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tv   Nevada Newsmakers  NBC  January 4, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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pro group management, and the >> closed captioning of "nevada newsmakers" is brought to you by the nevada trucking association, trucking moving america forward. this is "nevada newsmakers," with host sam shad, a no holds barred political forum. now from the "nevada newsmakers" broadcast headquarters, here is sam shad. >> and back on "nevada newsmakers," we kickoff the year in a very good way with lance gilman, partner broker with the tahoe reno industrial center, one of our proud sponsors, pleasure to have you back on the program, sir. >> thank you so much for this opportunity at the first of the year, the first monday, right, let's kick it off. i've 4 too much rest and i have a lot to share. >> i hope so. 2015 was an amazing year. >> yes, sir. >> with tesla, switch, you know, are you anticipating as big, if not bigger year coming up for 2016? >> actually, i am. subject to several issues that we're going to have to address,
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south meadows double diamond ranch, a large transaction in our market in those times was 50 acres. you rarely saw 100-acre transaction. if you take a look now, we're talking with folks like tesla 3000 acres, folks like switch, 1000 acres. i have another one going that will eclipse both of those at finish. and so when you start -- yes, sers r seriously. when you start eating away thousand acres at a time or two, you have an awful lot of land lifetime. i'm not sure, big chunk guess fast. >>you were talking last time you were on the program about the desire to acquire more land for the industrial park. >> what we're looking at doing, expand infrastructure. we have several million dollars to invest. we will expand all of our watering system, both -- and extending all of the
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of street, curb, gutter and utilities. we need to open up larger parcels now, kind of forced us into the new development phase. >> how are discussions going with reno-sparks and washoe count negetting nonpollutable water to the parks? >> at this point, it is not at my desk, if i shared anything there, it would be as much speculation on my part as others and they are actually working with others on that process. so as far as i know, i can tell you from 15,000 feet, it's going well, everybody is looking at it and working through the issues weville to address. i don't have specific information on where it stands. >> you went to the special session, what did you think about what happened at the session? >> i'm excited for north las las vegas, certainly farraday will have a payday, wonderful
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weville to enabling legislation is done, the state has done their part in my opinion. our governor has performed, once again, just over and over this guy does magical things. there is a lot of investor money that has to come in. that group has to bring about $75 million to the table. there is quite a collection of property owners that are involved in the apex development and they're going to have to bring a lot of cash to the table, there is an awful lot of infrastructure f. they can bring this together and it appears at this point, they will, it will be a boom to the economy of the south. >> you are somebody that knows intimately how projects work. at this point, faraday says they will bring concept to ces, which is about to kickoff in vegas. you can't design and build a factory without knowing what your product is, can you? >> you wouldn't think so. they captured some of the finest talent out of the industry,
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think apple and others and certainly they rated the deal pretty strong. they have the engineers at the table. they have been down in california with a small plant doing their r&d. i guess in theory, they are ready with product, but i don't think they have produced anything, it is all on paper. you and i know that is speculative. we'll see. >> let's talk about northern nevada as a marketplace. at this point, everything commercial, industrial is being eaten up at incredible rate, is it not? >> industrial land base is being eaten up incredible rate, absolutely. we can talk about the thousand acres we did last year, you know, tri -- south medzos double diamond, 2500 acres? that wouldn't serve tesla. >> right. >> absolutely, it is being absorbed at incredible rate.
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story i will share right quick. our goal company out of virginia city, comp stock mining was introducing in europe their mining concepts and stock sales and those kind of things and he told me, lance, all everybody wanted to talk about was storey county tahoe reno industrial center. the tesla story is worldwide. it is amazing. that is bringing focus on northern nevada and we'll make sunshine. >> let me ask you this, do you anticipate a lot of construction and commercial in reno at this point? time? we starting to run out of commercial property? that was lagging for a while? >> i think commercially, we'll do well. the last land study i saw that came out of washoe county, they were doing what basis do we have to grow. the industrial product was slim,
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the 10 to 25-acre category. i think we have plenty of room for commercial-industrial, but with what tesla is doing and switch is doing, the other things that we know are going on in my world behind the scenes, hotels, apartments, fernley is looking at wonderful development in their market and of course with highway 50 going south -- not highway 50, u.s.a. parkway to 50, and that will open now, i understand in august of 2017, not december. they're actually looking to be ahead of schedule and that is going to open up that expressway through the area. i can tell you, i get to chat with most of the folks because doing? what is coming in? what does this look like? i have an opportunity to get acquainted with much of that. sam, it is unprecedented what everybody is looking at.
