>wothiged
3:00 am
eded buwe won wh .llplho peoe, f peleinnyeoe,us repter: replica pay facing factst ifmp winsada d mps s tudae may beppable.ral pas now rallngd tor o bias best chance m out. tonight be a threen wiln. >> rter: rub now lig tirump v th tedrund t tenon n the rsli over >>s ersing daymeg s t ofhez aihas deiv tr >>epr:ioio aft 'smunitiondirect, ylerspreadse repohat ins viubiodispagible telli ung cruz staffer, ther. says that's an abs i know exat i sai that yan. the to ev on yer h in th b>> rter: t apod, t rubit's enough
3:01 am
ted cruzs present?causis camn nopeat dongs tey haveape d noone'eld ble. askedick tys gnation. i ha clear in thiscampaign that we will conduct igwith tery integtyubio acruz a at t >>'t chow muou maythine fu how they sou ifnote snet 50 o pty'ttandwe e gog to lose. >> several pronenteplica eninser rco bi clg b , the esblishment earlrallng around rub and not rea to gip ju yethis asenat d cror theirst t acledgedt thtacks hiacter weaken chs ains tmp. tom llamas, ab >>upsday ionwew to t d and h
3:02 am
soh na oturdfter g ahd ofnie ers, 52-5in t racr detes.cln ho t fuai in lifo a er pil was thetumpn dallas s. herio make cas wife a took a e at domp'stion polie mean the meantime, bnie sanders is on thothethe ses,upermore than 0 pele winlinem at iversif mahusein amt as t docraat r thblvo abchas learn sandersickeupth celty endoent. strunnraads g di lee >>e u. rusa agreed to a c-firyria so n satuollowi is bombiis what e ead. thauartci the ase-fire covers does not cover terror groups.
3:03 am
in the app fbiitshwn. there will be rallies today stadquarters ashin. f51 ameriayapouldelp e fband brk the cryp o ione longg nef thsa bearnohoer 8% aeeh pl > e tyf lamazoo, michig is coroingrf an ter the shting rpa or thweeken senddlig vig lt nighfothsiyou op w ed andhewohoer jud. brst churchut ein aeay rk morerom exer i kamazo epr:t ead ubrivechard wiix cof er. >> uste chs bemadegainstnd munti just s
3:04 am
stonfa i woujust to sile >> r but invgators in courtaltotted h tookeople's li o one rstandwhit happen. >> rep dallego ahootinspin twees uttlub paenge ad to.tuayeron mel dton pickhiup a ho. tedaak a pneal inriteng meen 9. his an pos aarni o facebook. sts fed >> an ura woma shotevalimesn e rkg t ts sintl cole shrv juspa00thdealshipkingot, ther d his 17old n kill 16 minutes late gunman utside thiker rrel restaurant, kilngour women returng from a play. asord getsilr isn the ee more pass call fn uber to gobar. herin a chli gunma ddy saidt e
3:05 am
he kind of just sa >>orteust after midnight, po tin custody. in a statement saying we d hebr. two remain hospitalized ing clinging to life. police say she was paidead athe hospital but then squeezed her moer's h aoctor's question by giving t the suspect's mily iuingheare in shonlences anto theicms.alabc nelamach woeoe seriy in a tbus h eaf kansasy.inaty the b
3:06 am
the ivthatrucklaimed as ckinga pie ofum he erou hane anintohe b. that's a nge e. th is ally wilone. oung peopl have been stedfterice she lpsh hou da ekenrtthe ntedouseas jt bl fr bridgewater state unersi, massachutts. thdama waseve. ou$200or igse there oy recoege bu they doveny rpe thneigorod, r e heop in the igorod. >> youe clege you ow, you' ynglike get ? n't do sde sffikthiswh y'ryog. u n'wa to ruinhees yr li. >>ood ad. thhoe s later ndne e a numtis udg ercrowd, lack of smoke dects, structul is and vie ore rd >> s'sa et out at qui a bdeoverhe ekfothosgu
3:07 am
ta bothtel acstatn. dsn comho ferwe e y nauss faeceny nt h as rt ce ag>> lovit aos. you couly 's ge apwith it th's k floaroun thlla cha colle. >>ennyl musiis t sh by kes tw her cute. bach 1st.en comi "the thechelorovadve only toungain. seniorsts h insi >> rihan h just done somethiniath janer did. hesical mileheetosing ho ic is to getdoctor'snt av.the 'sakhe l deaf forecaapwing sto warnn the deep sth and it's ba bread day. didn't know
3:08 am
>> yep. ouet e ou dir n't it,reit pe nditniret, ar evese. ites, ouwitleand he busoftena t and cleet mses, trrelve ex. ooseve f fretra s -actort yours, e oll ultra.ove now fe first an sleep supplement. >>'mek e e 50 t s an impor message ase, ite downhe number on youreen lock it tok to ybout n't e onon ydoor
