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tv   NEWSCHANNEL 13 Noon  ABC  February 29, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm MST

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we're pecting some scattershowers later today, abby has more in the focast a man in pblo o was killededfter a bar shoooong in eblo. now his family is talking about the cityty violence. plus, we're gearup for super esdaday. findndut key inrmation for totorrow's colorado caucus. . good ternrnand thks for ing us.s n rrolol and i'm na clemens. happy leap day new at noon.n. pueblo police are asking for your help in seafchink for a ssg teenagerer 18-yr-old mbriah valdez s be missyng nce la weelice say she s last seen in the arar of wasasah drive, which is locatat on p pblo's south side. is unclear what she last seen ininrmation you call pueblo police at 553-2502. - here's a live
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ad-lib toss to abby this aftereron: day, y y can expect elevated fire danger for soso with dry conditionsguy winds and warm tempererereses this afternoon. ere are red flag warningsn n effefe from noon to 6 p.m. for pueblo, fremonoh and south paso counties. duriri this time, gusts could reach 40 mphp avoid any ououooburning. rtlylyunnyo stly cloud sksks are expectedalso, there ulul some stted snow ithe centntl a&d northehe mountains. between 1-3" of snow are possle in n e e high c cntryy ryryarly tuesday morning. in the nortastern plns, near/along the palmer dive in teller r eounty thehe cod be isolated owers th ening. se of thesehowerscotransition snow ght,t, comimi to an end by ear tuesday. little to no accumulatn isxpecte wevevevee can't rule out a fefeslushy spots or ligig dusting of snow covering the roads. extended tutuday d wednesday will enup being gusty times, but temperatures
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be pose byby ay, fore anher frfrt ides thr friday nht in another ight cnce for ers main ovev and near mountaias.toss to anchor new atoo.. three students are hurt after a scololhooting in sououweststn ohio. authorities say a suspect is in custody. the ooting happened near middddtown..hi chchs 3030ileses rth of ininti son lol scho officials haven't said caused thth shootiti. . the injurues are non-life@e threatenin the school is on lockdown and all students a a safe. friends and familyre mourning the victim of a weekenen homicice in pulo. police say 26- year-old devin clclk was shot outside o@ a bar on e ehth and maine e ueblo o just after o o yeyeyeda morning. two others were shot, but are in t t hospal
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fight broke outp nearhe b!r andnd that whehe shots re fired. friends s clark kay y y 'r stunned and they're tireof so much violencete p pblo. th're red,& ey're tired d e hurt and t ted ofofof pai the e eblo coun d-a reacted to thehe ws, too - promising to bring a bbllot measure to the council regarding public saty, saying in a leer to council - que - this must come to an end and i need your help yourriry duty is to public fetyty that is sorely being tested right now. a court rtial for an aiforcrc academy det t schedudud toto start today. zacherchub isacing chararororqr and a usive sexual contact. . academ officialsay the charges stem from aacicint that w was reportrd in october of 20-14. the trial wawa originallyty scheduled for ptember, b b was contd by aity jue. p memorial service i# n set fothe pa county sheriff's depu, ot and killej serving anan eviction nice. 'seduled
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and commununy uembers will come togr to honon corporal nate e rrig the serv wi be e 1 the e faith bible e @ chapal o o road iarvadada corpal cacaigan and o o her officece were shot w wle ing anan ictitiotice bailey.. 75-mis rtrtest of colorara springs. the's one last d tot campaign ahead of super tuesday. totorrow, miionsnsf voters will head to the polls ... putting ndreds of delegates upor grgrs in the r re r presidenen c's s ephanie ramos explains more about how e candidates stratagi. per tutuday`is tomomoow. is cououou be it?t? ?.where 595 dedegas ar foror grr rebls?s?an10 for decrin 1ates includ here en virgina?a?he n all is said and done oxes chchked?bal lots closed?t
