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tv   Nevada Newsmakers  NBC  January 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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pro group management and the >> closed captioning of "nevada newsmakers" is brought to you by the nevada trucking association, trucking moves america forward. this is "nevada newsmakers" with host sam shad, a no holds barred political forum. now from the "nevada newsmakers" broadcast headquarters, here is sam shad. >> back on "nevada newsmakers," we are pleased to welcome amy tarkanian and erline forsyth, both former nevada republican state chairwomen and both supporting carly fiorina. pleasure to have you all on the program. >> thank you for having us. >> i want to start with amy, you and i had lots of conversations off the air, as well as on the air, about all the republican candidates and what was it that finally brought you to carly fiorina? what was the number one thing? >> interesting that you ask that because you're right, we did have an opportunity to meet with
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she was somebody who struck me as somebody who is confident, very upbeat, knows exactly where she wants to take this country, she has detailed plans, she's very strong, she has had many ups and downs. she's overcome many obstacles, she's a mom, a wife and that's obviously something i relate to. i have four kids. when i was state party chair, i was the youngest in the nation at the time, that was not an easy job for me. i did come across several difficult situations, where i had encounters with grown men who would tell me i was wrong, yell in my face, didn't make my life very easy, but i admire that about her, i admire her tenacity, her moxie, her grit and just knowing that i would feel good about myself at the end of the day supporting somebody with that kind of strength and character, is a huge huge. >> but what do you think about
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governor, she's not been in the u.s. senate, where is her legislative experience? >> uh-huh. well, she was the first female ceo with hewlett-packard. she is did start as secretary in a small firm and worked her way up. so she did attend stanford university, extremely plans. a lot of these politicians, if you will, that just spew rhetoric, they don't really have plans. she has detailed plans and i think right now in this day and age, we're looking for somebody who isn't a polished politician, we want somebody who knows how to start from the ground up, who has actually been there, done that, knows how to get a busy moving, knows how to manage people and do it successfully. >> amy, i have to ask, as you
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attributes, what about truthfulness? i mean, in the debate, time and again, she has made statements that have been proven absolutely false. >> which one? >> of course the famous planned parenthood film that everyone that has investigated says it does not exist. >> oh, then we must have read different outcomes of that. >> we certainly have, but i think if you watch any of the national media, all of her statements have been discounted. >> i don't think that is true, either. >> i don't either. >> i think you have read the wrong article. >> what i've seen are pretty accurate and to what she has had to say about what has taken place. whether you are pro-life or pro-choice. >> yeah, okay, we'll have to agree to disagree on that one, but that -- her veracity has
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there's no question about that. >> i actually appreciate that about her. i am pro-life and whether you are or not, the fact that the videos did come out and the way they did, i think speaks volumes for what happens behind closed doors in some areas. i'm not saying all planned parenthoods were guilty of those procedures. >> even though they were alterd and tamper? ed >> they weren't altered, you can go on youtube and find the entire video. >> all right. i want to go back to the origin question, also for erline forsyth, which is, this is the largest group of republican candidates for president that we've seen probably ever. what are your thoughts on why you decided you wanted to go with carly fiorina? >> well, my husband is a medical oncologist and i'm a nurse practitioner and i watched her in her debate with barbara boxer. and i thought, who is this out
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this incumbent? especially in a deep blue state in california. and come to find out, i learned that she was a cancer survivor and that really touched me because taking care of cancer patients, they need a lot of support, a lot of courage to get through battling of the cancer. and here she was, on that stage, acting as though she could win the presidency with no problem. i'm sorry, the united states senate with no problem. that to me showed me that the 50,000 women that are diagnosed with breast cancer annually can see her and connect with her and see hope and how she can move forward in her life and the struggles and fighting for her life. so when she is running for the presidency, she's already been
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getting to be our leader. >> and, you know, obviously that is an admirable trait in anyone and we got to interview dr. ben carson and he was talking about how there are a lot of smart people in the country and he knows smart people and that is country. i know a lot of smart people, president. >> but she's proven to be intelligent and smart and a great leader, look what she did with hewlett-packard? >> do you want to go down that road? the folks she laid off, decimate decimated decimated. >> she had to lay them off. >> during that time was known as the dot-combust. >> we all lived through that and other companies -- >> some companies did not make it. >> there is empire cal data of what she did to that company and the layoff and the -- >> saved the company by the merger, as well.
