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tv   Good Morning Colorado  ABC  February 27, 2016 8:00am-9:00am MST

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re. have a great weekeke. ei war temperat... itns... d roro .andndha will drip danger tay. fighters hi ale this mornrng 'll ing g u e ween usthfa okels pschelling g n't giving up... even after a federal judghas issed eir gfulea good mning colorado. it's 8:00m, saturday, uary 27th. i'm m nnie silkman. first up today - a d flag warning goes intn effect in two hours, at o'ocin el paso and pueblo counties.
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refotoday's redaer. do newschan13 ca wininis in pueblo st, explaining how firefighters e getting ready for the worst. good morning carl. good morning bonnie. fireghters say all this saall this brush is going to prest a ngtoday espepeh y,dy rmrmeathexeday pu il have two extra firefighters o duty today to handle any brush fire this comes after r e partment has battled four brbrh fires since last thuday. withhe wartemperates e wis th t lac turemamas e itnsnsseen evemore e' vcaiousbo tt t we`eo inin responngnwo y report o smoke possibir thuntain amy al ppad d giving iads
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traing and they will@be alalt for ana&firereeports. firefighte all over southern cocorado saya% cigarerees and even shootin target praraice, have eausese several res in the pasteek. for pueblbl county, with any red flag rning day, it puts a ban on n y opop burning. in pueblo west carl winr krdo newschananl 13. taki a live look oulside at... stormtracker 13 meorologist y lkp here@ thoo r saturday fost. jay. ad-l ts jay toy: it will be a windy da wh g sts between 30nd 4 4 mph. red flag warnings will go effectcat 10am, and continue through 7pm --his indicates th fire danger w wl be very high so pas
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wind coming out of the mountains is that it will warm things up nicy, drivingh ererures into the f& s d he will be a a w ou thiserert no rainexpectct. tonight ll`lote cd d thursday night, but it will b chilly. ws are expected to drop into the 20s and 3030 i i ll stay y y with mosolylylear skies. winds are exexcted to range e om 10 to 15 mph.
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ten ople are dead after an explosion in afanisisn. new overnight, tetepeop arere dead afterern explosion in afghanistan. afghan polic say the explosn was used by a suicbomber... o mavebeenenarge a cal ibib leader w w is voc opponent ofhe talib mo peopere ie e ast. no o h clme reruononbi for the atckck thited stes n ny vealreinrmat abt former nici ac eaeang suy medication. . vy officials say 28-year-old rocky allen was court martialed five years ago fostsbling medici while deployed in
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attorn sayay thth he wa suffering om began usysg e drugugafter hihi deployme allen wawa fired after he was se taking a ringe filled with painkillers from an erating ro last month. a federal judge has dismissea wrongful deaeh lawsuiuifiled by the ly of kelsie schelelngthfaly's at..lonn dippoied by y the decion... and are planning to re-file it. the suit accudodo lus of foul play... d also blames the puebeb police@ department for botching the inveigation. scheg's familyays they're nono ging up on search. and investigators y they remain commteto ndinheg."ye ppy thatheawit is over, but don'change the d reltth c w have c a msing person, we still rkinon that case, it'still active. we still have a family out there that's loing to us r
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ghweekpregnanthen shshshead. her body hasas veenen foun e the puti w s huhun t(shshtiti i i ileyeylqlq this week in betttt c cdition morni. inanthy hohoit released phofoftete paol d lby rtin iling an ging a t tmbs to th cain was up frious r itla t. a two hepues serving an iction notice when the homeowner... martin wirth... ened fire. corporal nate rran w td... dedetyty rt wasbshot t ral times legsgsana bullze caain mark hancock's ear. the hospital sasa martin and his family waed to thank the unity for r r support. krdo is pleaseto announce a a agreement has been reaeaed with dish network. that meansns that krdo newscasts and ( programming willllllain on the dish channel lineupup kr mames
