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tv   News 4 at Eleven  NBC  January 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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neighborhood has residents concerned and tonight they took their questions directly to the city leaders. and the nfl's line up is about to change as one team prepares to move across country to its new home. news 4 at 11:00 starts now. and good evening everyone thanks for joining us i'm joe hart. a string of deadly violence in northeast reno neighborhood is prompting action from city leaders and neighbors. three separate shootings happened in the span of 30 days near pat baker park last month. two young people were killed by gunfire. the meeting was held tonight and one of the victim's family members. >>reporter: joe the rodriguez family joined about a hundred other concerned neighbors to have their voices heard tonight. they were the voice for their
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innocent victim killed in a drive-by shooting. myra rodriguez was just 19 years old studying social work at t nc c. she aspired to help victims of crime. >> unfortunately she became victim. >>reporter: her sister says myra was at a house party when a group of uninvited guests fired shots into the house killing her. the suspects still on the loose. >> she was our everything. she was literally the light in the room, the light in our sunlight. >>reporter: myra isn't the only young life lost. a 16-year-old we was shot dead at the hands of a 15-year-old. these shootings happened in or around the pat baker park area. the city of reno is looking to add more lights and security cameras and community action officers to patrol the area. eventually it will invest about $450,000 into this park. >>.
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designated officer for the area which helped decrease crime. but when the economy took a downturn that position was eliminated and crime ticked back up. but he says the city has recruited 16 new police officers, the first time in 6 years. neighbors also rallied for a neighborhood watch program and one theme that resonated taking ownership of their neighborhood and children. >> they weren't looking for handouts they weren't looking for general services but saying we all need to take responsibility for our community. >>reporter: the rodriguez family says they see fear taking hold of the community. witnesses who may be afraid of retaliation for speaking up. >> our family does need justice. somebody knows something and it's better for them to do the right thing than to let this thing haunt them and have it in their conscience. >> secret witness is offering
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information in myra rodriguez's case. police sea they need more information from a witness who had actually called in earlier. as for those changes to pat baker park. new lights and cameras should be up within a month joe. >> all right thanks so much. in his last state of the union address president obama bagged about the economic recovery and nuclear deal with iran but he admitted he's failed to reduce the gridlock and ran core between democrats and republicans. steve handlesman on capitol hill with the latest tonight. >>reporter: it looked like his earlier state of the union speeches but in the last one he admitted no one expects new proposals to pas pass a congress that's defeated his initiatives. >> fixing a broken i am break system. protecting our kids from gun violence. >>reporter: a empty chair next
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both sides cheered announce a push to beat cancer. the president bragged about the economic recovery. >> we're in the middle of the longest streak of private sector job creation in history. >>reporter: 14 million new jobs unemployment cut in half. he called the nuclear deal with iran an achievement. >> iran has rolled back its nuclear program slipped out its uranium stockpile and the world has avoided another war. >>reporter: iran hold 10 native sailors. he'll fight isis but acting like that world world war iii builds this up. >> we need to call them what they are killers and tampa than a particulars have to be rootsed out hundred dollarsed down and respond. >>reporter: nickie hail haley said what america needs is a republican president. >> we're facing the most dangerous terrorist threat we've seen since september 11th. this president appears
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>>reporter: the democrat with a year left in the white house says what america needs is for us to fix our politics. i'm steve handlesman nbc news capitol hill. president obama confessed that he feels he failed to bridge the partisan divide in congress and called that one of the few regets of his presidency. two days before he takes the stage presidential candidate john kasich was campaigning in reno today. the ohio governor held a meet and greet with voters at the washoe county republican headquarters. kasich touched on everything from iran and international relations to taxes. the ohio governor also talked about the economy saying that he balanced the budget in ohio and would do the same in the white house. let's check in see what's happening with our forecast. we are just hours away thousand from waking up to the next
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>> we are and we have dropped to that freezing mark tonight at 32 degrees and n reno with partly cloudy skies and some winds out of the west at about 5 miles per hour. but those winds are going to pick up overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. relative humidity right now 75%. taking a look across the region we are already seeing single digits in eastern nevada tonight 7 degrees in elko right now and 19 degrees in ton pau. we're already seeing this storm system hit northern california. as joe mentioned in a few hours we'll see that hit the sierra and turn to snow. how late tonight the national weather service has issued a lake wind advisory for tahoe and pyramid lakes tonight and that will rehain in effect overnight tonight as we are expecting higher wind with this storm system and we're also expecting 3 to 8 inches of snow above 5500 feet parts of the sierra and far western nevada. here's a quick look at snow totals expected tomorrow. we're looking to see the most snow along the sierra crest
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we'll take a much closer look at this storm track coming up in your full forecast. on tonight's crime watch a second arrest has been made in a 12-year-old homicide cold case. the humboldt county sheriff's office and mohave county sheriff's office in arizona have arrested arizona resident james allen melendez he's charged with being an accessory to open murder and conspiracy to hide or destroy evidence. this is in the murder of nevada resident james erwin. his wife pam was arrest last week in the 2003 death of her husband. police said the new evidence and interviews have brought about new information in the case. a u.s. navy fighter pilot needed to eject before his plane crashed in a remote area of northern they have today. naval air station officials say the plane crashed 90 miles east of reno this morning. navy officials say this all happened during a training mission. the pilot of the f/a-18 a
