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tv   News 4 at Six  NBC  January 11, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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we are seeing around average daytime highs. that puts us in the 40s are probably will see the slushy stuff. were 24 hour will stay partly cloudy skies down into the 20s overnight tonight and then by tomorrow afternoon reaching the mid-40s. average daytime highs have returned to the area and they are expected to stick around. a quick look at your current air quality a moderate rating for the reno and sparks area but it is okay to burn out there. a much closer look at the storm and 70 forecast coming up. two people are in custody after a young man was shot and killed in carson city this morning. >> jimmy joins us. the sheriff says the victim was shot during a drug deal. >>reporter: that's right. first there was an argument over marijuana and it ended with the victim dead and he says in carson city marijuana is a deadly says -- substance.
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such as this last night that are either directly or indirectly related to marijuana than any other drug. >> 18-year-old grant walk-ins lost his life budget morning after a drug dealer near a park in north carson city.>> for whatever reason that went sour and one of the persons to a weapon and shopping. >> the shooting happened near scotch pine drive after 12:30 am. authorities say watkins was attempting to sell and rent 3 ounces of marijuana to two other men when he was shut. >> at this time we don't know what caused this to go back. we are doing everything in our power to determine that. it is too early. >>reporter: watkins was transported to hospital by a friend where he passed away. several hours after the shooting the carson city swat executed a search warrant the 900 block of e. 5th st. where they detained three persons of interest. after questioning detectives
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garcia-manriquez and jesus garcia-manriquez . initially a third person was also detained, a 17-year-old female that was later released repairs. detectives also found about drug paraphernalia in the as of monday afternoon the shooting happened. all that remains are a couple of evidence. we spoke with harvey lloyd who lives across the street from where the shooting happened. he said the area is typically quiet but says, crime can happen anywhere. >> it surprised me and it shouldn't because drugs are all the time at their probably. >> both the brothers were booked into the carson city
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murder in maintaining a drug house. the bail has been set at $250,000. the investigation is ongoing and anyone with information is encouraged to contact the carson city sheriff's office at 887 in maintaining a drug house. the bail has been set at $250,000. the investigation is ongoing and anyone with information is encouraged to contact the carson city sheriff's office at 887-2014. you can remain anonymous. lamar odom will not face charges. nye dist. atty. said, doesn't odom had -- visit for cocaine. although he had cocaine in his system there is no evidence to indicate he was in possession of a drug during the time in trenton county. you can find the whole statement on the homepage of our website that brings us to our mind web poll question. do you think lamar odom should face drug charges? the results
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still plenty of time to vote. you'll find the whipple on the police cars rented an elementary school this morning after reports of a kidnapping. according to reno police officer tim broadway and man called anderson elementary just after classes started and told the school secretary that he had her daughter. before heading off officials say a girl is heard in the background saying she had been kidnapped. police confirmed the sec.'s children were safe and they say the phone call was likely a scam. new at six and district judge put the school choice program on hold before money was expected to flow to parents for private school tuition the judge granted a preliminary injunction today and owners the treasure to stop implementing the education savings account
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deliberations. the program allows parents to claim more than $5000 per student each education expenses. a coalition challenged the program with a lawsuit filed in august. members argued it would take money away from public schools and says it doesn't follow the state constitution. applied were told they could receive funds by february if the court didn't object. we are about 24 hours away from president obama's final state of the union speech where he will unveil his goals for the rest of his time in office. how successful has he been in making them reality connect>> lyrical sizes say half of reality. scott shows us the hits and misses. >>reporter: the present wish list has been a long one but to the dreams become reality? in 2009 he promised measures that would bring unemployment
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a year later he vowed to hunt down terror leaders and osama bin laden is dead. his dislike historians will tell you most -- most state of the union promises have fallen flat. secondly do an analysis of every promise and proposal that every president since thomas jefferson, you will find the success rate low. we `gun control. -- take gun control. congress did agree with the mention and obama had to have watered-down axis. in a most every state of the union he did in a college affordability. a tough sell. his push on immigration also underwhelming resulting in congress and is tied up in court. the speeches overcoming lingering hopes that actual likelihoods.
