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tv   ABC World News  ABC  February 27, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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tonight." welcome to "worlrlne tonit." breaking news on the showdown in south carolina -- hillary clinton projected to win the first mocraticririry in thsouth. it is a decisiveictory over be sanders cln ading intoerer tuesy thomenm er>>new republan teahitsherail. chris chstie a&a donald trump together. the frenems now doublingown on marco rubio. >> rubio stole from the republican party. reporter: the school yard taunts, and tonight, theheew comeck. >>e cannot nominate a con arti to become the heaofhehe rty. >> the factoorking coming face to o ce wh a gunm. a n n thoht w w he friendnd what tt shter told himight bebere he ed fire. >>ththnew w ncernsboboboe-e-rerees t tht, odid in pocketststtg cars on
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frfrhtenininininal. >d risksinese3 ris getting rea tck e cars, hostinhe middle of corovevey prising a black-out is o o i y. >>good ening, , d ththk you for ining us on this saturday. i'm cecilia vega and we gin with that baking ws. eouth carolinarima aping up t b a ldsli se exioll da.abws pth to wl wiw theouth caroli democratic primary. prely exititolls also @ revealininititix in ten vorsrs rerereican-american. of thoho vots, 84% wenfor clinton. 16% for vermont s ssenator bernie sands. abs s vid wright is at clinton's victory party in columbia,outh caroina so, vid, is the celebrating already derwrw there?
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t.aparillarynt abluly clobbed bernie nders here in sou carolina and already she a&a sders arere looking aheato supererueay. nunuafter being declarere t wiererillary clintnt tweet her thanks tte voter sayiyi, "wdid it, south carolina." today hillary clinton was in irfielel abama, lookiast beie sanders, andndtraiait at eepublican t-runn. >> i am notoioing to ask taxpayer to provire educiondold trump's youngest child. epter: sanas auinxa south roli already in rearvi mirro i think we e ve a surprise comin' f some peopop on tuesday! [ cheers ] >> reporter:he cl stons,, bill and hillary, invested heavily i the palmetto state. 23 stops here in this past week alone.
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ckr r ffn. >>ht thini is,, four lives in bening ghazi killednd youru wife tried to ver it up. >> reporter: sanders invested less time here. at hisisveve i iorangeburg, plenty of empty seats. you in this up to -- >> obviously, oh, nonono.california, something like, i think 20% of theelegatat come frorororirirnia. 2p%. reporter: you'reot going anywhere? >> we're going to california! >> reporter: today many voters id thehegot historwiwi thehehe clcltons. >>he done enen araund the@ rld andnoet. epter: even mebs suorte likikikchchsct, sayheyouh y wias blowing her >> h hlary will l t t one thaha wins thehe of utut carolili, have to, in n l full conscusnessnd jus-- put my srtehinthe peon i bieie i i truly b%lie . >> r rorter:otg hrt?>> votg myeart. a did wri wh us f iidehasay sththcaro.
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vid, hilry aears t b winninggereven b b br than expectct? >> reporter: tt's right. te. theger her vtory here t harder for bernie sanders to catch up. >> thank you, david wright. >urng torepuicans. alallyes uper tuesy, jus three days awaay. chris christie cpapaning with dodonaldldrump oneday afterhahat bombshell endorment,,tming up to pummel marco r rioio but e floridnar i is doubliowrag trump stbu i io latatoe biionae e e sivi here a mbrbr >> repter:withisis hi-profile wea@an by his side, jersey govererr chriri chriie, donald trumpmpnleashed a verbal` assault on marco rubio. >> and i watchch his lightweigig rubio, total lightweight, and d little mouth on him, bing,ing,bing. ng, bing, bing, bing, bing. >> reporter: rubio trying to beatatrump at his own game phurlrlg personal insts.
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people. shoulsue r that hise th thaha- - >>eporr: a aededth new nef tack. con artist. con arst. con artist. >> friends don't letet friends vote f con aists! >> reporter: in georgia, at his largest campaign rally yet rubio called trump a con man more than a dozen times. ump pupuededack. >> trump's a cononan. trump's a con man. thehlas@ man i am is a con man. folks, i built a great business, okayay >> reporter: also under fire, trump university, the defunct school facin$40 million lawsuit. nighgh a new akkd dth as ammo. id d 0,0000mp ununerand all gogos picture of myself with a cutout of donald trum >> reporter:ival ted cruz z piling on,ammerirumpmporo@ not releasing his tax reres. >> but maybe his tax returns
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>> reporter: and trunp is taking aim the media teaten bebeg weaean t amendmt prprecons reerso he can suthem he, thsthohumabe oeart m teing u. rter: but his s sportrtst in tenssee tonight aren't boered by the ats. all l e w attacks we're ararg fr rubub a cruz going after donald tru? >> ain't phasing me a bit. >> repter:ndnd chris christie juju fished his remarks he, donald trumpmnow speaking and cpririieiesked if h wld want of those coveted @positis. he says soooo a a h leaveve offif wants to sgee the privatete sector to mak moy, just like donald trp. cea? big c owddhd y,,ma.yo joanarl jns super tuesday two d is it a doneond trpesfifit? >v nono t itl be tght. soututrn es, c b his whe camig.