3:09 am
foyour le insuranc thatuarantees your rat canever go up at a time, for anreason. bubeareful. ma policies yose do n have on yon tlitimee gh coaln ra callhis er to lrn mor th plan was sign with rck for peoplen a fid income whnt aorda li insurance 'sple g. cogeio ju9. a mth leha35ts d.act w and youratll be lock in for fe. it will neincrea. yo cere n vebell asong you your pmis, anyo aepnc graee tho al qstns you ca bturned dow because ofour hethca f yr infoatn
3:10 am
dot it lls mb n. at lot odiesroem i'llse l otet. dissue cae in onpaea toughodetteth 6 pa of e aibrd coined
3:11 am
> e ar milon tomole aents yeain u.s. antwo-irdsf ther caus by stransrearchpuvis 35 cartoee wt th ivs dngigef cint>>the e toen aeain e s. d twth of th we edy stctns reseerpuvio me 00artoeehath drerweigor acdent aprelysi ailde crsethri of crash ren 3 1/tis. t emnadire wveworse crsingheisteol >>ubhethecrs fm ouhent askg thfda r stroer wni outhcombinatn of
3:12 am
ich n cae fal overdoses whenenogetr. aysro a erouoble ansin014 anvee. bad vetens health care sy is ng a blicelioda ifs ap't eno lneernd i ibo yonen th e. he's abc'savid wright. >>lee hi you a beintrsferd. te iyou've er d th eernc o. >>lee ter urocl se nber. >>epter:rusttecoumer re dennis mnasc an army veter who served in ghtan, domenting eltryi get appntme at e v. hel. omto t -- >>pe t ds in the fimyolags tcd y d llan potmt. ep aot of ts havhasilaprle, t vio went val s ssngssman th
3:13 am
>> bie vandervthbeeah re ith rld,anown. that'shat sd t r ttg our lives tin foe untry. >>eporr:lt wrote a bl toeform tha.the fast carfor ts a. e a. iists"the technal ise at w describedn th vio was rrecd. but e v. hasad pems beforeinclg icide hot liha clersvo il ahen dn'turmeofhe c. so,et'set t worout.>> ror and yerly di dad abwsbost. etwag r tmt is50hi tn stea nbiebls azit sllng >> and what hanna ha compsh tt ev mhackcodn. hekinnt. . i' misty m-tanor d i'm kry walsh of the00u.s.lyic beh llllea wre herur frnd3-2-1 penguins to s.. l:at well d ayar nice yore both atr tall. ado y haveo eat gw bth b? i at lots frus and vegle
3:14 am
beusit giv m ll t enei ed before a bat all: e well, py hard, and me italance mayanorfun way getlthy
3:15 am
kiy, so skny skiy, so inny > lce back. in te. wearth thni oras 's hehe ihaen aer ben visie me favoter esheta abo i ouror bheanyst, sheen. broht t ros sorof a e ofring> ye omet "e or." may as well gear be
3:16 am
roll that will beautiful .e amaughters. that'sinrlie. >> cmanda said las s's b knn to. ntlleallnt thatnt. hou. he amanda's fatherds up thw if s'sppy. athit,'re thking things for am looki pretty good. >> a oh,s te >>ovinriland, oregon, glauren b. they're eatingfocks.ben's got r feeding ch oth ulti they gehe en b.'mily hou. they're callinlolo, r our oses goio laure
3:17 am
i lo you. i wao te ts guy i ve working herself up it. neverned. >>h. >>ll in all, iwas ni vi >> offo dson, the indu heartamerica. a's home kayla is sn see a tureh she's tellinhew thit. e's tell i love with him.ow. >> you get the idea. it's really going. >> yea gre bdid t. l she 't >> what? >> she didn' to you ther.then it's dalla thgs a little unble in dallas e those rohey di't come fr b. at jojo't. they cfrom herx, cha
3:18 am
unortable. theyit out. well, ifas uncomforting on the cch wit, who hns when they finallgots' hoe because the brotherserer of a rough ride. they're saying stuff like, ben noine thing as you are. >> w n is -ays, y i'm morelittlecousedhole t.there was d ene the mo w chuggin cham to dealh these people. ed uleaving da unsettled. anyway, roseeremy. en b. gets t rose.ilge the re. was a touchi >> jo gets the r know wthatns? it w all lking gd fo anda unt it wasn't. grabhe tises. amanda's on the waout the door teet,ur gl uren
3:19 am
ju c't stoteinwon th hloth>>me , ot tmo y o. let'geck. ne u rihnghemuc ar on re >>hegesowrit w tu 2kepa aeckfothe ird stber e hif meth h 14th ork" aturg formeflame,ke. >> plaus out.
