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tv   News 4 at Eleven  NBC  January 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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in high definition. good friday evening. thanks for joining us. i am madison corney. we will get to the stories in a minute, but in tonight's crimewatch, a detective -- detectives in washoe county are looking for a rock agree -- robbery suspect. he robbed the sun valley around 3:20 this morning. is described as it white mail, 6 feet tall. he was wearing a blue masking brown overalls at the time of the robbery. he left in a gray or silver four-door slam with -- sedan with black wheels. call 322-4900 with details. the owner of nico's greet kitchen lost his battle with cancer thursday morning. 62-year-old nico's sale a he tees was known in reno sparks
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mess -- friendliness. he made me know his home for the past few decades. his family tells us about his final parting gift. >> reporter: he was the man behind nico's greet kitchen. >> everyone knew my dad. he always made an impression on everyone.>> reporter: the 52- year-old was known for food and friendliness at this local family business.>> he was very much a person who loved everyone. he talked to everyone, it didn't matter who you were, what you're about. if you are friendly to him, he was friendly to you. beloved the community.>> reporter: he had a tumor another appeared on his brain months later. >> when he found out about the last tumor, he was like, if something happens to me, i need to make sure you guys are taken care of.>> reporter: through chemotherapy and radiation, he work every day to open a second
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it opened in october. >> this is his legacy. we want to continue his legacy and make him proud. even though he is not here anymore.>> reporter: the family spent their last christmas to better -- together and his birthday. sadly, he will be missing the birth of his first grandchild. they say he will have his wisdom and kindness to impart for generations to come.>> he taught us to be hard-working and love what you do and make sure your family is taking care of. >> no sick days. >> reporter: that was van tieu reporting. viewing begins at 5:00 at the mountain view mortuary. the family welcomes anyone
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a 19-year-old man is dad -- icy pond. they found the man submerged at paradise park around the deck 22 this morning -- around 3:22 this morning. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. he has not been identified. closing shop after the public utilities commission's decision users. hamilton full or is closing down its residential aware operations in las vegas. the owner says his northern nevada operations are likely nests -- next. he had work lined up for 2015, but half of called canceling their orders for the new year. the pc is scheduled to wednesday. decision is affecting hundreds of people, head to our website. you may have a big decision in november on a tax hike.
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on the ballot. you will be asked if you support a tax increase to ease overcrowding. the citizen committee working to put this on the ballot made a decision unanimously to put this to the voters as a yes or no question. they are hoping to raise between 600 $600 million-8 million -- $800 million. they are saying without the investment, also high schools and middle schools will see double sessions. within five years, all elementary schools woods -- woodsy multi-track schedules. >> this is not funded by another source. this is funded by a choice that they make on a periodic basis in washoe county to fund the repair and maintenance of schools.>> this committee meets again in two weeks to decide
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of two will appear on the ballot. in political news, ohio gov. john kasich is bringing his campaign to northern nevada for the first time next week. kasich plans to meet with voters in reno tuesday at the washoe county republican headquarters. the event begins at 1:45 and doors open at 1:15. his visit comes six weeks before the republican caucuses on february 23. just reminder, presidential hopeful trump will be campaigning in reno this sunday, speaking at the reno ballroom on n. center st. the event will begin at one and doors open two hours earlier at 11. more than 14,000 acres of land in nevada have been recommended for federal purchase. nevada appeal says an area known as bentley land was nominated by legacy land and water.
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million, about 9000 acres are located in a safe habitat. if acquired, it would consolidate federal management for protection of sage grout. the record-breaking jackpot keeps growing. it has jumped to $800 million. look at this line on the gold rich casino in burdine. hundreds of people lined up for a chance of becoming one of the richest people in the world. some people waited in line for up to 2 1/2 hours today. if you win, the option of being, you have the option of being paid $800 million through annual payments over 29 years or opting for $496 million in cash. i am shot. i am bleeding heavily.>> coming up, the images of the new act of terror are beyond chilling.
