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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  March 1, 2016 12:07am-12:37am MST

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>an lososar ghat smom to us. ethindidn . >> onaseyro drdrt f him j-lawawawbackse. > usxcliveee p katyerry odoloom innfindout wrehollood'shottest new couple spenen their oscar weeken andndhat jen' csest frnd told us. she's deaeang wit a l of dress a a paiai andscar fashion. our e zee brks dohe bese, t f worst and what needs a a littlefix. >> a snip a t a a tata dress will go fm l%l% gme.& nowforbruuyy29&ntnton >>lelofscarlrlndndndth s soond ththththth
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cacaetet > theig nig rrsr host chchsock who wasteteno time iving headfirsto the controvovsy. some s he went that far, i say it wawantage chr roc and exactly what the night nee >> 34illion ople tunedin to the ademy awards. larso best aressnd leonardo dicaprio. >>e rev shad a brf hug wi winslet and on the red carp you can almt feel the chemistry, almost years after "titanic". >wh did he so you backstage?
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eyebrow, and so i t it back into place for im. >> no one was haper for l than his mo >> i loveee fact that he has@ such a big adience to makak to the@ ststemeee that he dd. >> climate change rl,t us n takehis planet for granted, i nlt tak tight granted. ththank you so much. . >> how iheing r riii now?w?w?w? >hhrry,er happy, e's rrled.d. >> > has bebe an n,creded journneyeyor leo. ashere b b att hisis first nomination for ""at's atng gilrtrtgrape." leo piced statuettat oscacacaengraving station. aa right a aleo, brie ln patiently waited for her awarr.
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>> ie wonnnor b bststctressp and a athough she was r ratately ununn ading intoo a a seasoning she's bn aound hollywood ever since shhwas a kid. >> i have tched this on tv every year since i was 7, i think,o toe hear is a part of history. >> hello. >> o o my god. >>brienspected the n nlate and posed with her boyfrid. demi lovato helped br celebrate a the actss looked relaxed enjoyg an in anout burger. what happened aft lady gaga performed heromated sg suroundey eded b b suivors of sexuauaassaulult. after theowerful moment,br hugged and thaed all survirs.
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and ope i d right by them. >>gaga had her own e eerience th sexual abuseanddd spoke her boyfriend camon. ga gaga an taylor shared a kiss along with aotof hot couples. after ur months of gwen and blake heldhads anan made theired carpetebut at the gazine's's afr parttt stephani performed at an osc vi party at spago. s was sportrtng couture gown. th event wwsatered by buhon >>ris rock his girrien were caugug backstage duri low y momt.& >> t ting boott the oscars s meoyoytttt ihanna's
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>> rock t t diversity issue too far. p i heheg e eryryryst kd ofof awayay presenter mdd had one of the eving'sreatest accessoriesarterback aaro wdgers hping h%h wiih that tainecan@eygogo h h h h h h making sure everythin s in place. his mornin he went to the store and got all these fruits croissantsndvegetables and he fed the whole glam team. >> you're aood team. >>liciadecanter. >> d diiiii m, a aee&&&ffafofhhh
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ne didn't kss chaelln ststu4 rrididid o the thank you cam, n even on the tnknk u crawl. but weweid ot a mseseonon g gng into anany fir," tne) sheuldd not part withthll ening lg,g, i i tryintoakehehehehehe all usust ame ons 'm tryng toelieve itgs tutully y y it' wondeeful. t cpl s sndndndjennnner married almst 19 . >> tmenn touch to our whole family. >> i' takingovhere, i'm actualalal itit then u gog hmed you analyly bebeusust'o gratifying, it's amimingngng it's sooifefe