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ri ofond-e nishsh bause hel contueo getgates,hen mpvesarch5h.h. winner tall pmama i h memete floda and iohioheheouldavee to win th back t thedemocrats. lookg le alide fororor hiy to i i souththna. beie sders say hsn@t l carn. enoe_ tsac to end? >> bigigin i i stholina clclyut hil o tath nononati she'll pyyave sim ctors i the oth southn atatner tuesda th reayegke look mamas ithecall po/fde toatd . >>than ni toav youit. cometn the morningh g georgrg st tud,up tuesday, special e e editions ofgood --mornamernd "world news," geor, and the entire werhouou panel on tsday
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stories -- that deadly workplace shootingn kansns. the gunm's video posted on facebook swingngim firing an maweap aa shooting range. he iaccuof turnini a aun ononis co-workrks, inclulung one whheught was fd. he a'c evailimh e last. epr:ig, a w rest in the wake of that deadly workplace rampmge. 28-year-old sarah hopkins, a a rmererive-in girlfriend of the alleged guan sedriri ford, charged with giving a firearm to a`fen. she gaveord her n ac7 d glocpiol.. the brp,enm ck l retned th gunsnsecauseorreatenedhe aonth laterrdrpos this video to his facebo page, firingnan ak-47. ford k kled three e his co-workers andnjured 14 more before bei killed d police chief doug schroeder. adam miller was trying to evacuate his co-workers when he
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>> i told him needs to run, ere's fire,@and -- just looked confused, i told him again. he said, i know and he shot me >>epter: miller still recoveri in thhospital w shot four mes, says he still fes for ford. >> ion't kw at hwas going roh, but -- obviously he felt this was t way out. my heart just aches for him. >> reporter: just 90 minuteses befo the shooting, forwas`s`s` seed at t rk with a restraining order to stay away from another ex girlfriendho claimed he was idedeerate need ofofedical and psychological helplp cecilixcxe indie remas closed tht wd onn the planwi eva, ank u. we tn overas now to sy defying all expectation a cease-fireherereolding 24 hours w. here's abc's report from a strangedy quiet damaus. >> reporter: children playing
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edge of damascus. nonone are from here. lorced fm their homes in a war thaha has lastes@ long as ey c rember today, this boy@told me theyy didn't bo ross syriheouou o bsaead.( aced f now with a qui that hasn't be hea in years. fewebelieve ititan las but many are praying it does. >> reporter: you're tired of the wa >> in my art,nmymyaby -- all. >> repter: tired of this@sar? >> all.. >> reporter: scattered fighting did continue tod. members of theid group known as the white helmet says they rushed to help people from infamous brelbomb tbyby he heou d d piurkihat cee-fi mea they a of today ceed expectations. even if this frale trucefalls art tomorrow it can still be considered a success. a model to build on th could one day brininpeace back to this countrtrtr cecelea?