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in both rties?or no it will provide a strong armeme fofothose whwhtata the most delegates, that they should be the nominee their party. but e rhetoric has inteied especiallyly amang repuicans in recenen days. sot - sen. ted cruz / presesent candnde "there havaven multle m miaepor ababt donald's business dealis wi the mob, wititthe mafia. natsot - sen. marco ruruo / prprididtial candidate "...small handsn" " after losing iowawagop frontrunner?do naldldrump? has seen his numbers in the polls and eltion day keep growi as heheppears bpatable?b a before super r esesy trump went on nbrushing g clear up his views about the k and its - foroer g gnd wizard davav dukekeho recent @ed him. sot - ld tru esidenti candidates " . i don't mind disavowing g anybody. i disaved vid duke and disavowed him the day before at a major news conference." umums popo numbers ? still unzed. i ia new cnn/c poll outut today tr bas`a a w high th hises yet..49percrct public votersay they y backim u . thcacaidates arare now relentless?.ll yi in n m my ates as they caca 3 othe toto candidates will ma their way
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ruo and hillary clcln. sothillary clinton / esidenti ndidate e nd yo help. gout an vote tomrow and brg opleith u!" stephani mocam cle: r r her inirgigia. supepetuesda statatatboth ld truru and hillary clinn n ad i i e latest pol and that s sms to be the case in n many othe states v ving tomorrow. sr, , abne, alaldria, inia for supe tuesdada somom colorado voters won't voor onof the candndateses ....hey'll choose delegatete which will choose a winner. on the democrats de voters w choose a candidide.tch ae hillarclininn or bnini ererwill win e caus yn ououstat sama a fipushsh ifortollins ts weekend ....hopingo atatact coe e studtsts s stop in northe colorado sho henows how important it is win the e centennial sta order to remain in the race. current poll show clintntnt ead of sanders. loloing ahea t torw... there are doze of places r colorado
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many sites are at school buildings in southern lorado..caucuses art at s sen oclock...but sites k thatat you get there e early and get in place before it all starts. you can find a list of plpl t t caucus on our weweite, krdo dot com. theyeyinally ve a p pce t ll their own.` coming up, a woman d her daughththe t t eir r w house, thanks thkindss of hers. . if y y're planni tri o of e disn parks, timing may be everything. we'll explain the new cketoly. anthe mog gooff a aough start for e driver in denver. 'lll have an upup on hisonditi. we'r'rlookokg ahead to elevated fire danger this afteoon with spotty showers
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look at... it's another as to love lolodo. one town juswon the`top p ize fo tasti tap wawar the unitedtates. eldodo spriris, colorado loooooo t place@at t 26th annual berkly sprprgs ininrnational tasting conteses
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waters before king t tir final sesectctnsns from a a over the g obobob the town was up aga some stiff competetion,n, beatg 1818ther statat thahahad enterere . earbrook brith columbmb won fit place for best tap ter in theworld. it'seen 10 momo in the mang ... andnd now a lorings mily haa w ho van d he ht dlss.. n have pce live thanknktot/ habibit for humamaty. sunday, friends and family celebratatith h h the family... . o signgnthe official paperwork on friday the home was but om the ground up with help from "tivent financial.$ & hatat saysys it'sn honoto help thosen ne its a a phenomenal feeling ofof communit parship knowing that w w are e ading our lives asve en taught hehe o another, to believe in one anher, and say hey we're here to lp y . . let build a hoe together.
