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tv   Nevada Newsmakers  KRNV  January 20, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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>> welcome to "nevada newsmakers," on the broadcast 2d former state senator maurice washington, running for another office. we'll talk to him about it with rand paul. on the power pundit panel, fred lokken, cecilia colling and john sande coming up next on all new "nevada newsmakers." >> "nevada newsmakers" is brought to you in part by the tahoe reno industrial center,
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retail association >> closed captioning of "nevada newsmakers" is brought to you by the nevada trucking association, trucking moves america forward. this is "nevada newsmakers" with host sam shad, a no holds barred political forum. now from the "nevada newsmakers"
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sam shad. >> back on "nevada newsmakers," we're pleased to welcome back to the program after an absence, former state senator maurice washington, now candidate for washoe county commissioner. welcome. >> thanks, sam, good to be here. >> so you're back. >> i'm back. >> running. >> what were you thinking? why are you running, let me put it that way? >> actually i'm looking forward to the opportunity between the local governments, reno, sparks and washoe county. it's a great opportunity for us with the likes of tesla and switch and things are going to happen in our county and our community to push forward and not only maintain our current lifestyle, but to provide for the growth that is going to take place and good jobs and of course the economy still the number one issue, so we want to make sure we can address that and provide meaningful, good paying jobs for those moving into the area. >>the growth issues are huge.
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>> i hope you are looking at those, how do we address infrastructure, schools. >> absolutely. absolutely. we have to. with the previous ongoing disconnect between the three entities, i'm hoping that ki come in and provide leadership and kind of bring the entities together and say, let's look at the bigger picture. it's not just the city of reno, sparks and washoe county, but other outlying communities expected. storey, bring them to the table, even though they don't have housing, major park is out there. lyon county, our neighbors to the right or left of us, in this case, dealing with fernley, and making sure they are at the table, as well. >> for folks watching in las vegas that think this doesn't have anything to do with us, it has a lot to do with them because of apex and farraday, they are dealing with the same issues. >> same issues. >> you have experience in economic development after you
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deputy director for northern nevada development authority, responsible for folks in storey count and he those areas outside of washoe. >> right. right. >> as you look at what is anticipated just with switch and tesla to be tremendous growth, now lance gilman was on the program talking a couple weeks ago, another project in the works that is 4000-plus acres, the size of switch and tesla combined. >> right. >> coming into the marketplace and looking good that deal will happen. that is even more intense than we saw before. i'm saying it is good news, but the fact is that we'll have to deal with it and through the city and counties. >> right. lance is a visionary. lance and roger. they are visionaries, they took the land out there and put the infrastructure in, with great anticipation of developing that park and you can see the fruition of their work, but with that, we also have to anticipate like you said, ecosystem and the
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so everybody has to come to the table and so, this in-house personality, bickering, has to stop and we all have to put our minds together and bring our brain, best and brightest and i can be a part of that in developing collaborations and consensus and putting washoe county, storey county, lyon count nelight that not only attracts other companies that come, but companies that will come in, as well, and ancillary jobs created because of that. i think it is next greatest wave in our lifetime than we'll ever get a chance to see. i'm hoping we can set the table right and make sure that our children and grandchildren have a great opportunity in the future. >> as you look at this, it is interesting because the incumbent in this race, you know, there are some that are comfortable with his positions
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comfortable. >> diplomatically said, sam, i like that. >> the amount of money needed to be raised to unseat him is quite dramatic, do you think? you have already put, according to the reno gazette journal, $20,000 of your own money into the race. >> it wasn't me that put $20,000, it was him that put 20,000. >> sorry, contributed to your own campaign. >> i put a small amount, not $20,000. we realize it will take a fair amount of revenue to run a good race. he is the incumbent, i understand the power of incumbency and to unseat an incumbent, have you to have all the stars lined up for you, you have to be willing to work at it. i think in my previous campaigns, i've had success because i do have a good track record and good work ethic and will work, will work until the
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sun goes down at night. >> a lot of people remember you being a supporter of ragio on many, many issues, in fact, hard to find any shoes that you weren't -- >> some issues we disagreed on and, you know, everybody has their stories and i could tell you one story and this is real quick, sam. we were debating the tax issue and we were going back and forth. there was a couple of us that had stuck our flags in the ground and kind of going against the ragio, mystique and i decided i had to go to the restroom. and i go to the restroom and i hear this whistling and ragio walks up alongside of me and he says, senator, senator, he says, you know -- i said, yeah, i know. and then that was the end of the conversation. [laughter]