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and say look at all we can do if we unite as people. and yet we don't unite. we met with a republican dominic congress the president state of the unit may focus on outlining what he can do through executive order, realizing some of the big- ticket items may have to be left to his successor. on capitol hill and discuss them in. on our top political news gop candidate treasury what will hold a town hall in under an hour. nevada voters can call toll-free into the number on your screen beginning at 7 o'clock tonight. officials with her campaign say she will address issues that are important to the veterans and a half hour -- nevada. presidential candidate is reaching out to residents with a meet and greet tomorrow afternoon arena. john kasich will be at the gop
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doors open to the public at 1:15 pm tickets not required for the event but an rsvp is required. you can sign up to attend at you can sign up to jeb bush visiting his message. he scheduled a rally for generic 21st at the northeastern nevada museum. he is trying to rally support. presence in school started back up a water damage is causing a school to keep its doors close. a pipe burst back in december severely damaging the first floor of pine middle school. classes were set to start taylor 25th. in the meantime the girls and disappointed girls club and food bank providing meals and bus services to pine middle school students and their families for more information
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ahead our savanna businesses following the anti- smoking law. a rotor does my fear road in about a possible violator. i will help to clear the air. an average daytime highs
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welcome back. the ask joe file about the anti- smoking law and whether it's a being in force, the way it should be, kevin wrote in asking about a local sports bar that serves food, she says her and her husband stopped in and she noticed several people smoking inside. she wants to know if the business is breaking the law or is there a loophole that allows people to smoke in some businesses where food is served? nevada clean indoor air act was passed november 2006 by voters in the law prohibits smoking in most public places. i checked over at the washoe health and he says there are a few exceptions to the smoking ban. they are gaming areas inside a casino, you can still stuck there, standalone bars and also bars or restaurants in which people under the age of 21 are not allowed inside.
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the viewer complained about since they are not in violation but they do not let anyone under 21 inside. smoking is allowed there. also there been complaints about the same issue with this business and may have conducted inspections in the most recent was in july and the health district found no violations. the clean indoor air act was passed in an effort to cut down on the impact of secondhand smoke in nevada and according in force. thanks kim for setting in the question. if you have any questions you want to ask sent an email at j hart me know whatever the topic is and i will help track a definite as our winter weather hits sierra search and rescue make it a habit to prepare for an avalanche. the experts review the safety tips. >>reporter: the most important
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into the back country is what the snow conditions are. the most dangerous type of avalanche that will kill people is called a slab avalanche for heavy snow is resting on top of later snow the once in avalanche occurs it's important to know what to do from there. it's taken very seriously in the sierra especially this year since we haven't getting hit with winter storms. in the event someone was to get buried in the snow search and rescue units from all over washoe county will know what to do. >> this is error annual refresher to get everyone up to speed but us as well. it is a year or we have a good snow pack and we will be responding to an avalanche and sent point. >>reporter: there are two ways to go about finding someone that's buried in this never one, using a dog.
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and a dog picks it up and uses his nose and heads to the area where the person is.. when the dog handler sees the dog digging they know they found the body. the other way to find someone that's. is through an avalanche beacon. >> with the begin at sending out a single, your partner should have a beacon as well. they can switch the deacon to receive mode to they can receive the signal that's being center. >>reporter: from there the person can track where you are. it will take several minutes for a rescue team to get to your location, your number one chance to survive is a part of. >> you have to know the area, know the avalanche forecast and make the good access decisions to keep your party say. >> experts say the three things
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you while traveling is a probe, shovel and begin to see what the snow terrain looks like for the update check sierra avalanche speaking of snow, a storm is making its way to northern nevada. things will change wednesday morning. madison joins us with a first look at the forecast.>> are daytime high today 43. we are around average for this time of year. warmer than what we have seen over the last couple weeks. this will be a warmer system. the average high this time of year 45. the morning low around 25. right now in reno and 37, no wins and relative humidity 67%. around area have dropped to the 20s are the lake a southlake tahoe code 25 in fallon and 29. we have high pressure of the west coast the low-pressure is