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urate ndin as companies have been negotiating. you'd like more infoatio.. click on the "save my local statatn" logo on the homepapapof do.c the i-r-s now says even momo tax payereay be at risk of identitytyheft after a rent hack... still to come... 'll ow youhow ma mor peop w feed b cyat d who e i- ys responsible. us... democratatic voters are adad to o e pollthis morning south carolina... we'll sh y how bernrn sanders and hillararclinton arfocung thr rt d. therwill plenty ormnd plpl o y gi. we yhaha cote fofocast in a few minutes.s. weomback oomomog
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u' takg veook k time i8: thi-r-s now says that more than seven- hundd- thousand taxpayers'
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ha been compromised p hahaers. this is mo than twice the@ nunuer ororinallyreported investigator say y e sensive ination besed for entity tft oro claim audu nd ies acceceed a system where taxpayers can get returns and hefilings from preous s years. the irs beeveses sophisticad russian hacks are to b bme. and there's anototr scam targetinin taxpayers... people all er sthn colorara are receiving scam phone calas from people e claimini to be with the irs. if you think u've recec e hose tls...onctths trearyat tumon creen. voters in sosoh carolina are headed to is rninfor demoic prary. hillclin is eected win ttate. t as abc's daviwright ports. senar rn nders is anng to st inhe race e r r ththlongaul.atat las few campmpmp s , llary clinn s s already
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geral electi. soso hillary i 0 dpn't know who thth nomiti whoeve its itbe rtrtni g at jt ouide e e ge fryer dpmoatic vas g heto fis tvl l burndam cam 41431;1; s/up bridg dw: hillary clinton is tually inside right now u n hear the crowd cheering. beie waiting. he's on next. . afcaamics up more tn half the e moatic eleltototeteere. gfx1 spi lee: waaaaake u ke up, south carolina! so bernie sanan has a new radio ad fearing director spike lee. s s ?and d& bernie gets to the white house, he wi d d the e ght thing!" clintos uth rolili ads feure rgan eeman. nt re polls show clinton crushing sanders ong blacks? 2-toto giving h a huge ost here. at one caaign opterday, clinton into a a elor party? and stoppeto popod for a oto with all of the groon natsot recent polol show clint crushingng sandnds among blacks? 2-to-1? nger a huge osos ststtrngo ovovou vo?aon camp sp yey, clinton into baelor y?nd oppe pod a otth o the groomsmsn otlinton i love having men at my et. . or lose today, there's one man she won't haveve at hereet. bernie sanders insists he plans stay in the ce all the way
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imagining the day when you're on stage with dodold trump. at do you say to him? whatat your sategy fotaking him down?pbernie: y uld i tell s obab tc yoyr show! he's prab watcng your sh! and oking ahead this moing..... sel caai for berniers wiheldn colodoris and ekd. t upupthe te lly in the he oferoe thaha gigit t in the 29-hundred ock k rbau lane. xt ia chili cookoff nvs inoladrings torrow. one in the afternoon in the 21undred block of naegele road. and the sesator will be spking at a rally at loradotate
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morrow ... an ndfr to one pennsylvaniaiaia cocoititis puttinitsese back togoer aftea sere tornado stilead.d. wel hear from residents s o o say they're glad to see things moving so quickly. and.. a grouou of s srs are safe... after theieiship g stuck k f in a very dananrous rt of the world... wel owou wherth la... ererwill be entytyf wand plen of nh todaou giwe hat complete forecast ia w minutes. today: it will be a
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h. r rnings will go into e e et at 10am,m, and contin through 7pm ----his indicates that fire danger will beh so p pe -utus odo thgood se t nd coming out the mountains is that it will - warm things up nicicy,
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temperatures into e s an70s! there will be a few clouds thisisernoon, but nonorainins expected. totot:t will n`te as cold thursday nigh b b iwill b chclly. lows a a expepeed tdrop into the 20s 30s. it will sy drdrwith mostlyleararkieses wiare pect trafr0 15 h.xtd:ayilbeoole hind a weak fr thne sto system is expeed to @ arriveate m ndayit is monday's system that will l ing ck thehe chance for showers, theenal for now last esy. tstorm ll be another quick-move exixing the statby wednesesand likely nonoproducinmuchn the way o accumulating snono after i4's g ge, highs
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the end the adional woeek.
