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tv   News 4 Weekend  NBC  January 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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the democrats duked it out on stage republican hopeful carly fiorina met in nevada. . >> thanks for joining us on this sunday night. topping our news republican presidential candidate carly fiorina made a stop in reno this afternoon. jamie hayden covered her town hall did she joins must the studio. jaime how many people showed up to hear her speak. >>reporter: well 150 people showed up this afternoon. carly fiorina didn't hold a big rally event like other candidates who recently campaigned in northern they have nevada. she held a town hall at lake ridge golf course. although she dropped in the polls she believe she still his a chance of becoming president. >> you have a pleasure to
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the qualities to be the next president of the united states carly fiorina. >>reporter: republican presidential candidate carle ever is still hoping to win your vote. >> i have to thank all you have for not just showing up i have to thank you for believing in me. >>reporter: she recently got dropped in the polls. she's not giving up. on sunday the former hewlett- packard ceo told her supporters at a town hall in reno she's come a long way since announcing her candidacy last year. >> everybody working pollsters pundits policing they wrote me off. here we are in january of 2016 and you know polls say a bunch of things but what they all say i'm in the middle of the pack tied with a bunch of people been in politics all their lives. >>reporter: she talked about repeeling obamacare and cutting the tax code down to 3 pages.
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take our country back by changing how the government takes your money. >>reporter: she also criticized frontrunner donald trump during the he. she compared him to 0 democratic hopeful hillary clinton. >> two sides of the same coin. >>reporter: fee 0 reason a also criticized clinton on foreign policy she amped up the crowd after telling them they can't wait to see her debate clinton. >> you know what's going to happen, i will win. >>reporter: her supporters believe she will too. >> especially in a caucus state if a small number of supporters relative to all the voting population there's a good possibility that someone like her can put together a winning campaign. >> well, i've never been a
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non-partisan but i just decided to register republican so i could caucus for carle. >> she also mentioned the poll rankings during her event saying ultimately it will be up to the citizens who will be nominated not what current poll numbers say. she ranked 7th in the policies amongst other republica candidates. the democratic presidential candidates showed up for their final showdown before voters have their say in iowa. with the polls tightening in that first contest hillary clinton and bernie sanders sharpened their attack i while highlighting their significant differencees. >>reporter: in their final debate of this preelection season hillary clinton pounded western he sanders on gun control. >> he voted to let guns go on to amtrak, guns go into national parks, he voted against doing research to
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lives. >>reporter: but sanders gained no ground. >> you perceived over $600,000 in speaking fees from goldman sachs in one year. >>reporter: he questioned clinton's willingness to help the middle class hours after he rehe'sed a plan for universal medicare. >> provide healthcare to all people get private insurance out of health insurance lower the cost of healthcare for middle class families by 5,000 bucks. >> i'm not sure whether we're talking about the plan you just introduced tonight or talking the plan you introduced 9 times in the congress, but the fact is we have the affordable care act. >>reporter: another key question elect ability. >> in terms of polling guess what, we are running ahead of secretary clinton in terms of taking on my good friend donald trump. >>reporter: former maryland governor martin o'malley barely qualified but he did his best to stand out.
