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tv   News 4 at Six  NBC  January 14, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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the debate is happening at the north charleston coliseum performing arts center. that's where we find our senior political reporter tonight, and, scott, two candidates have been knocked off the main stage. how does that change things tonight? >> reporter: it means that you've got smaller -- rather a smaller number of candidates on stage for the main event that is about to get underway here, 7:00. in theory that means there is more time to talk substance. we'll see how that goes. they also had the under card event and that was supposed to be four candidates initially and rand paul decided if he was not going to be part of the larninger scale event, he wasn't going to be part of the evening at all and he decided not to come. >> and cruz and this loan that is now suddenly getting so much attention sthat going to with a big issue with the debate tonight? >> reporter: ted cruz just sent out an e-mailn 't 10 minutes ago trying to stave off what
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based on an article about whether or not he claims system of -- claimed system of his finances. he is also being attacked by donald trump for what some people are calling birther 2.0 because of the fact that while he was born to an american mother, it took place in canada and trump and others are claiming he is not constitutionally eligible to become president. so we're going to see if some of that thundershowersy -- controversiy plays out on sting or if they're going to dismiss it as soon as possible. >> live at the debate. we'll look forward to seeing how it goes tonight. thank you, scott. turning now to some local debate coverage, and we are live from man wielding fire where locals are gathering for the watch party. there is a lot at stake tonight. roars can he feel, for sure and a lot of people are here to watch this debate unfold. earlier there were not a lot of people to watch the under card event. now with the main event, you can see there are a lot more people who showed up. all eyes on the two front
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tonight's debate, of course, falling ton heels of news that cruz failed to disclose a big loan from goldman sachs for his 2012 senate run and trump scrutinizing cruz' dual citizenship and cruz firing back at trump for what he calls having new york liberal values. we definitely expect to see some teeth between them tonight that we haven't seen before. some people say they do have their favorites, but haven't given any one candidate their vote just yet. so they're looking to see some surprises seeing what trump, cruz and bush and rubio and the rest of them have to pull out tonight before the iowa caucuses. now, the established -- excuse me, the candidates besides trump and cruz on the stage tonight, bush, rubio, and kasich, all battling for the establishment vote, plus, dr. ben carson, he has actually been standing -- who is -- whose standing in the race has
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as i mentioned before, this is a smaller field to qualify for this debate. a candidate had to actually place in the top six -- you can see here people really voicing their love or hate for donald trump here right now. so -- excuse me. so after tonight, a lot at stake after tonight. there will only be one more debate before the iowa caucuses, so the candidates tonight really working hard to sway voters one way or the other. so tonight we will have post- coverage debate. we'll hear from some locals and we'll fact check what the candidates have to say tonight. reporting live in reno, news 4. >> thank you so much. and even though carly fiorina has been dropped off of the main stage from tonight's debate, that won't stop her from continuing to campaign. fee reino will be making a stop in reno this sunday. she will be hosting a town hall meeting at the lake ridge golf course clubhouse. the meet willing be held from 3:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon. the event is open to the
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time for our web poll question. will you be watching the gop debate happening right now? 64% of you say yes. 36% say no. there's still plenty of time to vote. you'll find the web poll on time to take a peek outside now. we check in with madison and the wind is starting to kick up out there. it sounds like we're in for quite a wet pattern that is not quoing to be hanging around for one day, madison. that's right. on radar, we are watching storms hit the sierra and then kind of skipping over the reno- sparks area tonight and then going out past fallin. as the night goes on, we are looking to see much more of the precipitation hitting the valley floors, and that will start around the 10:00 hour. here is a look at the winds. they might be waking you up tonight like they did the other night. wear looking at pretty steady high wins, and then they start to die down and really die down
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of our winter weather advisories and warnings expire at about 10:00 a.m. right now in reno we're sitting at 40 degrees with cloudy skies a tnd winds out of the south- southwest at 18 miles per hourment as i mentioned, we have a lot of warnings. so first things first is the winter storm warning for the western part of the sierra with six to 12 inches of snow possible there. and then we have a winter weather advisory further east. that will remain in effect until 10:00 a.m. tomorr and we could see one to four inches of snow possible below 5,000 feet. of course we also have that wind advisory in effect overnight tonight. but expiring at 4:00 a.m. with gusts upwards of 65 miles per hour. we'll have a closer look at your seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. joe? >> thank you, madison a lot of weather to talk about. the reno city council has given the green light the a housing project. this approval comes despite fierce opposition and worries over whether there is enough water to go around. news 4's terri hendry joins us
