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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  February 27, 2016 7:00am-8:00am MST

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go morniniameric playing thed t card. the psidentiaiaandidates mbshell endorsement, a former fofo signing on. >> there is n bter fightertrum>>owdole-teaming marco rubio.o.>>e was putut on makeup with trowel. >> rubiog s owsw >> hwas having amedownwn t lattstnd tur diction fodcrat p prima i rona a a wee heanto a crucial super tuesday. zik alertr the cdc's startling rerert.. tht american pregnant women who ) visited countries with zika
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you need to know. > opening up, the s sstar iferar tkior first timbo her beakupp with ben flec her candid cntss about h ex. did n's aeged affair with the nnyruly end their marria? countdown toohe oscarsrs yoyo backstage pass tothe glz, gmomo a and h ris.ghow theed cpepes cored i plastic but that wilil soon chan. >>he b b reveals from the producers, presenters going aninated, excitemenubbling overs hlywood gears u uor the biggest night of the ar. gd rn o a weekend with two big stories brewing. first w couountingown t tohe osrs wchill air onab theh red carpet bngn rolled out. what theroducers arer rev onlyo.
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>> the oscars will be right here on abc. er andndover. efore thehe hand o o tt statues they'llrd delegeges in s cacalinana ey headohe polls moininhat hillarclinn pepe we decisivee wi eanwhile, the bombmbell endorsement verberating. christie joing for@cess with trump. >> this alliance raising alll kinds of questions. wi it give tmp unstoppable momentum heading int super tuesy.whatoess meanor a susuedly sgi mcoubio weta ourub covage wit abs ry b b r igton, ry.. > ul gd is pential@ngerer in t ls r coaster campaign, donald trump getting his first majorr endndsement from a cd republican estabshment just as heeadsnto supey. his former@ r showed u un unannounced and dro a $ bombshell on donald trums campaign.
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presidentn donald trump.p. >> reporte chris christie is nding his credibility to trump's runay caaign. >> crant t the one pson tha hlaryryndilill clinton do not want to seee on that stage com nexteptember is donald trump. >> reporter: they weren't always so friendly. >> wll doo. i'll get it done because make deals and i get deals and i'm doinin deals. orr: unite c@hristie and trump are takakg aim at common enemy, mararrubio. >>esperaeople i campaigns flaillum t lasaay of aososinggig>>eporr: a rubump hav. ie had iited $200 millio he e ule s celling watctcs - >> no, @no, no. >> reporter:hen mocked trump for hispe st o it toay lightwet l hoochlt e-i-k-h-t-t greathoer.. the "e" a "o" are noere near
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f a f fl lh mirr. e dioes uohere heanted full lengthh mirror. maybe to make sure his pants weren't wet. >> you had to seeim ckstagag he was putting on keup with a trowe. >> reporte and trumpoioi his st impression of rubio drinking water. >> it's spbio. >>eportete b rub seems to be rheheedh trp's bit sinblyalle cisti- becausee needd line afhat brugdebate. at lst on twitter there are signs of o oososioiorowing ainst thefront-ru. e#nerump has b dan. >> all par of thehe eleted discourse ofmemerican politics this morning. ryry bruce, thank u. for moree let's bring in abcc news political analyst matt dowd who is inn austin, texas, this morningnw bigljssis endoemt?
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usually matte and especially i presidential contexts but thinin in this casee it won't add supuorto donaltrum i think what it does in the rmatat solidifieie his support gng into suu tuesday. so in thatay since he's leading most of@ theolls in nearly everystate,is suppppo find noleleing off ar rubub or someblsee is hp that christie prov what's``or riie?? wh w h d is? ll in oioust' ti i'msont assum the od ien inhe crse tt tre notome riousng thasosobody's figl somendorments a certn way and a couple of thin firs isishrhr anan donald trumppave had a personal relationship. one doe a lot@off dopment in new jersey, one the governor ere and had a personal relationship and, o, cis christas c to ncsion ttalum i his mile the gop nomimie. so why not g on boardow and at a critical moment for donald
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and w knonows whathat might h h in the course of the campaign. if donald trump was winhe white house, sonk tt' the equation he did. tearing into donald trumpp. do you thinks helps our hi >> aou lisn to ts itikee a10ear-r-d insult contest betwewe the two of th.. i aually t tnk -p rcru ccize donal tr att hn sutaivein. hink whe h out2rururump tha's ablemr mco ru keep in mind for a yeaear m bio hason on the nonon nottackiki aspirational candidate a now in the couourse of 48 hours he's tried to become% some vsion of trp. i d't think that's necessarily bef toim going io su big rnou mattw w wd, we love having yourur analysisis thank u. paula, over to you. >>hingsuch calr i the democric riri. today's south carolina primarar hillary clinton's p prected to easily besternie saers.