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and create 5 million jobs along the way. >>reporter: who won? voters in iowa have their say in two weeks. bryan moore nbc washington. >> hillary clinton leads bernie sanders by 25 point nationally. wall street journal poll says clinton is the first choice of 59% of democratic primary voters while senator sanders gets the support of 34%. martin o'malley gets 2%. switching queers from politics to our local weather we could get rain showers overnight on the valley floor. here's a look outside right now. let's check in with meteorologist kathy wilson with a first look at our weather. >> i had a viewer call in from sun valley asking if we're going to get snow but we're seeing a lot of shadowing associated with the system rolling in. if we do get any precipitation it is going to fall in the form of rain. we're looking at our map this first winter storm we've got
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i'm going to be tracking this in my weather coming up. we reached a high of 56 degrees 10 degrees above average for this time of year. nice warm january day. but nowhere near that record high of 66 set back in 2011. looking around the region current temperatures are starting to drop as it is the sun has gone down but it's still pretty warm out there 48 degrees in reno and 40 degrees -- next 24 hours if we do see some rain it will fall hopefully the morning hours and then clearing for most of the day and those temperatures are going to go back into the upper 40s. take a look at this doppler radar i'll have more on this system how it's going to impact us and what's coming in the week ahead. thank you kathy. well new tonight at 11:00 firefighters are investigating after they say no one was in the area near a burning motor home when they arrived on scene. reno fire department officials say they found the older motor
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a black plume of smoke into the air in the 3,000 block of yore avenue. they say the motor home is a total loss. estimating damages between 10 and $15,000. search and rescue crews are still looking for a sugar bowl ski instructor missing since thursday. they resumed the search today. they are focusing on an avalanche slide area where the phone of 23-year-old carson may was last contacted. officials say the instructor was last seen thursday skiing off duty at the resort near norden but did not show up for his ride home. wearing a blue columbia jacket greet green pants and blue helmet. a church is joining a growing movement offer offering sanctuary to immigrants living in the u.s. illegally. the unitarian fellowship of northern nevada became the
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health an immigrant stay that. the refer anderson said he was presented with the opportunity to house a man named jose and he says he does not think it is breaking the law but upholding the congregation values. >> there was this immediate risk that he would be deported. he had two children both u.s. citizens and a wife all living in northern nevada. and we just did not. we thought it immoral to have a family separated to have a father ripped from the life of his children. >> now that church has converted a space into the back into a sanctuary room with a cot blanket and towel. enforcement officials discourage entering places that are sensitive. the reno big horns return to the home court downtown tonight. bryan samudio will have the
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some strong is that together is keeping the valley
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first storm system is . welcome back. in consumer news the last time gas prices were less than a dollar we were about to ring in the new millennium.
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has dropped down to just # cents a gallon. you heard that right. 78 cents. according to gas a few stations in northern michigan have dropped their prices below a dollar but analysts anticipate these prices of course will not last too long. 78 cents seems pretty sweet compared to what we're paying in northern nevada. a gallon of recognize costs an average of 2.43 in the silver state tonight and in reno gas says you can fuel you will for as little as 2.30 a gallon the lowest price in carson city at just a dollar 86. now we'll send it other than r over to meteorologist kathy wilson for your full forecast. possibly some rain on the way kathy. >> that's right. we're seeing some strong is that together occurring right now in reno. but rain showers are falling for the central portion of the state. we've got some snow and rain out near battle mountain. then some snow and rain up in the sierra but nothing for reno
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storm rolling in we have quite a few advisories. winter weather advisory winter storm warning bringing 8 to 14 inches of snow to the sierra. 3 to 8-inches in the sierra valley. 95 miles per hour at the crest of the sierra or higher. we have wind gusts associated with this cold front that's moving in with this storm and a flash flood watch for those burn areas those scar areas on the mountain from those recent fires. and we're watching for some flooding and some debris flow associated with that. there's a lot of moisture packed into this system. as it moves in with this large scale activity. but we will see a quiet monday night and then watch for this huge energy surge to hit on the daytime on tuesday. that's going to bring equal amounts of rain and snow as we saw, as we will see tonight the into tomorrow. reno 48 degrees.
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than we've seen all day we had wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour. tower cams were shaking in the the weather center but right now only 10 miles per hour with realtive humidity staying quite low 46%. we're waiting that to rise up to create some potential for rain showers on the valley floor. putting your future cast in mowing what we're watching for is midnight tonight maybe that rain and snow but it's going to pass by fairly quickly. we will see some heavy snow falling between midnight and 6:00 a.m. and then those skies will clear out for this next system to make way on tuesday. tuesday by 10:00 a.m. we do have snow falling in the central portion of the state. snow in the sierra and a lot of rain and potentially some thunderstorms in california. and then next storm system will ron right through as quick i. clear day on wednesday and thursday. and thin for tonight we are pretty cheer for right now. we do have strong shadowing. but if we do get rain showers