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>> w m mkk ryon for estupportininor > > nolo post his lolol for sl >v s, st remembebeo maaaer& wxxxhh sa to re t best. >> for his part, stallone took e eoeo like acmp. oveyou,, m. l l l thersurprpse w win w f tptututu.. >> potlht >> tht swiwis,s,s, that'se trtre. >> andndhis was an hisric momt, t first back to back>> obvioioioi w have a a a b winni ght as ll. hhhhouuysng tototo celelrara thisosoag, somom esl thinkomomomod ves.. >> i so happy f o, ca i dt wa t h
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e e he can ce& cngng u fxessbebeneck annif niston at the afterarty. >> joe tells m all s sesout l thehe ninit's most moroble oks. >>lady gaga' threedresse plus we havav aoup arsshohohehe oscars fororor aase ccatatn, a katy pey anddrndo b b b p p & excxluiviv > > > ut i atherazy ci fri prp@shshw on popopopto a a t tse rties. what bboutchon,hat keeps th runningg?? >> it never gs d, ik i'i'oo nervous tan i er have been before. so t b berer todayreally feeee - exraordinarar. >> weepepgog. 4& it's film i really pro of, and mycolleagues. so is nor. thawhyou do t, you're a a
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to come and se it. we were in the car re and weeepyiyig, can you& believethis? an ybelilili whatseeeeps yououou@ging a night like this. >offee. >> you likehe wle s in > >on lee ututut @ i'll do it. >thth hf's k kevin ht. >t keeee running isis tt you're going to have a greatt
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reu look at nnifer garr. ss tok everne's breath y scarsn versac e calalng it her revengeress because i w her firstpublbl aprancncsi s tolo all about benen in "vani fair." later they al hit aft party dash, bu it s nn's tallof twoexs. >> ted arms and sho shinn n ff her time at the stop to pose, je was all iles and laughter.
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on stng fi secos. and hehe close friend actor victor garbe who offia thth tks anan caicos wedding toldld thatshe's still hurting. >> she dealing with a lot of stress andpain. . >> jennif gner, at a reheaaal she p pnt a smooch on torro. through it ll,her heart still tendr, she toldldld "vanit fair," she's not q q quite r f f dating, but s approached a b on a flflhtht saying, could i kekeou a cf cofofe, d wawalik no, y y can nonotake me for a cacup coco but thanks for askinin ben affleck alsoeems to trying to move on, he was see on jmy elliveveith matt damon hidi unneh, a never di t alk out but told us about birirthdayrtyty
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>> wawant youto ban, real batmbn. >> as b and katehudsonaited inhe carline, he erto by his ex, but lalar said they thth didn't seak bef shshe left b alone. >>there's still great l lve tweeem. j j jen sayshen she is readyyyo dattagai she wants ann oldldashionedatiiship with lo o flowers. > comingg up, we have new photos of katy p ry and orlando bloom showing han and swing off theiracatonbods... and joe zee taas alo look at thor gwnwn e e and
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fashion in jt a minute bief ornot, ats brielaenhen she e s`just 15 years old.d. sherigina w ntnt to be ap a arae is he? and s se'sn oscar n we're going to talk a a about oscar fashion ju@st minute. > meanwhile ky perry and orndo boom arere together, and fashioas youan gege >> tt wearing manan clothes atall,that's cause
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andnd weave a axccsisi new oto. we're cain the lao. katy wearinger miiindndnd nk bini p. and couple made tirway through tud a orlan w qteth gentlenan. katy had her hair pupulled b bk with h hardlynyakeup at all. m mg a little business with pleasure,he happpped to i maui to perform at an - t on the beach at. that didn't stop hem fm going ofonontic dinner date. thisisis what made u u lt,with his armrou r,r, kiki of like first titi s themat the golden globes.s( this seals s e al f andd 'reeloving thee rlaxed feel of the date.