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welcome back. check out this video, a man traveling down a california highway and counted -- encountered major debris. his escape is caught on camera. he noticed rain and water on the highway but then out of nowhere came on wall of water and debris. he knew he had to act quickly and he put his car in reverse he posted the video to bring
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can rise. here is a look at our local forecast. in reno, sitting at 30. no winds to speak up. pretty cloudy with relative humidity at 66%. taking a look across the region, look at eastern nevada. so cold. 11 degrees in eureka, good thing i am in doors with no sleeves on. down south in las vegas, 43 degrees tonight. looking at our almanac, we have warmed up white a bit compared to the last couple of weeks. we are hitting the lower 40s over the last few days. he averaged this time of year is 45. we all on track with the morning low at 25. on live doppler radar to give a picture of what's going on, we're looking at rainfall through california and then a couple of hours it will hit the sierra and turned to snow, and we do have a winter weather advisory in effect right now through 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. if you're traveling over the sierra passes tonight or tomorrow you can expect travel delays and slick roads and
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we are looking for 4-7 inches of snow at the highest elevations of the sierra crest. on satellite and radar we are watching this low-pressure system make its way in and to stress this, it is a weak system making its way in. not as strong as what we've seen the net -- last couple of weeks. we are seeing cloud cover in the next hour. by four, scattered snow showers over the sierra. then we have a little bit of a break early in the morning and afternoon. as we head to about seven, eight, 9:00, we're looking at more snow showers for far western nevada. we could see up to an inch of accumulation on the valley floors throughout tomorrow storm. tonight we're looking to get down to 26 degrees with mostly cloudy skies and we could see that chance for snow after mid- night. we will see winds across the region. tomorrow, topping out at 42. mostly cloudy skies and scattered snow showers was when
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we have the slight chance for snow in eastern nevada with highs in the upper 20s to lower 30s. as we head west into fallon, down to 21 tonight, topping out at 42 with that chance for scattered showers tomorrow. cooler for mammoth lake, down into the teens. looking at fearnley, down to 25. we're looking at the upper 30s to lower 40s across the board here. a chance for scattered showers across the region. talking accumulation, looking at one non-2 inches at lake level with highs around or above freezing tomorrow. up north, another chance for scattered showers with highs in the upper 30s to low 40s. then down to the valley floor, 20s overnight across the board, 27 for the virginia foothills. a chance of scattered showers. on the extended forecast, a little bit of a break. we will see a mix of sunshine and clouds sunday ahead of
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beginning of the workweek. that will be the same story for the reno area as well. here's a look at the extended forecast. these are warmer systems, the daytime highs in the lower 40s all next week. philadelphia police officials are saying an unprovoked attack on an officer is being investigated. these images showed the moment a gunman, identified as edward archer, opened fire on a philadelphia officer, jessie heart net. he shot at least 11 times at point-blank range. as the gunman ran away, he kept shooting, but heart net managed to follow and return fire. the suspect was captured minutes later. one question, the man claimed allegiance to isis. officer heart net is recovering from a broken arm and serious nerve damage but is expected to make up old recovery. a man arrested on terrorism charges
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appearance in court friday. he is accused of lying to investigators about traveling civil war. investigators say he returned to the us and pledged his support to islamic state groups if convicted he faces up to eight years in prison and a $250,000 fine. members of the drug enforcement administration her congratulating mexico for recapturing a drug lord, el chapo. the mexican president held a press conference confirming the capture of el chapo. he has been on the run since a daring july 11 escape, his sex -- second successful flight from a mexican prison. turning to tomorrow's news, you can stroll through the alleys of reno's guided midtown tour walked. it starts and ends at the blue way -- blue whale coffee
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tomorrow at 11 am. the sierra nevada girl scouts are baking up a cookie kickoff event at the reno event center. if you want your order of thin mints and tagalong's while learning about girl scout cookies, head over tomorrow
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hometown hoops of the what's up, everybody? our first hometown hoops of the 2016 season.