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a winter weather advisory along with winter storm watch in effect early wednesday morning. we are expecting 3 to 8 inches above 5500 feet with the system but on the valley floor it will be more/with the warmer daytime highs. as i mentioned on satellite we have a high pressure over the west coast but have strong valley inversions that cause reduced air quality for today and possibly tomorrow. tonight in reno and sparks a moderate air quality rating that it is okay to burn. tonight and tomorrow not seeing a whole lot of activity other than partly cloudy skies and tuesday night more cloud coverage and then early wednesday morning this is a look at physical a.m. will see snow hitting the sierra and spilling over into western nevada and scattered
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lingering threat your workweek. in reno and sparks data 26, partly cloudy and the winds out of the south about 5 miles per hour. tomorrow 47 comp partly cloudy, michael we saw today but in little warmer out there. heading over to eastern nevada mostly sunny skies tomorrow with winds calm and then battle mountain 31 degrees. west into fellow 20 degrees and topping out in the mid-40s. bishop lower 50s far. reaching around average or above average in some places for this time of year. carson city 46 tomorrow and overnight lows in the teens and 20s, middle court for truckee. tenant 12 tonight and upper 30s tomorrow. up north in susanville daytime high 42 with overnight lows the teens and 20s for the most part and on the valley floor only were that reduced air quality
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here is a look at the forecast. we have a break in the system still tomorrow and then a 50 to 60% chance for a mix of rain and snow showers on the valley floor. reno and carson city, 90% chance for snow on wednesday around southlake tahoe and around the lakes the storm lasting throughout the weekend. we start to see things die down on saturday. we definitely have another system making its way in. slushy conditions. >> definite mix. >> coming up after the break reaction from around the world after news of david bowie's death.
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will come back, the music world is morning a legend, david bowie. he died sunday from cancer. 69 years old. >>reporter: shocking news of david bowie step sunday evening came as a surprise. his facebook page announcing he died surrounded by his family after a courageous a team of battle with cancer. his son, duncan, confirming on twitter. very sorry to say straight. -- it's true. his fame began with a space odyssey. i catapulted him into different levels started. fans from brixton are remembering the music icon. >> he's given me confidence.
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pond gathering at his star at the walk of fame. >> it's like he went to another planet to find every source of creativity. >>reporter: holiday -- hollywood elite remembering him.>> he was an icon and different >>'s influence as an artist has been amazing. >>reporter: what might be the most amazing are telling as his final album, black star released last week. with a single lazarus the biblical figure rose from the dead. like lazarus's music will live on. david bowie turned 59 years old -- 69 and release black star and music officials say the album has skyrocketed since his death. though he was married twice and is survived by two children one from each marriage.
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right back. the mexican government released video of the government siege that ended with the capture of drug lord joaquin guzman . jacob prescott has a details from mexico. >>reporter: el chapo is back in prison for his third time. the most recent arrest happen nearly 1000 miles away in his home state in a town. video released by the marines shows the rain. marines going against tran15's bodyguard.
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el chapo escape through a circuit door behind a mirror making his way into the city's water system emerging hours later stealing a car at gunpoint and then being captured by the lead to force and taken back to prison. his extradition process has begun for the united states but it's already been temporarily halted by a mexican federal judge. authorities say it is expected to take at least one year and likely much longer because of the legal options available to el chapo. sergeant. bird-dog goes before a jury. he disappeared from his
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2009 and was been kidnapped and held captive by the taliban for five years. he was released in a prisoner exchange for five guantanamo bay returnees in 2014. new information about a paris terror attack suspect at large. >>reporter: from the terrorism alert desk i am jonathan elias. we are seeing images of one of the suspects and apparent different paris terror attack. surveillance released. this is a terror suspect that is still on the run and seeing with an accomplice. police believe the pictures were taken a day after the terror attack. we are learning more about the man killed while trying to attack a paris police station last week. german embassy to say he has lived in a german shelter people seeking asylum. after a search of the shelter ms interstate into not appear any other tax or plan.
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jonathan elias. the mother of the affluenza team was in court today as the attorneys asked for a bond reduction tonya catches on to the set at $1 million and she is charged with hindering the apprehension of a felon, ethan was on probation. he was ordered not to drink alcohol. prosecute or say when a video surfaced of him drinking the two fled to mexico, a judge agreed with the attorney staying $1 million bond was not warranted for the case and lowered it to $75,000. the reduced bond was given with a number of conditions attached. couch as to live with another one of her sons and check-in weekly with law enforcement. she will be drug tested and cannot take alcohol. she has to that you cannot come into contact with any firearms. the woman the fbi believed brought jewelry stores across the south made her first court appearance today in georgia.