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that was involved at the time. >> well, i have to jump in here and say that her former boss turned around after the whole incident and said she was actually very good for the company. >> don't you find it remarkable she's never held another job since then? that no one has ever picked her up? >> she received a phone call from steve jobs actually saying that she should take a break and then not long after, she started several nonprofit companies, one was condoleez a rice, as well. she has job experience under her belt, it was not paid, nonprofit experience, not locally, but globally. >> president bush called her and asked her if she wanted to come to washington. >> stand by because we have to pay for this program. we'll take a break and come
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more >> closed captioning of "nevada
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the nevada trucking association, trucking moves america forward. >> now back to "nevada newsmakers" with sam shad. >> back on "nevada newsmakers," we have amy tarkanian, erline forsyth, speaking on behalf of carly fiorina in this presidential campaign. and one thing she talks about is marijuana and we're seeing marijuana being accepted socially and legally across much of the country now and yet she said that i think we're misleading young people by telling them smoking a joint is like drinking a beer. your thoughts or position with what nevada is going through? >> i think we are moving a little too fast too soon in this situation, especially since on the federal level it's still illegal, so what nevada is doing, i wish we would take a step back and maybe watch what colorado is doing and see how that pans out. i, myself, i am not against legal marijuana, now i'm not
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single thing every candidate sdz. i understand she has a concern. she had a daughter unfortunately who did pass from addiction, so i would not take that concern lightly, that she has. >> and medical marijuana, i think is great. i don't know about social marijuana legalizing that, i'm really into the medical marijuana because i know in our practice, my husband refers them to san francisco, where they do receive hemp oil and rub on their gums and increase -- helps them decrease pain and helps them fight their cancer, especially brain cancer. >> thank you for sharing that. we've had several oncologists over the years willing to come on the program, even before medical marijuana was legalized in nevada is talk about the medical benefits and it's about time as a nation we actually go in and do testing required and i'm proud of the way nevada is doing things to make sure that
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the patient is purest it can possibly be. >> my husband just wrote a book called can the stoned," and the true meaning of medical marijuana. he is very good resource because of how he treats his cancer patients. >> we'd love to have him on the program. >> thank you. yes, yes. thank you. >> i wanted to go back to the senate race with barbara boxer. it has -- where was her compassion when she did not pay her employees from her previous campaign until last year as the run-up to this presidential election and in fact, one gentleman, who waited for years to be compensated, died before she ultimately repaid those former employees. what does that say that they were left hanging all these
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work that they performed and current campaign manager made a statement to "well, she lost," they didn't deserve to be paid. >> i don't know if that was the correct statement and to be honest, dinot follow her u.s. senate race as closely as you do, but i know in campaigns, sometimes toward the end, there is difficult situations and loose ends that need to be tied and it does take time unfortunately, sometimes bill dos accumulate without the candidate knowing. i would know this, my husband has ran for office 6789 my husband been upfront and paid his bills, but i know that sometime its takes time to make sure all the reasons are met. >> this has been nearly four years and no effort was made until the run-up to her presidential -- >> i'm not sure if that is true or not, i know another candidate situation, as well, some locally, i will not say the
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taken place and those take time to have finalized -- >> should you have a lawsuit to get paid for work -- >> no, but sometimes personalities conflict and are not happy with the outcome, not sure what happened. >> many times you go over the budget when running for office. >> a lot of times that is campaign manager's fault and not candidate. >> a lot of times after person is elected they have pay off the debt party. if you are not winning candidate, that is not so easy, the way it works out. not that i'm saying that is a good size. >> we were not part of the campaign -- these are all possibilities. >> accumulation of this issue. >> we are out of time. thank you ladies for being here, spiritted discussion, we'll be right back. >> thank you. >> "nevada newsmakers" is brought to you in part by the
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pro group management, and the >> this is "nevada newsmakers."