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and we tend to see this a lot, where the residents voice opposition and the projects still seem to get approved. >> reporter: you're absolutely right. in this on your side report, we ask questions about this. we have seen where zoning, land use and development can stir strong emotions and ignite fierce debate, so we asked the assistant city manager bill thomas about the process. he has the background in community development, planning and land use. the first thing he made clear is that development is not a popularity contest adding decisions cannot with made because some may oh correct to the project. he explains this is a legal process. it is one that elected officials have to weigh the rights of neighbors and their objections with the rights of the developer to develop a zone. and in this case, the council gave approval to a 237-lot housing development, even though the residents voiced concerns about wells running dry. >> will this development impact that? because that is a big concern. >> again, one of the
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at the end of the day make as determination on whether or not there is water. we don't. the city of reno doesn't. >> reporter: you heard that right, but we learned today that in nevada, by law, you have to have secured water rights, and we also learned it is the state water engineer who makes that determination on whether a developer has sufficient water rights and water for their project. if you want more information on the development prosecute sees and the proposed development itself, just visit our web site at >> thank you. the charter high school may have to close their doors at the end of the month. the reason? financial problems, and news 4 spoke with the administration today about the current situation there. emily? >> reporter: that's right. as much as it is a financial situation, it is more of a personal issue for the students and the teachers. since there's only 113 students in the school, each one of them is getting personalized learning. the school opened for those
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they fit in at a regular public school. some suffer from anxiety and others just feel more comfortable being able to build relationships with their teachers in a smaller setting. >> there are students that can't have their needs met in a larger school setting, and that's why we're here. and if we get closed down, when, if, whatever the case is, in will be students that don't want to go back to what they came from. >> reporter: the administration believes they have enough funds to last until the end of the semester so that their seniors can graduate. the final school board meeting to determine what will happen will be january 26. joe? thank you, emily. still ahead on news 4 nightly, the carson city school district is going green, or trying to, by installing solar panels, a multi-million dollar project. will it be impacted on the latest decision on solar rate ? i'll tell you what i found out coming up in my ask joe segment.
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expected to hit the area on we have breaking news. reno police are responding to a spots fired call in the parking lot of 560 brinkley avenue. the officials on the scene there say there are no injuries, but the officers are searching for a suspect or suspects. the reno police department is
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that immediate area to stay inside until the area can be cleared. and news 4 has a you on the scene and we'll bring you the late ease details as more information becomes available to us. joe? >> thank you. and from the ask joe file, a question about the recent decision to lower net metering rates for solar customers. and how will the decision by the public utilities commission affect the solar project in the carson city school district? the school district in carson city has made a major investment in solar power. they have spent $12 million to install solar panels and infrastructure at five different schools, including carson middle school like you see here. about hof of -- - of the power from the district comes from solar. i checked with the director of operations for the school district and he says there will be an impact on the school district, but he says they're still waiting to see what their rate structure will be. theirs a little different than
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they're in a wait-and-see mode. the project has been paid off. carson city is ranked as the second most energy efficient school district in the state, in part, because of this solar project, but he says the district is going to be very leery about moving forward with more solar projects given, the uncertainty to use these decisions so we're getting carson city, the school district there, they're waiting to see what the real impact will be. thanks to dana for sending in that question to us. if you have any question questions you would like to ask, send me an e-mail and just put ask joe in the subject line. i'll do my best to track down whatever answers you are looking for. shelby, back over to you. >> thank you. as joe just mentioned, a controversial solar rate change is staying in effect throughout nevada despite hours of testimony from very angry customers yesterday. the nevada public utilities commission you than nowsly voted to keep in place a rate change that increase as flat fee for customers and decreases
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commission saying the change made solar no longer afordable in nevada and that it is forcing the solar companies to leave the state costing many jobs. in light of yesterday's decision, meteorologist kathy wilson visited the desert research institute today to learn more about why the solar industry is so important to nevada's future. >> reporter: over the last year the solar industry added jobs 12 times faster than the rest of the economy. and nevada ranks third nationally for solar energy capacity. earlier today i spoke with dr. ken hookman of the desert research institute about why solar energy is so important to the silver state. >> nevada is one of the sunniest states in the entire country, one of the sunniest places on earth actually. site is a great place to utilize the energy that the sun provides free of charge every day. >> reporter: solar energy is simply heat and light from the sun. >> you can collect the heat and use it to warm your house, warm yourself.
