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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 6, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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>> bye, everybody. past nine years. the last test in 2013 but those were all atomic bombs.
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technologically sophisticated. the south koreans are saying today they believe this was yet another atomic bomb test. but dara, it will take several weeks for international experts to figure out exactly what happened here. >> thank you for those details. back here in the u.s. president obama is reignites an age old battle with congress. he tlooibs his new gun control executive order and calls out law makes for their inaction. tracy potts is live in washington. conservatives are hitting back. >> they are. and we've got reaction to the president president's at times tearful speech yesterday. he's decided to go it alone on this gun issue. admitting that there are some things he may not be able to do. >> every time i think about
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>> the nra is calling president obama's tearful speech an emotional condescending lecture. republicans aren't thrilled either. >> once again we've seen the president overstep his executive authority. and every time he has done this it has not ended well. >> there is only so much mr. obama can do. >> there is no change at all in the law. the president simply restated the law since 1968. >> the white house gearing up obamacare. tonight the house votes again to dismantle the president's signature healthcare program. >> the shame is it took 62 times for the will of the people to make it to the president's desk.
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the bill would strip millions from planned parenthood. >> where exactly are the women in these areas supposed to go to get a pap smear or to get a mammogram? >> at odds with his budget request just weeks away. and the white house says some of that will i include money for mental health. >> political cease fire may soon be over. donald trump did something we haven't really seen yet. he went after ted cruz and. >> let's assume he got a anonymous and the democrats bring suit. the suit takes two to three years to solve. so how do you run it is
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the case. i'm not involved in that but a lot of people are bringing it up absolutely. >> cruz tweeted a link to fonzsy jumps the shark clip from happy days in response. and then the more public feud with his counterpart but clinton still didn't take the bait. >> why does he do whatever he does? i can only tell you what i hear from people and what i hear from people is really about their lives and their future. a lot of this back and forth that goes on in the political. >> but he's winning -- >> well we'll see. we haven't -- >> that's not all. nbc's christen welker has us covered. >> hillary clinton digging in. again refusing to engage with donald trump over his personal
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interview of 2016, clinton told msnbc's chris matthews. >> is this sexism? >> i will -- >> clinton's campaign recently overshadowed by a barrage of attacks by trump who's criticized her husband for his sexual discretion, just as bill clinton returned to the trails for the first time monday. but donald trump is showing no signs of letting up. in an interview with msnbc's morning joe trump told joe scarborough he's counterpunching after clinton accused him of sexism. >> it's open season now that he's campaigning. if he wasn't campaigning maybe it would be different. >> analysts say don't expect clinton to fire back at the republican front runner every time soon. >> everybody who's taken on
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hit back. so. >> reporter: meanwhile trump was also on defense over his new campaign ad. in reality it is the moroccan border. >> it was really just footage and frankly all it shows is people running across a border. and as far as i'm concerned when you look at it, the united states is becoming a dumping ground. and it was just a couple of seconds. >> now to the extreme weather slamming into the west. a soaker fuelled in part by is el nino. >> reporter: the western wash out is here. so is the taste of the el nino effect. relentless rain pouring in. a scramble for some to escape the fast-rising water. cars and roads submerged near the bay area. rock slides and flooding near los angeles. >> be prepared. this storm is real and it is coming.
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lasting through the week unleashing a water hose on the west. fueled in part by a godzilla el nino now tied as the strongest on record. >> so none of us, all 20 million of us, are going to escape the wrath of el nino. >> reporter: with the l.a. river rising fast, expected to crest later this week, voluntary evacuations are under way in camarillo camarillo. where there was a fire ten days ago. flash flooding. soil can't absorb all the rain. 101 a major highway partially shut down the mountains already hit hard by snow could get another two feet. el nino fuelled the deadly flooding in the midwest. 25 people killed. some 150 homes destroyed. now another hallmark of el nino. this time punishing the west.
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>> and now to nbc meteorologist bill karins here with us this morning. good morning. >> too much too fast. we need it but not this quickly. and it is hard with the topography in california. o get the rains you are going to have problems with the runoff. especially in burn areas. this is round one this morning. this is round two. and it's raining hard right now. these bright yellows and even lightning strikes out here. it is going to be a downpour this morning in san francisco. and san jose and sacramento. and when all that moisture makes it into the mountains, heavy snow is likely throughout the middle of the morning, especially in the passes. as far as the storm goes, this will be with us for today and tomorrow. don't forget eureka. very heavy rainfall in northern california. flash flood watches. riverside, oceanside.
