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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  March 2, 2016 12:07am-12:37am MST

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word to womeme >solake shelelon exexive. >>letthe be thestst a moveon. >> his ups andowns this pa year. >> it'svorcrc or new girlfrienen i can sinin abt . ururur eluve with the fofoer child starwhoh the voiceoaches a ay. >> ere e re momenen when i s like, i shouldn'othis. and kim ricicrds sobrr rule. onon we a a th t house wiveve stata did the deaeaea of h husbandnd sese heh baaa to the botot.. for march 6. >> erin testifis, oh my god, i w w nked l over the ternet. >> she's the national marriott for 5 mllio after sas viotap a peephole in h hotel room >> that videote haa
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>d eririn told the cou today, this ordeaeaeas himimpmpte erytytng,g, evevehehe l velie. > it was really sad, becse i thihie lov oer more. >> erin andrewstear up teteyi that ththrelease nene videosonline haunts the relatioiohip th herboiend, hockek pro deckstahl. >> i don't wananoo sesee this. >> andrews is suing r now coicted stalker and nanaonal @marriottttor $75 llio auinghe ou h hever allowedhi totoo gett ao next rs wn he madehe ds. a lot of peoe it really worth $75 million? you know t? see you naed line with
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>>n cross-exaxqnatiti, the hotel's's defen sst tha een' c cee't sufuf after th peephpheveo,in factit thrid with numeus endorsemes. the 37-year-ol sporcast erased into court day avoid a raij shower d hhp parents were in court toupport her. that urt saw not onlyhat erinandrews h h beenthroughg but what herwhwheamilyas been thugh. >> oday's t t waso ressl, itt appeaeariri andrerere brokeke in a rara. 2 1/2 years in prison for makinthe vide in200 erielft theouroom yeerday,y,henen twofff vidideo deposititere pyed qn court. >> he did engageinin little
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used a a edd the p pne in house. >> erer testifies wnn she trarals toay,,he goeoe through ababatat protocol. i cover the peepholes a then i do a check of theroom. i look everywhere. i looook for lights, i look for red lightsts i look cameras. i check the bed, i c cck the alarmclock, check the on ialso will nottay in aned a jojoing room al>> saaa she rrie he il@ th tapeno onlnl to herer kids, b b hererrandkids popoday. >> bachelor bob toldwo women thathe he loves thm. thaht is a carddnal s ohe oad. 's not supposed to saye@ l-oruntil he puts a ring
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>> i lovedwo women, but now i'm happiin love iti e ana n it's going to st thata for tt rerst of my life. >> it will be two weeks befo we get thefinale a ing out w wen's heartrt ututast nightpisoso was mptely awkw >> im ometely in love withh you. hat woman that you@ havave chosen,ava you drdred the being in love with two omen? whwht's tat like? >> it no alwaysys we put r thrhrgh hell back, t shee n n ceased toto lov me and suppt me th it. >> all three ladie@ to the fantasy ite, but in theend, it was kayla w w we home. i k this was coming,g, stl l ve him. p>> i inew i didn't t t queson fsy night because i f tme did ha t this progres retionship. so i'm not dub, he still h
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say goodbye toto people, and i know it was hard for him too.o. >> en tugh hefficialdy ounced engngemntnt today, e n't know for couple more weeks. >> i want to show her off, i want to date her a whe, i want to lovee herer in public. my life is completely her a i'm exccted about thh commitmenen am i gng to get marriededtoorrow? soon. and bakeeehhas th galing e oscscft pay. p he said wkiki on a new bb and it'sgoing v vry peonal he saidisis li e de when hihis rationsp enend withh miraraa t. >>f you fllow my caer even a little bittr my life, you ow atatappened with memen the last, gosh, eight nine mpnthth and it's al@ on ere,
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eaout toint whire u t , i thinin just gto l%l tast be the past and mveve on. ifoundake t bsiniere,e, open e een bringing hisis divirr andtingng about it himself.f. when it cos h mus he@ alwayseems pououhihi soul intnty rd. >> d yoyou ikeit's heali in a way? i kw a lot of people feel that way abouusic. >> i feellike an putt my life experieeshethert's a $& divorce my new girlfriend,d, when i ve music, ian w wite songs, i cananininabout it. >> gwen's'sn thinking about her man toond halking bobo h #prentever. >> i ictuallgot hehe a horse andot selflf hrse at t
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es >> and d ca expect to s s ore of ththrrchemimiry, now thth "thevce"s baba. >> gwen stefananis my menntor thi ason, ta abouou an absolut legndar mususicic icoon, nd tat she's be a dgespp on that show.w. hey, are y going to bey mentor? sure. gwen saiddo . >> thehe ambassador for t brand and coididedpart familyly 's'sm where i'mfrom, so th facac t t ty co anddd a canan ste%t and they told mehat wawaed me t t apartflthe mini of it, yu now,t's like, gosh, you k that's -- i like dka. >> we know you do, bk in ft i was teasing m sing, everyime weweo an interview together,& a red c andnd i knwhwht's inin
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> d did you sese th on thee voicecelala nini youelieve that'she star of"curley susu"" we're flashingaa to her"e.t" intervi atatherecious ageof i would like o l lvely screen. hat does t evenan? and o oen afafffck's giant tttto? > and tubed beverly h hls ewife im ririds, not & is off-limits. >> i ve to yo moo thanan iill probablyllll anybody e e agaiai we'reekikgt some o& e most stunning buty looks froro tscaca and whatat we all totall loved. dhey'r'r a ab tren. >let'sall it barararthere makp.p. >> the color thisress is
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mething thatpopp > brie lars dd rse wherspoononan't say aboututhe lipstick ss. d. >ere' actulycienc to perfect -- a yocan see her, po e et shader brows andaligngd the to the inner rrsrsf` hereyes, theyave hh some etra definini i a soso you can have red carpet@t rea brows every day
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moky eye waso to celebrating an "
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> exclusive, britney spprs go goffm fatatal. >> fo s sy picture e's been posting,. she's's posing for v maazine's 100th ise, barely cld tness mel brandononhite. >> well,l, bririey hasewlbum comout, there is norelease teet and she just add 2424 mo sows in las as, ticketet - on for that friday, thaa's actuauayy theat she shares withth jenner lpez... > they turns usini . d you know hoenw you kn hou. >>t's >>shocker,hoenix d d dsnsnsn fly wiwi his ex-fiance. >>i te t are yo doing?
