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tv   News 4 at Four  NBC  January 18, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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bakersfield. >> bakersfield, fresno, austin, san antonio. kind of a vagabond. >> bakersfield six years? >> four. six in fresno. i am used to covering weather on the western side of the sierra. >> you're looking great considering your frenzy of a day getting ready. >> it's been interesting to say the least. >> all right. what's going on? >> weather-wise, our doppler machine is showing nothing of interest yet. that will change by as early as noon tomorrow. there is a system that went through this morning. green exiting the state. more is on the way just off the coast of washington, oregon, and carlsbad. so it's heading our way. it will give us not a lot of snow in the sierra, but enough. 2-4 inches. that's good. we have wind advisories in effect. current temperatures look not too bad. warmer than average. air quality is darn good. was it gorgeous enough to the west?
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>> i loved it. can't wait to get skiing. >> well, welcome. topping our news this afternoon, the search is into its fourth day for a missing ski instructor at sugar bowl ski resort. carson may may have been on the mountains for five days. he was last skiing off duty on thursday afternoon. his friends reported his missing friday morning after he did not make it home and his belongings were discovered in his locker at the ski resort. a placer county spokesman says a search party of more than 43 people are facing many challenges. >> avalanche all over this mountain right now. this weather in the past few days has been tremendously hindering our search efforts. >> and news 4's terry henry will have more on the search efforts tonight at 5. well, a man is behind bars
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caught fire last night. 20-year-old tristan dufena is being held on $20,000 bail. there was smoke on the 16000 block of merchant street 7:30 last night. after investigating, place say he lived there and intentionally set the fire. he is being charged with arson in the first degree, obstructing a peace officer, and possession of drug paraphernalia. there were no injuries or evacuations from the building as a result of that fire. well, the car crashed through a fence earlier today in reno and the driver attempted to get way from officers. officers say they were conducting a traffic stop. it was around 3:30 this morning when the driver took off. as the car turned off of i-80 under robb drive, police say the car swerved into another vehicle and hit a fence. according to authorities, two of the three people in the car were taken to a local hospital and are set to be released. the third was interviewed at the scene and then let go.
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after a motorhome the caught fire over the weekend. officials with the reno fire department says they found an older motorhome engulfed in flames. this is on the 3000 block of yorie avenue. they say the motorhome is a total loss and they are still investigating as to what exactly sparked that fire. all right. it is martin luther king jr. day, and some americans are celebrating by giving back to others. this morning at the martin luther king jr. memorial park dozens of students turned out from the tahoe expedition academy. they conducted what's called the bioblitz, which logs all living things at the park as part of an annual project. organizers say it helps the community better understand what plants, animals, and insects living in the area and how their populations are changing. students who volunteered say they enjoy giving back to a leader who gave so much.
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off, we're taking martin luther king jr.'s day to just honor this park, you know, and help out. >> nice to see. and there are several other ways locals in our community, including students from unr gave back today, we will have more on other events tonight at 5 and 6. also happening today, the last chance to catch the winter shows at the university planetarium dome theater. they offered shows about black holes and outer space. the constellation orion and traveling through the human body, just to name a few. the shows run all day long and they are open to the public. tickets are 7.50 for teens and adults, $5 for children and seniors, and free for planetarium members. well, after thousands of submissions, reno's new soccer league has narrowed down the list for some possible new names for the team. the original contest kicked off last september and ended up with six possibilities.
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for either reno fc,fc reno, reno silver fc, reno city fc, reno united, and reno 1868. voting for the final name kicks off tomorrow. it runs to the end of the month. for those interested in casting their votes, head to our website well, republican presidential candidate carly fiorina was not included on the main debate stage on thursday, but that is not slowing her down. the presidential hopeful stopped in the biggest little city sunday afternoon looking to win over voters. she talked about a lot, including how she thinks our government is corrupt and what she would do as president of the united states if elected. during her speech at lake ridge, she took time to criticize republican frontrunner donald trump during the event, comparing him to democratic hopeful hillary clinton. >> two sides of the same coin.