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e odme as nenehborho. e built by hahihit. it sonsidererere the happie ple on rth.h.but your wawa mhtwawawa m isage.e. tititi price an ming to disneyland disnrld. thcoany y ysys they are e now w sing titiet price demandnd. which dependndon the time of ththyear. titiet prices ll shoot up to 2 dollars on peak days ... that includ mososofdeceer, spring break weeks and week in@july. diey hopes its "surge icing"l -- quote -- "helplp readadut visitati 's being callldldldutsy move f#r starck the e attle basecoco chain says it's s tering itsts ercest mket t t yet -- italy! e company plans to opon its first store in 2017 in milan. the move is considered a challenge because itis famousuvor i esprsond cappuccino shops. starbuckckhas more than 24- - ndred locatitis ross europe. if o olawmaker gets hiway, bng
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airplanes might so becomom ththg the past. new york setor arle scscmewas fededel avaitiongege to regulate lala that blblh seat- ze standards r commerci rlines. he cs s ats havevgottete smalleleover the years and there's no federal limion how much tighter they can get. ththf-a pls totoeview the senator's osal. that's our web questihi afafrnoooo we want to know, what dyou u ink about airline seat general? leavava comment t krdo-dot-com... or on our facebook or twitter.. at krdo newswsannene13. nasa tronaut scott kelly y wrapp up lg stint e. howis exexriencece cod d lplp &uturereissiono. anhhe this spspe missioiois hang t tuble tting off the ound. we'll tell you what's s it c cryinin
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i-25 andhe soutututatte river after trtrcrasasd and d s left dangngngff the def a brge. popocece tdriver was abl to get o of th@ cab b der his own power. he was treated r mino inries at a hospital afterwards. crewre theneft wi the e sk of pullllg th truck baba onto e ground. thirtimerent wasn'thehehaha r ace-e-&& the compana to calalofe launch of f ips falcon-nine e e rocket l l l l nit.t. after hahang t tcancel twtwher times he past few days. space x x sn't said why the launch w scrapped..but claim thro and s paoad are e th fine. the rocket willllarry satellitto bring inteet and phphe e access to millions of peop in ia. ter arly a yeye in space u-s traut scott lly coming ho. key and russian
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kornienkare teststubjects the internatnana spspe station. th were se up s sieieis could udthxhe affects ofofofce avel on the man body. it's part nasa's goal to make surur astrontsan hand a t tp to marsns kully will return to texas on wnesdayth aew u.s. record ..spending the most cumulativ time in space of any americ in story. here's aive look at... . this after: day, you can exct elevad fifi danr for soso with drdr itioio, gusty winds and warm temperatureses this afternoon. ere are red flag warnings in effect from on to 6 p.u. for pueblo, fremont ansoutel paso counties. ring this time, gusts could reach 40 mph! avoid any
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ly cloudud skieieare expeed. alsoso thercocod be some scattered$ snow in the northern mountatas. een 1%3" of ow arepossib ithe gh cnt by vevearlytuday -rnin ie northeastern ai, $ ar/ang the palmlm dide and teller county there could be isolated showers this evening. some ofhese showewers coultransition night, ming to o end d early tuesday. little to no accumulation is expected; however, we cat rule out a w slushy spots or light dustingf ow covering e roads. extended: tuesdaand wednesday will end up being gusty at times, but tempererur will wararup.p 60s and 70will be possible by fridid, before anotr fronon sles through friday nig bringi anothth slht chance r shshers mainly overernd near the momotains. a a w twist t the flint ter cris. an inveseigation by officicis show igan vernor r rk
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knew something the mountains.
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a new twtwt in the flint wate crisis. an vestigion n ofofcials sh michch governoric snyder's aid knew sething was wrong with flint's water as far back as octor 20-1-1 inveveigigors d an email discussing switching the water supply back from the flint rive to lake ron...3.3. months before the watetecrisis. vestigators are looking to whthe city dn't t tat water with an-corrosive agagt, whichas required by federal law. pokesman for snsner said ose re elimary ncerns bereides knew abo the lead problem. the city's watecrisisas drawn tionwide attentn n d sparked outrage as the detaidi coco oututboutthe le poisising resides s`ve
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"cededirector ryan` coogler skipipd d d the oscars sundnd t tattend anvent he gagazed toto nefit resints of flint, michigan. 01 - 27 celeleits including hannibal buress joinedoogler atathe e ent ornizers pe raiai 100-thound llars for the affecteded by the watatt crisis. cololodo is arguably onef@ the mo pictesququ places on h.h& so why don more film makers shoot thr moviere?
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and a cage is thon home ey've ever known.n.ow more tn 100-do are tasasng freem for the firsti. here's another look at our weestion: w at ou thihi about rline e ats in general? leave a comment atat& krdo-com.m. or on our r cebo or te. atrdo newschannel 13.
