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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 26, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MST

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gogo m mning, america. breaking ernight, deadly ting. >> the gun was strappepe him. he wasaseady to >> the chatotototo t rampmpe. four killll. moreren a dozen injurere what we're leag thihi mororng about the gunman a a t hererer - cop who b him wnwnwn > wowowo atheop debatete t this y'sokeeartist. >> donald trump targeted from all sides. f heuilds the wall t the way he belt trump towere'll be usingll iigra labor to do it. >> rubio rune looking to make it a two-nace er is it too little too latate with susur tuesdays awayay marcrcrubio joins us this morning. a bombshell in court. the shocking vide that erin andrdrs nev wanted anynye to seselayed in court for the
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the "dancing with the stars" host in tears a as she gets seto testify in that $75 million trial. and get reaeady for gold. it's almost time for oscar and all eyes on host chris rock. >> i'm only here cause ell didn't want to do the show. >> what will he say aboutut the oscar controversy and who will take home the biggest awas of night. lleo dicaprio and sylster stallone finally win? are on the red carpet this morning and inside the theater withehind-the-scenesecrets om hollywood's biggest night onlylyn "gma." and good morning, erica. we have a lot of news overnight and we'll get to all th. plus, all that excitement building around the oscars. robin and lara out in l.a. ready for all the action. hey, robin. > hello there. we are inside the dolby theatre right now where the biggest stars will watch the academy awards. on the stage right over there,
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atill he o? what will he say? more on that ahead. lara, i hear you were hanging out with the show's producers last night. yeah, no kiddddg, the executive producs, the guys calling the shots and they gave me a few tidbits. some crets, i'll share them with all of you coming up. back to you, rob. >> all right. we will have t tt and so much more ahead, george. >> yeah, looking forward to that all. we begin on a deadly serious note, that rampage ovnight in kansas where a gunman killed three people, injureded 14 bore he was shot dead inin a showdwdn with lice. abc's clayton sandell is on the scene in hesston, kansas, good morning, clayton. >> reporter: hey, good morning, george. behind me you can see the factory where this all took players. normally they make lawn mowers here but this morning it is a massive crime scene. horrifyingmoments as gunfire upts in a sma kansas community. >> the gun was strapped to him. heas ready to go. >> reporter: just before 5:00 p.m. thursday officials say
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his shooting raage, first firi shoho at random drivers wounding two in separate locations. minutes later, ford heads to excel industries iesston wher he workedrmed wh a rifl and handn. he sho one perso in the rking lot before going inside the indtrial plant and opening fire on his -workers. >> and then i see a mob of people running out saying, run, run and pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. >> reporter: witnesses say ford kept shootingntil the first officer to arrive on scene took hi down >> even though he took re, he went inside of that place and saved multiple, multiple lives. a hero as far as i concerned. >> reporter: inhe end, four peopop including the gunman are killed. at least 14 are wounded. two medical chopps and 15 ambulances responded alongith s.w.a.t. teap surround the plant as nearly 150 employees nally flee the building. friends and family outsidef desperately waiting to find out
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>> oh, my god. oh, god. >> reporter: the shohohoer hasan exteteiviv criminallord includingrrests for brglala, battery and concealed firearms posting this picture and this video on facebook in stember firing an ak-style rifle. now just momts ago i talked to the sheriff here who tells me an hournd a half beforehe shootings ford was served with a restraining ordereant to keep him away from a girlfriend and investators say that may have been one of the things that pushed him over the edge, am >> a righ clayton, thank you. just a few momengo i spokto an eyitness to the ooting. jared trullo and his wife jennifer. jared, i know you wewe inside excel when the soting began. tell me what you saw, what you heardhen you first reazed something was terribly wrong. ^e were working onroduduion
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i saw forklififidriver runnnnnnnn riin and thoughthtt was explosion ofomeort like somethin was o o ore. iiadravi started scamin yellinrun, run,he's a shooter.ey'r'r'r shohohoinin at . people wereet pushed, trampled. evererne w w trying to get out of the shooting where he was shooting at. >> yeah, then, jared, you saw someone who had been shot and you went right into rescue mode? as we were leaving the building, me and another co-worker saw chewy and he had been shot in the leg in the upper hip area and we went back to g him and we carried h acros the street and we h h do. we set him down and started attending to his wowod. >> w w sawhatbutifreunion when youwo finally found each other after all of this horror. what was that moment like? >> i was happy.
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the news and had been seen him but i hadn't seen him yet and when i finally got to seehim, i was -- iidn't wantoet him go. >> jared, what do you remember about cedric ford do you know anything about him? >> there's a couplee types that i've walked by him or had said hello to him and he never wououou respond. he was realal quiehe reaeay dn't s s much. he just -- he didn't look happy. >> well, we are certain glad that, jared, you made it o safely and our hearts go out t thosos who did t. those o o re wounded. jared and jennifer trujillo, thank you very much for joining us this morning. >> yes. >> yeyes. >> you know, jared and i spoke earlier. he said that all of the other shootings weitnessed over the past two decades prepared@ him for tha momomt becausee wawa thght, whatttld i do if >> t t t goodss. what a sad comnty on where we > w me to te f the whhouse. 's "your vceyourote." and wit superuesday com up, the final g showdown last
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marco rubio, ted uz,comg ou wh guns blan@ agast donaldldrump and was there. >> reporte marco rubio did something he has ner d ne foforen t thihi mpmpmpmp, took ththighthtirecy to dond trum on t t debetage into marcrund ted cruz immediataty pileded onn donald ump. bringing up allegations he used illegal immigrants to help buiui trump tower >>ou're the only person on thisistage that's ever been fined for hiring peopleeok on your projects illegay. you hired -- >> no'm the only one on the stage that's hired people.. you haven't hired anybody. >> rubio i rht they found him 3wi89ing beingng pa of a consra and e eered a $1 milliongmtgainhi orter: t t t annerged rubio tookverhrowingg everythihi he hadt trump. >> i don'tno aut bankrupting compmpies.
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>> you kw why? >tarting wit -- >> oneat a time. repeptetete g personal. >> if he hadn't ierited $200 million million, you know where dald trump wowoddeeight now. selling tches.s >> repter: laterer rubio neeeeed trump for more details on his althe plan >>e should dr. ttenenid oththththline we shouldave gotten -- we have to get rid of the lines around the -- >> reporter: trump seemed to be ststk onoo repeatsio had done in the newampshire debate. >> just the lines. >> you have many different plans. you'll havavav mpetition. ll havav so ny different plans. >> now h hs repeating himself. >> no, i'm not repeating -- >> mr. ump -- - >> no, no. [ cheers and applause ] talkinggbout repeatiti i watched him rept himself five types four weeks ago. >> i saw you repeat yourself five tes fiviv seconds ago.
