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tv   News 4 at Eleven  NBC  January 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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this how you can get in on the fun, news 4 at 11:00 starts now. >> you're watching news 4 at 11:00 on your side in high definition. >> and good evening, everyone, thanks for joining us tonight, i'm joe hart, topping our thuz cast, a sacramento -- newscast, a sacramento man is one of two people arrested on terror concerns, accusing sacramento resident mohammed eunice aljayab of travelling to syria to fight alongside terrorist organizations, making a false statement involving international terrorism. officials in texas also arrested a terror suspect as part of the same investigation, and they say the arrests may have prevented a terror-related event. the investigation is ongoing. the reno police traffic
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state to use new technology that will significantly cut time spent on major traffic accidents, also improve how the agency gathers evidence during those crash. van tieu is here to explain >> detective go to the scene and they must recreate a picture of what happened, here's an example of what it typically looks like, a car here, a bicycle here and it would take hour to scale these measurements, but with the division's newest technology, it will take about 30 minute to create an -- 30 minutes to create an interactive 3-d model, comparison. >> reporter: this is the pharaoh system, an odd contraption of spinning mirror rotating on a tripod. >> shooting one laser at a time and as that thing rotates around, it's shooting, turning it around, it turn only 180 degrees because it's shooting that laser in both direction.
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colors and data points of its surroundings, done manually, it can take a few hours for detectives at major accidents to get 200 data points to create a map like this one, but -- >> within 40 minute, we can get over 2 million points. >> reporter: the system it creates is much more inversive, more interactive, detectives can go back to the scene of an accident. >> and when you build this model, you can go back and sitting at your desk, you can look at the vantage point of what that person claimed to see. >> reporter: thanks to a $65,000 grant by the department of nevada safety, r, d will use can -- rpd will use the system to clear accidents sooner. >> have traffic control and being in and out of there in an hour. >> reporter: that's a big improvement some investigations could close roads up to 10 hour in serious cases. right now the pharaoh system is
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travel division, but it has potential for traffic training, back to you. >> thank you, van, amazing stuff. it look like a break in the weather as we're seeing calmer conditions but how long will that last? we check in with forecaster madison corney, i have a feeling not that long. >> not that long ks but we need all the precipitation we can use, 33 degrees with no winds to speak of and relative humidity at 72%. now, we do have clouds out there tonight, but none of that freezing fog we've seen the last couple nights, still slightly possible to see that by the morning though. here's a look at current temperature across the region, northern nevada sitting in the upper 20s to the lower 30s, elko right at that freezing mark and of course, down south in las vegas, a little bit warmer in the mid 40s right now. nothing really happening on live doppler radar tonight, we've had a few isolated showers out here as you can see in eastern nevada, but thing are really diminishing tonight as that low pressure system moves out but
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next system, but before we do that, let's take a look at snowfall totals from the last few days, january 4-6 with the systems we've seen this week, sugar bowl summit here looking at more than two feet of snow, recorded at 28 inches, mammoth mountain, 30 inches, 20 at mount rose, all these numbers are great news for the area, but we're already tracking that next system expected to move in on saturday, more on that coming up in your full forecast, joe? n-dot has been working hard to keep our roads clear, hit by one storm after another recently, watching conditions very closely and they have different procedure for wet and warm winter storms that produce rain and snow versus cold, only snow events. they use sensors on the road to give them realtime weather data, as well as temperature sensors on the snow plows themselves, the plows track road
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>> bringing in to ice ask liquids -- and liquids, it's like a bond breaker, you put it prior to the snow pack developing, what ends up happening at the end of the storm, n dot can drop the snow plows and peel o -- off that snow pack much quicker, giving safer conditions to the public. >> and we might see it in the next 24 hours, be ready for a next storm system moving in this weekend, that's the way it's going. a controversial decision by nevada's public utilities commission is being reconsidered now. but it's coming too late for solar city employees who are now out of a job, hundreds of them, the solar rooftop company is pulling out of nevada and employees say hundreds of good paying jobs in reno and all around nevada are now gone as a result. another solar company, sun run also announced it too is leaving nevada. at issue, a rate decision made by the public utilities commission last month that increases bills for nevada's solar customers.