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identified was taken to a local hospital to check for any injuries. the washoe county school board has approved a settlement regarding an open meeting law violation. the board violated the law in march of last year when they voted to appoint tracy davis as such without putting the item on the agenda first. the finest $500. that's 7 members of the board will split from their personal resources. but they won't have to pay it as long as they don't commit year. governor bryan sandoval has announced republican assemblyman pat hickey has given up his legislative seat to join the silver state board of education. announcement came after the death of david cook. hickey has served four terms in the legislature and has previously worked on other major nevada tasks. a former police officer this las vegas could be seeing
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prison and hefty fine if convicted. the u.s. department of justice says that officer richard thomas ask zone he is being indicted including a civil rights violation. body camera video shows him way using excessive force on a woman while arresting her. the former las vegas officer is convicted he could face up to 30 years in prison and 500- dollar fine if convicted he was terminated from the las vegas police department in september. the jackpot for tomorrow night's powerball has reached a record $1.5 billion. while a big payday may seem like a dream come true it can l where about it's own share of oftentimes many lottery winners have to deal with people wanting a hand out and in some cases it's much worse than that. so if you're a lucky winner experts say the first thing you should do is higher an and an attorney. next they say pay your taxes
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team and tell them your goals and then implement a plan. but before you go after your goals it's recommended that you sit back for 3 to 6 months so that your winnings don't go from riches to rags. >> they say gee i really like going to bars. gee i'm going to go open a bar. they dump hundreds of thousands if not millions into a bar all their friends love it thank you so much. by the way free drinks on me you're running a business. and then before you know it you've dumped a couple of million sometimes more than that in the business goes under. >> sanchez also recommends setting up a foundation or nonprofit so that a board of directors can decide who gets what money and just to give you statistics object winning the powerball and the likelihood. according to the associated press you are more likely to be killed by a vending machine or be drafted in the nba than
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welcoming up on news 4 at 11:00 iranian soldier seized u.s. boats after american sailors drifted into iranian waters why the timing of this capture could really not have been any worse. we'll have more on that. plus there's no shortage
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how tomorrow' . welcome back everyone the pentagon says two telephone u.s. navy boats in iran's country's waters will be returned promptly. peter cook says he's been in contact with iran and
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return. boats were allegedly moving between kuwait and bahrain for a training mission. the u.s. is uncertain whether the vessels which were sailing near the farsi eye lab in the persian gulf intentionally entered iranian water it is senior defense official says no distress call was made by either ship. >> for iran to do anything but to return the people and the equipment immediately would be a blatant slap in the american face. >> secretary of state john kerry says the incident happened when one of those boats experienced some type of mechanical failure. turning to tomorrow's news tonight the public utilities commission is holding its first public hearing since cutting net metering payments to customers. if you'd like your voice to be heard public hearing starts tomorrow at 9:30 at puc office on east williams street it's in carson city. it is expected tomorrow morning also that reno city manager
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chief of the reno inside fire department. those wishing to attend the meeting should arrive at reno city hall tomorrow around 10:00 a.m. starting tomorrow night you can enjoy a done we are the starting five players from the man's wolfpack basketball team. the dinner will cost $25 per person. reservations are required as space is limited and if you like to dine out with the wolfpack starting at 5:00 tomorrow just call 685-6901 to make your reservation. madison we'll send it over to you. >> thanks joe. her is a look at official daytime high in reno. 45 degrees which is right on track for the average this time of year. the morning low just lightly below that at 23 degrees. so a couple of degrees below average. the record low 11 below zero set back in 1949. so it's going good to see we're getting on track. this is going to be a much warmer win sister storm system we have dropped to the freezing mark in reno winds out of the west at 5 miles per hour but those winds are going to be
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now we have dipped down into the 20s for carson city and fallon in the upper 20s and then south lake tahoe still sitting in the upper 30s. now on satellite and radar we're watching this win sister storm system make its way through northern california basically as rain it's going to hit the sierra in a couple of hours as snow and spill over into far western nevada. late tonight the national weather service did issue a lake wind advisory for lake tahoe and pyramid lakes overnight tonight. we are going to see those winds really pick up and then that winter weather advisory takes effect at 1:00 a.m. we could see anywhere from 3 to 8 inches of snow above 5500 feet. on future cast you're going to see cloud cover this evening in a few hours we're going to start to see snow in the sierra. 3:00 a.m. we'll start to see chance for snow and spilling into western .5 today 7:00, 8:00 in the morning. we'll see a mix of snow and rain early morning hours of the
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up we're looking at quite a bit of rain on the rain on the floors and high winds. you're doing to see them really pick up around south lake tahoe especially at 6:00 a.m. winds about 31 miles per hour. we're going to see gusts on the valley floors anywhere from 30 to 40 miles per hour and then ridge gusts tomorrow are going to be between 80 and 100 miles per hour. so definitely a windy system making its way in as well. but that's good news for our air quality which has been days. so that's going to push out that bad air and then we have a clean slate. forecast reno and sparks down to 36 degrees mostly cloudy skies and chance for rain on the valley floors after about 4:00 a.m. and then tomorrow again that mix of rain and snow depending on what time of day it is and what the temperature is but we are looking to top out at 46 degrees. now we do have a chance for snow in eastern nevada with light winds and daytime highs in the upper 30s to lower '40s. as we head west into fallon down to 29 degrees tonight topping out in the upper '40s.