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recory foin n nalal haeesl e hfog. co teams arwoing to recovevethe boboes of 23 peoplp whohoied in a plane crash earlier this week. so far, , , bodies he beend. nese fiso that t athewabad t t time of cr.. notaid thweather the ti caof the h. and d e ew n austraanicicreak ... r their ip r r agagd d f the cocot anrcca. stli ofaly the ratralis e its moorings..and got stk on a rocky rmatio during a blizzard earlier this week. 68asseseers and crew were onboard at the time. 37 of them were evacuate and the remaining 31 stayed to get
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again.a full assessmemef the vessel is underway. an nstrucefforos contin ts morninne peia cotyit s hit by toado ier this week. dozens o o homes ... seral barns... and one& hoolol reeverelel damaged d the twister... but repairs ararmovi quickly. crews at one damaged barn say they ran out ofofatererls d d to the pace of repairs.s. they say that's a creditito the largely amish community. "i"idoesn'n' surprise me atll," z)z idid"t"tt's how the e h h . if somomhi s,a rn or the hos s molied, , ey get tototh they i th was part of a storsystem that lefefat least eight people dead on the ea coast d along the gulf coast. . skiing and snowboarding can be hard for pepele who have never done it before....and it
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well. but. the's nempan that is manggs lit easier for begigiers an their r nk accots 'lshshou how. the outdr game
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avs and the red wings will be plpled nighat or in denver .. the avanche got a chance today to test out the ice at coors field. ..the avsay they are looking forwarto taking their game tside.. i just want to have fun i think if you have f n playing i thin
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perform ur best i had a blast out there in practice played really loooo had n ieufi thin . lako t e all into trynd enit ce out and realezan sew unuetuiois to a ae o thsome of e s d red wis lends are ating in e alni met night.1.n ththrs.the ptain.c t t otts tacofthe ca 2in.rboque scoror.. e avalanche umni wins 5-2.the do coege hockeyeam m were shut t out on the road last night 3-0- againsmimi hio.o the air foe hock team playing at niagara
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second period toght... t scor fouou tin cead t theheoalslsthe e y guys win 6-1.1. ayoff action.. wis palmer hosting steambt spspngs... c- u's josh ott in the building to watc brothers n and joel ... 1.) sam strasberger having a night fr behind the arc ... hits the 3 there... 2.) next possussion ... rasberger again .. 3.) joscott dres linend eves forhe du ... e raers wi 1 ....ernddge. 1. 1st arte..armetrying to plthe pressure... sierra breaks it..kion wingo hits the bab"j" 2. en wingo finds darrian reed on the baseline.. the three anhe's fouled... stallions faithful goes nuts. 3. later on stephan deedon still counts even if you bank in a three.. sierra advances wi a8-8- win.. rocky untain and doherty 1. 2nd half actn... mryn mack spla.. 2. moments later.ack om the other de another splash down.. 3. then thartans work it inside to`aubrianna noti.. dohertyt) advances to play lston vald as they win 49-46. ok tra anpine creek 1.) stt hend
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go baselin and ts the la...) lar ....spenenr lisefor 3 .(3.) urtn stn nice jump passssisfor the ... gl sring asn 9 ..rampt t di sts 1.) raig to e nic eely th theon d putbacyup ... 2.) r,el fibailey florek ith t ..ts thflte. back telie, shdidn wthseon ten... stako theasy bucket d the ms win ... 616 ... ridghosting jo f. keedy.. 1. pick itp in t t 4th..theherizz i rol.ododal movement..kyle lenbere sy deuce.. 2.hen juerkins the and theloater.. mesa ha pth ...a can sho from..branie olsen from t t corner mesa ismoving o owi 76-34 wi. r acemy and durango.. 4th quarter..kadets do tryingo rally.. mary parchinski knocks wn a three.. 2. later...liza louth ss t lay-up butp katelin gallegos i i there to clean it up.. air academy's wonderful season comes to an ends they se 53-45..ey will play sand creek today.. emmanuel mudiay and thnuggets in big "d" last t nigh. 1. this game nt into ovovtime .oght.. the manamal th a man jam..he scored 20.. t theh mavericks win 122-116 in overti.. cololodo skii lininvoshedn e opophi
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colorara iier lildsey vonn crashed on the slopes this morning in the women's world cup super-r-in rope. vonn apparently hurt her lefefenee and was taken n n n off the hill o oa rescueueued.d. ier, stroro wds apapsnowfa forced organizers to lower e e arar and dey y e race by three hours. skng and snowboar i a pular st coloran b pensiv especially for newcomom.. t one company in colorado springs want to hel.. ski xx offffs - an indoor ski slope... where nners can learn the ropes... it ao features a conveyorel ich designed to ovove anendlridede 's ao t ft and rmerhan beg in rea . e n ski i ts. it's fun! " "i didfallll wn. i i ly fell wn once the last timim" machines like
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new ncept. they've been ound since thehe 80's .... but, with liftftickets in colorado now coststg around a hundred dollars day in se resorts, the timingngs s od. thsandofle are excited for a mariantrade show in pueblo... but me vendors are worrieabout keepg thr shelves stocked. hear wt they have to say about`upcomini cannibis cup. . a if one local distct gets their way students could joy a 4 dada work week. we'll tell you whyhy officials are considering the chchge. there be plenty o wath and en of wind todaar th. & show t co forecast in a
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go morning
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am, saturday, , february 27th. i'm bonnie silkn.