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we're in a construction phase, you look at tesla just getting their first phase off the ground and they are operating a line minimal and switch won't open their first facility for ebay until i think they will do it in august of next year and then october, you will be able to take full possession of the building. we will not see the dynamics of employment, except for the construction we're getting now, until probably latter part of this year. >> and so much is happening. let's take a break. more with lance gilman when we come back. >> the 12th annual "nevada newsmakers" teen edition is brought to you by pro group management, the nevada trucking association, the nevada builders
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of nevada and >> closed captioning of "nevada newsmakers" is brought to you by
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trucking moves america forward. >> now back to "nevada newsmakers" with sam shad. >> back on "nevada newsmakers," we continue our conversation with lance gilman, he is department broker with the tahoe reno industrial center. in the break, we were talking about the need for people to get their arms around what is coming and we're already seeing lots of action being taken. for example, gary corono taking over the half of the civil legacy, they didn't own, they have a 4000 room property in downtown reno. do you think they have have done that without the groelth we're see something >> no, i believe you put pebble in the pond and the ripple sets off shores. i applaud that. everyone should be getting ready within their own disciplines. it is not going to happen, for example, by june of this year. we probably have my crystal ball says five-year window of absorption, it will take tesla -- i'm not at their desk,
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them fold into the community over 60 months. and i've often said, we'll graduate five, maybe six graduating classes with whatever they choose to do, but i think you will see a lot of engineering paul ferrari is working on new engineering building at the campus. we have with switch, probably eight-year absorption would be my guess. this is lance and my crystal ball. if you take a look where they are going and first building with ebay 1.2 million and e-bay is taking most of that, but again, those jobs and that employment, you know, the one that i've teased you with that is coming will be bigger than those two combined. it will be two years before actually you'll see concrete being poured and another year for it, so as a community, we have in my opinion, five to seven years to get our infrastructure in play and plan where we're going.
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we can all accomplish, you know, there is a lot of folks worrying and ringing their hands. bottom line, bear down and get her done. >> what is interesting, because of tri location and extending the parkway from 80 to 50, you will see growth in areas that are not necessarily reno-sparks. there will be growth there. is lyon county ready for this? >> they will be ready for this. lyon county is already chatting and looking at what we're going to do, looking at how incentives could be lined up. god love them. are they worried? yeah. i have a map, sam, basically looks like the top of the table here and if you put tri at the center of the map, you may have created one around here, it was done by the center of economic studies at the university and with tri at the center and that is going to be the job generator, huge, probably 10, 20, 30,000 jobs coming out next 60 months.
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go, it will hit all shores, it will go to fernley, fallon. i had a wonderful meeting with the county manager from carson city, they are already feeling the income multiplier that everybody is going to enjoy. you probably seen the formula dollar of income put into a community like sparks, for example, 2.5 multiplier on the dollar. we're talking over half billion dollars a year in the local economy just in payrolls. well, that half billion will have 2.5 times multiplier. all those dollars, i will tell you a story if we have time about a mining group that i love and it puts this payroll thing in perspective. >> right. >> are you ready? >> of course. >> i don't want to waste your time. so you find this mining group, it is out in nevada and they're
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mind because the local folks were worried about the schools and impacts and what are we going to do with this, they were not supporting this mining. the mine, believe it or not, started making their payrolls in $2 bills. >> okay. >> after about two payroll rollovers, what do you suppose was happening in the community? >> everybody was starting to see -- >> they were trying to cash in $2 bills, you know, every cash register, whether at the barber shop or beauty shop or restaurant or hotel were running $2 bills. it became very apparent of the impact of payroll and that is something that we all need to think about. that's instant gratification. and we're this close. >> lance gilman, what a way to start off the year. thank you for being here, sir. >> my pleasure. >> we're excited to follow the story, biggest story in the state. we'll be right back. >> "nevada newsmakers" is
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pro group management, and the >> this is "nevada newsmakers." >> back on "nevada newsmakers," we have a great power pundit panel, joe guild, the attorney is here, and tray abney director of government relations for the chamber. pleasure to have you both here. your response to what mr. gilman was talking about? >> well, just say, if you took two facts that he said, one was 30 to 40,000 jobs and the other was half billion dollars multiplied by 2.5, and 60-month outcome, that's a fairly short window of time to absorb a great deal of need and as you know, my wife's a school teacher and that alone, the impact on washoe county schools will have a major concern, i think.