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trp hammered his new nenesis. he went after yu. >> i expected at. they'reosing by aototnd they thought thehewere going to win. iad funut it was nasty. >> reporter: what did you t tnk of the way rubio t. >> i think he'e' a lightweight. t t he's a ghtweight. >> rorter: despite the relentless attacks trump told me that he believed he was the cleaea winner of the debate and d nothini to downplay expectations for super tuesda in fact,eeold me, george, he believes he has aood chance of winningcross the board includini right here intexas which ised cruz'some ste.e.e. >> thank yo joinin us senator mar rubio from texas. thank youor joing us this morning. lots of great reviews and great adlili last nit. >. goomorning. >> but the big question ts morning for you, is it too little too late? >>well, i don't believe at. i think it's itantnfor people tununrstand the@y y ve a choice to make. lolo iff this patte continues the conservive movement in the
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over by a con artist portrayin himself as the fighter of the ordinary person fighting for the working man but he spent yeaea sticking it to the working ople. >> why didn't you make this casaspe earlier? was that a hisisis ke? >> because -- you know, george, this situatiti where w 're attacain nne another but the cover he's getting from t medi these days i extraordary. yo watast kniighton 0 the cahows fterwar. theye likik whatttrump going o toar rike he's soornvinciblor an therepl nne media, sg you, hers roongor t beee first o o whattt mea for their rings general election but here'e' ee f th biad ts meanan you l h a republilan minee w o basiclylyly agrss th ililij@jlililili parenthood and being neutral o on israel, on@- even on issuess regardrdg theconomy like the keover of our healt caree system by gernment. he used the talkingoint that democratssisiently usus t zou don't supporta
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tl careindudury, y you'r'r'r'p'p ffgppddd est so, , ey'r oldjdjdjdjkknd ashehehey'y'pe thehe ol and hit him with a bunch of stories. it's'smportata foror r ateses afff i i iing.g. he h h bting yuover tnwitter calling you a choke artist, lightweight hi tweet that t verrrthe d drudge ror this mprninsking where d you win? and that is a big question. donald trump is ahead in almost every o stueuday. yore ahe i i none.>> yeah,bcknowlge i a undede and have bebe m entire life, unlike do,, i didn't inhehehe hundredfmillio. my dad was a bartrtder. myototr did thehe s aai l l p phirirfeignerso svsvsv and my whole life've ho fight and willightnow.nonoay the pty o r bga and conservatiti fnt,, i'll allow it to be taken over by a con artist. he cls me a chokn hege a con artist.
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the people h claims tbe fighting for. >> where do you win onn tuesday? ifife winss eight or nine states, pcan he@b ssd.d.d.d. heebecause, falalalalalal you lookueayayay tililild d degat prortnaty andd woell i itually evyytateteopopefulul ininin couple. even if we don't you'llsee us ntue to u dedetes.s. whwhwhe into marchch5thwel@ilorida -- >> u 'uble dititht p p nono hs t. th's one@poll.'ven multipleellslst showtteryyififjfnt ra nowwwwdadaweve0won there. i'm from there. we are gng t too w)nfla.a. oridid is goioi totot f f for con it's not gng tototototoenem@ acbc r r r n n is now hinin wililimemecans that are willg rk, instehe's importininworkforce f @rom abroad and out there some immigration crad. @t a fraraududududud w wxposep.
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teshis mo sbobtbthsh#woroftdac o oald umuu laqa f mar andndndndd d d d d& - es itngeee ti o o th rawell, ihi that -- i thinkmatco o o l lded@me in'n' thiherererenyoc andee%%%%%iculules forarco a is i i hhihis aspitial, , timisticicgmgmot g toottac feehroqoq 11 datat shohodhery different marco rubio. now, he landed p pcheseseses tpinkatat pararar of the oblblb isheutttnini i i`i`irararara t tndndnd y y y q queueuene herererean hwinin o o onn and ddonolhihithehe datat last n nht cnamimi atatatl.i thk dd d um i s slse u uin m/s of@ on tuday. >> if he wins mos of the stateteesday,y,y,y,y,y, h@h win s totototayn a a m mhrhr(-to floda twoks latete haveny chahama t t tetet ththmimionon i ihihied c c cbly ing win tasasut thththhe a a autel haso w win ptetes.s.
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as o tsday night when we get the results , t t ts ddebe wililil fade i andng on t the nextthinththkkkald trumumumndvpppppprs lasas n nhthtchch that d%beee alllllll the cheered anybody-h ree is` p py t.t. >>hing thehenn theable will hurt donald trump? >> i think theyt@ cocodurttttumpnn ththtereathf the alonsstheyadeend taackckckckckck s s s ovee xtxtxtee ays heoment o oeat bun t @atff tetetete dy mewdowdw t t t t t . we'll ve much mor sunday on "this week."% eettithlel pitital am forpecialalal p pgrar at very ch- n n ith the untdn ososos a a c chr taking center stage. his mononogueenef thehe m mt rlyl aited in oscacar'r'
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inkkkkt't' s s tay andnick wt@s..... >>lions ofn@ott,t,ada pinkett smith, willsmee n . chchs rock himself has decled,caelelel antmrvivws apa om o at t s b enhe nominatioions&ct. we'll shshou@uhattnn a momt and d stinma inedede cubsbsbbu trerecoing,g, ididf l wee s f!r are sosos crcc l le these. overnight he tweeted ts youunyyy ckout.t. evlylyettingng outogether, thebbbbbt refefencededinife ian"n" mamam apppp shshtihh kristnd j.j. abrams, "star wars" in the work .
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rsy,lalala acacngngngng on twitter sayinggg 's's whitete b.t. s.s. ourur hostor the eveneng, chs ck. reporr:sss lastt t t t d h i i >> gre night tonight. atat ou black nonees toght. kind of like the def oscar jam % >eporter:iwiii e hollywood momer a a shaker j j theeeeandddd 400 millili p plus of ---chininininff >> if you get up on wrong% ot, thth,,s r r harar hole toll@g yrs outofof@ >> r ror thinknk he m m reli that. >> i'm oy here becausellen 't'tanana t tod t @sh. oyyereaullll s sdnono reporreer cesm&his@ l ltttti stwillll roblylyet litical. b b(id@d somomomom thing cococo n ner getet awayyy withtjob.b. >> r r#rtete he wi definity geperson. wield that sword. >> t tybuiuis jus i i i ghtststs >> reporte anypsht curse.e.
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weike tot keet cleanananee a b b b -- >> is a a safeeehoict y y tune in and wanan to s seeow he's going to take things and what he's gng to say. >> repepteteteockk iublicly prprd hosting a v vy fast ow. meme fast, iusndnd funny,y,y,ect thththat....w, voritelulueame onn tht dayye nnounced a st. tweeted, someone atbc is going to get fired for this. fofofwhe sake off o o o o o collgues, - pppppe t that'[! n n t t t sesese he'e''e ititp to the line andyond. i a a balancicici a causus w,w,e'e goo herere b bututt is issss b b b thehe it't'ssoebebebngnhos thaha werer indeed minated. we'll see what ppsp fast, fuous, fuy4yatas that? alllfat. wh golgbgbill he a a livee inrview w) c cl boon isaacshiss morningn " "e ew."
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the red carpet show 7:00 p.m. here on abc and t t p p party keeee going m m ay on "g"g."." comong up,, c cser@lookl@ at t escarsntntversrsrs mone on tha l l l. > yes,s, bibi thatat trtrt talked to the n execive producers about how th p p pse thi yeararscars will beeore diverer t tnever. they were also very hchming about majorororngeseseso thihi year's'sshow. i'm tlili i i i tsesere anges tha you wl notice a i d say y y you'ree going to .. 'll fill you in cocong`gp, bin. >> wking forward that, lara.i'i'ead`outtt c carpet@ in ju a moment with you. here. e weather isispectacululul >> k k k and it't' 'oingo syy gogous robin but we'e'e' d uch a rough weeee on % cocot. let't' look at some ef t s in r rnww. more than 30 cfied t@res of thehe week dayayctuallll and remember this one in nnsysyan that ag track, ef-2 almost five les. eig cnges terwar. iririnin in
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by 5 5 o 10 degeges s sday hehehehuhuhe wa-upv od m mningng. it's 7:24 friday february 2h.abby a ane. today: it will be warmer with most sunun skies. temperures ll wararinto the 50s0and 60s s r the lower elevions, with 30s and 40s s s the unininin ill st drd, wiwi aligh brze thr
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omin upn """" nourt f ererereandrews. e vidid at e center o h 5 milil l l lititied thjuryry. she never wanted anyone to see it. a 23-yea popopg as de rtuny.y. fe'srtrxlas eap. i' be wowoinelyou s eep. still l thinkkri've got a brainin yoyothink a 's'enough? who'll step up when things get toughgh don't ntnthahakibrain? $!$!ee is a dedree.y7u'rereonnanat soononlikeke but tb if you ha a brain.