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rning is putting fire crews all er southern cocoradon high alert today. krdo nenechannel 13's carl wininr is live in pueblo west with ho firefighters are prartotw fighflamestoda od morning ca good mng bonnnn. io like the pueblo west fire deparanent have prepared in advanc for today's d flag warning. pueblo west will have two extra firefighters on duty to handle any brush fires thatatatpen today. oees ter beina busy wfo dedeme baour ush fires in the past week. the fountain fire academy so prepared their cadets by y training t tm in wildland fire last n. the cats will b bonlert for@fires in their areaea firefighters in n southern lorado say garettes and even shohoing target practice ha caused several fires in the past week. so be extra cautioususoday on what you do
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during a red flag warning, pupulo county will be putting a burn ban for the duration othe warning. puebl unty carl windererrd news[s[snel . ging you a li looouide now .... er teorologisy pooins u now wi up on cucut ndnsacss souther codo ja p ttoayda ill
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mph. rededlag rnings will go into eect at 10am, d contntnt thrgh 7p7p-- this indicacas that fire danger will be veve higsosoase be ious o odos. the e od side of the wind comomg g t t t t moununins is that it will warm things up nicelel iving hihh tempaturureh 6060ans! there will b b bfefeclouou is afternoon, butpno is sxcted. night:t will not b b as c cd hursda ght, but it will be chilil. lo are expectct tdr intntnt the 20s and 3030 it will stay dry y th mostly clear skies. . ndndare expected to range from 10 to 15 mph.
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dending swers... a a dimus grgre s va.. ers cte ofimth stonit s smhe of jamith deatatatata rtsix ars ago. -yr-ol er man pullhe trged de a eaeain these" s lalar,ohn smith sa h s vandaled, helas it wasn'the fir time... mymy sore he is undat thou and ehueop epomomg here a dngisi'i'not ttan juith is ofng a o- ousa dol rururd anyo w ovese formation that leadn arst a conoiction f f
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faewmete on south 26th reetet vandalism has also lead a a lorara springs group to remove several pianos that were placed outdoors for public enjoyment..... the latest dama h hpene a 1912 piano o& next to the seeds commununy y cafe, downtownwn earlier this week, a otectiti tarp waset fir the e ir ts ye. 're ld liceave suspecanare e seekg rs meon s ken a ta vel ljse omnother downtown pianono the owr of ththe "piano warehous inspecting t burned inilrunt. o it's kind d` like a plasticy,y,y, fifirglass tha t on t fininininininiisn't too bad. i i id d have b bn lot worse. it shouldn't be e e problemefor us. we'll juste it off and refinish a littleit here." " an nion caca "e muraec over
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meriay en supporor sasatheyeyl talk with police e e abt how w ide more seserity arounun ththpianos. organizers at t a huge marijuana trade show say they're lnfmdenenthat it willheld on april 20th ... but ererare still some problems with their application. and as krdo newschannel 13's katie spence rerertrt. some dispensary ownersay they're alal worried about t their r r ly... the possility thousas ofofeoplelcococo t puloor e caisis cu.. ti for enry ne "iuldldldl ablye of tt wee d ar thqt webeen ." b ieie jon hteaonthe says su is on to ll ve "we n inflg ers around us wh are willininind le t tsupply us withhawe need." it'a
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organizers ve t ghtset ueveve coun. is is an "this enables our ent to have a nearby, fully legal, ful taxabl fully& monitored urce of cannabis" but can the eounty's dispensarisupppp demand of an event thi ze? "leafaon thmesa is just ks a ay from the pontl 6 nue of the cans cucuand they say theye no worried about susuly." "eded ron sot he" " marisol l therapeutic s s puebebe weststsn't preparing for anything of the ordinana. . 04 "just like the c/c/rado state fair, peopleo in there2and get educated about tht crafmanship and stuff li this. ths the sane thing stbu ththpr b ensa r thevent v vn .. nce permrm priscompst nersre hope is that the city and the county will see the amaming benefits and the quality ofhe event th we ing to the peoplelef f pueblol/ the cocoletet% rmrm h h to bebe the complete perm h to be
