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tv   GMC Early Edition at 5  ABC  February 29, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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and ththosos go to ... spototghgh it was a b b night t t t ademem awards... . wewetata look a awho's tatang home the goen stue. ' i'll have your latestorecast... one e ebeb famimimis look for swererthis morning... a aererertheir son n s murdededn pu. thththteteheheriatatateyeyey annininio o out t e nuer o o shshtingngin t t ststl city. plus. thrace to the white house is heatingp... aheaof super tuesday.y.y. what ndndatat are dodog to win ovov v vers here in corado and nearlyla dozen other at. good morning colorado. 5:00, monday february9th. m jon karroll. and dana emen re's'siv
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ad-l tto ab... he ito bld abr d i i(soutloraith his geg inthe 50s dn60 will oudier guy at tes fi dangewi be elevated fo me, with red flag warnis gog into effect from noon to 6 p.m. southern el paso, pueblo and fremont counties. ds llontinually thickeup into the afoon asaner levev sli across southern colorado. ot rai shows r th loweelevatio th spotty snow in the high country wille possible throu the afteteoon. ra wilturn to snow tonigigbut it wonon lt r very long. the showers wi be scattered and shld endp being rataer light, however pahy aas where a dusting ofofnow may cor the roads or even a fe hy spotsre not t of the es by esesmog.tended tuesan wednesdall end being gusty at tim, but temperatures will warm up 60s and 70s will beossible by fray, before another front slides through friday night bringing another slighth`hance for showermamaly over and near the mountains.
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deghat e 88nnuaua ady dsdsla n..but all anne cantabos on dicaprio finally winning his first osr. and the oscar goes to ... leondodo dicaprio .... chee actress brie larson woner first oscar r bere in laonon h fioscar for ththroom. taken a timimto win the award d . it was a worth it. it took me 20 this stage but i any heheway to hardships it took to getere e d
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it. the movie splight... which tells the ory of the bo globe reporting on sexual abuse by roman catholpriests won best pict.. ove the fan favovo the revena. frieies and familyre mourning a aanan who s lled in a ootin pueblo thihi weekend. police say6- -old devinars shot ts b ine in pblo su mng. otrswere ao shotane sp reri. po she ots re fed aftetefi out&ar thfrieof k say y`'r stund by hisdeath ane red seeing so mucol ueblo. thtire theye red of the hurtnd tired heain ththununef chtntns nono prprisg brinballotmeurto the cococil regainpublicfe, sayin
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ty i plic fety and at isoly intest rht now a memorialal rvice is now set fothe park untytyheriff's deputy, shot and lled while serving g & eviction notice. thservice is schedud for monday, mamah 14th. family, frfrnds and community mbers will comeogetr honor corporal nat carrig. thserve wi be at 11 in the morng.. at the fabible chchn ward road in nrva cooral rrigndnd twother ficers w sh whi seing an evic noticin baey.. 75-les nohwest of coco ngs. thismorning .. corado spripopoce are looking fo three memeey say robbed store laight. it happened around 9:0.. th800 ocof fillmoretrt. liceay n weapons were mentd or seen in the & incide. if ye an information... you're asked to o ll sprgs poli at 444-7000. in just onday ....lorado voters will head to the polls to make their voices heard i ) e presential election. colorado is
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states paiping sutuy tokpko wschcnne1313 ina a in usive. wiook atwhy it'so portant toto candatat. . . go mng dana. goodning na a j ndidatesesn th sese a big ahd rr t pus sicolorado ters won vote one th ndidat..y 'lch delega w wch will uately y choose a ainner. on the decrat deotot candidatat ich mean either hilry clclcln o2 bernieanders in the caucus in our nders de a finapupun fofo c cli this . wed ..hoping to trtrt college studen. his stop in rthern colo shows he knows h h portant it is to win e centenal sta ...j.*der to main a ithe race for esen corado is a closed caucus, meansnsdendent tete w't be voting. ov gier democrats d republicans s n papaip u can nd your caucu locati f bothares on r website, krdo dot c c. look under the hot button. reporting lidana
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ks dana...presididtial candididesre starti to feel the presre... ahd of super tuesda reid binion n the lalaststn ur decision 20 this morninin pridenti candidatonisonkeat g makerera oran reblic prenndidat- ininin t su. leanhour 0 ea t bit ngle dahe pr d..dond um tg reredar flectitiqutiabouet.. ... disavow t fr k k le d du. "wld youussay unequicayo co`a nthepport? "idon't ow at group'r talkinabou" "oy. i mean just tal about dad duke kukulux klaner esal candidate) "i d k hostly kw d ."mp inteou r he disavodu f esticandate)av duk endors m all i dis, ?" riva m uz p pnc, trtrtrslps momeininer tuesy.y. presidenti candid`) "donald trp, refud, refused, tocriticize the ku klu klan." pridential candidate)