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into tir big super tuesday showdown a c's davidid wt wiwi giv u that sisi o o the stor gogo rnind. >>ep gd rnin ule polls a a ane t lmetet state aven att this hour, a sght crowd is gathering. democratsnly today the republican hadheir south rolina primary lasteek and ouillary clinton has a advtage her >>ow a yo >> rortere inner lasasas few cacaai stops h hilla intonaslreaooking ahead to therala elecon.. >> ion't know who they're going t end up nominating. it'll be entertaining, thahas for sure. >> rorter:gnorghe facac thatt osisi t orge fish fryer democraticival was waiting for herofinish >> feelinggreat. reporter:frican-a-aricans make upore@ thahan h hf the democratic eleorate he. >> wake up, south carolina. >eporter: soerninininders has a n rio ad featuring directorlr spike lee..
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thing.>>epr: inn'n' cana atu morgaga freeman. >> like she's as stood with us. >> reporter: recent polls show clininn crushinganders 2-1 amg black voters giving her a huge boost here stillll trying to win orrrng vots ane mpaito sty, clint -ra intacheloarty and stopped to pose for pto wllheoon. ioveavin aty feet . >> rorter: winr lose todada ere's o o man sho wasn't have at her feet,ernie e nderer sists he p too sy i rall wblifofoia iming th d when y'ree on ththat stagegeithonala trump, what do you say t t him? atat is your strategy for taking him down? >> why would i tell you? he's probably watchi yououou show. >> reporter: the polol are openn toda till7:0 p.m. clintonhehead by double digits d thenders' cig lo forrd t a ng se thel keepthem inhe racea. >>at,d.
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the conversation connues totorrow onis week"nd supe tuesdayus a cocple o days. ththe abc n ns dision wille out inull force, geoe stephanonoulul wtillead o o am for a primeime specialal at100 eaer a full c cevag ongogoorni amemeca a we a a " "wod netonight. nde do want t me t theewzvi alt. c has usususonfi rndf pgn wom herenhe u.s. contracted zikik while traveling. our chief health and medical edor r rhas he t plai rich, good mornino toyou. first and foremost innn this new report we have nine new cases of pregnantntomen he in t@the@ .s. wh were those findings? yeah, s ty're k kping a regi o all egnant women who have been iected so w can learre. what they foundas two womeme had mimiscarriagwo h s d in o touhod sere bra damage on by born with micro selfie. two healthyabies and t still pregnant.
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be cautioning this.all had mptoms. it doestell us whr if you don't have simms and get cted theheke a a problblnd n'n' tell us wheer firs tmeersskie i poik i tt dict wonnow howy transmitd iutraved untrhere zik was @ antete thedc a ao i iept t thosondeng tli azil theheummerolym. yes. wt iss theirauar ta>> sam travel recommendations they've been kangnd say pregnt women should not go t t the ympics. if youhave to go or yff insisting on in make surere ysys do erything you c co preven mosquitit bites. ififourrale partner goes f f the rt of the pgnancy you tore sua trsmis aom tr tetrethod ta eroctoto bore going to the olympics. >hanksor jning us, preciate it. n. >> anks, guys. move to the new details about thegunman who went o that fatal shootin spree inansa kikiing thee at a l ln mower factory where he worked learning