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will warm into the 5050anan60s for the lowewe elevatio, wiwi 30s and 4 s in the mounins. will stay dry, with a sght t breeze thrgh the e ternoon.n. one n is in custodo this morning ... after r a barricade e tuation in fofotain el paso coty deputies say damon brimer barricad himself in a home at colonial drive ananconial lane f f more
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one man i0custsty y is rninin. after r r apbarricade situation in fountain el paso county deputieseseses mon brimimimicad msms@nome atatatatiaiadrdre d colonial lane for morore than 2 houou bebere being arrested deputiesewere serving felony warrants to brund d two this momomomo. when he barricaded himsmsf inside the h/me. . he was wand on charges of kidnapping, fefeny menacacg assat t t t t a dedelyeapo atateam evevly went inside e e fnd him hiding in the basement. nenehbors wererellllllo head back k to eir homes s afimmer waeded ery lice o o ll be back i i courtodada ahea seven-56. the latest on the trtrtragainst
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welme back t t "gma" and ta a look athose g waves inhaiiov0et haven'en tig in six years and experts are pdictinin up5oot swe somom of ththworld' top surfers are ad out thereeady to hang ten. sad news to repo. ree p p pe killed, 14 injurur in sho in hes, kansas. th nmanpened fe along t highway andnd atis fo hssntntllyally ot. >> a rightw, headomclence sein joma emas cas wl goo to grand juryry and o oars jus t days .
7:31 am
cave getting pumped up. there' d.j.. traci stee. shhere ainndndar ad i ln the carp hey, robibi >> the party is on here too, as well, gege. thank you for that. think about the hollywood stars that are going to b walking this red carpet. >>reat engy. >> , my gosh. wewel go behind-e-es, take siegels. you%have been migyusyyince you hitthe wn. >> reginind dlin, did hill, th nxecutiproducers, first time the word toer exosive e ergyre som therer explo seecectnumber o w wll telou abo the's a bigig drence in thay s stata wl giviv t tir eeches and tir reaioioio to was interestingnd then also, they even me change too the gden man himself. they've made a changeeo t way the s statue looks wch te is perf but they say it's even better. > what did you say or there? >> i'melliling you.
7:32 am
you gotot sam's atntion. oscsc h aadome wor is aut me. we' get all the tails. >e dobegen with the latest erin andrew thjurors saw`wheeof f f$75mimllion. abc's eva pilgrim is covering the trial innnnville. good mororor,,, r rortete gmomomog,g, gegegege cococococoililce t trtrmsssoror saw thahaha secrcrlyly rorord video of erin drews undressinin inn her hotot room. spite everythi tha experts ha triri t do, tha veos still online and this morning her lawyers areoig the finger at th hotelhere it haened. anr emotional day iourt rrin anew wipinear as wayeturning to the curtroom after the video at the center o
7:33 am
jury. >> in my opinion change have viewed the video. >> rorter: the video, which w are not swi ou, catch andrews in what she thought wasas private moment ccng ier hotel ro, wasad public wn it was postedotheinteet. >> i know of no wayo get it off. peop are still osting the video ne, aearag six hs ago, aonthag p>> reporter: the man behind video, icha did bar cocoed it on his cell phone through thepeephole ofer m d drentenceded t 3 3 months in prison >> her attys want those jurors t t feel the same pain theameha and hililtion she feels by wchihg tha deo. >> reporr: a arews now suing rrett as welel a t owners and managers ofhis nashville maiott foror $75millioio claiming the hotelntentionally placed barre next doo tohe star. her lawyer saying theotel failed to notice heremoved and altered t peepholenererer door
7:34 am
nutes and vs her. >> repororr: the hotel claims babat is arimil w tricked them into g gni >> he@ deceeded he connived. stald. r rortet5 popular spororcaster and "daing with the stars" hos telngnger erapt, she couldn'ttop inkiki about the veo. >> she wasdepressed. she was anxious. she was obsessive and irritable and reactiv and it camam out of an incident w she was publicly miliated. >> repter: both sides a are expected back in c crt on mondayy where we s sulddear f fm the stalker, erin's mhehehend eri dnews hersel >hat'she big y.y. ks very much. > from stalking to spyiy@ng, t t latest spy scacandnvolng seaworldld it's a stunng cfession by the rk's's ceo admdmtingngng sending workerer undeover popong as animalights activists so they cou spy on critits.
7:35 am
story for us, good rning, yna.a. reporter: yeah, y, good morning. e employee goi soar as to create a a aas and a fake twittete accnt and this has going o o for years, in 20 he tweeted thqt hehead p plansd to empty thehehe seaworld tks in 2018, ofcourse we know this morn that was all a a fae.e. overnight, seaearlddmitting t spying. its ceoaying t t companynyen@t its ow employeesgg ass actists to spy on peta, a a imal rights group wch has beenighl critical of the s for years. t tlingbc ns selrlrlr actions are despicable releasin these photos s showing seaworld wowoer p me attenng rala thern califoraa boycotts usisihe ail yhtomom s. di he er try to get the other protesrs to act out violely dung the protest. >> there was one protest tt he came tohereee wantedd to cra
7:36 am
>> repter: mccome placeced on admimistraraveeave but seaworld says he'e's been inststed a as an employee. >> mr. mccb has retetned to partment. reporte whilehey d n say homany employees weree involved, seaworldaysts ememoyees wereping as animal righgh activivts hopininto maintain t s sety a securit emplpleeeeusrs animals in theace of credible thats. the park struggling toevamp its image aer losingfits following thehe 2013 lee of the ocumentary "bfish." asor thisateses headlinehe park's c c saying thursday they willnd the undercovov practicece so, seawororldinin they made decisn following a a investigation with independent counsfl andnd a@utde coany. amy and george. >> all right,t,ay itworth, thank you so much. comi upp, the hhh school ax a a a 2323-year-old w whoenack too schooolili everyone who how authorities tracked him down. counting down to the oscars
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ow to that pnsnia high sl police arresting`g 2323-yearmrmd man oo a aed pos as ststt even making e honor roll roll wrias t storter: t is an o ona m mel stutet a harririg high schoowh seemed toe reallylmure foris ge. ll,l i i t oul hs a grn n. ashettssasasuc a saight arrow when state rep teted a picture wi the youngrotc cat s 's$schehashtaged going ples. hehectuallll a 23-year-old ukrainian named artur samam doing high school all over again. >> you willl be going undercover as high schooll students. >>eporter: not le "21 jp street" where yng copss go undercer. lice say samarin was a jo
7:42 am
to stay in nhe c cntry illegally ving overstayed h his visa, police @sasa h h caep with a ph alter ego asher potts complete with a sococl security card and a aennsylvaninidrdrer licensns enlleds a a aesesanour years ago and was just aew nths shy of raduating.g. police arrested him tuesday and this ing, insnsad off goingng ass, he's behi bars. it's scary. r rororr: asher pts had a a 4pgrade p pnt averagenducd thehe national honor society active i@n s student gogomeme he represend h cass ath localchool board. he even volunteerer at foodd bank. rents aree horrified. >> ian, you hav b butiful girls in thi school thatree minors u u u uerer age and you have basicay a gwn man i miepresentin himself. reporter:well, p picay a tip s%seralohs ago led t them to figururut the hoax. several other local residedts
7:43 am
chcard with intity theft. he stole a public education worth ,000cks, butut cananou figure he di high s sllice. he h to reaea wtotay in thiscountry. >> he suree didi>>hanknknku,u, david. coming u u nexex on "good morning amera,"is this finally leo's year and wch tegories will havehe bst surprises? our r untdowow to oscar sunday next. > howowilllhi year's showe diffffent fromomnynyr. lara hhose secre.e e s2s2u res ers ke atr20off!... ra hasho secretshead mter w you pay! $5 rew?.