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we're e in out our ac histor covege. all thth mth we've e e ghlighted african amerans thathave ties to colora a bece nationly known. here's#some of e main people we recogninid. rececnized. at thehetartrtf the month, we introducuc you ts professioio athlmtmt from corado. lili c cuny bilis, a retirir a a ayer and formererenver nuggetetetayer. heheas born in denver and graduated fromom george shington high scol. billups spent 17 years in the ague and now ads the chauncey billu elite basket academy. then therere was main briscoe who was the first black k starting arteack in thnfwhen he s drafafby the denverbrbrcos 1968. as a re, ,e had toucowow
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nextwe highghted creative m anartitis... e of thehe frontmen from earth,h,ind d d& re w w worn h anised in the pmileigh city the band w v six grammys. so, , , paer rorinson owow a predinately african american wod dance e& semble in the hearof denver. she was born and raised in colorado her daes are seen by two million fans tional and morehan 20 countries. we alsls regnized cocounity engagers in colodo. the fifit ac mayoin cocododoas mayor wellgtonon we. he served fofo e cocoty o o denver for2 years. du him ffe, he saw thcompletion ofenver teatatl l orand exnsioof dertrt mu. n n stsllwth has a strong hihiic t to lorado spring in 1979, h h became t city's rst black police ficer...and also infiltrated the cal ku k kx klan organization. during his investation, he managed to stop p crimes with the k-k-k.
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book, "thelack klansman." .a last wewe, learned ababt actorsrshat are nonot only well n in hollywoooout&lodo. don chdle ent most of his teteyge years in colorado. he was nominatefor an car inhe f fm "potelelwanda" and won an oscar for the lm "crash" hattie dani is s e e of the many y actresses who o paved@the e y for blacks in filmnd television. she watheh first black actor and femaleo win an oscar. mcniel played mammy, scarlet hare's hoe servant, gone with e wind. . if you wish to learmomo abt african- american htoryin coro, here a some titititi sthern colodothe ririn erican hihior & genealogical societcuseononlack histori inhe pikes peak k reon. the cietis housed at thf westside community center in corado spris. e group was created in 2000. ththsands of books and pictureses featuring the buffalo soldldrs and tuskeg airmen are aturur athe community centnt. the historic neighborhood in n n five p pnts,s, denver also
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blair-caldwellllafrican amamican research libraranthe blacamerican mususm. they were createteby mayor webb. 're e arning mpre about an army sergeget facing a mufr ge. hehe aed gunng down police rookie serving her first day on the job. more oth ory cong up. and talk about getting caught th your hand in the cookie e r! how this gsgsr got outuof a tight ot. re's a live look a.. good
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afrnooand th forororjoinus. da cls. i'm rroll. he's aive
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ad-lib toso1to abby this afterno: today, you can expect elevate fi dr for some with dry condndions, gusty winds and warmrm mperatures thisfternoon. there are red flag warnings in effect from on to p.m. fofo pueblo, fremont and south el paso counties. during this time, gustcould reach 40! avoid any ouour r r g. partlyunny t t mostly cloudy ies are expected. alal, ere cocod be p & scatteret snow in the centraraan rthern mountatas. bebeeen 3" of ow are possible in e high country by veryryry tuda morning.g.n the northeastern plains, near/along the palmer dive and el county there could be isolated`d` owerthis eveving. some of these showers cocotransititi to snow w overnit,
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tuesday.ittle to no accumulation is expecd; however, we can'n'n'le outut few slushy spots or lig dususususf snow covering ththroads. teteed tuday and dnesday will enup being gusty y4 times, buepatures will warm . 60s anan70s will be pososble by fridayayayfofo another front slides through friday night bringing another slight chance for shshers inin over andr r e moun toss t tanchors a pueblo familil suered a destating loss ---aet tir dog and part wf their prerer was lolo in fi it happened in pulo west on avenididdeoro d`d`ceola yestery.refiters sagerman shephe wtrapapd in a kennel nex a shedt caug fire and didn make it out. e fire w contained the prerty. the causis unde inveigation. a colorado sps won is under arrest after policeay she fired a shotgun at h husband. heheold police he was d dving fm their homemefter a fight eaeay nday morning.