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mid-morning hours and then for the daytime tomorrow we'll see some clearing. so that sunshine will have its opportunity to peek out while temperatures rise up to a nice warm 48 degrees for january. across the state in elko we are watching for it to clear that rain and snow by the event with those winds out of the west southwest 5 to 10 miles per hour. 40-degree day for you in battle mountain and down into the eastern sierra snow for the most part in bridgeport and mammoth lakes and then rain for the central portion of the state. temperatures warming up to the upper 40s and low 50s for the most part. carson city a little calmer day we did have a lot of wind gusts down there for the last two days. so dying down on those windstorm system is going to move through really quick then we'll seal that clearing by replied day. temperatures reaching into the upper 40s. into tahoe we're watching for that snow accumulation is up ward of a foot but it's going
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heavier localized snow and then that's going to taper off pretty quickly throughout the afternoon. susanville we're watching for that rain mostly for the most part clearing up for the rest of the day temperatures reaching into the 40s. down on the valley floor equal chances of that rain but then we'll be watching for those temperatures to warm up to 48 degrees with some sunshine for your afternoon for your mlk day. looking at your 7-day forecast we do have the next system on tuesday, so a little bit of a break and then one more storm system on friday. the reno big horns return to the home floor ben's the oklahoma city blue. let's go to the reno event center downtown. bruno having some fun courtside. how about cliff hammond we'll wheeling and dealing to traffic. kick out to wide open erick green. cannot leave him open. knocks down the three big horns up by a bucket early on. give green the ball averaging
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just muscles his way to the rim. he's the top prospect in the deal for reason. reno up by 8. big horns have been making it rain. rickiely do three of his own. big horns roll at home 133 to 120. a trio of former wolfpack football stars have spent the season with the denver broncos while testify each earned full time hobbs the fight for time has been much billinger for practice squad member kyle roberts. >>reporter: it's been a pretty good first year former nevada stand out kyle roberts. he managed to earn and keep a spot on the denver broncos practice squad. that opportunity has given him the chance to practice with the likes of peyton manning and vaughn miller. not to make go to the playoffs this send sunday. i caught up with roberts at program here's what he had to say about transitioning into the pros. >> it's been a pretty craze
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weird no-no long ergo to school for for the first time in your life to branch out and start your own job and career i'm pretty spoiled right now to be on a team with the amount of pro bowl talent we do have on the roster eve along with my nevada teammates it's been a pretty fun year. >>reporter: being on a practice squad it's never a secure spot. do you think you earned enough to get a spot on an active roster flex season? >> i hope so. i think this has been a red shirt year for me to acclimate to the full season of the nfl. it's really long and it's really brewing on your body even when you're not playing the game. it's good to get a good year under your belt and next year see what we can do. going to reed high school playing for the university of nevada how good does it feel you're representing a small town like that. >> i love it i get a lot of love from my parents and everyone they work with everyone sending me good things
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and keep working and it's great to know that i have so much support back home now it's a great town and everybody should know. >> kyle roberts journey definitely shows the talent coming out of northern nevada is good enough to play at the pro level. from broncos headquarters in denver colorado. mile high city may ton manning leads denver. number 54 brandon marshall started at backer. denver up 6 zip. short run by fitzgerald to us santorelli. sealers up 7-6. peyton manning hits tight end virgil green hits a pop. a pair of grasp 13 yards in the ball game. broncos down 13-st looking to seal it. c. j. and son finds the end zone that will do it.
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to the afc title game where they will face the new england patriots 23-16 time over pittsburgh. carolina panthers seattle seahawks first and goal panthers with the call to jonathan stewart plows his way from before 7 zip panthers. in second panthers up 24-zip. cam flu ton great throw to pregnant olson. they took a 31 zip lead at the break. s russell wilson avoiding pressure spins out of it. throws back of the end zone. jermaine kearse comes down with it we have a ball game. over a minute to go hawks down 7 trying to convert on the onside kick and it wouldn't happen. seattle h scored 24 unanswered points in the second half and come up short. carolina wins it 31-24 they advance to the nfc title game against the arizona cardinals. that will do it for sports. i'm bryan samudio. >> thank you bryan.
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not one but two milestones . before we go at 11:00 a couple in california had twice the reason to throw a party this weekend take a look. >> happy birthday to you. >> nicklas and his wife are celebrating their 82nd wedding anniversary. mr. or dozen turned 102 on friday the couple does have advice about how to make a marriage last they say the secret is in respect, affection and not sweating the small stuff. they are not too far from setting a record for the longest marriage ever recorded which is 86 years by the way. >> that is something to aspire
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>> absolutely. i mean to be married for 86 years. >> they have been so through so much together. >> absolutely certainly an accomplishment. >> final check on this weather very active week ahead.
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no. let me try that again. no. you're so cute when you're being emphatic. your brow gets all... and the key word here is "emphatic." mom said yes. because mom likes to make me the mean divorced dad. i say no. why? why do i say no? because i do not want some palestinian version of yourself blowing you up. (laughs) dad, it's a kibbutz. unless one of the tractors blows up, i'm going to be fine. and do you know how hypocritical this is? you're the one who always pushed me towards religion. of course i know how hypocritical this is. i'm a parent.
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