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sun and convert it into electricity through a process called photo vol theyics. >> reporter: dr. hookman says there are three main benefits to using solar energy. >> over a lifetime there are green house gas emissions, even with solar, but it is much less than with fossil energy. a second benefit is solar is available everywhere. it is u bigtous. there's more of it in nevada than a lot of places, but it does exist almost any place, and it doesn't cost anything. >> reporter: the puc's decision, and dr. hookman hopes its accessibility in nevada entices them to hang on. >> small scale is perhaps more costly per kilowatt hour, per amount of energy produced, but it is local. it is right on your house. there is some attractiveness about this. >> reporter: solar technology innovations have skyrocketed in the past decade, another reason why homeowners might see benefit in the near future.
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how much power you produce, but also in terms of reduced cost. so the cost effectiveness is improving dramatically. >> the desert research institute produces 40% of their energy using their own solar panels. and dr. hookman's team worked on research related to testing out different technologies for both small scale and commercial scale use. shelby? >> thank you so much, kathy. time now to switch gears and talk to madison about the rain and snow that is on the way into the area tonight, and, madison, we're going to see this really for the rest of the week. >> that's right. we have a chance for rain or snow every single day on your seven-day forecast, which we'll look at in just a second. currently on live doppler radar, we are seeing snow hit the sierra south of the reno area, so as we. >> in on live doppler radar, we are looking at the reno-sparks area, and that storm system moving east. truckee getting hit pretty hard, and we do have chain
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winter storm warning in effect there as well. and six to 12 inches of snow possible above 4,500 feet for the western part of the sierra and the storm warning remaining in effect until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. and then we have the winter weather advisory for the east for the sierra and parts of far western nevada. remaining in effect with one to four inches of snow possible overnight tonight below 5,000 feet. we also have high winds out there. washoe valley definitely feeling it tonight with gusts upwards of 65 miles per hour. the wind advisory expires by 4:00 a.m., so we will start to see that calm down by the early morning hours, but we are definitely going to see quite a bit of activity overnight tonight. right now in reno, 40 degrees with cloudy skies and the winds out of the south-southwest at 18 miles per hour. as we look at almanac today, our official day time high, 44 degrees. actually just a degree below average for this time of year. but still much warmer than what we have seen with these storms. the morning low on track at 25 degrees.
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dipped down below freezing. elko at 29 degrees. and then on future cast, we are watching as that snow continues to hit the sierra throughout the night tonight and spilling over into far western nevada. around 12:00 a.m., we could start to see that mix of snow and rain and those shower also depend on where you are. the further part looking to see some precipitation tonight. we also have cloud cover moving in late tomorrow night and then another system making its way in. for reno and spark this is evening, 54 degrees with that 60% chance of the mix of rine and snow and we're really looking to see the most activity between 10:00 tonight and 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning with gusts upwards of 45 miles per hour on the valley floors. reno and sparks tomorrow, things calming down a bit but still a chance of showers. mostly cloudy skies and the day time high at 44 degrees. taking a look at our city by city here, we're looking at eastern nevada, and that chance for snow. and then heading west into fallin, warmer day time highs, rain and snow.