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wife je gner went eaeaern histat. > t x wayshave tooan cocors. >>j-lo whohoat aff -- >> they shouldn't be colorful. >> yes. >> thed be, like cooler, i donon't know. >>jey from leftft nd hand vingngaugraaa hg. e'e' ppy riit n f.. ut. bu willhe sasa i do again? >> we 't taabout it much. its always been a dream of mi, you know wht to g gw old w wth somebodd t he aaaiageat lassike we boboie like "the notebook." >> w lkedabthe grea oves of her life. she said they were ben,nd her ex-husband marc thy. >> the loveout@ jpnifer that e i` innove
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i knew you were ginin to s at. ufferinghugh me heareakrecently,, m chahds. an coming up the beverly lls hsewife i tears over h h hukuand's death. > en fromchild start to addicon to a second shott famm we spak to grown up "curly e." >> hok mu were you inking
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>> that's n%n [tffic noise] is is the tywhere daerurks. day a creatureks a us trorinnocen tins they prowl the streets alone and in p caing mayhem, deructio d carnage.
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digital l adlkers. they'reot looking oufor you.u. dude. enge. blblervice sety e frhe amemeadememof aedic rgrgns who nto keep everyone we conct. sorry. th strong healthy bonos. >emember that cuu li rlho s srredat curly25 years agag yoyore notinggo whshs she allyyeded a sckon"the voice" yesterdad6 >> she wentghsome toug times aftete beingng childstarar but allison told me it s a a dre come true t t finana
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congsing eel bad i tt a worried mind >> how nervoususrere you? >> it's soonervracking? it's insae, it'sssour shsh yoyohavee son i longing ceceokokt happene just 24 seconds itoer sosog 'm gng back someday >> a you aware o tt? nestly, iwas kindd bplackck out the whol time. i couldn't think about hu superstatatatarit me. thhougugugof coming back i i itototo teususess and @akakng this k, wha if it didn't't work outt >> allisoniscong back in e business she srted in a to this is whh the ta suarrh" wner tld u at a 6. oul lov t to do lovely screen. that's the best thing i wantnto do >> wh does thatven mean?n? >> i wanttto be on theig
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did sh ever, at 8 s s srg in n n arenthoond at 10 starring in curl sue. d d u f like you mimied out some of your chdhoooo bececse of@ that >> hnestly i don't, i think my paentsa a eal e in makng liiias noo as possle.. i h hd ien and i is an average, norma ki after tathings got won i cacan. >> she way tobroaay. ugs d alcohol starte taking their toto. . i o o oid anything ererhing i cetet myy hds on tardsdshe enwhevev would d mb t pai wt wa yo rst tis? defitly whe i as ussing every da >shehe nowig a sober, a wife a a full-time mf2. >> my chhdren sor ofof grounded .
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i would n be aeeto vvcreated these lives@s@f i hadn't chang ho aboutthose pipe allison cse friith another a child jddd sweeten from "fu hous mki aittle bibif a aome back hererown. on child rea star kim hard l l time we s atat & down wither she had just completed rab folow h arreststftft beverlyly hls hote since then bee arrestst for shoplifting g d dea wit e d dth kf herhusbdnd best friend. no s s'' about toake her debut on a high intensity real s the quess, can she stay sor/ i asked h h aut it.
