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tv   Good Morning Colorado  ABC  February 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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drivs heing noh cod r inomprobms kr newsanne13 daola ki condioin he e pasoouod mni .w e in the? od mni ja reportg in epa couy. na minkrdo neanl . drivs adg h ulalsoun to se probms kr nechanl 's mola is acki condion rtrn el so cnty. odorni
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paso cy... danaolina krdo ormtracker orolist s in tell krdo ne 13's... rertjay polk... krdonewschannel 13... ivs ading north run into se oblems. kr newschtracking conditio northern el paso count dana are things t?
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dana..hoare th the coion nort el paso cnty. od mor e ? good morning reporting e paso county... daolina krdo nechan
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ads morning aftea rious crash lodo ring e deenyeerday afternn the inrsti pmepa boevd d fettmadre.itide- open unt 10- st nht inats y fed-ex deve t llided wh s-u-v t in. bo t iv oth k d e drerf e u- ten heosta e iv o e s-v ter thfeex er c foa op sn olion d leng sug deh.
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springman is in custod rning afte lice say acallyot his brotr. happened around n night ... 54-huned bck nth n of austin bluffs. investigators say matthew spurlias hit in the arm..d wakespital. spurlis d degr chars. rs are aifor s l ofla.. wose cutting a un cldfrom awoman'. ng clo nts, ne's attorneyssay attacked mile wki laear on impulse. bue strict rneyays ne was caand libeher atta lanes charged atmpted rst-deee mu. and unwantterminatof a nancy. afa big win south caro t-runn donald tru is turning his sights te e .. mee. rnies is o ver fr
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uses thismornin..c'et ton s us whersanderis plan to staga coback.. itautin nevadat donatrum11:433 wee goto make aca greaaind wegointo keep winng,winng, wig,wiing,winng! night p frontrunner ld t ied ggescrowd yet as vega the nair anking t streak carryrough pe tuy and to gop tion as minationhe cont ing s valssot do trumpuy cuz lies mo other man getting nasty.ted s communic communicio re splse tharco rubio ha dispagedhe biblcruz we t this caaiit
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dards oftegrity t rubifocu tris in da by 26points. his pare pable rithe blanblishmen aund sot rubio 22:50:21ona basepport but e ma of our n't want him nominee that ntdeeropposite sides of the coinro of more than 8 thoand peacses amherst, bernie sanders again hit lly wa srse t represent coore d't want their money inton spenraisg ina. t miandal...e se siinading ny golwho ple ctio presid the habc ow cls a comforad nst s insoutlina. as the t work cothe blvote thate, act moan fre e is b use ton ers eredwith an dorsem spike whowill bfeatured dio spairi to et ws waon we're dealing conditions this morning! yr reca i u today: it wi be a slick and slh moing driv shld givselvesxt timeto
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da iwille slk and slh mornindr fos shou givthemes extra timeo to thmorning
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drshowers r rough on by e afternooalaccumulaon be len at wiy chilth hnly rm thes an wits c h up t 35s wi mat coer tit acallys -- kingind il faor! ndle upteed: whal w storm thug to sul st mt weesy as pltyf sunshi a waerteur a anpad. rm wer llsard, buanst ve on sda su a nday brinouxt an forno inouthn lodo, lls our ne teerate drop
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ore y spend en more neifou wa fe ipngro azutar't pme l ll y chs minim puse oer thla on retair. mond s are beined orning we'll wh
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6:--. ining us on ng corahere's a lou wake u morning. ee amazon is in rder if yo ar't ameoppe the onliretailer is nt mey ope todeto quafoeeipng. ite 3do mu cuomll o y abt -dla . icis a peen crseasot idhaompt ch. llns o rs aexed tbe d tonawi ca taiprms
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bsonndee nin plai whri's moy. goodrng. ppri's ney". esf mber quator uld unde presre again day,afte warnin. thd-c sa er r erpes la ring ly thmes ea thanorig tites. e coy c-ovst he re ot70tollkata adru r aiagca ple,ndnd pnt pethca and down beg a llna oo ur s bein di lasyehe iau t t ofkingan aion ar ifea e.n me
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it will a slick an morng fos thlv ti to get to thing statns as they will needo showwill pottier throug ending b oon. ad cumulati ll be lehan 1". temp wiy ly, h onl warmg in the 20s d 30 wi gus cou ac t mph, thiwillma ife ld tn it aclys ma wchill a or! ndle up! tend: fls wh r m thro to sd mostelt on wey as of ne andwarmmperatur anticipate rmwirday, bu another syst mover nd moinour next s in sou , as wext temperop n set
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mme. keews ovt do ws your ad-l traff