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burk...who's being accused ofo atted rderer her sband has minor injmriesesm broken g gss, but wanot hit by a bullet. agesecece chce at li they've spent their lives in puppy mis... butnow they're in colorarao find forever famies 0 thth are from puppy mls across the midwes onon mi dogogescue will t tse dogs up for adohtion. but first... the dogs will be vaccinat, , groomed and mpered. as volunteers unad theananal... on dobrou me of them to tete 8 - 1548 ene got th litt, she 's c c e n anani sa , i get thatwe y have her and@ that name s thworld to us haveveis n ned after a voluntr that lost his batate totoan vovontee will help haven hehe and becomomle shy... it's a process ey will ith severa the dogs to gegeth rerefor r new me
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afr reportedly opening fire on lice and his owowfamilyly the suspspt was chged wi killing hisa wiwi, , en a rookie officer - - just one day after she wawa sworn-in. c's elizabeth hur has e latest on the station. nald on.. raigned twicicthisis morning.. . two murder arges.. remains inj jail.. without nd. sot t broadcastifi "i juju want to be clear,o we have officers involvedn the shootiti?" "we ve 3 offers s that have been shot." according to authities.. thre officers were shot.. respding to a 911 cal rerting domestst abuse in ince william county, virginia.. officecece ashl indon did t suive.. lledn the linenef duty.. out on h rst street patrol saturday6. sot - "when news came in surgy that she passed what definitely hit us? we weren't expect it at all." sot - mos "a young woman goes o o to do hejob? and ts p@ kind of thg happens? is sad." a community momons .. details emerge
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okie ofcer.. we'rtold shehspenenen some six years s a marine corp reservist.t. and her r hioryr s back to 201whenen she interned with the policece partment.t so- chchch stephan hudson / prince william countytye de. . he did are withs when we e hirere her r at she felt` like she stilll wawaed t/tdo this joand cocodn't get it out of hehe blood.." her pcused d kier.. an army sff rgeantnt assigned to thth pentag s also en arged with murdererg s wi.. d dead inside the home.. his11-year-old son was also home but not huru. elizabet hur oncam close: the two other ofofirs2a-expxcted to rerever. hahalton is due ck in cot` april 19th facing fst and catal muer d he is eligible for the deat . penalty, if convicted. eh, abc newsny. an ohio paor is d dd after his brother shot him the me of a rvice. daytononolic say rererand williaschooler was s ot yesterday afternoon. his brother -- el sl -- will likely be
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polili don't what let to t s soting, but said t pastor washeonlyntntded viim. "we had a gelemamacome inand heheent t t do ding prayere4d he t there e a few minutes an then a aererraye he got up and went babk ininur pastororffice and then i ieard two shotot wasn't a m mut ani heard o o shots. and so i ju got evevybody ououof e chchch. and jususpt hearing shoong d shooting. bang bang ba." the othe' niece sa t t allegeooter has a history of meal illness. sportsts rertrt erin ews ma testify in her uit over nudedeideos today. rorsouldld soon hear r r testimony..... d testimony from the man who posted t viososnline. the sportscaster su michael barrt aftehe was convicted of altering peephos and sesretlyly rding her in her hotel room. shshs also suing the
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dodoars. we're not used to sing it o the ndar.but here it again...fefeuaryry 29th. leap year comemeonce every fofo yes. ppl born on this day have an intestg time with tir bihdays. do newsannel 13's dananainin shows us how some celebrate. meet bryan hills and morg hauner. hills is eight today. er is five. that's rhtht eight.nd fiviv 151558 - 09 i jo around being allllhe me.i a kid at hear having a lp year rtay is kind of fun form me. it kes me youthful. 15:55:39 th kof look at you ke what are you tataing about?t?o, reallyhow old arar you? hills and hauner hav rare birthday of february 29th. 15:43:41 on days enen don hav actual leap yearrthday, i tete to o it and have as many ununficial bthda as ev. seral of you s aredededr leap year stororwith u ke this mily celeatin grandpdps 19th birthday. but birthday i i#i at common. the are o o in n nearly 15 hud.d.5:44:27 enjojoit! it's shing fun. you're ama small but special group of people i think standup leap year babies take pride intheir uniqiqness. an why t? wn your birt ces only y ononvery fouar u mahe m mt of . . :514 ire, c i s he st time it'nice to o. the ne meheoes wi be 20/2/2 in@ colorado springs, dana molinakrdo
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fufat takes the earth t 3636days d one quarter r orbit the sun th's why we have aeayear every four years. without t , in future years, e seasons wowod ppen ter r the calelear. w a night
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tear controversy and surpris. the oscars been handed out. l so a of gic momemt omasnight. e's still time to weh-in on our web question: whatat do y thinkabt rlin seses @n general? leave a commmnt at krdo-d-com... or on our fabook or twitter.. krdo wschchnel 13. . here's a live lo at...