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and lowered the value of credits that solar customers earn for roid -- providing excess energy to the grid, saying it's no longer affordable in nevada. >> what are you going to do, what are your plans? >> that's a good question. as of tomorrow, it's going to be my last day, i'm going to be out of work. i've got three kids. fiancee, truck payment, house payment, there's -- i can't do it. i can't move. kids are in school here. my fiancee works here. >> tough situation, we reached out to the poc, no one would talk because it's still under consideration, the full consideration next week, solar rooftop company as we mentioned it announced it's also leaving nevada affecting hundred of additional jobs. well, in tonight's crime watch, reno police say a man who was driving drunk with two
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to a convenience store today. officials say 44-year-old andre dawson drove right through the 7-eleven store on east second street this morning, he had two children, ages 9 and 10 in the car with him, no one was hurt. washoe county deputies say the two children are safed and have been placed in a relative's car. dau soun now facing multiple charges including reckless drives and endangerment. expressing a lawsuit over the state's education account, filed by governor hutchison, asking the court to expedite a ruling on whether the program, authorized by the legislature this spring, passes constitutional muster, allowing parents to claim a majority of the children's purview for education and systems in private
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two reports released shows what many people expect, unfortunately, it that nevada has a lot of work to do when it comes to our education system. the magazine "education week" released a report at the end of 2015 ranking nevada as the worst state for k-12 education. and the organization young invincibles released a record card giving nevada an 'f' for its financial support of higher education. but several education officials spoke to news 4 today examine they say they -- and they say they expect nevada's scores to increase in the coming years. >> they should take a look on what the governor has focused on in the last session in the 2015 session, he not only increased taxes in nevada, to pay for education, but he made an investment in k-12 of approximately $800 million. >> the board of regent's chairman says the governor allotted $135 million for higher education, now to see both of
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about why nevada received such poor scores, head to our website president obama attended a town hall meeting tonight to talk about gun rights, a hot topic right now. the town hall held at george mason university broadcast on cnn came tais after the president unveiled executive action to help combat gun violence. president obama admitted the moves won't stop all attacks but he says the goal is to make progress, he talked about smart gun technology and got firm with moderator anderson cooper to emphasize he's not quote, he said, coming for your guns. >> what i've said consistently, throughout my presidency, is i respect the second amendment. i respect the right to bear arms, i respect people who want a gun for self-protection, for hunting, for sportsmanship, but,
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makes sense to do everything we can to keep guns out of the hand of people who would try to do others harm. or, to do themselves harm. some criminals will get their hands on firearms even if there's a background check. somebody may lie on a form. somebody will, um, intend to commit a crime but they don't have a record that shows up in the background system. but in the same way that we don't eliminate all traffic accidents, but over the course of 20 years, traffic accidents get lower, there's still tragedies, there's still drunk drivers, people who don't wear their seatbelts, but over time, that violence reduced and so families are spared, that's the same thing that we can do with gun ownership. >> the president argued the country would be safer if the government was more involved with the buying and selling of
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his message on the road, a cnn orc poll found a majority of the public supports the measures that obama outlined this week but less than half of americans think they will actually work. coming up on news 4 at 11:00 tonight, planning on heading to yosemite for the weekend? what natural situation could stop you from enjoying the park, we'll have more on what happened there, madison? all right, joe, and 40
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a big deal this time of welcome back, everyone, a rock slide in yosemite national
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road in to yosemite valley, take a look here, huge boulders now blocking a part of highway 140, officials don't know how long it will take to get the road clear, looks like it can be a while judging by the size of those boulders, it happened earlier this morning, no injuries reported and two other roadways are open to allow visitors in the valley and park visitors are encouraged to access the park's website and find alternate directions that way as well. turning out to tomorrow's news, harlem globetrotters bucket blakes talking about the team celebration this year, known for the if not and games on the court, those wishing to see what he has to say should tune in to news 4 tomorrow morning for an exclusive interview with the globetrotter. festival coming to reno and kicking off, the reno latin dance festival celebrating the
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legacy. tarnd 80 company -- around 80 companies in canada, mexico and around the country will be taking part in the event, a lot of action as you can see, a three and a half day festival, the daytime dance about offer workshops for guests and then performers will showcase their dances in the early evening, and then at night, it will end with a party that will go on throughout the night. so is -- so bring wrur dancing -- your dancing shoes, madison. >> yeah! as i mentioned, 40 degree weather, you wouldn't think it's a big time deal this time of year, but it's 14 days that reno reached the high 40s and we topped out at 42 degrees, so in the last couple weeks we stayed in the 20s and 30s, the average for this time of year is 45 degrees and that morning low actually a few degrees above average. right now in reno we're sitting at 33 degrees, no winds to speak of and relative humidity at 72%,