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to see more rain than anything else with daytime high in hawthorn reaching the low '30s. carson city 4 degrees topping out at 43 guess with mix of rain and snow gusty wind conditions for carson city. we can talk about accumulation around the lake we're looking at 2 to 4 inches at lake level with those daytime highs in the mid to upper 30s throughout the day. and then a mix of rain and snow for susanville with much warmer daytime highs sit cliff topping out at 48 degrees and then on the valley floor we're looking at overnight lows tonight right around or above the freezing mark those daytime highs into the mid 40s. here's a look at your extended forecast. we have a chance for rain or snow every single day on this forecast. the best chance for snow obviously going to be at the higher elevations because of warmer daytime highs and then as we take a look at reno's extended forecast same story we've got a chance every single day this week but warm temperatures with this test so slushy stuff joe.
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messy but our storm pattern continues that's the important part right. >> absolutely we need everything we can get we'll take it. >> plaid son great stuff. when we return nfl owners have decided the st. louis rams guess what they are headed to englewood, california.
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oakland but that's just for . raider fans listen up. it seems as though the silver and black squad could remain in oakland. on tuesday a joint initiative
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san diego chargers that would see the club share a $1.7 california was denied. but nfl owners did give the green light to the st. louis rams to move to englewood and gave the chargers of joining them. nfl commissioner roger goodell said the raiders could still be given the option of moving to decline. both the chargers and the raiders have each been promised a hundred million dollars for new stadium in the respective markets should they choose to stay where they are now. it was announced on tuesday that former bishop high school star joe wheel an has been traded to the seattle mariners according to the associated press. the dodgers have acquired minor league infielder eric maria from the mariners in exchange for we lab. the 5-year-old pitcher spent most of last season with aaa oklahoma city going 10-5 with 4.59 era in 22 games.
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dodgers with an 0-1 record and 8.31 era. today's trade leaves the dodgers with 39 players on the 40 man roster. wolfpack men's basketball team ended its weekend with road win against the air force academy. with that victory nevada surpassed its 9 game win total from last seasonal. currently the pack is sitting at 10-overall in conference play the team is even with a 2- 2 record. from here on the schedule just gets more difficult. now head coach eric muscle man says it's hard to come in and try to turn a program and but he's happy with how the team's played so far. >> we're under manned and underside and there's a lot of defish says that we have from a roster standpoint right now. when you got a lot of guys sitting out that are on scholarships that puts you behind. then when you have a player quit who's a significant piece. so i think our guys are doing phenomenal i really do. and i think they have exceeded expectations throughout the country. from where people thought that
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we're really proud of what they have done and we understand that every game in the mountain west is hard so, to win another game is going to be hard for us. >> muscle man is right about that. on wednesday night the pack take on the mountain west leader boise state. certainly the biggest challenge at home this season. the broncos are 12-4 on the year including a perfect 3-0 in conference. tipoff tomorrow night is at 7:00. the reno big horns are doing well, this season not only are they leading the pacific division by 3.5 games they also had their league's second leading score on the team. erick green was acquired by the big horns from the nba earlier this season and has been scoring average 27.7 points per game. green says his stats are a reflection of his teammates trust in him as an expiresed player. >> i played last year in the league having my experience
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crunch time. my mom tells me big time players make big time plays. you need to step up make the play. i look forward to moments like that its it's going to make the shot and look over the team's bench. >> you can catch the action when the horns host the vipers. tipoff from reno event center is at 7:00. >> judging by boise's record tomorrow night will be a test for the wolf pack. >> it's go to be a test for them i caught one the team earlier this week they were just saying they have to be ready. they are 6-0 at home but this one is going to be tough.
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. a wanted man sent ohio police a selfie because he didn't like the mugshot police were using you'll never guess he's bench captured now. ohio police say 45-year-old donald chip pugh you see here couple of angles of him he failed to appear in court for a drunk driving case but when he didn't like the mugshot that police used he snapped a several he and he sent it to
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stating here's a better photo that one is terrible. pugh was arrested in florida. ohio police officials say that the several he drew attention to pugh and that led to some tips that helped track him down. might be the last selfie he takes for a while. little vanity with our criminal file this. >> oh, man. >> checking back in with madison and we'll wake up to oso interesting weather tomorrow. >> yes on the valley floor we're looking at a mix of rain and snow very early in the morning but quickly turning to rain as you can see that daytime high looking to reach 46 degrees. a mix of rain and snow
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