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and ndo'slorara@, t & t as muc as weike h wiwiit.t >> i ve t tm as a couple. >> teenaged drea joining me right now r oscc fashiofavorites, flops and fixis, is editor-in-ie ofyyaho! sle, joe is >> i love carze t she onon c cristiandi shet plunni necklinend the diamondnd necklace andnd sas wriri 3.illion worth of jewels. the secd she eps out thehe
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were cmparing herer belel bbby y nd st shectualy had it planand to loo like bele. >>f y ask5-yearldlij s wa t t tb sheld y belltyhe be >> her deam has c c . >> and a little fyfy, , at tw@kivivmonths for all th lame. big turn of e night. 0>> whitit was the hugen pththnit d the pe who id i most beautifullylyas lady gaga. tht ok that she wore on th redpet at thescars was insnire by a look and then at " "nity fai shewore whiantk. >> a t t only one
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ososars into thatapink, she knopws what works on her boy. she ha herndsn herps, how to pose, owinggff those tnedarms. reay getst right. >> i lov party transformations. was a t of m mxed reviews ` t t dresssshee on the carpet. it was a ack leather halter, but whenhe went to "vanity fair" partrt she changed andd really maa t because it was stunning. >> that sort of stunning and simple in the f @ront and k ep them talkingbout theack. >p she'sprobably one of m beses dressed ofofhe eveving.& >heaain klollection e with me hving a bun of fittings together. it was perfect. >> it was soexive andd clc andnd timeless. >> le mve on to wo as your worst dresssof the celebr
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carp fix? >>e tell you, nanan, have t t start with hei klum, for met look le bit like tisue wrapped cupcas. here'ho would fixit. firstf all i would r%nove the slee minute yououou her arms ander skin, looks so muchchmomo fresh vibe brandt@ and secondly, iould actually replacthose flowows with a ntage broach and thhatat tatakes fromombride's maid red capet. >> kate winslet was ttgg someme revivos on the red carpet. anddhehe explala wh s choho the look shshdid. >> somebodtold me i lookike an lp. >that's good thin u're braerkinnrecords. >> but ts isis ralph laen andd i i elllnve with the fabri > whwh is e fabric?
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>> i can bmorere flcecertain wawa t t t t me all ofthssbric, givee it much more acntuated flow of her body. and i wld want to give rr lilile bit momomophe of@f waist beca she has a greaea fgure. >> you always do su a great job, and ththk you for being here to talk all oscar fashions. >> oh,i had as mch fun.
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ierer wre to r ba. todaa b`w creature walks among us terrinnocentitizens. untithis threat be conined,
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enga. a public sererce safety mesge from the american academy of orthopaedic surgeons whwant to keep everyone wewe connecteded vorr wiwi strononhealthy bones.s. > at,oscar wiwier brie lars h first eeting with jacc tremblala pus k ks ennerinal speksnn kanyeest' witter rant.
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t's!all at etonleom. >> right, bre we go, a shoututututoscas -- rlier we showed you blank and g g at the "vanityfair" party, but then blake is talng xclusivy tosbout his new prect. d every time he brings upou know who? o blake sheltlt excsive on hisew live with gwen. whether it's dii or my new end.
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richahas, did -husband deat sender to thebo [traffic noise] thisiss the city wherdangeb lurks. today a new crturerealks among tererrizing innocen citize. th prowl the streets alone !td in pks cacaing mayhem, , structn and carne. [crash] warnin until this that c c be contained,
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dude. engaga. a public service safety y ssage fromomhe americacan academy of oropaedic sueons who want tototepveryeell c cnected. sorry.wi strong hehey bones. bier is home, we won't know i ithat was e case here. bob woodru, bay yi. . >> an oo tnager isxpected to aear r uvenileourt this momoing charged w wh twonts of attttpted murdrd. poli say he opened firirn his hohoafetetiaiaitting two studenen. one student heheh itll fold. thehe first s ho wenttand k kd paused@ five seconds andba, ng, bang. >> theheff isware i've momove but not reaea 0 relea it. it's both a setbtback first for self-drivin@ncars one of the goooogle vehicles hit a publicbus.s. no oneas injured in in thee
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e haha bn othcccc theself-driving carars t this sr the first o where thear was at fault. gogole saya it has tweaked the software. no worl n whost points on theirlicense. >atriris fa roice. tom bradyepeportedly signed extension with the team. braidi is8 years old but said he would like to play into his 4. great. wewe, e r rortete exton seems to mak that a a rea popoibilityauhe is sese t t patatots significantltl more roo under thth n sary soefore theh extensioio apparentlylyly brara w w due to make ou$15 million for the coming seseon. >> wo there. >> you likikth? a little abridged veversn. like to keep you upupted.d. we@ike ttoo harnd th areigays for $- /pe ocuba's best known products. talklkg ababt theigars. the country's annl cigar festival kicd off on monday.


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