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this morning and about the hero p who pn e@ c'ilimimsn the scene there in hesston, kansasas eva, good ing to u. reporter:ood rningn dan. we areearng more about wt tr i had tt series of tings t@ e heren this rural kans town a the gunmanavictedelel w wablele tet h h hands on those gunsnsns almost 30 minutes of pure terror ending wh the gunman marching into a kansas lawn mower factory and off-ty paramedic one of the f)rst ininde. >> it s chaos. mean there were people screaming and yelling. the was, you kn peo langngn thegroundnd >>epor the r, 38-yr-oldedfo a emplplee at the facry eel industriri. investigators now revealing from the firstho ford fired iide his wowoplace it took just two & nutes forops to arrive. heton police chief doug schroeder racing insid t t
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shootiti is bec that officerer stopped the shter. >> 2eportete ford and thrhr of phis co-workers dad. idenfied o o fririday as renee benjamin, brian sado youski and josh higbgbat least 14un ar lrnrnha jus nus beforthempororwas s rvt woritit restinota afr his-girlfrien who alges ited ofic a p pic help. another forr girlfriend now behind bars accused of giving the ak-4 and glo pistotosed n shootingpree ttrd.inourteral agay w whe c ce broro up28-yearaold saropkins had poce e eterer to pick upp the weaponfrom the homem they ared the officer sayinghe knew the convicted felon could not lawfully possess them. then in august admitting she returned bothh gs bseord hadhrhrd hehe
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facebobo page firing an ak-4-4 andosting pictures with the gun sayiyi, "just doing my thinon hopkins has not yeteter plpl. if cedpcod t yrs inneralpron. dan n paula. >>a, thankyo wwantnto m oveo r cle tckg all o o t otstie tha are happeniou the rigno goo moro >>ood rn t youlula, da saegovseas, adlyr thattred sy just hfter cee-fire bht r riviv cal thatwatototo tion. mooong tre arecattered ports olen.. ththporary uc though,, does appear to be for the most partholding. isis al qaedare p of that so theht against them will coinue. but russia says it will not carry out a air strikes today. almost 100 ti-govent reb groups have agrdo the teorar cease-fire > back in the u.s. a a health are for rock music legend yoko ono. e 83-year-old was rushed t a new york cit hospital fririyy
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it was initially reptedhat on wasuffering from aokeh orstkeikikymymom but wasnly sfengm dehydration and will liky be discharged f fm t hospital later today. good news ere. the irs saying that the number of taxpayer aounts that were hacked last y yrr w actually more tha dode wha theyytiallyly reported. ncas 70000ount re hacked givivrthiev acss sial security mbmbs, birth d d d a a oth te that that could be used to filelealse t returns. > a formerrr guantanamo detaine back inomalia callingor jihad. he rereas an atape protg a upris stenced to 14 years detention but released from get mow in 2012 for cooperating withh authorities. and take a look at this. a frightening scene o o a b busy - texas highway friday morning. an out-of-cocorol dumpru ow righthrough that
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causing a multicaraccident. amazininobodod d seriously hu. ththriver was on h way to deliver a load of grave whe at happened. and finally,usicilled thehe white house as preredent obama joined in song with some of@ musisis hottest`ttars.. sten. h heyo ho ey ho h hey h h lea a sion inn the tribe to the late grereat ray charles in the white house eas ro. e presidentd initiallye would n but broke that promisor betr >> ftter >ou t t t so? >> he has a gre vce. a month of celebrations of black h htory month. pretty good vovoe. >> when he sang "amazing gre"e" itounded beauful. >>hen he'singi h d i i wi reayerious ce, i'm prestvenug singing ray y arles. thank you, ron.