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of jewelry store workers in five states at gunpoint. tie them up and taking items. the fbi says she had six stores and never wore a mask. he was assigned a public defender after she told the judge she cannot afford an attorney. authorities say she stole up to $4 million in jewelry. if convicted she will face after 20 years in prison. when we come back a famous mansion is up for sale but
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one of the residents your household budget may need revamping pretty say because of stuffing the done. chris has the on your side report tonight. >>reporter: when the federal reserve raise interest rates last month and said there would be further gradual increases during 2016, a lot of consumers were scrambling for the calculator to see what that will do to monthly budgets. because interest rates go up you will see that reflect in your credit card and home equity lines of credit. typically within 1 to 2 statements you'll see the higher rate. >>reporter: mcbride says
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adjustable-rate mortgage loans scheduled to reset this year. >> if the fed has raised interest rates a few times, by the time you loan resets you could be looking at a nasty payment increase. >>reporter: he says generally when interest rates rise the credit they rise on what banks pay customers with savings accounts. does not as quickly. >> a lot of banks are not going to raise interest rates right away and even once they do in the back half of 20 in the back half of 2016 the yield will be trailing the rate of inflation. >>reporter: karlos will be affected that much which may help car sales continue to record pace they set in 2015. chris clack and nbc news. and more consumer news the once popular name going away. you won't see the name motorola on phones. the chinese pc maker is changing the name to motel. lenovo path the company from google for almost $3 billion. motorola was responsible for
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consumer cell phones. honda and volvo have taken the top awards at the north american international car show. the honda civic has been named the 2016 north american car of the year. honda beat out the chevrolet malibu and the mazda mx five. the civic one the car of the year award in 2006. volvo's xd 90 was named truck utility of the year for the second time. the first coming in 2003. at the end of an era for the ringling brothers circus. the show elephants are retiring this summer ringling's parent company says the elephants. touring in july a year and a half earlier than first plan. once the company started planning for the retirement they realized it could happen quickly and the 11 touring elephants will join the rest of the herd and a conservation center in central florida. many cities have passed anti-
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difficult to plan towards. the playboy mansion is up for sale. it's for the back drop of parties has a price tag of $200 million. the home has 29 rooms, a hope theater, wine cellar and a pool. the 5 acre property comes with a rare zoo license. as a condition of the sale the mansion president you have to will continue to live there. after moved into that manchin 45 years ago. he's easy to get along with. coming up with sports the 49ers will be busy. more in sports. plus a little more sunshine
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then we have the welcome back. a look at the official daytime high in reno, 43. a couple degrees below average. we will continue to see 40 degrees throughout the remainder of the work week. another storm system making its way in. outside in reno city f 37, no wins and relative humidity at 67% we have dropped down into the 20s around the lake and down to 29 in fallow. a couple days ahead early wednesday a winter weather advisory in storm watch for parts of the sierra and far western nevada and remain in effect through much of wednesday. we could see 3 to 8 inches of snow above 5500 feet with the next system.
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over the west coast. we have a reduced air quality rating tonight. modern air quality in reno-sparks but okay to burn in washoe county. taking a look at futurecast , tonight and tomorrow we will see partly cloudy skies. later night club coverage making its way in an early wednesday morning looking at snow hitting the sierra and spilling into far western seeing scattered showers throughout the day. tonight in reno and sparks dennis 26, partly cloudy and right around average. tomorrow, if we reach 47 that will be above average for this time of year. of the rest of the seven deadly drop to average. in eastern nevada mostly sunny skies, overnight lows in the teens and down into single digits for elko and topping out in the upper 20s to the mid-30s tomorrow.