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newsmakers" is brought to you by the nevada trucking association, trucking moves america forward. >> and now back to "nevada newsmakers" with sam shad. >> back on "nevada newsmakers," we are talk withing former state senator, maurice washington, candidate for washoe county commissioner at time when we will see tremendous growth over the next five years. >> you touched a little on the challenges between the city of reno and sparks and washoe county, fire being one of the most recent examples and they haven't played well together in the sandbox. you touched on storey county, that is really where tesla is, for those in the south that don't know that, they said there will not be homes, schools or infrastructure needed to satisfy 20,000 plus new jobs. the burden is going on to washoe county. >> it will. >> that means tax revenue will come to washoe county for homes. >> right. >> how will you work with the city of reno and sparks and storey and lyon to help bring
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that we really do need to have? >> first of all, we have to kind of pull it out of the department sections within northern nevada and look at northern nevada as a region and it is going to be major metropolitan region with its own local entities and still has its own culture. the governors will have to come together and say, instead of looking at one regional plan or having the planning commission look at washoe count and he the two cities, how do we develop a master plan for the entire region that answers the ongoing needs for transportation, school, and housing, how do we answer the ongoing question of flood control and water to make sure that we meet the demand that is going to be put upon us as opposed to down south, you have clark county and the other
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metropolitan area that are fed by los angeles and orange county, we're fed by the big area, modesto and stockton and, you know, the iof 80 corridor. >> you know it is interesting you say that, i think that is changing now, i think that with these giant national companies that have the attention, not just of the united states, but the entire world, people are coming from literally all over the world who want to work at these places. >> right. and we have to be able to maintain that lifestyle because, you know, i'm not millenium and not gen-xer, they like the outdoors. >> you look so young. >> millenium and washington. >> what about unr football, you know. >> right. >> let me ask you this, one thing from randy's race, the school district, the school district is going to be floating a bond here, a group put together that is working on this. and you know, it seems to
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school board and the superintendent from the needs of the kids because if we attach them all together we're going nowhere and there has been for many, many years and continues to be and getting worse, need to raise revenue for the schools. only way that will get done is by passing this bond. how do you feel about this? >> well, sam, i was asked that question the other day, i tell you what, i've been around just as long as you have and i remember the mary lipkim regime that put the bond issues on its head and still trying to dig out of that dulled rum and turning around and getting voters to understand the importance of building schools is really very difficult. i was here when we rolled over the bond. i think that was under -- i can't think of his name now. >> under heath, i think. no, before heath. >> before heath. >> paul.
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paul dugan, he was a great superintendent. we rolled over the bond and ever since then bonds have really not had much leg or much ground. there is a need for schools. >> there is a giant need, not just a little need. >> close to billion dollars over the next 20 years. >> it is a matter of perception, the voters have to have enough confidence that the school board and superintendent are going to do the right thing. >> yeah. >> how can the washoe county commission help the school board. >> i think we can. >> i think we can. >> i think instead of doing this macro management, we have to look at the bigger picture and i think all the entities have to come together at the table and say, this is not just washoe county issue or school district issue or -- it is matter of taking all of this and looking together and saying how can we make it work for the greater good, because education is key component to any economic
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you can court the ceo s or cfos or the execs and they'll look at the tax base, look at land use and building space available, but i would tell you the one issue that percolates to the top is educational -- >> but you know, you say that and i have to say, tesla came here with educational system we have. >> sure. >> farraday came to apex with the current education system, which is expanding both in southern nevada and northern nevada with current education system we vthey all would like to see things improve. i don't see it is an impediment to the business climate in the state, the businesses want to come here and then do their best to improve the system. >> sure. >> i don't know how many companies have said, no, we're not coming because -- >> you have to, i listen to tracy davis the other night and i know she's got her culean task in front of her. the one thing she did say, kids are at the forefront, our
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and it is our responsibility to make sure and provide them with an adequate education and so i would say to you, sam, those issues are pertinent and current, but underneath and i've worked with economic development, underneath education is still because you got to remember, that is ceo, whether he's male, is still married and they still have kids and/or whether the ceo is a female, she still has kids or they have a family and education is still important to them. >> i'm not -- too. >> i'm not disagreeing it is important, i'm just saying major companies come here, invest more and more money here and want to take part in improving the >> sure. >> i don't see it has been impediment to the most chased-after company in the country, tesla, and we got it. we have to leave it now. will you debate on the show? >> absolutely.