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meteorologist indra petersons. >> howowuch do you love this? aelting snowma out towards minnesot iihihittays it all. temperatures are way abobove normal. tataing like 20 degrees above normal all thanks to where the high preree. keep indin clkwe around tha high righ iyoe the bacde ohis you're tkingutll tha warmir comomgn out o the gund unforeunanana i youe he s noheastthat c air ng downnrocada. thhigh willhift fst til eres. rtasou are fling le b o tt ill. ndchls belowezingutt is anangi. it's goioi t t feel soggod. at ts de of high essure bringininin tememraturess i good 2 2 degrees above normal into the midst and plains. now oncehis high starts toto shift over then you're going to be looking at that same warmir mo ithe e rtasas andnd thes itomorrow. mperatures going up to eve thth windy day, with gusts
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and continue through 7pm -- thiindicates that fire danger will be very high so please be cautious outdoors. the good side of the wind coming out of the mountains is that it wilil warm things up nicely, driving high temperarures into the 60s and 70s! there willlle a few ouds is afternoon, b t no in is expect night:llot be asd dshursday ght,utt wie illore exct to o opnto e anansns.t stadry with stkieses wiwis expxedo nge fr 1to mp extde sund wililbe coor behind a weak frt. the next storm system is expected to arrive late monday. it is mony's system that will bring back`khe chance for showersrs with the pot for rain/snoto last into tuesday. thihistoror will be anothe quick-mover, exixing the state by wednesday and d kely not producing much in the way of accumulating snow. after it gone, highs wiin rebound i e 50d s by e end oftritionana wk. we'e'll t tking aboow ld i% i llpass ow'sm b let ystnhe coh. >>eltingsnman i ribly >> , . >>uaau wasayinhe same thing. pdr wasikeou're ing g g ve thipictcte. a dyi man. larious. i'mdone. . >> now w wre goingo the warmer coast. the countdown to oscar sundayay hollywywd's biggest night i i almost here and c' kayna whitworths in l.a. with some behind-the-scenes secrets about the big show
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>> reporter: hey, sara. good morning the t o o the osrs w a dream i g yo kw t ts htars will sle but everybodod getsoo take home@ an oscar, theeal star of the show. counting down the hours to the biest night in hollywood. cpew busy makin the finng % touches. hoping to wow the eyes of veral hundred monplear the obe,he o lle brorocast in 55 countries and manyy sendididi their own media representatives. he moviese you to anothe woro tono sphe ofemio >> reporte rht ted carpetsover in psticut atat sn cnge a it wi b b b no ey tkecse 5 ft, widede yo cananan seet cin u a a littitight there. thill be clean so you'll veorehan ,0 square feet ofglamour. the official champagne of t the
7:19 am
leso p, expting to po 9,000 ass. wreat t a e animated open w musical score from legendaryomposer danan fman. >> the produce eleleed to star aer thepening montage th t ts kind o@ cra aninited ing. >> reporter: our penc sat d dnit oar proroducers vi h hl andeginald . >>hen w there w twohis appene pretty muku instany.y. we agreed chrisock should be thos and we agree to bring the o ohestra bac int the theater. >eporter: the duo enliststg the biggest names todo along with an even biggege p proction anananot eryonmmitti vivi p pde beno themostst animated presenters. >> we re l e enoet min to present bes shtanioececau w w erset sho at >> sho a aanimated. >> and buzz and w wdy are presenting bes ation. >>eporherodurs say 's gng b b hardtep aw from theww bsey kp tort as welel so@
7:20 am
surpses.s. , keep` an eye out when y'reeee watchingngorllinds o razzle-d-dzle details i i you will.. for example, the c c@hampmpne t ttt the celebs will berinking has all of thehese really cooletails inhese btlesike e oscars in thisold inlay so, dan and paula,re not poppppg the bottltl in the newsroom bututyou knonohey will do that come oscar sunday. >> we won't tell anybody in case you want to that's an extordinarily rge -- >> ihi the c c it a um y're ri yoowhatls about this, case.& >> kayna, on that one the beaeauty reallyn e inside. >>rink solu.. allrit, kaa, nowou c pophecoay? y're o tair. si. tha righ >> i've seen -- i don't k&kw if m alled to show it. thedress.
7:21 am
>> resodingng yes. >> while he was rding the paper@ uh-h-huh, yeah. >>ing looks good. >> i was half paying attentioioio >> i'mexcitetei' mee rmarcnonono h a bigay at tthe s s s planned.d. >> that soundndike a dream sequencece a big day at the spa with -- >> rob will get a manhicure ad maybe a s say tan. >> he is sururin hisan rd a ooreesc w b rht herer on abc tomorrow night. it starts att 7:00 eaeaern. don'n' miss our big "gma" post-osc party right here monday morning. comi uppn the show this morning a husband under arrest accused of orchestrad a pt illlis a a a lolodctor.veveopop icommunitneneevelshe cas we've been fololowing@ s nowow>>enferarres h sinc s anlleganan anl, rll theeaso they t died? we've got thetory.
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it's 7:2:2 ay, febrbrh. i'm bonnie silkman. fightsn southe rara are prepepfor - at coua busyay. rmro tempmpatures and stroro winds ar expected todod. cirettes and even shooting target pcte, ha caused several fires in
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certainly somethg to$keepn mindnd y.