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selling access from inside government. donald trump has made billions buying people like hillary clinton. it's called crone any capital limb, ladies and gentlemen. >> there were about 100 people on hand for yesterday's event. many told news 4 they like how fiorina is a business woman and says she has a lot of experience when they are considering who to vote for. turning up the temperature, hillary clinton and bernie sanders tangled repeatedly in sunday night's presidential debate over who is tougher on gun control and wall street. the two also discussed how to steer the future of healthcare in america. it was the last democratic match-up before voting begins in two weeks, and both sides were eager to rumble as polls show the race tightening in iowa and new hampshire. clinton rapid sanders for voting with the national rifle
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weakened reversal of a position of gun manufacturers legal immunity. did you learn more from watching the dick or republican -- democratic or republican debates? we will have updated results for you. we will pass them on through our nis cast pont. a reno church is joining a growing movement by offering their building to immigrants living in the u.s. illegally. the unitarian universe list fellow lip of nevada became the first church in the state to allow an illegal immigrant to stay there. the reverand does not see giving sanctuary as breaking the law, but rather upholding his congregation's values. risk that he would be deported. he had two children, both u.s. living in northern nevada and we just did not -- we thought it immoral, immoral to have a
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father ripped from the life of his children. >> and the church has converted a space in the back of the facility to a sanctuary room with cots, blankets and towels. in a 2011 memo, immigration and customs enforcement discouraged acts from entering places they call sense tough like churches and schools. a major grocery store is recalling bags of cashews due to a health risk. why the company is telling customers to throw them away. plus, it's a skill many don't think they need. what you need to know about cpr and how one day you might be able to save someone's life with it. and next, more from collin jackson on his first day here as chief meteorologist. he will have the forecast for us
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consumer news. trader joe's is recalling raw cashew pieces over possible salmonella contamination. in two dozen states and the company is pulling them from the shelves and asking customers to throw them out or return them to any refund. the relevant barcode and lot number can be found at trader joe's website if you want to check it out. trader joe's says no one has gotten sick luckily. they are going to out of an abundance of caution. chipolte is closing restaurants next month to talk about food safety this will be on february 8th for a national team meeting with employees as the embattled restaurant chain continues to deal with food safety issues. according to a chipolte spokesperson they will discuss food safety changes implemented in light of salmonella and e.coli outbreaks that sickened 50 people late last year.
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origins of that outbreak is ongoing. itunes radio service will no longer be free as of january 28. the company broke the news to customers in an e-mail late last week. beats one will be the only free radio service provided by apple. that features guest hosts, exclusive interviews and music selected by apple dj's. all other stations will require a paid apple music subscription of $9.99 a month. all right. when you are traveling any time in 2016, you're going to notice new trends taking hold and thank millennials. chris clackum has the details for us this afternoon. >> reporter: middle school business travel -- >> millennial business travelers have money to spend. they are looking for an authentic experience and more technology driven experience when they are staying at hotels. >> reporter: the latest rooms without a desk because
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be working in the coffee shop or common area than their room. now the 20 and 30 somethingss are getting cred for what's called bleisure travel. >> they tack on leisure travel to their trip. >> reporter: they say that means hotels are offering business travelers even more leisurely things to do. and notes that the airline industry is taking notice, offering, for example, seats with more plug-ins for mobile devices. >> we will see more spaces for laptop and tablet storage in seat with the newer planes coming out in the new year. >> reporter: so, she says, millennials are again driving change. like all travelers, should be booking spring and summer travel right now. chris clackum, nbc news. all right. time to get more details on the week ahead. a nice start to the week out there for your are martin
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we have wet weather in the forecast and we check back in with our new chief meteorologist colin jackson to find out more about that. how's it going, colin? >> i am getting there. my ears are popping every time i drive around town. mccarran avenue, they keep popping. doppler radar is quiet now. that will change tomorrow. we have a few watches and warnings up for wind tomorrow afternoon and this will take place basically from 11:00 a.m. forward. we will have gusty winds of 20, 30 miles per hour. maybe even gusting to 50. a winter weather advisory on the crest of the sierra and points west into the california side. not loot of snow, but enough to keep our skiers happy and snowboarders as well. that's in effect as well over the next 48 hours. so keep that in mind. our high today was very easy. 54 degrees. that is above average substantially. 46 is our average high for this time of year. we did well on the low this morning. we got down to 39. and currently we sit at 50. the winds northwest at 10.
