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tv   NEWSCHANNEL 13 10  ABC  February 26, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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because they liked me thatuch. fireanger is weekend doot look odod 'v'vhad d sevefiovheast couple days.and torrow we're talkinred flag warning. a grgrtr tosothing g nice f f the community.. but meone ruined it for everyone. you need to see this one. more pain for a father whose n was rded whatomeone eps into thgrite.good eveni ananor inin chan13 1 i'i'jarmananan and heather old. r vera reredaloca preparinr wh cou b busy tomorrow. rm mperureses and red fl warningsilil mean a high fire danger. one areq department i preparing...ven n tonight. fountain fire acemy cadetsts finished wildland fire
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n' ... b eyeyl be especially alert to any fire calls they receive. "normaduring red flag warnings, all ofof our fire crews willlmctctlly be i i thr wildland uniforms, responding to lls instead of being inheir noal station attire. they'll be readadfor rhose calls ahead of time." captain baker asks tt you bpore responsible tomorrow. ususcaution and common see to preventnt fires like we saw day. be extremely careful while smokinin... and d limit open burning. it has been a warm day in southern coloradoit has also beeeequite breezye.
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morrow is expected to be en ger! ! gus betweeee 30nd 40mph willlle possible, , red flag warnings go into effect at 10am r mu of soututrn colorado. sunday will be cooler, i'll show you your complete 7day forecast coming . c-s ttin a iodolls for repairs an reconstion of i-70 through enwood canyon... toelp with the rockslidid cleap. the money meom a federal emergency relief fund. one lane i each directi was reopened yestery.....en days after the rockslide.
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other month bere all les back open in both directions. the family of kelsie schelling plans totoefilela wrwnwnululeath lawst against & the n they believe is responsible for her 2013 disappearance. thfamily's attorney....lonn heymann... said ey're dippointed their lawswsws was dismsed d a federal judge. the suit cused donthe lucas s fou play... and blam the police department f f botching the investigation. from jususce walks to& searches, the familysn't giving upv and police say ey remain cotetofig g "youthat l isisver,ut it esn't change the end result of this casas we still have a aase of a missing person, we're still working on that case, it's stil active. we still have a family out there at's loloing to us for justice and d answers. the -year-old schellinwas ght weekek pregnana when n she disappearere even though the family filed a wrongful death suit... her body s never r en und.
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infoation toght onhe ooting of the ti in rk c cnty... e e he deputies who was shot in ey on p wednesday .. hasbebedupuraded from serious to o fair condition. sainananony hospitat released this p pho of maste paol deputy kolby mart.. smiling and giving a thumbs up to o e cameraputitier servinan ictionot whwhwhhehomeowner.r. martin wir.... enire.ale carr w ll... pu main sho several times in ththlegs... and a ptain mark the hospital says martin and hifamily wanted to thank the community for their prays and support. thfather of a muered loradodo ringngteen wants answsws after s son's grave was s vandalized. thwas piure him gravavstone itwas smhed jamiththas tath a rtininvemberf . -yold mly pulled th igger a plea deal inhe se. nonosix years s latete johith ys his s ave was`& vandized, but
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... this is mymynly y n and d re h h underneath the groundndnd the e ople keep coming up here a doing th. i'm not getting any stice. smith h` offefeng a o- thsand dol rewawa to anyoneho ideses information that les to an arrest a conviction for the vandalism. it happeneat fairview cememery o o o uth h th street. now to a group that was trtrng to do something nice for the community.. but someone ruin it. use e vandalism... several outdoor pipios seant for bl use i spngs.. . nongeravlala an131313 scharrison iv second piano s vandaliziz. and scott... ththare a lot of disispointed people tonight. normally, a piano would sit hehe for anyone several others wot be available to street mususiansns ... thanks to
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ey d't keke le y moret is 12 bawin er piis n longn servicicaftetean ararn this week. nono it's in a traile awaiting reirt the ajo wahouse.& "w"wt's important about where i'm anding rightow, is where mamae, o piano, was--til toy." lyn harwl owns t seeds mmunity fe. madge was in a breezeway ouoside the staurant, , availalae for customers passs to ay and enjoy. but three times this y yr,one has ignoplea anset t e o'tan fire "whacan to he tharsonsoso that t ty wouldndn to fet y? tt ldn' serve that grsion, or wheverhat fe s, t tt they htoet that t g fi." cal l l p p caca the