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lcomba to "gma"sardmoing. ppening ght the democrs hding to the p pls s caroli tss morning. pos give hilla clion a big edgeith a strong lea among african-amamican voters, b b beie sanderss owinto fight on no matter what hahappens.>> he' feern > th gopti feefeling shococ waves aer new jersey governrn's chr ristie's endoementf donalaltrump tag-teaming mao rubioooining on trump day boror supup tues > h re i los a t than just inc hewaistltle thanks to weit wahe. eedogulow29 millhtner bank
7:31 am
id.. th a 29.ototfeoe didotee tt cococo >> think she v views it as a a a loerererinstmentnt she's got aayoth omingp oheheh sh, jennifer gaer's truly amazing and candid interview about h h eakup wh ben afafeck. at tse sea sayg abouter original decisisno marry him. first`tere@ major new developmentn n se w b b follower o"g"g t t tusbandf a doc brut murdeded inside the couplele florida h /meeee been arrested for her killing and police say one of t t otherer mennoing time for the crime rattim out for a shorter sentencend abc'sendis gibson has more. good morninin kendis. >> repter:morning.g theouth flori sheff@f@ i simpeotot mama th murdeddor's'susbaba ated overnit. police have beennn f foced onim for several months. ahackled mark receivers emotionlesss as he was taken to il for allegedly plag mumumumu hwi.@oo emoonththe.
7:32 am
it might be ice. >> reporter: they say he hired oen to b int t coup's florida home%andilil @ th beloveddoctor. one of theenrrtedus rherderurti wri cin plea tuit d coora thehe investigation a aeptiti a ntenen ofearstaybefo sieversas arresesd. >e got our man,y happy for that. >> reporter: according to pice for months investigators have e been poring through converonssetween sievers an wright often using ce wo on dposal cel on. >> t tseolento gre lengths to cover their tracks. ststes. >> reporter:ark sievers' toey dlining to commentnt but lawyers for wrighgh telling abc news the alleged accomplicic is deeplpl sorry for t t pain and lifetime of sufferingt he has caused and his decioo pld guiltyl heful beginoo ar manyestions and bringlose tour to the family of t tesa sisiers. they may have had meyey
7:33 am
mark sievers had five different life i iurance plser his wife's nameotaling m me tn $4 million.n. coned d and pe uld ged t teathpe his omhosh loved in that community. kendis, thank u. t t weatherow a and or to indra onc again. od morning. >> g gd morninin typiclyscar weekend, ca ye tatainiutaiaiecause february is traiest monoh t t te a lk.k. en it tr e noote t j sms her r rthe noh. i gd newew aeans t tcarpet ixpectedory talking about a s cies o storms mangheir way i b b none o themffectinghe west coast far enough south out owards southern califora so stayiyi y outtere. keep in mind we willll have beauaufullay in t middle of the coury ass well talking mperatures aoo degreeses$% oval.back wor ihae aga annother smindd o similar to what we saw last weee right now bringingd a chance for rain and wintry mix sying out of the major cities tuesday into weesday but watching for
7:34 am
forevererweather as we go ugh the south r rhtround e mile of the wewe. betwee30 andnd0 mph. red flag warnings will go into effect at 10am, an$continue through 7pm m this incates thatire danger wili be very high so please be cautious outdoors. the good side the wind coming out of the mountains is that it will warm things up nicely,y, driving high temperatures into o o o 60s and 70s! there will be a few clouds th aftftnoon, but no rain is expected. . tonigh it willot be as cold d thuhuday night, but iwill be chilly. lowsws expected to drop intnt the 20s and 30s. it willtay dry with mostly clear skiki. winds ar haha wxhasn broug to you by the"yosr suaye n n lkinbout r rpet. i wd l.aorars.le meel you h cset ryonon win i carey. shs. happyers, dry ha, frizz. y don wt t h frizzzz or aumbella. or stan oure ho r.r.ight can theea yove reaeay rded impeanenparently. is okay, ron. coming upn "good morning america"ennifer r rner baring
7:35 am
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pain?vil./ we'reeaeang f f fm jennifer garner this moing. really openingp about one of the most painfulhapters of her
7:39 am