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saying that already people in churchill county and northern lyon and southern lyon county are thinking about the problems ahead and so it's exciting on one hand, but also challenging on the other. >> and you visit all the various government groups around from city council to the legislature, do you think we're preparing well enough? it seems to me everybody is aware. this isn't a possible thing that may happen, this is a real thing that is actually occurring. >> it is no secret. our governing councils are aware and want to plan for it. what you are starting to see, we talked before, this bubbling up of anti-growth sentiment. joe mentioned washoe county school district, that is a problem. we have overcrowding before the first tesla kid comes to the district. we're trying to get hated with a ballot question. tax increase, to build more school, will be difficult for
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i think we are well prepared. rtc 5, we passed a couple years ago, southeast connector going through. taking care of that stuff. school is a problem. peep they'll live here a long time don't want new people and new traffic and new school kids here. it is coming. i don't know if we will be prepared, but in certain areas, we are. >> real quickly, going back 25 years, there was anti-growth sentiment here that bubbled up and the barber bennett, mayoral term, pete thoraza was part of that anti-growth stuff. nothing against pete personally. i think tray abney is on to something, this could come back to haunt -- >> well, i came to nevada in '78 and that already started coming on fire late '70s, early '80s, but i think the difference between then and now, we weren't
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recession, where we lost so many jobs and homes were under water. i think people are looking for growth, anticipating growth, it is younger group, younger group certainly on the city council, for example. >> that is true. >> i'm optimistic they are looking at this as an opportunity, we've seen in midtown and reno, you are see nothing downtown and vegas, younger attitude and there may be folks that don't want growth and there will always be folks that don't combpt growth, but i don't think they are the majority or close. i think people are excited for the new economy. >> i hope the school board understands something that tray eluded to, the anti-growth sentiment relative to schools. what, you know, i'm not taking a position on this, but the decision they made for the new
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might come back to bite them, the public might have an anti-schools initiative sentiment there. so have to see. >> that is a question of marketing, i think that really is, you know, we've seen ballot questions when in the past ballot question guess down n. a lot of cases when they go down, it was a good cause, it was poor marketing strategy and i think the whole idea is that you have to take the time you have now to come up with a strategy that doesn't relate to decisions made by the school board regarding superintendents, but talk about the real issues concerning the school district, which is all about teachers and kids and principals and not about hierarchy. >> i completely agree. the question is the chamber's number one priority this year. i have meetings today and almost every day over the last several months on the issue and we're working hard on it.
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better look at themselves in the mirror and realize how terrible a job they did in marketing, hiring and the salary package for the new superintendent. >> very detrimental. i agree. >> very detrimental. >> i think you have to marketing is marketing and you have to have focus for your marketing and take away the focus from those negatives and go toward a, it is all about the kids. >> it is. >> that is what people seem to forget about, this crisis we've had in northern nevada and ones in southern nevada, it is about the kids. >> uh-huh. >> not every kid in the state is stupid or will be fully educated. we lose that along the way there has to be lots of frustration in your house. >> oh, the teachers that come through our house, my wife's friends, my niece is a teacher in one of the most overcrowded schools in southern truckee meadows.
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don't know what to do in the classroom, well, they know what to do in the classroom, but it's the externalitys that give them heartburn. >> and i think part of your campaign has to be a boost for the teachers in our community that they are actually turning out some great students and we just had our teen edition with students from across the state, the brightest kids we've had. that is where we have to leave it. thank you both very much. we'll keep our fingers cross. we'll be right back on the "nevada newsmakers" after this time out. >> brought to you by pro group management, the nevada trucking association, the nevada builders
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nevada and the >> as always, watch "nevada newsmakers" 24 hours a day at nevada newsmakers dot com,
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