7:44 am
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7:47 am
lara has those secrets aad pr c cntdown tohe oars continues. we're live here inlywood and i think our guests here are going toy until suseay. they he frontntow seats right now. eh're not leinuow,w they'rere gus kinifp outhere >rime terror >> can blame tm ill the noesl wkp those staiai, bututho is ng to walk wiwiwi@ihehe osca chrisisonnelly is onhe d carpet witit us. godo a abreakdownnlf thihi we're cocoendnrs. . >> oo solutely. aftereomionshatt sparkrk naonal convsaon voteshave been in s since 5:00.m. pacific tuesday. this year's oscar races feature a fewro@ont-runners and a w w
7:48 am
>> there's been a a a awaking. >> reporter: withth "star wars: the rce awakens" ending the year and #oscarssowhite setetng offf own conversationtter habeef ohe b back burnerr unti no i i want m back.. >> reporter: innuppopoinin actoto "crereed"'s sylvestst stalalne is the sisthth aor everr nominateddwi foror playing the same chartete rockbaoa. his toughest ril, two marks, mark rye land inbridid of ie and marark ruffaloinre& andmpasoned throuou "spotlighthd >> a a youellinge the tholol church rovededegal documents that courththte? >> repepter: a alilia vikander in heanish rlrl in a traditionally hard to predict category. >>e werelalaying ame. >> reporter: with kateinslet and steve jos. >> i don't care if she put a pipe bomb . rorter: co-star i "titanic" ledicaio expectt
7:49 am
"the revena".." while 26 b be e rson on n ack earnn a a bes actresscademymy award f f f f "roroom."." jajack,, isten to@ me, is ouou chance.>> and a fof best pturerenot en the hollywo gills can makep t t minds, actors, puhases, directors each honoringng a different movi "spotlight" a big contender but "the revenant"t"emains thehe faritete sll tnk leo is a lock >> inke's got to be. >> stallone ntlen. >taone i think i the o that we're allllng t be onn e edge of seatt for. >> a lot of peoe rooting for him. >> he dididt get nomined f f the s.a.g. aw.. idris elb g nominated for that one.e. >> does it h h " "e revenant" is in the theaters? >> "the revenant" is the highest grng movief a a he nad m mieie bes picture. that's reay helped a a lot. it'she audience pict
7:50 am
the obsce ctcte. >> aitit of tidbits. execive producerser kind enoughgho sharere bigseets. one was the oscar statue getting a little nip/. e other thing, a ltl iz, at do you k tooehe firstt$ jor awara g out a@a. >> i ispopoin actor.r. okay. >> isp thatgh >> maybe not thihi ye& they wil too- they're ( chging the way the awards are given t. the lineupff awards wil match the way a movie is de. >> i can't - - - expect tin w w w writers and thenen mgrom thehere and say justts more logicalal i saidid, s w willwe major tor awardrd be grouped together? they said, that w wwiwi not `ellpyoyo >> s sll big pie. >>'take your bathom kk u think you're pposed to. is best pictcte stille end. >hey woulddnot revl that. that would makakak nse. best seence. >> we haveore coming up. we he g ghe oscars comg up on sunday. >> my head is inning. red carpet cerage begins a whatat time, rbi
7:51 am
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everyone says it will be beautiful for the oscars and they're ririt. the forecas at 3:00 p.m.8
7:55 am
br "gogd rning amera" ic
7:56 am
kepo f fing should be. good morning... it's 7:56 am, friday february 26t m abby acone. today:t will be e warmer with momoly sunny ies.s. eratures ll war th50and d s for r lowewe elelelio s s s s in mouns. it wl ay, th a slit brze through e afternno a a rocky ford police officer accusesese murder is back in court t day. today will be a status a fofoer rocky ford police officer
7:57 am
mumuer is back in urt today. today will be e atus conference for james ashb he's accused of shohoing jack jacqueu%while on dudududu1414 ashbhbtold investigadors,s,e thoughjacqcqz was a burgrgr.. bujacquez s siis n home. the trial's been delayed twice. it's now led to staron j j%* 7th. oplelen park cocoty are still in mournrng... after e death ofopulardeputytycorporal@natatat carrigan was shot brtin wirtw ile e serving an evicon notice. wirtrtalso injured twtw her r puties before he was killed. two people who o o close toarrigan sa he w like fami. . drove wh te and thei drove him in schooltookim many sports occasions. just the night before, he was atatur kids' bask@etball game and his ststso sam, pys basketball a4athe elentary schoho wititmy daughterhe's at every game."
7:58 am
carrrran was alal a football cocoh at cann hi school. custody after he barricaded himself inside a me n nr fountain. ahead at ght-
7:59 am
8:00 am
tongue titi u go morning, , erica. it's's:00 0 the oscars are just two days away we are live in h hlywood this morning right theed carpet aninsi the oscars theate rerelutionarchges totohis year's bigighow. ththproducers speaeaout. s s you'll remember > d all week long we got you red rpet ready. nonowho's wearininwhatatnd how will they pullllt ofof the biest nighin fashion is just two days away. the bond b butreview of theowns and glam right t here, plus, get yoyo popcorn. we'r@e ababt t real ou galactic oscarovie trailerer evt, an entire yeaeain the making.
8:01 am
her sitcom debut right there in hollywood, andndnd'v'vgogothe e rst t okok get ready totoaugh as we say -- >> all: good morning, amerer cheers and appuse ] c cl l on the cell phone and gogogoorningamera. counng down oscarday righhe in neyork. j. tci steeltting the e paray started and robin and lara out in l. celeating hollywood's big nighgh >> yes,@here they are at thth grand staircase there at the dolby theatre wherthe oscars willlle e acac so why nono e a glasasof our sparkli ape der r r heer. >> okay. >> cheers. suret why n n. scscs. yes, and, guys, guyu]ou ow lara is known to spil this is the red caet.. >> a a don't do that. . youunow you do that normalal. >> you kwhat i suld d , drink. >> it would be a lot easier. itit apple juice, people. don't write inin loca[ion, , y, for the red &
8:02 am
>> yes, very excitit. >> we think thiis where you ar yes,es. >> this is the last step, a n upuphpse s ss so you're in the catatad seatat >veryone isisooking forrd oscarunday. okay. shs been to africa and then will be here. >> i know. >> o o oscar sunday and exclusive d carprp show. oscars o oningererony ve from theed carpet. >>yeah and thehe wre going too juststeep on rolling through monday morninibig after-rty y ve from l.a. "g"g" will have althe winners and george will be bacactagege with them. the bestf the red carpetnd, ofofourse, we've gototvery party covered. >> absolutely. we a bit of aarty atmomohereoing on with t tse great movins here llywood. no wait t minute, guys, , e envelopes that they are ho could haveveololn tickets, the winner t winner will have two spspial s ots s the red rpetscar sundny. [ cheers andpplalae ] >>hat's pretty cool. >> we'llind out who thats, gege. back to youo >> that's right.
8:03 am
award-winninin ormamae, that "gma" movie tiler featuring lara on mars, move over, matt damon. the she is right theren some other award-worthy pepeornces. it truru o o o of ts , but now to amy wh the mornin ndowow >> g gd momoing, eveone. we begin witpossssle clue abobo a motive fothat workplace e ooti in kansas. police say cric ford opened fifi on his co-workers at a lawn mower factory killing three of tpem bebore eventually bng shot dead d polole.e. 14ers weweououed ding the rampag popoce say lth twotkours earlrlrlford was served wi a restinininordeto keep m away fm an ex-rlfrie. > ll, the republican debate in houston turned into an all-oubrawl. marcrururuwas feiserhan ev attacking dond trump on a rif issues from immigration to t tmp's privilegededackgrovnvn b bt may beoo litite too late.. ma analyuts predicting the atcks will not be enouou to stop trumprom dominatingn super tuesday xtxteek.k. 7 ll, u.peal operatio fs cocod so b denigeriri help th toight the mililant grp boko haram.