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>> not me. your opponent. we'll be right back. thank you for being here. >> "nevada newsmakers" is brought to you in part by the tahoe reno industrial center,
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retail associa >> this is "nevada newsmakers." >> back on "nevada newsmakers," we have a great power pundit panel, fred lokken is here, professor of political science at truckee meadows community college, cecilia colling, chair of the washoe dems and john sande argentum partners. pleasure to have you all here. start with the most important thing, cecilia colling, dramatic burst through to 1% of martin o'malley. >> you got to give him credit. >> why? >> he's not giving up. he's stilling out there giving his message. >> do you not wish he would just get off the stage? i mean -- >> it is really nice to look at. >> i love looking at him. >> right.
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fred, it is not even a distraction. >> no, it is an odd vice presidential campaign, i mean, he's a whopping 1% everywhere. when you look at campaign contribution, most embarrassing list, five contributions listed in the state of nevada. this is a nonrace and it is irritant and sometimes an embarrassment, you don't give credibility to somebody less than 1%, that works on the republican side, too. that crazy race they had should have been down to the top five at the beginning and you just put noise into the process when you allow others to be involved. >> david burks had an interesting comment on the new york times yesterday, talking about the need for republicans at this point to coalesce around a candidate who will be the third candidate, so not ted cruz, not donald trump, but if they don't coalesce around one candidate, then it is over. >> yeah. for the establishment
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are splitting the votes and support amongst themselves. you know, i think it will probably take a couple early states for the people to realize they have traction, i would assume that bush is starting to realize his mountain is too high to climb and from what i understand, john kasich is getting support in new hampshire and picking up steam. between him and rubio, that will be interesting to see how that plays out in the early states. you know, i think once you get to nevada, it could be those two left. >> as you look at the country, and you look at the republican base of moderates, okay, are there enough of them at this point in time to coalesce around a candidate? >> no, there is not. you have them, so i think disenfranchised at this point. i'm shocked trump is in this, let alone leading there is shock of okay, there is conservatives
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the cruz and the rubios there and the santorums pulling them in. so many options, we need to coalesce around something. >> i think santorum is debating martin o'malley. >> and mike huckabee, too. >> despite the amount of money spent, usually small sliverof the electorate that has not made up their mind what the money goes after. do you think that is true? is it bigger slice of undecided they need to go after? >> well, i think the typical voters will be surprised by nominees when they start paying attention in october. and that is the problem we've had with the primary caucus season is it is sort of celebration of wingnuts on both sides, democrats and bernie sanders in 2016, makes about as much sense as donald trump does on the republican side. >> cecilia colling, look at this, you know, i would guess
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here, but i would think you were probably a hillary clinton supporter last time around and that looking at this this time around, what do you make of the race and how do you think it will play out? >> well, i -- what i see is a response to frustration that is happening in the state, in the country, in the world, with what is occurring in our country with inequitys and that kind of thing. there is an appeal of someone who is really talking about significant change. because what's been happening doesn't seem to have worked. unfortunately, you know, i think all three of the candidates are talking about significant change. >> and it is disconnect. bernie sanders has 47-year track record of not being able to move once he got to washington, hasn't had any big splash.
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makes him sound like he walks on water and will make it happen. he's effectively lying to the american public. >> he is -- resonating with people. i've got my boyfriend, who is looking at ted cruz and my sister who wants to support bernie sanders. it is fun in my household. my mother and father and i are undecided. we are still undecided on this. you've got a such a diversity of frustration. >> right. >> conservative and far liberal that are like, we are so frustrated, we just want change and want somebody to speak to us and bernie sanders is doing that and trump is doing that and it is shocking. >> let me ask you this. when we saw the harry reid race, we saw a lot of republicans who one would have never thought formed republicans for reid. do you think you could see that thing if one of these far-out candidates becomes the nominee? >> absolutely. you can definitely see in a
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larger middle politically centric group of people where on both sides, if bernie sanders gets democratic nomination and you have more of a moderate republican, i could see democrats thinking and considering whether they will support the democratic candidate. reverse is the same, too. i think on the republican side, if you h he kind of more far right wing republican going
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probably w >> on the next broadcast, talk about the refugees coming to
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