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tv   News 4 Weekend  NBC  January 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> will run as a libertarian. he announced in september that heel not seek reelection. he is a republican. and former assembly woman heidi beganserb is campaigning for that as well. of owns several brothels throughout the state. most recently one of in the spotlight when lamar odom was
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and jamie hayden is interviewing dennis of as we speak. coming up tonight at 11:00. and the last time he was in the spotlight, former nba star lamar odom's family says he's been transferred from a los angeles hospital to a private facility. his family released a statement saying we announce his transition to the next stage of his miraculous recovery at a new facility. lamar continues to make remarkable strides. medics who treated him said he had multiple drugs in his system when he was found unconscious at the loveranch brothel in october. to political news, donald trump will make a stop in reno tomorrow. he announced hooeld be holding -- he'll be holding a rally at the reno ballroom. the doors open at 11:00. if you don't have a ticket to the event, you can watch a live stream on our website.
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his visit in our show tomorrow night after the globes. more antigovernment activists have pledged their spot to help a small armed group occupying a wildlife refugee in oregon. he is the son of cli venn bundy who you may remember over his standoff with the federal government in southern nevada. group has been occupying land for more than a week. the group grew yesterday when more people showed up to pledge support for the cause. he says his armed group will not leave until there is a plan to turn federal land over to locals. the group is also opposing prison sentences for two ranchers convicted of arson on federal land. happening right now, people are sending their saturday -- spending their saturday standing in line for a shot to win the $9 one million powerbal-jackpot. you can see the line today
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backing up traffic. people headed to the california state line to get their ticket. tonight's is the largest in u.s. history. and players know the odds are not in their favor with a 1 it it 292.2 million chance of winning. but lottery officials say about 75% of all possible numbers will be sold tonight. meaning it's becoming more likely someone will win. in the chance that no one wins, the jackpot is expected to grow to $1.3 billion. the drawing happens in just a few hours at 8:00 local time. you can buy a ticket till 7:00. the chances of another storm heading our way. we'll send it over to kathy wilson for a first look at our forecast. >> we have one more lingering
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and is then that week of active weather is gonna wrap up. we do have a break for you sunday, monday, and is tuesday. another storm on the way for wednesday with potential still over down to the valley floor. then we're seeing average temperatures finally. so those 40 degrees and 20 overnight are gonna stick around for the next week or so. looking at today, we reached a high of 41. that's only 4 degrees below average. and then a low of 27. look at that record low, negative 18 set in 1890. i don't think we'll get anywhere close to that. but i wanted to look at our snowfall totals on the valley floor. we've respected 2.2 inches of snow. just a little above average for this time of year. 39 degrees in reno right now with relative humidity 65%. the burn code is green, so it is all right to burn. i'm have the full forecast
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representatives from the university of nevada are warning people about the risks of radon, a naturally considering radioactive gas that is colorless, odorless and tasteless but it can accumulate in homes and raise your risk of lung cancer. 21,000 americans die each year radon. in nevada about 1 in 4 homes shows radon concentrations above the acceptable level. that's why the university of nevada's cooperative extensions radon education program is holding more than a dozen public meetings across the state. >> this is the best time to test for radon. they tend to be higher during the winter. that's why we give free test kits now. >> the next meeting is on tuesday afternoon at north valley's library in reno. we'll post a list of all the meetings on our website, and they're also handing out free test kits at all of those
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people without health insurance could receive free medical care at a clinic today. the university of nevada school of medicine is -- hosted the first in a series of free clinics this month. today they offered general and is pediatric services including physicals and is immunizations. medical students from the clinics at the family medical center on campus under the supervision of licensed physicians. >> real patient, getting hands on, and practicing what they're learning before they get out into the world and the hospitals. and it provides better patient care from our end as well as a better experience for students. >> if you missed that clin irk, the school of medicine is -- clinic, to more. a women's health clinic on january 23rd, and another general clinic on january 26th from 6:00 to 9:00 at night. the students will be offering general and pediatric services at that one. and you don't need to know appointment.
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come, first serve basis. if you want to get up close and personal with live snake, you may want to slither on down to the wilbur-d. may center. you can even walk on a suspension bridge over a pit filled with live rattlesnakes. and you can see ryan kern testing that out. or you can walk through a 25- foot model snake to see their insides. there will be live snake handlers there. $9 for adults, $8 for children and seniors. the nevada men's basketball team played on the road this morning.
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-- taking a look at tomorrow's news tonight, if your christmas tree is wilting in the corner, you have one more day to recycle it. accepting trees at nine drop- off locations in washo county. you can stop by any truckee meadows fire protection district. e county. you can stop by any truckee meadows fire protection district. your treeing be turned into
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[ inaudible ] awaken is a nonprofit to increase awareness and education surrounding the expectation and provides shelter for those victims. the organization has been
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they have helped 229 girls begin a new life. find out more about the cause. speaking with the pack, three players have been named the women's university division scholar of the west region team. catherine jamison, kelsey quints quintos, and alyssa duranty received an honorable mention. 3.86 as a community health science and human development studies major. the team award is given to the collegiate soccer team who coached a team high grade point average of 3.0 or higher.
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accumulated a 3.13 gpa. nevada swimming and diving competing at the diving invitational on friday in honolulu. it consisted of divers from hawaii. north carolina, harvard, nebraska, columbia, and minnesota. three of the pack's swimmers finished in the top-8 on the 1- meter springboard. 1st, 4th, and 8th place rankings. if you are a fan of girl scout cookies, this might be your favorite time of the year.
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northern nevada are preparing el chapo now back behind bars in the same prison.
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led authorities right to him. and more tonight on the man who ambushed a police officer in philadelphia, invoking isis. we'll update you on the was shot. and it is powerball fever across the country! we have our tickets, hope you've got --. we'll talk to you more about the frenzy sweeping the nation. this might not be what you want to hear if a diet is part of your new year's resolution, but girl scout cookie season has arrived. the girl scouts of the sierra nevada just wrapped up their event. there are five essential skills to have a successful kooblgy season -- cookie season. they learn how to set goals, manage money, develop people skills and business ethics, and make sales decisions. >> i never tried it, but i
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own job! >> you walk around in neighborhoods and say you want to buy some cookies? >> does that work? >> yes. >> too cute! and if you're hoping to get your hands on some girl scout cookies, sales are happening through january. and will girl scouts will be in front of grocery stores beginning in late february. cookie season runs through march 20th. and they're $5 a box. proceeds go to local activities and community projects. >> what's your favorite? >> i like the caramel delights. >> coconut and chocolate. so good. >> i love cinnamon. but i just had to throw mine away. [ laughter ] >> trying to eat cleaner for the new year! >> i love thin mints too. and we're all on the same page when it comes to picking out our outfits! >> i never wear pink! [ laughter ]
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>> before we go, let's get a weather check. >> the pretty much average temperatures for the first time finally in january. 47 degrees on tuesday. and we have a storm rolling in wednesday to thursday. that's groan bring some valley floor. >> that's going to do it for us tonight.
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he's probably taller than
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seem night, inside the capture. the notorious drug back in the same prison from which he escaped six months ago. may have helped authorities track him down. the ambush. charges filed against a man who allegedly invoked isis after
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