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in all about 19 --. overall in the states including the advisories we got about 4 million people and spokane a little freezing rain. rainfall totals to heaviest right along the coast and through santa barbara through l.a. the mountainous areas are greatest concern for flash flooding. that is your national weather. here a closer look at your day ahead. this map pretty much tells the story. the rain from overnight in phoenix you get a break during later tonight and further to the north you can see all the mess we're dealing with in central and northern california. unfortunately more pictures like we saw yesterday with debris flows and too much water. >> a dangerous few days ahead bill thank you so much. well tonight is the night. did you get your ticket? enter. >> not net. >> it is the power ball -- $450
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on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class? overnight 55-year-old sat in a tarp with a rifle on his lap. he told reporterers he's not moving. >> so you are prepared to die. better dead than in a cell. >> absolutely. >> the protesters are not leaving until there is a plan to transfer federal lands to
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today is your chance. the prize ballooned since november. the odds are one in 292 million. so good luck. let's get down business now with landon dowdy. >> a new year brings new fair hikes from the major airlines. delta, american, united, southwest, jet blue and virgin america are raising fairs on domestic flights by 6 dollars for business and leisure. the increase could be rolled back but that is unlikely. texting while driving is a top cause, but technology may be able to help. a teenager has been able to create a smart steering wheel that is able to track whether both hands are on the wheel. and a survey says two-thirds of
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this morning on today, did tsa go too far by patting down a 10-year-old girl. her father says they did. and now he's speaking out. hear their stair later on today. now for sports. >> double over time in dallas. >> to williams. from the corner. woe. >> yes. >> deron williams wins the game. >> and a pile up with a finish for the mavs as deron williams delivers at the buzzer for the one point win over the kings. 116-117. the warriors becoming the first to win 33 of its first 35. in college unranked marquette hung on to take out providence
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and lsu taking on kentucky. the unranked tigers dominated start to finish. 85-67 in baton rouge. former bears favorite william refrigerator perry has been hospitalized in chicago. the 53-year-old is at northwestern memorial hospital with a leg infection. >> and what does oscar winning actor have a soft spot for? we'll tell you up next. more than certain family members? is your success due to a filing system only you understand? does printing from your tablet to your wireless printer give you a jolt of confidence? if so, you may be gearcentric. someone who knows that the right office gear helps you do great things.
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in entertainment news comedian amy schumer h h a new beau. she posted an instagram of her new man. the two attended president obama's gun event on tuesday. and eddie redmayne just showed us that he really has a big part. he's got a soft spot for struggling actors after being unemployed himself after college. he says quote i get letters for people needing to go to drama school and needing to pay their rent so that is something i occasionally do. very nice of him. and charged with assaulting
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accused of shoving his wife into a marble window frame on monday and charged with assault and harassment. and hosting saturday night live. snl also announced "star wars" actor adam driver will host on january 16th. >> wants to get into the acting world. what kind of sense of humor does she have? we'll find out. >> she's very bright. and very well spoken and she's very -- i'm dara brown and this is "early today." my sister raves about her toothpaste and mouthwash all the time. i'm like, huh? aren't they all the same? you know, i had to see for myself. so i went pro. with crest pro-health advanced. advance to a healthier, stronger,
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it all ads let's get started today. the consumer electrons show gets under way today with the latest on display. nbc's jay gray is in sin city with a preview. >> wow. cutting edge stuff that we'll be jumping up and down to get our hands on. >> it will tell you your daily activity. so this is my day today. >> and your workout to what you will eat, soon -- that will let you know how much milk you have left. even order the essentials. >> as long as you have those on your map you will never run out of those again. >> put your smart phone into
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>> he wants to eat as well -- >> no more monkeying around with lost luggage. build in gps and a sensor to tell you how much the bag weighs. and power to test your devices on the go. and i don't mean to drone on but they are still a big deal. smarter, faster, better. and soon even a fixed wing flyer. >> you will fly like a bird. really very amazing. >> amazing, a word you hear pretty often here at the consumer electrons show. >> yeah, you know. more than two million square feet of exhibits, a lot of wearables this year, including this activity van from polar that includes crystal in it.
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work out you got to have music. all the elements here washable if you work out. they track your ride and tell your workout. you can play the whole thing back in your glasses and see it all and tells you how to get better. this is just some of it. i look like an idiot. amazing show. back to you. >> looking good jay gray. live from las vegas. thank you so much. leading the news on fib needs help, tricking post attack movements. and just a quick reminder tonight the drawing for the power ball is worth a whopping $450 million. make sure you buy a ticket or two or three, for us too. thanks for watching "early
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