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nomie mes ary probly wins and weose this countr" rubio, throwing in some nald-stypersonalatcks. esidtial candidate) "he'like'2 which i whi don't understand why s hands e e size of sosoone wh is 5'2." "you kn athey say abt with small han" r e deats, a sowhat mor cordial to g cln's big win in saturday's south lina primary.y.linton vi her mosos poind d tack fog- takiirirt ai atmp's mpaign slon: pr candndndndnd e don'ne to (marireat agn. aricacaasneveopd being great.i'id onportg lu idioioio sasaung's west smhone w wl so be available for customer..but it wililcost you willell what theoi rara ir 24 ot gd ated galax7 ll b we'rg ahd elel fdaererhis rn tyhowe later! yr forecast is
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joing us on
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keis morning. more than 100 gs are getting theifist chae atreed. th've spen their lives in pumill.. andnow th're in colodoh a send cncncatate. the a from pup m acrohe midwes thf`tial milleses wi p t tse dogs up r adopti. but t. the dogs will be ccinated, grmed and paered. olunteers unloed t animal. . dobrout me othem to tears. 8 - 1503whenthlitt d, she call r havei saohget . we e ppy ha herndthththworl ven nam afr a lueer that lo his b to cr. volueers willven heal a become less shy. and this g gup thinks this dog can also bring them comforo too. day: igog
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eezy day in utrn cora w w ghttg ths d 60s. it will be cloudier and gusty atimes. fi dangewill be elevated for some, with red ag warnings going into effect from noon to 6 p.m. for southern el paso, pueblo and fremont counties. clds wi continuly thicken up int e afternoon as er l l%l system slides across southern colorado. spotty rain showers for the lower elatns with spottsnow in the high coununy will be possible through afternn. wl turnrno snow tonon, but it wfor the sherwille scred and should end u beg rather light, however patchy areas ere a dusting of snow may ver the roads even a few slhy spotsre t ououofhequeson by tuesy rning. extended: tuesday and esday will end up being gusty`atimes, but teeratur willm up
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friday, be anr front slsles throu friday night brinng another slight chance for showerermainly ovez and near e mounins. ad-librap with abby on set one lorado springs family is spending their first morning in a new home . r getting help from habibit fo humanaty. van and uger allyssa... now ve a placeo live thanks to habitat for humani. th weekend, friends and mily celebrated with the family... o signs the ficial paperwork on friday. the home was built from t ground up , wiwi helprom hriv financthouysitlws antotop p the nee it iphen elg y partrsp owinate leleing ves ase' ttotohelp otr, bee inne a y t
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d ho togeth thiss thlast of 3meke haeebuil then e me vias ighborhoodod coraay ememtu pet...t s hollywood is ine othehewa ead wel keook at ce for films ... d hurt
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e tis 5:-- joining us o good morning colorado here's aook as you wake up this morning. third time apparently wasn't t chaha for space-x. the coany d to call off the lalach of s lc-nine roro last ght... aft hang to cancel two other ti the pfew days. space x hasn't id why the launch was scraed. but clcle roro and its payload arboth fin rocket will cry a satellite to brininininrnet anphon acceo ions of ople ias. nasa asauot key wille rerurnrn earthtafte spenngea a ac key is expeedtod in zakstan lamomomo nigh di 3 3 ysspac hend twibrherk kelly re part n perirint totuhe@ s s on termpace- trav oth human dy. ise ngtr i spfoamican lile l a lo at th la a prts. abre
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morns s byte inay's's bys ch res e coy wiew od on rc... weaterhaororally excted. a new,miniphe, ipa mols a straor the apple wah will lily tbe uneled. new art phone for techiewith pae tae. y can noget saung's last phon in real gold! a k company is llg the galaxy s-7 and s-7 edge in 24arat gold, 18 karat goland atinum pted. the pre ta out 24 hured bubus and some itter history at last nighs cars. leonardo diprio's win for be actor generated mo than40- thousand tweets per nute. .`at mas the most- tweeee nutef osca broadct evev. s star stded rs selfie w the previous recd holder255- thound tweets p