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w turn back he at hom now -- poce in foia s dg racen eey near losnd thi-- a deadly inferno lhtinup the ght y mie e lee kied one the spepeg g appaly lt rotinga ri s sding traor trailer r rougugthththvidede a into oncomtrafc. >>do none we're and more.the popular e-gareesso of them explonguddey wiout warning. here's abcloa riviera with one woman's ighteneng ory. >> the r' goi to explthe e caca going texe. >>anon. where aryo >>r: thifr1 cg st ite e-cigarette aprently exploded inside tcain naples, florida.>>s huge. h eettelew hilihe wawasminit, gues >>te autri she toldm e smg
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plpled ir moh,ning r facend damagg o teh. >> i h like, char. i pushed the but and it tellik ft an impact in f fe.w, lrks fly y ine pasngng s >epter: tererent nglis ofna oking e-cigarettes. so far more thananwo dozez firirtr d explosions reported. at this kentucky gas station thth week, josh hamilton says his e-cigaree exploded ihis pock c csing second-degfee rns, and in new hampshshe, fire officials say another explosion nearly set a aedroom abze. experts saproblems often begin whenenhe device's lithium battery y rcrged. >> 80% of all firires involving elonicettes hapned ring therge.r: crent the not regulule e he ae fetytyf all pyofe-gaes thegtind reew at e ite would expanddaversight. cilia? >> gloria, tnk you. we turn next to a alaeged impostor a ausedf fooling an entire pennsvanini high school. tonight, new allegions about
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student, and now questns about hiselationship with a teenage girl. abc's candice gibson has more. >> reporter: this yng man fooled eveone f years, algedlyytendin to be a highool studt,venn ming e horoll. he behend bars, and totacew ars. poli he is now 23 years old had sexuaua relations withh a 1515ear-dgirlrl in 2014, now charged with statutory cenal assault. he has not responded to the arges but earlier admititd from his rrisburg, pennlvania, j`il cell hdid scamhe systete t to stay in the u.s. >> i ts prison becaususi'i' d eporter:ayin i 12e lekraine,um a ali an w w to johnarris high school every day the lastour years. >> he's an adult. it's scary.y. >> repororr: cops say whenn his visa ran out heorged documents, including a social security card, t enroll in scho
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unsuspspwi. >>heyyyt s i o qu 's a walkyhingey cacacal l k. >> repter: j w wpoce fininng s smmer a as inasusts, ryland apd ev jse nobankare e titiac theeee oama rollt itfit le at. jpmorgan chahe andndells fargo uniling thein caless atms this yendibangivivi man eoohow w 'sighthting rity usi etcs i the sechostelbl marker o y ybody, bend the dna. >p>peporter: m seell people thinknkof i is scs thththng gbbing anyeball and ttinitn fr a machine? that canappen. >> that n't haen noicres, no vide, eballs. >> reporte no >> rr: a gmpse into the tu moy. ecrihereits overarreer y#wou onoal device. oit ataall l d it wiles,ineln'uch it. >> reporr: authorities y,
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anr dedeil t iae.coco tohe ind a a majajse recall. imagine seeinghis in youou review m mror atat0 miles per hour. this 3r-old climbing rht out t that haess, evenfnfnff says no injuries havbe reportrt, but thcompany has pulled 60,000 those seats off store shelves. details at uguglanding for skiing sensation lilisey nn. she was just0 sendndom the finish lpf a athis w wld cup re when her isway ha a painwin the mou now sheplned. she was on atreteter.. she has a hairne fracture her left k vonn, not suref shshll be able to compete tomorrow. and how do you spell resilience? this amish c cmunity in pennsylzlziaia hard by this week's r re northeast tornadoes and they lost a local school, complete dastation there.. welltake a look now. a brd-new schooloing up, - raised in just a single da > d en we co bk ----
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asyour doctor if farxiga is right for you d to learn hoyou geit for free. all eyes on hollywo. final preparations und way right nofor the bibish, but with the boycotts and the backlash the big question this yeyf, wi the controverer outshine the glamour?
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>> reporter: will leo win? hohogreat willeorge lolo? importantly, what w wl risay?y? spikle jada piett t ith, wi smith -alboycting beuse the totalack of african-americanananinin nomies, , t chris rock will be there hosting. >> his brand of comedy is absolutely go there. reporter: evebefofo the nominations, rock k ote in "the hollywood reporter," "'s a whitindustry." >> and this year, that's what everyone wants to hehethat's what everysortrtrtrecognizes thth have to hear. so he is sort of perfectly suitit for this job. >p oururt t r this evening, c(ris roro! >> reporter:ast time rock hoedn n n , he wenththere. >> i is a great nightonigh we-- w bck neetonit. re it'sd of le the def oscar jam m night. repepter: since ts year's all-white nominatitis were announced, he'e'cancncled all interviewssaidothing. >> chris hasaseen n there, he's been sting his monologue material oaudiences at comedy
5:58 pm
i think he's been testg just how far he can go with it. >> reporter: how f f? well, the s ow's'sducers told our r n lara spencerermaybe even rooesn'tyet. nigh >>eporojo: tinis y lackoutv"ni watbcs, anles. andhe big o osc show airs abc. but backo southcarolina. hillary clton just finishing r victo speech in columbi ght therer and it is shaping up to be a lan slooid win inhe palmetettate witit her. clclton win wh ovevewhelm sag portroro afric-arican vovorswhathe hadeen aigniny hd tyouha scree right e. hilly clto out on top. thk you for smerndpendininour
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goodight. >> announcer: the@ following@s a prestiononf f pn oc. >guys, the last time stete cuy took thecocot,51 points in orlando, flida.a. >> sph h ho enemies inclcling isasah thomass and oscar robinson. please kill that story line. >> we're tking about that as steph keeps on dribbling. then theas they pd thgolden statewarriorse ha 2 2 and. takekehe st, say od-bye i wt to s the shoot-o-out above the rim t-shirt. >> he's gone!


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