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tv   Nevada Newsmakers  NBC  January 13, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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>> welcome to "nevada newsmakers," on the broadcast, ray hagar and i speak with governor john kasich of ohio running for president of the united states, the whole show on all new "nevada newsmakers." >> "nevada newsmakers" is brought to you in part by the tahoe reno industrial center,
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retail >> closed captioning of "nevada newsmakers" is brought to you by the nevada trucking association, trucking moves america forward. this is "nevada newsmakers" with host sam shad, a no holds barred political forum. from the "nevada newsmakers" broadcast headquarters, here is sam shad. >> back on "nevada newsmakers,"
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program the governor of great state of ohio, john kasich, running for president of the united states. he served 18 years on the house armed services committee, six years as chair of the house budget committee. you know how the system works, to say the least. >> yeah, i did a lot of things when i was there. when i started as member of the minority as a republican, i never considered myself to be in the minority. i considered myself in the majority. i found hammers and screwdrivers that cost tens of thousands of dollars and led a big effort at procurement reform and learned how washington works, how special interests were trying to stop me from changing the law. but that was interesting and being on the defense with the greatest minds in the world was really exciting and i was involved in welfare reform and the senator from your neighbor down in new mexico, he and i were the ones that negotiated the budget agreement and balanced the budget four years
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trillion of the national debt and then i left. i high-tailed it out of washington and i figured the posse was going to catch me, i needed to get out of there. i went out for 10 years and became governor. we were a basket case, almost like sandoval has gone through in nevada. we thought best days were ahead and now up 380,000 jobs, running surpluses and credit is strong and pensions are strong. we are not leaving anybody behind. what i mean, drug addicted, mentally ill, working poor, developmentally disabled, everybody has a chance. >> you have four nuclear power plants in iowa, what are you going to do with the nuclear waste? >> it will probably come here. when i was budget chair, we decideod yucca mountain. i don't have a reason to change my opinion. if the science says it doesn't work or there is a better way to do it, i'm open to that. i don't think i should come up here and pander, it is just not
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way or something else makes sense, i'd be for that. but that is where we were at the time. >> well, governor, as governor of ohio, you did basically the same thing that nevada governor brian sandoval did with the expansion of medicare as part of obama care. now in this gop presidential race repealing obama care is a big catch word. how do you feel about repealing obama care and what do you replace it with, if it is -- >> i'm for repealing it for a couple reasons. it's driven u7 care of health insurance and made it less affordable for the people we want insured and secondly, big overhang over small business f. they get to certain employment level, things start to shut down for them. i believe we can fix this, we can repeal it and in the short term, you take some federal resources, combine with state resources and make sure the working poor don't lose their health insurance and i believe we can accomplish that.
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reform is -- i got big idea on this and let me give you an example, say you go up on the mountain, ski, break your hip, you got to get surgery. we know with hip surgery, how much it costs, some charge a lot, some charge less, and the point in between is called the mean. if you have a surgeon and they do your surgery and you're very happy and below the mean, in other words, they charge less, we should put money in their pocket. let's let the market system work, let's make sure that we are paying people for keeping us healthy and giving us good satisfaction, right now, you know, the system is so goofy, if you get a bill from a hospital or a doctor, it is easier to interpret the dead sea scroll than the way that works. >> okay. but can i interrupt you, we have limited amount of time. >> yeah. >> the idea of repealing obama care sounds great, but the insurance industry does not exist in the fashion it existed before obama care, so isn't it better to look at fixing the
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care in the same way we fixed things that were wrong with medicare, fixed things wrong with social security, fix things wrong with the va over the years? don't we take the good things from obama care and there are some good things, you valid to agree. >> yeah, the only one i would say is not allowing somebody not to get health insuranan because they have a pre-existing condition. this doesn't solve the system of healthcare. >> throw another one out there, there are no limits on the insurance money, so there is no longer two million limit on insurance policy, which you had major illness could be eaten up pretty quickly. >> well, look, i would have to look at exactly and think about exactly what you are saying, but no, i think that a system that drives us from the top down that imposes all these rules and dries up the cost of insurance and helps and hurts companies from being able to create jobs, it doesn't slow down cost of health insurance. what is the point of it?