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today: it's going to be e mild and eezy day i colorado with highs getting into the e0s and 60s. it will be cloudier and gusty at times. fire danger wiwi be evatefofosome, withed flag wnings going to effect from noon to 6 p.m. for sououern aso, pueo and fremont countiti. clouds will continunuly thihkeke inio the afteoon asan upper level stem slides across southern colorado. spotty rain showers the lower elevatns with spotty snow in the hig cocotry wi be possib t tgh the afternoon. rain will turn to snow tonightbut it won't last for very lonononhe showerwill be scattereteand should endp beininther lilit, however patchy areas e dusting of snow may cover the roads or even a few slushy spots are not out ofhe question by tuy morning. tended: tuday y d wednesday will end up bei guy at t)tes, bubutemperatureses will warm up. 60s an70s wi be posoible by
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slides throu friday night bringing another slight chancfor showermainly over a a near r the mountains. ad-lib wrawith by on set the conversation of who wasn't o othe stage at oscars stole the spotlight. last n nht... l eyes were on comedianhris rock as he addressed what's being ll the "oar swhit
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the converoj of o 't o thste athe rs stohe spligh last nightht. all ese oncomedi c ro as he addresse at's being called the"o so wh corovey.ener osc'satch y raringokotice. ththth shne o e st lillaraw shth'v evern. a screen- iter from lo ans sa she esroblemsp llood d ily bas, wn it como eang diverse fis. "just because you're n white, doens't mean your story isn univsal or portant to tell. i know alot ofof people, ininuding myse are told thatwe just
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making films." chririrock also revealed that he was esretoquhe s d,ughtit before malydecidi thahe could gain greater nchehe st colora's obviously a great seg fomovies.. we have mountains.the plai ...its. ostos.. ything, t e ocean. but only1313 s corado is one worst acesor the lmndustry. cae t incentives. quick cl from hatef h trler ththhateful 8 e most rect big budget fil to be sh in colorado.. near llurure... rtf furious 7 .. nats car up unin was film on pikes peak 3:07irin guns the original true grit with johnne was sh in 1969 n fle.quick vacation clip part of vacation in the rly980s.was film in southe coloado.. including pueblo county. there were many other films shot in our
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soin happen be the day fm incentives, ere weor 300 lms rado donaldckerman moviproducer turn colorail coissioner a w years ago. henows a about the view that somomrank lorado among e 5 worst tes for f f tacentjs 20-perceax brk he.. les thot 'm a pro moun ti ndt mountawn in uh, whih s a 20ce rebate new mexico, northern new xico which s 25- percent. i could go to alberta and get more. there are enty of producers wiwi ststylines based in colorado.. but not filmed here. inin the shining...was bad d the anlehotel in park..ut mostlyloilmed in
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da. sed in oado.. shot in new mexico.. the tv show dr quin medicine woman wasein colorado spngs.. t t& actuallyilmed in california.mi osed to happen in a snowy do momotain setting.. but wa fied in california, ne and new york city. me lawmers argue agains the stats lm tabrks and ere's one estionon heseveral tis, whi i took to zuckern.y ou w vellions x breaks llna most of the reciepientare not llionares. we have proxately 77cent of th prects that we've incentivised are megrow. are he in colorado. recent, an editorial in the anannction blaed ste lawmakers for nsiderer cucuthfilm cee og. d e pact lo. papeci thecononic boomm hafu wch
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the leeds ol of f buss at the univ o coco, foun our ste en $12.1 million dollararon film m inntiv since 20.. which broughin a poti economic impact roughly $151 million. a colef other sties in otr states foununthe fi x incentives don't pay for themselves.. so for now..metates are llilg cuon the inntives.. whe hehe ye for mor actionon. 'll let you know wn ouou ate lawmaks mama a decion on how much money next year's pamam will get. three g ud a fp me th tentiote fangore deteten afr gettg in ritroue thir teacacr...nd w. fi out thidhas s sting
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morninin a live lookokutsi.'shat's coco it's 5:--, monday febrbrry 29th. i'jon karroll. and i'm dana ens. here's a live look at. ad-libiboss to abby... weatr`on 1s today: it's ing be a mild andnd breezy i southern rado with ghs tting into the 50s an60s. it will be cloudier and gusty at times fife danger will be evated rcr some, wiwi red flag warngn% gog in effect from noon to 6 m. for southn
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coties. clds will continually icken into the afrnoon as anpperejevel stem s acroroern colodo spotty rain showers for r e lower ations th spotty ow in the high coununy will be poiblelehrough the afrnn. rainill l rn to snow t gig, bu iton lasasr ve long. tshowerwill be scattered d d shou endnd being ratherer light,ever tcrease a g ofnow may y thad vea w slus spopore t ofhe tiony tudarnin exte: tuy d wedall up bng st t, teatur ll war 60and 70s posble by fridididre othet slides thrgh idayight bringing another slight chae for showers mainin