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ananthe county will make a decision by march 23rd. ononschool district in souteaster lo wts to att new tehe andndkeep i current es teni t sck. theate scho dtric in la a rry ha five days with an eaeay release on friday. the superintennt says there isn't a teache ortage right now, but with retirements and teachers leaving soon, , wants to make sure the distri is an attractive tion. a parent we spe to sayayif ththe is a shorter week, that could lead to more trouble with ks having mo te on their hands. thhod have ito o ertheyou in scol mond tough fridndnd sasarday and sund where th he e f mond thego way i look is widsavg of onrididiwhat are going t do therlle several community y meings regaing the ssible chai. the next o o will bld ndt 6 atjunta hi scol e wa weatatwepectctg y,
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thbrav ta parthe popo ge. mohaha mes t felelunty sheriff's fiwi jp in osct le at merial pk this afterno at one. . they're raisg money for the spial olympics... under the mottwt "freez' for a reas." the goal is to rae five- thound doars. betiful day is fecasted d itoured fl warnis. lookead orni, there e e pl ofhingto kp you occupied over this weekend. today, colorado senator michael merrified and pete lee wl be hosting a town the state budg. overview of budget and state finance issu. they encourage anyoneneith questions or concerns to comemeut. ivywild this morning from 10 thirty to noon. this weekend is also national l girl scout cookieieeeeend. e group is celebrating by participating in boototand door to door sales across the country. thevevt allows for colorado gl tso owhow earngsef e couny as
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the gazatis ys t t t on thour tsyo neighborhood. fans a movie stars alale are fired up for hollywoooos biest just e dadaaway. we'lbreak down all t f details and storylines to get you caht up for this years
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welclce back ow b bng measured in hos.s.t's considered hohooolos biggest ght,t, and all the !ption c be ht right herel k-k-d-o hael 13. be tig daa-s yna rth is ngouou bebe t loooorighfrhe et un wn t uos the gggs night t hollywood nats crewbusy kinghe finishing touches & nats hoping to wothe `` o several hundred milllln ople ound the obe ? the car's will be
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countrtrs d many send r owow memea represt ives lgararar journalist - the movies take e u to anher world, to another here of otitnsnstand up - the red rpet is coved in plastic r rht now but at will soon ange and it will b b no easy task, iti 500 feet l lg 33 feet wide, yoyocan see somef the plastic comi up righthere ? once its all clead up you'l have more than 16- ousand square feet of glamour the official ampagne of e cars piper heidideck - have 00 bottles are ready to pop and they expecec popo 9housand glasses!!! - t fans will@be treated to an epic aninited open with musical score om legendary composer danny elfman lara interview w/ danny elfman 12:48:40:24 t e producers elected to ststt after the inin monte with this crazy animated thingng was honored that they came to me our lala spencererat down with oscar producs david d d hillldnd regald d huin? working g in tandem for e first time, but you migh not know it.t. reginald hudlin 18:55:28:22 when we sat down, there re two thingshahahappened pretty m mh instantly. we agreed thth chrhr rock should the host, , we agree to bring theherchera baba into the theaear. the duenlistin gges nato ong withth biggeproducucucreginald :037no, -- wjustan he bigig beststalenweould get?nd they go everyone from m sisiing g ce president joe biden ? tototo most animated @ presentersrs david hill: :00:01;10 we g two o ry special groups of prururte for r e animatio series, that we were lucky enough to get the minis to prerent bestrt anition, cacae who o tt to esent bebehort animation than the minis-- lararapencnc: 19:00:15;08 of cose, short and anated