3:20 am
and n't thhe steaul p budd l'sseyqliideland .the idele w. munex st max.itheame ffen these i-to th o is stngth d one doe't. uh..nk fas yosothint back..w om f e on bnded cold dflu lix-rengthus. stthreef. dih the misery.
3:21 am
rid-x hek avoid ic disasterid-x.y u juse enled frh. sok itshth lyl. (u does yourpver ough a d it, reouform ndt, urarpevery ve, y kfrhe but a tha weouand to cleret rtit not ast isasfoseooawusk-y enhody'l isre
3:22 am
akfe likwe bo.. , e ieni y it fe the dference wi k ultragel e'thlt itasplacpo r joint caild b os fle an p on kinny,inny nno sk > e ecia nud he "inny>> wrein az.whosck ithis?re'sint. hedy wknowhis body a wow, thld be an >> here's anot
3:23 am
le that'snt mer with wis ling akull a ing own. e ta in er buit's tirstime he's arin wits mohan 5 millfollowers on itaam nowe're shg it w r 500 zillio gazh view "wod wsow." ou'rdam. tig return las vegas stage that all can from anywhe. >> the five-timm dn will rurn to heres's pala toniit will be her first shhe death ohe husbanast month. >> will kickff thow with a scial tributeo ne. that part of the show live st so fans can logon anh the shinat 8:30 p.m. etandarti >>omt rld ha
3:24 am
stedhoher ntd n, snt okth. cu is ? is hyi y ith one la mon we t just aease thphoto saw oti ha griing e fier ohis ster, rth. for firsme yrday thiswhat sostearking the hday of r te fat >>ently yesty would n robert kar 72ndiras 12 ars ago thfo pson attorney es cance the a59. nd sng son photo kistappyirthdad. love aiss u souch. itlwayrd wn yove lo at and you ail u ofatet gre to he >>t a beaut gestuow, thughter'spretul, wel
3:25 am
a quite theashi >> y >>s hethms , o g st. >> y. l right. >> don't miss oudas cebook at >> coming up, more ns fr abc.m gary sin yoy know m lieutenant da frhe mov "forst gum" s the ss plar in e . n ba ve hadheonor meet manyf our ldie aetans. it's aad ft at se o ws, so of our ti's nestitens, are waing theilives throh suicide. suice isot t ar. it fin. it robs you of yr chcesfor a tter life anbringsain heartbak toour loveones. you don't ve to it al v.a. carou.
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wa. ca 1-800-273-talkd "1 our coseloilshyo. ousands of v thcoto call. hot you? ca. takout e ruh sub dthoo mhin'ntsdojump no re i-oi-oin [ crk oi-o mbe stay [ rig ] shuff down e ha heseing ints arsore w!
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y ts doju nre [ ] thbbg a ssagfr the deho surs. t oroinfg. thents aisoreno me ill got it. >>go m> i'ren. aens gire t t adwe'rfointh moinon "worlnews n."the destay'tthprodutup co e efg brthencrtionanon on the sanernard shters.