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early morning hours. things are going to clear out pretty quickly. the same for carson city. we'll see the cloudy skies throughout the day and then another system moving in tomorrow night. around the lake tomorrow, we're looking to top out in the upper 30s to the lower 40s for glenbrook and overnight lows in the 20s and 30s. up north towards susanville, we're looking at mostly rain with the warm day time highs. sutcliffe topping out at 47 degrees and overnight tonight, right around just above or just below the freezing mark. heading down to the valley floor, we're looking at 31 degrees together and cold springs, rite at that freezing mark for virginia city. on your extended forecast, you can see that we do have warmer day time highs. upper 30s to the mid 40s and the freezing mark. even at lake level. so some of this system that we're watching is actually possibly a mix of rain and snow, even at lake level with the warmer day time highs, and then in reno, we're looking at a chance for rain and snow
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the next big system is going to be friday night into saturday, and then we're tracking monday's system as well. >> we were talking earlier tonight, this is the time of year unfortunately where it kind of tends to fall off. it is good to see it keep >> i know. we're already in the middle of the month, right? so we're looking good. we hope it keeps coming. >> thank you, madison. after the break, the reno police department rolls out some new technology. how they're hoping it will better connect them with the
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yo jo the reno police are getting a bit of a technological upgrade. >> we have a first look at the new police department's app. oliva? >> reporter: that's right, shelby. it is called my r. p.d. and the goal is to ploy an easier way for the community to connect with local police. you can do things like file a
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you can also navigate to the nearest hospital from within the app. you can also see missing persons as well as a map of all of the registered sex offenders in your area. another feature of the app, you can call or text -- let's see if i can get it going. you can call or text secret witness just with the click of a buttedton. you can pull up a map of your area and you can see all of the crimes or the incidents that have happen there had in the past month. and you can also see an accompanying description with that particular crime. almost everyone i talked to today says they hope this app encourages more people to interact with police. here is this platform that we feel is really untapped locally, so we wanted to have a presence there. >> reporter: we use our smart phones to communicate with each other every day, but now the reno police department wants you to use your phone to communicate with them. >> and we wanted to really engage younger users, users that rely sewly on the device. a lot of people don't get a newspaper anymore. they use their phone. >> reporter: the officer says
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make sure their new my r. p.d. app reflected the reno community. >> we brought in some local artisan vendors, programmers, graphic designers that all work and live in the area, and we thought that would translate well into the app. >> reporter: he says using locals to create the app kept the department under budget spending about $5,000 on the technology. >> that really is due to the good hearted people that worked on the project that gave so much of their time and effort at a really good rate for the city and for the taxpayers. >> reporter: he says he thinks the my r. p.d. app will eventually become the main way citizens submit information to local police. i took to the streets of downtown reno to show people the new app and see what they think. >> i think it is a great idea. >> i think we should have had that a long time ago. >> i think it is interesting that you can file a police report right on your iphone. >> it makes it a lot easier than having to make the phone call, sure. >> reporter: and the police aren't the only ones hoping to
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>> here is an opportunity to larry directly from the community. >> reporter: oscar delgado says the city council plans to use that same data to better serve the public. >> it helps us as the city council to look at that data and see where those resources can lie. in terms of more patrol, this is just one of those extra resources that allows us to make the right moves at the city council. >> reporter: and delgado says he hopes the app encourages people to take a more active role in their neighborhoods. >> everyone has a smart phone. i hope people take leadership opportunities to at least speak out for the community. >> reporter: this app has quite a few featuresment we have actually barely touched on all of the things you can do with it. but as oscar delgado mentioned, you can also submit your ideas to the police department as well as sending a complement voicing a concern or filing a complaint with local police. if you want to test out this app for yourself, it is available for both i fen and android users now. >> it looks great.