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look at.t. th afternoonon day, you c exex e eva fi dger r r me wh dry conditio, gusty wiwis anwarm
12:42 pm
there are red ag warnings in effefe from noto 6 p.m. for pueblo, fremont and sosoh el paso counts. durihis s me, , gusts s uld reach 40 mph! avoid an outdoor burnin partly sny t mostlyloudy skies are expected. so, there could be soso s sttereded sn in the ceand northern moununins. between 1-3" of snsn a poible ithe high country by very early tuday y mornqng. ithe e northeastern plains, ar/along the palmer divide and d teller countytyhere could be isolated shers th eveninome ofhese showersp coultransition to snow overnight, mimi to o end by early esday.)little to no aumulation eted; hover, we n't t le o aushyhypots ororight dusting ad extended: tuesday an wednesday will en b bng gusty at times, but temperatures will warm up. 60s anan70s s ll be possible by friday, , fore another front slides thrgh frfray night bringing ath slight chancfor r showers mainly
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it was dedenitely aig oscars. whthe nighgh recocoized many thughout holllld, man are stiltalking about leondodicacaio's first time oscar win. duduis acceptance speech he spoke highly a qut t t neoror cte controro leusotx take this planet for grani do not t ke tonit for and!" " " ththmomoe otlilit rned the shows biggest award of the night, earning the tle of best motion pturere for 2015. and there wasa& one etty embarrassi mix- on e e d caet last t night. thwebsbse 'totot beauty' tried d ay a complime to comedian and actrwhoooo goldberg. it tweweed a
12:46 pm
had no idea opraras tatted, anwewewe ve i i i well..the la- babad eompanan nfusedhoi i goldberg w w oprah winfre otalaleauty' post an apololy tweeee oprpr and whoo..."as well asveryon we'vo fendnd." ththcocoy y so said it wl te 10 thousa dollars to charits of oprah and woi's choicece ross the country -- the topic of who wasn't on the age e the oscars stole the otlilit st t. all eyes were on cedian chris rock as he adadessed at's bng called the "osc so white"e"controversy. scscenwrit at oscar's watch party in colorado springngalso took nicic they called e aw one of the et popoticilly- arged ceremonies they've everer seen. a screen- iter f fm los angeles ys she es proemin hollywywd on a daily basis,s,hen it comes to creati diver lms. "just beuse you're n/n whitete doens's'mean ur stoto isn't universaor important tell. i know alot of people, including myself are td that. just t ne to keep
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chris rock also rererled that`te was pressured d it the shoko an thought abt it before ulmately deciding that hehe could gagn grear fluence the host. colorado's obobously a eat t ttinin for movies.. weave the mountains.. the plainsns.. cities.. ghght towns.. everything, but e ocean. but onlyn n n 13.... some say colora is one of the worst aces the film industry.. because tax inives. quick frfr h ailer the hafufu8 8 moststecect t g et@tilm m to be shwt in colodo.. nr telluride... rtrtf furi7 .. nats c up mounin wawafilmed on pikeke. 3:07 firing ns al uet t th jojo wayne was i19 neaearirie. quick titililipapa taon in e earlz 1980s.was ed sorntn coload. udg puebef county. there wewe manyny filil shot i iour stste.. before mething happed. fore the days of film incentives, , ere were more e an 300 films in colorado. nald ckerman is a movie producer turned colorado film commissioner a few years ago. he knows all about t e vivi thatome rank colorado among thth5 rst` stes for film tax incentes a 20-pcentax break here.. less than manan others. i'm producer and i need mountain town i can find that momotasin town utah, whioch has a -percent bate.. new mexi, northernrn new w xico which has s percent. i c c go to albertrtand get . . ththe are t enty producers with ststylinin based in colado.. but t fified here. cluding... the shining... it wa based on the stanley hoteinesesespark.. but momoly filmed in oregon "red d da".. based in lroado.. shot in
12:48 pm