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eliminate pre-existing conditions, what i'm telling you is this, take federal dollars, combine with state dollars and be able to provide insurance to the working poor and reform the healthcare far more dramatic ways. when i took over medicaid, growing 10%, second budget grew 2.5% and no benefit cut and no one taken off the roles. it is innovation, different thinking. if we don't get a handle on growth of healthcare, tell you what will happen. the rich will get what they want and everybody else will get in a position of where they will be rationed, i don't want to see that happen. >> realistically, obama care is working great for the poor, they have healthcare they didn't have before. >> the poor get medicaid, working poor. yes. >> the rich don't care what it costs, they pay whatever is necessary, the middle class is taking hit here. you are right, going up, senator reid, not too long ago in washington, d.c., he said that the republicans in congress,
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care, which is obvious with every vote to repeal obama care. why not get in there and fix it and work with the democrats to come up with a product that actually works, both sides know what the problems are. >> yeah, i will tell you why. a lot of people come to reno and buy homes and then knock them down and build a new one. when you got -- you have a program here that is not getting to the fundamental heart of the problem, you got to start over, so i'm just suggesting, the biggest concern you would have is what happens to the working poor, do they lose health insurance? under my program, they do not. it is that simple. we need to restructure the way in which we do healthcare f. we can begin to pay people for quality and lower prices, both in our hospitals, with personal physicians, with the specialists and who am i working on this? we're implementing this with hospitals like cleveland clinic. health plans themselves know they need to get a handle on costs because you know what is
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deductibles are going up. you know what hospitals say about deductibles, they don't like high deductibles, you know why, people don't pay them. we have to get to fundamental cost drivers of healthcare. >> people are not going to doctor or hospitals because they can't afford it. >> high deductible. >> high deductible is $6000. let's take a break, more with governor kasich when we come back. >> candidate interviews are
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>> closed captioning of "nevada newsmakers" is brought to you by the nevada trucking association, trucking moves america forward. >> now back to "nevada newsmakers" with sam shad. >> back on "nevada newsmakers," we continue our conversation with governor john kasich of ohio. >> governor, last month you were speaking on the council of foreign relations in new york and reportedly said that despite signing a pledge to support the
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you might withdraw your support, although you did say it would take something "extreme" to have you do that. could you elaborate, are you talking about -- >> i'm not going to elaborate to tell you the truth. i give a pledge that i'm going to support the nominee and i think inevitably it will happen. i just want to make sure that we're going with a candidate ultimately who doesn't tear the country apart. frankly, if that is who we go with, we will not win anyway. i would like to beat hillary clinton. >> are you speaking of mr. trump right now? >> cufigure out who it is. i'm concerned about a country that has been pulled apart f. we're going to solve social security, balancing t t budget, tax reform, controlling the border, we got to be together and not splintered off into different directions. so i've been unifier all of my career, without having to give up principles and that is what we need for the country.
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at council on foreign relations meeting, you said, i quote, "i will tell you, sir, there is no way that donald trump is going to be president, i've been saying that for weeks, i don't each take it seriously, because he isn't going to win," i -- >> i don't think he will. >> why do you feel that way? >> i think at the end of the day, people want somebody who can land a plane. they will understand, you know, i mean, think about it, when you play -- if you ever play chess with your buddies and it got you riled up, you have opportunity to knock the pieces off the board, that is kind of the message we get out of donald. people are frustrated, wages are not going up, kids are not getting good work. they are middle age and somebody is unemploying them and they don't know where to turn. i understand that, they think the system is rigged against them. but at the end, i think as you go through the big, long process, people will say who has a record of fixing things and what are they going to do and
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i think that the notion now knock all the pieces off the chess board, i don't think the end of the day we will see the game finished. >> in the next fox debate, fox business channel, carly fiorina and rand paul have been knocked off the top tier, this is going to give you more opportunity. are you going to change your tactics? you have not gone after other candidates, have you chosen to not go after donald 2ru678, do you have to raise your profile in those areas to keep the attention of the public or how do you plan to -- >> look, i'm in second place in new hampshire now, most recent polls. >> congratulations. >> why would i change? my problem is, people don't know me. people will watch this show and go, who is that guy? is that kasich? it is kasich, rhymes with basic. if i come out of new hampshire as a story, people will know who i am and then my message will be heard, but look, i'm doing fine, no one thought i'd get in the race, didn't think i would raise
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now i'm heading to my sixth. just as tune-up, we watched the movie "the glad iator," just to be prepared. you never know what will happen. >> more with governor kasich when we come back. >> "nevada newsmakers" is brought to you in part by the tahoe reno industrial center,
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>> this is "nevada newsmakers." >> back on "nevada newsmakers," we continue with our conversation with governor john kasich of ohio, 18 years on the house services committee, six years chair of house budget committee, running for president of the united states. the question sent in to me by group actually sponsoring the program asked the question, chronic disease treatment account for 86 cents of every dollar spent on healthcare and half the population has at least one chronic disease. how do you -- how do your proposed health policy address fighting and preventing chronic