8:04 am
would serve as n ncombat advisers. ko haram attacks h hasorced arly 3illion w wtt a aicics ee t tirir homes. >>well, s sgeons at the cleveland clinic have performed the first uterus trararlant in n the u.s. thep26-yeaold pie wil haveo waiait a yearr too get pregnant a a she will havav to take anti-rejection ugdung her pregnancy. a a ntversy ininlvlv lands' end. a backlash after featuring gloria steinem in its catalo abc's rebebea jajais has that story. >> r tmorning, popular outurwear d clotng mpananlands' end at t s wit's end. theair known for glossy catatalogs like this one @ apologizing for what's'snside thnew spring issss, anan jvterview with feminis journalist a aolital activistloriristeinem afr customs flded facebook with outrage over steinem pro-abortion rights s ance. overnight las' end releasingthis statement. "it was never@our r tention to
8:05 am
religious`ise. , when s se of ourusmemsms saw w e rent promotion t wa% ararthem. weincely a alogize fny ofnse."" >> i think it'ss very cle tb whatevevlalas' end was trying do herbackredd because theyey ho pupu i thisotot atance tt they really wanted associated with their brand. > rorr: angry cususmers writing acebk,k,k,k,arar not mimi friendldl feelrad." ter pullg g e rvw frfr bsbse, lands' d now facing n n bac sial medi "so weak." a spokesperson for g gria a ststnem ining to comment overght. >> what gloriainem rfesests morbroadlis wouen'ghts and feminin@. it would be amif ty backededwau from tt just to avoid controvey.y. >> reporter: for "gogo morni america," rerecca jarvis, abc news, , g york. >>nd oururhanks to rebecca for that. finally poliavveeneng kekehis. icorn the loo. jujueteteta a nynyho doubles as
8:06 am
rts. shs in the mood d a good run the her ght. tookokff darting through t tffic d d adinthe e lilirnia highway patrol o oa thtfe-hour che. she was fiy corrallele e e ldldp thth sn on fafafaok s sing g a naughty pony for all t t troubub i used lasnight. they took away municorn horn d instead gave me ththe e horns.b. those ara d vil horns inase you needede -- >> no rereon t tshame ththponyny >>o. >> she just wanted to run. >> i told you unicorns were real see, t tt's wh i got out of e story, by the way. that's what i i t out of it. unicorns arereeal,l,. ur, thth are, samb>>athaou bacacam. gojesse. >> what dodoouean, unicorn en't reql? guys, yways, @re's look at what's s ea onhe "gma morning menu,"," first,t,obin and lara e live in l. this morning lara h the secrets of this yearar oscar sw wiwi thehe producerwho are revolutionizinin. plus, oujutribe tos year's best t cture nomine, a ye in ththmaking. trme, you are never ing
8:07 am
turn on the hit sitcom, "last n standing." go o ckste for r l the ughs. that's all c cup live here on "gma"igig itisquare. we got the r r carart. julianne moore is my datat way out of my league, it's all happening hehe with all of our fans. what's goingn, everybody? "gma's morning menu" is brought y y by advil. st, , werf a a proveverelief akesain diststt
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8:12 am
>> this is theond y yr inn a row that no actor ororctress o o colobebe nominated f f an n& oscar.r.the acacememis t t tg to tacace the lack o odiveveity with a st of new chanans but at struggle has aong history at hollywood's most coveted awards showoww >>o me iseems s dust a plaque of gold. it ons`she doors of this room and it enanaes us to embrara the whole o o merica. . reporr:r:ea before jaie robinson, decades before martin luther king jr., hattie mcdaniel became the first african-american twin an oscar. >> my heart is tooooull to tell you just how i feel, and may y ththk you, and god bless are you. >> reporterfhe oar ss seemededo be on the e tting g ge r riaiaality b overhe next 50 years, oy three more aors of color won oscars until w wopi goldberg's win r "g"g >>eard people talk about w long it had been betweenen hattie mcdanieieied anothe black wowon. was kind of shocked by that.
8:13 am
>> buthe diffence b%b%eeeemy win and another woman is much shorter time. >nd the oscoes to halal rry in "monster'ball."." >>orter: halleleerry w thththrst african-amamicic to win best leading actctss. >> this moment ifor evy y nameless, faceless woman of color that now has a chahae because this door tonight has been opened. [ appl ] repepte aft tt mont pecily with denzel washington wning besactor that samamght. two birds with one night, huh? >> reporter:any y ople believed that real racial equaty had f fallylyrriviv at the osca. bebeeen thatomenenand this one,e,evenenther a aof colol won n cars. but now for the second year in a row,w,ot even a single nominee. with a viral h hhtag and several high-profile celelrities and rectors choosing to o ip the
8:14 am
deeper l n n just athe cars, but at h hlywo.% >> when i would host the acamy awdr% % me hpe you kn, pele said,el we t tocottt t thers s ol of f f you cafi the academy with - alalack folks, all asisi, latino andtuff, and if you don't t t folks inheie a the cal t tthould y're inin have the same isssc. >> if our industst is not open enough to be able to look at ourselves and fi the flaws, , ene're notstro. >> reporor perhapspssizero nonatiomenenenenecessary begin cating real and laststg change. and that is part of a special "220" " at we will hav tonighat 10:00, 9:00 eastern re on c,c, "journey thugh h e oscars," a look atat the acto andndctresses andndhdhd
8:15 am
us. what concrete steps are being tatan by the academy? wel the academy has announced a numbmbmbf f initiaves s ry to turn things around. theyeyant to doublbl t number womenennd minity votors for ththoscay 2020 andndncreased the diverty on the a abbmy board o o governrns a thehere goinggo limit sef the votiti p pvileges of@lifefe e memberwhhaveot been involved in moviemakg for a nuyears. >> a ib your opinion is that going to help? willllt make a differce? >> the differenc will come w wh momoemaking. thatgt where the sries me. thth problem is, womemeand peoplelef f lor doot get make movi or decide whwt movies gegemade. that haso change. more diverseries have to be ld then the oscars will follow suit. >> a a you include w wen because it's not lititititany particular gro, we're talking women, ande'rerekingngbout other r ethnic groups that are ghgh to bebeecnizezeby theacacemy. >>8>ho storiesetet toto? whose s stotoeseset belied? whose stories get celeatat. it's an issue frothe biography section of a public gh school do thehescars. >> and cheryl boone isaacs isisoing to be livivalalng to whoopi goldberg onthe ew" later this morning.