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it's crunch time for t pridential caidates. tuesday is ofe e atn ich rsilou hchoose rty' candidate. kr newschanl 's dada mols live.e. th look at why itit imimrtanfor th tn n ururte. goot morng da goododor dandnd. candides` s ha biday ahahd rrow. on t repuicans s do vors w't te for onef the candidates...ty choose degates, w wch ll ultimelel
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will choose a ndidate. whicmeans either rillary inton or be sandede willin t cauc in ate. sands made a nal push i i i fort colns this weekend ....hoping to atact college sten hisistop rtrn lora shoho henows how portits to ththcentenal sta der to rerein athe ce forest.loradodos a caucucu mdv inpeent voters be ng lyregier demoatd blican icipe. n find yoaucu lotion for th pesn our we ot c lo undhehot on. pog na, do chanl 13 one ma in cuody isis moin... te rings she fired a n h huand'ca whe e asin. appe rly sunday mog...n the 0 0 blblk of cus ive.& acie burky's huhuand told lis ing aw om tir home aftea figh eay nd
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e's nofacieg attemedhusbd has mir f enlass, buwas nohi by a ble eblonty farmers say theye woieie they'll losesesource of t wowos. cording to our partners at the pueblo chieftain lawmakers met wi harmers abt redung annmate labor program. the dodo coecti industriesess discussing redung offender labor raby 2 2 percent t ar you can read mo in the pulo ceftain. onman d bresc.. afr she was inred e hingred can hapned ar 1 ock nd moing. y resc ewre caed i assistwon,el ilhi she suered nog g injuesut scuers we able to nanagate her r t satyith th lp oa guey. one viinia familylis mourning... after an officer was shot and killed over the weekend. roie officer ashley guindon was shot and kill s surday y during her fst y onhe job.
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authititit saoffir @ guindoo hefirs re s st ile @ redi t ta & dosticse . e neorys he ard e gunshots... "i saw the officer lying the nd, shot i i the g." o other officers wwere shot in the incidere pected to recover. police have idti thespspt as army staff rgeant ronald hamamton. vestigators say hamilton's wife was found dead insidth home. he faces two rder charges and is expected in court later today. an ohio man cuseof shooting and killing his brother ll be in cou t officials say y dadael schooler shot and killed hiolder brother... verend william scscer in s own church yesterday. the reverend wasiing in hisis fice in the chch when he wawashotnd killed. . accococog to the ytyt dailynews... the ununr brother has hiory of violence... and may mental health isssss. threremile school g gls in florida are
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th spitheir teacher's drink. inveigators psasatwof girls ured crcrheherer% pepp flakes into tirir aches drk anhehe stractct h h. e r suere roata ac ins,nd ess of eaeaecause theeppe fles. . ththins popolyly dodetaio.. ter t` teher sent onof gir to t pipal's office m for inue tother utenckpapa for suspspof stealing a laptop. 31it a rrib ththg ... i k k why have lost all reect. 42-4-8they gotta hd responsie for eions oror thth, they're never, therere nener nna opop the udents are eaea charged with poisoning and tamping. an amemecan udent detained inoror k keas speaking out on his alleged cr hear what he askefr officials during hearing about
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toy: it'going ba a a( breezyzyay yn uthern co@oradoith highghgetttttttt ps and 6060 it will be clouernd gustat times. re $ger w llll be elevatefor somewith red flag warnings ing into effect from noon to 6 m.m.or southerer paso,blbl anem unties. cloudsds ll connu icn upupnt thafternoon as upp lev system slide acrossssouthern colorara. spotty r rn showers r e loweelevations witty snsnin theheigh trtrwill be e possible through e afafrnoooo rain wililturn t snow tighthtbut it won't lt for ry long. the showerll b scatteand should end up inrather light, hever papahy areas wpdustin ofw ma cor the ro efew w sl s sts anonoouhe questiy tuday mornin nded: dad weesday wi eneieiat t, , buerur wiarm m . 60s an7070wiwi pble bebe anher fronsl throu fray nht bringing anoth slig chae fo showows mainly over a a beaeae! e moununini.i.(- ad-l-l wrap
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csmmers near a a ay y hiwa coutete near a by highwain ntkyighthaveo wa a !pteat roro..@rt could add d s tohe ut w w ng i cocod ta the to car massss ro re's's l