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loon prome muc preciatiti. "i"ichchhem, i f emyou st g a rtain rom emm ionanay atatchedo th. us t vam done tthisanheal prechamod d alfiveits an fromheheubloonin corad rings, u a w caou t pre tter%sury for/. metiorganinirs e that alle anosl bein theilocations s merialalay weend. so i'moing t ma s s sthate e mainta iri of the pia. d thpio warehoholl dos t at pppps. it'l'lcoco f ndd doars repaith ged ano. poliavatlet on suspecec en e spngcoharron, kr
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profsor uccsas passeseawawftft- &artltltlthncer michchl hackwawayeheke thsi r 3 3ea ... tehicounicatns d adership.pheaslso director of the no proam anvir fo leadship studies.a mpus memomoaler is sched f noon on march 6th inerger hall. in your cion 26 6 coverage tonighgh.... dold trump has a new politica bubudog attackinother candidates on the cacaaign ail. new jersey governor chris chstie endorsed trump today.. anhe's alregogo r th ontrunnes oppopont chchstie ended his own aign afr a poor showing the new hampmhire primary. in o oahom. e of t states that votes on supertuesdada..chstieiele t fla tor rc bio.on fiveemaining publblan candidates. et's have one f re m msage for someone oks s d a a pretty big mouth todaarco rubio, yourv
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almost over buddy." ruruo isis smissing the endorsement and d e criticism. heheays trump "needs a lifeline".. after rubio's dete rfnc st nht i houston.n. r r decrs... ere'e more state racebefo superer esday... ...tomomrow's primary y souou carolina. e lalast polls show hilly intoto wi a huge lead over rernini sanders.p. the former secretary of state is aheadad the rmont senator by 50 ints ... 64 to ... according g clemson university... with 22 percent of voters undeded. sandes has en hitting clclton hardtdtd er her paid spspches to ll s seet banks ... pushing for r to release transcriptpt clintotosaid e criticism stings... an e's urging rs to examher public svice record. "it's hurtful toto have peoe say, oh, i don't t ust heor don't know why she's doing it. and it suddly strtrk me, well, maybe there is this unrlying eson likisshin fher he
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us?" r all yourur desion 2016 covera.. cluding us sis fofosuper tuesday.y. jusus log on t tour website... krdo- dodoco p the e rm weatr wewe expecting tomorrow won't terfere with the polar pl. tha30 memaers ofhe el paso unty shf's office llump prpect merial park morrteoon at on eye raisinin money for e specia olympi... de the mott "freezinr a as""thals to e - - thoudos.
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health organization is s calling it the world's next public heaeah ememgencnc new informatn the zikakvkvus... ana the number of cases now in n the u-s. that's coming up. plus. one man's bad d bit... catches up with him... hear what's next for him.... itill beindy tomorrow, i'll show you howow gh theire
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torrilil be very y nd with g beee ph for . danger wilbe gh, pleas bearef. her big story . weweststt with ws i ie 20s d 30s,n ghs willm into the 6 and 70s! your r colorado springs s ay forecast swswsws slightly cooler
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sunday. your pueblo 7da forecast s sws a chance for showers earl tuesday. yr canon city 7y fost schance f oweron tuesday alal. your teller county 7y forecast shows a chce f f showers s nday thugh en an friday.
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pleased to announcecen agreemenenhas beeneaed thish networthth meathatrdo lineup. krdo managementnls d understandinin as the companies ve been negotiating. information... statio logo onon the homepage of krdo.c. thousands s you.u.. mighthtave had your tax rmio hack ... 're lelening rebo w mimimi behd the e sese brerere pl. hockey gs ta to the .. l kethp p
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enonfirmed in nine egnant women in the u- s...ncding one who gave birth to a baby with a a rare birth fect. the cdcbid all ne wen got th mosquito-borne rus ile r living s oeaks e iso iniging 10moika rtthviru a n erera d th n. itit bied to cae oceply.. oreathat totoalat birth.h. signalingng mar ain gend depmtal de. thirs the numb of xpers osinfoatma have bn ol by comte ckers...owed0 ou m m m @tce mper originalrereed e sensitive e informiocabebebed fo ididtyft or tm aunt thies ssed a sy wre ayers tututuand otheli from previous years. s liev sophteteiaiackere e tola an
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taxpers...opopllll over souththn n lorado are receceing scam phone s from pplpl ming tbe with the irs if you think you've receieid ove of thoho calls... contact the u-s treasury at the number on your scrern. a moment of lelety a aer a drunk driving d crash h ssacac e spected er s taki eld sosoie test..when he ft on hisisface take a look. thomasohan got a few letters into the alphabet when heheust t uldn't keep his balance anymore. he took this headad on n wednesday.y. !nd he was raigned h hospital bed because he's still recoring.` polilelele mohan bre his nose othe pavement. this is acacal his secoco drunkdring h in mohe beg foed ve up his licee.e.