won waset in colodo springs.. but actually filmed in california. misery was supposed to happen in a sny colorado mounta seing.. but was filmlm in n lilili, $& nevada andndew york c cy. somo lawaakaks arare agagnst the ststs film x breaks.. and there'one queson wve ard veral times, which itook to ckerman. why should give mllions in tax breaks to millllnares? most of the reepientare not millionares. we`eave approximately 77ercent of the ojecec tha wewuwu inntivisis are homegrown.. e e he in corado. cecelyin editorial the grand jution sentinel blasted ate lawmakers for considerinin cu to e fifi incentive the imct on the paper cites the economic om from m m hatefu8, whi booked 9- thousand room ghts during
12:49 pm
12:50 pm
the leeds scscol of buness at the universitytyf colora, und our state e ent $11 million dolllls film incentiviviv 20.. +hich brought in a sitive onomic impact of roughly $151 mimiion. a couple o other studies in other ates found the fi tax incentives don't pay for ththselves.. so for now.. some stes s e yelling cut on the inceiveses whwlothers ll for more action we'l' t you know when our state lawmaker make a decisioioio on h much money xt year's program will get. though film incentives are hard to como b bin coloro. ththstatathas well known film festivals that award-winning the aspen filmlmst includudajajajproductiononand oscar hopefuls. every year the stal screens academy awawds ts and docucuntaries. several known lms ha premiered at the stival, like whihlash, argo, and the e tist. the denver film festival hosts red-caet premiersnd films zens of countries. it's well known for presenting
12:51 pm
including the brokeb untata and silver lininin ay. lastst, , e e llllfilmlm festival takes placaclabor day weekend. directors like peter sellers, nk ptherernd gdananich, for the fis "the were first canominated filmlmroom" had it's world festival brie laon's acceptance ososcar n, she ththked e festival. . me now to chk in wit our news partners krdodo neneradio. mike lewis fromomo wsradio joins s s usus i'm hehe with our radio guys... listen to the home and gardrd radio show saturda mornin on krdo ns radio 105.5 fm and 1240 am... we'll talk wititjay d mimi everere to let yoknow when`to plplt thostomato plants... don't forgrg to listen ... jon and da... & back to you.
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back to you.u.
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& four y yr old boy in stralia saw a vending chine for the first timend dn't quite understand how to get the candy out.... anhe ended gettttt h arm stucinside for six hours. he`eppentltl reached so f into the machine that h arm got caught in the anti-theft mechanism. emergency ders had to sedate him m three times during the scue to lm him down. thboy's da says his son simply bece overwheld with the allure of somhi he hadn seen before. "we live uin northe terertory, and i don'think he's seen nding g chine before, so hsaw the oreos and biscts anansome other things. i must say that the fire and the poli were absolutely amazing. ey were incrediblele everyone twas there was incredible." thchild was taken to the hospator evuation after the scue buts doing just fine.
12:57 pm
this aftftnoonon todaou canan ctctvavad d d d dr r r some w w wdr conditions, gust winds and d rm teteeratures thth after. there are red flfl warnings in ef fronono toto.m. for r pueblo, , emon anansouth elel papa counties. duringnghis s mememe gusts could reach 40 m! ! ! y tdoor`burnrng. papaly sunnyny stststloloy ieieare expectedalso, there could be memecacaerer snow in the centraand northern mountas. tween 1-3" o snsn arerere ssibib i i ie e e ghghghountnt b b very early tuesday mornrnrn in n e e heheternrn aiaiai /a/ang t t t papapa d dide and d d elelr tyhehe cocococo i ilala showows this somom ofofhehehehohorscoulultrtrtrtrtion nononooverninit,t, mimimimimimi bybybylyly
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snowoverg e rororororororororororororororororororororo >> announctoy doctor'seciarert: : npicy theoes peisis the death of e supreme court sticicanthony scalia, now we have details. hope on the horizor plus siairli ssengers. >> and the lateston the emerncy room nurse who was inxited.and should the eatrbe @ rated for grs everthe cal grth dierenenples nc: 'stodaonohan lnewctcts!.b in thehehehoe >> d draviwhat did u say?>>.bin theusu! >> d. tr: u don' ink k outctnshen sevivigo he tre 's on yo faste sinc you vori things sinin you were a kid while u enjoy the pcorn,


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