8:16 am
firs nominaon, a w we talk abouou the nominees, they're gettin muchh of the ussisi. it's been about the lack of diversy but said it's not mutuly exclusive. that y u c c celebebte t this ye's nominand haves s discsion. > don think anybody cast aspersions on thguysys nominated. it's been gre p. t whe hhad'd idris elba winibiba s.s.g.nd not a nomination for e oscaca t tt's somethini theyhave to change. >> the ft we have he this scsiononon is a vil discussisi and w wt totoee cocorete changes >> more stststs ararar f f everybodod >has righ thank u, chris.. lara. >> iant to say the executive oders s who i had the pleasure of meeti andk tiut om their rehearsals are takiki it head on andhday this will be the mo diverse oscars s erernd because it's'sust the be talent that t ey could assemble so looking forwawa to th. also, theyave us their goa, keep what's grgrt about the oscars, change what cod be betterernd overall just shshshit
8:17 am
this yr an oscs likee' ver seen@nefore, andndhese two bend it all, making changes threetiory. yotwo d d ver r rked tother before. >> that's correct. >> you wererbrought t t thererer >> yes, shototmarriage. >> you guys sre kind oa cococo duo. >> y, op are ased bybys. the nickname that's evolvlv over the last twoonthss two dads. >> reporter:r:ill and hudli say they knew what hado jf done. w wagreed chr rock shld be the host and agreed to brg e orchestra baba into the theater. ing? do. >> it is an embarrassmt riches. let's put`it that y. >>8>epte tghghbe the moststiverse tecasw%'ve ever se? ( >> oh, absolutely. >es.we wanted to shohothatike america thatooked like the wososohat was -- >> right f fm m e get-go. >> most of ourooking was done re theheominees were announced.d. >> befoje e erything w wt kaboom. >> ht, so the f ft -- so the whole osca so whe e ha noact o what you were
8:18 am
bigges best talente could get. >> we looked at socici meded.whoo people really, really follow. >> and, of f urse, the most talented people in our business. >> reporter:n array of new faces is justhbegigiin hudlin hill also completelel chgingnghe order of the ar ven out. >> we're going to m it up. >p okay. >> you know, iant peopl to wah and be surprised. e're mg the ahe order ofofhehow for people w love films. >> you're going toe seng them@mefore. rorter: ever wonder wt se ainner might say if they had more te before t tt sky muc. wellnow thlong list of thank-yous will scrled at om of f e e re givrsore ti.>>'s'soing to be lot of exmentn. so of it doesn'n'but 's someing new. >>eporte this year oscar rp getting a makeover now cocote hancast in bronze beforeretstsgo finish. whetheit'sutting edge perforornces -- >ny gaga does this peormance th jt ri the int apar everyoyo is gog wo
8:19 am
incredible set desigd by derek mcclain, using over 200,000 swovski crystals making the stste glititr in gd. >>y biggggt inspiratioios s 70s glam and, ofofourse, the theme ofhis year show which is t t tevyoyo dreres y gd. orter: we eveve got eak peek of nny elfman creating the musical score for thescars opening animamad t. >> i is kind of a fantasy factctctofofow o oars are made. orter:r: 2 26 oscars is abouto g wild. i ain>> yh. >> i got a g gd feeling. you caot not have a good feeling. their energy ys remarkable. othege changthis sear r wi the osc i ielf. this is the orinalalrototype for e neoscar. i know you're e okinatt. oo thesame.t >tetet theamurents y wil it a younger, fresher io i'ay ththfor
8:20 am
e e giosrd2stl e fit maden%w rk >> oh, wonrful o ese e man w yoyo likeys >> i lovw said eer of couscsc had a makr. it's hollyod. >> aittle eresheng up for everybody. >> it doesn't hurt. dodot know if you know ts but the osca are livivon abc thts sunday. i i n't knowf you heard that. all the fun n arts with our red carpet shokothattas at 7:00 p.m. eastn. just wano make you g m. heard litmein out that, those osrs on abab all ght,anan a little coolol ononhe east coast. i love when youuy make s. thananou foro makinin signs. we got twowoirthdaysyshahai know of. kale. 8t8th birthday your name. >> vivienne. >> when you make an electrical sign, you on t levis one t t thingin ehsrsith y,av2a uhi 4f4f4fig%sf f in w ibacalled e edw,et gh enoo haveveve
8:21 am
titititingngn n cacacaofofof a big storm in the pacifif. now these waves have been rougug all over the c cstf califoia.. fofo, bebevery, very carel. we've ready had acdents of hh surf along asine e. buthe heatsn, and this warm waveththwest coast i what's goingo sw acss the nation. everybody gets warm. i know it's a little chillfor usoday andomorrow on the easterseabrd but everybody gets warm. i'm abbycone. today: it will be warmer with mostly sunny skies. temperur wiarm into the 50s and 60s for e wer elevations, with 30s and 40s in the mountains. it will stay dry with a slight breeze through the afternoon. > we're always in times sqsqre
8:22 am
morning. noles go to rara smi who has somein ama tohow u u samsung37.. rara. >> at samsung 8383you can check ouis reallcoololxperernc ich is called the social galaxy. think of it like an art stallation that you can walk ththugugd d en c catatith ththhe of ininininm. ght amtandndg in the ddddma's" instagram fefe anani can k ououtheir past, , presesesanananen pro into o our future posts. you are like standing right in the middle of your instafeed. >> oh, hi. >> wre coming back from rachel. >> that was rachel. itook me a little time to come in. let's go back to the wt coas hi, robin, lara. >> hi, sam. >> hi, sam welcome back. >> thank you. >> we are counng down to the ve speci "gm tradion. it's our annual movitrailer. and we know you guysll have popcorn in hand so take it away.
8:23 am
cannot wait to see it.>> setimes in de space, things cano terrib wrong >> we haveo go now. >> guys, i wasn't that late. really? you'u'rerere mmean, i can'n' stike e e er. 4here must bf some kind of f out ofe straraed on mars. >el. >> will laraver make ihome? >> no service. >> she couldn't do it alone. >> i knew i i ld have switched plans. wait, wait. i got a bar.r. i got a bar. >> ole d't kl . dpn't' m m don't kill me.chill l t, bear.@. raras in tub she e needs my help. >> get your miracle mop. ohno.
8:24 am
m coming, lara.>> la in troue. d helelel girl. aaaa >> >ouble.e. m m mingngororou, girlrl >> one potato. two o o totoo o o lo a tatatotot mm-m ,ovovovu you even morere m.m.m. rutouou they maket toto in time? >> aaagh >>ittle potatoes au gratin. m losingy, ar whihia fits to keke hersaty. i cab't get tsjso w i jujujueed d eaeahohoiveses`` ayay oore- to try one mong. i got o,ou're ing to take a beating 're goinin down bause likike t tookkkk bebeing!b you'r'rgoing toto upupuparpoto. la kno, rorororo ghgh i'm not just pototo eaeer, i'm'msusuiv.
8:25 am
i can do this. n do t t t >>hehelocko save her is ticking down. >> hey, guys, thweatatr looks s goododmarsns i think wewel be the iabt t t t t 300 0 ys wu'll l l here s s heh, )lu t mymyop o o ore >> thisummmr. wo!o! the fear. >> flames coming t of my 'm a agrgry little f fla. h. > strgth. >> i king of t t wor theheheoe ll l la erertong t tse potatoto >t't'noea pououng kchup in zerity. >> "gma" saving the lost martian. ! ua bear is)sack. >vevegingngngng. >> nicicictt -- - ve that.t. i i ied t tt. waia te.
8:26 am
you know, e really loves potatoesplplseca, no. >> yes, , jussososopen gaga/ wolfngnghipped ua litttt s seteing for you. >on't mind if i io. >> see there. >> we're all set. >> lara has potatoes. have the oscar gold milk shakesarbo loading.>> s s.%@ it al isjgood >on't't!t i ibecause e oooo -- - like a trophy. >> >t's pretty gd eat. >> thepopcoror ape cider for you. ( >> no doubt t ngerould love this had no idea sheas t be. she was going kind ofasy me. we'om backkkm thehe reded
8:27 am
on hollylyod's b b night. gogo oorning... it's 8:27 am, frid february 26th. i'm abby aco. today: it willlle warmererith mostly sunny skies. mpatures will warm intol the 50s an60s r the lowere elevations, th 30s d inin e taitilll a slit eezehrougu the afteteoon. - man is iin
8:28 am
e man is in custody this morning ....after barrice situation in fountain p po county dedeties say dan brimer barriced
8:29 am
at colonial dre d coconial . the stanffff than 2 hours beforerimer s ararst puti wer seg n warrts imun twtwtwis mornin... when hp barricacad the ho as w w wd on chaes of felony menacing d ult with the swat t tm evenallyen insidede f f f him hiding i ie basent. neighbors were allowed to head back to eir homes after brimmer was detained. . rockckfkrdd police offifer charged withtd murder will be appeing urt todaya..ahead atei5656 we're finding g t when mes ashby's trial is sit to o
8:30 am
> the`batttt for gold d o thank you very much.% >> the oscacs, the most unpredictable e . >> and thehesc g gs to >> hosd chr rococ nuts. >he oscars, le oscar sunday abc. anlcome back to "gma." we are countinindown to oscar sund.. weweavthehpartrtgoing on both coasts this morninin deejay traci steele is here in new rk getting us in a adadaframe of mind anhelping us celebrate all thinin oscar with a group of movie fans getting down. >> too much groove goioi on.0 spspkiki o odeejs, onenef our vorites, d dkiss, isis
8:31 am
unbelievable. >> all right >> fantastic. >ocial memea fans, everyone will be tweeng during e oscars, we have the exclusive rst look a a ates n%w oscar emojis ifou tweet #oscars, you can unhe oscartuenhiss or the fun emo popcorn on riscop >> in addition to those great r milk shahas that iave almost finishe red. only one of us fished ours. >> f fm the ecute ch a owner bla craft tap bur aner, havour r r atues tsmorning, and ese despite theigolden appearancere actuauay chocolqle ones courtesy of efefolfgang puck. he mak them every yea f the governors ball. do you have yoyos? >>eah,h,ust "brickse." i love t tme song. okay. right. we dactually wowogang has been in ce ofof the me forhe gernoall
8:32 am
donates all ofothe leftotor food from the party to efs to end ngerhi provodes s als to hungry s5 a great cacae. >> such a grere arity. now, thgh, we doav a verer ecial giaway too theseseol who came out here at 2:00 in going to the r carpet celebratn at the oscars sunday nit. they're going to open their enenenpepepeght now ad tell us who has thgolden ticket. do it. >>as it? who'sheden ticket? >> i got it.ay >> wee got one. >> who has the other onon do we got anotherer anybody?y? yay. >>ononrfulit wondeulwe're goto them onhe red carpet on sunday nigig. no i kw you guys were envious. they wererdancing.g. you them i ithe studio dancg, so if you wanto dance behind me, just feel the music. >> i'moi to ncncrit nextto y y.