3:28 am
>> u. anru aeeto ceasfi isya start ay syri gerbe ncc de er error is.eoe y jud oubucrh stf kaasy.e s d edo si i0 wi alat re wn wasideedy a tr trr.>> atudyds-thiof c s ared b diions. e is mor orut emoes ne t tims ly distct. e e our sttuis bruary, rd nner aews, iss orew gd in erye. we'll sttethisalho thhe ale sndofas deadne f app to mplywith courtrd looms in support of the ned for apple
3:29 am
cor acghd of mo fzi k aew ton baitngecitagnsy.jas fes agcydes lethem op iin t shsaydook inan bedino whong with his feild we can't loothivors in e eye olves in mi i'tlow th le anan attneti mef cts'amilie sa ty llila ga ieinuprtf e fbi. ts eremiol sufoe s ts ca thins stl ppa itcritichat et informati t esanswers. >>r: apple is ta to thrwaveso defe s ce >>here's nlitohat e ment cldeqrepp
3:30 am
a rm senr juicpanticl whe edn onof ps ed t/1attas isel ple ghcot or ckaroos phone. we n'surrdeour vi libertieangi the terrorists victo. >>eptea new ilo plemplees, ceoim cke isliorgrto inigate ma wri "ae is thesecurity undreds of m law abidinpeople andet that eryone's libeie ani,ew washingt >> nys erics aclypohe and lievthat sd abl hinto teiscellne. 38% y apshouot b de ue ph what's ieresti, ey surveyoth republic democrats this e gs that ght toge
3:31 am
and countas aon tionolvegrd onhis. the allain appleitth e gointo movon now someamily s loed es ie ndok smassre nowng a e's deci theilaaks waarterday. ers sathprotected lia bl law. nthe vms st ffertly. hdidn ce ap dn' atherty g. cose ar-1anth mactes bheonble for at >>aw auet asulfledn e ssre mfoliry use d shld n havbeen rket to lian the milya accu gn tingpage this w in kazoo miays itstatedand saddstht tommu hits secondight vigil thtttheirl has comemall becse the shoos.
3:32 am
helesi thy w om y a'sizh jasonalto 45--old math npreviousminareco is noged th s rder re y jas bri y or uer rn ailr pe beregeia ieranhingou tell tth tim >> i wouldju sile re s exed athis house ere waaddial ence recored the. reporte for thetim's famies condorom ent obama. >> you've got family w shattered y. eporte uber n firi ltonsed backgr ec atet hffoldot >>hoave nfd atw. epr:e dsn us
3:33 am
ngdalt familased statsayiy are and thy aring r everffec his courthas bemarch 3r liank you. >>aches oftennes sportseams hol a joi ne confence mor. it belietheybe es aatns wch thscho has ctiroent r me 20-yr-d sealault accutioninstey mannrtedly cited in suit mas led a sealrice the inoged as assat maer thejectf crinal invtigath crim iga and de assing form olra who mthe alleon
3:34 am
eposed undabouthe sex counl ul s facing her husba aenseew her itust thginnin phlipof our statport orteecurwas rried out privy thislack rtblockee haway in thhotel the sitiwas ng pla we have start t pss of takinthe poon. bad s wet done>> rter: iokev o get 2 urs of testimfr his wife. >> ioten sheea 't wt toe ther>>he'sngosn e ui o iselngheru? is it e ven laeshawe represenors mr. cby . coy,ou know, counrclaim. >> mri to cosby rehan 350 aram inved ousaprilege veratimes. athy itooklo the dge d tocall twi sit aut. >> athe th anur so determi who hcredibility, iit seven womeepresentll co bilcoy'teamil a
3:35 am
the feral court in springfield rect tir last ergenc . wipon march th phip an. > n toutheralorni wh firhter in uthern rnia batouth the warehouse was enlfed in flames but no injuries were reported.s hel small explns insthe bung indust are e use fiunkn and checthis. an ectl fi oa hu ane mbour, austraa is mni csingt to ap. e flames of adoran 12tori ucouc wrsar oon hee e outhre tlly ries. let's move onto the race forus trump dremend owds apubls in na ve tir t. trp reedp suorrs s vegalast nightndhehe
3:36 am
said, i ltounch n inhee. he ao lat uz cag hisickurrl chichspmaafteheted sldingid abo rubio hillarcltoiseangack outholintoday getta fiial boin cali.clton an eee fu-raisere donors paid ofollars t and and waon j erdentl cl mpaiing fe ass susern erin t rfo detes. >>man, dyo tto cof sppis goin. thnimu purchto qualis's a $14 increasmost doublwh it was three year ths seens a move
3:37 am
, folk thill geu freepping. you t havehave aimum us y theideo aud aminich mpanar ly iwal-'simum$5 et$2et it is. >>bout some st news? plenty of ers are gr ovhe upcomchangethe coff c rew program. so sing aprilthe yalty ogram ll ard i sts based on t amoof ney spent opped to yo er otransact. ou've got to aumule 5 ar g a fe it whi anenng clinwillead igheen by erd yoars.'sthe ines. . reo ge >> uh-huh.enquite a deal on th overcks. onnk youve a at a y tonke rit?