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founinidt owut ta dn' owbochalinth te inabugonhe o chne13..op a t c, wh t ntm fialinfure. leersajuount arping m g fr wewhat they're to do withhet -
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lorado's fery3rd. jorr m en recounin e so cousa theye shwhe ov wn eir inki wateatstwewet duethprce oo thouuldn allyt wat... chemused make flon d ot gu do wschannel 's emiln is oking hnon-stk ical is crtingstsiio ay e y machin. ts anth urt toppgs. na e ke odnk ony esprso na- tuing ater isd wa -0001put a on our if ved water,e a f ourered water connie fahey ge
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fountain... tricts - cluding cud - ed by icfound scot - 0 dea l som d th te dirisath fou out same waas fay. 35e fo t t h e pr ca the a tee lorado de of and vinmt amin h-e relays on to local but these ch reguted isatans d utensi it's a used on the inside o po bags. and thother al is used i scar a fabri tor. the e-p-is searin her these shld b gulate so howid thes icin thwate ip tough crac? ta a lk atll sqgg lineeir prences dited rert bubu i io oline 15 it rhthe iert doinneliatt thr spbi tloat whenouaythwho me 's e statheal rtnd distri ger ro d rity
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e ts ho b mi 'schar of foun's r. 14330 se ncn th 's founat tthes ical.. tont o prms i mmun 5201have a lo i ink e e al pa and e learning that wen utilitize ation inheuture. als to imove co nats ricts saking the isstill . ical rew, stprest.stil.. tob ed b xe the- hasn't inru thdiricts w ... butcll saha will ce. 30s ispartthe utinoces ey a in. i would they y on thess d atint theyven't brought to our att ctly. na ny . fahey the ck of communat.. 1 -
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shut down.- here is a filter ths nning.ju in ountai ksince th scov.. ntat we wer bnded wiat f e rfe.cag e emalevs too y down. ad-l tosto abby. wer 1s tot wi be k anslus rning e, lkoulde themes e time to to their g atios thed tdrowly
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additional aclati llss t . teatur wi stail, thhsnly warminhe 20s an30s. ndtsld ac t 35mpwi ma it ern tual i ma wd faor! nd ! tend: whatal wh our m throug torr sul st mt daasplen o suhi awaer mpur a ancited. wa wther willasinto turd, t anothesyst r wa on sday. ay a mondill brg our xtance s sern colodo, as ll anexttempop.
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ion abou helicopter crash coast of haww e doing...week aer . plus. ... fts n latestnyams are a morning. he
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th.. . an inusn ning corado. here'sk p moin rs reden thislandatio fijsay at ast 28ple have bee ofon witon.poorm ll i week spread dama and ng he beepor.. and kervices in rote s have bn shut off. thsands of op haven laced bee thestm. e sstisin someev wehemong tay. soh xais seng a lf ilhey in s. bad thunrss d thug e ste ovght.. ma cous werender vem rning. t stor
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ugh aftern ofrborport tha teenhu ipterh has e 16r-d wa f n boare heptate crashe stin whe pued fthr . o otr op froth crh e hoit.. a d s leed sn afcrh. 's sryf beg tht pl at thrit me.. r 10ear old fl a ep he the wia chnd scueea ar. thgias hiki wh r n . enelin aheluckilheea edo heam aiwh ty aose cintte wabo e rope hoithe gi out
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condns t rninour focast i co up dat b a sland ush indriv s ldthlvesxt ti to to thmorndeinatios thiled t ive slowly ers ll be spottr rougnoon, en by rnoo adonalaction wiless t 1" teures stay ly, th hignly waing
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makingind ch a or! nd upextend: what falls with our storm rougmo sunshine armer mpures arecipated. satuay, but another system moves ouy mperur ad-l wrawith mo of a
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chil mperates oue, someas the fo rowi our teamovere atl epyoahhe orahd th newschne13
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coins r won cuse ofutti a unrn by t ofnoer womansom the xt s r ju today. and ts get
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the ti is now 6:--. or you isrn wschanne13ock... inutes n-st new anr... a feclgs and lao rnou about isorng... lewis lm dirict 38.moment acady arte scho..cripple cree ctor.. ad hool disict 1... woodlaark two...puebtric 70n veta olstrict2... d fort on . yon ep utoe onchand buss osgs at ou bse. k-d dot co anweave coverag ac sern corado t ing. sttracker 13 meteologist jay polks county... danaolina is in monenke13's abby livin
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in on e nort of paso ty ko newschl 13'sna molinod morningna ar things the? orning it's cold out in e .. no..etinh
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teller county. r a ns in c s turn m tracke 13ay p od m y .. goodornida . itolanhe i couy.. reeee itd falld e yourself era time if you stmmute.reportg newschl 13