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ks#f goodorng cololodo. herers aook atat youwake up isis momoing. anrin colle student who has s en detained in north korea has confessed to whwh he calls a a a hostile act.t. universi o o virginiatudede to frederiri wawabier is seseof ngngstst bannnn or gn ntaibing a lililil ogan from the walls isngyang ho re conference, begged forothe mmunis gornment's rgiveness... and says north korea says the pconference was held at his own n qut.t.ut it's not uneaifife was coced to k. p ths coast gusays 16 cuban migrants re picked up by carnival cruisehip p erin t lflff mexico this weeke. the cruise was a legend pittsbur thth tthth etes a a mucians onboard. steelersrs nebecker jameses harron popted ese photososf
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xicocon e mimit'ft anre lly tan npo call to talk itis s ficials. a a way ntuc could eff-ls drivs for ek.. mpssive rockslslsl thslide blocked off ofof i-n te ononrida.. shutting it t&wn in bh rections. @stste troopers say e slide @ affected eight separarats. right now... officials say could take weeks to clean up t t mess. drersrhaha more than an hour of detours. playing fetch - might not seempp like a job incentr us humamama..but for four ds in ililit's an rerese. . we'l' tellouou how w ese frieie-9's are expect to help out ring this 's upcoming g
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. ththks f f f ing us on n good morninicoco. here's aook as you ke up this moinin yoshouldn't believe the old saying ... it l lksik you can te d new tric. take lk... s do reses from slums a abd loinrazizie ne "pfor r braz on te toment eieis ete ba th went dst hitionatch th week... a
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shtehope e e ens with itsba- dog" initiativ in case u were wondering....thf ur dogs were frida... m ... isle... ana` cost & ad-liboss t# @ abby... r on 1s day: it's gog to be a mild and breezy day i southern colorado with highs geing g the 50s and 60s. ip wl be clouer and gusty times. fire dangr ll be elevavafor with red flag w w w ws ing into effect from n nn to m. fororthern aso, pue and fremont counties. cloudswillontinually thicken up int thafternoon as an upper lev sy s sdes acac southern colora. spotty r rn shers fofothloweelevio with spotty sn he high cotry be possle throu the afafrnoon. rain wl to4 snowightbut it won'tt for long. the shs will be scattered and ld end up beininrata ght, howev patchy areas where dustinin of snow maya r thths even a fefe slhy spots are not ouof the question by tuesday morning. extended: tuesday and dnesday will d beiei stat times "pt tempererures lpm ups and 70w)ll be possie frid, befo anothefron slsles throughiday n
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ad-lth abby on se
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ckled d diversity a# didadaio fal ts a golststue ve blooms om d dcingng the stars . and ststs frfr a polar 90'sshow held an ompt.. dpd danahadahooo codidi roro ckekffffai 88nnua-ad taling t 's's diitit you want ack`k`k` people e e year at e e carsz st have accateries, like best black friend.
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18th year in row: wangngibed w ive-t-me ca ledo dica f tqoke golden stueue l act fos ro i "tevenan br larwo bestressor"roo" e mo ved d d ofheight picre.n d car gotospotot itat " "ing wi ofob-b-bta e eag f fme ncncher, jojoson twtete ws ndndsathe iustinin thrhd." two met sese#i2015.5tht mden ker! so mrs sf f thnititiit t- "7th -heavened operererererd jessic@a el stau opening inos angele bies formerern- scenenis y mimihelll l popoed t ts pi onojnstata withthth caption e these op like ly!" also inthe e cture... sibl b bry watsonnd mackckrosm and mom therine hicks. fohollood ti..'m'mid t e e
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moviwas happ to takakhoho a a award is enfty es eyasheheigignnerthis er w the ar big te thrazz cebr prem unien . m-n-nound it rtinwa thf its por ta- ow hts. ththnetwk sa missasarrry pot b b tuto t spowhe'sho since 2012 e wa supp to appen r relalati- slot t ts eken b thst anced sh dnhow up ipomesft r w or ofe for tico. eml to her r aff,he ys sw wae-emed wimmenor ce 'sime s yokep
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tangadvaof windy wehtr ly a a ti we wt ee y wap lo uro keolo do dot c.. u u tho t th t rpfabook ge wschanl be u ta ulo.... lp day.. s me name eompani are tata fl l adnt ahea w e wiwith y ydeals re soood... ty n`onklcome oe y yes. d e iestlaonththht your wallet ..lsn e fw e plans sneyd th cou cut
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incue: and black ople did not prest ... outcueueto care who won bebt cinematotoa pher pllll es fuf dstars. an rors re othth gh.ahe cus heversity te. e are chges t air today!y! 're toave mild trare mornbut tonight. i'll let you expect. anthe firsti...we'relking rect to the self- and renthood ter. man n admits tkig ys..en asked if he hay guil y. go mnini


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