>>ress gg ann incrly cannd t tbak ierew onhe breakup of her marriage and what it was like going through all of at in fronttf thespotlight anra hashat story forus. >> yeah,enfer laughingly descriris the timim susuoundgg the end of her marriage to ben as a year o o winee andnnow s u's opening up`about what she went through. >> je r:his je garr speakin out f th fst timimouher high-profile divorceceith ben afflecknd how m mh it's fected her. the aress exclusiveve t telling "vanity fair" it was a real mamaiage and it was a huge@ priority forore totay in i it d that d did notot work. despite the pain she says s hareet woulul go and ke tt decision, he's the love o my li. >> she's n n tkingbout itn sounbites. sotal about i inso cagey ueo.. shwaerulnebl essreal. >>yes. >> don't.%
7:40 am
theirr lov oncreen and offff. >> wanto thaou for rking onurriageor christses. the'so one i'd'dather wor with. reporter: inhe teiew er opening u about her life wi the "batman v superman" star. he's justomicat guayss whenisun shis ononu, you fl it when the su is shining elsewhere, it's cold. he cast quitete show the 40-year-old stunningly frank about h f husband'ss alleged a gairr with t couple's nanny saying she had nototng to do with the divceadng, bad dg, ve h toe conversions out the@ meani o of scanda theothehef three s sshe former duo'o'ids arere t their topop priority. i lost the dream of dancing wit husband at my daught's weing, but you should see their faces when he walks througug the or. >>heaserymotional aut herhinngow lovnds just pu, you know, she's goi to do her best as their mothe to
7:41 am
>> jen also sharing aoign moment whe she w shoot a love scenen "wakield andnd alal sheasn' bee kse ve e months i ha t t s hring a t ent things howlassss she is thaha c c lojeond rselfithher cn and ho ono fhas al g goe kids y and s impresd. i thinkracter coms out in the tough tes and what a beautifuperson. >> a kingly honest. alsoso really sad. >> there's so many people that ar gng tgh sil (rcumuman iitti a rereat example and o how can dotith cls. >> s says shee h hasn't been kissed in eight months. she will be kisse plenty i w w kiss her.r. so much me too cor that girl. >> i am a big fan. that s seak won't last long, n. >>nk u. comingp ongoorng ica" whoas t bhae wsc tot? keke i i rht here forscar predictions to help you collect on that office poll. dan iss breaking it@ allll dowowow
7:42 am
>> go, d. i amamever getting marrieded never. psssssh. guaranteed you picked a beautiful r rg., ank you.'rneng kid e. i love it here. we are never moving tothe suburbs. a never getting one of those (minivan). we are n ner having another kid. m pregnant.
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7:45 am
t-minus one dayxill t the ososrs.. still strtrgling wh your picks, we brought in a r rger. "eerment week" corresnd ninintahriroos here. wherer is the smart money.y. >> p pour money on sylvester allone for best supporting actor. he was just fantastic in "creed" and hohlywood insidids e sayiyi he's long overdue because
7:46 am
>> gro. >>es spog acess, my mey is on alicia vikander, fantastic a a i got to s hollyw_wd loves hononing and ingee. >> best acr. elongs too leonardo dicaprio. this is his year w w w w w w wbsbsutelelfantastititi "the r renanan andnd h h hy never won an oscar. ca you believe h sthomination tatwas gn forbre ar. . ndesactrtress. beses larsrs,n "r""he en cleaning uphnd rigig in awawa ss season. evebody i i ialking g go r. thther temainingng categoryest direct. >>es reor amroin
7:47 am
hotiry nur lighng a isubz ures i'm wh h a th wayls ifi he, he tirto ristoto to wontive bao-ck lrasth" picte. "lighndndas t p inie o aes ptu re cast tmeousp orncesnd aun orbodovcong . i g t you cole e. ugott" credle reaynfor huasmbout bng er. cribleie >> was really t. nithanyou. comeackny time te.mindn c we hen't mimiou eugthoscave rig her a toowigtartin o d etetw7: etern a tissgma"-osc parig hermo mning and we' ritac witomy nes d atle thi calledpo. the wa power srces.. 's ththpele
7:48 am
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7:49 am