8:33 am
haa ance to ben "t muppets". >> i did. ( >> a then we had amy o asase. >>he d a greatob. sheheid a great job. i d a chance, "last ma standing," tried mcodic chops a little bit so - 're prprtime.e "gma" gofs prime timehand my medydylls, i put them t testnd here's a look backstage at- , tim len. nancy travis. take a look. not so good. >>h. no, no, don -- why are you -- >> oh.h. >> it's e show tt dominates friday nights s re o oabc. >> we're not fighting. we'rhavivi a discussion. >> no, we'reighthtg and i'm winnin >>laststan snding," s arriri funnymymymimimen is a wewe oilemachine inints fifth, you can ime how exd s to jthcactorhe day. >> oh,hhey, yeahah >>hat'tim allen. >>lws s ked "gma.">> "last m statatag."
8:34 am
whatatouldhe wld be withoutut it? >> i jumped to rehearsal going over my lines. mymymyme time det. % >> aion. buyuyuys here. >> so nice to meet youou >> grere to see you.u. thiis tera. owe' getting a little wardro. haveveo look the parar 're in denver. wardrobe. heheo, ladies. okay, make me a unit c cmander. ooh. th's aefinite option. i like that. a quick change and we're heade to t t final drdss rehearsal. almost s sw time.. ow t t t i allylyommanded a t t maintenancunititn aqaqaqcan tart t tk anput it back together aandsrm. >> okay, it makes it less gogoy. >> your attitude at the end, ally terfic. give her thaiciness, bebebeti >> all rightht >> w wo. >> t te e e shsh on the roadad
8:35 am
>> witso manmoving partstsn tht, i aed co-st nancy travis to explain how they bringthe production t/tlife each week. >e start t w scrivery weday and weeaeaea and then r rearse e . cbackn onhursda rework what we've donecome @ backcin ononridatart ititak full five day to produce the polished pro at y y see robin pulling off in 20 minutes. >> does this feel pleaeaea to o you? >> ictuauay y el rarher tense. >> >ecause ts isisnsanely awkward. you s s his charactct and tim's character wh they get going with one another. this e esode is a bit of a reunioiowiwiwiim's "hoome preno-arapatcia richardson guest star. how does i feel wking togeth?? you'v' been off f d on.n >> j jaiit many times. shs taug me much about acng. she's really an actor when she
8:36 am
>> you tghghghrk somethi today. u ught him that t sketball cool and ballet is stupid >> youe overreacng. >>ou h he the history y us but t en she snds here she's an actress. butut n he'seen doioioi s s much m than m me because i keep retiring and going away and coming back. now i want to go him bececse he's been directing. want to go, what do yoink i should do? >> yeah. >> like am i ill right? what should i bebeoing? >> b b s's really ughthte a t on "home impvement" and nts. a solid actor, y know.w. >> we this all because loveng it fofoyou guys. >> okay,t's time t ttake the training wheoff and put my acting skills to test in frt t a livstudio audieiee. >> there some rally greatat adaice there. atatas it again, donon eatat this. fufutiwith a fun c now,ap [ eers a appuse ]>> ah. >> oh.
8:37 am
oh, thank you very much. i i t -- tim, ncy, the entire crewst at "last man ststding," t you, thank yoyo thth you know y y are in n eat nds whwh you come in likiawe ve and do that and they can mama yououust nonoll flat on yoyo fac >t'not t sy to do. you did a g g g job. >> s s thank you. at 8:00007:0000entral. need to preparmy oscar speeee aft thaso wililsee you the red carpet on sunday. well,,ne minor detl. ththoscarsre for the m mies. >> oh, t tt's t. oh, okay. thanksks l/t. i'll do the laraunof she does that. >> seeou, robin. okay. meanwhile, hollywood d d ull cebration de right now. the biggest celebs hitting all the hot sps in town toty fo the big ceremony, and our kayna whitworth has all thinfo where to sh, where to stayynd where to layy just like a star, right, kayna_a >> reporter: absolutely, lara. good morning. right now i'at the hollywood roosevelelhotel. thisiss legendarar it's located rig o t
8:38 am
it is s s voritetef sts past ananprent. it's where they ytart and end their day, butant t show u hohothey spend it in between. e hohot cele desesndin hollywood for the oscars and their favorote spots foror luh, it's all about jod vinny's. >> it's coming ou >> r rorter: locally grown ingredients arehe stars on the menu. at'so pia. that's art, my d bububuthere'a in. woroh ththwait. for a little shohoin fred segal is a celeb magnet. no matter where you you better be prepeped to o e a cecebrity. >> exactly erywre y go. >> >eporr: s stted hfre oscar favoriri, leoicaprio, salma haye even n lo. >> right now hototst tnd is wearing chokers. >> rter:o yo o oken esh ouou s clasaic w wen ke julianne ore weweing one or jennifer aniston. >> > really likehibecause ip'sth. it comfortable on youreck.
8:39 am
prpr means gettinghat bod red caet r rdy.. whwh if you want to takeee it up a notch? >> so, you can go to the secret gym. reporter: jay gzer'ss brkable hidden from vif the iconicicunse - and forlowing kin, kinara is the spot. hallberry goetwice a montnt who does not want to look like halle berry? >> with her r in, who doesn't nt that skin? >> repepr: shhh. this is the secret c cebriri entrance but they'll let me through today. the recarpet f fial is a no down time e el. this is gng to feel very tily reporter: tha bubbleslike champagne on your face cocwlete with a caviar moturizer. ohmy gh. my sfeelelgreat. at do u think?k?k? nalllltoleepepike a star chchk k to the holwood roosevelt. >> you alws ndf see e meone famous. so, 's a good place to go. rorter: icoikmarilyn nr he e e ed h he. ( wi the hotel right in n e middlef l thoscar acti, itit the pererer spot to end the night.