3:38 am
her biest allenge oving tw dauters wiheight n. wh ileneisha urabnesthbithree e fit o u' obly hrdf: lic id a lcium with vitin d vital you and your 's health. a ssnown nutrien.itn oma-3 fatty id that imptafor ur baby's brn, hed e delopmt. sties owhadha apoant ilnglock ofantritn. it mayelp ote a thy naandhe pre latpretm birt can iteang fh, bur eaer iso cludfos or ppmentrtifiewith vetaanoue ha cludan ogsat vins, ymilk an. your baby gets dha throu mk, but she caet it e than nety ent of infanformul.
3:39 am
len mo aththe t gov
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ice lening makes sc excitg by coning thclsroom with prects. >>ore selearning s just anarydentcausg hiefurinclas.. afr rve ng starti t iold t,stted pangttenonord ckp gs. >>ervicerng abtedrivescac suess. wog to, udenolveeal prms build skil anapply r ledg inho new w heatngutrve lening is igiveyou thispportunitoo t in t wor d nghandon si t cssro a out, seice arng onsnew s and gsarning. arngan make a difference in your school. visit led serverica at: www.learndsegov toind ho
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use shous were mgrtndr it wasn't exactly a lc if to hotel california. th embassyuites neal.a.x. ted ter repo someone wag nside n se.soone s legey ngo coe rian >>seerhe e t o poli oerwhs reonrevercome mes. othee knowtact hig the hoteopenedut rs. and n,erl and guests hgroy
3:43 am
for eces. eaanr terein t me the te owomen gein maectoes incased 36%ver anhtear peri. vernment ss ra of won geg dole masttomi morthan tripled. rearchers so founde of ose mastecre being utpatit an interneank ayed on a mother fron tur ht andsound anlaiten eveer howuceyhay. >>o anunoferab anh fakeanusto'sbcine jas. >> rorter: p capring thy the y your child is born, aomenu ll chr.y samehoto
3:44 am
really hpe me. orhe p inalosteth aartie on t mil mr jaar a btt'son beg thfirsbabyorn he w ye in nneccu the me pto resurci dnth vy ert stor heli rdi d w veto 1h ilfr 1t ther on wld ndaileporm. thory ing viral wh nnwas gged oface a fr corker. thtke. i ouit. >>or aicleyi etanher mi's itoheritesty of woman nad itsuiv. tayoron t orsp, eg to ta an emoonal ton b. >> i staed gettingand more not ok wharstarting t cobout your , calling , fat,ho werents thrted to hur a lot. thatre i sta to breado.
3:45 am
rk. w caotecurself rts mark ypa private oratark ur ph. if it sn't copyrigedanyone c grabhe photondo whatev ey wanwith it. fortaty thlasn cahtthol ljas, newew g togl to waarho > go to ow. t e caful w mu you sh > cong uet rca r a wntn to th oscars, many of hollywood biggt leiesreushi emset th minutt in shargeablttery r 106. [man]orgeable batteries makeall citi [woman]the realitythatreargele batteries can and shou be cl ab batteries are the por ce phones and cord phones, video cameras and her le electronics.when they r hold a ch, howeve
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3:48 am
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3:49 am
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3:50 am
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3:51 am
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3:52 am
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3:53 am
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3:54 am
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3:55 am
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3:58 am
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3:59 am
ep gooin rnad nd.yeumineg ov aed caig treec thalstmol'mes rili oe stp. no his of wning nev e butig g endors a pn for marco bio. it'saucus time in >> we're going to ma at again, ang t ke wg, g. >> rr:vernight gop front-runner rlied his biggeyet in las vegas.e ioe' t re tt willarry him roh super tuesday in the gion as he continuecking vals >>s guy lieren y hubei'ver . epr: fig getng nay. teuzir h mmic decr r adfalsthrcbihadiared bible. wwi cducthicaaign wi t vy esstdard integty
4:00 am
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