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i am alex margulies. bryan samudio has been given the night off. let's get right to it. your courtside for two on friday night rivals. >> that's right. a showdown between this of note and reno. they came in 14-one while the miners came in six-one him. this led up to the height -- lived up to the hype. the miners came out hitting three from every angle and getting past valerie mcguire. katy turner giving the miners their largest lead of the game at 14. it took the huskies a quarter to make them change, but when they did, it was quite again. two great passes, a bucket. with a minute to go before the half, hickey fines or shot, puts three on the board. the huskies led by one point. the second half was full of highlights from both squads, but it came down to the final
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in the end, the miners beat the huskies, 66-61. staying there, it was the boys turn. again, huskies at minors, off the job, the tip goes to minot. can well gets the first bucket of the night in style. the miners showing dominance very early out. next, consuelo hits nothing but net, miners up by two. the huskies take over on transition. here, a terrific hand, good for two. a 15-0 run, they win 71-63. over to gelinas, in the third, a triple, cougars up by seven. 20 seconds later, this is not a rebound -- replay, the long again from the same corner.
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toward the end of the quarter, another entry into the tray club. by the fourth, gallina topples 58-52. let's check out two teams, the senators hosting the lancers. joseph gets a bucket, the first points of the night. berries. we are tied at six. here come the lancers. derrick ill, looking pretty healthy there. a nice triple. the lancers were down by as much as five but they spread the ball around, taking control of this one. mcqueen coming out on top 53- 40. the raiders came out firing in the second half, corner pocket, the raiders lead is cut to 15. a couple of more three balls.
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are red-hot. the raiders made some downtown shots of their own. lincoln turner from the corner. 71-61 the final. panthers hosting giamatti ranch. the mustangs, a slow start. missed an easy two. 5-2. north valley, did not like that shot very much. that puts the panthers up 18-15 early in the second. panthers would keep it close. flannery finds alec going. he cuts the lead to two. 23-21. the mustangs come out on top, 76-71. the hawks hosted the douglas tigers this evening. early second half, sam dotson with the drive off the glass. that bumps their lead to double digits.
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this time, the assist from trey jackson, johnson, with the tray finish. the hawks was some good ball moves, and easy layup, but still down 16 points. they heat up a bit in the fourth, but it would not be enough. the hawks fall to the tigers, 79-53 the final. back to the ladies, we go back to carson with the senators hosting mcqueen. first-half action, senators moving the ball well. lindsey lehman draws in the deep under andrea moffat. she knows what to do, easy bucket. carson with a 5-0 run. check out the grid. lances -- lancers going in, get the ball back, wrestles through defenders. a little given go. that was a well-deserved bucket. carson still leading, but the lancers would rally back. how about is the warren from
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the mustangs up big, the kick out the wide open three, knocking it down. up 51-32. the mustangs making it downpour tonight port --. or is it a blizzard? can't stop, won't stop. north valley trying for the late push. panthers fall 60-38. over to douglas, the tigers came out more ring already up by four. haley hughes on the bank. douglas up, 6-0. later in the first half, tero williams with the drive to the paint. the tigers open the game on a 60-2 run. the hawks would eventually wake up, cutting the lead down to 12. they drop 0-9 on the season, 56- 16 the final. some other scores tonight, springs down
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the green wave ladies unstoppable, they beat lcoe 73- 58. 14-0 on the season. the indians squeaking past fallon. a wild win over dayton. 55-54. truckee falls, 69-40. fearnley wins at spring creek, 61-51. appreciate the phone calls calling those in. up next, the warriors in action tonight against the blazers.
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highlights. we will welcome back to hometown hoops, presented by the dolan auto group. the oakland raiders mac made history. he was and outside linebacker and was voted the verse team edition by the associated press nfl all-pro team. the 24-year-old was the first to make first-team at multiple positions ever. mac is 77 tackles, 15 sacks. he started off 16 games this season. the golden state warriors travel to portland with a healthy stephen curry in the starting lineup.
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with his absence. we will go out to the game. curry gets the ball, fires from the corner. he just does that, folks. the warriors get two passes. bennett rush delivers an impressive shot. a timeout did not help. led by klay thompson's 36 point, they finish 138-108. the wolfpack men's basketball team will return tomorrow at air force, coming off that loss at fresno state. they hope to bounce back. they are one-one in conference. you can watch the game online. your thoughts on this one? >> they had a tough start,
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expect -- what everyone was expecting.>> they have to be able to compete more on the road. starting down 30-5 against
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