8:40 am
secfets s d hidden gem for examplpl i'm'mn eir seco floor r wling alley right now. theh set it up could come in and embarrass myself. wl a little bit. jennifer aniston#jushad her rthd here. you're up next, lathen it's you. >> all right. d i ess it's bowlili shoes optional tre, , yna. so that's goododoo.alys g g to be in n gh heels. grt job. lwayayin high heels d so scary. >> good job, and i want to get back to our sam champion f a ok at the weather.r. >> lara! i miss you already hey, my goodririri at "g" e letting g motetehe show that i working on for r e e ather channel. 's'salled "23.3.degrs" and, by the way, we'll have conversationowith all the expertrtof science, fnronment and clclate change and talto some policicns. ta a l l lat what we'vdone sosoar. >> everyayou get to cept a a aey or tata
8:41 am
>> you know, these kids wod hatill bn dr the wawar and it wldldavavav tataroic >>ououe sese how fle that atmosphe loooo. >> be braced for change. >> i deced to go plasticree. cimpletelelfaflinin love w w wyounun& [ cheers and applause ]% it is f f. ittarts the third week of march. i hope guys ll join us on the weather channel and thank you for all my friendst abc for letting me do that. the weathestart with a rmrmp inhe w wt. don't worry about the coldld temperatures in n e east rht now and d eat lakes. wewee august going too get a sho of i'm abby acone. todada it wille waererer( momoly sunnm ies. temperatures wiwi warm to the 50s and 60s for thlower elevat, 30and inin thmotainin ill ayay, th slit breeze tough the afrnoon. >> we are alalysive inimes squa, sosoome e y hi.nonoover to rachch@hmith at the
8:42 am
wewe g us ady for the cars. ra. , m. hey, everyone, so wewesked you to go totgoo@odmorningamerica.m yahoo! and vote in our ll for best p pture osc. my frienen here e ing out and we are voting on o o newew samsung galaxy s7 devices. awome. let's take look at this big reen over here featuring the nominees fof besespic. it looks le righnow "the revenant" is leading the poll with 59% of the ve. we agree, do we disagre no? what? no, . so weot a little mixed review thing going on but evybod home, kvoting. m, bk ou >> all..
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
wiwi amyor the pfefefeed cacaet d dss, and d d l see some those connder all right. are counting down to oscar sunday. ould i idancing g o? it feels a lite wewe we have b mondayy ter-party ona." thisuallyy first time on t t t rededarpe a a so, of course i had to finindhe rf drere fast. 's been a big decision so tak aook at allll of theheononnders ar.
8:46 am
>> just three days ago,, i was 7,00000 miles away reporting from a crater in africa. >> so i'v've been on five plan ininour dayss and am wearing prettt much the se clothes ve wor owlwe. sthowered at the airirport tually ao-hohoing theed carpet for the first time for th oscarshis weekend a&a ii havehi w i need sose helpl yle liieie salazar came@o my rescueo scout o the ttest dress trends. herere at halalal they have amazing opopons for amy so com with me. let's take a look. the@thihaha i likebout thi dress i tha i i a@ittleit unconvenenonal it's sht inn theeront andnd l lg inhe back. you're reaeayettiti the bebebef both world >>t jamie waon the hup for somemeing ait more tradionana >> i'mere at carmen, claic new york basedesigner hing to find t thqt beaetifufu ball gownb for amy.. i lo t tsess.a theheottom halncredibly
8:47 am
time s when you walking, i i haha this beautiful fluid liquid like movement. now time t t look foror modn twist. >> we're h herer attwork owroomom looki athigorgeous maace dru. it's feminine, itis delite with the le and the color ma it really strongnd pdynanac and powerful. >eporter: and finallyly welry. >> let's keep it simple andnd go foiamonds looking for bracels. >> thank you, , mie. dececing i my dressingoomm in aew mines and let you know. you'u'ee onnsundday. >ominin u our eerts arere
8:48 am
8:49 am
oscar sunday. > we'reoug down to t oscaca o sunday. roron anan wl be right her
8:50 am
opening cememy. also j js cagl will be there, as ll. m m justt say the ful name it's openini ceremem livee fro thth redededet. jojoing us right now willl bee joe zee, yahootyle ed tore initornd jess cagle. e wle gang- we' yill be there. we also wtntn to talk -- iilll wake youup. jess, last yeare werere very careful and smart to ask sutantntntqueseson we didn' getnto a lot of fashionestions. will that be t me? ihihiss --hink lot@ of the actrees are still be about theashihi a a a also this y y y you've ao gothe wholeescars so white controvey and the acamy h s done a verer good job ofinmm to own tat cononrsation s think a lot of people coming down the red carpetill b preparededed maybe even excited to address that issue. >> ay. well, and y saidhe word
8:51 am
>> d dresses because we still care abthe fashion. >> mostng transition've ever heard especially this early in the morning. we will benjg it. mayot make t tttour first estionononn t red carpet b cereainly be appreatinit. whic ofhe stars apprecie - whatrendnd will we se wve seen@ b big trends already this pastt awawards seseason. lele upo the osc and a these gat tngs we've see cacas which have bebeeaeay big on the red c cpett from j. lo. . >> lupita a a g'o rocked e. >> t the red ralph laurenen >> a athe grammys eight months' pregnant and cutout becoming a classic le. i l lee a cutout. can everybyby d it. . >> lien,,hink everyep canan do ittf it's done right and strategically sonifer lalaenceadadne t tt was reallly smalllhat t s r bllyy gre thehe the more exaxaerated ones like le mez. >> kate hudson.
8:52 am
i thohoho iwas rea greeat and the o-o-o-e like taylor ift ae gn t pipies. sososoy d drentoptions.s. >ou can gogcuto o actually two orr threeifferent pies.>> lutely. >> t tse ar all t tnds we'll see. solutely. >> do he somxhing as the guruf "people" magazine. >> don't a a me about t ion. ilwayssay somomhihihiwrwrwrg. goahead.d. go d. >> w wttt you s see as the big trtrdor men,n,n, jess. >> think you'll see a a aot of navyvyblue. >> i too. joend i were wearing black but navy ue mreuche adventurous. >> fred lton told me a lot jewelry on the men.n. men have been cominthisis to accececeiziz we have reeemomols. these areejoe' prprtions of what we might see on thet thth ar. >> s, we wtehi is goin t be definit a huge thing. it's hugeen fashioio right now. hu on the runway and think people are orried it would bebe tooo briridall buteyonce woree an acalding dsssso t
8:53 am
>>nhe red cpeutut veve whend xte mttotea and, of cose, last,y someing a little b more romantic and flowy instead a structured -- >> n n yikder. >> but moreelaxed and romantic thaha a a structured gown. f you h ad to give a guess off the overall look, would youayay va va voom or romantic -- >> i thinke'lws goi t e oldwoodhe it@omes
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
rorontic for sure a andllhe dresse >>"good d ing erica" is brout to you by prudti. right round round round >> so, you ca see the88th annual academy awardss livee o abc nday, o looking forwd to at the red carpet show withh these o and theng, 7:00 p.m. eastern. for now, amy,y,y, we'll send it back to you in new york. >> all right, monday we'veot ouou o o o afteparty too.
8:57 am
>>apap friday. it's 8:56 amfriday feuaryry6yh. i'm abby acone. today:t will be warmer with mostlylyunny skies. temperatures warm into the 50s and s for the lower pelevations, with 30s and 40s in the mouns. will stst dry, with a slight breeze through ththafternoon. && lookinahea today... rmer rocky ford polole officer james ashby wi be court for a status conferce at 1:30 todayay is accused
8:58 am
duty in 2014 ...ndnd is facing murder chargeg. asasy told investigators, he thought jacquez wawaa burgr.. but police say jacqcqcqwas insidedeis ownwnwn home at the time. the trias been yeyetwice so far ... and scheduled to t t junun h. we'll have more on what to expect from the conference ahead d d oon. a a rmer chchrlrlng coach in colorara ha eaded guilty totoexually asasulting a cpild. mitchell greenstreeee was accused of assasating a3- year-old girat colorado cheer acadeny allstars. he told investigators thsex was consensual. eenetreet'
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> it's time for "kelly v celebration." tototo, foret whwhaker and jennnner h hson, john trolta, thr their memoriesf thei big nighthat the oscars. will ve you lololop p ok at the actors and aresses nominateded this year and t f -hosts show us howow to make their oscar viewewrtyy cockils and mocktails allt live." [captiojinde psible by disney-abc domestic television] and now, he your emm awawd-wiwiing chosts,elel ripa aichael sthan! [cheers and applause] kekey: oh, l lk.


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