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da i mornindr fold se ext tge thr in destatns as eyilne to dre owly. owers wi beme sttr through on diy e afoo adon acculas ll blesshan 1" erures schil, wiignly ing t and s. wiustsld up t35mph, tll ke ife coer tit is mang wd ch fa! ndle ! exed: at falls wh r m throh tomorrowul moly mt dndaas en o hi a waer teerures are ancite warm wth ll last into saturd, bu otr syem mos r
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loraas wes ouxt mper now, let econ your
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commute. mike er a newsrao th uresavertraf tic ane. lookinahto tonight.... peingle lanesures
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thr eng comm.. starng a eighnit, ea a stunwi osinrmtently t flmore re be over -25. ews e transitioning pederian pas to center median on bridge that are shou re-op fiv tomoowmorn dot the e helpith rind dreret er atr lpg reghrst the unin st..who ve beorki to ntn a thatas bee burninsince thweekd. f stnight ..thfire 80-perccontained.itriginally sa aini exercise. crews contaifindreacres. the pocrews will b ng theflames unt it's ou e pentagon isted torelee ghly pated reportn ose guantana detent ty. t ofpr obama's fortomtolose the fali. e are currentl91 prisonstill unatan..35 of em are cleared to be trsferd to
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56therwi like nev b leed ma daies could relocated tohe u.s....a psiy hou en. denver ceicer veriafter s fterspondia . our partners seven denv rt that officerhit in the foot... tetwo suects opene fire while atteting to run thescene. m tried to drive ay in olen hicl b asd afr a shore. onofhe ectsas shot and kled. e her was arreed. jurs a etinagai todafor deberaons the trl of dyl lath woman sed ofutting a unboaby from aerman's woduringlong guments,lane's she attacked michelilkins ear on an impulse. t the strict attorneys lane careful an deliben her ck is d with atted rst- murd. d want termination a prnancy. vest y th've tied rs spsie r a re tt rc sools clo in
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e thre was ed thran c ool" ... whicents satoout thr assmates. olen threat f elli dirict 22 to down yest instigator we wit ay t thdoes llec pealin... ca sy set up to help cat harmbe stude see them. studrict2 are ck in s today. ertod n juou erve vod ahe atto pursu surfund eap tgo kg ne d oers. accordg thdeert ,oicia a vernor jn enansemiaenn acth wheneang withhe vinmenl otti cy e-p-a ul do the clean up hepi tt se tee miiogaon ofox oe watein t aner. flork is uinhome ... ews he arkans riv
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th12 feet om wal. ang impring ld horse crk. wl althlevee tot ma anrdfo e ve ames rtofhe hioric lev arbeg to down. u cavoe yo opions out thmu at tue nservay dirict mng rrow. is no nger to cials are lookin prepr the ngason the ci of matou sps floocove am is hang meinto talk about cong floorecove ojec. 'setwefour andix ts afrnoo... ty hl on maniaven. so ato. colospringcity colmemr doknight wl be hng apublee et yr inpuon opos nces on majuanub city li cociankn and sevel pes willlso thto awer questis abou the ordie. egins at evening... city hall. now, here's robin robethlook aat'sahea g inam
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it'sto seeu ke up colorado..larry s this cte of a beti is... an w sowou wake u colodo.. sendour pict to up colado at krdo dom... you ca twt o us or post them to our facebook pat wsannel 13. be sure to usee shta
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> goorniama. ld tru vegasra lastht.s harshe yet for ted >> thi g. per'dik pchimthcei' tyo acr iforc to fi a staffeafr w allegatis a dirty tckth all aadf nextig te. se wth art.
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daindsp 70 les a gollll. eoplin tng rd st from xas to m snow hy. th 10-ar-ofahece er drately to pull hree have uers w t jus ti d are yorey th? ma" onafar ec evenner before . unngounto ri's ga o. expitn in o oe nder tld. mins of jestnimalsn the mos part of great ion. wee with them fr air to groundour nd tras following r st and
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chgyyo finrt " vesariafcastig n>>dot know about you but bumps arady ou good ameca. maon sarlive. wel gi y aexrdar glpsatnef the tura s theor. >>et's take a okt rht no is the. ba treivinfra. anzad e'ju outoo into the nroor crat itaania, onofhe mopeacar, stunni ghtsn e wod. u seher he cvoy t thamy,s it? oodness, g itlythrd of en. it ispecculaanst momes agth's rhtwe scdein-f de cter d w avjustard d w s o ins,anims eaopat
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ths 100-uareile crater. e a l of ground to cover. we hav to ver th we havve camera lo cam dr aof crse,hat 36degr viralli bringihis crible, incredib sarto y a it istunning. there soanans se we're gog be loing r ephaionsndhino becae the thanims arehreate in ct, ouj. hs is iuth he's goi talking abrt and iegtingthat w caotecsavese maic cures, guys buckle up, thiisngbe anweso ride. ire wl . you' blillorngon on t mors trsu most, amil wwe oa sarin soh ri rht fo my th pse is -- you'rgog toeeor yoself.yoreoio liku' the. nevver fo that


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