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here is an update a local charter school might be closing its doors in the coming weeks. we'll have more on news 4 nightly tonight. we also have anup date now. this is what we're supposing to be telling you about, on the breaking news. reno police are responding to shots fired in tear i can't of 560 brinkley avenue. the police on the scene say they're not sure what apartment complex it happened in yet. they're still surveilling the scene. authorities say they have two people in custody. they are processing a car right now so stay with news h 4. we'll bring you the latest on this kiss of shots fired near the pepper mill in reno. and coming up after the break, isis has claimed responsibility for a deadly seeing that happened in
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we'll have the full story whe isis has claimed response
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of seven people, including five attackers. and we report from london tonight. >> reporter: this is the first time isis has claimed responsibility for an attack in indonesia, and it was brazen taking place in the heart of gentleman cartedda in the middle of the day, not far from the u.s. embassy and the presidential palace in a place where westerners work. there were at least five attackers. the police say they were armed with guns, grenades and suicide belts, attacking a police station and a busy mall, detonating explosives outside of a starbuck's. >> i ran out, and when i reached the car over there, i herd a second explosion, and i ran furtherer. i heard the third explosion. >> reporter: despite the arsenal, the death toll was relatively low. the police responded very quickly and were fighting a gun bat well the militants for close to four hours, and in the end, seven people were dead. five of them the militants
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more than a dozen were hurt. indonesia has been fighting in the islamic militancy for years. the last serious attack in 2009 when two suicide bombers hit a marriott and ritz carlton killing nine and injuring 50. and now an al qaeda-linked group claimed responsibility for that attack. tonight the u.s. embassy is warning americans that further incidents are possible, and advising them in jakarta to avoid malls, restaurants and large gatherings. nbc news, london. despite capturing headlines and carrying out recent bloody campaigns, experts say isis has lost a good deal of its conquered territory. in tonight's safe and secure report, ash national correspondent exams what isis actually lost and what one expert says needed now to defeat the islamic state. >> reporter: recent strikes worldwide by isis keeps them
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experts say the islamic state lost nearly 15% of its land holdings in 2015 to coalition forces. >> definitely it is good news. anytime they lose territory. the more that can be closed down, the better that is. >> reporter: areas lost by isis, a large chunk of syria's northern border with turkey where isis smuggled jihaddist and supplies over the turkish border, the iraqi city of tikrit, and the main pipeline for transferring isis soldiers and supplies. >> and when you're talking about such a dangerous and heinous group like isis, containing it while it is continuing to survive in itself is not good news that is bad news. >> reporter: bad news in that despite losing territory, experts say isis will still take time to defeat, and one major reason for this, according to the heritage foundation sthe lack of u.s. advisors on the ground in iraq and syria. >> the u.s. needs to embed
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get closer to the battle, to get better intelligence. >> reporter: that is also needed to cut off foreign fighters from joining isis' ranks. >> more than 25,000 have flown there to join isis, so the quicker isis is defeated militarily, the sooner that flow of foreign fightser also dry up. >> reporter: this loss of isis territory may come as good news, but there is still much to do. >> they are still around. they're still powerful, and they're not about to the beteated -- defeated unfortunately anytime soon. >> reporter: in washington, i'm jeff barnes reporting. despite isis losing some territory, it made significant gains as well. and in more terror news, the u.s. embassy in jakarta issued an alert that american citizens need to stay put until further notice. jonathan elias has more now from washington tonight. >> reporter: from the terrorism alert desk in washington, d.c., i'm jonathan elias. two people killed in more --
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hurt in explosions and gun fires in indonesia. isis claiming responsible for the suicide bombs detonated at starbuck's while the gunmen attacked a police station nearby. the u.s. embassy issued an alert to the u.s. citizens in the area telling them to stay put and to avoid the area until further notice. and jordan's king says he is confident that isis can be taken off the battlefield soon. he says the fight against isis is part of a larger battle against ice lammic extremism and says that is a battle that could be a generational one. and a second aid convoy in a week entered the syrian town, and the u.n. reported finding horrifying conditions when it arrived on monday. from the tearism alert desk in washington, i'm jonathan elias. still to come on news 4 nightly, another famous actor
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coming u up welcome back, everyone. age for alan rickman known forfilms has died at the age of 69. according to a statement, the actor had been battling cancer for quite some time. he became one of britain's best loved acting stars, thanks to roles including professor nape in the "harry potter" films, and hans gruber in "die hard." "harry potter" author j. k. rowelling whether he had the tribute describing him as a magnificent actor and a wonderful man.