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be a lot stronger from the southwest. so it's not gonna be a cold storm, but the afternoon highs will drop a little bit. overall current temperatures the coldest spot truckee at 39. 40s in carson city and south lake tahoe at 38 degrees as well. great day to take the kids skiing, wasn't it? so this storm that came in this morning gave us some rain. it's gone to the east. the next one is already impacting places like crescent city and eureka. that's the next storm that comes in it tomorrow afternoon and lingers this is a great pattern to be under because we need the rain and we love the snow supply, right? that's good. so we're taking you forward here. future clouds and radar into tomorrow around 11 and noon expect some rain. not that heavy. but it will fall. by 5 and 6 p.m. the models want to back off on the rain here. west into the foothills and over
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and some snow, too, atle elevations that will make it tricky i-80. tonight's low 34. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. a mixed bag. and then tomorrow we will get you up to 53. there is that rainfall chance late in the day mainly ending by dinnertime perhaps, but the morning hours could be wet starting as early as 10, 11:00. there are those winds. south-southwest gusting possibly to 50 miles per hour. so keep that in mind. so we've got highs tomorrow that will be, you know, upper 30s to 40s in the eastern side of the state. that chance of rain high, but later in the day, and also numbers overnight lows will be crisp in some spots, as you can see. dropping you off into the 20s and mid 20s in spots. afternoon highs will rebound into, again, numbers that are a little bit above average for this time of year. this isn't too bad for this time of year. we will enjoy weather. it will be wet but mild. the coldest air doesn't really get to us until the weekend ahead. if you are heading to tahoe, highs in the upper 30s. overnight lows when you hit the
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but you will see snow as well. so take your goggles. overall temperatures in our area not bad. upper to mid 40s. we can take that. and then chance of rain 60 to 70%. and also where we are here on the valley floor temperatures will be above that average of 47 degrees, but still not too bad. off and on chances of rain. 70% chance late. another shot friday into saturday. if you are commuting, pay attention to what's going on on 80, especially this weekend. friday into saturday through south lake tahoe. arena rain chances heavy -- sorry, for tuesday and friday as well, the weekend looks good. and those are average highs. 47 and 47 degrees to 48. joe, back to you. >> all right. thanks, colin welcome to you from all of us here at news 4.
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cardio pulmonary resuscitation, cpr, it's a still health officials say we should learn. what you need to know, because you never know when it may be the tool you need to save a life. >> you are going to sustain life. it's better than doing nothing at all. >> reporter: chrisfielder has been with the american red cross for 25 years and teaches cpr classes. he emphasizes with or without formal training. >> if it's not perfect, if you are not certified. >> reporter: people who find themselves in an emergency situation can make a difference. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: simply by learning chest compressions. >> compressions are the most important part of cpr. circulating that blood, because there is going to be some oxygen still left in those lungs, even when the person becomes unconscious. one, two, three, four, five. the clicking that you hear is a mechanism in the manequin that kelsey that -- that you are compressing the proper depth.
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they may crack a rib. but a cracked rib isn't life-threatening. cardiac arrest is, and that's why learning cpr is so critical. >> it's being prepared on all levels. >> reporter: because none of us can predict when we may be called upon to save a life. >> place my face shield on over the mouth. >> reporter: the rescue breath are also critical as you want to get oxygen into the lungs of someone who isn't breathing. >> a head tilt chin width. >> reporter: an says fielder, you would continue in cycles of 30 compressions and two breath, usually until help arrives, or if there are signs of life. when time is of the essence, when no one else is around or knows how to help, you may be the only one who can do something. >> lock your elbows and then lean over the manequin and you're compressing straight down. one and two and three and four.
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little bit of practice, you can save a life. >> well, cpr classes are offered through the red cross online and in classes. witness you learn the skills needed you can get certified. if you don't get certified. learning the basics of cpr will enable you to provide care if and when you find yourself in a type of emergency situation. a major bleak -- break
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how this flower can have coming up tonight at 5, rescues crews are searching for macing ski instructor tonight. how the weather could help or hamper the efforts and what you need to know before hitting the slopes or heading into the back country with all the snow we've had this winter. and then tonight at 6, polls have become a staple of
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they really predict results accurately? we are diving into their role for our current presidential hopefuls. we will have that tonight at 6. it's been part of their commission or two years. now for astronauts aboard the international space station, on saturday u.s. astronaut scott kelly tweeted a photo of what he says is the first ever flower grown in space. the space garden debut of the zinnia flower follows a few failed growth efforts. a recent nasa blog detailed kelly's effort to bring them back to life after mold developed on some of the leaves. scientists say this breakthrough allows for better understanding of how to grow plants in microgravity. >> neat. >> doing pretty well. we have a final check on the forecast. still getting his bags unpacked at home. here he is on the air. >> incredible. the next seven days, rain until the dinner hour.
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the next one rolls in friday. ling rin rain. overall the weekend ahead is not a washout. great for skiing because the sun will be out and we will have highs around normal. upper 40s. >> sounds good. great job.
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at 5. thanks >> my father hates his guts. my father's ex-military. leave it at that. >> announcer: parents struggle through a cash crunch. >> i said, "you know, hey, i've paid all this money. i don't have the money for rent." >> he saved secret money and lost it at the poker table. >> announcer: but will their luck ever improve? >> we put it in writing. that's how much i didn't trust the situation. >> judge judy: you trusted him enough to have another baby with him. >> just because you're not a great guy financially doesn't mean you're a bad father. >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. captions paid for by cbs television distribution sarah lopez is suing her ex-fianc\, robert lewis, for unpaid rent, a water bill, and
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