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comingp mondayn krkr newsradio we'll have your lates headlines trtrfic and news weather... krdo n ns radidistarts at 5 a.m. comimi up monday on krdo newsradio we'll have your latest headlinene traffic and news and weather... krews s dio starts atatat.m. . the outdoor r
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avs e red ngngwill be played tototoow nig coorsield in denver.. . the avalanche got a chance today to teses out thehicic orfield. ..t.t avs say ey are looking forwarar to taking theiei gameutside.. i just wanhave fun i think if you haveveun playini ththth you are gogog toto perform your best i had a blast out there in practice p pyed rely loose h tried stuff i think k felt like thth. landeskog sot we'rl just going to try and enjoy it c/me out and realize and e how un the situation n to be able to do this. some of the avs and d d wis leges arar skating in t alumni game . tonight.. 1. ithe first..the captain..joe sasac wrist shot hits the back of the ge.. 2. ithe 3rd..ray boque oreses the avalanane al wins 5-2.. the e lora college hockey team were shut out on the road tonight 3-0 against miami of ohio.. e air force hockey team
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1. t t fororot i i i inin t t second period they scored fo timim ..ben kukuraraad two of the goals.. the fly gu winin-1-1 playoyo acaconewisis paerng eamb springs... c-u's josh scottn the buildi to o watctcbrothers jon d jo ... 1.) sam rasberger ving night om behind arc ... hi t t 3 there... 2 2 2 next posseseion ... strasberger again .. 3.) jon scott drives baline and eleveves f f the nk ...$& e rangererwin 91-41 ... sisind wheat ridgdg 1. 1st quarter... fararrs tryingngo applplthe essusu... sierra breaks it..kion wingo hits the baby "j" 2.2. then wingo finds darrian reed on the baseline..he three and 's fouled... stalons faithful gogs nunu3. later on
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bank in a three.e. sierra advances with a 48-4444in.. rocky moununin and doherty 1. d halflfction... cacane mack lashs. 2. moments s later..macfrom t otheside anoer lash down.. 3.hen the spartans work it inside to aubrnna boti.. dohty advdnceses to play ralstovall as they 49-4-4$ - cherokee trail and pine creekfk ) start ofhe 2 d lf ... emmmmmmmm goes baseline and hits the layup... 2.) later ... spencer lindsesefor 3 ... 3. coururey stanton nine jumum pass list for re sy 2 . .. eagles soaring ashey wi46-29 ... raart ladi hostsng regis .... 1.) straight to the
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with the s4song 2.) ) later,r,liy finds s iley painin....she hits the floater r . 3.) back to eliely shshshdn want t e sesese to d.. .. fast break to the easy bucket and the rams w sa rge hosting john f. up in the 4th..the grizz cononol...good ball movement....le nberg the easysy deuce.. 2. the tajuanan pererns t take and the floaterer 3. mesa has some dept...and c c shoot from deep...britanie ololn from the cococo.. mesa is vingngn with a 76-34 win.. air academy and durango.. 4th quarter..kadets down tryiyi to o lly.. mary parchinski knocks down a three.. 2. later.liza louthan misses the lay-up p katelin galaegosos&& thererto can it up.. air r ademy's
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an e a aey lolo 53-45..they p py sand cree tomorrow.. emmanuel mudiay and thnuggets in big "d"onight.. his gameen intovertimimimninini. the mamamal wiwi a jam..he scoror 20.. but the mavericks win 122-116 in overtimeme another r o` at your fofocasd+.. . next. . for r nighs capturg good morng ... we'l ha theig winners anananananan magigigiments fr the0 ll h h hyour recast startg 4:30 a. monday on c fi out what the presidtial
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the voters colorado... wewe want to show you the new signs outside the krdotudi in coloro
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dickyzyfrom hollyod - it' "jimmy kiml ve"! nigh kerry whington, nikolaj coster-waldau, "this weeknjunneneneary censorship" and music from jas derulo withcletanthe cloneseses and now, nobody move, re's jimmy kimiel!


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