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slightly warmer from auburn and bishop. reteam lower 50s. a carson city, lower 20s and topping out at 46. still in the teens for silver springs. around the lake tomorrow daytime highs in the upper 30s and mid 40s and someone tahoe the cold night for truckee. tomorrow wind shift in the north at 5 miles per hour daytime highs in the lower 40s. overnight lows trending in the teens and 20s for the most part. on the valley floor 22, 25 regina city, tomorrow's daytime highs in the 40s for the reno sparks floor. extended forecast can see expecting partly cloudy skies on your tuesday and the chance for storms making the way in wednesday. looking at a mix of rain and snow on wednesday for the valley floors. southlake tahoe 90% chance for
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we will see the storm stick around the lake to the weekend and then farina wednesday through saturday will see the storms -- the second bigger storm picking up on saturday. we see on the valley floor on wednesday will be a mix of rain and snow with the daytime high rent 45. it is time for sports. alex with that.>> nine wins they had 10 a conference placement this is about as good as things can get for eric this far. earlier today trend -- tremont had a chance to visit with the team has this report.>> it's on a high rate. they beat the air force in -- it was an all-around team effort. five nevada players.
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to do that. the broncos are leaving right now. they had guys that can shoot from every angle. i caught up with the nevada tea before practice. here's what i said about the opponent. expect they present a lot of problems. i think the point guard is the most underrated in the conference. they could score 1 through five positions. that makes them really hard to prepare for her expect they have key guys. we have to slow down. we need to communicate.>> we are a tough team and they will have to come in here and beat us. we will give them again. if we come ready to play it will be a good game. >>reporter: they had a lot a test the season. they are to into print at home
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keep that streak of life. >> will be a big challenge. the broncos are 12 and four. it was over -- last with the fresno tea. we'll see tipoff on wednesday at cinema. you can get tickets by calling 348 pac. >> it's been a banner season for brandon marshall and his efforts have not gone unnoticed. by the broncos. tre basin names and -- they work as a players like the public commitments as partnership encouragement both players overcame significant off season injuries. they finished first and second on the team. he racked up 101 in six games.
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broncos host dealers this sunday in a mile high city. jenna will be in denver to cover the game. look for her coverage later in the week. >> this effort of 49ers continue their search for a new head coach. it appears to have identified their favorite. the niners met with hugh jackman -- dash jackson. he was the office according her he developed a one of the top offenses in the league. there is no official offer yet. in the niners want him they may have to move fast. he's wanted in cleveland and plan to interview with the new york giants. speaking energized the niners have requested permission to interview tom coughlin. despite having your left on the contract and as of the entered the season he wants to move on. the 69 or -- 60 9112 super bowls but there's a connection. they both are disciples of longtime coach and executive
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lindsay von home to go member -- metals. she has a remarkable 73 overall wins to her name. >> that for her.>> she had that knee surgery. it seems like she's recovery. >> she's amazing. >> not far off from the most wins of all time. >> tiger woods is a good influence on her maybe. >> i don't know. >> i think he's off on the most
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>> stay with us. much of hollywood may be in recovery but today the morning after the golden globes the 73rd annual event last night honored this year's best in tv and movies. >>reporter: that frontier revenge epic was a revelation at the golden globe the major wins includi test drama, director and actor for leah nodded dicaprio.
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adaptation. honors for best actress went to paris larson. for the hostage drama room. it was a devil went for the martian. best musical or comedy and best actor for matt damon. >> i know how lucky i am. >>reporter: jennifer lawrence spoke to david o russell after winning best actress for their collaboration and joy. in the tv category cookie lyons alter ego passed out cookies on her way to claiming best actress in a drama for empire. mad men sean hampton best actor well first season computer hackers is in mr. robot captured best drama. too upset for amazon streaming serious best comedy and best
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surprised also. winning best actress for crazy ex-girlfriend. the nice highlight included a standing ovation for sylvester stallone first ever glow. best supporting actor for creed. playing the role he originated nearly 4 decades ago. >> i want to thank my imaginary friend rocky balboa. >>reporter: a golden moment on a goldeneye. gina can news4 some of the nice other winners included kate winslet, best supporting actress for steve jobs and best animated feature went to insight out, singer sam smith one best original song for writing on the wall from james bond film well lady gaga won best actress in a tv movie or miniseries for american horror story. coming up tonight on news4 taking a stand on who should be the final decision-
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important screening for women. with the leaders of the biggest breast cancer organization are saying. coming up tonight. madison is back for a final check on our forecast. >> and little bit moving in but another day of partly cloudy skies. from sunshine on tuesday and then the system making its way in very early wednesday morning. winter weather advisories taking effect and storm watch it on the valley floors a mix of rain and snow and anywhere from 3 to 8 inches of snow
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