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>> i have a plan to balance the budget. i've done this already, so it is not like i don't know how to do it, i've done it, one area that we really need to emphasize and maybe reform the overhead of our universities, but we need to spend significantly more amount of money at the national institutes of health to deal with this problem of alzheimer's , dementia, als, pancreatic cancer this, is legitimate and necessary area for the federal government to spend resources. when i mention the overhead, somebody told me, the overhead at universities is eating up a lot of research. i don't know if that is true, i will find that out. that is very, very important that we begin to unlock some of the mysteries connected to these really, really terrible illnesses. >> let me ask you this, you know, you come out against marijuana, both recreational and medical, would you not rather at this point in time see national
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marijuana issue and see if -- >> sure. >> it is helpful or not? >> i didn't come out against medical marijuana, they were trying to legalize marijuana in ohio, i'm not all worked up about marijuana, here is what i am worked up about. >> your wikipeddooishgs a page, you are worked up about marijuana. >> maybe criminalize it. the reason i don't like it is this, the fact we tell kids don't do drugs, one of the greatest curses in the country today are drug overdoses, drug addictions, how do i tell my soon to be 16-year-old girls, don't do drugs, but if you want to smoke dope, go ahead and do it, it sends a bad, mixd and confusing message. on the issue of medical marijuana, i've never had a doctor come to me and say, you need to do this, but i'm open to it. i just don't want it to be a loophole to where we send mixed message. >> we've had several oncologists over the years talk about the benefits of medical marijuana for patients before it was
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>> no way i would deny somebody ability to get that. those oncologys haven't called me, i'm close to many in the medical community, we're not opposed to it. i actually would want to look into it because i have had families come in and talk about the challenges that particularly their kids have had and my goodness, if that is something that will help people, i'm for it. what they try to do in ohio, way beyond medical marijuana. >> governor, you spoke about new hampshire earlier and you've had more than 50 town halls already in that state. the ohio gop party chairman, matt borgess, said if you don't do well in new hampshire, your campaign is probably over, how do you -- is new hampshire all the chips for you, do-or-die? >> the fact we're in reno, we can talk about chips, all the chips are in. look, here is the situation. you would be surprised, but
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30 states now, we'll be on the bail on the in virtually all of them. we have people on the ground here and people in south carolina. i think what matt is saying and he's heard me say is, you know, if i get slaught erred in new hampshire and you don't hear of me again, i'm not going to go and run a fantasy campaign. i only got into this and got in late once i thought i could win. i think i am going to be a story coming out of new hampshire. i think we have the best ground game there. we've got combination of people that have never worked together before and in fact in the most recent poll, voter there is said they have been contacted more by the kasich organization than any other organization, we expect we'll do well. why does it matter? it matters because if i can become a story, then all of a sudden, people will start to hear who i am, what i'm for and what i want to do and it is interesting, i popped up in the polls, so much more interest in me and i kind of chuckle, i've been telling the press it was
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now i got credibility, you know. >> if elected, would you work to repeal the obama administration like interior limit mineing and grazing on millions of acres in nevada or clean plant rule. >> i am suing the clean power rule they will put it, devastating effect on ohio. we reduced our big organization, energy organizations, reduced emission by 35% in the last 10 years. and so, look, i'm for good environment. i love to be here and look at the mountains and we're developing renewables in ohio and all of the above. let's not have a policy that will basically destroy, particularly the midwest and one thing that we have are companies beginning to move back to america because we have low priced energy. if you jack up the price of energy, you will not get people you want. balance here is what is important n. terms of grout to say, i don't know enough about
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>> that bothers a lot of westerners, everything west of the mississippi is unknown to politicians who are running -- >> except i did come here and i did hear about the issue of clear cutting and the management of forests and i'm aware of how much the federal government owns out here and i believe it needs to be reviewed. i don't think we need to be radical about it in terms of creating a lot of rhetoric, but i think reasonable program to make sure that people who live here are treated with respect, that federal government is not doing silly things and i think it is an issue for me. i'm very interested. i spent a lot of time in montana, my wife and i, hiking up in glacier park and i hear a little about the mining and everything, it's just something i'd have to dig into, i want people in the west to know, if i'm president, it matters what is happening out here. it is fascinating to me in addition to that. >> you are familiar with the spotted owl crisis? >> yeah, i think they overreacted. >> and the safe grout --
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i have epa director liked by small business people, i told him i would put him in the smithsonian, he is the only one in the world that would say that about small businesses, you want to protect the environment, but don't worship it. common sense in regulation, not extreme things. i'm for freezing all federal regs for one year, except sxhelth safety and reviewing everything, i think that is important part of economic recovery. >> one thing you promote a lot in your website is turning things back to the state. >> yes, i do feel that. >> federal money to accomplish that? we have 30 -- >> yeah, yeah, welfare, infrastructure, whether it is medicaid, i mean, whether it is education, yes, job training, yeah, i believe the money should come back, you should be using it for purpose other than what it is designated to. of course you will send it back and take money away, i think you can be able to deal with it better as governor if i have
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work it out, even if i get less back. >> governor kasich, thank you for your time. hope to see you again. >> i'll come back, count on it. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. >> "nevada newsmakers" presidential candidate
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group mana >> next broadcast, marlene lockard and amy tarkanian, we'll see you on the next broadcast,
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