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two years on the air, the news channel al jazeera america is shutting down. the decision was announced yesterday at a staff wide meeting where al jazeera america president kate o'brien said their last day would be april 30th. the news channel had been suffering from low ratings since its launch. some experts say it may be linked to falling oil prices since the al jazeera media group is owned by the oil rich government of qatar. >> turning now to consumer news. the evolution of smooth, the egg shaped lip balm has been hit with a class action lawsuit that claims the company is misleading consumers while ignoring the serious adverse side effects. the lawsuit filed this week claims the summer fruit version of the lip balm company caused blisters, rash to erupt all over the mouth of the female seen here in these pictures. now, she is part of the lawsuit that is asking for the makers to pay for damages and for a
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in a statement, quote, all ingredients used in our products are safe and approved for use by the fda and the cosmetic ingredient review board without warning labels and we are in full compliance, they say wall standards and guidelines regarding ingredient use and labeling. sears says it is closing a number of stores across the country. sears holding owns 952 k-mart stores and 75 sears stores, according to the latest a company spokesperson. would not say how many store also be closing, but they said it would only be a very small percentage of their overall number of stores. most of the closure also be k- mart stores, they say. the company has been trying to reduce the number of stores it owns as consumers tend to do more of their shopping these days online. coming up after the break, the san francisco 49ers made big news today hiring their new
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mean for the former nevada quarterback colin kaepernick? we'll have insight next in sports. madison? and, joe, snow is hitting the sierra as we speak a closer
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also see so welcome back. we are seeing snow showers in eastern nevada and also getting hit pretty hard through the truckee and south lake tahoe areas at this hour. any travel over the sierra passes not going to be recommended tonight. definitely going to see slick roads out there and covered in snow. eventually this storm system is supposed to affect the valley floor. so we've got a lot of weather advisories and warnings. the first one is the winter storm warning that will remain in effect until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow with six to 1 inches of snow possible. there and then also looking at the winter weather advisory as we head further east into the sierra and parts of far western nevada, we're looking at one to
6:35 pm
below 5,000 feet tonight and then we're going to see winds picking up out there tonight that wind advisory will remain in effect for far western nevada until 4:00 a.m. we could see gusts upwards of 65 miles per hour in the most wind-prone areas. in reno now, the winds are kicking up a little bit out of the south-southwest at 18 miles per hour, and we're currently sitting at 40 degrees with partly cloudy skies. around the area, we're right at that freezing mark in truckee. 32 degrees. and then 36 degrees tonight for fallin. we'll continue to see the temperatures drop off a little bit, but we're actually looking at those overnight lows to be a little warmer than what we have seen over the past couple of weeks. satellite and radar is showing this winter storm system hitting at this hour and will remain over us at the night tonight. as we put future cast in motion, we're going to see heavy snow. things start to taper off a little bit in the early morning hours. we're also expecting the most activity between 10:00 tonight and 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. then we have kind of a break during the day.
6:36 pm
cloud cover over the sear and far western nevada ahead of the next system that is going to be moving in. a lot of active weather out there. reno and sparks, down to 34 degrees. we have a 60% chance to see that mix of rain and snow overnight tonight. we could see winds gusting upwards of 45 miles per hour. so you might get woken up again tonight like we did a couple of nights ago. tomorrow, 44 degrees for the day time high with showers possible and then mostly cloudy skies throughout the rest of the day. the winds in eastern nevada going to be gusty as well with the day time highs in the 30s and the chance of snow throughout the day there. heading west, we're looking at more of a mix of rain and snow and the dame tie high for fallin hitting 45 degreesment and then into carson city, the mid 40s there as well and overnight lows, not extremely cold. we're sitting right around above or just below the freezing mark tonight. really across the region. around the lake we're looking at a mix of rain and snow early tomorrow morning, but definitely snow tonight. and then the day time highs
6:37 pm
and the lower 40s around the lake. looking at more possibility of rain up north. the day time high in sutcliffe reaching 47 degrees and then the overnight lows, some places not even reaching the freezing mark. definitely going to see more rain than anything else. the valley floor tonight, the overnight lows, and then right at the freezing mark tonight for virginia city. again, the majority of this activity looking to hit between 10:00 tonight and 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning with the next system moving in on friday night and lasting throughout the weekend so a chance for rain or snow every single day for reno, lake tahoe and carson city on the seven-day forecast. over to you guys. >> thank you, madison. we have sports now, and the last few years, there has been a lot of this, but the 49ers have a new coach. >> again. they have a new head coach. >> a lot of people will be wondering how will this affect colin kaepernick? no matter what happens, i find it very intriguing,
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this could benefit greatly. after a 5-11 season, the san francisco 49ers have found their new head coach. they have hired the former eagles and university of oregon head coach chip kelly. he comes to the niners after three seasons in philly where he went 26-216789 while in oregon, kelly was dominant. he was a national title contender on an annual basis. kelly was let go by the eagles before the end of this season. so the instant question now is do the san francisco 49ers keep former nevada quarterback colin kaepernick? the speculation we're seeing is that he may keep his spot with the niners because chip kelly is well known for running a high-paced offense and he found success in the past with an athletic quarterback who can run, which is basically the first line on colin kaepernick's resume. he had a record of 17-6:00 a pir of deep playoff runs, including an appearance in the super bowl for kaepernick. this year he was benched by the then niners head coach in november.