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we have a great power pundit panel with political commentator commentators commentators. andy barbano is here and sean whaley, political commentator is here, as well. paul, i will turn to you right away and ask you what is going on between the lieutenant governor and the treasurer and the controller over the esa's? seems like war has broken out. >> or the attorney general. >> i mean the attorney general. don't want to leave anybody out. >> saw this as potentially that the lawsuit that was filed by lieutenant governor in his private capacity as a threat to litigation the state had. sounds like from the press release and i l talk to anybody involved, but it sounds like from the press release, there was private conversation about dropping this and when that wasn't happening, it had to go public. >> mr. andy barbano?
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to advise his rookies, if you see a bunch of drunks fighting in a bar, let them fight until they punch themselves out and pick up the bloody bodies and call the wagon. that is exactly what i see here and it is very entertaining. >> well, i don't think it is a bunch of drunks thas impact on the lives and the families of nevadans who haven't had that opportunity or means to send their kids to a school other than a public school, so they want to take advantage of it, i think the attorney general, the lieutenant governor, the treasurer, the governor, they all have that -- >> that is absolute -- >> no, it's not. >> nobody can afford a private school for that near 5000 bucks, private schools in nevada -- >> you are 100% wrong on that. >> the school where i send my kids to, absolutely would cover
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so you are 100% wrong when you say that tochlt say it is a bunch of drunks fighting, i think absolute substantive issues that the attorney general is trying to get fixed and -- >> the -- want to kill the public school system. >> there may be, but however, considering the problems the state faces, is this the biggest issue? i see some of the people -- >> i tell you what -- >> this is their hill to die on, should it be? >> when you look at amount of money the state of nevada spends on education, is it a big issue? absolutely s. it a big issue to families who have their kids in school and the only way they get to choose their school currently is based on where they live, so now they're able to have that means to be able to send their kid to another institution, i think that is a good thing. >> take a look at all of the community here there is a big segment of the community that doesn't have enough money and
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they are not saying -- this school versus -- >> this is exactly the type of people that it is meant to help. >> no, no, no, no there is no needs testing on who gets esa. >> there may not be. >> look who is applying. the gazette journal research who had is applying, 90% plus are from av fluent zip codes, this is another transfer of public money to rich people. i guess that includes you. >> you know what, i can't take advantage of it, andy, it doesn't include me, i'm not pulling my kids out of school for 100 days to get that money. it is my job to educate my kids, not the government, number one. number two, a lot of families who don't have that means, do have this opportunity now, either through esa or through scholarships that are funded by businesses, including trucking companies, construction companies, retailers to send kids who haven't had the opportunity, who are stuck, in
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right here in washoe county to be able to send them -- >> funding religion schools with tax money. >> that is what the lawsuit is about. >> is it not federal use of the funds to improve the schools currently doing poorly? >> i think having education competition, we talked to tracy davis here. >> she said bring it on. >> bring it on, it is competition, competition does not hurt, competition doesn't hurt in government, competition doesn't hurt in education. >> government is not a business and for the most part, thank god, schools are not a business. education is a process, not a profit center and you want to turn it into a profit center. >> the process isn't working. and you know what, is it working for your kids who are in the upper middle class? usually it does. for the people it isn't working
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while education is that means to get them out when it isn't working for them because they are at a school that is failing to be able to transfer money -- >> first of all, from one of the schools failing and send that kid to a private school is a great thing. >> paul, those in poverty are not looking at education as means to get out, number one. >> that is not true. >> it is very much true. if you have a young man doing well in school, his parents don't say go to college, get a job and take care of your younger siblings, number one. number two, when it come to these sorts of issues -- >> so poor people don't care about education is what you are say something >> no that, is not what i'm saying, they have different values and goals. >> the goal is having a job before going on furthering education? >> the goal is to survive and keep a roof over your head. there are people in this town who have seven jobs under one roof and they can't keep it
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because of nevada's lousy wages. >> to send their kids to a school where they will get a better education and have better opportunities is an absolutely -- >> if i want to start a school, nevada taxpayers would be paying me to teach sharia law to your kids. >> andy, i would never send my kid to any school you are a part of, even though i love you and respect you and i wouldn't send my kid to a law school. you are takeing that absurdity to -- >> so are you. >> absolutely not.
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education s >> next broadcast, marsha
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