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i sayeot to dress for t t oscars. ra2haines, you going t be dressing up for thehe oscars? >>regnancy doesf't m me you want to dress up. i'm goioio mame sweatpananh as t as you don't eve wt to sayn are gogng to begin with the ainn teasese everyone i i talalki about in the countdown to oscar sundaybacan you spothe oscar statue amonghis ocp o loads s smoning the forceor this one. of cocose, the trickck h he is we y to do this one, try not or do not, therere is no tr that's yoda. >> it was better earlier. >t was b better at break butf th doesnsn w worktart looking r r e cn-3p0snd finddsc in theott right-hand rner. >> i found itt t eery begigiing. i wasoing to let you go all day likeh children. >> i'm still likeeaning in. >> this is almostt as sisfyg as winning the real thing but realalot at l. and boba fett if you look clos
7:53 am
>> you'r'r throwing ououou nes to prove you'r'r a geek. >> w w don't neeee anyoreeprf. >> what's next? >> of course, if you're thinkin that puzzle could be atrange form of totre foreoeo dicapri donon worryry have that covered w wh hese photos of h h as a child model. i remember himim from thth. >> that i i@ awesome. >> way b b i i1990. long before h got mauled by a bear in "the revenant" he was a fresh-faced teen srring in "groro pains." >> i love "growing pains." >> andhese swingngup,the n-cututu adorable but kinndf dorkrk look he had gngn at the t . ititorke out fhi a long way and we're all roin forhim. >> hs gowin. >> n nhing dorky aboutthth. that mbover lks good. >> > don't rember w wch charactere was. >> h hwas a friend. he's notot a regular. hee wasn't a seavav. >> i love w wnhepnowswshe name.
7:54 am
>>ndra was folng . yh. when all a t t talk of thescscs it marks most dionle award ow,hehe raraies, veieed tonight. some of the nomeessay joi a select group of stars like sandra bullock who won both an oscar and a razzie.. she won it10 for w ac i aut stev" e nex day her ego s stepped up as she picked up an academy award for hork in " "e blindside."" eddie eedmayne isp foror sporting tor fo "jupitercein a r f f " "t dadashshshl. othe slreadindted into rziee oar clu inclellno b afk, e bbry>>howsangedotit yo veilit l like it almost - - >> ye, bad to go. everyone strikes o o sometime, right?
7:55 am
ist igli." >> "jerygire'sbfefefe we d a divorce s st o ben. let's let imgo for the day. apsa f stars with surstitionssnd lky ar, he hollywood repopoer" crched the numbers on theh luckiest dress cnd sms the oscar nominins shouldd be opting for a white hot look % o tt dededenerswohihi incngngasyear's st act winner julianne moore. theecond luckst hue i blue as worn b b lupita nyong'o when she picked up the bes susuororng a aresssswardrd for "1 years a slavav" if@ in dbt wear g fd lik oscaca not as populararar ashite and b bb attically it's aat choice w wh offthe nominee whooretoing oo w big in myl s s whoook home the best actressss statue in 2012 for "th i iron""" and many otherimes becsehe's meryl streep.p >> rn, some ofhe nation's
7:56 am
in crunchoso numb>> didng toy t op ron? sst not serious enoh. >>f l ack. ve iahaton is s doin atsunusl. 'll right bac here tomorroworning.d.d >>onrop good morning. americicic hs stan, i'm neil. it's late friday, prettyuch shut it down. >>reoio do ts b ,gh.h. me nba an frofriday ni alys a big ithe nba, cavaliers s d raptorsne versus two i thehe ea. kyle lowry rolling t thrhrghhe six.x. stepback jumper for low.
7:57 am
leleon james, cavalieie me. james, get o of@ they, don'tnt be aar . ps mememe tnecec t g apiece. lowry, ,yeye. raptors up two late. 43 f lowry includeing that bucket. la chance for mes.s. that won't work, raprs w it 99-9 two gesk teast. >> n t bal game pace/horts.rsnone, final 20 seco moellioeit ng y si seconds,baer youw w -- lo, he >>oh. man. didn't play much "d."" paul geor@gegeoesn matter, did. he dn'ttake. eeded more hornetwin by one.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
re. have a great weekeke. ei war temperat... itns... d roro .andndha will drip danger tay. fighters hi ale this mornrng 'll ing g u e ween usthfa okels pschelling g n't giving up... even after a federal judghas issed eir gfulea good mning colorado. it's 8:00m, saturday, uary 27th. i'm m nnie silkman. first up today - a d flag warning goes intn effect in two hours, at o'ocin el paso and pueblo counties.


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