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surgeries to repair some injuries since then. and we'll know the official answer by april 1 at the latest. that is when the salary for 2016 becomes guaranteed by the niners. so i want to know your opinion. will the hiring of chip kelly revive the career of colin kaepernick? we posted this poll on twitter. just go to our twitter page. go to my hand there will on your screen. the wolfpack men's basketball team lost at home for the first time this season last night. nevada drop adderaller coaster affair to boise state. 74-67. the senior guard coleman led inform inform with 17 points. and the pack fell behind by 14 in the first half but stormed back late to approximately within three with a minute to go, but just could not pull off the win. after the game the guys obviously disappointed with the outcome. yeah, because it is like you're there and you're there and then you're not. so, i mean, we just have to do a better jupe of staying
6:40 pm
three-point game. we can definitely learn from this one. i just wish that, you know, some baskets could have fell in for us. and i just said after that i appreciated that. >> the nevada men will now take a trip to laremy to face the wyoming cowboys. they lost at san jose state last night. the tip-off next wednesday is set for 6:00 p.m. northern nevada time. finally we head out to spanish springs high school for this wreck week's news 4 athlete of the week. this timespannish springs junior forward has been lighting up the scoreboard for the cougars lately. the last three games he is averaging 17 points per contest including a 20-point effort in a win over galena last friday. they're 5-2 in league play go ing into friday's showdown with the reno huskies. he says playing high school sports is just a big part of his personality. >> i love just competing with other poem and it is always
6:41 pm
was younger, i have been a little taller than everybody and that is an advantage. >> i am proud of the kid and for others, hard work and listening and being coachable are things that lead to awards like this and to success in life. well, if you know of a high school student athlete that deserves recognition, just let us know about him or her. e-mail us at sports to place a nomination. a great week of high school basketball tomorrow night a bunch of great match-ups. we'll have that for you tomorrow night at 11:00. >> all right. hometown hoops once again. >> and what is going to happen with colin kaepernick? vote on the poll. it is about 80-20. people think this is going to revive his career. [ and chip kelly, kind of a disaster with philadelphia and he south and he was snatched up. >> it was mentioned today in a number of reports he was going to be pursuing colin kaepernick, and as we said at the 5:00 hour, the niners store online, all of the kaepernick merchandise that was fire sale
6:42 pm
>> take what you want from
6:43 pm
we'll coming up tonight at 11:00, the republican and the dates for president with are going head to head in the latest debate. we'll be fact checking all of
6:44 pm
we'll have that after news 4 at 11:00. and before we go tonight, a story we have been following for a few days now. the frozen car near lake erie is finally free. the people of buffalo didn't think it was going anywhere anytime soon, but it turns out the owner's insurance company found the right man for the job. it took 350 pounds of calcium to release the car from the ice. lake erie towing and recovery got a literal shell of ice off the front of the car and managed to uncover the tires. amazingly, lake erie, lenny is how they call him, doesn't anticipate finding any damage to the thawed out car. >> i don't know if i'd want it. >> after all it has been through. >> giving that car a lot of air time and coverage. >> it is famous. >> checking back in with madison, and wet stuff coming our way. >> that is absolutely right. right now the sierra is getting hit pretty hard with snow and eventually the valley floors are looking to see a little bit of that activity.
6:45 pm
from 10:00 tonight to 4:00 tomorrow. we have advisories and warnings and all of that good stuff. >> we have a lot going on at 11:00.
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