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a a woody arepresenngngt imimiohe oducersay 's goi to rd t awrothe ow - bec they shook thform as weso sy tud fofoall the suris on ood' biestptpghgh gild h18:5175 t t e - feel ke wewve a sho ats tototonv and buil$ thth was abc's's kaa whitwowoh h atat a a's kaa whitrth report member, you can tune into the oscaca . . starting morrow nightat 6-30... rigig here on krdo newschanne13. there will be plenty of warmth and plty of wind toy around the regionwe'll shou that complete
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mph. red flag and contin thrhrhr 7pm -- this indicates veryigh so please be cautious outdoors. the good side of t t wind coming out of the rm things up nicely, driving high temperaturur ithe s and 70s!here rainexctct. toght:t wiot be asold hurs night,t,ut it wille chilly. lows are excted to o nto e 20s and 30 it will stay dry with mostly clear skies. winds are expect to range om 10 to 1 mph. extend:d: sunday will b% cooler behind a weak front. the next storm system is expected to arrive late mondayit is monday's system that will brinback the chanceceor showers, with the potenti!i f f f
8:51 am
tuesday. this stor llanhe quicmover,xiting stste wednesdaand likelyly t ucinch in thwaof acacmulalala snow. after r 's gone, highs will again rebound into the 50s d 60s by the end of the
8:52 am
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hehs a small littleuy who i hoping tfind a rever family to call his own. katie mcdevitt introducuc us to tiny, our pet of the week. good morning i'm katie mcvitt from humane society ofof pikes peak region, and today d likeke to iroduce to my friend tiny. this 5-
8:54 am
chihuahua mix may comemen a small packckck but he hasas big artata b thiss ti seconoh roatatat h h owis movin d cod hh her. wheti to ususast t llhe h artwm diseas o vevery tfam startetetreatmtm immediately and ny is doing eat! he loves going for r walks. in fact, the only thing he loves more than that are treats! tiny's adoption fee is just $150, which includes a voucher for a veterinarian exam, vaccinations30 ys of pet health insurance, a e-yeye dog license, and a crochip. visit t 610 abbot lane to find you ppy tail or check out who's s available for adoption on ou bsite and beure to share your hapapapails ononacebook, itter and
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#h an for joing us o o good morning colorado dada it will be a windy day, 7ith gusts betwewn 30 and 40 mphp rededlag warnings w wgo into effect at 10am, d continue through 7pm -- this dicates that fire ng will be veve high please be cautususutdoors. the good side of the ndg out of the mountains is that it will warm thinis up nicely, dring highgh tempaturur into the 60s s d 70s! there wiwi be a few clouds this afternoon, but norain is expectct. tonightz it will not be c cd as thursday t night, but it wi b chilly. lows are expected to`drop into the 20s and s. it will stay dry withmostly clear skies. . nds are expectct to range from 1to 15 mph. ad-lib wrap with j let's all get ready toaw
8:59 am
lieputy and hihik-9 has pted t inte't hrtthis wk ittt vis th poce k-9 on loves ner pu ase gaett. a garrt load t socialed captured how o work togegeer for mohan three ars. after work maon even gogoome with pu garrett after ththr shifif nev imagined the respponse his pho woululge but he li seeiis ithf parer muc regnit
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anuncer: jack hahaa's d counown" is s onsored by nationde.& jack: hi, everyone, i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the cocombus zoo, and welelme to "wild countdown." what do zebras, tigers, and the st otoday's animims have in common? they allear striris. is gorgrgus! ststpes can be a warning. look at this. oh, gogo, i'm getting chills! y sta o al e rs thtrs.s. ornd in. hrds- d'n go to , thr show fm oki. aou g me?doould be there 20 ard never r e ankapi. jaus mbloor ofofhewe.


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