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already dropped dound in to the -- dropped down in to the teens, truckee, they're expecting a single digit low though, i'll show you that in just a second. not a whole lot to talk about on live doppler radar, we have a few isolated, tiny showers there toward eastern nevada but that will not remain the story for the rest of the weekend. now, tomorrow, looking pretty good, a mix of sunshine and clouds as this low pressure system makes its way out of the state tonight, but then as we put futurecast in motion, you are definitely going to see the effects on saturday morning. so this is a look tomorrow at 6:00 a.m., we've got pretty clear skies and then by friday evening, seeing that cloud cover moving in from california and far western nevada, and then by 3:00, 4:00 a.m., saturday morning, we've got snow hitting the sierra and then scattered snou showers across the region -- snow showers across the region, a few inches in the sierra and maybe up to an inch down in the valley tloor with that next system, not as strong as some of the systems we've seen earlier this week, this
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we have some clouds and then a below average low and leaving the mention of patchy fog, we haven't seen it tonight but it's still a possibility in the early morning hours tomorrow. so leaving that mention in there, tomorrow we're topping out at 38 degrees, again that mix of sunshine and clouds really expected across the region, in eastern nevada, daytime highs in the upper 20s to the lower 30s with overnight lows in the teen and 20s tonight, heading west in to fallon, 20 degrees tonight, cooler temperatures though, single digits for bridge port and mammoth lakes tonight ask then daytime -- and daytime highs here, carson city cooling 18 degrees and then topping out mid 30s tomorrow, same for all these places, the mid to upper 30s for those daytime highs with light winds out of the southwest at 5 miles per hour. around the lake as i mentioned, truckee getting to 9 degrees tonight, very cold, and daytime highs in the 30s there, up
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20s again, and looking to hit the low mark in south cliff, and the low trend, teens and 20s, the mid to upper 30s tomorrow with that slight chance tore some patchy, freezing fog early tomorrow morning. on your extended forecast again, that break on friday, and then we're looking at a 90% chance for snow in south lake tahoe, 50% chance in reno and carson city, a break on sunday ahead of a new system making its way in in the beginning of the work week, joe? >> thanks, madison. when news 4 at
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alex will introduce us to the latest stop on kobe bryant's farewell tour took him to the river city. kings and lakers in sacramento rolling early, bucket by chris weber, 23 to 4, midway through the first, lakers pick it up, vicinitied black ma'am -- vintage black mamba, that's nice, 33 points for his career, they would eventually take the lead but the kings would get a bucket in the final 30 seconds, rondo delivers, last chance for aj on the other side, kobe not even on the floor, what a shame. kings survive 118-115. the san francisco 49ers in full swing for the interview process to find out who will be the next head coach of the team, and according to csn bay area, the team interviewed recently fired eagles head coach chip
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candidate because of his innovative offense approach to the game but he was fired due to his clashes with management, some of the 49ers certainly aware of the recent dispute with jim harbaugh, keep an eye on this one. one of the go-to scorers of the bishop team, she dropped 22 points in river mcqueen, minors guard katie turner, our news 4 athlete of the week. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: athlete of the week, what does that mean to you? >> exciting, it's really exciting, this hasn't happened before, and it feels real good, giving me extra confidence to go in to games. >> that girl goes hard, she is probably the, i mean, we do lessons, pretty hard work. but, for her to get the acknowledgement of this right now to win that award, that just goes to show what, the time she put in. >> reporter: where do you see
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game as a player? >> probably my executions, and get my teammates involved, and i'll score as much as i can, but it's also about the team and about defense of the team. >> i got leadership from her, i got skills, she's everything to me, she's a coach on the court, she's very coachable, and, you know what? she keeps, she's a little loose, now, everybody don't know, katie is in the locker room, she keeps them loose, she means everything to our team. >> reporter: what does it mean for the opportunity to play basketball this college? >> it would be amazing, it's been my dream forever and it would be fantastic. >> luckily for the minors, turner still has the rest of this season and her full senior year, i'm sure somebody will give her a shot to suit up in the next level. two hall of famers met the
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piazza donned their uniforms, three writers left griffey off the ballot, piazza received 83%, he goes in as a new york met, griffey as the first member of the seattle mariners ever to make the hall. >> to be able to wear a mariners hat and be the first mariner to ever go in, i fement as being 19 -- felt as being 19 they gave me an opportunity to play the game i love. >> looks like we're having trouble with our video, some great things from both of those guys, you want to hear what they had to say, go to our website and we'll have it up for you at the hall of fame induction ceremony coming up july 24 in cooperstown, new york. more baseball news, the san francisco giants picked up much needed help in the outfield, announcing today they agreed to a three year, $31 million contract with outfielder span, the 31-year-old hit last year but did struggle, only appeared
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three times in just 10 months. giants though, hoping that he is going to be the player that he used to be before those injuries, could be a very formidable player in the outfield to go with pence and pagan. >> those guys have had their share of injuries. >> yeah, even, joe, 2015, i think it's time to go, that's where the twins have the training, fort myers, very well liked guy, great guy in the clubhouse, fantastic player, run down the ball, steal, just an all around good layer. i think he'll fit in nicely
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>> reason to be o all right, a new program downtown, the ex radio station here at news 4 are partnering up to sponsor the first thursday at the nevada museum of art. patrons were able to enjoy all the art galleries along with live music and beverages as well. event is held every thursday night from 5:00 until 7:00, just a chance to get down there and check out everything the museum has to offer. the cost is $10 for nonmembers and admission is free if you do have a membership to the museum. >> on wednesday to thursday, you have a nice gentle flow, that has not been the case this week. the galleries have been packed with people everyday.
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to get a seat at the restaurant, we though this weekend is going to be a blockbuster weekend. >> all right, first thursday, we're proud to be part of it here at news 4, check it out. >> have you been in there? cool stuff! yeah, always good stuff. >> they rotate, always fresh stuff.
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