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exctct. >> [ bleep ]. >> wasthere some concern eing in n at kind ofenvironmnt, asas youperedealing with your sob af a dddd you're cast in anannvironmnmen whereeople ankingn and there's madness goingon.h >> it wasnsnsnven tempng foror me. when youeeomet likikik that, you most go ww, glad it's not me. > it's like ki' reppting the realitytyv of madaess,s,nd she's al b bririing heraughter into it. so nemesisime isn't lisa kyle or lisa ren, ititit montntnt.. >> horere u goininino be topped fro get to that point? >>i didn'tsay i w. if you di let's haven honest momen ths no tellini that i'm noo goi to go like, ahhh! >> righ now inn r rcovery and goes to wewelymemtings. she's trininto heal,,ut it's
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he paining her exexusbaba andest`t friend, mony brenn. he was gd h heeas goin rst, because if i irt, th h hadad to b b her what were y final words withmonne? >> i said i lo you, and i f fltl him leaveve and it wasas shoing. iidn't expecec it. >>ou were holding him? you were right there holdin him? >> yeah. h did@d tha affectyou? how did it afct yourlife,, your soy? wn i tt me y haha drink? >> t me jut sa myecovery goingg mazing. >> after nearly ayeaki res to "the r%al housewives" tonight toace off wit kyle. but i used our sit down to clear some rurs. here was evenspecat that u wre at somepoint hoeless. >> i'm livingn a $400,000
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people arelilishe'someless. 's hardly hole. > and whilenken catfights, all hope -- >> i have tolh you tay more thanill evevellnybody again, thisiis the last time i want to discuss my recove i ibnt to get it out there that m in recovery it's me pand it's noboby's business. . >> it looks the car is headed the right didictio sh's just@ gogo to ke it on the road,ut we're defini otiti for kimim we are diving inin the lves of atherealityshshow c/ that tere a giudice's last interview before he goes to but rely keeping a
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hat's tomorr. my name is mica a yce,e, am the foundernd d dector ofm dunk forojiate3e sl dunk forodiabetes tnly y baskball oamppin the cououou and we pvidehe opportunity for children with preiabetes and d pepe1 a tyty 2 d d dtes, to get tefr,r, ay ball toearnrno mana th. lia] whenirst got to thee`, it wasn't li oh. 's ssad, all e ds have diabes, it w w wt that at al it w w happiness, it was ks laughing and run and play and i nted to be a part that so much. [monica joe] coming back year after yeaea
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[olivia] she created a world for r abededids totolayy/and beorl and haveveun and meet people ananme otheridsss that have diabetes. i n't thank h`r enough [monica joyce]i met olivia in 2004 and i sasao people, stick around, ivia is going set theorld on fe one day. olivia has really be a marvelous ampl of what camp can d dfor ildren rit nonot etonli.c.c, real usewives of beverly hills starring owe la da talks abououohe amy's b btltl
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and surmrm sr henry t't'all on mpls. oin usomorrrf because we'rere inigating hollywo nanny sex anls. >> thereeeen a few. ben d jen,n, r and gavin. a we have real life nannies w havav worored for stars. wee are hollywo a's best
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everfer u qan ththk . one of my mo rewarding periencms s a d dtitian jas been actually quit recentlyust a year ago i m donna. becausshe was otivatad and rerey losweight and toet healthier. / llllince i met sue a stened to her guancece ve lost about 808pous and i haveveeen takek%off almost all my medications. to me, i iean that's something to shout abobo. i ththk for doa thbiggest change has beenn what's hapned d heree pective ofd,d,nutrition, fitssss has ju changng dramatically. she looks at food differeny, she thinks about food differently tht(fa that nutrtr and exerci,thju u r rtine part of hehelife. i juststee the fure efttinin better andetter and bett. cauauai'i'getting healthieand healthier and healalie
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ani don'want to ever goack theld ways. mpineval incs of snow om grere bay t chhgo@to ster michigan. police across two counties in the milukee area reptedly crcrhes. and calls from is two den straed d dver who's careenene into ditches.. many schools a govnment officesthrout theegegn will b closedd toda . > t t snow in chicago trig c couple of run awayy spinoffst o'hare intertional aiort. you see this prite je it was for allhe closg othe run wai thehe r it sffffavemt a andndndnd shtltl aertttn ameriaies jlili on t havingo bee ted b bk to th teteinal. no o oasnjured i&iither of the iidenen. >hat't' all o'hare neeee f moredelays. >> lays, right. we're happyo ao students were injureded durinin a rather@
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at community col nenr >> t t t t t involved eltrttles thae the roun ond c campu nagation stems. >> it wasre but small siliconalle arp. it hasoteteerg wheel but does require a human to h hd downwn trier on aoy k. if thatsreed, the shuttle comes to astop. ( >hey want to be the b b man on campmp. >> guess so luckily nobody was hurt. yesterdaye had the alag ory abo t google drivererss c ta intntn cident. it wasnst ticketed >> i l l to t tl that upiverty that' someonon loob j totook. somebo's job t t t d dpe@round e shuttle bus. >> bri back the humans. comiu,ore covagethe supesday te. >> fmilry clinton's advancoood trump' azpforman. oupolitical teaea stainby towharurprised tm the most that's after toy's cast` map.


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